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Safe Kids & Youth (SKY) Coordinated Response

Practice Flow Model

Parallel investigation communication
begins: between relevant SKY
Team members;
1.Pre-interview: Police/MCFD Case Review
Police and MCFD Child/youth and
debrief (Child/youth continue meetings when family receive
a. Police and MCFD investigation appropriate
and caregiver with ongoing information
discuss interview plan
Victim Services) and support from
Collaborative Victim Services Victim Services until
interview scheduled b. Victim Services provides supports Victim Services no longer required
for child-friendly meets child/youth to child/youth and
Police, MCFD, and makes referrals for
interview room and family; explains family, makes
Victim Services additional services
SKY, consent form referrals for
meet with caregiver and support for
Victim Services is signed immediate crisis child/youth and Court preparation &
contacted (unless supports family members (eg.
2. Interview of support with Victim
another key worker SAIP Counseling)
child/youth: Services and Crown
will be case manager)
Counsel; testimonial
a. Police lead if aids where
Forensic Medical
criminal investigation appropriate
Examination if there
may be evidence to is likely; Joint
collect interviewer monitors
from separate room

b. Victim Services
stays with child or
caregiver while the
other is being
MCFD interviewed