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Review of Cardiff Universitys clinical trials results posting performance

Bristol, UK, 27 June 2017

Replication of headline results for Cardiff Universitys summary posting performance

A replication conducted by TranspariMED on 26 June 2017 during 17:00-17:30 UK time returned

identical headline figures for total Cardiff trials, and for trials without results, across EudraCT and

EudraCT # all trials 45 # all trials 42

Total # all trials 87

EudraCT #trials without results 44
search/search?query=%22Cardiff+University%22&resultsstatus=trials-without-results #trials without results 42

Total # trials without results 86

Review of Cardiff Universitys ISRCTN entries

In addition, TranspariMED manually reviewed 63 Cardiff entries that are listed as having been
completed prior to 30 June 2017. Out of these entries, 25 have not posted results. (One trial whose
results were only reported in the form of a poster was counted among those lacking results.) Note
that the table below lists all entries; however, some entries on ISRCTN concern studies that are not
clinical trials.

Note that results posting rates on ISRCTN are far higher than those found in the other two main
registries. This appears to be due to ISRCTN proactively searching for, and uploading links to,
academic journal articles that report on the results of trials listed on the registry. Thus, a higher rate
of trials with results available on ISRCTN should not be understood to demonstrate that trial
sponsors and/or researchers perform better at managing their data on this particular registry.

ISRCTN search criteria, yielding a population of 63 trials:

# ID number Results linked on registry?

1 ISRCTN19563136 No
2 ISRCTN94871417 No
3 ISRCTN46696624 No
4 ISRCTN65378754 No (results posting in progress?)
5 ISRCTN99754654 No
6 ISRCTN11392629 Yes
7 ISRCTN82148651 No
8 ISRCTN65200697 No (results posting in progress?)
9 ISRCTN18745862 Yes
10 ISRCTN46295339 No
11 ISRCTN38126962 No
12 ISRCTN53915329 No
13 ISRCTN90741776 Yes
14 ISRCTN78924818 Yes
15 ISRCTN37913976 Yes
16 ISRCTN80672127 Yes
17 ISRCTN96705420 Yes
18 ISRCTN94284668 Yes
19 ISRCTN10052456 No
20 ISRCTN09739757 No
21 ISRCTN46824140 No
22 ISRCTN66760879 No
23 ISRCTN59910670 Yes
24 ISRCTN54669986 No
25 ISRCTN17029222 Yes
26 ISRCTN00944532 No
27 ISRCTN79548440 Yes
28 ISRCTN18709765 No
29 ISRCTN25260464 No
30 ISRCTN63550893 No
31 ISRCTN91319318 Yes
32 ISRCTN55346985 No
33 ISRCTN35774128 Yes
34 ISRCTN78125864 No
35 ISRCTN73199181 No (poster only)
36 ISRCTN26277638 Yes
37 ISRCTN37509773 Yes
38 ISRCTN24554946 Yes
39 ISRCTN61785174 Yes
40 ISRCTN72770961 Yes
41 ISRCTN42944026 Yes
42 ISRCTN38528926 Yes
43 ISRCTN81375447 Yes

44 ISRCTN04475865 Yes
45 ISRCTN17551624 Yes
46 ISRCTN52474223 No
47 ISRCTN96169987 Yes
48 ISRCTN54607216 Yes
49 ISRCTN31546330 No* [see note below]
50 ISRCTN81456894 Yes
51 ISRCTN78114042 No
52 ISRCTN34420460 Yes
53 ISRCTN55675535 Yes
54 ISRCTN48473735 Yes
55 ISRCTN61568050 Yes
56 ISRCTN22495456 Yes
57 ISRCTN63355948 Yes
58 ISRCTN46104365 Yes
59 ISRCTN11036523 Yes
60 ISRCTN46178175 Yes
61 ISRCTN46268487 Yes
62 ISRCTN17161961 Yes
63 ISRCTN55572965 Yes

*Trial ISRCTN31546330, highlighted in yellow, is listed above as not having posted results on
ISRTCN. This appears to be the same trial as trial 2007-007615-82, which is the only Cardiff
trial to have posted results on EudraCT, and NCT01090466, which has not posted results on Please see TranspariMEDs study for a detailed discussion of this trial.

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