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Moh. Arifin Murian Rifai1,Zulharman, S.Hut, M.Ling2 Nurna Hidayati

Ningsih3,Racha Primary Supriydi4,Nurwahyudi5,Sahara Fristy Mirandani6
University of Malang
Jl. Raya Tlogomas No. 246, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Forest town is a kind of green open space (RTH) public which owns and managed by
local government city or county that is used for the benefit of society in general
(Dirjentaru, 2008). Based on the function, a green open space has two functions
namelyfunction intrinsic and ekstrinstik (Dirjentaru 2008) .Hutan great city is often
preferred by many tourists so many visitors. The arrival of visitors not only see the
surrounding environment, travelers certainly want to immortalize themselves by making
selfies foto.Selain take pictures, they want a picture to upload on social media, let
everyone know that he was ever there. According to Deputy Destination Development
and Industry Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) Dadang also translate theory Menpar Rizki
Arief Yahya. That Selfi, or photos - photos on sites with additional story Destinations
becomesappeal. (JPNN, 2016). Under these conditions, the research team wanted to
conducting research whether there is a relationship between the therapeutic effect and self
potrait and tourist attraction Forest town of Malabar. Instrument used menggunakn
questionnaire. Processing of the questionnaire using SPSS 21. The test used is a
correlation test is test and regression relationships that influence test. Research results be
obtained by testing the correlation is between self-portrait and the probability of the
attraction of tourists = 0.000 <0.05, H0 is rejected, which means there is a relationship
between self-portrait with a tourist attraction. While the regression test is the value of
Fcount = 25.370> Ftable = 3.87 thenH0 is rejected, the conclusion is no influence between
self-portrait with a tourist attraction. So with self potrait can attract visitors who come to
Forest Tourism Malabar, in addition to self potrait can introduce Malabar Malang town
forest to social media users.
Keywords:City Huta Malabar Malang, Travelers, Self Portrait

including in 100 cities mostselfie in the
INTRODUCTION world, namely Denpasar which was
Forest City is one of the potential to be ranked 18 in the ranking 43
an open space publik.Potensi these Yogyakarta and Bandung is ranked 88
harusdigali to improving the quality of (Voice techno, 2014). Besides taking
the urban environment. Improved pictures, they want a picture to upload
environmental quality of a city can be on social media, let everyone know that
done by adding a broad RTH (green he was ever there. According to Deputy
open space) or increase the physical Destination Development and Industry
quality of green space. RTH in Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar)
question is in the form of urban forest, Dadang also translate theory Menpar
because the forest town is dominated Rizki Arief Yahya. That Selfi, or
by forest trees that grow relatively photos - photos on sites with additional
dense (the Indonesian Government story Destinations becomesappeal.
Regulation no. 63 of 2002 on Forest (JPNN, 2016)
City; Fakuara, 1978 in Dahlan, 1992: Users of social networking
29; Agustina, 2013). Forest City has an dominated by young people aged 18 to
extensive ideally in a single stretch of 24 years (eMarketer, 2015). Looking at
at least 2500 m2.Urban forest is a kind the phenomenon among young people
of green open space (RTH) public today who like to upload photos on
which owns and managed by local social networking then comment on
government city or county that is used each other shows thatcommunication
for the benefit of society in general word of mouth is not only done directly
(Dirjentaru, 2008). Based on the but also through the electronic media is
function, a green open space has two often called electronic word of
functions namelyfunction intrinsic and mouth.Upload interesting photos on
ekstrinstik (Dirjentaru 2008) The social networking a person tends to
function consists of intrinsic ecological give rise to comments and reviews
functions, extrinsic functions include from other accounts especially when
social and cultural functions, economic the photos show a certain sights.
and estestika. Photos tourist attraction input into
Nice urban forest is often social networking with comments and
preferred by many tourists so many reviews that will either attract
visitors. The arrival of visitors not only penggunalain to come to visit these
see the surrounding environment, attractions. In addition topower
travelers certainly want to immortalize electronicof word of mouth on social
themselves by making selfies networks, tourist attraction travelers are
foto.Indonesia is one country in the also a consideration. According to the
world, where people like to capture a Act - Undangnomor 10 of 2009
picture in a variety of activities. There concerning tourism, tourist attraction is
are 3 major cities in Indonesia, anything that has a uniqueness, beauty
and value in the form of natural who come to the Forest Malabar.
diversity of culture and the result of The problem of this research is:
man-made target or goal (Republic Act What is the effect of therapy Self
2009) Potreit for the application of the
Forest City Malabarsalah one systemecotourism in forest areas
destination in Indonesia is still malabar city of Malang. The purpose of
maintained its natural beauty. Forest this study was to determine the
Tenggah city located in Malang city increase in tourists and knowledge of
has a special attraction for visitors. ecotourism in the town forest malabar
Inidikategorikan travel as they travel Malang
the City baru.Hutan ekstrinstik Malabar
has a function that includes economic,
social and cultural function as well as This is focused to determine
aesthetics. Urban forest can be used for the percentage of the tourists who
nature tourism, recreation and sports come and understand konsepan
origin does not disturb the function of ecotourism in the town forest malabar
the forest. Forest City Malabar has an Malang and provide new insights into
area 16 718 m2.The middle part of the the rating of importance (RTH ) green
Malabar State Forests are pools of open space in the city area. As for the
water that is the source for irrigating expected outcomes in this study in
gardens in Malang. The shade of the order to obtain results in the form of
forest The city has a variety of therapeutic efficacy penelitain Self
functions that is as recreational Portrait in the forest area malabar town
facilities, educational facilities, the with tourists coming targets. The
lungs of the city, as the habitat and the benefits of this researchimplementation
conservation of birds, and as a means system ecotourism in forest areas with
of greening. Malabar Forest City is pernerapan malabar towntherapy Self
now widely used as a place to visit Portraitto introduce the Malabar
residents to relieve penat.Selain free, Malang town forest to social media
Malabar forest can be used as a sports users.
venue and Malabar observasi.Hutan
studies as miniature real forest, forest
green open space of this town as a
tourist with the object and icon that is
added by the Malang city government.
Malabar forest Malang city now
has a different appearance after the
renovation, many visitors who come,
not only tourists pegunjung Malang
Malang but from outside the area. This
shows the increasing number of tourists
RESEARCH METHODS Mechanical Sampling
Research Approach Selection of respondents
usingtechnique simple random
The research approach used to
sampling with a sample of 290 subjects
determine the percentage of successful
to the tourists who visit and do selfie,in
recognition town forest Malabar
selecting samples provide equal
Malang to the surrounding community
opportunities for all members that exist
and users of social media denggan
in the population to set up as members
using approaches such as therapeutic
of the sample, or in other words, the
Self Portrait whether influential
election of individuals to be sampled is
terhadapdaya tourist attraction in the
actually based on the opportunity (not
quantitative approach, where
because of the subjectivity of the
researchers used approaches to
researchers themselves).
empirical studies to collect, analyze,
and display data in numeric form, as Data Collection Techniques
well as trying to perform an accurate Data collection techniques that
measurement of something. Later, the use the Questionnaire. Questionnaire
respondent will be given a was used data collection techniques
questionnaire that contains two penetliti to reveal the data of the
variables. Type questionnaire given in variables X and Y. According to
the form of Likert scale (Very often, Sugiyono (2009: 199) questionnaire or
often, often, sometimes, never). questionnaire is a technique of data
Subjectresearch collection is done by giving a set of
questions or a written statement to the
This will be carried out in the
respondent to answer. The scale used in
forest area of Malabar Malang city
the questionnaire on variable selft
with a subject in the form of traveler
portrait that is very often, often, often,
that includes a variety of ages, to
sometimes, never, whereas the variable
determine the rating and the
scale tourist attraction that is strongly
understanding of the concept of
agree, agree, disagree and disagree.
ecotourism ecotourism understanding
of the subject as much as 200 Data Analysis Techniques
respondents. Data were analyzed using SPSS
Time and Location Research 2.1 ie by inputting the results of the
questionnaire into SPSS, then the
Research will be held for 2 correlation test that is testing the
(two) months, at the Forest relationship between the dependent and
Environment Malabar City of Malang independent variables. Regression test
in East Java, especially Sub-Section is used to test the effect between
therapies Self Portrait as an dependent and independent variables.
understanding of ecotourism in forest Researchers used a simple linear
areas malabar city of Malang.
regression dependent variable regression. Correlation test used to
associated with only one independent determine the relationship between self
variable. potrait therapy against the attraction of
Regression test used to tourists and regression test used to
determine how the influence of the determine whether the therapy selft
independent variable on the dependent portrait affect the tourist attraction.
variable variation that can be measured 4. Preparation of Research
by the magnitude of the coefficient of Preparation of the research results will
determination (R ). The greater the be presented in a report quantitative
value of the coefficient of research (which has been determined in
determination, the greater the influence accordance with the format of the
of independent variables on the report) is based on the test results of
dependent variable. data analysis and equipped with
graphics that illustrate how high the
effect of a selfie to the charms of
Engineeringresearch used in this study tourists in the jungle city of Malabar
are as follows: Malang.
1. Preparation Materials Field
Materials required field study
was a questionnaire (questionnaire).
Questionnaire was used to measure
whether there is influence between
portrait selft therapy against tourist
attraction Malabar
CityForest.Questionnaires were used
containing 80 questions consisting of 2
(two) variables, the first variable is
selft portrait and second variable is a
tourist attraction Malabar City Forest.
2. Implementation of the research
study was conducted in the
jungle city of Malang city that dates
Malabar March 20, 2017 until May 20,
3. Analysis of Results
The data have been obtained
will be tested by using SPSS (Statistical
Product and Service Solutions) 21:00.
Questionnaire on the validity of the test
first, then performed is correlation and

AND DISCUSSION Table realiability statistical values
obtained from Crobach's Alpha (r
RESULTSAnalysis Instrument
alpha) = 0.935> 0.12 then Ho is
Test the validity of the instrument accepted means that the data is reliable
in this study was done by comparing
the value of the probability (p value) correlation Analysis
with significance level of 5% or 0.05.
If the calculations are done with SPSS,
obtained probability (p value) <0.05
then we can say istrumen item is valid.
But conversely, if obtained
probability> 0.05, it can be said that the
instrument is invalid item.
Figure 2. correlation
Based on the 80 items of
a) hypothesis
questions, there are 33 items of
H0: there is no relationship between
questions invalid So the question items
variables (there is no relationship
that can be used for regression tests as
between self potarait with tourist
many as 47 questions.
The reliability of the instrument
H1: there is a relationship between
showed understanding that an
the variables (there is a link between
instrument is sufficiently reliable to be
self-portrait with a tourist attraction)
used as a means of collecting data for
b) decision-making
the instrument is good enough
Based on probability
(Suharsimi, 2006: 178).
Analysis of Reliability - If the probability> 0.05 thenH0
Requirements: accepted
Ho is accepted:if r positive alpha and - If probability <0.05 thenH0 is
r alpha> rtabel rejected
probabilities between self-portrait and
Ho rejected:if r alpha is negative a tourist attraction = 0.000 <0.05, then
and r alpha <rtabel H0 rejected, which means there is a
relationship between self-portrait with
a tourist attraction.
Regression analysis of
a. R-Square Test

Figure 1. Reliability

Kereliabelan a data can be seen in

R-Square Figure 3.
According to the table above R-square
R-square value is 0.285. This means
that 20.85% is explained by the self-
portrait and the dependent variable
explained by the independent variables
other tourist attraction.
b. Anova inRegression

Figure 5. Hologram
Figure 4. Anova based on the above hologram, that the
a) Analysis data is self potrait and tourist attraction
Hypothesis: in normal distribution.
H0: no influence between self-portrait
and a tourist attraction.
H1: There is a self potrait anatara Anom, I Putu, 2013. "Analysis of
influence and attraction of tourists. Tourism" in the Journal ISSN,
b) Decision-Making VOL. 13, NO. 1, Pg. 1410 -
UnderF 3729
Conditionstest: Ayuma, Khajah Rakma. 2016. Cultural
H0 accepted: If Fcount <FTable Narcissism and Selfie (Selfie
H0 is rejected: If Fcount> Ftable Phenomenon Studies at the
At the output of the Fcount (Table Faculty of Islamic Theology
Anova): 25.370 and FTable:3.87 and student circles of Islamic
Since Fcount> Ftable then H0 is rejected, Thought UIN Sunan Kalijaga).
then there is influence between self- Asked To the Faculty of Islamic
portrait with a tourist attraction. Theology and Islamic Thought
Based on the probability of Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic
Terms: University to Meet
H0 accepted If the probability> 0.05 Requirements For Obtaining a
H0 is rejected: If the probability <0.05 Bachelor of Social (Sos): In the
Because the probability value: 0.000 Publish.
<0.05, H0 is rejected means that there is Dahlan, Endes N. 1992. Forest City To
the influence of self potrait with tourist pengolahaan And Improved
attraction Environmental Quality.Jakarta:
Indonesian Forest
Concessionaires Association
Islamic World. 2015. Understanding Media, Frequent Doing In The
and Law Selfie In Islam Man
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Malabar Will Be Featured
Travel Destinations, Planned
municipal government,
this-plan-pemkot. on the
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