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Product Description:
Thermoplastic line marking is a type of road marking that is raised above the ground and offers
reflective characteristics that help drivers see line markings on the roads even better at night.
Nippon Thermoplastic Roadline Marking provides smooth, durable long lasting markings and gives
extended durability over Conventional Roadline paints. It is excellent for use on ADT (Average daily
traffic) runways, edge lines and highway markings. It meets specification of BS 3262.

Recommended Uses:

Nippon Thermoplastic Roadline marking is high build, extremely durable, fast drying paint for
Highways, Streets, Roads and Crosswalks.

Composition: A blend of hydrocarbon resin, pigments and extenders with

suitable additives and glass beads.


Color : White and Yellow

Appearance : Texturized and Matt

Recommended no. of coats : 1

Heating Temperature : 180-200C

Drying Time : 4-5 minutes at 25C

Dry film thickness : 1.5mm

Coverage(Theoretical) : 3.5 Kgs/ m at 1.5 mm thickness

: By Screed and spray

: 20%min (Premix grade)
Glass beads
: 70 for White & 50 for Yellow
Luminance Factor

Shelf Life : 1 year max if kept in a cool and dry place

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Application Method

1) By Screed : By Screed application temp should be 180 5 C

2) By Spray : By Spray application temp should be 210 5 C

Surface Preparation & Application:

Asphalt Surface
Surface must be dry and clean. Ensure to remove all dust, dirt, oil or other contaminants.
Thermoplastic Roadline marking should not be applied to fresh concrete. At least 10 days time to be
given prior to painting to get it cured.
Application to be done preferably when road temperature is in the range of 10C - 60C
Temperature of material should not get exceeded to 220 C in any case otherwise discoloration may

Standard Packing : 25 kgs Plastic Bag

Safety, Health and Environmental Information:

Use Proper PPEs while melting and application. Keep out of reach of children and away from
food and drink. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately. Ensure good ventilation during
material transfer and application. Do not breathe vapor when hot. Avoid contact with eyes and
skin. When applying paint it is advisable to wear eye protection. In case of contact with eyes
rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear protective clothing and
mask while applying the paint. Use soap and water to clean the splashes from skin. Paint must
always be stored in a cool and dry place. Care must be taken while transporting the paint.
Dispose of paint in accordance with the appropriate Environmental Quality Regulations. Do not
discharge into drains or environment.
Chemical Safety Data Sheet available on request.

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