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WATER Power Tools

TM This program is licensed to the end user according

to the attached license agreement

A Comprehensive Library of Tools for System MANAGEMENT, TECHNICAL Reference, and FINANCIAL Capacity Development
i. END USER LICENSE Agreement ii. Basic HELP Page iii. Support System Information

A. Resource MANAGEMENT Pages: B. TECHNICAL Reference Pages: C. FINANCIAL Capacity Pages:

A1.0 System Capacity Assessment B1.0 Conversion Calculator C1.0 Amortization Calculator
A2.0 State Sizing Standards B2.0 Pump and Energy Calculations C2.0 Water Cost Analysis Worksheet
A3.0 State Irrigation Zone Map B3.0 Water Hammer Calculations C3.0 Water Rate Development
A4.0 Water Mechanics B4.0 Hydrant Maintenance and Flushing C4.0 Water Rates Implementation
A5.0 Fixture Based Demand & Meter Sizing B5.0 Hydrant Flow Testing Log C5.0 Spare Parts Inventory
A6.0 System Source and Facility Sizing B6.0 Chemical Dosage Calculator C6.0 Equipment Inventory
A7.0 Non-Typical ERC Capacity Calcs. B7.0 Chlorine Dosage Calculator C7.0 Depreciation Schedules
A8.0 O & M Management System B8.0 WEIR Flow Computer C8.0 Asset Management System
A9.0 Emergency Resource Contact Lists B9.0 Parshall FLUME Flow Computer C9.0 Asset Life Cycle Analysis
A10.0 Water System Audit B10.0 Open Channel Flow Computer C10.0 Impact Fee Analysis
A11.0 Supply and Demand Planning Tool B11.0 Tank Volume & Flow Calculator C11.0 Impact Fee Ledger
A12.0 Annual Profile and Demand Curves B12.0 Pipe/Well Volume & Disinfection
A13.0 Ann. Source Production Reports B13.0 Pipe Flow Calculators
A14.0 10 Year Source Production Reports B14.0 GPS System Log
A15.0 Employee Management Forms B15.0 Electrical Formulas
A16.0 Employee Attendance B16.0 Well Drawdown Log
A17.0 Water Quality (CCR) System
A18.0 Strategic Planning
A19.0 Detailed Water System Inventory

WATER Power Tools for Microsoft Excel Version 1.0.1 2000 - 2005 by GeoAnalytica, Inc. - all rights reserved 7/1/17 2:02 AM
ii Using WATER Power Tools
Welcome to one of the most exciting collection of programs ever developed for the water and wastewater industry. WATER Po
(WPT) is made up of more than 200 programs and reports designed to assist you in managing and operating your water and
system. The programs are divided into three major divisions, designed to develop and increase your knowledge and capacity
These divisions are: Managerial, Technical, and Financial pages. Under each section is a list of individual program areas. A p
may be one program or report, or it may lead to another menu of many separate sub-programs and reports which work seamle
under the main menu listing.

The many different programs in WPT address a wide range of subjects. As a result, the programs can differ greatly from on
However, there are some basic guidelines which will help you immediately begin using WATER Power Tools. Users of these
should have some basic understandings of the workings of Microsoft Excel. If not, the user is referred to the many help texts a
well as the online help and support systems provided by Microsoft.

Versions Supported
WPT is designed to work with Microsoft Excel XP and Excel 2003. Earlier versions of Excel do not have some of the feature
fully use WATER Power Tools and are not supported by WPT. It is recommended that your computer operating system be
Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP.

Macros and Security

WATER Power Tools v1.0 makes extensive use of macros. In order for WPT to operate correctly, you must set the macro
in Excel to Medium or Low. When you set the security to Medium, each time you open a new WPT workbook you will be ask
to let macros run. You must select "yes" or the workbook will not operate properly. When you set the security to Low the macro
will run automatically. This is the easiest way to use WPT. However, with a low macro security setting it may also be possible
macros to run on your computer. To protect your system from virus macros you are encouraged to have an up-to-date copy of
software running on your computer. Antivirus software is not included in WPT. GeoAnalytica assumes no responsibility for th
settings on your computer and for any harm or damage that may arise on your system from changing the macro security level.

Sample Data
Many of the programs and reports in WATER Power Tools have some limited data in them. This "demonstration data" is the
example and guide of how that particular program works. Once you understand how the data is used in the program, you may
demonstration data and enter your own data.

Wherever possible, individual cells which contain formulas have been protected so you cannot inadvertently enter data into for
However, since WPT has been built in Excel, you can remove the worksheet protection and modify worksheets to fit your ind
needs. Protection is enabled without a password, allowing protection to be removed on a sheet by sheet basis as needed. Re
some of the formulas in this program are VERY complex and may often reach beyond the current sheet. If you need to restore
Power Tools to its original functionality you can copy individual workbooks from your installation CD back into your WATER P
folder on your hard drive. Just make sure you do not alter the names of the workbooks.

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Saving and Backing Up Data
All of the Excel workbooks that make up WATER Power Tools are saved in the WATER Power Tools folder on your hard d
begin to input and save data in your WPT worksheet pages, you should also begin backing up your data to protect your wor
unexpected computer and data problems.

When you first install WATER Power Tools, the entire collection of files will be around 40 MB in size. These files will grow as
to them. You should develop a system of regularly copying the entire WATER Power Tools folder to some form of backup m
whether that is a CD-ROM, a Zip disk, or space on the shared drive on your company's LAN. If you have a systems administra
him or her to determine the best way to regularly back up your data so that a future problem won't compromise all of your data

REMEMBER: data security and backup are YOUR responsibility. Make sure you regularly back up your WATER Powe

Because WPT is constructed out of Excel workbooks, the data you add to the various pages is a part of those workbooks. I
of WPT there is not a way to save your data separately from the program workbooks. However, if one WPT workbook bec
corrupted, it is possible to replace that individual workbook with an original copy from your installation CD-ROM without replaci
other WPT files. You would find the original file on your CD-ROM and copy it into your "WATER Power Tools" folder on yo
overwriting the corrupted file. This will delete the previous version of the file, so be very careful in what you do. GeoAnalytica
responsible for your data and its integrity. Please see the WPT limited warranty for full details.

Changing or Modifying Sheets

While most of the workbooks and worksheets in WATER Power Tools are protected, you may turn off the protection and mod
worksheets to suit the unique needs of your system. This is what makes this system of programs so powerful, by empowering
to modify the programs to meet custom or individual needs. GeoAnalytica, Inc. does not warranty or support modified workboo

Copying Sheets
You may copy worksheets and rename them with different names. This will allow you to duplicate report programs and data co
screens if your data collection needs expand beyond the original program. Copied worksheets with different names will not be
through the WATER Power Tools menu system. Often it is desirable when moving, renaming, or copying sheets to delete the
MAIN Menu" hyperlinks and/or controls.

Renaming Workbooks and Worksheets

Each workbook and worksheet in WATER Power Tools has a specific and unique name. This name allows the program to li
programs and to the WPT menu system. You should not rename the primary workbooks and worksheets. However, you ma
workbooks and worksheets and rename them with different names. This will allow you to duplicate report programs and data c
screens if your data collection needs expand beyond the original program. Copied workbooks and worksheets with different n
be accessible through the WATER Power Tools menu system.

Analysis Tool Pack

The "Analysis Tool Pack" (an add-in component of Microsoft Excel) is only needed for program A17.4 Sampling Matrix, and is i
Tools: Add-In, Menu item of Excel. If you decide not to install this add-in or do not have access to this, A17.4 is still functional
Tool Pack. The rest of WATER Power Tools does not use or need the Analysis Tool Pack.

Splitting Workbooks
Several WPT workbooks are made up of related programs and reports. These programs and reports generally share data.
workbooks destroys the links between these programs and reports and makes them inoperable. Therefore, you should not sp
that are part of the primary WATER Power Tools program group.

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Row and Column Headers
Initially row and column headers have been turned off, to prevent the possible inadvertent reformatting of column widths and ro
which could result in lost or hidden data results. These can be re-enabled by going to the TOOLS - OPTIONS - VIEW menu ite
and turning them back on. Grid lines can also be re-enabled in this section.

Hidden Data
There is a great deal of functions and data residing in hidden areas of many of the worksheets. This data is in Columns and/or
have been deliberately hidden. By enabling Headers, and using the right mouse button menu commands - these columns or ro
highlighted on their respective headers and "unhidden". In some sheets, data and/or formulas to the sides of the worksheet ar
white (to hide the data), using the "Font Color" selector in the Excel Toolbar. This is done when data is needed in a chart (these
hidden). Highlight the range of cells and change the "Font Color" to black, or any other color to see the data. Again, in some ca
is hidden using the ";;;" setting in the Custom Cell Format settings. This can be turned off by adjusting the format setting of the
necessary when data needs to be hidden within a visable worksheet area.

There is a great deal of Macro and Active X Control codes imbedded in many of the worksheets. This is where Excel derives m
power and usability. If a code error is generated during normal operation, which asks if you want to be redirected to the "de-bu
END in the dialog box, and do not use that fault resultant command again. Notify us of the problem using the support procedur
herein. If you wish to modify, add to, or de-bug code, you may do so at your own risk by pressing ALT-F11 while in the workshe
activate the Visual Basic for Applications code editor, and you can browse to the control or macro. No code developed by Geo
password protected. This system uses Visual Basic and is not for the "faint of heart". If you have some programming or macro
than you will probably be fine. GeoAnalytica is not responsible for unexpected operation due to code tampering or modification
workbook may need to be reloaded from the original disk.

The virtually endless combinations of computers and printers found in various businesses using WPT guarantees that some
preselected print areas on reports and charts will not capture all of the data you desire. You can easily redefine print areas in W
Power Tools the same way you would in any other Excel spreadsheet. Click on "File" at the top of the worksheet window an
Preview." If the Print Preview does not show the way you want the screen to print, cancel out of Print Preview and then select
want to print. Then click on "File," "Print Area," and "Set Print Area" to define the new print area. You may also want to adjust
and page orientation in "Page Setup" to optimize your output. Please refer to the Excel help section if you need additional assi
selecting print areas.

In most of the WPT programs, cells which require you to enter data are colored orange or yellow. If in doubt, click on a cell a
at its contents. If it is only a number or text, then it is a data entry cell. If you cannot select the cell, or if it contains a formula (
an "=" sign), then it is not a data entry cell. Most worksheets are protected, and the curser will only access cells where data ca
Some sheets have a "reveal data entry" selector located at the top, which allows data entry cells to highlight to a yellow color. A
entered, the selector may be turned off - to allow for a more desirable and printable report.

To accommodate the varying monitor resolutions - worksheets may need to be adjusted initially using the ZOOM command in
Toolbar. Usually starting at 100 percent works well. Try differing settings to ultimatly view clearly as many columns as possible,
diminishing the resolution or usability of the data. Settings typically below 85 percent will result in numbers becoming too dificu

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Getting Sheet Specific Help
WATER Power Tools is designed to be a self-installed, self-taught program package. Many of the program screens have he
built into them. Demonstration data has also been included in many of the programs as an example of how the program opera
are still having problems after using these resources, check the WPT help section at to see if recent
guides have been posted. You may also send an email to explaining your problem. Please b
as possible and include information about the computer system you are using. Remember to have fun with this software progr
some time learning how the formulas operate and how data is manipulated and presented. At a minimum, you will learn much
basic programming, and water management by just "playing" with the sheets.

Local and EPA Regulations

WATER Power Tools is designed to be a general software tool which may assist you in operating your water and wastewate
Your local regulations and applicable EPA regulations may be different than the parameters built into WPT. GeoAnalytica, In
no responsibility for complying with or reflecting the rules which apply to your specific system.

Limits of Liability of Calculations

GeoAnalytica, Inc. does not guarantee the calculations or reports within WATER Power Tools. WPT is meant to be used a
managing a water system and is not meant to replace professional engineering or financial analysis. It is up to the user to conf
applicability and validity of WPT for any given use.

Bugs and Fixes

If you are having problems with one of the program sheets in WATER Power Tools you should try to determine if the problem
WPT, to Excel, or to your computer operating system. For help with Excel or with Windows you should use Microsoft's avail
resources. Check the Release Notes Tab in the main worksheet to see if the problem is a known bug - with a corresponding fix
around. These problems known at release are being worked on currently. If you believe you have an unlisted problem with a W
program, find the Error Report Form PDF file in your WPT folder or on your installation CD. Print out the form, fill it out, and
a copy of the completed form to GeoAnalytica, Inc. using the contact information found at We value y
and suggestions for fixes and new ideas. We are constantly trying to upgrade, simplify, and improve the functionality of the pro

WATER Power Tools is sold as a single software application designed to be used on one computer. Using one copy of WPT
multiple computers is a violation of the software license agreement that accompanies each copy of WPT. Please refer to th
agreement contained in WATER Power Tools to see your specific rights. It is short, straightforward, and very easy to underst

WATER Power Tools is designed to be a self-installed, self-taught program package. Many of the program screens have he
built into them. Demonstration data has also been included in many of the programs as an example of how the program opera
are still having problems after using these resources, check the WPT help section at to see if recent
guides have been posted. You may also send an email to explaining your problem. Please b
as possible and include information about the computer system you are using.

Users who have purchased an upgrade plan with their software will receive program updates for WATER Power Tools as the
available for the duration of their upgrade plan.

Users may contract with GeoAnalytica, Inc. to receive direct training, individualized program customization, and other services
software and to their water and wastewater systems. The principles of GeoAnalytica, Inc. are very knowledgeable in modern w
management, and can be made available for scheduled consultation and training. Please see the Consulting Services section or contact us at

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Other Sources of Help
GeoAnalytica, Inc. will be continually updating and posting user guides and help information to the company website at General help for Microsoft Excel and for Microsoft Windows is available through Microsoft and other c

How to Contact Us
Here is the contact information for GeoAnalytica, Inc.:

GeoAnalytica, Inc.
P.O. Box 97
Oakley, UT 84055

Customizing Services
Users may contract with GeoAnalytica, Inc. to receive direct training, individualized program customization, and other services
software and to their water and wastewater systems. Please see the Consulting Services section at or

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Water Power Tools for Microsoft Excel

Version Number: 1.0.1

Build Number: -

Current Save Directory: #N/A

Working Directory: C:\Water Power Tools
Memory Available #N/A
Memory Used for Data: #N/A
# of Active Worksheets: 1
Operating System Version: Windows (32-bit) NT 5.01
Excel Release: 10m0(Build:2)
Operating Environment: LINUX
Total Memory, including used: #N/A

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

C:\Water Power Tools

C:\Water Power Tools
rn to MAIN Menu

Issue Sheet
# #
Sheet will not close properly using "Return to Control button deleted - close sheet using normal close
A. 2/22/05 1.0 Initial Release 1.1 A1.0 MAIN Menu" Command. command in Excel.
If using these sheets, keep the flow unit setting in the
The comparative and economic analysis Basic Settings sheet set to GPM. Otherwise, the
sheets, along with supporting graphs do not different flow unts will work properly in the basic and
1.2 B13.0 convert flow rates to units, other than GPM. quick sizing analysis models..
Sheet will not close properly using "Return to Control button deleted - close sheet using normal close
1.3 B15.0 MAIN Menu" Command. command in Excel.
Incremental Screen sizing differs for differing monitor All sheets re-sized to fit 1024 X 768 default resolution -
B. 3/7/05 1.0.1 Release 1.4 ALL resolutions. adjust to fit resolutions differing from default.
Sheet will not close properly using "Return to
MAIN Menu" Command on some computer Control button deleted - close sheet using normal close
1.5 B1.0 systems. command in Excel.
Wier Table not visible or accessable with Freeze pain moved to top. Table is now visible in the
1.6 B8.0 verticle scroll bar. verticle scroll.
Summary sheet in inventory was inadvertantly
1.7 A.19 left out. Included as sheet A19.15
Modified colors in sheets to comply with standards used
1.8 C3.0 Color Scheme in overall program
Modified colors in sheets to comply with standards used
1.9 C4.0 Color Scheme in overall program
1.10 ALL Basic Help System Updated
1.11 B11.0 Tank Detention Time bug in calculations Fixed
1.12 C4.2 Rate table is difficult to understand Help system added to first help table.

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1. GeoAnalytica, Inc. grants you, the end user, a non-exclusive right to use the enclosed SOFTWARE. Use of the original SOF
limited to a single computer. You may physically transfer the SOFTWARE from one computer to another provided use is on o
computer at any one time. If the version number on the disk contains the word evaluation or eval., the SOFTWARE may b
more than one computer at the physical location (one physical address only) for up to 90 days from delivery, after which the S
must be surrendered to GeoAnalytica, Inc.

2. If this is NOT an evaluation version of SOFTWARE you have the right to modify the templates to include your company n
technical information, etc. as long as paragraph (1.) above is followed for these modifications.

3. If this is NOT an evaluation version of SOFTWARE these templates may be modified by the purchaser to generate more com
templates or templates better suited to the work of the purchaser. These modified templates may not be marketed or used outs
original licensed location or address. Such modified templates may be used on other computers within the licensed location (o
address only).

4. You may make one copy of the original SOFTWARE disks or downloaded SOFTWARE file(s) for backup or archival purpo

5. If this is an evaluation version of SOFTWARE as described in paragraph (1.) above, this evaluation version of SOFTWARE
accompanying documentation of this version, as well as communications with GeoAnalytica, Inc., regarding the same are cons
confidential. In order to safeguard this Confidential Information and to be assured that it will be maintained in confidence, yo
user(s) agree that this information shall not be disclosed or used for any purpose or reproduced by either party except for the p
this agreement, without the prior written consent of GeoAnalytica, Inc. This confidentiality condition expires when the evalua
SOFTWARE is destroyed or returned to GeoAnalytica, Inc. and replaced with a non-evaluation product.


6. The SOFTWARE is provided as is without warranty of any uses you make of the products. All data and equations are not w
to accuracy. The suitability of these products for any application must be determined by you, the end user, and any risks resulti
use must be assumed by you, the end user.
7. GeoAnalytica, Inc. warrants, to the original licensee, that the disks or downloaded data on which the SOFTWARE is provid
free from physical defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 90 days from the date of

8. This agreement continues in full force and effect, to any successor or assignee of either party.