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o Franchise Food Firm- 2.237 sqm located in Quezon City
o Lot frontage- 45 m wide along the wider street; other frontage- 50 m along the
narrower street. 5 meter difference in elevation between rear and front (slope)
o General dining area; drive-through/ take-out service; function rooms for parties,
events, meetings etc; food and condiment store
o Shall be attractive & could be expanded; 75% TGFA & the rest are for support
services and utility; green architecture and tropical design
o Design Considerations:
Function & Efficiency; Vertical & horizontal circulation patterns;
architectural character & form;
aesthetics & landmark quality;
solar, wind, noise, odor & view orientations;
Amenities, Facilities, Services and Utilities (AFSU); Security & safety
features; compliance w/ NBCP, Fire Code & Accessibility Law;
natural & artificial ventilation;
buildings exterior (modern lines/styles);
Green Architecture elements;
Tropical Architecture elements.
o Project Site Features
2,237 sqm TLA almost rectangular in a sloping corner lot; sited at the
corner of 15 m & 12 m wide road; 45 m wide frontage- faces south & 50 m
wide frontage faces west; Site slopes- southern street w/ 2.4 m wide road
on both sides
W- Private office bldg; E- Medium rise commercial building; S(across)- 2
videoke bars & restaurant bar w/ live bands; Rear- 2.5 storey townhouse
o Applicable Development Controls
Zoning Classifications- c3 ( metropolitan commercial development) w/
Development Limitations based on NBCP 2004:
Minimum setback (GF)- 5 m at the front & 2 m the rest
Minimum Parking Space- 1 parking slot for each GFA of 30
o Design Requirements
I. Ground Floor
Counter Area with 4 cash registers;
Queue Area;
Enclosed Dining Area- 100 sqm (minimum);
Outdoor Dining Area- 100 sqm (minimum);
2 Function Rooms (can be combined);
Drive through counters;
Food store- 30 sqm (minimum);
Staff locker area;
Equipment storage;
General kitchen w/ cold/dry storage;
Admin Office;
Common toilets;
Maintenance Room;
Utility room (electrical);
Fire Exits;
Garbage room

II. Second Floor

Enclosed D.A.- 50 sqm (minimum);
Outdoor D.A- 50 sqm ( minimum);
2 Function Rooms( can be combined);
Equipment storage;
Common toilets;
Maintenance Room;
Utility room (electrical);
Fire Exits;
Garbage room;
Generator room;
Domestic water cistern;
Overhead water tank;
Pump room;
Solid waste storage

o Drawing Requirements
Site Dev. 1:200 scale w/:
Outline of the bldg footprint;
state the area of the bldg footprint & its percentage w/
respect to the 2,237.5 sqm TLA;
accessibility features(disabled);
site perimeter security features(perimeter wall/ fence, gate,
pedestrian/ vehicular barriers; guard outpost);
pedestrian access systems;
open parking & driveways;
ground mounted signage locations (exit etc);
areas for landscape, hardscape, softscape;
street, sidewalk & street furniture to be used;
adjoining land uses;
indicate northing, sunpath, major winds, sources of noise &
odors & available views (if any are clearly identifiable);
Ground level (mans eye view) Exterior Perspective at any
convenient scale
Floor/ roof plans at scale 1:200; provide furniture/ equipment
layouts only as necessary; if rooms/ areas are typical, provide
furniture layout only for a representative room/ area; highlight all
introduced accessibility features and fire exits
Ground floor; Second floor; Deck level or roof
Longitudinal & Cross Section- 1:200
Front & One Side Elevation- 1:200
Expanded Floor/ Roof plans- 1:200 to show expansion potential in
10 yrs assuming that the GFA of the Dining, Function rooms, and
kitchen shall double; highlight all introduced accessibility features &
fire exits
Expanded Ground Floor
Expanded Second Floor
Expanded Deck Level and/or Expanded Roof or additional
floors (as applicable)
Aerial Exterior Perspective at any convenient scale
Ground level (mans eye view) Interior Perspective at any
convenient scales showing counter queue and Dining Area
Corporate Logo
Area Computations and Breakdown(for both plans)
Parking ; and 2 TGFA covering all floors.