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March 28, 2017 Jonathan Bacon

Chatham Lesson Plan Format

Type of Lesson: Science Bridge Building Introduction

Grade: 5

Big Idea: Bridge building requires problem-solving strategies and critical thinking while connecting what is
taught in the classroom and real world applications. Sometimes, success in college and career requires
following rules (think of physics laws, Theory of Relativity), conforming to standards, and working as a group.

Essential Question: How can I use practical and theoretical knowledge to solve a problem?

Academic Standards: CCSS 3.4.5.C1 Explain how the design process is a purposeful method of planning
practical solutions to problems.
CCSS 3.4.5.C2 Describe how design, as a dynamic process of steps, can be performed in different sequences
and repeated.

Objective & Activity to Reach Objective: I will be able to understand that there are a variety of different
bridges types and will be introduced to the bridge building competition.

Science journal

Beginning/opening of Lesson:
Motivational Opening
o Describe how we will be working to construct our own bridges for a design competition.
Activation of Prior Knowledge
o Ask students what kind of bridges they have crossed and what the purpose is for bridges.
Statement to the Students of New Learning That Will Occur
o Today, we will take a look at different bridge types and see some bridges that have already been

Middle of Lesson: (I DO, WE DO, YOU DO Model)

Direct Instruction (Modeling, etc.)
o Show students a time lapse video of an actual bridge being constructed.
Guided Practice
o Have students discuss what they noticed about the different bridges that were shown in the
Independent Practice
o Have students draw out different bridge types and
Closing of Lesson (student summary):
Have a few students share their thoughts on the upcoming design process of making bridges.

Evaluation (measurable):
Complete informal assessment of students as they are drawing sketches of the different bridge types.

E.M. Ashburn
March 28, 2017 Jonathan Bacon
For students who had trouble learning the concepts:
o Provide scaffolding for drawing bridge types.
For the students who require a challenge:
o Ask students to research more bridge design types.

E.M. Ashburn