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Your Concern at Work

Siobhan Walsh visiting children of the thousands of people affected by this devastating earthquake.
in a new Child Friendly Space.
Photo: Haiti, Concern Worldwide
I must also pay credit to our workers, who, despite losing friends and
family members, their homes and belongings, never stopped working to
do everything humanly possible to reach as many of the families affected
as they could.
When the massive earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, few of
us realized what lay ahead. Reports of the devastation from the media and In the pages to follow, you will learn more about what the team has
our team in Haiti trickled in overnight and by early Wednesday morning, been doing in the past weeks. All of it is thanks to you—our friends and
planning for Concern’s emergency response was already well underway. supporters. People have been extraordinarily generous with their time and
We were able to respond quickly not only because of our 42 years of resources to help us do everything to alleviate the suffering of the people
experience and trained staff, but because we knew we could count on our of Haiti.
friends and supporters to help. Our ability to respond so quickly is down to
your support, and I want to say a very sincere thank you to all of you. Please be assured that your Concern is working and will continue to make
an enormous difference in the weeks and months ahead on this long and
More than 1 million people lost their homes and over 230,000 people died difficult road.
in the earthquake. Today, families are still devastated by this terrible loss.
Concern has been working in Haiti since 1994, with more than 100 staff Thank you,
on the ground. The relationships we had built up with community leaders
during that time allowed us to respond quickly. Our teams were back at
work within hours of the earthquake, assessing the needs and distributing
immediate aid supplies.

I have been going to Haiti every year since 1994 and have witnessed
such dramatic changes over the years. Recently, I had the opportunity to Siobhán Walsh
visit Haiti with our Chairman Tom Moran and Board member Ed Kenney. I Executive Director
continue to be moved by the resilience and extraordinary spirit and dignity

Haiti Facts
Haiti occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which it shares
with the Dominican Republic. It got its independence from France in 1804, becoming
the world’s first black-led republic and the first independent Caribbean state.
Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, with 72% of the population
living on less than $2 a day. Two thirds of all Haitians work in the agricultural sector,
mainly small-scale subsistence farming. However, Haiti is heavily deforested and
subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes, making life extremely challenging for
most Haitians.
Population: 9.35 million
Life Expectancy: 59 years (male), 62 years (female)
Adult Literacy: 56%
HDI position: 149

Front cover: Children in the Concern run Child Friendly Space at Place de la Paix in Port au Prince. Photo: Concern Worldwide
Many of our staff returned to the office today. I was a mix of
emotions. I was so happy to see them but then saddened as they
spoke of their losses. One colleague lost her husband, another
lost her child. I heard how another person’s brother was in the
Caribbean market, the supermarket which collapsed, and had
walked out the door when the earthquake hit. His friends were
inside; they have not come out.
Susan Finucane, Concern Program Officer, from her Jan 17th blog

The ruins of the five story Caribbean market in Port-au-

Prince. Photo: Marketa Kutilova, People in Need

Concern’s History in Haiti In the Aftermath of the Earthquake

Concern has been working in Haiti since 1994, focusing on improving Within 12 hours, Concern issued an appeal for funds to support our
the health of those in need, supporting teachers and schools, preventing emergency relief effort—what would become the largest earthquake
violence in the slums and fighting HIV and AIDS. In 2008 and 2009, disaster response launched since our foundation in 1968. In the days
thanks to funding from Concern supporters, our programs included: that followed, our emergency team flew to Haiti to assist our staff on
the ground. Record donations flooded in. In the weeks following the
Emergency Relief earthquake, we provided, water, jerry cans, food rations, first aid kits,
In 2008, Haiti was struck by four hurricanes in a matter of weeks. In nutritional supplements, blankets, hygiene kits, tents and tarps.
their aftermath, Concern provided relief to over 1,200 families and
helped more than 8,000 with cash-for-work opportunities. Concern’s team in Haiti has grown from 120 to 285 staff. Our
emergency program has now transitioned into a recovery and rebuilding
Education phase. Today we are focusing on installing latrines and hand-washing
Concern provided health and hygiene training for 1,271 teachers, stands; providing shelter; distributing household kits (containing
parents and members of management committees in 120 schools. tarps, kitchen sets, mosquito nets, soap etc); screening and treating
A total of 331 teachers and school directors received training on malnourished children; organizing cash-for-work programs as well as
children’s rights, lesson planning, French and Creole. managing 13 temporary camps. Finally, Concern has opened three
Child Friendly Spaces where children can come to learn and play in a
Maternal and Child Health safe environment.
Our maternal and infant health program reached out to even more
people with the addition of a nutrition service. Children who are severely Thank you for being a vital part of Concern’s relief and rehabilitation
malnourished are now cared for in our outpatient treatment program. efforts in Haiti.
This new approach has been successful and received support at both
community and national level.

Peace Building
Our peace-building project in poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince
has trained more than 300 local people in dialogue and conflict
management. This work has shown positive results following the
earthquake, allowing us to work in areas that might have been off limits


Concern’s HIV and AIDS work informed the new national HIV and
AIDS strategy, which includes counselors in health centers. To
overcome discrimination against people living with HIV, we developed
an awareness raising model used by our health personnel. This has Children in makeshift camp. New Child Friendly Spaces offer a sanctuary
also been taken up by the public medical training university and nurse Photo: Concern Worldwide where children learn and play in safety.
Photo: Concern Worldwide
and midwife training schools.
A Voice From the Field: Dominic MacSorley
Dominic MacSorley has worked with Concern since 1982. Based in the Concern US New York office,
he arrived in Haiti on April 16th to coordinate Concern’s emergency response. He recorded his and the
Concern team’s experiences in post-earthquake Haiti using blogs and Twitter. Below is a selection of
Dominic’s tweets (short text-based messages), over a three-month period.

Jan 16, 12:03 am Feb 13, 10:14 pm

landed in Port au Prince today—this place for me its important to drop in every few days
is chaos, devastation is profound and this is & see these children and remind myself why
going to be a long haul what we are doing is urgent, essential & right
Jan 16, 3:35 pm Feb 17, 1:12 am
one million people in Port-au-Prince need Concern is now delivering 188,500 liters of
assistance, they need it fast and we’re getting clean water to 53,000 people in Port au Prince
there. We’re working 24-7 every day—way to go to the wat-san team!!
Jan 17, 9:24 pm Feb 28, 4:35 pm
a 7 year old girl was pulled out of building—5 Gangs stormed our tent distribution at Saut
days on, miracles keep happening #haiti d’Eau outside PaP halted, we held firm, finished
Jan 17, 9:34 pm and drove away in volley of mangoes
extraordinary public response across Ireland, Mar 1, 2:45 pm Concern logisticians unload tents on island of La Gonâve
UK & US especially in tight economic times. Another aftershock just rippled through our
it’s the biggest, brightest star in all this mess office—the balcony I was on shook. Just when
Jan 19, 2:05 am you think it might be over....
met husband of Guerline, Concern staff, Mar 3, 12:12 am
mother to be who lies beneath the rubble of WFP want us to expand our supplementary
her house—left behind 2 kids. He cried, me food for pregnant + under 5s to 15 sites.
too That’s 25,000 families. Big job. We’ll do it.
Jan 22, 12:06 am Mar 12, 12:35 am
Charlie Bird leaving his sleeping bag behind— busy with meetings and planning for new site,
thinking of auctioning the ‘bird bag’ on e-bay which will house 3,500 from congested sites—
to raise funds for haiti# trading up from 5sq meters per family to 30.
Jan 26, 2:59 am Mar 17, 4:25 pm Concern responded within 72 hours, distributing emergency
10:10 pm at office—hear singing and clapping. From the airport in Port-au-Prince, waiting for items like water, food and blankets
‘I want to go where the singing is’ said one of more logs and engineers to arrive, HAPPY ST
the team—I forgot—Haiti IS music PATRICKS day
Feb 6, 3:21 am Mar 22, 10:10 pm
big successful distribution today—1480 Talked about our work with Presidents Clinton
families—orderly, dignified and efficient— & Bush ...ended when Bush said if didn’t go
REALLY GOOD DAY would have to spend night in tent with Clinton
Feb 12, 10:13 pm Mar 27, 4:07 pm
Standing in a circle, holding hands, we all took I’m 72 days here without a break. People tell

All photos by Concern Worldwide

a minute at 4:53 pm today to remember those me I need one—you know they might be right
that had died one month ago. Apr 17, 12:43 pm
Feb 13, 10:03 pm Back in Haiti—already feels like I never left—
went to nutrition center, new admission. big day today as the first families are moved to
Samuel, a bag of bones baby of 18 months the new site. More to come…
has the face of a 70 year old man..ANGER is
what u feel
You can follow Dominic on Twitter @aidwkr. Susan Finucane, Concern Worldwide US Program Officer,
with Haitian children
Fundraising Events for Haiti
Concern received an overwhelming and compassionate response from supporters all over the US, with community
groups, schools, companies, and individuals coming together to support Concern Worldwide’s Haiti Appeal. From bake
sales and triathlons to gallery openings and auctions, over 30 events were planned and hosted by Concern supporters
and volunteers. These grassroots fundraising events raised over $450,000, a significant effort that complemented the
generosity of many donors and responsive foundations that brought in $2.9 million to date. Below, we’ve presented just
a few of the outstanding events held on behalf of Concern’s relief effort.

2010 Twestival Global Raises $100K for H20 for Haiti event. Along with individual donations by the school
Haiti Education community, Trevor Day raised an impressive $10,000.

On March 25th,
thousands of people
in over 175 cities
around the world
took part in local
grassroots events
and used the power of social media, particularly Twitter, to raise
funds for Concern at the 2010 Global Twestival. We were the sole
charity benefiting from Twestival, and 100% of the funds donated
Trevor Day School students handing check
will support Concern Worldwide’s education programs globally. The for Haiti to Concern Worldwide US Staff
Entrepreneurs Foundation/Austin Ventures offered a challenge grant Allyson Brown and Sylvia Wong
of $100,000 to match, dollar for dollar, the first $100,000 raised to
benefit education programs in Haiti.
Bake Sales
Twestival was made possible by the efforts of over 1,000 volunteers Many bake sales were held for Haiti, and
—and only volunteers—brought together by Twestival founder and one of our favorites was hosted by the
chief organizer Amanda Rose. Teacher’s Pet Childcare Center Bake
Sale. The children raised $806 with their
School Fundraisers delicious baked goods!
All around the country, elementary schools, high schools and
universities have been involved in fundraising for Haiti, and the
response has been amazing. In particular, Trevor Day School is
worthy of mention.

Since January, the students, faculty and clubs at Trevor have Gallery Fundraisers: Peter Lik and La Mama
planned and participated in a variety of fundraising initiatives Galleria
to support Concern’s Earthquake Fund including: the Concern Two art gallery fundraisers were held for Concern on February 12th,
All photos by Concern Worldwide

for Haiti Run/Walk in April, a Peer Leadership and a Dance 2010. Highly acclaimed Master Photographer Peter Lik joined forces
Department Bake Sale; Grade 9’s Sacrifice Lunch for Two with Concern Worldwide to unveil his latest masterpiece, the “Tree of
Weeks initiative; Grade 10’s Change for Change campaign; Life,” in all of his galleries around the world in aid of Concern’s relief
Grade11’s collecting of donations at grade meetings and sports efforts. Five percent of the total sales —over $10,839—were donated
events as well as their A Dollar a Day campaign; and Grade 12’s by Peter Lik toward the Earthquake Fund.
Haiti Film Festival fundraiser. Faculty performed in a talent show,
and the Global Concerns Club hosted a Love 4 Haiti Week and an
Soho Gallery, La Mama Galleria held a show, “The Haitian Energy Bar Fundraisers
Field,” featuring artist David X. Young, who, over his lifetime created Many local bar “fundraisers” were held for Haiti, from NYC to Los
paintings, prints, film, and objects inspired by the people and culture Angeles. Pictured below are organizers and supporters of one such
of Haiti. A portion of sales was donated to Concern. event in Queens. The elegant evening at Claret Wine Bar attracted
over 100 people for an evening of wine and cheese, live jazz
Irish American Writers & Artists “Island performances and great raffle prizes—all to help the people of Haiti.
People Supporting Island People” Event Committed organizers Jean Clancy, Geraldine Fitzgibbon, Maeve
A multi-cultural evening of music and readings, hosted by the Irish O’Malley, Kevin Walsh, Anne Marie Walsh and Jennifer Scanlon
American Writers & Artist organization, took place at Connolly’s raised nearly $9,000!
Pub on February 24th. The event successfully raised over $107,000. L-R: Concern
Musical guests included Moya Brennan, Ashley Davis, Black 47, Supporters Paddy
McCarthy, Maeve
Jameson’s Revenge, Morning Star, Clary Ross & Matuto, Seanachi O’Malley along with
and Unity Squad as well as a Haitian and African Drumming group. Board Member John J.
Readers and poets included National Book Award winner Colum
McCann, Malachy McCourt, T.J. English, Michael Patrick MacDonald
and others.

Community Support in Chicago

The people of Chicago dedicated their time and energy to raising
funds in response to the earthquake, including the event pictured
below. Lizzie McNeill’s, a local Chicago Bar, was busy on the night of
Concern Staff at IAWA fundraiser for Haiti Black 47 playing at IAWA Fundraiser for Haiti
February 18, 2010 with live music, appetizers, drinks and more than
50 guests coming out to raise awareness and funds for Haiti. Thanks
to the support of Kathy McCauley, Jeanne Wrenn, Beth Harvey,
St. Pats for All Parade Meaghan Schneider, Steve Fitzgerald, Matt Jardine, and all at Lizzie
On March 7th, a beautiful spring day, Irish eyes were smiling as McNeill’s, it was a successful evening raising a total of $2,220.
hundreds of New Yorkers, including Mayor Bloomberg, came out to
Concern donors in Chicago gather
march in the famous early St. Patrick’s Day parade in Queens, New in support of Haiti. L-R Mary
York. Concern Worldwide US Program Officer Susan Finucane, a McCauley, Tom Welch, Suzanne
Anderson, Richard Blonde
member of the initial emergency response team arriving in Haiti just
72 hours after the earthquake, spoke to the crowds about Haiti and
Concern’s emergency response.

All photos by Concern Worldwide

Left: Susan Finucane addressed the crowd at the
St. Pats for All Parade.

Right: L-R Concern staff Mick Dyson, Susan

Finucane, Siobhan Owens, Aine Doddy, Dara
Your Support is Making a Difference Management
Now in the post-emergency phase, Concern Education The earthquake left over 1.2 million
Worldwide is already reaching more than 109,087 Three of Concern’s Child Friendly Spaces are serving people displaced. Makeshift camps
people, many of whom lost their homes and 6,478 children in Divergloire, Dahomey and Place sprung up in every possible open
livelihoods because of the earthquake. With your de la Paix. Two more of these centers will soon be space in Port-au-Prince. Heat,
support we are working in the following areas: opened, which will allow more children to play and overcrowding and poor sanitation
learn in safety. increase the risk of contagious
Water and Sanitation disease in these places, and
Concern is providing clean, safe water, building women and children are vulnerable
latrines and dealing with waste disposal in areas to violence. The United Nations
of St. Martin, Martissant and Tabarre Issa. We are identified 9,000 displaced people
working with 58,380 people who live in camps or at especially high risk of serious
other badly affected areas where Concern worked dangers posed by heavy seasonal
before the earthquake, supplying 64 truck deliveries rains and flooding.
of drinking water every day.
Many of these people moved to a
Shelter & Non-Food Items new site designed and managed by
In April, a major NFI distribution took place on La Concern called Tabarre Issa. The
Gonave using United Nations helicopters. This was camp offers transitional shelter to
a massive operation for the Concern team and 500 families (over 2,500 people).
successfully gave 3,380 households amongst other Working non-stop, the Concern
items, tarpaulins, two blankets, one hygiene kit, a Nadia and her year-old daughter, Natalie, at a Concern team built latrines, installed water
stabilization center for malnourished children. Her husband
kitchen set, nylon cord and a jerry can to hold water. was killed in the earthquake.
tanks, raised tents and dug ditches.
1,980 families also received a solar panel and solar Alongside UN and US Army
light. engineers, the team transformed
Cash-for-Work/Cash Transfer what was an empty swamp field
In the new camp, Tabarre Issa, tents were erected
Programs into a safe, healthy environment in
The cash-for-work program in St. Martin, Martissant, just five weeks.
and the site prepared with water and sanitation
La Gonave and Saut d’Eau is progressing well with
a total of 17,500 people working on a variety of Marie Maud Colas chose to move
Supplementary Food projects such as rubble clearance, soil conservation to Tabarre Issa. Her home was
Concern is working with the World Food Program and small building works. destroyed by the earthquake and
to provide children under five and pregnant and her husband killed, leaving Marie
lactating women with supplementary food. Working 35,000 people (mosty women) have benefited from and her son, Anail, 12, and daughter,
at eight sites, where we are conducting nutrition cash transfers. This allows them to make purchases Mistina, 6, without income. Marie’s
programs, we are registering children under five and and stimulate local markets, ensuring the money son Anail told her he wanted her
providing them with supplementary food such as stays in the local economy. to live in a safer place. “Everything
high protein biscuits. is beautiful here—Tabarre will be
better for all of us,” Marie told
Nutrition Concern staff.
In order to help children suffering from severe
malnutrition, nine outpatient therapeutic centers and Families began arriving in mid-April,
All photos by Concern Worldwide

three stabilization centers have been opened. each receiving sturdy 12’ x 12’
tents on 1,275 sq ft plots, as well
Twelve of the planned 15 baby tents that will as access to a transitional school,
encourage women to continue breastfeeding are health center and soccer field, all lit
now open. The concept of baby tents is relatively Children at one of Concern’s Child Friendly Spaces. with solar-powered lights. In total,
new, and it is the first time Concern has provided Concern is managing 13 camps
them in an emergency situation. with a combined population of
To find out more about Concern’s work in Haiti and the other 28 countries we work in, please visit

Maud Marie Colas and her two children being shown to their new home at
a new site managed by Concern Worldwide.

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