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Technische Universitt Berlin

Engineers WANTED
January 16, 2015
Produktionstechnisches Zentrum (PTZ), TU berlin
Pascalstr. 8-9, 10587 Berlin

What? GPE Job Fair 2015

- Get to know established and well-known companies who are looking for
engineers like you
- Talk to company representatives and ask the questions you always were
interested in
- Listen to company presentations from:
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants 10:30 clock - 11:00 clock
McKinsey & Company 11:15 clock - 11:45 clock
Siemens 13:00 clock - 13:30 clock
Bombardier Transportation 13:45 clock - 14:15 clock
- Discover the different businesses, entry and development possibilities
- Find the right opportunity for you!

When? 16.01.2015 - 10:00 clock - 18:00 clock

Where? Production Technology Center (PTZ), Pascalstrae 8-9, 10587 Berlin

Alumni Report

I am presently working with Cadbury India I started my own consulting company in Me-
Limited as Development Manager in Logistic xico. Our main services are in areas of quality
functions, implementing SAP-APO in the and manufacturing. Most of the skills learned
organization. I am heading the project. during my GPE studies (Technical and soft
Officially it is the Master degree that I got for skills) help a lot on my job. Berlin is a wonder-
my studies, but really speaking, the course, ful city and I had there several big emotional
the location (Berlin) and the students (multi- experiences, but the most important is that I
national) gave the best experience one could met my wife in Berlin. The GPE is an excellent
ask for. The city of Berlin has given me a lot of way to start an exceptional contacts net-
experiences which I will cherish throughout work. Jos Manuel Martnez Lpez
my life, the most important being when I sub-
mitted my final master thesis, it was a tribute I joined ABB AG in China after GPE study,
to all the hard work. Anup Mudugal and after 2 years working there the company
set me to ABB AGGermany for another
I am currently working for a German compa- interesting position. Berlin is a different city
ny here in Indonesia and quite often I have to in Germany, it is not very German, but very
deal with other subsidiaries around the wor- international, not boring compared to other
ld. Berlin is very attractive for foreign student, German cities, I like Berlin very much. In my
its international atmosphere as well as its mind, Berlin has the biggest number of foot-
reasonable living cost. Rusly Wiryanto ball playgrounds, which I like. Yang Pei

I started working as a management consul- I am working as Factory Manager in India in a

tant at McKinsey and Company. Spanish Company. Sandeep Chaudhary
In my studies I focused on logistics and supply
chain management and realized this focus After my graduation I moved to Miami, Flori-
by taking courses in both, doing relevant da in the United States. Here I am starting my
internships (SCM at Continental and Logistics own Business. I focused on Logistics. It was
at Audi) and by writing my master thesis in the most interested area for me. The Logistics
a related topic. I chose this focus because it Department was one of the most prepared
gave me the opportunity to have a good mix and had more options and opportunities
of operations and management content. than any other department. Some of the
Learning how to not only work in interna- activities that they offered were seminars,
tional teams but also how to develop deep guest lectures, trips to different companies, a
personal relationships with people of com- complete week of seminar and lectures from
pletely different backgrounds was for me the the most recognized companies such as BMW
most important aspect of working together and Coca-Cola. For me the most important
with students from different nationalities thing about studying abroad is to learn about
and cultures. At McKinsey, where interna- other cultures and to get integrated in the
tional teams are the norm, my experience whole globalization. Nowadays, you need
at GPE has helped me immensely. It was more from other countries and cultures, and
undoubtedly the numerous parties hosted I believe you could get a great network and a
by co-students, Chinese, Mexican, Indian or great idea of the rest of the world when you
otherwise which added a lot of color to the study with people from other cultures.
2 years at GPE. GPE provides much better Cecilia Pantin
international exposure than any other master
program which is extremely valued in the job 2
market in Europe. Ajay Sohoni
Why GPE?

Opportunities Global Production
For Engineers Engineering
Businesses, research facilities, and univer- Global Production Engineering is a full-time
sities are being compelled to offer innova- four-semester course of study offered at the
tive, effective, and efficient solutions more Technische Universitt Berlin in Germany. The
and more rapidly in order to improve their curriculum is designed for outstanding inter-
competitive position in todays increasingly national graduate students seeking to improve
global markets and to meet the demands of their personal competence portfolio in the
their customers. This is particularly true in fields of production, management, engineering,
the case of industry and technology-oriented and intercultural communication. The strong
businesses, which are often involved in inter- international orientation of our program can
national value-added chains. be seen in the fact that 95% of our students are
natives of countries other than Germany. To
If they are to succeed at this, they will need date, we have entertained students from 43 dif-
people who are innovators in the problem- ferent countries among our student body. Most
solving process to drive technological deve- courses are taught in English, giving students the
lopment in a global environment. Ever more option of taking all of their courses in the English
complex high-tech solutions require teamwork language. The GPE course of study acquired an
in global networks, where people collaborate 8-year accreditation in 2007 from the ASIIN, a
with each other even as they compete with special accreditation agency for the curricula of
each other. Competence in technical solutions, engineering sciences, computer science, natural
economic knowledge and ecological and sciences, and mathematics. This accreditation
social behavior are skills that engineers and reaffirms and expands the high standards
managers must have if they are to cope with and quality of the program. GPE currently
these tasks. offer two majors: Manufacturing and Solar.
Manufacturing is the older of the two majors,
Meeting the increasing demand for such introduced at the beginning of the GPE program
highly qualified decision makers has neces- in 1998. Solar was founded in 2007 as a way of
sitated the creation of new approaches to developing technological potential in this area of
academic engineering education. A complete international engineering education. The strong
university education must include technical, connection between the solar industry and the
management, and intercultural content research institutes in Berlin and Brandenburg
taught using innovative methods of instructi- brings theory and practice together in one
on, such as online learning and project- place. This research-oriented education with its
oriented teaching. quasi-practical application in labs and associated
thesis work allows students to get an early start
The Global Production Engineering, or GPE, on assuming tasks bearing responsibility at the
course of studies was founded at the Berlin university and in research. In addition, the last
Technical University specifically to deal with ten years have seen the formation of a global
these requirements. Since 1998, outstanding network of alumni, where alumni exchange in-
graduate students in the engineering sciences formation and provide mutual support for each
from around the world have been trained other. GPE graduates today are collaborating on
in production, engineering, management, challenges such as construction of the Shanghai
and software skills in this Master of Science subway, production of German automobiles, or
program located in Berlin. in projects setting up sustainable factories in the 4
Amazon rain forest.
About us: Since 1919 the AKG Group is a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers
for a multitude of application areas and branches. AKG heat exchangers
are standing for innovative solutions as well as highest engineering
and manufacturing competence. Our group of companies is financially
sound, innovative and expanding.

Our Business: Mechanical engineering

Products / Services: High quality coolers and heat exchangers

Germany: 5
Global: 13 business units in Germany, France, Great Britain, Latvia, Turkey,
India, USA (2*) and China as well as nine additional sales and marketing

Employees: Germany: 1,100, Worldwide: 2,400

Applications: Sales and Design, Production, Research and Development, Logistics,

Employment Criteria: Very good English and German language skills (as advantage: other fo-
reign language skills); solid, specialized knowledge; high flexibility and
autonomy, engagement, organizational skills; initial practical experience
(e.g. internship)

Entry Options: Direct employment, trainee program, doctorate

Internships: In Hofgeismar (Germany) in all company areas, in some cases worldwi-

de (requirement: successful internship in Hofgeismar in advance)

Theses: In Hofgeismar (Germany) in all company areas

Contact: Human Resources Department

Career entry
Martin Wistuba (
+49 (0) 5671 883 - 1174

Christina Werner (
+49 (0) 05671 883 - 1455

About us: For 166 years, Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) has stood for innovative
strength, a passion for technology, sustainability, responsibility and an
uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence. As a globally
operating technology company, were rigorously leveraging the advan-
tages that our setup provides.
Electrification, automation and digitalization are the long-term growth
fields of Siemens. In order to take full advantage of the market poten-
tial in these fields, our businesses are bundled into nine divisions and
healthcare as a separately managed business.
More Information:

Our Business: Power and Gas, Wind Power and Renewables, Power Generation
Services, Energy Management, Building Technologies, Mobility, Digital
Factory, Process Industries and Drives, Financial Services

Germany: More than 40 R&D, Manufacturing, Administration Locations
Global: In more than 200 countries

Employees: At the end of Sept. 2013: about 118,000 in Germany,

about 362,000 worldwide

Applications: We are looking preferably for students, graduates and professionals wi-
thin electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering,
natural sciences, economics, industrial engineering and information
systems. Open jobs can be found:
We have opportunities in research and development, design, manufac-
turing, sales, installation, service, marketing, purchasing and logistics,
consulting, accounting and controlling, human resources and others.

Entry Options: Direct entry with customized onboarding program(s) and Siemens
Trainee Programs, e.g. The Siemens Graduate Program, The Siemens
Advanced Program

Options for Students: Internships and student worker positions

Thesis in cooperation with Siemens
Siemens Student Programs (Germany)

We are looking for: We are looking for cosmopolitan, creative team players who know their
subject and have a target-oriented approach. People who have already
proven that they meet these requirements both in their studies
and previous professional success. International experience is also an
advantage. Not only do we value technical skills such as broad basic
knowledge, a willingness to learn and a good command of English, we
also place great emphasis on personal skills. These include team-orien-
ted work style as well as analytical and multidimensional thinking.

Contact: Carina-Patrizia Mller 6

Phone: 09131 - 184020
About us: Rolls-Royces vision is to create better power for a changing world
via two main business segments, Aerospace and Marine & Industrial
Power Systems (MIPS). These business segments address markets
with two strong technology platforms, gas turbines and reciprocating
engines, for use on land, at sea and in the air. Aerospace comprises Civil
Aerospace and Defence Aerospace. MIPS comprises Marine, Energy &
Nuclear and Power Systems (RRPS).
Rolls-Royce Deutschland is Germanys only fully certified engine
manufacturer with complete systems capability for design, production
and after-sales support of modern civil and military turbine engines.
Rolls-Royce has operations and offices in Berlin, Dahlewitz, Oberursel,
Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin employing more than 3,500 people in

Our Business: Aerospace

Products / Services: Civil, small and medium engines, Repair & Overhall, Total Care, Corpo-
rate Care

Germany: Dahlewitz near Berlin, Oberursel near Frankfurt/Main
Global: Rolls-Royce employs over 55,000 people in 45 countries. Over 17,000 of
these are engineers.

Employees: Rolls-Royce Deutschland has a workforce of more than 3,500

divided between its two sites: Dahlewitz and Oberursel.

Applications: Graduate development programmes, internship and work student
opportunities in: Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Purcha-
sing, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Human

Employment Criteria: Knowledge of languages: English, outstanding academic achievement,

internships, team skills, independence and individual responsibility

Entry Options: Direct entry, Graduate development programmes, internships

Internships: For more information on careers at Rolls-Royce, please visit: http://

Theses: For more information on careers at Rolls-Royce, please visit: http://

Contact: Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG

HR Shared Service Team
+49 33708 6-3333
About us: With 63 production and engineering sites in 26 countries and 19 service
centres across the world, Bombardier Transportation is the global lea-
der in the rail industry. We cover full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging
from complete trains to sub-systems maintenance services, system
integration and signalling. Our installed base of rolling stock exceeds
100,000 rail cars and locomotives worldwide. Our 38,500 employees
continue a proud tradition of delivering ingenious rail transporation
solutions, including:

Rail vehicles
Propulsion and controls
Transportation systems

Our Business: Engineering and production of trains, services and signalling systems

Products / Services: People movers, light rail vehicles, commuter trains, locomotives, high-
and very high speed trains

Germany: 8
Global: Worldwide more than 60 sites and offices (Europe, Asia, Australia,
Africa, North- and South America)

Employees: Germany: 8,700, worldwide: 37,500

Applications: Construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, quality, producti-

on, supply chain management, simulation, finance, strategy, HR, ...

Employment Criteria: Corporate language: English, working in international teams, contact

with international customers and suppliers, intercultural competencies,
mobility, good grades

Entry Options: Direct entry, graduate program, internships, working students

Internships: In Germany or abroad, English is necessary, between 3 to 6 month paid,

apply 3 to 6 month before, website for HQ internships

Theses: Yes on demand

Contact: Recruiting / Personalmarketing

Herr Sven Steinebach, or

About us: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, founded in 1967, is the only
leading global consultancy with German heritage and of European
origin. Roland Berger advises major international industry and service
companies as well as public institutions and covers every strategic topic
that is decisive for our clients success.

Our Business: Management/ Strategy Consulting

Products / Services: The services cover the entire range of management consulting from
strategic advice to successful implementation: e.g. new leadership
and business models; innovative processes and services; M&A, private
equity and restructuring; and management support on large infrastruc-
ture projects.
Germany: Berlin, Dsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart
Global: With employees in 36 countries, we have successful operations in all
major international markets. Our 50 offices are located in the key global
business hubs.

Employees: 2,400 employees are working for Roland Berger worldwide

Applications: Please apply online via

Employment Criteria: We are looking for people with unique and strong personalities, an
excellent academic background, experiences abroad, challenging practi-
cal experiences and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entry Options: Internship, direct entry (after your bachelors/ masters or MBA degree
or after finishing your doctorate)

Internships: Who: Students of all fields of studies

Duration: At least 10 weeks
Application should be submitted three months prior to preferred
internship start date (for summer internships four to five months)

Theses: We generally dont support theses

Contact: Sabine Mller

Phone +49 89 9230-9946

About us: msg is an independent, international company group with autonomous
regional companies and subsidiaries and well over 4,500 employees
worldwide. We offer a variety of integrated services comprising creative
strategic consulting and intelligent IT solutions which produce sustain-
able added value. We have gained an excellent reputation over the past
30 years as an industry specialist and now rank as Germanys seventh
largest IT consulting and system-integration company.

Our Business: Automotive, Financial Services, Food, Insurance, Life Science & Health-
care, Public Sector, Telecommunications & Media, Travel & Logistics,

Products / Services: Consulting

Business and IT Strategy | Optimization of Business Processes | Orga-
nization | Applications | Business Intelligence | IT Architectures | IT
Technologies | IT Security

Industry Solutions
Development of Standard Software and Individual Solutions | Develop-
ment of SAP-based Software Systems | System Integration | Business
Process Outsourcing

Seminars and Training Courses

Product Training Courses | Specialist Seminars | Customized Seminars

Cross-Industry Services
Program and Project Management | Test, Quality & Lifecycle Manage-
ment | System Services | Service Management | Platform Services |
Migration / Post Merger Integration

Germany: 13 locations
Global: Represented in more than 20 countries around the world (Austria,
Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands,
Brasil, China, India, Korea, Russia, The Philippines, Singapore, USA)

Employees: More than 4,500 employees worldwide

Employment Criteria: Bachelor or Masters Degree

Entry Options: Direct entry, on-the-job-training

Internships: Yes

Theses: Yes

Contact: 10
About us: McKinsey & Company has set the standards of excellence in top
management consulting for more than 80 years. We advise decision
makers in leading industrial companies, the public sector, non-profit
organizations, and innovative, fast-growing start-ups around the globe.
When you come to McKinsey, you take on challenges that matter with
people who matter in organizations that matter.
McKinseys Operations Practice is one of the most successful and
fastest growing functional practices and accounts for roughly 30% of
our work globally. We assist our clients in solving complex operational
problems from executive strategy to frontline implementation.

Our Business: Management Consulting

Products / Services: Industry Practices: Advanced Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Au-
tomotive & Assembly, Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electric
Power & Natural Gas, Financial Services and many more

Functional Practices: Business Technology, Corporate Finance, Marke-

ting & Sales, Operations, Organization, Risk, Strategy, Sustainability &
Resource Productivity

Germany: 7 offices in Germany
Global: More than 106 offices in over 60 countries

Employees: EMEA Operations Practice:

> 1300 Consultants in Germany > 370 dedicated consultants in EMEA
> 9000 Consultants worldwide > 800 dedicated consultants worldwide

Employment Criteria: You have professional experience in an area of operations (Capital

Productivity, Manufacturing, Product Development, Purchasing, Service
Operations, Supply Chain Management, or Implementation) and want
to broaden your knowledge, working in a wide range of environments.
You have an excellent university degree. You have outstanding ana-
lytical and conceptual skills. You show great initiative and creativity,
working well both on your own and in a team. You are confident,
enthusiastic, and mobile. You are able to convince others through your
written or spoken communication in the language of the country
where you will work as well as in English.

Entry Options: Internships, Graduates, MBAs, Advanced professional degrees, Experi-

enced professionals

Contact: McKinsey & Company, Inc.

EMEA Operations Practice
Sonja Bckenhser
Sophienstrae 26
11 80333 Mnchen
Direct +49 89 5594-8824
About us: Schaeffler AG develops and manufactures precision products for
everything that moves in machines, equipment, and vehicles as well
as in aviation and aerospace applications with its INA, LuK, and FAG
brands. Schaeffler is a leading manufacturer of bearings worldwide and
a renowned supplier to the automotive industry. The globally active
group of companies, which is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany,
generated sales of approximately 11.2 billion Euros in 2013. Schaeffler
is one of the largest German and European industrial companies in
family ownership.

Our Business: Automotive and Industrial Division including Aftermarket products

Products / Services: Automotive Division:

For example engine, transmission, chassis, and accessory units in pas-
senger cars, heavy trucks and many more

Industrial Division:
For example rolling bearing, plain bearing solutions, linear and direct
drive technology and many more

Locations: Approximately 170 locations in 49 countries

Employees: More than 80,000 employees worldwide

Applications: We offer diverse career prospects in a wide range of technical func-

tions, commercial and IT areas

Entry Options: Direct Entry, Internships, Theses, Trainee Programs, Schaeffler Top
Student Program and many more

Internships: Pre-study and basic internships, advanced internships, internship abro-

ad and casual student worker programs

Theses: Interesting and demanding thesis topics in various company areas

Contact: More information about the career prospects of Schaeffler:

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Robert Lewerenz
Walter Mutter

Robert Lewerenz
Walter Mutter

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