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LEND by Distance, a Pathway to Progress:

Collaboration Between New York and Puerto Rico

Karen Edwards, MD, MPH, Annie Alonso, PsyD, MSW, Carol Salas, PsyD, Maria N. Reyes, MSW
Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD) University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
Puerto Rico University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities/IDD (PRUCEDD)

Background Carol Salas , PsyD, Reflections on a Decade of Collaboration and

Since 2007, the WIHD LEND Program and PRUCEDD have collaborated PRUCEDD Director, and
in recruiting and training 21 graduate students and professionals (from
PRUCEDD LEND Trainees Looking Forward to the Next Decade
at WIHD for LEND Poster PRUCEDD-based trainees and faculty conduct LEND research projects (see list
psychology, social work, public health, pediatric medicine, and
Session and Graduation below) that are responsive to community needs and annually present the
audiology) in Puerto Rico as WIHD LEND trainees. Seventeen of these
LEND graduates continue to reside in Puerto Rico, benefiting the results to community members in Puerto Rico. PRUCEDD LEND trainees now
territory through knowledge and skills developed through LEND training also present their research via virtual poster presentation to New York state
Through synchronous and asynchronous distance experiences, level partners at the spring LEND poster session in Albany.
mentoring and advisement on research and other LEND projects by
PRUCEDD faculty, twice-yearly in-person trips to WIHD, and WIHD-based faculty and trainees have benefitted from the intercultural
opportunities to attend conferences in Washington, DC, they teaching and learning experience. Having just completed our first year of
participated as full-fledged LEND trainees. having distance trainees from the U.S. Virgin Islands as well, we are conducting
meetings of faculty and staff from all 3 sites to include more curriculum content
Goal concerning health systems and children with special needs in the territories.
LEND trainees from PRUCEDD: participating in a LEND session presented by the
Our joint goal has been to collaboratively develop and maintain a
NYS DOH ; in Washington DC for Disability Policy Seminar; via webinar at LEND
distance training process that facilitates full participation by distance Poster session in Albany NY; and by distance in the WIHD LEND classroom
trainees and interactive learning and cultural exchange between
trainees at all locations. WIHD LEND in a Nutshell
300+ hours in interdisciplinary leadership training
Communication and Collaboration Thursdays 8:45 AM to 5 PM two semesters
24 trainees per year from 10-12 disciplines
Maria N. Reyes, MSW (center);
PRUCEDD LEND trainees Juan
Session instructors provide advance information to WIHD LEND coordinator on Three LEND Courses: Trinidad and Emely Perez Ramirez

aspects requiring special handling for distance (i.e. break-out sessions, video clips). ---Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their Systems
PRUCEDD faculty provide regular mentoring and supervision support to carry out of Care
LEND learning activities that require a local component (LEND research projects, ---Interdisciplinary Leadership in Action
Family Mentoring Experience, advocacy interview assignment) ---Seminar in Evidence-based Methods
Weekly email communications between administrative offices in NY, PR and USVI ---Certain disciplines have additional hours of clinical
Monthly LEND Curriculum Committee meetings for faculty and staff at all sites experience
Instructors receive guidance on teaching by distance LEND Courses bear credits at NYMC School of Health Maria N. Reyes, MSW (left);
PRUCEDD LEND trainees Juan
Monthly calls between the LEND Director and PRUCEDD site coordinator Sciences and Practice Trinidad and Emely Perez Ramirez
presenting their research