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An Idiot Abroad - Newspaper Article

This is the first paragraph of the newspaper article from the Telegraph. This is effective at
drawing in the reader since it doesnt give away much about the show however it does use
phrases like Mancunian chap which could make the reader think that the main character is
just a normal
bloke from


In the article it then does give a brief description of what the show is about and what you
might expect from it. The phrase largely unimpressed helps the reader see where the
comedy may come from since they could expect humorous responses to where he ends up
in the world.

This paragraph in the article is very effective at subtly saying when the show will air, this
Thursday. Not only this, but it also adds a sense of comedy about the article where it
discusses the main character not being able to watch the show since he doesn't have Sky.
So not only is the show a mockumentary that is funny and doesnt take things too seriously
but the article also takes the same approach.

This quote from Ricky Gervais is meant to give the true intentions of the show and how the
comedy will come out of the show, now the reader realises that they will be making
Pilkington go on the worst holidays ever it draws in the audience to see what sort of things
will happen to him and where will he go.

In conclusion to what i have been looking at in the newspaper article about An Idiot Abroad, i
can clearly see what conventions were used and in what style it has been written in. It has
been written in a way that makes the show come across as funny at the get go, the article
contains comedic quotes from the people in the show such as Ricky Gervais. The article
also contains funny lines which would make the show more appealing to the reader. In my
opinion a comedy show like An Idiot Abroad requires to be advertise in a fun and unique way
since a dull, boring article reviewing it wouldn't attract a large audience.