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THIS AGREEMENT OF LEASE is made and executed on this Two

Thousand Seventeen at Bangalore city;

S/o Sri.E.V.Subbiah,
Hindu, Aged about 45 Years,
residing at No.19, Market Road,
Bangalore-560 004
who hereinafter be referred to as the LESSOR of the First Part; (2)
Rep by its Managing Director:
S/o. Sri
Aged about Years,
Having its office at .,

Who hereinafter be referred to as the LESSEE of the Other Part;

WHEREAS, the terms LESSOR AND LESSEE shall mean in include their respective
heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators, assigns of the respective parties.


WHEREAS, the Lessor is the absolute owner of the premises fully described herein
below in the schedule and hereinafter be referred to as the SCHEDULE PREMISES
WHEREAS, the Lessee herein who is already in possession of schedule premises for the
purpose of business of Organic Ice cream. Both the parties have decided to enter into this
Agreement of Lease in writing on the following terms and conditions:

1. The Lessee has agreed to and shall pay a sum of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand
only) per month for the Schedule Premises as rent commencing from 01.02.2017. The
Lessee has agreed to enhance rent by 5% on the last paid/ previous months rent, once in
every twelve months.

2. The tenancy month shall be the English calendar month commencing from 1st day of
every month and ending with the last day of the same month. The lease has commenced
from 01.02.2017.

4. It is agreed between the parties that the period of the lease is for 9 years upto
31.01.2026, unless the lease is renewed for further period by mutual consent of both the
parties herein and on such terms and conditions regarding enhancement of rent as agreed

5. The Lessee shall pay the agreed rent of the Schedule Premises to the Lessor on or
before the 5th day of every English calendar month and shall not commit any default in
the matter of rents.

6. The Lessee has hereby paid Premises Security Deposit of Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five
Lakhs Only) by way of The Lessee has further agreed to pay
additional Premises Security Deposit of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only) on
01.02.2021. The said Deposit shall not carry any interest.

6. The Lessee hereby agrees that it will not sub-let or under-let the schedule premises to
any other person / persons in whatsoever manner. Whereas, the Lessee shall appoint a
Franchisee to run the business in the Schedule Premises. However, the Lessee shall be
responsible for payment of rent and discharge of all the duties and obligations under this

7. The Lessee hereby agrees to pay the electricity consumption charges as per reading of
the sub-meter provided separately in respect of the Schedule Premises and has further
agreed for sharing of minimum charges and also the usage charges in respect of the
Schedule Premises and shall pay the same regularly to the Lessor without default as and
when the bill is issued by the department.

8. The Lessee shall use the Schedule Premises only for the purpose of business of
Organic Ice cream and not for any other business.

9. The Lessee shall make use of the Schedule Premises, its walls, floorings, roof, fitting,
fans, doors etc; If any damage is caused due to the negligence of the Lessee, the Lessee
shall reimburse such loss/ damage, to the Lessor.

10. The Lessee hereby agrees that it will keep the Schedule Premises in good and tenable
condition and shall not cause any damage to the Schedule Premises subject to normal
wear and tear and in case of doing so, it shall repair the same at its own costs.

11. The Lessor hereby agree to issue receipts for payment of rent made by the Lessee in
respect of the Schedule Premises.

12. The Lessor hereby agree that he will not cause any hindrance or interference with
the peaceful possession and enjoyment of the Schedule Premises by the Lessee during the
period of lease, if the Lessee were to comply with the terms and conditions of this Deed.

13. The Lessee hereby agree to attend to the white wash and colour wash, minor repairs
at its own costs.

14. The Lessee shall be entitled to put up fittings and fixtures for the purpose of carrying
on its business. Upon termination of the lease, and at the time of delivering possession of
the Schedule Premises, the Lessee is at liberty to remove all such fittings and fixtures and
the Lessee should restore the Schedule Premises to the orginal condition.

15. The Lessee shall allow the Lessor or his agents or persons authorized by them at all
reasonable hours to inspect the Schedule Premises.

16. The Lessor shall pay the property tax on the property and pay other revenues to the
Corporation of City of Bangalore. In case if the Lessee were to pay the same, the Lessor
shall reimburse the same to the Lessee.

17. The Lessee shall not keep or put anything in the passage or staircase, thereby causing
obstructions to the Lessor or other occupants of the building.

18. The Lessee shall obtain necessary certificates, permissions and license from the
concerned authorities to run its business in the Schedule Premises.

19. The Lessee shall display sign boards and other display materials only at the space
provided for them by the Lessor and it shall not display the same in any other parts of the
building, causing inconvenience to the Lessor or other occupants of the building.

20. The Lessee shall not use the Schedule Premises for any unlawful, unethical or
offensive activities and shall not keep or store any explosives or dangerous goods or
prohibited goods etc;

21. The lessee shall after completion of the Lease period shall deliver vacant
possession of the Schedule Premises to the Lessor with painting, white washing
and in good condition without inducting anybody in the Schedule Premises. At the time
of termination of Lease, the Lessor shall deduct one months rent towards painting,
expenses and minor repairs of schedule premises from the security deposit and this shall
not cover any other major repairs.

22 In case of committing breach of any of the condition herein above mentioned by the
Lessee, the Lessor shall have right of re- entry and to evict the Lessee without prejudice
to his right to claim all the arrears of rents if any, irrespective of the period of the Lease.

23 In case, if Lessee fails to pay rents hereinbefore agreed in the manner or failed to
pay two months rent consecutively or failed to perform its part of obligations, without
prejudice to any right or irrespective of the period of lease, the Lessor is entitled to
terminate the Lease and recover vacant possession of the Schedule Premises. In case,
there is any arrears such as rent,electricity or any damages at time of vacating the
Schedule Premises, the Lessor is entitled to deduct the same in the Premises Security
Deposit amount paid by the Lessee.

24. In case if Lessee want to cancel the lease and vacate the Schedule Premises, it shall
do so by giving three months clear notice in advance.

25. Any other Statutory dues such as Service tax or any other tax that is levied by any
Statutory Authority on the rent payable by the Lessee shall be borne by the Lessee.

26. It is hereby agreed between the parties that the matters which are not specifically
referred to the above which may arise during the term of Lease shall be settled by mutual
understanding and consultation between the parties to this Agreement.

27. This agreement of lease shall be registered and the expenses of the same shall be
borne by Lessee.


All that piece and parcel of the Shop No.5, in Ground floor, measuring about 11 Feet 9
inches from East to West and 29 feet 5 inches from North to South, in the property at
Laxmi Venkateswara Arcade, No.658-57, 11th main Road 4th Block Jayanagar,
Bangalore-11, bounded on the :

East by : Shop No.4

West by : Staircase and Lift

North by : Common passage of ground floor

South by : Passage of property

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this agreement have set their hands on this day,
month and year first above mentioned, in the presence of the following witnesses: