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Bolt Material B7
Bolt Type stud Converted
Hole Type "blind"

Metric Imperial Metric

Modulus E 206,207 MPa 29,900,000 psi
Yield Strength Sy 724 MPa 105,000 psi
Bolt Size Dn 36 mm 1.5000 in
Thread n 3 pitch 8 tpi
Bolt Area known As given mm2 in2
Or ensure that "given As" field is clear (deleted)
Bolt Area calculated As calculated 864.94 mm2 1.492 in2
Grip Length or Lg total 109 mm 4.45 in
components ensure that "total Grip Length" field is clear
Flange 1 f1 height mm in
Flange 2 f2 height mm in
Spacer (total) st height mm in
Gasket gt height mm in
Washer 1 w1 height mm in
Washer 1 w2 height mm in

Grip Length Lg ft + s t + w t + g t 109.0 mm 4.5 in

Effective Length LE 145.0 mm 5.695 in

Proof Load Sp As * Sy 626.21 kN 156,644 lbf

Bolt Preload Select only one "Desired" value. All others must be clear (deleted)
Desired %Sp %Sp 69 % 69 %
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Desired Force Fi kN lbf
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Desired Stress MPa psi
Resulting %Sp %Sp Sp / %Sp 69% - 69% -
Resulting Fi Fi %Sp * Sp 432 kN 108,084 lbf
Resulting = Fi/Ast 500 MPa 72,450 psi

Bolt Stretch web link

Elongation ( Fi * L E ) / E * A s 0.351 mm 0.014 in
Tolerance +/- % 5
Min Elong min 0.334 mm 0.013 in
Max Elong max 0.369 mm 0.014 in

Assembly by Tensioning web link

Tool Area Ta 2884 mm2 4.47 in2
Load Loss ratio L/L 1.01 + Dn / LE 1.3 1.3
PA to PB ratio A/B 1.1 1.1
A Pressure PA 2,074 bar 33,869 psi
B Pressure PB 1,885 bar 30,790 psi

Assembly by Torquing web link

Friction Factor K 0.2
Torque T T = K * Dn * Fi 3,111 Nm 2,702 ft-lb
Proceed with caution! Bolt-tightening by application of torque is an extremely dangerous practice unless the resultant load can be verified. Bolt "tor

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