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In our country have a lot of statues or monuments to honor a famous people.

most common of statue is for heros of fights in the wars. People said that there are
other people who deserve a statue. But i think that Carlos Mesa deserve a monument
for the following reasons.

One reason, He is one of the most influenced people in our country. First, He
helped with the demand against of Chile in the Haya. For example, When he read the
arguements in favor od bolivia he was one of the best spech (he was one of the best
who gave their speech). Second, Everytime the he is in a interview he replies with a
good arguement. For instance, once he was in a interview in Chile and the reporter
asked a very difficult question and he answered replay with a good answer that this
night he was trendig topic in twitter. Last, he is a good influence for us because now
there are a lot of people that he only want to be a famous for (evid) . That is why I
think that Carlos Mesa is one of the most important person in this country.

Other reason, He is a writer. In this country it is very difficult be a writer because

a lot of people don not like to read. Firstly, He (wrote) books of History of Bolivia. For
example, In my school, I read his book for History class. Secondly, To be a writer
challenge. For instance, In Bolivia there are not a lot of writers. Lastly, His books are
known in other countries. For example, The last summer I traveled to Argentina and I
found his book in two bookstores. So Carlos Mesa is one of the best writers of our

Finally, He was a president of our country. First, he take (took) the control of the
country when the country is passing a bad situation. For example, that moment when
he become president in Bolivia there (was) a lot of problems, people died, etc.
Secondly, he was one of the best presidents that we had. For instance, In a few time that
he was president he tried to put order in Bolivia. Last, becoming a president in that
momentwas a challenge. For example, the are (were) a lot of of people against of him
and tried to quit. So that is

In conclusion, after reading the previuos paragraphs we can know that Carlos
Mesa is one of the most important person has because he is one of the most influenced
people in our country, He was president and he is a writer. So that is why I think that
we should build a monument in his honor. He do so much for us.