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Digitaal Cyberr Securrity Cusstomizedd Learnning Proogram

This webb-based train ning course ono Digital Cyyber Securityy functionallity, administtration and
developmment, is availlable online to all individuals, instituutions, corpoorate and entterprises in India
(New Deelhi NCR, Baangalore, Chhennai, Kolkkata), US, UK K, Canada, Australia,
A Siingapore, Unnited
Arab Emmirates (UAE E), China andd South Afriica. No matteer where youu are locatedd, you can ennroll
for any trraining with us - becausee all our trainning sessionns are deliverred online byy live instrucctors
using inteeractive, inteensive learniing methodss.

Digital Cyber
C Security course helps traineees to underrstand inform mation securrity topics annd in
protectinng against cyybercrimes before
b it takkes place. With
W this traaining progrram traineess will
learn, deeveloping an nd maintainning risk asssessment, a control frramework too mitigate risks, r
informatiion security best practicces, how to transfer
t riskk, ethics in cyber
c securitty and cyberr law,
professioonal ethics, internet
i fraudds and how to secure a browser. Thhis training program
p eduucates
trainees to
t manage a business management plan, p risk ressponse deveelopment andd control, vaarious
types off privacy, th he essence of passwords, mobile device secuurity, infrasstructure seccurity
architectuure and network securiity architectture. Furtherrmore, trainnees will leaarn risk respponse
developm ment and con ntrol, intellecctual propertty and safe internet
i usagge. There aree no prerequuisites
for this course. Thiss course is beneficial for f both fressher and professionals to enhance their
learning and skills.

Understaanding of Digital
D Cyber Security

Developing and maintaining risk assessments(RA)

Explaining Risk management plans (RM)
Various Regulatory and legal compliance issues
Understanding a control framework to mitigate risks
Describing Risk transfer
Understanding Business continuity
Disaster recovery planning
Secure Communications
Understanding Information Security Best Practices
Various Privacy Guidelines
Safe Internet Usage
Understanding Ethics in Cyber Security & Cyber Law
Intellectual Property
Various Professional Ethics
Understanding Internet Fraud
Explaining Cybercrimes
Describing Secure Software & Browser Security
Understanding Cookies & Browser Storage
Understanding Managing a Business Information Continuity Plan
Vulnerabilities & Controls
Describing Information Risk Management
Risk Response Development & Control
Understanding Security Policy, Compliance, & Business Continuity
Cyber Incident Analysis & Response
Explaining Network Security Specialist
Describing Security Analysts
Understanding Data Security Specialist
Cloud Security Specialist
Describing the Work of a Security Engineer
Information Assurance Engineer
Security Administrator
Explaining Information Security Manager
Security Analyst
Understanding Cyber Intelligence Analyst
IT Security Specialist
Understanding Security and Privacy Architect
Network Security Architect
Network Security Consultant
Describing Infrastructure Security Consultant
Understanding Email & Messaging
Explaining Browsing
Various Social Networks
Defining Mobile Device Security
The need of Passwords
Understanding Data Security
Various types of Privacy


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WeekdaysCloudBasedTraining WeekendCloudBasedTraining
MonFri07:00AM09:00AM(Mon,Wed,Fri) SatSun09:00AM11:00AM(IST)

WeekdaysOnlineLab WeekendOnlineLab
MonFri07:00AM09:00AM(Tue,Thur) SatSun11:00AM01:00PM



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