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Assignment Questions

1. Obtain expressions for on state and off state losses in a power diode.
Hint :
Ptotal=Pon+ Poff+Pswitching

Vd Rd

At low switching frequencies the off state losses ( I2 R rev) are negligible. They are considerable at
high switching frequencies. This includes the loss during reverse recovery which is accounted
under switching losses.

Pswitching =energy spent during reverse recovery x fs where fs is the switching frequency.
1 1
Pswitching= ; but =
2 2

Ans:1/4* Irr* Vr*trr*fs

2.Obtain an expression for the mean power loss during turn off as well as turn off of a BJT whose
switching characteristics is as shown in the figure.

Hint: v(t) during turn on is V-(V/Ton )*t ; i(t)= I/Ton*t.

v(t) during turn off =(V/Toff)*t; i(t)= I- (I/Toff)*t

E=0 (). (). =

Ans.( VI/6)*T
3.Similarly for a MOSFET ,PON=Id rms2RdsON

Pswitching =1/6 * Vds*Id(tr+tf)*fs