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Camp Complete

Table of Contents
DVD 1- How to Be a Powerful Stage Hypnotist
Embrace the Attitude
Instant Induction Training
DVD 2 The Secrets to Becoming a Master of Instant Inductions
Failsafe Instant
Induction Speed Drill 1
Induction Speed Drill 2
Instant Induction Number
Induction Speed Drill 3
Master Hypnotic Language
Deeper Trances
Fractionation Deepener
DVD 3 How to Do Dramatic Hypnotic
And Overcome Any
Hypnotically Locked
Invent Your Own
How to Beat
Hypnotic Tests &
The Performance Mind
More Hypnotic Demos
Twin Minute Demos
Hypnotic Intent H+
DVD 4 Discover the Power of Waking Inductions &
How to Train an
The Hypnosis Lifestyle
Conversion Inductions
Train Your Audience
Psychology of
Street Hypnosis
Group Hypnosis Demo
DVD 5 Group Induction Secrets, Corporate
& How to Deal with Problems
Corporate Group Inductions
Get Business Through
Q&A Session
Short Group
How to Deal With
The Easiest Group Induction
Alternative Instant
DVD 6 Instant Street Hypnosis Training
Group Dynamics You Need to
The Sway Test
The Power of Street Hypnosis
Two-Minute Street Hypnosis
Five-Step Street
Important Group
Powerful Street Hypnosis
End of Day
DVD 7 How to Start a Stage Hypnosis Show the Right Way!
Fun With Street
Step 1: Your Introduction
Step 2: Get
Step 3: Suggestion
Step 4: The
Play With The Panel
DVD 8 How to Practice the Start of Your Stage Hypnosis Show So It Runs Perfectly
Practice Your
Time Control
DVD 9 Discover the Exact Steps a Professional Stage Hypnotist Uses to WarmUp His
Volunteers on
Play With Your
Warm Up 1: Beach
Warm Up 2: Big Band
Individual Routines
Warm Up 3: Horse Race
Q&A Session
Naughty Routines
DVD 10 The 7 Critical Fazes Every Stage Hypnosis
Must Go Through To Be a Sensational
Practice Warm Ups
Quick Exercise Demo
How To Make
The Main Routines
Practice Your
Invent A
Run A Smooth
Your 7-Step Show
Skit Music
DVD 11 Advanced Stage Hypnosis Routines
How to Invent New
Create Your Own
Advanced Routine
World's Sexiest
Hot Disco Dancer
True Romance
Q&A Session
DVD 12 The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own
Start Of Day
For Wall A
How To Hire A DJ
Train Your
DVD 13 Secrets to a Successful Stage Hypnosis Business
How to Promote Your Show Anytime, Anywhere to Anyone
Equipment Set Up
The Human Bridge
Promote Yourself
Where To Get
Q&A Session
Types Of Venues
Extra Cash
DVD 14 Your State Hypnosis Business Questions
Q&A Session
What To
DVD 15 How to Put All the Parts of Your Show
So Everything Runs Like
& Conclusion of Training
The Promo
The 7-Step Show
1-Minute Rehearsals
Show Confidence
The Dry
End Of Seminar
DVD 1- How to Be a Powerful Stage Hypnotist
Welcome to Street Hypnosis Boot Camp.
Welcome back everyone. Ive seen a lot of familiar faces which makes me
very excited. I know that this means our job will be so much easier, so thanks
for coming back. Let me check, how many of you are here for the first time?
About half. How many of you have already done some form of hypnosis
This is going to be such a breeze, isnt it?
Probably more then whats going to happen.
Theyre going to get in so much trouble now.
Im thinking thats happening.
Im excited. Lets just have a quick second to find out where people are from.
How many people are here from the U.S.? Id guess thats most of you. Is
anyone here from somewhere not the U.S.?
The Netherlands.
Not bad. We have the Netherlands, the U.S., Australia (thats a long way to
come, I hope its worth it), Scotland, Canada, Sweden (we like Sweden). A lot
of you are from Australia, guess well have to go there next. Thats the place
to be.
Australias in the house.
We have a nice mix here. My name is Igor Ledochowski, as you probably
already know. Im here with the worlds fastest hypnotist Spencer Spencer.
You will love him.
How many of you have seen Spencer in action before? Wasnt he amazing?
For the next three days, even though its a four day course well only be
working for three days, do you know why?
Were going to have fun on the fourth day.
You guessed it, on the fourth day youll have a lot of fun. You see, our aim for
the next four days is to drill you. This is called boot camp for a reason. Were
going to work you hard. Well work you so hard, that by the fourth day every
one of you in this room will be doing a show up here in Vegas, filmed, youll
get a tape and everything.
Youll love it. Itll be so easy youll wonder why you ever had any nerves or
trepidation about that before.Wouldnt that be something?
How many of you feel a bit nervous about that right now?
Thats only natural. One of the keys to creating confidence is competence.
The key to creating competence, of course, is to practice correctly the right
One of the things I want to ask you to do over the next three days with us is
to give it your all. These are long days. Well be working 12 hours a day, from
9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., long days. So, when youre feeling tired, thats the
time to give it extra.
Has anyone here ever been to the Army? Isnt that how the Army works in
boot camp they tire you out? When youre tired is when the skills come in, so
when you actually being under pressure thats where well come out and we
will tire you out, I promise you this. Its guaranteed!
The only thing Ill ask for you to do
1. Number one is to keep a good attitude. Have fun with this. This is a fun
thing to do.
2. Number two is to give it your all, especially when youre tired. Go that
extra mile.
You know well go to 9:30 at the latest; we will finish. Then you can go
upstairs and collapse in your bed, and its done. So until 9:00 or 9:30, give it
everything youve got. Are you guys going to be okay with this?
Okay, now weve got some hypnotists in the room.
There we go. I wanted to add one thing real quick. Who has a cell phone in
their pocket? Please turn it off or put it on vibrate and enjoy yourself, the
show, your time here.
The clean show.
Okay, so were going to be working very hard over the next three days to
prepare you, to teach you everything you need to know to be a great stage
hypnotist and make a career out of this.
Out of curiosity, how many people here are actually thinking of doing this
part-time or full-time, as a kind of money earner, career type thing? About
three-thirds of the group or something like that. Excellent! Well our aim is to
give you everything you need, especially on day three, as well look at things
like the business aspect and stuff like that.
You cant ask for better than Spencer for someone with experience on that
side of things, so youll be getting Spencer not me.
Spencer, havent you arranged something special as well on the last day,
The last day we do have something special going down. Well be doing a bit
of hypnosis for everyone here. It will be a mini demonstration of something
you may see what I do when I do a hypnosis show, so well throw something
in for you all to enjoy. I think youll like that.
Then, Sunday night, I have a pass for everyone here to go to a local hypnosis
show here in Vegas, no charge, if youre interested. If youre interested raise
your hands, because I need to know how many tickets I need to get.
This isnt just a little show its like currently, the premiere hypnotist in Vegas.
Hes on the strip at Planet Hollywood, which is a huge casino. Ive seen the
show its very exciting and fun. Youll be seeing it right after youve done your
show, so you can go in and go, I can do better then that.
I have to tell you, you will be doing better then that, guaranteed!
Youll have the enthusiasm still live and running inside you, whereas, doing
these same shows every single dayhes a great hypnotist dont get me
wrong, a great showman, so youll pick up a lot of stuff but thats a nice little
bonus that Spencer arranged for you, so you can buy him a beer in the bar
Please do.
Just one note, please wait until Sunday to buy him that beer, because if all of
you buy him a beer therell be no more teaching.
All right. You are about to embark on probably, one of the most fun and
exciting careers that exists in my opinion. Youve been doing it for what,
some 18-20 years now?
Eighteen to twenty plus that, a long time.
When I first met Spencer I said how often do you work? He said I dont work.
Its not a job, its fun. When you get to travel around the world and meet
people, get paid well and taken care of, its fun.
This is what Id like all of you to understand, having the spirit of what were
doing today. This is a tremendous amount of fun, so I want you to enjoy
yourselves. Were going to take the pressure right off you for the rest of the
In other words, whilst were doing the inductions and so on, you know the
classic thing, just pretend to go into trance and just play along with it for now
and well see what happens. For those of you who have trained with me
before kind of know whats coming, but the point is that I dont want you to
feel that you have to get any specific results yet.
Right now its about training. The results will take care of themselves is that
okay with you?
All you have to do is say some words, point some things, look like a hypnotist
and thats pretty much it. Can you do that?
Very good. The key thing I want you to focus on over the next three/four days
is your attitude. In other words, how much fun, how much persona you are
projecting. You cant do that when youre inhibited and in fear, unless of
course, youre on stage for seven days like the worlds most anxious
hypnotist, which could be a draw all by itself.
Im guessing thats not quite the stage persona you want to be cultivating, is
that correct?
So, spend the next few days just having fun, letting that excitement you have
come through in what youre doing and enjoy. Thats key, because if you
dont have that then you dont have a show. Well teach you the mechanics,
but one thing I cant teach you is how to be yourself, because you have a lot
more practice at doing that then I do.
Bring yourself to the table, enjoy it, have fun with it, play around with it and itll
all go well.
When it comes to actually doing this, in terms of going live out there and
having a go in the real world, you know something thats going to be very
important for you because youll have a reference experience and know
youve done it.
Before Sunday well make sure that you have plenty of dress rehearsal, so
come Sunday, youll already know what youre doing. My aim is to give you a
skill that will be with you for the rest of your life.
When I was young and at university I was into martial arts, etc. and one of my
instructors tried to give us a talk during the day and said youre coming close
to your black belt soon and theres something you should know.
Once you reach your black belt, no matter what happens to you, how your
career goes and so on, you will never go hungry because all you have to do
is hang up a shingle and therell always be people who want to learn how to
defend themselves. That made sense to me and Id like to give you the same
piece of advice.
No matter what happens to you in your life or career, after this weekend you
will never go hungry because youll always have a skill you can fall back on, a
skill that isnt going to go out of fashion. Thats my aim for you, and its not a
backup plan, it is actually a lifestyle.
In other words, some of you will love it so much that you might think right
now, Ill dabble with it a bit and do a couple shows and so onthats kind of
what happened to you isnt it?
When I first started I was doing clinical hypnotherapy and got really burned
out on it. After doing it for about 10 years and working with thousands of
people, I decided I needed to lighten up a little bit. So, I began dabbling with
it, working in nightclub after nightclub and it just hit me.
I said to myself, I cant go back and be a clinician anymore Ive got to go out
there and just have fun, and it overtook my entire life. And, what hes talking
about is so true because you can pick your hours, your days and your city,
and theres no reason why you cantany time of your life you can pick up
the phone and say I think Im going to go out and make $5000 tonight, and
you do.
It might take you an hour to do that. Would that be a hard thing to do? Or
maybe you only make $1000 for an hour.
Oh dear.
I have to go back to working at McSpenceralds right?
Why not, lets go back to McSpenceralds. So, youll always have these skills
that you can take with you everywhere for the rest of your life, whether its
working in nightclubs or theaters, working in the corporate world or with clubs,
organizations and schools, it all lies within you.
And if you have a taste for adventure folks, this is a great thing. You can get
free cruises this way. You get invited to all kinds of exciting countries,
seriously. Werent you just invited somewhere cool just recently?
One of the coolest places in the entire world. I just got back from Dubai. If you
havent been there, its a place you better take extra money with, because
there are no bargains there. I went there and did three incredible shows and it
went so well they invited me to stay for an extra week. They twisted my arm.
The coolest thing about that, going someplace like Dubai and on that level
that I have many experiences most of the time is that they treat you to firstclass
roundtrip airfare, five star hotels, limousine service everywhere you go
and you have a complete staff at your beck and call, taking care of all your
needs. All you have to do is show up.
And, you never know what kind of royalty youll meet in foreign countries who
will come to your show and give you expensive gifts.
Doesnt that beat paying $100,000 grand to go to law school?
Think about it.
Ill mention this quickly but wont tell exactly what happened because its not
proper protocol, but I was doing a demonstration at a club there called
Kavalis, which is the most exclusive club in Dubai. Its a very sheik place.
Dubai is a very cosmopolitan place.
So Im doing this demonstration, they invited me over there because they
heard about me on the radio and TV. I was on all the media, it was
everywhere in the Arab world. They did this incredibly huge article in the
Saudi paper that is distributed to over a million people.
So, I was doing this demonstration and this gentleman comes up to me, takes
my hand and looking down I feel this big wad of cash, he goes just put it in
your pocket. Im going okay cool. Im not going to say how much it was but it
was not bad, more then most peoplemake in a month.
A few minutes later one of the sheiks came down and wanted to meet me
again, he pulled me down and kisses me on the head, takes a watch off his
arm and says this is for you. Yes, it is a Rolex.
Now, results do vary.
It could have been a Timex or Casio.
This is where I want you to get excited, because the potential for what youre
learning now is immense. Its up to you with your imagination and creativity
and how far you push it. If you want to just do local shows thats fine, if you
want to go more crazy and do crazy things thats fine as well, but I wanted
you to be inspired in terms of where this could go, if you start applying
yourself. It will require that you apply yourself.
Double Induction
The potential is unlimited and you do need to apply yourself. It is a job, but its
a fun job. Its a lifestyle, thats what it is. Its something you embrace and
sooner or later it embraces you and you become it. So, as a stage hypnotist
you are the product and whats being marketed is you.
Over the course of the next four days do not be me or Igor, be you. You have
to be you, if you are just you and genuine in who you are then thats whats
going to come out in the show. Dont go out and try to emulate anybody else,
just be you.
And perhaps one day you too will be in a city built in the middle of a desert,
telling people things like, everyone put your hands out like this.
Exactly like that.
And, of course, thats rightsome people wont quite understand what you
meanyou say its very simple, you just put your hands out like this.
One or two people will start catching on as you start doing this, but then
theyll go okayput your hands out just like this.
When you put your hands out just like this
Eventually, more and more people begin to understand what youre doing.
Youre doing a show right, put your hands out to this youll say to them, and
theyll put their hands out just like this with enthusiasm and eagerness.
They might even put their hands together.
And then perhaps interlock those fingers, as you say to them, squeeze those
fists tightly, fingers locking tightly.
Make sure theyre locked and glued as tightly as you can imagine.
Imagine and feel those hands coming together tighter and tighter.
So tight that they do not want to come apart.
Watch those hands. Focus your mind.
Feel them tighter and tighter.
Tighter and tighter, like cement.
Like magnets stuck together.
Sticking tighter and tighter now.
Even if you wanted to take them apart they would stick tighter and tighter.
Feel that tightness developing now. Imagine it.Want it to be true and it will be
You can try to pull them apart, but they just stick tighter and tighter.
The harder you try the tighter the stick more and more, tighter together.
Im sure youre satisfied now how stuck they are, and Ill know exactly how
tight they are and how stuck they are when you close your eyes, if you want
And relax all the way down.
Just like that.
Fingers relaxing, as quickly as your mind relaxes, all the way down.
Because it just becomes easier and easier for you.
Thats right.
To let go like this.
Let those hands drift down into a comfortable relaxed place.
Thats right.
Your hands.
Letting go more.
Having a wisdom all of their own.
And each time that you respond to these ideas
Teaching you about relaxation
and you just drop deeper.
and opening up, hands releasing now.
Head dropping down to your chest.
Hands releasing, thats right.
Turning loose.
Body releasing.
Letting go.
Mind releasing.
Easily, naturally
Finding that place inside.
Where everything is
The right level of mental relaxation.
Loosely feeling
Thats right.
To allow your unconscious mind
To drift down
And be free
To be yourself
Have the experience
Where everything just becomes about you.
You can feel that.
And its with you.
And become even more
Each and every day
Beyond all the things you expected
And isnt it fascinating
To discover that place
Who you truly are
Deep inside
Where everything lets go.
And beyond your wildest imagination
Four days
Lies a person
That lets go
That can really have fun
On top
And its instinctive
Coming to the outside
As automatic as relaxing is right now
Feel your heart
And you can
It beats automatically
Open your mind wide
And it does
To all that you are
And you are
All that you can be
And you will be
Is becoming now
And thats why youre here
More than you were
Feel good now
Begin to feel that inside
Let it spread
A sense of who you truly are
Throughout your mind
And bring that
In your body
Into the next four days of intensive learning
It just becomes easier
And easier
With each breath that you take
More fun
You relax down more
More you
That part of yourself
More power
Look inside
More happiness
You know who you are
A real force for good
The person inside
You can amaze people
On stage
And theyll be doing all the work
Every time
They think its all you
But who is it really?
And dont you be fooled
Because you know what its about
All you have to be
Is yourself
Thats right.
Just you
They can be
Hypnotically, it couldnt occur more easily
And youre ready
Just simple instructions
Nothing complex
Youre ready for this
Simple instructions
Your mind is taking it in
And now follow
Every cell of your body
Simple instructions
Feeling good
You follow every
To do
Simple idea
Simple instructions
It becomes easy to do
To present to people
Youre ready to follow
Simple instructions
Each idea
Makes it easy for you
Becomes a part of you
Simple instructions
Feel a brilliant light around you
Easy to recall
This is who you are
Simple instructions
Look at the light
Thats all you have to do
Is that on you on stage
Simple instructions
With the bright lights
And they will follow
They will
And smile
Listening to the sound of your voice
The sound of our voice
Hear the thunder of approval
You are worth it
The satisfaction and the glow that it brings
Its in your blood
The excitement and the sense of achievement
Its in your mind
A whole new career should you want it
Your brain is expanding
A whole lifestyle
All the way through every cell
That helps you develop more of who you are
Think about that
As a person
Who are you?
And people will pay you for this
Who are you really?
To find out
To know whats going to happen
And develop that
You will be there
And enjoy it
Imagine everybody
Can you feel that now?
Watching you
Welling up from the inside
Looking at you
Growing stronger
Paying attention to you
And stronger
Obeying you
Inside you
And its all for fun
Rushing through your body, your arms
And you like the fun
Your legs
Its great
Your throat, your voice
Every part of your body
Your mind, your whole breathing, taking it in now
Everybodys watching you
Because its time that you take a sense of all this and come back out only
quickly enough for you to realize that the next four days are going to be a
rollercoaster of fun. Dont you think?
Embrace the Attitude
Igor: It would be a remix if you were starting a stage hypnosis course without there
being hypnosis. Im sorry were not going to start yet, because really its more
important about what youre doing then what were doing isnt it.
Isnt it about what you can do at the end of these four days? On day four
youll be showing us exactly what youre capable of. Youll love this.
Now, one of the things that those of you who have trained with me before,
of course, were familiar with and for those of you that havent well be familiar
with you very soon is one of those important things in acquiring a skill is that
you adopt a role, something to tell your unconscious mind what to aspire to.
When you adopt a role, what I do not mean by that is that you beat yourself
up every time youre not performing like that and theyre like oh, my God Im
supposed to be doing it like this and Im not doing it. Thats not what Im
talking about.
When you adopt a role, its likehas anyone ever seen kids playing lets
pretendtheyre pouring tea thats not in the cup and its like wheres the
tea? Do you expect me to drink air whats going on? But they come quite
happy to pour the tea and if they make a mistake its no big deal, they build it
into their fantasy.
Would it be all right for the next three days if you jumped in and pretended
something? Maybe that you are the worlds fastest, funniest, cleverest, most
impressive or anxious, whatever you want, stage hypnotist in the world?
Wouldnt that be something?
You all have an idea of what kind of a stage hypnotist you want to be and
what you want to be known for, like the most exciting, speed or the fastest
hypnotist, charisma whateverI want you to start adopting that persona right
now and just pretend. If you fall short of it, do you know whats going to
happen? Nothing, seriously.
If you say Im the worlds most charismatic hypnotist, no one is going to say
no youre not look, you have the charisma of a wet leaf of cabbage, and
youre like all right thank you. Its not going to happen. You can step into the
role step-by-step and if you make a mistake or fall out of character, no big
deal, just step back into it afterwards.
This is more about you all having fun right.
I remember a while back I went with one of my cousins to a murder mystery
party. We dressed up like it was the 1920s or something like that, it was a lot
of fun. Everyone is being from a fancy dressed party or something like that
where you come as the wookie monster or shaving beast, etc.
Why do you do that? Its so you can play out the character a little bit. So,
would it be okay for you all to play up a little character whilst youre here?
Unfortunately, I dont have any top hats and monocles to hand out, but you
could pretend to be one of the worlds greatest hypnotists could you not?
You can be the greatest, the fastest, the cleverest or funniest, whatever
superlative works for you, just choose one now. You dont have to be stuck
with it, you can cycle through them. You know the old saying specialization is
for insects. So you can be the fastest today and the cleverest tomorrow, and
the funniest the day after.
Just choose one to start with, try it on for size and see what develops, is that
I want you to start getting into the role, by actually meeting everyone else in
the room so everyone stand up and ask the magic questions which
arewhat do people normally ask when they meet each other. What do you
do? And they go who the hell are you and why are you asking me these
The typical question is simply, who are you? I dont care if you give your
name or not, but what I do care about is that everyone in this room knows
youre the worlds fastest, cleverest, etc. etc. hypnotist of all time. Who is
really a function of what in this sense?
What do you do? Guess what, stage hypnotist, but not just a stage hypnotist
youre THE stage hypnotist. Then just have a couple seconds of chat about
why youre here and what it is that youre going to be contributing to this
seminar. Notice Im not saying what are you here to learn? Im asking you to
tell people why Ive invited you to come here to help me teach, because
unfortunately, Im nowhere near as good as you guys.
Ill need your help, so tell everyone else why it is I invited you over and theyll
believe you. Is that easy to do? Three simple questions with three simple
answers. There are eight of you in the room, so were going to give you eight
minutes to meet everyone in the room. Off you go.
Did you enjoy that so far?
Lets add a little bit to it then shall we.
All right, heres what I want you to do this time. This is something that
happens to everybody when they begin doing stage hypnosis or even as a
hypnotist. What I want you to do is this, nobody else knows anything about
who you are or what you do, so when youre doing a presentation it is your
presentation, nobody knows what its about.
Even if there are other hypnotists in the room, they dont have a clue about
who you are or what the dynamics of your personality is or what your shows
about, so what I want you to do now is the same exercise and lets just
exaggerate it.
Imagine that youre just talking to somebody and they know absolutely
nothing about what it is you do, and you have to convince them right now that
what youre doing is the absolute best thing in the entire world. Does that
make sense?
Just to add something, which is whilst youre doing this you may as well get
outrageous. Convince them of something just totally and utterly ridiculous, as
related to hypnosis. Why? Because youre the authority and they will believe
you. Now, you dont have to do this in the real world, just here. Just go out on
a limb for a bit and really put some conviction to what youre saying.
Let me tell you why this works. When I was over in Dubai, I was with a
gentleman who wanted to do some street hypnosis, so I said okay cool lets
do it. We went out on the streets of Dubai hypnotizing people, it was kind of
nutty, and Im watching this guy who was convincing people that he knew
what he was doing and I was watching going, they actually believe you.
Thats all it takes.
Thats all. Its true.
Just like the Bellagio Brothers, put your hands up a second again isnt that
pretty much all you did? These guys here, you may have seen them on
videos on the Internet, at the last hypnotherapy training these guys decided
to go out randomly one day to the Bellagio.
The point is its fun isnt it? Once you break that seal its so easy to do, so go
ahead and do the same exercise again, only this time step into your shoes
and through it all as fully and completely as you can by getting extravagant,
outrageous and make claims that are crazy and people will believe you.
Are you having fun?
Now, lets do something crazy, why is it that suddenly the energy and
enthusiasm in the room went up the minute you didnt have to constrain
yourself to being any particular way? Just something to keep in the back of
your mind and whatever it is you just did, I want you to do more of that over
the next three days.
Once you get out into the real world its okay to start quieting it down again
and finding a more realistic persona, but whilst youre in here please get as
extreme as you can whilst keeping it PG.
No nudity please, no suggestion of nudity, no mining of sex acts thats not
the kind of show were doing here right now, just put it out there. So are you
guys having fun with this?
Instant Induction Training
Igor: [ ]
What were going to do now is were going to start going into this as an
actual, being a hypnotist kind of thing.
Can I borrow you sir, seeing as youre close? Give him a round of applause.
How are you, are you good?
Look at me, take a deep breath and sleep all the way, deeper, deeper,
deeper thats right all the way. Im going to stand you up and youre going
deeper into trance as you stand on your own balance now. Thats right,
deeper and deeper into trance, deeper and deeper. Hand out stiff and rigid,
stiff and rigid.
The stiffer it gets the more you feel good inside. The stiffer it gets the better of
a hypnotist you become. The stiffer it gets the better of a hypnotist you
become. Stiff and rigid right now. Try and bend the arm, try as hard as you
can, and relax. All the way down. All the way down thats right, very good.
Youre doing a great job and because youve done such a great job Sperling,
I want you to know that youre going to be absolutely amazing at this. Youre
going to take to this like a duck to water. People are going to look at you and
go man, have you done this before? Of course, you have but this time youll
be doing even better than ever before.
So with that thought inside your mind, one-two-three coming out slowly. Fourfive
eyes open wide awake and feeling good. How are you doing?
Excellent. Good job, off you go. Applause
Slowly but surely ease back into the real world.Who wants to learn how to do
that? Just a few people. Some of you have done this already to some extent,
so bear with us as we build this up. We will be going into new territory I
assure you, but we want to be sure we pick it up right at the beginning so that
everything comes smoothly.
The most important thing when you do any form of hypnosis is that you have
to have the right context for hypnosis to occur. That could be the simplest
thing, I am a hypnotist and people go oh, really? Do you have the right
context now?
Versus Im a hypnotist, ah huh. Do you have the right context now? Whats
Right. In fact, if you say it the right way with the right person, youll have
attention and the bypassing of the critical factor, the first three stages of
hypnosis in the same place, so thats all I want you guys to do is go around
the room with as many different people as possible.
Let me borrow you again. All I want you to do is put your hand on their
shoulders and start controlling them a little bit. Spread your feet lightly and
look at methats itdo I have his attention?
Have I controlled that attention?
So all I want you to do is put your hands on his shoulders, ask him for one act
of compliance like spreading his feet apart, looking up at you just one act of
compliance. Say please do this or if you want to have two thats fine, now do
this as well or adjust it this way.
Now look at methats it. Is this difficult?
Can anyone look at other people?
All right, off you go.
Did you all enjoy that?
Was it easy? Did anyone find that difficult? I should hope not, because this
isnt exactly rocket science, yet.
The next step is to make sure were looking for something now.
Can I borrow you again? Youll have to control them physically, so well
invade their space slightly because that puts them a little on edge and you
want them there. Youll control them physically, act for an act of compliance
(come forward and look up at me).
I want you to look at and focus on their eyes until you see a slight shift. Can
you see how his face has relaxed a little bit? Hes sinking down a little and is
becoming a little more cataleptic, in other words, theres less motion from
him, hes not doing the whole moving around and all these little mannerisms
are disappearing.
Can you all see that? These are the things were looking for, so once you
have that there, all you need to do is take one of your hands, cup it on the
back of his head like this and pressing a little. If they have glasses ask to
borrow their glasses, tell them and then show them theyre going to be put
somewhere safe, maybe in your pocket or a chair no one will be sitting on.
Take control of that for safety reasons. So, youre here, take this hand put it
on the back of their head and all youre going to do now is tip that head
forward until it touches your shoulder. Is that hard to do?
A couple of warnings here. For one, dont do this whack- did everyone get
that? Noses break easily. Foreheads are nice, smooth and soft and theyre
designed to fit into shoulders, I dont know why but its true, God designed us
to be hypnotists. So make sure the forehead is guided into your shoulder, not
the knobbly, elbowy hard bit on the corner, just the curvy part because it fits
there naturally.
Have them there and thats it. Gently, dont yank them in or break their necks,
just bring them in so youre controlling their balance. Is that easy to do?
We have a question.
What if youre vertically challenged, like I am and somebody is a foot taller
than you?
The first thing to do is work with someone like Sperling and then youll realize
that you can do anything. If youre going to have someone slightly larger, just
take half a step back so that you can brace yourself.
All youre going to do at this point is bring them in, take a step back so you
can take the weight and slide them in gently until you have it right where you
want it. Now, even then you dont have to go the whole way. If theyre really
tall you may want to sit them down, thats fine too.
You dont actually have to drag them down, you just have to make sure they
start coming forward a little, even if you dont take their balance at that point
thats fine, but for most people youll be able to do it quite comfortably from
your shoulder without any problems.
Does that answer your question?
Yes, thank you.
Any other questions?
I want to add something to that. I get that a lot because Im vertically
challenged a lot. Im not a tall guy, although I work with a lot of really big
people so I want to add another dimension to that. I know youre doing this
soft thing, Im going to borrow your subject one more timeanother thing you
can do where they dont even have to come downoftentimes, Ill just say
look right here and sleep.
Ill hold their heads like that and it makes it real easy to do.
These things are easy and we will play with other mechanics as we go along.
I just wanted to address that because its easy to do so there are a lot of
different tricks you can do or mechanics you can do.
All right, for a moment just get used to a simple mechanics like this one and
well start playing elaboration. And by the way, if you prefer that version just
go with that and adapt whatever were doing, itll be really easy.
Does everyone know what theyre doing? If so, just to confirm
Number 1- Control them
Number 2- Get compliance
Number 3- Eye contact
Number 4- Look for that state of focus to start to develop
Number 5- Cup your hand on the back of their necks and gently
guide them into shoulder
Thats it; you dont have to do anything else. Is that easy?

Off you go exercise-
Stay where you are and face the front. Is that easy so far?
Okay. We have hand and shoulders, now were going to bring him forward. At
this point were going to do something crazy. I hope this isnt too advanced
for you. Were going to speak to him at the same time.
Look at mesleep. Thats right deeper, all the way. On the count of five
coming back, one-two-three, youre almost there now. Take a deep breath,
four and five, eyes open, wide awake. Good job, well done you.
I get all the love.
Does that seem difficult to do? I dont care what you do afterwards, all I care
about is you do the same stuff you did a moment ago, only this time as youre
guiding them forwards you just say the word sleep, thats it. They, of course,
will pretend to go into trance for the moment and well start elaborating and
refining as we go on.
Right now I just want you to get used to that as a dynamic. Does that make
sense? Any questions? Off you go, thank you very much. Exercise- This is
way too easy isnt it?
Good. Is anyone struggling with this so far, it should be pretty
Heres what were going to do now, were going to start on the same thing but
were going to get a little more hypnotic.
(Can I borrow you for a moment, since youre close?) So, you have the same
setup. Behind their shoulders, take a step forward please, look at me, take a
deep breath in, breathe out and sleep, all the way. Thats right.
At this point, I just wanted to add some simple language. Lets go deeper,
deeper, deeper, thats right, deeper, thats right, deeper. Is my language
particularly complex right now?
In a moment Ill count from one to five and on the count of five youll come
back refreshed, alert, simply fantastic.
One, coming up slowly
Two, a little bit more now
Three, feeling revitalized, refreshed
Four, getting ready to meet your new day
Five, coming back as a full powerful hypnotist ready to rock n roll
Is that easy so far?
Put your hands up if you have a question.
Real quick, I noticed when youre cupping behind the head that you tap
sometimes, but you didnt mention that.
Dont worry about the tapping yet, well come to that. Its hypno-tapping.
Would it be normal to be a little bit nervous doing the rapid induction?
Sure, until you get used to it. Heres the thing, if youre not trying to achieve
anything how will you get nervous? Youre not looking for results yet and yes,
in the real world, until you get used to it youll be a little nervous and then
youll start doing it.
For now, just treat it like going to a weird gym, like hold the exercise machine
like this and pull the lever forward. Then push it back and hope for results,
just think about those pure mechanics dont think about hypnosis or anything
else like that and it should take care of that for now. By the time you actually
get to do the real hypnosis itll be easy.
Is that okay? Very good. Any other questions or comments? No, all right can I
borrow you for a second. Then the other thing I want you to focus onyouve
done the whole sleep thing, I know the complex language deeper, deeper,
deeperwhilst theyre here what I want you to do is feel the shoulder and the
back of their neck for how relaxed they are.
(Tense up a second) Do you see the tension here? If I step away, do you see
how he stands on his own? (Now relax, all the way, thats it). Now, you can
already see his shoulders relaxing a little bit. If I start stepping away, do you
see how his body follows me? I can feel the weight on me, does that make
Every time he starts relaxing a bit more or puts his weight a bit more on top of
your shoulders so you can feel it, just say something like thats right,
encourage him or say youre doing great, something along those lines. What
youre looking for is the whole mechanics we had there, but notice where the
relaxation is.
If theyre really tense, dont worry about it. If theyre really relaxed thats fine
too. Were not looking for it all we want you to do is to spot whats actually
happening. Does that make sense?
This means you should do this with as many different people as possible,
because every one will be different and what you need right now is a variety
of experience. So dont elaborate these things, take no more then 30
seconds, move on to someone else and so on, youre really better served
with a lot of practice rather than spending a long time with one person.
I want you to be aware of one thing. When hes talking about the relaxation,
there will be times when youre doing this with somebody and theyre so
relaxed that theyre going to fall to the ground. Its up to you to make sure you
take care of them at all times.
So, if you have somebody and you see them start to collapse or feel them
start to collapse, you want to take control, make sure theyre not going to fall
and tell them your legs are stiff and rigid. Im telling you it will happen.
So just look out for it for now. A moment again, notice to what levels you get.
You shouldnt be getting to that extreme just yet, but soon you will be so keep
that in the back of your minds as an idea.
All right, off you go.
Was that easy?
Remember, you are the show. The energy you bring to this is how your show
will be, so I strongly encourage you to train that getting excited muscle if you
want the audience to be that way as well. Its just part of how it is. I dont
mind, were going to do a good job whichever way it goes.
But this is for you to train your whole state and personality, remember thats
part of what youre doing here.
Who felt different levels of relaxation with different people? Who felt that
when you said something like thats right, youre doing great or deeper, at the
right time the relaxation increased? Guess what, that makes you a hypnotist.
Relaxation isnt the only way to hypnotize its just one of the simpler pathways
into it. Does that make sense? Well cover lots of other ways of doing it in
time too, but this is a very useful way of looking at it.
What I want you to do now is the same thing; were just going to add a few
nuances, will that be okay?
Can I borrow you, seeing that youre close.
We have Merrick right here; well do the same drill. Take a step forward or
just take a step back. Look at me. Take a deep breath in and sleep all the
way, thats right. Deeper, deeper, deeper, thats right deeper still, very good.
What I want you to do here as hes there going deeper into trance, I want you
to test and feel for his balance just by slightly rocking backwards and
forwards. Notice how much balance you have and if theres not enough just
lift him up a little bit until youre balanced.
If theres not enough, you see how he doesnt rock with me, I just say thats it
just let me have it. Thats it, a little more, thats it there you go. So youre
going to encourage him to give you his balance. If he trusts you with his
balance, chances are hell trust you with whatever internal process is going
on too.
This is just a starting point. Now, coming back 1-2-3-4-5 rock n roll, good job
well done.
One last thing, in terms of what you do with the head be gentle. If youre
going to do more of a shocking thing, you have two choices.
1. Do it a-la the master whom youll see doing it very shortly. Its just,
take the hand on the shoulder, the shoulder can take more force then
the head can. But again, dont be jerking too hard.
This is my preference, especially when youre working with more fragile
2. Take one of your fingers and just have the cup of the hand there for
stability, but only one finger does the pushing. So literally, if this is his
head Im just letting one finger do the tapping, because one finger
wont have that much power in it to wrench his neck out of proportion.
You do not want to be going sleep and the head goes rolling down the other
end of the aisle and their body collapses in a spurt of blood, thats a lawsuit
waiting to happen, so you probably dont want to have that.
So we added two things. First, were putting a little more shock into the
system. The simple way to do that is when you cup, just use your index,
middle or ring finger to tap forward slightly and if he resists thats no problem,
you see how hes resisting, theres still a little bit of shock so you can still go
from here and gently carry on guiding with the whole hand. It is not a yank
with the whole hand.
Have I emphasized this one enough?
What is it not?
Its not using the whole hand.
What is it?
Its a finger.
I have a question with regards to their style, like usually when I do this I sync
with my object and then I go slow, but I cant be really forceful.
Pretend for a moment that you are. Imagine one of these guys here whos
done it with you. Who here is okay with just being a bit more forceful, excited
and so on? Grab her and everyone focus on her until she gets it. Youll get it
very soon. And then, all you have to do is be like them. Once youve had it a
few times youll go oh, thats easy I can do that.
For now were still working with mechanics, so the key here is you have all
this stuff here. Hand cupped, little tip for a little shock, guide them in and say
the word sleep, then the rest and youll be looking for the balance. Simple,
easy, off you go.
How are you doing, are you having fun?
Yes! Applause
Okay, now were getting somewhere. These are just the core mechanics of
an instant induction. Next were going to look into exactly whats going on
here, the dynamics youre looking for, so that every time you do it you can tell
is this work or is it not so you know how to troubleshoot and fix it.
Students: [ ]
So next well look at the mental dynamics behind the physical mechanics
weve just been doing. Then were going to start drilling this in with variations
so you have lots of different exciting instant inductions that make people go
oh, that guys amazing.
In fact, my aim is that by lunchtime you can do such good hypnosis that when
you go out there, there are lots of conferences going on, have you seen this.
Do I need say anything more? Thats my aim for lunchtime is that a good
DVD 2 The Secrets to Becoming a Master of Instant
Failsafe Instant Inductions
All right, let me try that again. Are you guys having fun?
Okay, what were going to do today is were going to focus a little bit on the
mental dynamics of what you were doing just now, and then well give you
more practice on those principles in actions. Does that sound fair?
First, what are you trying to achieve with all this convoluted rigmarole and
so on? In the simplest way and this is why a lot of people are afraid of
instant inductions. Heres what tends to happen.
If we can call this line normal consciousness, down heres trance, up here is
regular consciousness. What tends to happen is when we get a shock,
when were alert in some way, the unconscious mind doesnt know how to
deal with it so you trance it out for a second to figure out, where do I look to
find out how to deal with the situation?
The startle reflex wont kick this is. Anything that startles you will basically,
reset the mind for a split second, which means it started unconsciousness.
Make sense?
Heres the problem. Heres why people are afraid of instant inductions. This
does not last very long because when a bus is speeding at you, you dont
need to be there half an hour to figure out whether or not this thing thats
coming towards you is healthy. So this doesnt last very long. Its a split
second, sometimes a couple of seconds depending on the person.
What then tends to happen is theyll slowly start to return. Now at this stage,
most hypnotists go, oh man, I messed up. When if all you do is go, sleep,
damn it I messed up again, well of course you did because you got them to
the right point, but you didnt keep them there. Does that make sense?
So then we have the language like deeper and deeper. Well play more with
actual language later on. What that does is it stabilizes them underneath
the line. In other words, it keeps them in that slightly trance-like state. Does
that make sense to everyone?
As a rule, two things you need to bear in mind with instant inductions are
1. With 90% of the people youll meet, just things like doing a little jolt of
some sort a gentle one and then sleep gets them there. Then
immediately you roll into, thats right, deeper and deeper, relaxing
more, thats it, give me more of your balance, or whatever you want
to say to stabilize.
2. Sometimes, people are still a little bit scared. You may have
misjudged them before you actually got to that place. If youve
misjudged it, do you know what you do at that point? Then you go,
sleep, and theyll go, what? You just carry it right on.
You say, thats right, sleep. And again, sleep. And again, sleep. Do
you want a quick demo of what I mean by that?
Could I have a resistance subject please? A resistance, someone who can
resist. I know Im charming. There you go. Come on up. Give him a round of
applause for being a real meany.
Part the resistance, and well talk about it in Street Hypnosis, how to not set
a frame up so they fight you, but it might be that hes still a bit concerned or
scared and he doesnt know what to do. So when you say, thats it, just
spread your feet a little bit apart. Look at me. Take a deep breath, and
Oh no, I failed. Thats it. Just sleep. Close your eyes. Sleep all the way.
Thats it. Relax and sleep all the way. Relax. Relax. Sleep all the way.
Thats it. Youre doing great. Thats it, deeper, deeper and deeper now. Im
going to count from 1-5, on the count of 5, eyes open, wide awake, feeling
absolutely amazing.
1 Coming up slowly. 2 - 3 - and as youre coming through your body 4
and 5 eyes open, wide awake. Great job. Well done.
Give him a round of applause.
You saw resistance, right? The point is if you keep going and you have that
mannerism and say its okay. Whatevers going to happen will be fine
eventually, theyll get the hint of like, oh, I know what Im supposed to do. I
close my eyes, I relax and I let myself fall into this experience. Thats all.
Does that make sense?
Does this make sense as a basic template of what youre doing during
these inductions? If you understand this, you can do any instant induction
that youll ever come across, seriously.
Was it you that did the mobile phone induction? Its pretty much like that.
Somebody elses eyeballs. Look into their eyes.
Were going to just add a few more refinements onto that because again
with the stage experience youll want to add a few more principles which
are really important. Then were going to do a lot of drilling to get this into
you, so its so much second nature that you actually start hypnotizing
people when you shake their hand and be like sleep, oh I didnt mean it
sorry, come back.
I want to build on this a little bit.When hes talking about how the mind goes
down here because in the subconscious mind, what kind of a mind is it?
Its a yes mind. The subconscious mind does whatever its told within
reason. Correct? Do you guys know that?
So when you do the rapid induction, whats happening is the mind is going
because you take the body, basically, its going, where am I going, when
you take it off of, its motion. The mind is going, whats happening? So when
its saying whats happening, youre saying sleep. Then it goes oh, okay.
Got it. So thats why the rapid induction works so quickly. Does that make
Somebody come up here. It doesnt matter who it is. Yeah, come on up
here. Just to show what thats like. So when you have somebody yeah,
you can take your glasses off. Thanks.
So when youre doing that and it doesnt matter who youre working with,
its the same thing. The principle is like this. Just sleep. So what happens is
open your eyes is the same thing is happening, is that youre just I tell
people dont snap your fingers like what you do to a dog, but I do it anyway.
It looks good.
But its the same thing. You just say, look right here. Take a deep breath.
Just sleep. So what happens is that when theyre coming down, the mind is
going, well, what do I do? Its looking for direction. Stand up. Right away.
There you go. So its the same principle. Okay?
I cant impress that upon you more. The subconscious is a yes mind, so
when you do this rapid induction, like this you just keep building on it. So
when you keep giving suggestions, like sleep, thats it, relax and go even
deeper loosely, limply rocks, thats good. There you go. Thats very good.
Loosely, limply relax.
When youre doing something like that, youre just deepening the
suggestions. Its a compounding effect. One suggestion builds upon
another one. Open your eyes, wide awake. Very good. Now you notice I
didnt say Im going to count to five, wide awake. I just said open your eyes,
wide awake.
Is the trance terminated?
Yes. No.
Aint gonna happen.
Nobody knows yet.
It doesnt happen. I never terminate trance. I dont terminate. When I begin
working with somebody, I never terminate the formal type of trance because
the formal trance termination, which is what a lot of people do in a
moment, Im going to count from 1-5. I will say fully aware. At that time
youll be fully awake, feeling fantastic in every way, or whatever you want to
pile onto that.
So I just say sleep, very good, cool. If I want to go further than that, I could
just say make your arm stiff and rigid. Make a fist for me if you would,
please. Very good. Make that arm stiff and rigid and powerful. So, stiff and
so rigid and so powerful that you cannot bend that arm, try to bend it. The
arm will not bend. Its stuck up there.
Try as hard as you can. Reach over there and grab it. Try to pull it down.
There you go. There you go. Try to pull it down. Its stuck. It wont come
down. There you go. Isnt that crazy? Tap you on the head, drop to your
side. Go ever deeper to sleep. You see there? So that just becomes a
compound technique. So youre just building on it.
Each time a person responds to a suggestion, it makes it easier for them to
respond to future suggestions, right? Open your eyes, wide awake.
Well get more into that later. I just wanted to share that with you very
quickly. When youre doing the rapid type of induction, the subconscious
mind is a yes mind. Youre saying sleep, and the individual goes, okay.
I build up that later on in the class, but I wanted you to have that idea in
your mind on whats going on psychologically. Thanks. Give Bill a round of
applause. Make him feel good.
Pretty cool so far?
Are you glad you came?
Good, now go home. I like that. Who said no? You can stay, all right?
Everyone else, sorry. What were going to do now may aim is by lunchtime
to get you to do what you just saw happening here, would you like to do
That requires speed drilling and just going for it over and over again. If you
get the words slightly wrong no big deal, you just want to create the
instincts for this. Does that make sense?
Okay. Everyone stand up please, with all the chairs to one side.
As youre moving your chairs over there, Im going to talk to you for a
moment, so go ahead and keep moving your chairs.
Keep moving your chairs over there as we talk.
Because there is going to be another dimension of this that we will go into
later. I promise you.
All the chairs on that side please.
Because right now whats happening is youre learning some hypnotic
inductions with who, a room full of hypnotists, right.
And, of course, at some point to be working with non-hypnotists.
Non-hypnotists, and so youre going to find the experience may be a little bit
different. So were going to go into the dynamics of that later of what you do
in the real world with real people, and how to overcome situations where
maybe youre going to have to really tweak that instant induction by creating
rapport, and well talk about that later.
Igor: Absolutely. So for the moment lets just drill in the skills. Once your chairs
are over there, please everyone come back to the center. Leave a corner in
the middle for the camera.
Induction Speed Drill 1
Now, what wed like you to do is please separate yourself into four columns,
four rows, roughly equal number. It doesnt matter whos in which one just
four rows. Just organize yourself so well have why dont you stand over
One row behind this young man, one row right behind Linda, one row over
here and well have one row right behind you here. Everyone else line up
behind these four people please, in just roughly the same numbers.
Two more lines over here.
Thats it. One line here and one line right here. Come on forward.
One, two, three four.
Okay, line up behind these buys.
We need six lines then. Six equal lines.
Six equal lines. So, just line up over there. This line, you guys turn and face
each other. You guys turn and face each other. You guys turn and face
each other.
Make sure you have a partner. If there is no partner, move. Make sure
theres a partner right in front of you. If not, then move over.
Wait a second. Just make sure that youre partnered up with someone. If
you are, just shake hands with the person youll be working with. There you
go. Do you need someone?
Is there anybody without somebody?
You guys, everyone shake hands with the person across from you, and
then put your hand up if you do not have a partner. Everyone have a
partner? All right were going to have a lot of fun here. This is drilling time,
This line right here is going to stay static. So this line right here, this line
right here is going to stay static. This line right here will stay exactly where
you are. The second line, the one I havent touched yet, this line over here,
second line, second line. You guys facing this wall, youll be moving around
one each cycle.
So what were going to do is if you just walk to the end and everyone moves
down one, just go ahead and move there. Everyone move down one. The
same with you, Martin, just move to the end. Everyone move down one.
Move to the end. Everyone move down one.
If youve ever done speed dating, you know what were doing.
This is how hypnotists speed date. Guys or girls, it doesnt matter. This is
Vegas after all. All right, so you get the idea of this? Folks, just pay attention
a second. You get the idea of this so far, right?
What were looking for here is speed and smoothness. So lets that try
again. Front row move on around. Thats it, quickly. Move down quickly, as
quickly as possible. All right and do it one more. Move one down. Okay
good. Pause, folks. Dont worry about introducing yourselves yet. All right,
pause, everyone.
For this exercise, please do not concern yourself about introductions. In
other words, just pretend that theyre there to be hypnotized and go straight
for the hypnosis. The reason for this is we dont want too much setup, chit
chat and everything else. We want trance and trance after trance. Does that
make sense to everyone?
The only thing youll do and for people who are wearing glasses, you may
want to take them off if you can see okay. Otherwise, if you want to keep
them on, make sure that you take the glasses off your partner before you
start the trance when you go in.
My preference is you keep them off. Youll probably lose them up there as
well, so keep them off. Maybe pop them to the side somewhere. You can
put them on the stage and theyll be safe or you can put them in your
pocket, but make sure theyre somewhere where they cant go flying
anywhere. Does that make sense?
So everyone, if you have short sight and you have your hands up, then you
cant put your hand up, right? Heres what were going to do. Were going to
start with exactly what you did a moment ago, which means Im standing
opposite Collin. This sides going to be the hypnotist first; that side will be
the hypnotist second.
Im going to assume I have everything already. The only thing Im going to
do is hes not even going to be looking at me. The only thing were going
to do is put my hands on. That tells you Im good to go.
Sleep. All the way down, deeper, deeper. Thats right, deeper. Good. Eyes
open, wide awake. Excellent, well done! Then hell do the same to me, then
well switch round and the next one goes round. Does that make sense? Its
very simple.
I want you to listen to our voices. The reasons are:
1. Well be saying things as you go along. Dont worry about them too
much. Just let them wash over you.
2. When I say switch, it means the person in the front over here, here
and here will go to the back and everyone moves down as quickly as
possible. If you havent had a go yet, that means you have to go
faster. Make sense?
Students: Yes.
Induction Speed Drill 2
All right, everyone. Look at your partners and put them out. Quick. Go.
Pause- Stop what youre doing. Can we see how many people we are
here? Can you count out say 1-2-3 and so forth? Responses with
numbers by rows
-Mixing it up, organizing rows.-
Lets have 3 cups without water given to the last person on the left hand
side. Everyone with a cup in the air, you are the end-point and the start
point, the Alpha and Omega. What were going to do is a competition. In
other words, he will trance him out, he will go the opposite and as soon as
youre done youll race to the back, everyone moves one down.
Your aim is to get the person with the cup to the front as quickly as possible
without skipping a single person. Does that make sense?
This will be mayhem I warn you. Folks, wait. I strongly recommend that as
you do this you pay extra attention to their balance, because people will
start to go at this point.
Control their balance. Make sure theyre safe above all else, but move the
lines as quickly as possible. Any questions? Both people have a go. No one
gets left behind. Are we ready for this?
Off you go.
Its getting close folks. Those cup bearers are coming forwards. The
Olympic flame is almost ready to pop, whos going to make it? Quickly,
speed up. The faster you go the more likely you are to win. The cups
coming closer to the end.
For $1 million dollars. Oh boy, here goes.
The last few people are up.
Almost, I think we have a winner.
As soon as youre going the other way you win. Quickly, go the other way
and you win.
We have a winner.
All stop we have a winner. Give them a round of applause.
You truly are the fastest hypnotists in Vegas.
Its okay. The rest of you guys have a chance to claim back your honor
because were doing this again with a few other things.
Instant Induction Number 2
What were going to do now is were going to start going into different styles
of instant inductions, just so you see the same principles in action. Were
going to break it down, bit by bit. Do you want to take the first bit?
Come on up here. There are other things that you can do when you have
something you can just be next to them and youve got a nice little hold on
them, youre making sure theyre not going to fall over.
Look right here, and just sleep. So its another way that you can do an
instant induction, wide awake. Did you see that? I say look right here. Take
a deep breath in, and just sleep. Its really a very simple technique.
Now Im watching a lot of you guys out there, and when youre doing this
youre going, sleep, and you can do that very gently, and thats cool, but do
you want to be very dramatic? Look right here. SLEEP! So you can be a
little more dramatic, and Im telling you something, that when you add in
that element of SLEEP, what happens is they go, oh shit, okay, whatever
you say!
No kidding, because youre shocking the nervous system. The nervous
system is part of the autonomic part of your conscious mind that says, yes
sir. It knows that you mean business.
Wide awake. Okay, did you guys see that? Do you want to see it one more
Let me see how your hand is?
How my hand is?
Turn around. Do it backwards. Turn so youre facing backwards. There you
Heres the rear end. Its just like youre out on a date. Thats all it is. Its my
The instant butt induction. How are you doing?
Im good.
So its the same thing. You want to do this because it looks good, but you
can just go, SLEEP. So Im just going to give you a little pull. Just, SLEEP.
You guys got that? Front and back. Turn around. One more time; sleep.
Okay, wide awake.
So its just going to be three simple phases.
1. Put your hand around them to feel their balance.
2. Pull them in and say, sleep.
3. Lift their hand up at the same time to create a little bit of eye
Is that simple? What I want you to do is stay in the line youre in now.
Youre not going to move around. Youre going to do backwards and
forwards a few times to get used to it. Then well start the competition
And dont worry if the person next to you is bigger than you are. That does
not matter. Just put your arms around their waist and say, sleep. So you
can do the same thing with your arm around their waist or on their shoulder.
It doesnt matter. Just remember that you are the one whos controlling the
Okay, any questions so far? Can we have some microphones here, please?
Run rabbit. Okay, its not necessary to shake hands with your partner again.
Put your hand up if you have no partner. Did we lose someone half way
through? There you go. So go ahead.
The question is when we leave here and we start to do it to people
We wont do that. With other people, well talk about this later. For now,
well just get used to the drill, and well add those bits and pieces in later.
Make sense?
Left hand or right hand?
Who cares? Seriously, who cares? All right. Are we good? Everyone ready?
So with a partner are you missing someone.
Hes right there.
Oh, he was hiding. You scared him, didnt you? All right, guys do three or
four one way. So youll do three or four in one go, then youll do three or
four in one go. Just get used to the dynamics, and then when were ready,
well start the competition again. Well move the cup to the back and see
how quickly they can come forward. Does that make sense to everyone?
So lets start the first round first.
So this side to three first in a row, and then the other side will do three in a
row. Then well pause, and well actually start the competition up again.
Ready to go? Off you go.
Okay, everyone. Just pause. Has everyone had three or four gos? Yes? All
right, is this easy to do?
Did you notice how you have to be extra careful on this one to maintain
peoples balance? This is something you have to learn as a hypnotist. So
feel it, get used to it and just do it.
So whos got the cups right now? Put the cups up in the air please. Did you
get rid of your cup? There you go. All right, move the cups to the back of
the room. Cups in the back. Weve got two cups. All right, thats cheating.
Give me that cup. Thats my cup.
Induction Speed Drill 3
Igor: Exercise starts
All right, in the back of the room, would you please hold your cups up. In the
back of the room, hold your cups up. Who had the cup? Excellent! Have
you all got partners? Everyone? Yes?
Okay, let the competition start. Three, two, one hypnotize! -
Stop. We have a winner. All stop. Over here.
Oh, man, this is too much fun. Are you guys having fun?
Does anyone here still feel nervous about doing instant inductions?
Anyone? Put your hand up? Do you feel nervous? Anyone? All right this is
good. Okay, so I think what we can do now is should we do that or should
we do the language?
Go ahead and go to the language.
Master Hypnotic Language
Okay. Well step it down a pace. The magic cups can go away again. Now,
again, those of you who have trained with me before will be familiar with
this exercise. We just want to get to the idea of language now so youll start
knowing how to speak as a hypnotist, as opposed to just how to perform
like one. Does that make sense?
Both are important. If youre not performing like one, well then, the words
themselves wont do anything. If you have the words to back up your
performance, of course, they get more powerful.
Lets see how to speak like hypnotists. Everyone just come forward, crowd
into here please. Make sure you leave a nice space in the middle though, a
nice little corridor right here. Pretend the chairs are still there. Feel free to
pop to this side.
Heres what were going to do. Were going to start playing with the power
words, and I know youre kind of becoming familiar with them. So youll get
to go crazy with them.
For those of you who are not familiar with power words, its just a way of
speaking hypnotically using the language of the unconscious. Essentially,
the unconscious mind reasons through association, did you know that
before? Well, you do now.
Were going to have words that allow you to associate one idea with
another, and that allows you to smoothly flow between things. The first word
I would like you to do use, because its simple, is the word . It
allows you to link two ideas, which may not necessarily be linked.
To keep it simple and keep it easy, what I want you guys to do is go around
the room and tell people just the milling exercise at the beginning, just talk
them and link any random idea with any other random idea through the
word . The key here is to make it random.
Dont try to make sense of this. Dont try to be sensible. It can be as garbled
as hey, Colin, because youre standing here, the skys going to fall down on
my head. It doesnt matter what youre saying. What I want you to get to the
point of is where your mind doesnt quite know whats going to come out of
your mouth next. All that you know is that somewhere this word will turn up.
Does that make sense to everyone?
So X Y. Is that easy to do?
What I want you to do is go through as many people as possible saying
that. Theyll say one back to you. You have a little laugh, and then youll
move to someone else. Speed is of the essence here. The faster you go,
the better youll do in this course. Easy?
Off you go.
Okay easy, right. Were going to push you guys through the language a little
bit because you guys are way ahead of the game. So with the same idea,
with the idea of .
you look at me, youll be a great hypnotist.
you walk outside, there will be people there that you can
hypnotize. Shock- horror.
Now that makes a little bit too much sense, so we might go with something
more like:
a deer comes into the room, the butterflies have
starvation problems.
Seriously, Id like you to initially become very random with this because it
forces your brain into a different cycle. Can you feel your brains working,
guys? Yes? So is that easy to do? XY. Everyone understand
All right. Off you go.
Is that easy to do?
Okay. So lets do another one . X Y.
Those doors are there, youll be a great hypnotist.
which means which means
which means
There a carp in this room, you will have flowers in your
ceiling. I dont know why, but it does.
Is that easy to do? So shall we make it a little bit more challenging? Lets do
all three at once.
youre listening here, it means the butterflies outside are
having a happy time. W you speak something random, they
will smile, that youll learn hypnosis more easily than
ever before.
Easy to do? You do not let me emphasize this you do not want to be
making sense at all. So, I apologize if I made a bit too much sense there, as
random as possible, thats what were looking for. Is that easy?
All right. Off you go.
All right, easy.
All right. Your brains should be whirling at a crazy mile an hour, but at least
the language is starting to pop out. Is that right? Yes? Good. Fine. Youre
exercising your brain, which is good.
Were going to add one more layer. The phrase , or better still,
For example:
those butterflies you to relax.
Youre here the sky is purple. the sky is purple,
people stand around, theyre looking at things, and
that those people that you are a part of to look at those
things in ways that are purple.
So, again, it doesnt need to make sense. I hope what Im saying is not
making sense because if it is, then you guys need to stop taking whatever
youre taking.
What I want you to do is go through those four in a cycle, again, not making
sense. Then well start turning it in to something more hypnotic. Is that
good? Easy to do? Again, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Your
brain is just beading up. You should feel it like right on the edge of
something. Like youre about to fall off something.
which means
which means
I know I know
X wants Y.
I know want
because Whenever
which means I
know want
Thats perfect. Especially as stage hypnotists, you want in fact, you need
to be able to think on your feet because lots of stuff will be happening, and
this gets your brain ready for it. Make sense? Off you go.
All right, guys wow! You guys are picking this up way quicker than usual. I
like this. Were going to have to do this like crazy, running people around
these drills more often.
This is pretty straightforward now. Your brains are kind of working extra
time trying to figure out what to say in the middle of it because its going to
be random, but the language itself is straightforward, isnt it?
Now I thought wed make it a little bit easier for you guys. Do you remember
the XY construction? Because the butterflies are out there flying in their
cycle, youll find that the Trumps and Donald are lower than you expect.
So now what were going to do is take the same idea, but were going to
make life easy. Were going to start with something totally random. Why?
Because when youre on the stage, random things can happen, but I want
to start utilizing it to move it towards something purposeful.
What do we mean by terms like purposeful as a hypnotist? Well, when
youre in trance did anyone when you did the whole trance thing feel a
little bit more relaxed, yes anyone? Maybe get your hands up a little bit. Do
you feel good? Do you have like a warm not warm, but a glow and feelgood
feelings? Do you feel some kind of deepening process, like it
intensifies whatever experience you had?
So these are what we call deepeners. They make the experience theyre
having more so. Here, we have some very simple themes. Relax, comfort,
deeper and feel good those are the kinds of experiences youve been
having whilst youve been going in and out of trances.
Thank you very much. So what youre going to do now is exactly the same
exercise. The X will be totally random butterflies, purple-headed pygmies
I dont care, whatever. The Y will be anything in this list. These are called
trance themes. These themes make people feel more like theyre in trance.
Does that make sense? So for example,
Because those purple headed pygmies are outside waiting, it means you
And whenever you see a fantastic velvet mannequin, you will
There we go.
Which means?
You can go deeper.
Thank you and I know that you want to
Now is that difficult?
No? It should be a lot easier than the last exercise. Remember, just keep
half of it random well fill that in later and half of it will be purposeful
around the idea of deepening, trancing and so on. Make sense?
Okay, spend two or three cycles with the same person, so youre going
through the whole list, in any order, I dont care, two or three times with one
person. Theyll do you and then youll go onto the next person. Make
sense? Off you go.
Are you guys enjoying this?
Its easy to do now, isnt it? Isnt this easier to do now that you actually have
to make sense, rather than when youre not. Isnt that crazy? Half the time
people are afraid of, how can I make this make sense? Actually, its easier
to make than not, so you may as well, right? I know I cant help it.
Why are we doing this? This is the essence of hypnotic language. You
realize that these words, theres no magic behind them as they are? In
other words, you dont have to burn these into your mind and only use
these. Theyre examples of words that allow you to associate one idea to
another. Does that make sense?
If you want more power words, theres a deck of cards in the back called,
The Street Hypnosis Deck. They have lots of examples. You can make your
own now because you can come up with phrases like, more of this and
more of that, sooner or later. These are all phrases you can kind of up
make up on your own.
Deeper Trances
What were going to do now is start using these purposely in terms of your
hypnotic process. Hands up if you can do an instant induction. That should
be all the hands right now because youve been doing it all morning. Are
you a little bit afraid? Then I have a great exercise just for you coming up
after lunch. Im going to remember. Dont worry.
So you can do an instant induction. Remember, the bit that matters on the
instant induction is not the induction, its what you do immediately
afterwards. You want to keep that firm in your mind. It does not matter what
I do for the induction. Its what I follow up with that counts.
The induction is easy. Its like can anyone say the word sleep?
With conviction. I like that. The actual induction is not difficult, is it? So what
were going to do now is stabilize the trance. How are we going to do this?
Well, exactly how you just did there, which is youre going to take one idea
and one experience and associate it to something else.
What kind of things would you want them to associate, or what kind of
experience would you want them to have to stay more in this trance? This is
technically known as deepening.
Can I just borrow you guys for a minute? Face this lovely crowd over here.
Take a deep breath. Sleep. All the way down, deeper. Thats right.
Deeper and deeper because whenever you feel that relaxation
becoming more comfortable, youll go deeper into trance, which
means your amazing capacity to be a great hypnotist improves and
skyrockets. So you may as well feel all that comfort growing stronger
and stronger now.
The stronger it feels, the more you relax. The more you relax, the
better you feel. The better you feel, the wider your mind opens to
becoming a great hypnotist and you know what I mean by that, dont
you? Very good. In a moment, Im going to move you up so you have
your own balance, but stay deep in trance.
Thats right. There we go. Every time you feel this, you can just go
deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.
Do you see the association from one thing to the other?
And every time you feel this, your rate of confidence as a hypnotist
just grows stronger and stronger and stronger.
Notice how now Im doing physically the same thing that you just did with
language earlier on.
And you can relax. Thats right. Relaxing even more, thats right,
even more deeply. Each time you feel this, thats right, deeper.
Thats right, deeper. Thats right, deeper.
Notice how were just doing simple movements. You can add the physical.
It can actually be just intellectual in terms of the ideas.
Which means, youre going to be even more comfortable, relaxed
and ready to absorb all these hypnotic lessons and learnings, just
you wait to get back to school. Those kids will not know what hit
them. Thats right. You can imagine that now, can you not? Enjoy it.
Thats good.
In a moment, Im going to count from 1-3. At the count of 3, eyes
open, wide awake. 1-2-3, eyes open.
Good job. Give him a nice round of applause.
Well done. Now everything you just saw, thats not rocket science, is it?
You can do all that. So what I want you to do now is exactly this. Spend like
a minute or so with each person and then move on again. Volume will be
more important right now.
What I want you to do is put them in trance, and then use a combination of
this principle, which is associate one thing to the other. You can use the
language. Because Im touching you on the shoulder, youll relax more.
Thats right, relax more, and so on.
Use something physical so you can do a physical deepener with the
tapping, the touching and the rocking or you can use the actual language
or you can use both. Honestly, right now I dont care. Its up to you. Youre
the hypnotist, right?
Whos a hypnotist in this room?
I am.
Thats what we like to see. Any questions? Great! Well, off you go.
Rock n roll. Is he still a little unsteady on his feet? Thats good. Are you
guys having fun?
What do you notice happening as youre doing these deepening
They go deeper.
They go deeper. Do you feel it as a subject? Do you feel yourself getting
more relaxed?
More comfortable?
So somethings working. All you have to do is create that expectation,
create that association and it will happen. As long as you just go with it.
Now some people might be a bit more problematic than others. Thats fine.
Do you know why? If youre a stage hypnotist, you dont use those people.
You have like the law of numbers in your favor. So you always work with
the people you enjoy working with. Thats the beauty of this game.
Youre not a hypnotherapist, which means you dont have to work with that
particular person. Actually, even as a hypnotherapist, you dont have to do
that. The point is you get to choose who you want to work with and who you
dont. If you dont feel like it, just say, you know what, you have a beard. I
dont like beards. Off my stage, if you feel like it.
Dont do the whole beard thing you might offend them by it.
Fractionation Deepener
Heres what were going to play with now. Youve got the idea of deepening.
Have you been noticing that as the days continue, they become easier and
easier to drop into this trance and its more useful?
Whats going on here is something called fractionation. Heres what were
talking about. Basically, hypnotists found that when you put someone in
trance, they come back and they go to a certain depth. Then the next week,
theyll put someone in trance and theyll go a little bit deeper. The next week
they come back, and theyll go a little bit deeper still and so on.
So each time their depth, their quality of experience becomes more intense.
Its kind of a learning process. Like most things you learn, you go, oh I know
which way to go with this and you let go into it more and so on.
So then they discovered that rather than have to do this in three different
weeks, you could do this in three different days. In fact, you could do it in
the same day. In fact, you can do it right after one another so that its in the
same session.
Were going to put everything youve learned so far together to create this
wonderful deep trance for people, and its going to be a lot of fun. Are you
ready for this?
I like a volunteer who wants to experience a wonderful deep trance. Come
on up Scott, how can I say no to excitement like that?
Okay, look at me and sleep. All the way down, deeper. Thats right,
deeper. And stand on your own balance. Thats right, very good. On
your own balance but going deeper and deeper still. Okay, every
time you touch on the shoulder here, deeper, deeper, deeper still.
Okay, open your eyes, wide awake.
And sleep. All the way down, deeper, deeper, deeper. Back on your
own balance, your legs carry your weight perfectly. Deeper, deeper,
deeper still, okay, open your eyes, wide awake.
And sleep. All the way down, deeper, deeper, deeper.
Are you noticing a slight improvement of responses as we go along?
And deeper still, thats right, deeper still. Okay, wide awake. How are
you doing?
Okay sleep, all the way down, deeper, deeper, deeper still.
And now you can start using your skills if you want to start playing the role
of a true hypnotist.
From now on, every time you hear me say the word sleep, and Im
looking directly at you, just in the context of this training, when I look
at you and say the word sleep, youll go to this state or even deeper.
Always remembering thats right. Very good. Always remembering
to maintain firm balance on your legs so youre safe at all times. Nod
your head if you understand. Very good.
So just to recap, every time I look directly at you and say the word
sleep, youll go instantly into a deep a state as this or even deeper,
only in the context of this training, so you can have wonderful deep
trances. Nod your head if accept and understand that. Very good.
Wide awake. How are you doing?
You may as well, right?
Sleep. Thats right. All the way, all the way, all the way thats it. Very
One word, crazy power. No, youre just setting it up. Its just a natural
part of the process.
Okay and wide awake. How are you doing? Are you feeling great
Okay, this ones going to be the real killer.
And sleep, all the way, all the way thats right, deeper- deeper. Let
your unconscious mind start taking this on board. Your ability to go
into deep trances like this helps you become a great hypnotist. If you
can do it, everyone you work with can do it. Thats right.
The way you feel right now, every single one of your subjects in a
stage show or in a demonstration, or actually just the hypnotherapy
clients will feel this good and go this deep and respond this
powerfully. So you should feel really good about yourself doing that.
Thats right.
In a moment, Ill touch your shoulder again on the side like this, and
youll be wide awake feeling actually amazing, feeling better than
youve felt in weeks, feeling so good, the thrill of energy going right
through you. Youll want to be doing this with people straightaway.
You simply cant wait. You will want me to stop taking just so you can
go out there and grab someone and do this with them.
Nod your head if you understand what I mean. Very good, wide
awake, all the way awake. There you go.
Good stuff. Very good. Give him a round of applause.
Is that difficult, folks? Its just doing what you did over and over and over
again. Its like doing that little line-up you did before, only on the same
person. That poor person is going to have such a good time. Its unreal. Do
you want me to say anything more about this, or are you pretty much ready
to dive in and do it? Do you want to do it?
Off you go.
All right, folks. How do you feel? Can we have a little bit of space in the
middle here? How are you feeling guys?
Are you having fun?
Do you want more?
You better come back after lunch then because its that time of day already.
So what Im going to ask you guys to do is we may as well leave the
chairs here. Do you guys need chairs because were going to be doing lots
of active stuff anyway? So if you want to sit down, just grab a chair and chill
out for a little bit, but then come back up and well do lots of work.
The key thing is who here right now feels relatively competent as a
hypnotist? Not necessarily that you have it all down pat, but relatively
Now far be it for me to suggest that as you go into lunch, if someone
catches your eye and you tell them, Im a great hypnotist. Im doing a show
here in Vegas on Sunday. Come. Free tickets if you like.
Youre allowed to invite whoever you want to the show on Sunday, by the
way. You realize this, right? So if you meet people the room is going to be
the size of half of this room. There are going to be two different well talk
about that later on, but essentially, youre allowed to bring anyone you wish
to. You dont have to, but if you meet people, you may as well.
Well talk more about the dynamics of how that show is going to work and
stuff like that a little bit later on. Probably tomorrow morning. For the
moment though, just go out there and just have fun. If you want to put each
other in trance whilst having lunch, whos to stop you?
Its a little different in here than out there, so you may as well get used to
different venues. Now if you get a little bit carried away and someone looks
at you and goes, oh my God, what the hell did you just do to him? Youll say
come over here and Ill show you.
Theres nothing that says the hypnotic context is better then you zoning
someone else to the floor. So you may as well hook up with a buddy. This
will be a fun thing to do. Stone each other during lunch and as people are
staring, just invite them over and just say do you want some?
Sound like good fun? All right, guys any last words from you or should be
just send them to lunch?
No, I do have one last word. I just noticed this, and I should have noticed it
earlier, but here it is. When youre doing this with somebody else, if theyre
chewing gum or if theyve got something in their mouth, make sure that they
spit it out because they can choke on it, and you dont want that
So thats the only thing that I noticed that I wanted to add. Even in this room
or out of this room, if you want to mess with somebody, if theyre chewing
gum or theyre sucking on candy, make sure that they take it out and
terminate it. Thats it.
Thats a good bit of advice. Thank you.
DVD 3 How to Do Dramatic Hypnotic Demonstrations
And Overcome Any Shyness
Hypnotically Locked Arm
So hows everyone doing?
Remember, we are here to kind of produce a little love vibe, so lets try this
again. How are you guys doing?
Now I like that. All right, go through the room, hypnotize three people and
come on back. Go.
All right, guys. Are you having fun with that?
All right, lets just try that one again. Are you guys having fun with that?
Whew. Now were feeling the love. All right, were going to start building the
pace up a little bit. Were going to do the same thing, three people, were
going to be very fast and were going to look for speed. Its not
hypnotherapy. Were not trying to build this crazy amazing experience for
them. Just enough to be like a strong thing. Youre going to be in and out
within 20 or 30 seconds. Its a quick process.
Speed is your friend, especially in a stage show. You dont want to be
boring people into a trance. Thats not much of a show. Choose the ones
that are responding the best, and then do your show. Thats all youre
doing. Youre not here to hypnotize the whole world. Thats more like Street
Hypnosis stuff, and we can come onto that later.
For the moment, were going to pick our subjects, go in quick, out quick and
its done. Make sense?
So what were going to do now is, again, what we did before but another
level. So youre going to go and find three people and zone them out 1-2-3.
What I want you to do is then just fractionate them. So bring them in, bring
the out. In, out, in, out three times- four times, just for the responses youre
Once thats happened, theyll then have a go at you and then you find the
next person, three people. You should no need more than, say, three
minutes for everyone to have their chance both ways, but Im going to be
generous and give you five, which means the pressures on in terms of
timing.We want speed. Off you go.
Is that easy? Its a no brainer, isnt it? Can I have a volunteer please?
Anyone? Okay, great. Come on up. Are you ready?
Yes, I am.
Okay, just sleep, all the way. Deeper, thats right, deeper. Thats it.
Good, deeper still, all the way, deeper, deeper. Then when I count to
three, eyes open, wide awake. 1-2-3 how are you feeling?
Sleep, all the way, deeper, deeper and deeper. Okay, great. Each time
you go, the deeper youll go. Every time we repeat this process, youll go
deeper and deeper still.What I want you to do is listen to the word sleep,
and youll instantly drop in a state as deep as this or even deeper. Nod
your head if you understand. Very good.
Okay, eyes open. And sleep, deeper, deeper, deeper still. Very good.
Arm out. Stiff and rigid. Stiff and rigid. Stiff like an iron bar. Feel the
energy flowing through it like an iron bar, like cement. Locking it tight,
licking it tight. Try and bend it and you cannot. Try and bend it. Take this
hand and try and bend it if you can. Try it. Hard. And sleep. Relax, all the
way down, deeper, deeper, deeper. Youre doing great.
Eyes open, wide awake. You did an awesome job. Well done. How do
you feel?
I feel very relaxed.
You did an amazing job with this one because now you fell from the inside
out. Give a nice round of applause.
Do you mind staying here for a second just for the mechanics? So were
doing exactly what we just did a moment ago, right? Now is it so much of a
stretch to just add something, like put your hand out there, make it strong,
make it stiff? Is that a difficult suggestion to present?
No? The words arent exactly going to be taxing on our brains, are they? All
right, I want a littlemore enthusiasm, guys.
No, Im afraid. Dont make me do this. Oh my God, please. All right,
remember, if nothing else the people youre working with right now will be
kind to you and theyll pretend anyways. So whatever happens, youll be a
success. Lets face it were in a training room. So you cut your teeth on
these sort of things, and then well start introducing, shall we say, more and
more wild scenarios so you can do it anyplace, anytime, anywhere.
By the way, essentially what you just saw happening here, will work in 90%
of the places you go to just like that. The minute you say, Im a hypnotist let
me show you something cool. Thats pretty much the standard response
you will get not always butmost of the time. Does that make sense?
At the moment were not really there yet, all we want is a couple of cycles of
fractionation to actually control it and just say, put it up here. Make is
strong, lock it tight. Whatever you want to say and then relax. Its already
happening, isnt it? Do you feel that?
Youre going to use your language to stimulate the imagination, stimulate
the unconscious mind to do things. So how can we stimulate it? What kind
of things can we say?
Lock it. Isnt that a word that just implies things? Make is strong. Feel it
getting stronger. Like cement, like concrete, like an iron bar. Like a lug of
wood. These are all metaphors, arent they, for things that dont bend very
well. Like your old primary school headmaster, you know, very stiff and
Come on. You can do better than that. That was at least worth something.
Thank you. All right, but do you see where were going with this? Its not for
me to dictate to you that these are the words you must say its irrelevant.
Its the idea that youre communicating to them, which is a stiffness or
rigidity, of things that are stiff and rigid in our day-to-day experience. Does
that make sense?
Any questions on that, or is that easy to do? Its easy to do, right? So go
around, again, three people at least. I want you to do the fractionation as
quickly as possible because were going to look for the stiff arm as quickly
as possible. Make sense? Thanks, James. Off you go.
Have you guys tranced each other out? I think theyre both out. They look
like, whos the hypnotist? I dont know. Am I? Are you? Whats going on
here? Good job. How do you guys feel?
Wasnt that easier than you thought?
Okay, so heres the thing. You guys are doing great because youre already
putting in your own you notice how your own unconscious mind is actually
providing the language for you? Each one of you sounds very different,
right? Thats what you want to have happen. I dont want to give you a
script because then youll get stuck, like what the hell did he say again? Oh
man, was it stiff and rigid or was it rigid and stiff? Oh Christ. Meanwhile,
theyre all going, what the hell is this about?
Invent Your Own Induction
It doesnt matter if you understand what youre trying to do. So were going
to have a little bit of fun with this now. What I want you to do now is I want
you to invent, create out of nothing, an instant induction, fractionate them
and put the hand out there and lock it up. Okay?
What do I mean by inventing? Basically, you can do anything you want.
Remember, the cycle is you induce some kind of shock or interruption of a
pattern of some sort. Then you just deepen when you say the word sleep
somewhere in the beginning of that cycle. Make sense? So, pretty much
anything can do.
Can I just borrow you a second, seeing as youre there?
Just look at me. Sleep, all the way. Thats it, good, deeper, deeper,
Do you see a little bit of a shock going on there? Not too much. Do you hear
the word sleep?
And deeper, thats right.
Is that easy?
And wide awake, eyes open. Good job. Well done. Sleep! All the
way, deeper, deeper, deeper.
You can go on all day long like this.
Wide awake, eyes open. Good job. This one is for real.
Give him a round of applause.
Heres the key. I dont want you spending more than 10 seconds on the
setup. So whatever it is youre doing, whether youre going to boink them on
the head please no knuckle sandwiches. Thats the wrong kind of sleep.
Whether youre going to boink them on the head, shake their shoulders or
pull their arm, or if youre going to kind of rock them back gently, whatever it
1. Make sure its safe. Your partner trusts you with their physical wellbeing,
so make sure its safe.
2. You spend no more than 10 seconds setting it up so that youre
going straight into the meat of it, which is the fractionation and a stiff
arm at the end of it.
Does that make sense to you, folks? Any questions on that?
Yeah, when youre pulling on someone, you dont have to be really forceful
or anything? But you just couldnt be real gentle, right?
We do not want force. It looks like its forceful, but its not. The reason it
looks forceful is because the person is can I just borrow you because
youre a big chap. Now I want you to just like tense all your muscles up for a
second. Just tense them up. Everything. Now if I shake here, do you see
how it doesnt look like much because hes absorbing all the shock because
theres tension and hes fighting it.
Now just relax. This is what all this was about. Lets just get him to relax.
And sleep, all the way, deeper. Good, deeper. Maintaining your own
balance now, go in deeper. Maintain your own balance. Deeper,
thats right. Your legs carry your balance deeper and deeper still.
You did a great job, as a result, of which of course, this exercise is
going to be so easy for you that its unreal.
For the rest of you, well, you missed out, didnt you?
Eyes open, wide awake. Good job. Well done.
Okay, give him a nice round of applause.
So I am not looking for any kind of physical violence because thats going to
get you sued and in jail, and someones boyfriend who you probably dont
want to have that kind of intimate relationship with.
What you want to do is take care of your partner. The, shall we say, drama
of it comes from your voice your voice can be strong and powerful from
them being relaxed. Does that make sense? If you start with their body
being physically relaxed, its must more dramatic. So that may be one of the
clues as to whatever you invent.
I just want you to invent something. If youve seen something on a stage
that youve always wanted to try out or know how to do, then do that. Do
your own version of that. If you read something in a book and you go, that
would be kind of cool, then do that. If you just want to make something up
off the top of your head, then do that instead.
What I want you to do is start using these basic principles and put them all
together into a nice little simple routine, which ends up with an arm locked,
stiff and rigid. Make sense? Are you ready for a little bit more, or is that
enough for now.
All right. So were going to do one more thing now. Were going to now
create a contrast, which is going to amplify the likelihood that youre going
to get that arm stiff. In other words, youre going to give the unconscious
mind motivation, more reasons for locking the arm out. Does that make
So were going to use this same pattern X Y to link the arm
getting stiffer, more rigid and not being able to bend to something positive
to them. Lets see, maybe making hypnosis easier? Being a great
hypnotist? Just feeling great? Wouldnt these be useful things?
So the stiffer their arm becomes, the better you feel. The better you feel the
more powerful you become as a hypnotist. So make that arm so stiff that
not even you can bend it so that you can actually trust your unconscious
mind to make you the best hypnotist in the world.
Now make it stiff and rigid. Feel better and better.
Do you see how were linking motivation for the unconscious mind in with
the actual result that we want? You dont have to do it, but its a very nice
little thing to add leverage and, of course, just make it a fun piece for them
too. Make sense? Any questions? Go and invent. Off you go.
Are you having fun with this?
Its pretty easy, isnt it? Isnt it weird? Whos seen this sort of stuff done
before by others? Whos kind of wanted to give it a go but were a little bit
timid? Like, oh, I dont know about this. Now that you know, isnt it a lot
easier. Its like, is that all there is to it? Well, the answer is yes, but youve
got to bear in mind that you know things. Youre looking for things that most
people arent, so your timing changes and thats really the crucial part.
Do you mind sharing the story you just told me about in terms of what
happened at lunchtime? Is that okay? I think this is just fun. Can we have a
microphone up here, please? I mean, this is just to bear in mind that this is
like lunchtime on the first day of training, and this is what happens quite
regularly when people do this. Go ahead.
Linda and I decided we were going to go out and do this. So I changed my
tag to say, Master Hypnotist. That way, I didnt have to tell people what I
was. They knew.
We went to a place and Linda said to this guy who was a masseuse and he
wasnt doing anything, she said Im a hypnotist and were taking this class,
I can relax you and give you a couple hours sleep in about 10 minutes
would you like it? He goes, sure.
She did the fractionation and did a couple of different things, and then after
she was finished with him, he was like, wow, thats incredible. Then I
stepped in, and he was still pretty in much state. I did the same thing again
to him. Fractionated him again a couple of times, told him he was going to
be great, he was going to do the best, he was going to actually get a lot
more customers and everything else.
Finished with him, dropped him out of it took him out and went about my
While we were doing it, there was another man sitting there saying, oh I
cant be hypnotized. I never could be hypnotized. It doesnt matter what I try
to do.
I looked at him and I said you know youre the best one because when you
say that, I can put you in deeper and better and quicker, and its no big deal
and Ill show it to you.
So anyway, meanwhile, the masseuse who we told would do better and
everything and he would go out and get more customers immediately got
one. He stands there and starts working on her, looks at Linda and goes
like this, thinking, yeah, I got it. I said to the girl, hes the best there is.
So long story short, this guy comes over to me who told me he had
problems, and we put him in, put him in. I kept fractionating him. I kept
doing whatever I was supposed to be doing. I kept doing it, kept doing it, in
and out, in and out. Open eyes, close them. I pinched his arm and brought
it up and showed his wife that he didnt feel anything. Then I did it again.
Then I told him he had insomnia and he couldnt sleep. So I told him when
you pinch your ear, youll go out and youll actually go to sleep. Youll go
deeper and youll feel better and better. I did it four times and the fifth time I
did it, I just looked at him and said, okay, go ahead, just touch your thing.
He touched it and he just fell over on me. His wife just looked at me.
Then we got the invitation. Youre welcome to come to Puerto Rico. Heres
my card.
Of course you are.
He said we will take you wherever you want to go.
He said well set up shows, well do whatever we got to do for you, but you
are my hypnotist, and youre coming to Puerto Rico.
Do you see what happens, guys, now when you go out there and start
using stuff.
He had a Rolex on. Im not quite as good as that, but Ill get there.
Well build up to that one, shall we?
The reason I want to share that with you is because this is really what
happens when you start embracing hypnosis as a lifestyle. Use it as a force
for good. I mean he wasnt doing anything abusive to this person, making
them embarrassed or anything like that. No. Hes giving them good stuff,
good suggestions about sleep, about having the customers and being
confident and so on, and look what happens?
This is what? Halfway through the first day? Isnt that insane?
We had a crowd around us.
Of course you did. It always happens. Heres the thing to think about, guys,
which is start doing it. How different was it out there than in here? Linda,
how much have you done before in terms of hypnosis?
First day, from nothing. You guys can do this. Its just a question of going
out there and doing it. Now Im not going to push you. Its up to you guys
when and where and how because youll find your own time.
When you do what weve been doing today theres no difference between
this and someone whos being paid $2,000, $3,000 or $5,000 to stand up
here and do a show. No difference given what you already know. So pat
yourself on the back, there you go.
How to Beat Shyness
So, we had a couple of people who were still nervous about the hypnosis
skills. Who were they? Come forward. Are you still nervous? Come forward.
Who else was nervous? Debra, come here. Wheres Debbie gone? Trying
to hide from us Debbie? Come forward. Anyone else. Everyone else is like,
no, I was going to be shy, but Im starting to change my mind. You as well,
What I want you to do is you guys just stand everyone make a line behind
these guys, please. Debbie, come forward. Form a line behind Debra,
Karen and, is it Matt? Just form a line behind them, folks. Just roughly
equal. Debbie, just separate yourself because you have separate lines. You
have one line and he has one line. Dont get greedy now. Dont steal his
Heres what I want you to do. You folks in the front just turn around and
face the people behind you. Youre going to put them in a trance in 10
seconds, and as soon as youre done, send them off, go to the back and
youll do the next person, all the way through. Go! Quickly, guys.
Do it again. Keep going. Youre doing great. The main reason for doing that
is just to show you guys that competence builds confidence. How much
more confident do you feel just after a few minutes of doing that? Its just
repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. It will drill in. So the
more you do it, the easier it becomes.
If any of you take a break after while, lets say you dont do it for a couple of
months I get nerves as well, because I havent done it for a while. But once
you start, its like riding a bike. Its there, so just repeat, repeat, repeat.
What I recommend you do is you treat this as a boot camp. When you are
done here at 9:00 tonight, rather than crashing out in bed, grab someone
and do another hour out there somewhere, preferably not in the Venetian.
Go to another hotel and destroy them.
Why? Ill tell you why. Because the minute you start doing it, even with
yourselves, you will start drawing a crowd just like, I think it was Jim who
said it a moment ago, youll draw a crowd. As the crowd gets drawn in,
youll some people going like this. Youll go up to them and go, come over
here, and youre in it. Its easy to do, but you need to practice and thats the
one thing, I cant do for you. Are you guys having fun with this?
Students: Yes!
Hypnotic Tests & Demos
Okay. So lets start getting into some suggestion demonstrations. These will
be useful when it comes to do doing a stage show for selecting volunteers,
also useful in Street Hypnosis to show some of the power of hypnosis. This,
of course, was one of them, wasnt it?
So lets play with a classic one.
Everyone just go ahead and stick your hands out in front of you. Clap
your hands together. Interlock the fingers. Turn the hand up so the
knuckles are facing the ceiling, and now open your fingers up.
Squeeze those hands. Open those fingers.
Now in a moment those fingers are going to start coming together.
Feel those fingers come together, like a magnet. Imagine the magnet
coming together. When those fingers touch, just close your eyes and
go into a trance, closer and closer. Feel those fingers coming like a
magnet, a force, pushing, locking, tighter and tighter.
When those fingers touch, just close your eyes. When those fingers
touch, and then close your eyes. When those fingers touch, just
close your eyes.
You guys rock. Look at you guys go.
And because your eyes are closed right now, deep and relaxing in
this comfortable state, it means that you can do this experiment so
easily with people. It takes seconds to do, and youll instantly see
who the quick responders are, who the good responders are and
who youre going to work them for a little while before you actually
start doing anything crazy or dynamic with them.
For now, just allow your hand to rest, return to your sides. Youre
eyes will only open as quickly as you can internalize how simple that
And it is simple, isnt it?
So heres what I want you to do. Just one-on-one for now, and well start
building into group stuff in a minute. Its just three basic steps.
1. Youre getting the hands out. Remember the compliance stuff. You
can make the shuffling steps if you want. Thats all good.
2. Hands out, hands together, lock hands, press hands. The pressing of
hands is important because if theyre hands are like this, this wont
work so well. You want their hands pressing together.
3. Quickly tell them whats going to happen. Fingers are going to start
coming together. Closer and closer like magnets drawing them.
Why? Because for most people, theyre not going to last out here for
very long.
Youre just going to use the same stuff, associate responses or reactions to
whats going on. Does that make sense to everyone? Is that easy to do? I
want you to spend no more than maximum a minute, but it really should be
about 30 seconds just running people through this.
Again, do one they do you and go find someone else. Just keep doing it
over and over again, until its second nature. Easy. Off you go.
Was that easy?
Now one of these suggestibility tests youre doing here or, I prefer them as
suggestion demonstrations, because theyre just showing the power of
hypnosis through demonstrations. This one is pretty loaded in your favor.
Why? Physiologically if youre squeezing your hands together, those fingers
will want to come together anyway. So its kind of loaded.
Its useful as a warm-up routine for people, but when you want to select a
good volunteer for a stage show, you want to make it increasingly more
difficult for people to succeed with these demos. Why? Any ideas?
You dont want everyone.
Yeah. You dont want everyone on stage. Theres like the whole audience
on stage and theres like one little grandma knitting in the background
going, thats nice dear.
Thats not the kind of show youre necessarily, going to want, so you get to
choose who you want to have. A lot of these pieces youll do just for the fun
or just to warm yourselves up, because youll feel more confident. But, in
time youll start doing more and more risky pieces precisely because you
want to be able to filter through whos really responding powerfully, whos
being okay and whod give the knitting needle to and say, just go ahead and
make some socks.
What were going to do now is were going to go through a whole bunch of
different suggestion demos like these that you can start playing with, and
well start building into a group environment so you can actually start feeling
like youre on stage. Wont that be something?
Lets start with everyone, hands out. Say, yes master. Only kidding.
See, I got them now. Oh yeah.
Hands out. I want you to imagine two magnets, two powerful
magnets in either palm. As you imagine, look at the space between
those palms and feel those hands coming together. They want to
come together, and they will come together. Theyre beginning to
move now, coming closer and closer together. Imagine it, feel it, let it
When those hands touch, close your eyes go deep in trance and
discover so many things about hypnosis, being fully balanced. Thats
right. Staying full balanced in hypnosis as you discover the power of
your own mind. Thats right. Imagine those magnets. Feel them.
There you go. Now its happening, coming closer and closer. Feeling
them closer and closer, drawing in closer and closer.
When those fingers touch, your eyes will close, your hands will drop
and you can go into a deep comfortable trance, totally in balance.
Totally balanced by your own legs, thats right. Deeper and deeper,
thats right. Those of you with your eyes closed right now, these
suggestions will go 10 times deeper. Those of you with your eyes
wide open you get to enjoy this for a totally different level.
As you stand there listening to me right now, your ability to be a
great stage hypnotist is going through the roof. Id like you to
visualize it right now. Imagine it. Think about you on the stage, how
good it feels and the thunder of applause. People coming up to you
afterwards shaking your hand, thinking what an amazing show that
was. See it, feel it and enjoy it now.
When youre ready, open your eyes and bring yourself back and that
good feeling can continue in the back of your mind all the way
through the rest of this training and probably the rest of your life.
So that one has no physical help involved. Thats purely based on
suggestion. You can do that with people?
Its no different from the stiff arm or this one really, is it? Okay, find a couple
of people. Do it. Off you go.
Woo. You guys are getting way ahead of the game. All I wanted was people
just to put their hands together and thats it. Its not rocket science, right?
Were Master Hypnotists.
Well, I know. Youre way ahead of the game! So far, so good, right. Give
me a little bit of space so we can just see your wonderful expression. There
you go.
The question that I have is, for somebody they can look at the arms and
then close real quickly, where others for me, its much better when I have
my eyes closed. But when you are making the pick, would you want to pick
someone that can do it with eyes open?
I dont care. All that matters is are they responding? The point is what are
they responding to? If your suggestion is, look between the spaces when
those hands come together, youre only sorting for the people who respond
the quickest to your suggestions, whatever they are.
So, were looking for the things you paid attention to this morning. Their
focus, how concentrated are they? How distracted do they get? Are they
beginning to sway a little bit? You sometimes see people literally doing this.
Do you think theyre ready to go? Its not rocket science. Its actually not
that difficult to spot the good subjects. Basically, whatever you choose, for
the stage version anyway, you only choose those subjects that respond the
quickest, most dramatically and so on, and you discard the rest. Not
because you cant make anything of the rest, but just because you dont
have to. Does that make sense to you guys?
What about you see some shows where they just simply ask for volunteers?
Oh, well come onto that.When it comes to the structure itself, you can do it
either way. You can just ask for volunteers, but you still have to test them
either way.
Up on stage?
Up on stage, yes. Just so you know. Just so you know who to choose.
And then you get the hard ones.
Yeah, pretty much. Then you get the hard ones and you just kind of get rid
of them along the way, just because thats how the show goes. Thats how
the show works. Dont worry. Were getting there. For now, are you having
fun with this? Is this is easy?
The Performance Mind
All right, lets throw some more classic things in, but before we start
throwing in some more of the classic suggestion demos, what I want to start
doing with you guys is actually preparing you mentally for an actual
There is a state of mind that will make you a great performer. Actually,
makes sure that you can spot everything thats going on and be in control of
the stage to have a good time with everyone and so on would you like to
learn how to do that?
Seeing as well be doing this standing up anyway, you may as well stay
Id like you to pick a spot on the wall up here somewhere. Perhaps
someplace where the light shimmers, something above eye level, focus
on it intensely. So intensely, in fact, that your eyes begin to water a little
bit perhaps because of strain or something like that.
The moment you begin to feel your eyes strain, I want you to relax your
eyes. Dont close them. Keep them open, but relax them and youll notice
your vision beginning to expand. Youll begin to see the sides and the
edge of the room, the gold of the wall, the blue of the floor, maybe in the
lights and the ceiling.
Let that vision continue to expand until it has a sense of wrapping all
around you and you know youve got it when your breathing shifts. When
your breathing shifts and is deeper and calmer, just raise your hand.
Meanwhile, allow your sense of expanding vision to continue. Once you
have that, allow your eyes to come down only as slowly as you can look
around the room maintaining that state. Your breathing doesnt change.
Your eyes still see the whole of the room, but you get to look around the
room slowly enough that you can still see the whole of the room. Go
ahead and try that out.
It should feel a little quieter inside your mind. This is your performance
state. As you look around and you make sure you can see the whole
room at the same time the edges of the wall, the floor, the ceiling
youve switched on your parasympathetic nervous system, the relaxation
When you are relaxed, its easier to see everything thats going on around
you. When youre relaxed as a performer, your best performances come
So why not relax and take that into your performance so you can see
everything that your subjects and volunteers are doing, whilst at the same
time just feeling that good feeling inside? And you do, dont you? Feel a
good feeling?
Did you enjoy that? So from now on, Im going to ask you that every time
you start an exercise, you start by getting that peripheral vision, and then
youre just talk them through the exercise and so on.
Does that make sense?
Youre going to train it into your neurology so when you stand up on stage
and you go, oh, youll just go, ah welcome to my show! Does that make
More Hypnotic Demos
All right, folks.
Maintaining that state, I want you to all put your hand out in front of you
like so. Take one hand. The right hand the one that most people write
with if your left-handed, its the other one, and turn it over so its facing
up. With the right hand facing up, I want you to imagine that the right
hand has a heavy bucket of sand in it, a heavy bucket of sand.
The left wrist has a bunch of balloons tied to it, a bunch of balloons lifting
up towards the sky, a heavy bucket of sand and a light set of balloons
lifting up on the other wrist.
Now I want you to pour water into that sand bucket so it gets heavier and
heavier and heavier still. Yet that wrist becomes lighter and lighter. More
balloons get out of it. Perhaps a swarm of butterflies comes tinkling in
between those balloons, lifting it higher and higher and higher still.
Meanwhile, your right hand is getting heavier and heavier, dropping down
lower and lower and lower still. Your left arm lifting higher and higher,
thats right.
When youre ready, just look around and notice the variation in response.
Pretty cool, huh? Now bring yourself out of trance, shake your hands out
and you are ready to rock n roll.
Is that easy? Again, were looking for a sequence of steps, just purely and
simply so that were getting compliance as we go along. Then just imagine
something heavy, something light, and create that contrast between the
hands. Its easy, isnt it?
Its so easy in fact you may as well play with your eyes to make that
distinction. In other words, that performance state, to lock into more as
youre doing it. Off you go.
Is this easy or what?
Its easy stuff. All right, so are you having fun so far?
Ooh, thats so close, on the line.
Everyone put your hand out in front of you, please. Clap your hands
together and interlock your fingers. I want you to start squeezing those
fists together, those hands together. Squeeze them tight. Look at the top
of your knuckles.
Do not look at me. Look at the top of your thumbs and do not look away.
Focus all of your attention. Squeeze those hands, tighter and tighter. Let
them become tighter and tighter still, tighter and tighter still.
The harder you squeeze, the more they lock. They more they lock, the
better you feel. The better you feel the tighter they become. Lock them
tight. Lock them down so hard that they will not open. They will not open.
No matter how hard you try, they are stuck. Locked tight. Locked tight.
Go ahead and try. Try to open those hands, and theyre locked tight. The
harder you try, the tighter they lock, and the better you feel. Thats right.
Very good. And sleep. All the way down. Deeper, deeper, deeper,
deeper, deeper still, thats right.
In a moment youre going to open your eyes, wide awake. This time,
however, youll find that this hand is just stuck to your head. 1-2-3 wide
awake, stuck tight. Stuck tight. Try to remove your hand. Whats going
Its not moving.
Its not moving.
Is that usual?
Does that happen often? But you are awake, right?
But that hands stuck? How does that work?
I dont know.
You know what? Lets try this. If you put this one here, perhaps this one will
release. This one must be stuck instead now, right? Because one has to
take the place of the other, right?Whats going on?
It wont move. Thats weird.
But youre feeling good?
Now heres a crazy thing.
In a moment, you find that hand will start to lift, but only as quickly as
you find it so hysterical that it happened that youll laugh and laugh and
laugh. Go ahead and try it.
There you go. As that hand begins to remove from your head, youll
laugh harder and harder. By the time that hand has actually unstuck
itself, you are laughing hysterically. Thats right.
And sleep. All the way down, deeper, deeper. Thats right, deeper still.
Another suggestion has faded from your mind, knowing that youve done
a great and amazing job. Thats right, an amazingly great job. You can
have that good revitalizing feeling knowing that your unconscious mind
did this, and you can do this with anyone. Feel that motivation. Feel that
sense of achievement that you can do this too.
Okay, 1-2-3 wide awake. Everyone, if your fingers are still locked just
release those hands and feel good.
How are you doing?
Im doing well.
Give her a nice round of applause.
You can do all this stuff. Well be coming onto this sort of stuff in the next
segment. I just want to start giving you a little bit of a taste of where youre
going with this. Its nothing different from what youve done already.
Are you looking forward to this sort of thing?
Go ahead.
Was there a particular reason why you chose her?
She was one of the fastest responders.
And you noticed that from the whites of her hands or whites of her
Yeah, it was partly from the other exercises we did before. We stacked
some of these just to watch different responses and, lets put it this way,
youve been in and out of trance all day long, so I could probably do it with
most of you in the room, pretty much off the bat at this point.
Earlier on, I noticed that she was responding much more quickly than the
rest of you guys. Plus theres the whole trance locking thing and so on. But
in terms of what you recognize and what you look for, well come onto that.
Experience will be your guide. Heres the crazy thing, guys. Once you get
onto this, which will be in the next segment. You dont necessarily have to
do it now, but if you want to do it, then feel free. Can we just have you step
aside a little bit? There you go. Can we have a microphone over here as
well, please?
Once you start doing this, believe it or not, what you want to have happen is
you want this to actually fail. Let me say this again. In this room right here,
what you want to have happen when we start getting into more of the
waking suggestion things, you want it to actually fail from time to time. Do
you have any idea why?
A couple of things, its so you can tell the difference between whos ready
and whos not. If everyones ready all the time, how are you going to know?
Well, you dont even have to think about that anymore.
Then you start developing that sense of what was different about this
person versus that person? You will have success in this room, guaranteed.
Its a no brainer. About at least half the people in this room will respond
quickly. Id say about eight to 10 people in this room; youll be able to do
that stuff just off the bat.
With some, it might not quite work out the same way. I mean some things
youll have better results with than others. You want to watch what happens
so you begin to build experience. Does that make sense?
Then its also a fact that if it doesnt work out, do you know what? No big
deal. Do you know why? Do you want to have a default that gets you out of
jail for any problem you get into? No matter how much you do this and it
fails and you go, oh my God, Im a bad hypnotist, do you want a get out of
jail free card?
Yes? May I borrow you for this? Its just failed, so what you do is you say; l
Look at me, and sleep, deeper, deeper, deeper. Now forget about all
that. Just fade it from your mind. Thats right. Let it all go, as you just
feel fantastic. In a moment, Ill count from 1-3, and youll open your
eyes feeling fantastic, having had a great time here. 1-2-3, open your
eyes and having a great time.
How are you doing?
Did you enjoy that?
Fantastic. Off you go. Thats it. Youre done. As far as everyone else is
concerned, its like, oh my God, the hypnotist just put him in trance and he
did stuff. You cannot fail if youre doing this especially on the streets. On the
stage, honestly, if it doesnt work out do you know what you do? You say,
thank you very much and good-bye. So either way you win. Does that make
sense to you guys?
Twin Minute Demos
So heres what I want you guys to do now. I want you to pick groups of four
people. All right, youre going to get in a group of four people. In that group
of four people, were going to have one being the stage hypnotist and three
people being the audience. Your audience it doesnt matter who it is,
guys. Just choose any random people.
The one who is the hypnotist will start by getting yourself in that state. Look
at your audience, and you have two minutes, only two minutes to do two
different suggestion demonstrations. Two different hypnotic or waking
hypnotic demonstrations this one, that one and this one, I dont care which
one it is. Two minutes to do both of them.
At the end of that, youll rotate and the next person does their two minutes
and so on. So the whole thing will take eight minutes tops.
Are you ready for this? Im going to ask you guys to keep time. In other
words, have one person be the official time-keeper in the group because we
do not want to waste time on the peripherals. We want to get into the show
and so on. So if you can do it fast, then you can start doing it slower and
really building it up if you need to. Does that make sense? Any questions?
Are you ready to do it?
All right, come on you guys. Are you ready to do this?
Off you go
How was that?
Who is starting to feel like a reach Vegas-style hypnotist? All right. Its kind
of getting there, isnt it? You guys are awesome. I mean we packed a lot
into this day, and we havent even come close to finishing yet. So I hope
you guys are feeling really proud of what youre doing because it is actually
really, really solid stuff.
Were learning all the mechanics today for the actual stage show, which
well be focusing on tomorrow. Can we have a microphone over here,
The key thing right now for you to start focusing on is the variety of
responses. Can you see different people reacting slightly differently? Some
a little bit more strongly, some a little bit more mildly, shall we say. By now,
most people will be a little bit more at the strong of the end of the scale, but
even so, you still have a bit of a range of responses.
I just want you to start noticing these things because its going to be an
important thing for you to look out for up here on the stage as a hypnotist
doing your work, selecting the right people for your show. .
Yeah, one thing I found is when the hypnotist was doing the thing, that has
a very strong suggestive effect, that just saying it, like you just did.
Yes. So just to emphasize, you, the hypnotist, are presenting the
suggestion at every level. If you say, stick your hands out or stick your
hands out, its a big difference, right? Imagine one hand so heavy. It feels
heavier and heavier. The other hand is so light.
Do you see whats going on, of course, is youre telling their unconscious
mind how to respond? If Im doing, so heavy, and so light, Im telling them
to do little things. Im say, so heavy, so light. Im already telling them how to
respond. Does that make sense? So its a great thing.
These are the tricks youll be picking up and be doing more and more of as
we continue through, especially the three days of the boot camp.
Any other questions or comments? What have you guys been learning so
far? I want a little feedback from you at this point.
Hypnotic Intent H+
For me, a little bit mostly is your H+ thing. Just believe it and it will happen
pretty much.
For example, you can believe that youll have to answer that phone call the
next time that happens, right?
I believe Ill turn it off.
So for those of you who are not familiar with the concept of H+, its
basically, this intense as I hypnotize and intense desire for the experience
to be positive. At that point, youre creating this wonderful little vibe that
people want to respond to by going into trance and whatever the
experience is that youre offering them.
This is something called hypnotic intent in some schools. Some people
dont even teach it. The idea is people respond to you at all levels. If Im
going to be like, okay go into trance now, there might be something slightly
wrong with the context its happening in.
Would you be feeling safe in someones hands thats going okay- okay,
okay, now go into a trance? It may not create the healthiest environment
where people want to create trust and that sort of stuff. So you need to
create that environment, and you do that by going there first.
Are you having a good time here, guys? Honestly?
If you will remember how good this feels the next time you try to hypnotize
someone, you feel that and you go, youre going to have the same
experience I did. Thats it. Thats all it takes. You all had it. You all come
from different walks of life, different countries and different professions. If
you can do it, everyone else can do it too.
Whether they do it right in front of you is really just a question of when and
where. Most people you meet, bam! Just like that. Its your attitude that tells
them this will work. So thats a key piece. Really, all weve been doing this
morning, the mechanics are pretty straightforward.
Really, the main thing weve been focusing on throughout the day today is
building up your enthusiasm so that H+, that hypnotic intent, shines out and
people go, yep, thats exactly what I want to do. My hand is stuck and I
guess thats whats going to happen. Go ahead.
So we are looking for those people who respond the quickest. Is that a
We can tell what percentage of the audience, when we are doing a show,
that will be the quick responders?
Absolutely. Quick is one of the tests youre looking for. Youre looking for
quickness and completeness, shall we say. So some people are quick and
go, yeah, thats good. Others are like, oh my God, this is so cool. Theyll be
very dramatic for your performance, but well get into that tomorrow.
In terms of percentages, the numbers stated in terms of a stage show is
one in five people will be a great subject for a show. So, basically, if you
have an audience of five people, youll know youll be able to do a show. Its
In public, its even better if youre talking about Street Hypnosis and stuff
like that. Well be talking a little bit about that later on today. Its even easier
because the ones that are interested will come in and go, wow, whats that?
So the context actually makes Street Hypnosis easier if you get the context
right. So yeah, youre looking for one in five. What we were doing, by the
way, just so you guys are aware, on the Sunday when you do your actual
shows, youre going to be doing shows in front of an audience of 30, 40 or
maybe 50 people, depending if youre inviting people to come down to it or
not. Its up to you. It doesnt matter.
Now most stage hypnotists will be afraid of doing that. I want to tell you this
right now. Dont be afraid. Its like, oh my God, I dont know if I can do that
in front of an audience because theyre looking for the odds. You guys will
be so well ahead of the game that it will be so easy for you. When you guys
come its like its no big deal. Whoever wants to come up, just come up? Ill
work with anyone.
So my ambition is to get you to the point at the end of these four days
together where youre doing stuff which most other stage hypnotists would
be afraid to do, but for you its a no brainer. I mean think about it. Just think
about what you just did there. How large was your audience just now?
Three or four people. No more than that. So youre already working against
the odds, and its still working. What the hells going on there?
Lets call a break here. Its now what time is it? Oh, we have a question
over here first.
Just a comment that while I was being hypnotized and the person had their
hand on my shoulder, I actually felt a vibration. He was actually nervous
and it generated throughmy entire body.
Right. So this is just part of getting used to it. As people get more used to it,
that starts subsiding and youll be confident and relaxed. Thats just
practiced repetition, basically, its good stuff.
DVD 4 Discover the Power of Waking Inductions &
How to Train an Audience
The Hypnosis Lifestyle
Hey, whats up, guys?
Whats up?
All right, were going to have a good time. Now were going to get a little bit
dirty, hows that?
Yeah. Lets do it.
All right. I have to keep it PG, so were not going to get too dirty, PG13. Ive
got to tell you a story about that real quick and then Ill go on.
I did a lot of shows in Salt Lake. I produced a show there years ago, where I
did it for 6 years straight every Saturday night. At the time, it was the
longest running comedy hypnosis show ever developed, Salt Lake City of
all places.
We had about 500 people a week that came to my show. So over the
course of time, I had the opportunity to hypnotize over 100,000 just right
there at the show, not counting all the corporate gigs that I got out of that.
Anyway, talking about this PG stuff, Salt Lake City was like that.
I started working in a lot of nightclubs, doing a lot of nightclub acts. They
approached me and said why dont you come and do a show in a theater. I
said no, I like to party I like to have a good time. You can go to nightclubs
and people treat you right. Do you know what Im saying? So, its a whole
different thing.
But then I thought about it, because they chased me for about three
months, really wanting me to do it. So one day I sat back and I said to
myself, I said self, its just an act. Were just actors, so why limit yourself to
what you can learn and what you can do.
So I said okay, maybe I cant say some of the things I normally say. Maybe
I cant do some of the things I normally do, but how can I stretch myself as
a human being and become something different so more people can have
an opportunity to helpme make more money.
I had to stretch and I did. I stretched. I went to this theater and said okay, Ill
do it, and it was PG. My show my PGG. Well, it was G+, PG17, yeah
because there were a lot of innuendos, so a lot of what you can do in your
shows is a lot of innuendos.
What I want to know right now and Im sorry that I was late. I just got a
call from Canada, they wanted me to come up there and do a show for
$5,000. So Im sorry that I missed out on part of this earlier, the stuff you
guys were doing. I say this to you because I want you to know what
All you have to do is walk away and when somebody calls and says we
want you to come to Canada, we want to give you $5,000 and of course,
well pay your expenses and everything else on top of that. Thats even
before you get there and then, of course, when you get there you make
more money right, because you have other things that you sell while youre
Then people want to see you for private hypnosis sessions, so you charge
them $500 for an hour. Its not too bad really. So you are learning
something here thats very cool and I think what youve been doing in the
last segment was a lot of hypnotic tests is that correct?
Somebody show me what you did.What did you learn?
We did suggestibility tests, practiced, the fractionation tests and practiced a
lot. We put someone in trance, bring them back and then put them back into
trance and the suggestibility, we did three or four kinds.
All right, so were on track then. This is good. Do you feel pretty good about
what youve learned so far?
Do you feel like youre professional hypnotists at this point?
All right, I see a few eyes going, working on it almost there. Give us a
couple more days. Im going to tweak your minds a little bit more.
Conversion Inductions
Okay, this is very cool. With your tests, how do you convert a hypnotic test
into a full blown hypnotic induction, I mean just drop somebody in a trance?
Should be have some fun and show you how this is done?
Im going to show you how we do this, were going to take that from there
and then were going to break up in to groups like we did earlier so you
have the opportunity to do the exact same thing, but do it very carefully. Im
not very gentle, but Ill try to be.
I need a volunteer up here.
Ill volunteer.
Whos that?
Did I have you up here before?
Are you sure?
I was up there, but you didnt put me into trance.
All right. Come on, Bill, right?
Yeah Bill.
Okay, give him some applause.
This is kind of like between demonstrational-type hypnosis doing street
hypnosis on the street and you can also use it when doing a hypnosis
show. Were going to go more into the structure of doing a complete show
later on tonight and tomorrow.
Heres a demonstration and I think for this one, you can do this. Lets just
do this.
Put your hands in front of you.
Should I take my glasses off?
Oh you can keep them on. I dont care.
I dont either.
Im fine because Im not going to smash your eyes or your face or your
Put your hands out there in front of you. Lock your hands together.
Squeeze your hands together as tightly as you can. I want you to
start your thumbs right there. Put them just like that. I want you to
squeeze your hands together as tightly as you can. Squeeze them
together, and make sure that your arms are locked and they are
Do you see what Im doing? I want to make sure that his hands are tight
and his arms are locked. They are glued and they will not come apart, so I
want to make sure that theyre tight. Im not going to fail I want to make sure
that the person Im working with has it all together. The person will not fail. I
will not fail. If theyre not obeying what Im saying, Im going to keep working
with them until they do.
So, when you as a hypnotist go out and begin working with people, theres
no place to slide, just keep moving through it and dont worry about it.
Make sure those hands are stuck tight, stuck tight, tight, tight, tight.
Make sure your hands will not come apart. Theyre stuck tight. Are
you sure theyre stuck there, Bill? Are you sure? Sleep.
Okay, so you can see in this instance how you can take a simple test like
that and you can turn that into an induction of any kind. Do you see how
that works? Its the same principle that we were talking about earlier.
Wide awake. Are you okay? Close your eyes. Im going to count to
three. Close your eyes. Im going to count to three, open your eyes.
This time youre going to be close your eyes.
Do you see how sometimes youve got to take these people and tell them
what to do?
Im going to count to three. At number three, this time your eyes are
going to be wide awake and youll be full of energy. Get ready. Here
we go 1-2-3 wide awake. Good. How do you feel?
Okay. Now, you can shock a person into trance and you can shock them
out. Did you see what I did? This is a backwards induction. Thats all it is,
its like giving a person a triple espresso in the brain. Its the same thing.
The mind is going, what am I supposed to do? Sleep! Wake up!
Do you see how we took that and converted that into a simple induction?
Hang on here, Bill. Are you awake, we have a question?
Ive heard that when you bring somebody out extremely rapidly that it can
cause headaches. Is that just a rumor or is it something we should be
worried about?
I think its a nasty rumor.
Really, okay.
I mean on the serious side of it, when youre working with anybody in
hypnosis, anything can happen and thats the truth. I mean, could it give
somebody a headache? Possibly. Have I ever done it? No. Have I heard
about it? Yeah, but normally that would happen if somebody is not using
hypnosis properly.
When you learn how to do hypnosis properly, youre not going to have
those problems. Now, lets say that he did. For example, lets say that I said
wide awake and he goes oh, Ive got a headache. What are you going to
Put him back in?
Maybe, I dont know. You can simply say that, but my thing would be
because listen, Im a concerned, compassionate human being. First, you
must care about your subjects at all times. Be a decent human being. So
first, Im going to say Bill, youve got a headache, okay? Can you give me a
headache? Okay cool.
Youve got a neck ache? Far out okay, good. Have you ever had neck
problems before?
No. Just since I yanked you? Okay, cool. So there are no other reasons
why you would have a headache or a neck ache, right?
Okay, good.
Whiplash. Okay, so youve got whiplash because of me. Okay, cool. He
doesnt really have whiplash. Were role-playing here, but do you see what
Im saying? I want to ask because first, if theres a medical condition thats
underlying whats going on with the person, I want to know if theres a
medical condition going on.
Barring that, typically if somebody has a headache or something like that, it
could just be because oh wow, the re-orientation was so rapid that the
blood just went to their head very quickly. So I might just say
Just take a deep breath. Just close your eyes. Just relax for just a
second. Close your eyes and just relax. Good. Here you go. In a
moment, Im going to count to three and on number three, open your
eyes feeling nice and relaxed. Your head is calm and clear.
Everything feels fantastic in every way. Here we go. 1-2, nice and
easy now and then 3, open your eyes. Your head is nice and clear.
How do you feel now?
Okay, good. Thats a real simple way to do that. If they still have a
headache when you do, I would do the same thing again. If they still have
one, were going to talk about that Saturday when I talk more about how to
do hypnotherapy, because there may be a time when youre a stage
hypnotist that you need to apply your skills as a hypnotherapist.
Does everybody here have hypnotherapy skills?
Who here does not have training in hypnotherapy? Raise your hands.
Some of you do not. Lots of material back there thats going to teach you
good stuff. Igor has some classes coming up and Ive got training, so there
are all sorts of things where you can learn. Get yourself competent in it to
feel really good about it.
That said; Im going to teach you some cool mini-hypnotherapy techniques
that you can utilize when youre working with somebody if that ever
happens in a stage show.
Are there any questions on the conversion there? What I want to do is I
want to break up into groups, and I want to show you guys how to do this.
Notice something too here, you dont have to leave right now. Lets just
say I just grabbed this guy off the street and Im just doing this street-type
hypnosis or demonstration or even if Im on stage with him. Notice that Ive
always got my arm on him. Im always holding onto the guy or the lady.
Why? Because I want to make sure that theyre not going to fall. I want to
make sure that I have got all their needs taken care of.
Thats your role, as a stage hypnotist, a demonstrational hypnotist, the
street hypnotist, or just as a human being. When youre working with
another person, please take it seriously. Ive seen people get hurt by bad
hypnotists who dont know what theyre doing.
Ive been doing this for over 25 years and trust me, Ive seen hypnotists
who say that theyre hypnotists who have been doing this for 20 or 30 years
and I sometimes I have to choke. I just wonder, what is your point why are
you doing this? I dont say that to build myself up, but to let know that its
really serious stuff going on here.
You can have a seat, thanks, Bill. Give Bill a round of applause and make
him feel good.
If youre working on multiple people how do you take care of all of them?
When Im working on multiple people in a stage setting? You take one times
10 and you multitask. Youre multitasking. When youre working with a
group, instead of one person youre just working with a group. When youre
doing in stage presentation youre working for two different audiences.
Youre working for the people out here and then youve got your subjects up
here on stage.
Youve got to keep your eyes on all these people up here and watch what
theyre doing, and you have to keep your eyes on the audience, so youre
playing to two different audiences. Youll learn in time how to control this
and hopefully, youll learn enough of that this weekend that youll feel
confident with that.
Youre going to feel really confident doing it by going out there and just
doing it. I cant stress that enough upon any of you is that you just have to
go out and do it. Get your feet wet and go do it. Knock on doors and well
talk about how to knock on doors and get yourself into gigs where you can
go and do it.
One of the things that I was very lucky in also was before I began doing a
lot stage work and I taught hypnosis at a local college for four years too.
That was cool because at the college, I had 50 or 60 people in my class
three nights a week, so I got to do a lot of cool stuff. It really helped me to
hone my skills of speaking to people and doing demonstrations with people
Im going to show you and Igors going to show you. Were going to show
you the simple way to get good subjects with no problems up on stage so
that your show is successful. A group is not different than one you just work
with more people.
Let me show you one more of these tests and then were going to break up
into groups and were going to do it. I need one more volunteer out here.
This one were going to do sitting down. Lets say that youve got somebody
on stage and hes sitting down. Because oftentimes, you want to get a little
playful with people, its what you do youre a performer. You guys are
performers. When youre on stage, youre there for one reason and thats to
perform, its to give the audience a show.
Yeah, they come to see all their friends get hypnotized because its kind of
cool, but you know what? Who are they looking at? Theyre looking at you.
They want to know that you are awesome. Theyre going to be watching.
Theyre going to look at your hair. Theyre going to look at your clothes.
Theyre going to smell you. Everything about what you do. Keep that in
mind. Theyre there to see you, nothing else.
Train Your Audience
How are you doing, Steven?
Pretty good.
Good. Have you ever been hypnotized?
Very cool. Of course you have been. Lets just say that Stevens up here
and hes part of the show and lets say that I just started the show and I
want to do a test with one person. Sometimes Ill do that Ill just do a test
with one individual. Why? Can anybody answer that question for me before
I even answer it?
Why would I do that? Why would I do a test with just one person in front of
everybody before I begin?
Maybe you spotted him beforehand, and you already know hes going to be
a flopper.
Oh, so are you suggesting that me, the highly competent professional
hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist whos hypnotized over a million people is
trying to set up somebody in the audience to come up here to make sure
that I dont screw up?
Im not saying that you planned it. Im saying that you like to make things
easy on yourself and might have already said that guy right there is going to
Okay. Im going to hold onto that thought. Im going to answer this for you
guys. Im going to answer it. Yes?
Im thinking maybe youre trying to show people how simple it is, how
simple it is to do, that its not going to hurt anybody, its going to be fun,
theyre going to be relaxed and it will make them want to be more
cooperative. Thats what Im thinking.
Very good. Anybody else have an idea on this? Okay, right here?
Is it to show other people how to respond?
Wow, I like that one! Show other people how to respond. Anybody else
have an idea?
To build credibility.
Build credibility for who?
For the audience, so they know that youre a confident, competent
Thats a good one too. Say that again, louder Im what?
Hows that for a waking suggestion? Say it again.
You probably spotted something, maybe hes faking
So you think I probably spotted something. Let me tell you something,
99.9% of the time Im on stage, theres a big bright light on me. Do you
know why performers oftentimes wear sunglasses? Not because they think
theyre cool, but because the lights are so bright it hurts your eyes. I wear
them oftentimes on big stages because, number one, you cant see the
audience anyway.
I cant see the audience. Its pretty dark out there, so Im usually flying by
the seat of my pants. I wear glasses sometimes when I start because its so
bright it hurts my eyes until the lights go down. Do we have one more
person with a thought on this?
To start hypnotizing the audience so you can better subjects when you call
for volunteers.
Thats a good one. Well, let me answer that for you because all of you were
partially right. You were the most right. I want to show everybody else how
to respond. I really do. I dont really care if its somebody whos a flopper,
because honestly, when I first began, I wanted to do that. I wanted to know
who they were.
Its like Im not taking any chances. What if this person is resistant, how are
you going to deal with that? You want to do a show and if all the sudden
you dont get this person hypnotized, theyre looking at you like, what the
hell you doing? All the sudden, you start sweating. Its like oh boy whew,
this is not good. Wow. Everybodys looking at you and youre just going, oh.
It just shows up all over you, and its not a good thing.
But now, you are learning to become competent, confident professional
stage hypnotists, the best in the business, right?
You have the skills to just walk right through that. So I dont really care who
it is, because even if the person does not respond the way that I think that
they should, Im going to teach them how to do it pretty quickly.
I dont have a problem with that. Ive been doing this long enough that I
know that some people just need some quick training. Its not a big deal,
and thats the difference between an amateur and a professional.
The professional will take everything, even resistance, as an opportunity.
Even if he has to take five minutes to teach the audience what hypnosis is
and what its not. Because oftentimes, when a person does not go into
trance its because you have not done your job properly to explain to them
what hypnosis is.
How are you doing?
Im doing great.
Hey listen, before we even begin this, lets do something.
Put your hands out in front of you. Okay, this is pretty cool. Put your
fingers just like this. Okay.
I dont really use this, but do you know what this is? Have you guys done
Did you? Hows it work?
Magnetic force. Ive got some land.
What I want you to do is just look at those two fingers. Get ready.
What were going to do is Im going to count from 10 down to 1, as I
do those fingers are going to draw together. Theyre going to close.
Theyre going to squeeze the other so tight, just like theres a vice or
a magnet just pulling them together. Squeeze them together.
Look at them right now theyre starting to move together right now.
10 theyre getting closer and closer. 9 theyre going closer and
closer. You can actually feel them coming together, just like a vice is
tugging on them, turning them, getting them closer and closer. 8-7-6
theyre getting in there closer and closer. They want to squeeze
together. They want to touch. When they touch, your eyes will close
and youll just go into a deep trance 5-4-3-2-1, just sleep.
There are so many different ways that you can do this and turn it into an
induction. Is this making sense? Any kind of a test can be turned into an
induction. You are limited only by your own creative imagination nothing
more, nothing less.
Psychology of Demos
Were going to teach you some very good solid foundational skills that you
can learn and use. Feel free to take what you learn and build on it. Be
creative. Your feet are stuck together. Put your fingers on your ears they
wont come off they stick tighter and tighter. The more you try to pull them
off, the tighter they stick.
Why does that suggestion work does anybody have an idea?
You can open your eyes and pay attention.
Youre telling him to hold onto it, but then youre also telling him to take it
off, so its a conflict of suggestion.
Can you elaborate more on what that conflict would be?
Well, hold it tighter and tighter, but try to let them go is not letting them go.
Its just to try, so what youre doing is giving them two different suggestions.
Ill expand on that more, later. This is very important. When youre doing
suggestibility tests and youre turning them into an induction, I want you to
understand what the psychological behind this is.Why does it work?
If I tell somebody that their hands are stuck, try to pull them apart and they
stick tighter and tighter, why does that work?
Its just that, as they said, its a conflict of interest. Youre telling them hold
tighter and tighter and then youre telling them to try, which is to feel.
Thats interesting and I need to expound on that and make that even
clearer. Because listen, people are going to ask you why it works. You dont
have to tell them, but you need to know yourself why things work, because
you guys are the competent professional confident stage hypnotists.
You have got to know this inside and out, why these things work. Youve
got to be able to explain it, to know this in your sleep with your eyes closed,
driving down the road.
Its just that you overload by just saying words, it doesnt matter if its pulling
or holding the ears it just overloads the mind.
Interesting concept, but thats not it.
Its the weaker part of the sentence which is causing the brain. Basically, as
he said, to try is to fail, so using the weaker part of the system is going to
make it to where theyre not going to be able to let go.
Do I hear you saying that you respond to the stronger part of a suggestion
or sentence if the opposing part is weaker?
Oh, okay very good. If you guys dont know that, there is a DVD back there,
How to Hypnotize Anyone at Anytime. Get it. Learn it. Study it. Its all on
there, okay. Lets go onto the next thing.
Its pretty much part of the confidence game. In other words, giving that
person the confidence and yourself that that will happen.
Is that
No. You can say that, but thats not true. Do you see what I just did? I kind
of tricked her did you all notice that? But the professional just keeps going
and just makes it part of the show.
You just walk right through it because thats also part of it. It you move and
something happens, you just keep going with the flow. Performance is an
art. When youre being a stage hypnotist, trust me, it is an art. Youre a
performer youre up there to perform. Its an art and a craft. Youve got to
work on it. Youve got to hone it. Youve got to shape yourself. Trust me on
this. It is so cool once you do it.
You guys are actors. This is all an act. You have to build your persona of
who do you want to be. Who are you? What do you want to be? Hallucinate
the possibilities and be it. What have you always wanted to be on stage? If
you could be anything you wanted to be, what would it be? Its something
you could think about for a couple of days.
Someone just gave me some information, which is really weird. He was
telling me that when sobriety tests
Sobriety tests?
yeah, he was telling me that
Was it a police officer?
yeah. When a police officer tells you to walk here, theyre controlling you.
Put your feet together and try to walk that straight line, its almost like
theyre putting that person in a hypnotic trance. The harder they try to walk
that line, the more likely they will fail.
You can always just refuse the test.
I mean the worst theyre going to do is yank your license for a year anyway.
Then if you get a good attorney, youll probably beat the rap anyway..
Im still not sure I understand why that works if you tell somebody to stick
something to a wall or hold your ear and it wont come lose. What are the
mechanics of that? Im not sure I understand why that works.
Okay. Squeeze your hands together. Watch.
Make your arms stiff and rigid. I want you to squeeze your hands
together, squeeze your fingers against the back of your hands.
Squeeze them as tight as you can. The more you squeeze them
together, the tighter they lock. Try to pull them apart, they stick
tighter and tighter. Try to pull them apart, they stick tighter and
You respond to the stronger part of the suggestion, if the alternative is
weaker. Try to pull them apart, they sticker tighter and tighter. The mind
takes that stronger part at the end and says, got it. Now if a person loosens
their hands for any reason, I just go wait a minute, listen very carefully to
what Im saying. Squeeze them together, make sure those hands are
locked, they are glued, they are stuck tight and Ill keep working on them.
Thats the psychology behind that. Were going to go on and do some
Its challenging.
The professional hypnotist does not take a challenge. If somebody comes
up to me and says, I bet you $1,000 you cant hypnotize me. Id say youre
right. Then if somebody comes up to me and says go ahead and hypnotize
me, see if you can do it. Ill say okay, $1,000. To me its like theyre coming
up and just being smart asses to begin with. So its like, do you want me
hypnotize you okay, its $1,000 its that easy. Ill be happy to, but youre
going to pay me for it.
So basically, there are cases that you just cant the psychology
You can, but why do that? Why put yourself in that position, because thats
nothing more than somebody who wants to be a bully? Why not just diffuse
the situation and make a joke out of it. Yeah, Id love to do that just give me
$1,000 Ill help you with that.
Youll get people at shows that will do that. Theyll come up to you and
theyre drunks, theyre just obnoxious people. You have to learn how to deal
with these obnoxious people. So you can do it that way or of course, you
can have some big bouncers and just say get them out of here. Ive done
that many times. You get all sorts of crazy people. You work in a bar you
know what crazy people are like.
Ive done this for 20 years the best thing to do is have your patrol. Next
rounds on me boys get them out.
There you go. I wouldnt buy them a drink though. All right, thank you sir.
Lets do this. You dont have to move your chairs, but I want you to just grab
the person next to you and move your chairs together. Turn them together
face-to-face two, four, six. If you dont have a partner please find one.
I want you to practice this. Lets do the hand lock to induction. You got that?
Squeeze your hands tighter and tighter. Make sure your arms are
stiff and rigid as a steel bar. Make sure their arms are stiff and rigid
as a steel bar, and their hands are locked tight. They are glued and
they will not come apart. Your fingers are stuck against the backs of
your hands. They are stuck. They are glued. You cannot pull them
apart. No matter how hard you try, they stick tighter and tighter.
You watch those people. Make sure those hands are stuck tight. You make
sure those arms are stiff and rigid and they will not bend. If a person goes,
ahh, you go no stiff, rigid and powerful. You have got to be forceful.
The stage hypnotist is a very commanding individual. They dont take guff
from anybody. You cant. Its just the nature of the performance. So you
really want to do that. No matter if you want to be a comedy hypnotist, a
serious hypnotist, a dramatic hypnotist or a very suspenseful type hypnotist.
Look at me now and do not look away.
Im in Dubai, right? Theres this Italian guy up. He looked like a Mafiosa.
You saw that picture of him, Liz. He comes up to me and starts talking this
Italian thing. He goes, you stuck Italiano. Okay, look into my eyes. Breathe
in deeply. Sleep. Oh, look at him everybody. Make him feel good hes on
the floor. So you can go into all these different things. Youre a showman,
show woman or a show person. Dig it. Have fun.
Your hands are locked. Once you get that done, take it and turn it into
induction. Once youve got them like that, just grab their arm and say,
sleep. Then just bring them down. Go for it.
Waking Suggestions
Let me ask you guys, do you feel more confident now than you did five
minutes ago?
Im telling you, man this stuff is wild. The possibilities are endless and the
things that you guys are going to be doing when you leave here today will
blow peoples minds.
Now, Im going to call for some questions later when we get done with this
segment, but I want to move on with what Im doing right now. So if
everybody would do me a favor right now.
Take your hands and put them in the air. Put them down. Lift up your
right foot. Put it down. Lift up your left foot. Put it down. Go like this.
Turn them over. Everybody say ahh.
Okay, now heres my question.
Everybody stand up. Everybody sit down. Stand up. Sit down.
All right, what on Earth am I doing? I need you to raise your hand and Ill
give you a microphone, thats the rule of the room. Right there is a guy.
What on Earth am I doing?
Youre doing compliance entrainment.
Compliance entrainment.
Youre teaching them to follow your commands without thinking about it.
Okay. Could be, but I want to move into the language of the stage
hypnotist. But thats pretty technical, I like the way it sounds.
It makes me sound like Im a dog trainer. Anybody else want to take a shot
at that? Were going into the language of the hypnotist.
I was going to say compliance testing or compliance conditioning? Youre
conditioning them to respond to you.
Conditioning them to respond. Okay, that could be. Anybody else want to
take a stab at this?
Getting used to what youre saying suggestively?
Okay, thats interesting too. Heres one right over here.
Youre getting audience involvement.
Audience involvement, I like that too that sounds pretty good.
The thought that came to me is that you are positioning yourself as the one
in charge, the one in control, the leader and what you say goes. Up, down,
round and round.
Bad ass, mo fo, boy. You can be whatever you want.
Youre creating group rapport.
Creating group rapport. I like that too. Very cool. In the hypnotic world, we
call it simply waking suggestions. Youre all correct compliance. I try not
to use that kind of word so much, even though thats really what were
doing. We do not to create the group psychology and get everybody doing
the same thing and complying.
It helps to build more fun with the audience. It helps to build more fun for
you as the performer. If you get everybody involved doing the same thing
and it makes it easier when you get to that part where youre going to grab
one or two people out and do some demonstrations. Yes, youre going to
look for the person whos happy about responding.
Take all these things into consideration. The stage hypnotist, his mind is
always turning, churning and whirling around. Hes multitasking,
multiplexing, maybe ADHD a little bit. Hes always looking at things that are
going on with everybody, noticing whats happening. He looks at the eyes,
the nose, the ears, the mouth, the breath, the clothes, the way a person is
leaning one way or the other up or down, what theyre wearing, are their
legs crossed or are they wide open. He wants to know everything.
You are an observer of human beings. This is your job. You have got to
watch everything. No different for those of you who have done it in clinical
work. If youve done clinical hypnotherapy at all, you know that as a clinical
hypnotherapist, you have got to become your client, right. You have got to
become your client. To become your client, you have to simply become like
your client. If you can become like your clients, you can read their minds.
If you can become like your audience, you can read your audience because
as a performer, all these tests that were doing are to bring the audience to
you. Youre bringing them your way and thats the biggest role of the
performer, is man what if Im losing these guys, what if Im really screwing
up? The act is going wrong and Im not getting what I want. Ive got 15
people on stage and Ive only got two people left. Oh no, what am I doing to
So youve got to work hard to keep everybody up there that you can, to get
the audience involved. Youve got to work. Youve got to keep them coming
back. How do you keep them in the palm of your hand? Thats what you
want to do. You want to keep them in the palm of your hand. Theyre yours.
They become butter in your hands. Theyre clay and you mold the audience
like you mold the subjects. You mold everybody. Its what you do.
Do you think you can do that?
Wow! Some of you are going I dont know, man I think I just got in over my
head. How many of you are going, oh no? Anybody out there going uh oh?
Thats cool, just remember, you dont have to do what I do, you just have to
do what I say. Be yourself in whatever it is that you do. Thats really the big
key to it.
Youre not going to be like me or anybody else. Be yourself. Be your own
genuine, authentic self on stage and thats the only thing thats going to
need to come across. Youve got to let the show be your soul. Youve got to
put your soul into it. When you do that, then it becomes real. It becomes an
art form. Then you can do waking suggestions. You can do tests. You can
do inductions.
When people feel that you are real and genuine and youre just having a
good time, no matter how you present it, then youre just your real authentic
self thats the biggest suggestion of all.
What is a waking suggestion?
When you talk about waking suggestions in the hypnosis show, it begins
with you; when people see you. So, my first experience thats a waking
suggestion, they look at it and they go I think this guy is serious. Theres
something about that that just looks real I think he might be the real deal.
He might be a stage hypnotist. I can tell by the way he presents that hes
not messing around.
You do the same thing. The hypnotic thing begins with your promotion of
who you are as a human being. It could be on the Internet or it could be
posters for your show. Does that make sense? When you walk down the
street, are you a hypnotist? Who are you? These are things that go on in
your mind, but theres a time, of course, when you just turn it all off
because, of course, you cant be a hypnotist all the time. It gets just a little
bit nutty.
It gets really nutty and can become overwhelming, especially if you have
the opportunity and someday you will have the opportunity to travel to
places where they take very good care of you and youll be like this
celebrity where everybodys looking at you because youre all over the TV,
radio and newspaper. You cant go anywhere because everybody knows,
hey, arent you its you. Yes.
Pretty soon you kind of go, I just want to go to the beach. Put on the
sunglasses and hat and disappear. When you get to do that, then its kind
of cool. Its kind of fun.
So the suggestion begins with your promotion of who you are as a person
in your show because thats why youre here to do shows or promotions.
Whether you want to work on the stage, in a theater or nightclub, whether
you want to do corporate gigs or whether you use it to hone your
demonstrational skills in your own business for a group of people to excite
the imaginations of your clients by doing demonstrations in getting a little
compliance going there.
So you get these yes sets that are going on because you want to build
rapport with everybody and a waking suggestion continues. It continues
with your promotion on your video with your photographs, with your own
presence. When people come to your show, the suggestions continue. Your
show in the showroom or, however, you present that you want it to look
elegant and cool.
You have the stage setup, you have your chairs, youve got speakers,
youve got a technician back there working and youve got a crew. This all
says, I think this is serious. Its all put together pretty well. I think we should
pay attention to this.
These are all indirect suggestions. An indirect suggestion is also a waking
suggestion. When you go to a doctor and the doctor says oh, you look
terrible. Thats why you dont go to doctors.
Street Hypnosis Gift
How many of you were at the one-day training that I did I think it was in
November over at Lowes? How many of you here? When I was here with
these guys, remember we did the handshake?
You looked awful.
How does that work?
Its wonderful.
Yeah. Please stand up. So say again. You were at Lowes and what
happened, what was the suggestion.
You were in the class, and you were teaching. In fact, we walked out and
then remember that little yogurt place? It was an awesome place. We went
there and poor little girl, she just looked awful tired. Basically, he showed us
how us, hey, how are you doing? Oh, my God, you look awfully tired. Youre
holding their hand and you go, how would you like to feel and have a lot of
energy right now? Wouldnt that gift feel good to you? He talked us through
the whole then.
Then youre just shaking their hands and on four, you close their eyes and
make them feel really good and then wake them back up. Boom! Hey, dont
you feel great? Isnt that awesome. You did wonderful. Theyre like oh yeah.
So it was cool. We tried it aWal-Mart and they wanted to kick us out.
In fact, I think that is so coolthere are only a handful of you that know that
Im going to teach the rest of you that right now. Its a very cool waking
suggestion and its a good way for you to practice your demonstrational
skills out there on the strip tonight, out there in the rooms in the casino. Try
not to do it to the guy flipping cards. Somebody will grab you by the back of
the neck and then youll be in this room where people are beating you to a
bloody pulp.
I would suggest not near the gambling.
Thats what Im talking about right there, they take it pretty seriously. Just
like you are taking it seriously when youre a stage hypnotist, right? Those
guys out there mean business and theyre known to thump you.
I need a volunteer up here please, with this waking suggestion. Yeah, come
on up here. Eric, how are you doing?
Very good.
Where are you from?
Oh yeah, we talked on the Internet, didnt we? Thats right. Okay. Good,
cool. One of the reasons I picked you is because its a long flight, right? Is
the jet lag going down a little bit?
I thought you looked kind of bad. No, so I want to help you because if I can
show you a way to feel a little bit better in less than a minute, youd like that
wouldnt you?
Are you getting this? Listen to what Im doing. Watch. Hes got jet lag. You
got jet lag you look awful. Youve got to be tired. I know I just got back from
Dubai. Its the same kind of a trip, maybe about six hours more, but its jet
Yeah, I can see that.
You can see that in me?
Youre jetlagged.
Im jetlagged.
Wow, you feel how he turned that around on me. If I could show you a way
to relax in less than a minute, youd like that wouldnt you?
Heres what Im going to do. Im going to take your hand and Im going to
shake it four times 1-2-3-4 just like that. The first time I shake your hand,
your eyes are going to want to close down, and thats fine.
The second time, theyre going to feel heavier. The third time, just close
them down all the way and the fourth time, just relax completely. Very cool.
So what I want you to do right now is first, take a deep breathe in
and exhale. Thats very good. Take another deep breath in. Good.
The first time I shake your hand, your eyes are going to begin to
close down. The second time, go ahead and let them begin to close
down. Thats it. Close down all the way. Just relax completely. Thats
it all the way down.
Im going to talk to the audience while Im sitting here swinging your
arm around.
What Im doing is Im telling him exactly what to do. So pay attention
because what Im doing is Im also, as Im doing this, I want to make sure
that hes loose, limp and relaxed just like an old wet rag, like an old doll.
Okay? If this arm is still tight, Im going to still work it out and say there you
go, just relax it all. Just let it go.
Now, why do I say take some deep breaths? Because
Breath is the key to relaxation.
Relaxation is the key to suggestion.
Suggestion is the key to hypnosis.
So now weve got him nice and relaxed. This is what I like to do. You walk
up to the person this is just waking hypnosis nothing more, nothing less.
You can turn this into an induction. Basically, its already an induction. Hes
already gone. You just say good, just sleep, all the way down.
Then, of course, your leg is always braced back here your back leg
because you dont want him to fall over. No matter how little you are, you
just use that back leg as leverage. Just tighten it up so youre always there.
Of course, if youre a guy or gal, make sure youre not getting whacked
because it just doesnt look good. Its inappropriate, so I say it in jest, but at
the same time, this is a serious thing too.
You want to make sure because if something like that happened, it could be
misconstrued, and you just dont want those kinds of ramification, especially
if youre in a foreign country that really looks down on things like that.
In a moment, what I want you to do is go inside your body and find a
place that is very calm and relaxed, just put it right there in your
stomach. Find a place in your life, put it right there in your stomach
and put your hand on it please. Good.
Take another deep breath into that. Good. Im going to count to
three. On number three, open your eyes, bringing back that
wonderful feeling, feeling relaxed and comfortable in every way.
Here we go 1-2-3, open your eyes, all the way back. Now take a
long, deep breath. Fill up your lungs and stretch.
How do you feel? Wonderful! Okay, did you guys see that? Lets break up
into groups and lets do that little experience right there. This is called
waking hypnosis. Again, the waking hypnosis, I want you to take it from that

into an induction. Did you guys see how I did that? Do I need to show you
Okay. Have a seat. Ill take one more person very quickly. Sure, come on
up. Its the same thing. Find somebody. Oh, you looked stressed out. This
is what you do. You walk up to somebody this is a waking suggestion,
and this works very good if youre out there and you walk into a restaurant
or into a store. People are stressed out to the max. Theyre overloaded and
overstimulated with everything thats going on out there.
If I could show you a way to relax in less than a minute youd like that,
wouldnt you?
Of course you would. So heres what Im going to do. Im going to take your
hand and shake it. Im going to shake your hand four times.
The first time I do, your eyes are going to want to close down.
The second time, your eyes are going to want to close down even further.
The third time, just let them close down, and
The fourth time, just relax completely.
What I want you to do is take a deep breath in and exhale.
Now remember, I have a person breathe, because breath helps you to
relax. You get oxygen into the brain and the brain goes ahh, yes. Now if you
are a smoker, smoking doesnt relax you, the deep breathing does. A little
tip from the hypnotist.
Take another deep breath in now and exhale. Good. The second
time I shake your hand, your eyes are going to want to close down
all the way and the third time, just close them down all the way.
Good. The fourth time, just relax completely. There you go.
Do you see how we do that? Its very simple. Good.
Relax all the way down. There you go.
You can do this during class, but dont do this out there with people on the
strip that you might have somebody smack you, but here in class you can
do it because everybody knows that were doing hypnosis. So practice it
here in class. I mean you can do whatever you want. Im not here to tell you
what to do.
Good, now just sleep all the way down. Way down. Good. Nice and
relaxed. Good.
Theyre already there. Youre just saying good, now just let it go all the way
and just sleep. You can do it anyway that you want to.
On the count of three, open your eyes feeling fantastic. Before I do,
standing up straight, I want you to go inside yourself, and I want you
to find a place in your life where youre totally calm and at peace with
yourself. Got it?
Just take that and put it in your stomach. Put your hand down there
please. Good. Breathe into it. Good. Im going to count to three.
Bring that good feeling all the way back with you 1-2-3, eyes all the
way open now. Take a long, deep breath. Fill up your lungs and
stretch. Good. How do you feel?
Good. See, more waking suggestions. Open your eyes feeling wonderful,
feeling great feeling good. Give him a round of applause and make him feel
Another hypnotic tip for you from the hypnotherapeutic side of this
because I started as a clinical hypnotherapist, so I worked very hard as a
clinician for about 10 years, working with everything you could imagine.
When I do that, when I have a person find a happy time in their life and put
it in their stomach, its because people hold onto anxiety right here. This is
usually where a person feels stressed, tension and anxiety is right here in
the pit of their gut.
So if you can anchor them for this moment to this good feeling, wouldnt
that be a cool thing for you to be able to do and for them to be able to take
with them? Give them a gift. I mean seriously, youre out there playing with
people, but give them a gift. Give them something very nice. Thats what
thats for.
Now open your eyes, feeling wonderful.
All right, lets have at it.
Weve got to move along because times running out. You can practice this
on your break if you havent done this. How many of you guys got to do
three people? How many of you did two? All right, thats good enough.
When you started off, you were talking about awful tired. I was wondering
what exactly the suggestion was. Are you feeling awful or are you feeling
tired? What was the point of that double
How would you like it to be?
I dont know.
However an individual wants to take it theres no rhyme or reason for either
one, truthfully. You could just say oh wow, you look very tired. You look
awfully tired. You look terrible. You can go into all sorts of tangents, but you
could use you look awfully tired and, of course, theres that double meaning
in there, right?
You dont need to do that. There again, this isnt about using conversational
language or mind bending language in this segment. This is just about
learning how to work with people, how to get comfortable with people. Put
all the rest of that aside. Wow, you look tired and stressed, man, if I could
show you a way to relax in less than a minute youd like that wouldnt you?
Excellent. Thank you.
Youre welcome. Did everybody get that? Does that make sense? All right
Group Hypnosis Demo
Lets move on to another thing here because when youre working with
groups, there will be a part where you will do like a fractionization type of
relaxation. Not always because groups will be different. Sometimes youll
work with groups where you dont need to do anything except just look at
somebody and go sleep-sleep-sleep-sleep-sleep. Its just way cool and it
looks good. Its not for every group.
With other groups, we have to do things like, all right, Im going to teach you
guys how to relax before we do anything at all. This is another way to work
with groups.
This is also about doing suggestibility tests and its about getting convincers
with the people that youre working with out there so that they know that
something different is going on with them.
For example, everybody sit back in your chairs. Put your feet flat on the
floor. Take your hands and put your hands palms down on your lap. All
right, cool. Before we begin, Im going to do a little group thing. You guys
like doing group things, right? All right good.
Go ahead and close your eyes down all the way. In just a moment, I
will begin to relax you step-by-step and as I do, simply concentrate.
What Id like you to do right now first is just take a long deep breath
in through your nose and hold it all the way in. Exhale slowly through
your mouth and just sleep now.
When you hear me use the words sleep or sleep now during this
little demonstration, its simply a word. Its a suggestion. Its an idea
for your mind and body to relax completely. During your time here
with me, whenever you hear me use the word sleep or sleep now,
its simply a suggestion, an anchor for your mind and body to relax
instantly and completely.
So Id like you to think about relaxing all the muscles from the top of
your head down to the tips of your toes. Think it and you will begin to
experience it. Think of relaxing all the muscles from the top of your
head down to the tips of your toes. Think it and you will begin to
experience it.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out. The deeper you breathe the
better you feel. The better you feel the more relaxed you become.
The more relaxed you become, the easier it is for you to follow
simple hypnotic ideas.
Take another deep breath in and breathe out. Send a wave of
relaxation one more time from the top of your head all the way down
to the tips of your toes. Think it and you will be experience it. You
may even think about taking a blue ray of light and as you breathe in,
just breathe in that blue ray of light. Send it down to every muscle,
nerve, cell and fiber of your body. Think it and you will begin to
experience it.
I want you to make sure that your neck is comfortable. So if you
would, go ahead and move your head about just a little bit. Move
your head around and get all the stress, all the tension and all of the
anxiety of the day out of you. Let it go completely. Move your head
around and as you do that your head will come to rest. Let it rest
down on your shoulder or even down towards your chest. Let all the
tension go. Let yourself relax. Relaxing easily, naturally and
You can start by thinking about relaxing the muscles in your head
and across your face, all the way down into your neck and across
your shoulders. Let all those muscles become loose, limp and
completely relaxed. Let it go down your arms, your right arm, your
left arm and into your hands. Relax. Relax. Relax.
All the muscles in your chest and your stomach let them become
completely loose, all limp and lazy. Even into your back, all the large
and small muscles running up and down your spine let them go.
Think it and you will begin to experience it.
You will experience all the muscles relaxing in your body, your torso
and down into your legs - right leg, left leg - it doesnt matter which
leg relaxes first. It could be your hands, the handiest place to let go
before your leg does.
Whats important is that you know how to relax comfortably here in
the chair in your feet, into your toes, so that every muscle, every
nerve and fiber is totally loose and limp and completely relaxed.
As you relax, I want you to notice that you do have two arms. You
have a right arm; you have a left arm. Focus on your arms. Focus on
those hands. In a moment, Im going to count from 1 to 10 and as I
do, your hand, your arm and it doesnt matter which one, because
your body knows which arm is going to feel light and which is going
to be heavy.
As I count from 1 to 10, allow that light arm to begin to move and lift
and rise and drift right up into the air, right up towards the ceiling,
relaxing you more and more. You might even want to imagine that
theres a balloon in front of you. A beautiful balloon filled with helium.
With each number I count from 1 to 10, that balloon continues to
expand, and as it does that balloon gets lighter and lighter, and
theres a string attached to the balloon coming down and its
wrapped around your wrist, the wrist of that arm, that hand thats
On number one now, that balloon begins to move and lift and rise up
into the air. That string is actually tugging on your wrist. Its actually
lifting your arm, your hand up off of your lap, up into the air, up
towards the ceiling, relaxing you more and more. At the same time,
your other arm is heavy.
Number two and three its moving, lifting, rising and floating. Number
four, higher and higher still, coming up all the way. Number five and
six, that arm now begins to go faster and faster. The more you
breathe, the faster it goes up into the air at number seven and
number eight. On number nine, I want you to take that light arm and
put it directly above your head. The arm that feels lighter than the
heavy arm, bring it all the way above your head right now. Do it now.
I want you to make a tight fist above your head. Make a tight fist if
you would please. I want you to squeeze that hand together as
tightly as you can. Squeeze it together tighter and tighter. Make sure
that the hand is tight; your arm is locked tight, its like a solid steel
I want you to squeeze that hand together. Make sure that hand is
locked. Its glued. It will not come apart. Your arm is tight. It will not
bend. Try to bend your arm and its stuck above your head. Your
hand will not come apart. Your hand is stuck. Your hand will not
open. Its stuck tight. Very good.
Before you do another thing, simply open your eyes and look around.
Very cool. Release your hands, release your arms and take a deep
breath. Now just relax.
What am I doing here? This is a simple fractionation teaching the mind and
body how to relax. You as a stage hypnotist will use this often in an
audience. Why? Well, times ticking, I got two minutes to tell you and then
were going to take a break.
You want to find the people who are highly responsive and from that you
can pick people out of the audience to bring up on stage to do
demonstrations. Outside of doing this in a stage show environment, just
using it in a corporate situation or doing demonstrations for corporate
groups, its a win-win situation because you want to find the best subjects,
and then you can do demonstrations.
The purpose of doing demonstrations for smaller groups is to excite the
imagination of everybody in the room. Wow, if this can happen for that
person, what can hypnosis do for me? If its possible for them, what is the
possibility for me?
Some people didnt have the same response. Maybe their arm didnt go as
high or maybe it didnt move at all. That is not a problem. Within the human
condition, the human mind, we all have different levels of responsiveness.
Thats not a big idea to the stage hypnotist.
When youre doing stage hypnosis youre just there for one reason to
perform, to excite the imagination and to get the very best subjects up here
on the stage so that you can do your show. Youre not there to try to teach
somebody else how to go into trance when youre up here trying to do a
show, thats not what its about.
If you have a subject come up here that wants to try to hypnotized and
theyre having a hard time, thank you for coming up here. I think youll enjoy
the show more out here. Come back again and try another time. Make it no
big deal. The hypnotist does not fail. The subject fails by not responding
appropriately. Make it part of the show, but dont make a big deal out of it.
I know a lot of hypnotists will get freaked out and go oh, my gosh, theyre
not responding right. What am I going to do? Just get them off the stage.
Use good subjects. If you apply a test like this beforehand and you say
okay, all you people with your arms that are still stuck in there, I think youre
going to have a lot of fun come on up here to the stage right now and take a
Does that make sense?
My job here is to make sure that you guys go out there and do a good job
because you know what? You are going to be a reflection of what it is that
Igor and I are teaching you. So you are going to get the best of the best
here because we want to make sure that when you guys go out there and
do that, youre going to be a reflection of what were teaching you.
Listen, Im going to have nothing but the best people out there doing the
best shows around the world, got it.
All right. If youre out there and youre doing a bad show, I dont know you.
Ill tell them you learned from this other guy down the street on the Strip.
They were just using my name, and its not true. So here we go. Were
going to take a 15-minute break. Then come back, and were going to have
some fun. If you want to practice out there some more, please do so.
Give yourselves a round of applause for doing this so far.
DVD 5 Group Induction Secrets, Corporate Inductions
& How to Deal with Problems
Corporate Group Inductions
Well, lets get on with it. Where were we? How many of you are confident
about getting out there and doing this thing now?
All right, were there were going for it. What are we going to do now? Oh
boy, look at this. Lets do some more group inductions. I want to work on
that some more, because as a stage hypnotist youll be doing a great thing
when doing demonstrations. Im telling you, this will open the doors to so
many possibilities for you guys that youll be speechless.
Oftentimes, the stage hypnotist will get gigs working with Corporate
America. Corporate America pays ka-Ching. They pay big money because
theyve got big money to spend and they want to do every year for
entertainment ka-Ching, ka-Ching.
If you think about it, I mean really, if a company has 500 or 1,000
employees, theyre paying some big bucks out there. Theyve got some
money that theyre paying and theyre going to have to pay taxes, but if they
have somebody for entertainment, thats a write-off.
The smart employer, the CEO is going to go wow, HR person, lets find
some entertainment. Lets keep the money right here. Lets make our
employees feel good. Lets do something great for them. Thats where you
come in.
Oftentimes, youll find that companies will call a hypnotist to come in and do
things like stress management seminars, because hypnotists are proficient
in stress management. Thats what you do, I think you do, smoking
cessation, weight loss type stuff, insomnia or wellness programs that
corporations have.
So, when youre doing these types of presentations, people have heard
about you because you have a presence on the Internet and you all have a
website built. You know that you need to, right?
By a raise of hands, how many people in here do not have a website? Stick
around with me, Ill hook you up, dont worry about it. I got you covered
there. We want you guys to look spiffy-diffy.
When Corporate America comes knocking at your door and they want you
to come in to do a presentation, group inductions is the way to begin it. You
go in there and you might talk about whatever your presentation may be,
but at some point youre going to want to do two things.
i. Youll want to do a group demonstration for relaxation because thats
usually what they call you in for.
ii. Then from the group induction where you do the demonstration of
the group induction, you will pick some people out of the audience
and youll bring them up for a one-on-one demonstration.
Thats when the fireworks begin. This is your moment to shine. Thats why
they hired you. Because youre cool, youve got the goods, man. You can
help people relax instantly is what you can do, and you will. This is what
youre going to be doing youre going to help people to relax, to chill and
feel about themselves.
Lets do a group induction again. This time we dont really have to go all the
way through it. Now, again, if youre chewing gum, swallow it or put it
underneath the chair like you did in school or spit it in a napkin.
The reason I say this is because Ive seen it happen. Ive seen people in
hypnosis chewing on gum and sometimes the gum will fall apart because of
the acids in your mouth. Ive seen big old long, stringy globs and it just
doesnt look good.
You can be kind of goofy and play off of that because thats part of doing
the hypnosis show. Its like youre always looking for improv. As a stage
hypnotist, you have your routines but you are the master of improv.
Youve got to be quick on your toes and light on your feet. See whats going
on and go oh, how can I use this to make my show better? What can I do
with this person? Oh, you didnt do what you were supposed to do, but
thats okay. Why? Sleep. Oh, do it differently then.
So lets just imagine for a second, so that we can press on through here
that youre all asleep, with your eyes closed down all the way.
With your eyes closed down all the way, just the way that you like it
to be, both eyes closed down all the way, you can quickly remember
what its like to be so comfortable. In fact, I know that youre here for
my presentation on stress today and because of that, Im going to
help you to make this very simple for yourself.
Id like you to think of a place that youve gone in your mind, in your
body for a time thats in your mind because anything youve done out
there is in there, your mind. So if you could just stop and think about
that place now, a place that youve been where youre comfortable
and relaxed and nobody will bother or disturb you, I want you to find
that place right now.
As you begin to think about that place now, then just nod your head
for me if you would please. Thats right. Now I want you to simply
breathe into that image. Breathe into that image of that place that
youve been to. Make it as powerful and real as you can without
trying too hard.
I want you to make this picture vivid in your mind. Imagine that youre
there right now, all the sounds, all the sights, all the smells, all the
textures and even the taste. Imagine yourself there now. Be there.
Make this image as real as you can. Expand this image. Make it
bigger and even bigger. Really enjoy that place. Thats right. Youve
been there before.
Listen, each and every time that you relax, youre going to relax
deeper and faster. Each and every time your eyes close, you will
relax deeper and faster. Every time that you close your eyes with the
intention of going into hypnosis, you will relax deeper and you will
relax faster. Whenever I say the word sleep or
sleep now, its simply a word, a cue for your mind and your body to
relax instantly.
Whenever I say the word sleep or sleep now, your eyes close,
your body becomes loose and limp and relaxed easily and naturally.
In this place in this space in your mind where youve gone before,
this is your place, your special place that you can relax comfortably,
and it feels so good to be there, this place that youve been to.
I want you to take another deep breath into it. Thats right. Just let it
spread out through your entire body. There you go. Yeah, that feels
so good to be there. Thats right.
In a moment Ill count to three, on number three just open your eyes
and come all the way back and were going to talk about this for just
a moment 1-2-3, eyes all the way open now. Come all the way back.
Very good. How do you guys all feel?
Students: Great.
Spencer: Yeah. If you felt better before, youre feeling even better now. So when
youre doing a group, what better way is there? We dont have to spend a
lot of time, especially in a smaller intimate group. We dont have to go
through a whole fractionization type of relaxation, going from your head to
your toes. You can simply go into a place that a persons been to that
makes them feel comfortable, and you can be there now without wasting a
lot of time.
So there are many different strategies that you, the professional trained
competent, confident, powerful state hypnotist, skills and tools that you
have learned and now today youll take with you forever, from this point on
that youll remember, youll use.
Regression Demo
So now that youve got people in this state and theyre feeling good, its like,
wow, how did that happen so quickly and so easily? What can you now do?
You can do a demonstration.
Scratching your head, your name is? Come on up here. You were
scratching your head so you looked like you needed to come up here.
Good. Can I borrow you for a second?
This is Wendy and Im going to borrow Wendy for a second because I just
want to show you guys a demonstration real quick. Do you mind if I just
help you relax real quickly?
This is very cool. Youre not going to fall over. Your legs are nice and
strong. Very good.
Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes and lean way back. There
you go. Loose and limp and relaxed. Good. Now listen very carefully.
Im going to drop your arm down to your side and when I do, lets just
go back in time very quickly. Im going to drop your arm to your side,
and lets just go back in time to a time when you were just a little girl,
before 10 years old a very happy time only and just be there right
Where you are is it daytime or nighttime?
Inside or outside?
Are you alone or is somebody with you?
Im with dolphins.
Youre with dolphins? Thats so cool. What are you doing with
Im swimming with them.
Swimming with dolphins. Thats awesome and how old do you seem
to be?
Seven, wow! Is this the coolest thing youve ever done?
Pretty much.
Pretty much, yeah. Hey, wheres mom and dad?
Theyre watching. Whats it like to be out there with the dolphins?
Pretty good. I was a Sea World.
Oh, at Sea World. That is so cool. Very good. Let your mind go clear
for a second. Good.
Im going to drop your hand down to your side. Lets go back to an
even earlier time before you were 5. An earlier time before you were
5 years old, just be there now and where this takes you now is it
daytime or nighttime? Very quickly, daytime or nighttime.
Daytime, but it looked like nighttime.
Okay, good. Daytime. Are you inside or outside?
Alone or is somebody with you?
Im with a group of people.
And how old do you seem to be?
Three. No kidding? What are you doing with this group of people?
Dancing on stage.
Dancing on the stage? Are you serious?What are you wearing?
A tutu? Wow.What color is that?
That is so cool. That must be a lot of fun, isnt it?
Yeah, sure it is. Let your mind go clear. In just a moment Im going to
count to three. Lets move up in time a little bit. Actually, on the count
of three, open your eyes and come all the way back 1-2-3, wide
awake. Good. How do you feel?
Have a seat here for a second please. Let me ask you something. What did
you think about that?
That was cool.
Yeah, going back that quickly. Did you know that you could do that?
You did know that?
Far out. So listen, you guys. When youre doing a demonstration, I mean a
regression is a very simple thing to do. When youre doing it, I only use
happy times.Why do I only use happy times?
So you dont get an abreaction, right. Is there anybody in here that does not
know what an abreaction is? Two people, okay. For you who dont know
what an abreaction is, its having an experience in your body about
something that happened a long time ago, usually bad.
For example, this is not you but lets just say that there is somebody who
had a bad experience as a child, a little boy or little girl who was maybe
touched inappropriately. If you say, go back to a time in your life when you
were younger, I like to cover it and say just a happy time only because if
you just say go back to any time and all the sudden theyre crying, its an
They may be reliving this memory and having this physical experience in
their body that you may not be ready to deal with. If youre doing a
demonstration you sure dont want that to happen in front of a group of
people that youre trying to motivate.
Theyre going whoa, whats going on? Youre going, oh boy, I dont know. I
always do happy times. Now, is it possible that even if I do a happy time
that something bad could come out? Yeah. That sucks! Its happened to
me, so Im not saying it cant happen. Anything that could ever happen to
any hypnotist has happened to me, so Im coming to you with good
information here.
Ive done all the wrong things so hopefully, I dont continue to make those
mistakes. If you have something that happens like that, just deal with it
The first rule in hypnotherapy is does anybody know?
Stay calm. Dont panic.
Wow! Let me tell you my idea, deal with what emerges. You dont panic,
you do stay calm, but whatever happens hey listen, youre the professional,
simply deal with what emerges. If something happens, like wow thats cool.
Lets fix that real quick. Lets just take care of that real quick. Thank you.
Thank you.
Give her a round of applause. Make her feel good.
Get Business Through Demos
Can you see the benefit of doing a group type of induction like that and then
taking one person out of the audience or out of the group and bringing them
up and doing a demonstration? When you do that, what goes on in the
minds of the people in the audience?
I wonder if they can help me later.
Before we answer all these, lets get some microphones out here because
Id like to get some of this feedback. Its not just you. I should be saying,
lets give you a microphone and have you stand up. I sometimes get ahead
of myself.
The people are going wow that looks like it works maybe I should get his
card because I need to lose 30 pounds.
Right. Check that out. I need to lose 30 pounds let me get that guys card,
this is pretty cool. How much is 30 pounds worth?
Two hundred and ten dollars.
Okay, $210 for one session.
Per pound.
Per pound. Or, could it be $2,500 for a program? Thats the only thing I do. I
dont sell one-on-one I sell programs. Why? Because, listen, weight loss
has to do with lifestyle changes folks, and were there to help. You can go
around and you can do one-on-one seminars. Get a bunch of people and
do a weight loss or a stop smoking thing.
Its like a shotgun. Some people are going to get hit in the rear end and
theyre going to change, and a lot of people are not going to get that big
blast right in the middle theyre just going to get a little pellet here and there.
In hypnosis, take the shotgun with one person, you condense it and get
close up. Change! Get that gun up close. Bam!
So, when you do it over and over through repetition in a program, the
results skyrocket and youll have more business than you know what to do
with. Seriously, I worked in a little town for a while and I was only making
$15,000 a month, but it wasnt too bad, just doing programs. Really, thats
not bad money.
Who wouldnt work for $15,000 a month come on, seriously its not bad.
Q&A Session
The question I remember your asking is; do we see the benefit in doing this
kind of group work and then finding someone to do a demo with. I guess I
dont see the benefit of that if were talking about stage hypnosis. I see the
benefit of that if weve been hired by a group to do wellness training or
something like that, and I guess I dont see the benefit of doing regression
in stage work.
So, in answer to your question do you see the benefit, no, I dont at this
point so help me.
I get it. Whoa. How many people heard me say that if youre doing this for
groups like corporate stuff, how many of you heard me say that? What I
was talking about was if youre working in smaller groups like corporate, this
works very well.
Lets translate that for a second onto the stage and lets talk about
regression and I dont see the benefit of doing that. Are you referring to that
as far as working with like in corporate demonstration or on stage?
No, I was thinking in the context of on stage.
Okay, so my question for you would be what do you see troublesome to you
about doing a regression with somebody on stage?
Im not sure I see the likely entertainment value of that.
Let me explain that to you then. Heres the entertainment value because I
think its a blast. Now not everybody agrees with me, thats okay and thats
whats so awesome about being humans. We can all agree to disagree and
we can all get along and thats whats fantastic.
Ive done regressions in my shows since day one, but I dont do it like this.
Ill say in a moment Im going to count to three, youre all little children and
were going to go for a rollercoaster ride. Were going to have a lot of fun 1-
2-3, hi kids. Hi. Theyre out there doing all this little kid stuff.
For entertainment value its a lot of fun. If you want to do a stage show and
not do a regression, you dont have to its no big deal. Theres an
entertainment value there, but you have to remember youre not there to
demean the people up here.
You always want to respect them. So you do it in a way thats respectful of
them and be sure you dont go into something that could be inappropriate
for little kids.
Does that make sense? Does that help?
It does help because in different contexts, I do see the value.
Good. Im glad you found value then. Give him a hand.
Getting back to where we were as far as youre doing this corporate
relaxation thing and getting everybody relaxed and its nice and great. Then
you just picked Wendy you said because she was scratching her head, but
in other words, you havent done a suggestibility. Youve just done a
relaxation with a group of us you just picked one person out of there?
Lets stop for just a moment. What is suggestibility?
Its hypnosis.
Stop. Stand there for a second so I can address this again. What is
suggestibility? No, never mind sit down. Are you getting it?
I get it.
Okay. Suggestibility is nothing more than offering a suggestion, whether its
to close your eyes and go into an experience, thats a suggestion. So there
are many different ways to approach suggestibility. Did I really pick her
because was scratching her head? I mean she was, but heres the way my
mind thinks. Do you really want to know?
Think of it this way. I kind of look for the goofiest things I can possibly come
up with. It kind of just throws people off. Its like, scratching her head, so
youre going to use somebody because theyre scratching their head? I
dont know. Thats not how I think. Theres no rhyme or reason for it.
In fact, so much of what I do, I do unconsciously anymore because Ive
done it for so long, and it just happens. Sometimes I have to stop and think,
well, why did I do that? Then I run it through it through my brain and go oh,
okay, thats why I did that. If I look at it logically and seriously and
unbiasedly, Ill go oh okay, thats why I did it. I have to question myself, so
thank you for questioning me.
Yeah, the entertainment value for the regression well, youre up there
advertising yourself, youre advertising your different services and youre
showing the people what you can do. Some people might say well yeah, I
need to go back to that time to address that situation and deal with it. Its
like handing out a business card, isnt it?
Exactly. Listen, even during a show when youre doing a presentation and
you do a regression or no matter what you do, trust me on this. People are
going to come up to you at the end of the show and theyre going to go,
wow, that was amazing.
Ive got this cousin
Ive got this brother
Ive got this wife
My husband
Or me
Its like, can I lose weight?
I want to stop smoking.
Im stressed can you help me with this?
So the presentation of the stage show is to excite the imagination. You may
want to only be a performer. Thats great. Go out and be a performer. You
may never want to do therapy at all. I personally do not like doing therapy.
Im done with it. I will work with people though, because they pay me money
to do it. I dont mind taking money, but its not what I do or pursue in my
everyday life.
Im kind of like, argh. I tried it, it creeps me out, but thats my own trance
thing. I need help with it I need to see a hypnotist.
Ill give you my card.
There you go. Im very happy doing what I do. I love doing stage work. Its
my deal, but theres so much value in doing that presentation because
people will come up to you.
Because you have excited their imagination, they look at you and go, wow
you are the one you can help. Youre the missing link. Ive been to all these
other people, but theres something about what youve done, what Ive seen
about who you are that I think I can get some help.
Trust me on this. One of the neatest things that I hear from people is, like I
believe that you can help me. If I can help one human being make a
significant positive change in their life because of what I do as a showman,
my whole day is made.
I dont really care about the entertainment. I love doing entertainment, but if
somebody comes up there and says, I know you can help me and if I can,
wow. For me, thats the bonus there, but I hate doing therapy.
I dont like doing it that much. I really dont like it, but I will because I can do
it very well. Ive done it for a long time, and its a very natural process, and it
will become natural for you too. Youll find as working with large groups that
youre going to begin to notice things about people that youve never
noticed before about people individually. And youll know things about
people individually in a group that youve never noticed in a group before.
Its amazing.
Short Group Inductions
Lets do another group thing here. I need a volunteer. Eric, I havent seen
you up here. Come on up here. Lets just imagine for a second Eric, that
youre a hypnotist.
I am. Im a master hypnotist.
Master Hypnotists dont chew gum in front of other people on stage.
My bad all right.
Pretend you didnt see him do that.
Hey, Im just trying to be compliant.
I know its very cool. Heres what I want you to do very quickly because I
want you to have an experience here. Okay, youre a Master Hypnotist,
right, correct, youre cool; youve got it all down?
Everythings happening. Everythings flowing. Okay, good. Lets just
imagine for a second that youre doing a stage show and it hasnt begun,
but youre going to do this quick induction. You only have like 30 seconds to
do it with a group. Heres your group. Youve got 30 seconds.
On you?
No, not me the group.
Im doing the group? Okay. All right.
Id like everyone to stick both hands out in front of you and I want
you to slap them together and rub them real fast. Thats right. Faster,
faster, faster. Now I want you to take them like this and start
pumping them like youre milking a cow. Thats right. Pump them like
youre milking a cow and slap.
All right, now I want you to imagine that youve got a magnet in front
of them. Feel that fuzzy, buzzy feeling in your hands. The magnet is
squeezing them together, just like that and when they touch youre
going to drop your hands down and youre going to go into trance. As
soon as they touch, theyre going to drop down and go into a trance.
Close your eyes. Thats right. Deeper and deeper down you go. The
deeper you go, the better you feel. The better you feel the deeper
you go. And counting 1-2-3, eyes wide open, wide awake, fully alert,
feeling wonderful in every way.
Give him a round of applause and make him feel good. Thank you.
Wow that was fast! That was good. I gave him 37 seconds. Not bad, right.
Very cool. I like that. See how he did that? You guys can do that too. I dont
think Ive ever done it that fast. That was awesome.
See what happens when you put a little bit of pressure on people. Youd be
amazed at the things that you could actually accomplish when youre put in
a position to do it. When youre told to do it, you have to, its like if youre life
depended on it, you can do it.
Heres what were going to do. Lets divide up into two groups. Linda, I dont
know who you are. Stand up, please, since youre just right there in front.
You can be the leader of this group. Arthur, you look like a powerful
hypnotist. Why dont you stand up? Youre nervous, arent you? What
comes next? You do.
Heres what I want you to do. This is your group here. You guys focus on
him and imagine that you dont hear any of this stuff over here. So this is
going to take some action on your part to focus Arthur, he is your hypnotist,
your presenter.
Linda here is yours. You guys over here ignore them. Just focus over here
on her. Its going to take all your active participation to do this. With that
said, I want you and you to be hypnotists to your respective audience for
the moment and I want you to simply show me what you can do as a group.
Youve got one minute to do a group induction.
After you do the group testing here, I want you to turn it into an induction by
taking one or two people out of there and ripping them down quickly. Youll
bring them up here. Youve got one minute and then youve got one minute
to bring them up, so youve got two minutes total, beginning right now.
Okay, have a seat. Give everybody a round of applause.
In the group induction, when youre working with groups and doing groups,
there are a few tricks of the trade. Im not sure its really a trick of the trade;
its just deepeners, using language skills in order to produce a deeper, more
powerful trance.
If youve been listening to what I say or what Igor has been saying did we
begin today? Its been a long day and were not even halfway through.
Listen to what we do.
For example, when you close your eyes, go ahead and close your
eyes, I want you to pay attention for a moment with your eyes closed.
Listen to what I have to say this is very important, because I think
youre going to benefit more from it from the inside than from the
outside. With your eyes closed down, I want you to notice that you
As you breathe, your breath relaxes you even more. The more you
breathe, the better you feel. The better you feel, the deeper you relax.
Listen to the words. The words I continue to use are compounded
words that help you to relax. It doesnt matter how you relax because
your mind and body knows how to get you there quickly, easily and
As you go ahead and get there, as quickly as you want to, you can
slow everything down inside and just be there because when you
relax your head and your shoulders, everything follows all the way
down your body. Every suggestion that you get is compounded upon
another suggestion. Listen.
Whenever I say the words sleep or sleep now, your eyes close,
your body relaxes completely. Why do I say the words sleep or sleep
now? Listen. Its an anchor. Youre anchoring individuals to a state of
relaxation so that when youre working with them as a group or
individually, in your state hypnosis presentation, all you need to do is
say the words sleep or sleep now. Their eyes will close and their
body will become loose, limp and relaxed.
This is one of the tricks, I guess, of the stage hypnotist. Its to reinduce
trance very quickly. Now the audience does not know this, but you know
this now, what youre doing. You just make it part of the show so it seems
like its just a part of the show because nobody really thinks about it. Youre
the one who knows it, and youre the one who thinks about it.
Whenever I say the words sleep or sleep now, your eyes close
and you relax completely. The more you breathe, the better you feel.
As you continue to relax, youre going to hear music. The sound of
the music helps you to relax. Youll even hear sounds. Every time
you hear the audience applause, it just helps you to go even deeper
and deeper into hypnosis.
If the person next to you moves or touches you or if you feel them
shift in their chairs, it simply helps you to relax and go even deeper
into trance. Every time your eyes open and close, you just sink
deeper and deeper. You let go a little bit further, quicker and faster.
Open your eyes and come back for just a moment, please. Okay,
Now I want to get a little bit of feedback on this because I want to make
sure that you guys are all following me with what Im saying and with what
Im doing. Is there anybody that does not understand what I just did? If
there is, please raise your hand.
Okay, everybody understands. You not sure you understand? How many of
you are getting totally bazonkered and wasted? Oh, I love it. Were wearing
down all resistance. Resistance is futile.
Ill tell you what, whats going to happen is that youre going to take away
from these next four days and everything that you learn here youre going to
walk away and at some point, all of the sudden youre going to go, whoa
wow! What can I do now? Youre going to be going out there and busting
down doors. Youre going to be taking over the world. Well, after me. Well
all go there together. Lets all go on the journey together, shall we?
Was that the fractionization to keep saying it over and over again, saying
sleep and sleep now? Im a little confused on that.
When youre working with a group, whether its a group out here or youre
audience up here on stage, its nothing more than just continued
deepeners. I just continue to deepen the trance and give suggestions.
Theyre just multiple suggestions and I just trailer one on top of another.
Every time your eyes open and close, you will go deeper into trance.
Whenever I say the word sleep, your eyes close. Your body relaxes.
Every sound around you helps you to relax. Everything becomes a
suggestion. Everything is a suggestion.
When you sneeze, relax and go even deeper into sleep. If you get an itch,
itch it and relax into that feeling. So everything becomes a suggestion.
Everything becomes suggestibility because everything in my world is
hypnosis. Hypnosis is nothing more than suggestion.
A suggestion is nothing more than well, look around. You have people with
long hair, short hair, black hair, gray hair, orange hair, no hair. It all
suggests something to us, right? I mean were all a product of our
environment. Everything is a suggestion. So as a performer, how you
appear on stage suggests something to people. How you look and how you
Do you wear one watch or two? What does that suggest? The guys crazy. I
dont know. I always want to know what time it is. Im not taking any
chances. I got two time zones Ive got to watch out for. Actually, I do it
because I can. Hows that? Thats the thing.
Is it the stage hypnosis version of like a boilerplate? Is that kind of what
youre talking about?Whatever happens makes you go deeper.
Exactly, yes. Whats a boilerplate, Im not familiar with that?
Thats something Igor taught us when we were doing hypnotherapy training.
The boilerplate for safety reasons so nothing else messes with your client,
any external noises. Making them go deeper, its the stage hypnosis version
of a boilerplate.
Right. Anything you do in therapy is the same thing. If youre working with
somebody in a clinical setting and you happen to have an office with a lot of
noise around you, its like, as a person walks down the hallway, just let that
sound relax you even more, so yeah.
The human mind is a fragile thing, and its in your hands. Treat it very kindly
and with respect. I live in a little place called Montana. Does anybody know
where that is? I live in Kalispell, Montana. Does anybody know where that
is? No. Its that way, north. Its that close to Canada.
Theyve got this place up there called Big Mountain where we go skiing. I
was skiing a couple of weeks ago with my son who is 6 years old. All the
sudden, hes become this skier. The other day we were skiing and Im
skiing backwards and Im watching him. Hes like this, going like this with
his hand behind his back because he doesnt use poles. I do because I
learned with poles, but he didnt. So hes back there going like this, going
look at me. Then he goes, Im a bat. Kids are crazy skiing.
You never know whats going to happen. Ill get back to that later. I go off on
these tangents in my own mind, but I hope that you can enjoy the ride every
once in a while.
The mind, treat it with respect. So I try to treat people with respect like I do
my little guy. Its the same thing you do as a stage hypnotist. You never
know whats going to happen, but you do the best you can.
If you have somebody that really seems to be having some difficulty, you,
the trained professional, analytical and highly competent hypnotherapist
not the stage hypnotist will use your mind, and you say listen, heres my
card. Please give me a call afterwards Id like to see you. No cost. No
charge. Come and see me in my office the first session is on me. Take care
of them.
Always take care of them. Be cool that way, if you can. If youre not in town,
refer them to somebody that maybe you know that would help you do that.
Does that make sense? All right. So always do that if you can. Its the nice
thing to do.
How to Deal With Problems
I hope thats its a good time to ask this question, although the previous
presentation made it a bit weird now. I want to ask you, what would you
suggest, how would you cope with people from the college, for example.
You get on stage, and you have people laughing. How do you deal with
that? How do you deal with people laughing because I found it very hard
to actually induce hypnosis to them.
Im sorry you find it hard. Why do people laugh? Thats a good question. I
want to open that up. I want to pick your brains. Lets find out why they
laugh. I could sit up here and give you all the answers and I know that if you
asked that question there are more people that have the same question.
The stage hypnotist has to dance on his feet. Why are they laughing? Lets
see if we can figure it out.
A lot of times in street hypnosis, you invade a persons space or you ask
them to look into your eyes. The person looking into your eyes, this is very
intense, they get very nervous and start smiling and laughing. They might
even do a few other things.
Interesting. Any other thoughts on that? Why does the person laugh if
youre trying to hypnotize them?
I was saying nervousness.
Theyre laughing because theyre nervous?
Yeah. They dont know whats going to happen.
They dont know whats going to happen. Could very well be.
She stole my answer.
I would say it could be an emotional release. Theyre losing control a little
bit and theyre just laughing about it.
They could be having a good time. They could be entertained.
Yeah, they could be just drunk, if youre at a 21 and over venue.
They could be with a bunch of their buddies and they dont want to look like
the odd man out, so theyre just grouply making fun of or laughing at you.
Could be. Now, Im going to answer that the best way that I can for you.
Why do people laugh? Who knows why they laugh. I have no idea, but
usually laughing and crying are two the extremes. Its a release of anxiety.
For example, if a person is laughing its just a way for them to release
tension for the most part. Thats what theyre doing, its kind of a way for
them to let go of tension because theyre kind of nervous to be up there,
thats one way that the human psyche releases anxiety and apprehension is
by laughing.
Ive had people sit there and laugh and laugh and laugh. Its kind of like, I
think dont stop now. Let it out. Just let it out, man. Just go with the flow.
Get it out of you. Theyll be laughing and laughing and Ill go okay good.
Sleep! Just take them down. Its the same thing. Do you see what Im
You can use that as a rapid induction, as a shock induction because theyre
laughing and so its kind of like ah, sleep! What? Okay. They may get up
and laugh at you again. So you just go through it again. Did that answer
your question?
Yes. Basically, I think you suggested shocking induction, a rapid induction.
Well, I dont know that I recommend anything. Its hard to say because
every time that you go out and do a performance.
Im saying thats a possibility. The bigger answer is I dont know. I wish I
could say if this happens, you do this, but it doesnt work that way. You
have to be quick on your feet and you just every situation differently. So
maybe I could do that as a shock induction. It could work beautifully. Maybe
I could say, listen, I think youd have a lot more fun laughing out there and
just take them off the stage.
A lot of it comes through experience of doing a lot of shows, working with a
lot of people, learning how to read a person and read your situation on
stage. Ive done thousands of shows, thousands. I cant even count how
many. Ive forgotten. Everything is different. The thing is if somebody is
laughing and you try something and it doesnt work, do something else.
One size does not fit all in hypnosis, especially on the stage. However,
when people come to your show stage hypnotists they come to whose
My show.
Thats right. When they come to my show lets just pretend its your show,
and theyre out there and youre doing your group induction, when people
come and theyre sitting out there, you come out there boldly because they
have announced you.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the worlds
goofiest hypnotist. Be whatever you want to be, the worlds goofiest
hypnotist. How many of you out there want to be hypnotized? Oh good you
do, sit back in your chairs were going to have a good time right now. It
doesnt matter because you are the commander of the show.
However you want to come across, you come across. However you set
people at ease is how you do it. However you create rapport, because its
all about creating rapport with your audience and every audience is
different. If somebody hires you as the worlds goofiest hypnotist, theyre
expecting the worlds goofiest hypnotist.
So if you go out there as the worlds goofiest hypnotist and thats what they
expect, but you go out there and youre not, do you think theyd take you
seriously as being the goofiest? Well, maybe, but probably not. So you lose
rapport with people right away. That goes back to suggestibility, waking
suggestions and waking hypnosis. Your show begins with who you are in
your promotions.
So when you go out there, you better dang well be that which you are
because thats what they expect, nothing different. Dont try to do a changeup.
Be your genuine authentic self.
Yeah, not so much a question, but maybe I can get into agreement with you
on something. It had a little bit to do with what this fellow was saying earlier.
In my mind and I think theres an old saying that life is a stage. I mean
basically, I went out in the warehouse and did two guys that were on smoke
breaks that work here.
What did you do?
Hypnotized them. Point is everywhere is a stage. In other words, in my
mind I dont differentiate between a stage with five chairs up there or six
chairs up there with people getting up there. Even if youre at a Lions Club
or wherever youre at, that is stage hypnosis or if youre in a living room with
your friends, stage hypnosis. Or youre at Dennys, stage hypnosis in my
Thats good because, as you just said, thats in your mind and thats a good
place, because when you begin with it in your mind, thats where it begins.
The whole role of the stage hypnotist begins in your mind. My mind. You
can change your mind at any time, if you dont mind.
There are times when I dont want to be a stage hypnotist. When I go to
Montana, Im just a dad. Im just a dad that hangs out with his kid and I kind
of dig that role. Thats probably my favorite role, just going out there and
hanging out with my boy, because I have him half the time. I go out there
and hang out with him, and we just do cool things that dads and kids do I
hope most dads and most kids. We just have a blast.
My son, Ive got to tell you, man he sees what I do all the time and now he
goes around going, sleep now. Hes getting it down. The other day he goes
I want to be in a play. Im going oh boy, here it comes. Now he wants to be
in a play. I can see this coming out, another little guy in there.
I want to do some more of these suggestibility tests. Do you guys feel pretty
good about suggestibility tests? Do you want to practice some more.
I dont know. I want to kind of open up this segment to you because I want
to know what you want from me in the next 20 minutes. I mean weve got a
lot more to do tonight and in the next three days, but what do you want from
me in the next 20 minutes that revolves around groups and
More suggestibility tests.
I hear that one. Shout out loud.
More practice.
Got it.
Short group inductions.
The ones you had us do are much shorter than the time you allowed for
yourself to do us.
Oh. How unfair is that?
I have a question. You had two people stand up here and show us
something. Im not sure what we were supposed to get from that and where
that was supposed to go.
What I wanted to do was I just wanted to have an idea of where people are
at in their own minds with themselves and with a group. So that was for me
to see what theyre doing with a group and where their level is.
Lets go ahead I want to do some more, short group inductions and then
were going to do more suggestibility tests for the next 20 minutes. Is that
fair? Because I want you guys to go out of here at lunch time or at dinner
time, and I want you to really use what weve done here and get good at it. I
want you to feel good about what Ive done here with you.
I take a lot of shortcuts because I think theres a quick way to get to doing
stage hypnosis rapidly without a lot of technical stuff.
The Easiest Group Induction
Spencer: Lets do another group thing, and you want to see a faster group thing? Let
me take you through this one. I did this at the last training at Lowes. Those
of you who were there may remember this. This is a pretty quick one. This
is another little journey through your mind and you can use this one with a
This works beautifully because anybody can do it. Theres absolutely no
resistance, and thats what the stage hypnotist may run into more than
anything is resistance by people saying, I cannot be hypnotized. I cannot do
any of that. Thats what happens even to the hypnotist.
What I want you to do is close your eyes. I want you to for just a
moment imagine that youre standing out in front of your house. It
could be an apartment. It could be a duplex. Wherever you live, I
want you to imagine that youre standing out there right now looking
at it, and theres nobody there inside except youre going to be going
there in a moment.
When you find yourself standing out there in front of that dwelling of
yours, nod your head, and do that very quickly. Very cool. Lets go a
little bit further. Lets walk up to the door. Walk up to the house. I
want you in your minds eye to go ahead and open the door. Maybe
youre turning a knob or hitting a latch. Go ahead and do that.
Youre going to walk inside. Theres nobody there, but as you walk
inside, I want you to notice the surroundings. I want you to go to your
front room where theres maybe some knick-knacks and furniture
whatevers in there. As you notice that, once again, please nod your
head. Very good.
Youve all been to your home before so you know exactly what thats
like, but its been a long day. What I want you to do is find a place
that you can relax. Maybe its the couch. Maybe its a chair. Find that
now. Sit down or lie down.
When you find yourself sitting or lying down, once again nod your
head, please. Very cool. Now, I want you to notice yourself sitting
there or lying there, and youre going to go ahead and sleep for a
little bit. Maybe youre going to take five or 10 minutes.
Take a deep breath in and as you exhale slowly through your mouth,
just notice yourself sitting there or lying there just going into a deep,
deep sleep, becoming relaxed and comfortable, everything turning
As you notice yourself sitting there or lying there going into a deep
sleep, time is drifting by slowly. Its almost as if time is speeding up
now as one minute goes by, two minutes, five minutes has just
drifted by. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes has gone by and youve
been sitting there or lying there relaxing.
You notice yourself now sitting there or lying there, and its time to
wake up because youre starting to feel a little bit hungry. So you
notice yourself waking up there, and you get up off the couch and
you go into the kitchen.
In the kitchen, youre hungry and so you look inside the kitchen for
something to eat, something that has your name on it. You go into
the refrigerator or you go into the cupboard and you prepare that
meal very quickly. Go ahead and just take a bit of it because you are
hungry. Go ahead and take a bit and really let that roll across your
tongue in your mouth, taste that. Oh boy, that tastes good.
As you begin to taste that food and have that sensation, rolling down
across your tongue and down your throat, nod your head once again,
if you would please. Very good. Yeah, thats awesome. Thats good.
Now go ahead and open your eyes. Come all the way back for a
moment please. Okay, great.
Now, Im sitting here and Im watching each and every one of you. Trust me
on this, this is a hypnotic induction. What can you do with this? You can do
many things with this in a group or individually. Youre leading a person
every step of the way.
When you find yourself standing out in front of the house, nod your head.
You get the head nod. All right. Theyre with me. Walk up to the door.
Reach down. When you have the handle, nod your head, another good
sign. Walk inside. Look around. When you notice all the surroundings, nod
your head.
You are on a roll, hypnotist. Notice yourself sitting down or lying down
because its been a long day. Take a couple of deep breaths in. Breath is
the key to what?
Relaxation is the key to what?
Suggestion is the key to what?
We didnt even tell them what we were doing, did we? Were hypnotizing
these people. See yourself relaxing there. Take a deep breath and just
relax, all the way down. Take a minute, take five, take 10, however long you
need. But now its time to open your eyes and get up and go into kitchen
because youre really hungry.
So you get up and when you notice yourself getting up, nod your head.
Going into the kitchen and looking around, finding something good to eat.
Eat it. Take a bite. Taste it. Savor it. Experience it on your tongue and in
your mouth. Thats delicious, isnt it? Nod your head. When you really got
that, open your eyes.
Okay, now Im curious.When I point to you, tell me what you ate.
Swiss and pepperoni sandwich.
Can you see whats happening here. Weve just taken a group
demonstration, a suggestibility test, is all it is. Now can you take that and
turn that into an induction? Or are we already induced? I mean theres a
fine line there.
Even when you do a suggestibility, just think about it. Is it already an
induction, or are you following through with an induction just to deepen the
trance? As a performer, you are there to perform. You already know that a
person is in trance, when a person steps up to your stage.
If youve done your job right, most of the time, because there are still times
when youll have to drop people off the stage, when youve done this kind of
a presentation. Beforehand you already know youve got a stage full of
people, who are already in trance, before you even begin to do your show
and the rest of it is fluff, filler and presentation. Your style and this is where
you get to shine.
People, believe it or not, like to see people getting hypnotized for some
crazy reason. Even though youre doing this out there already to everybody,
its like those of you who really have something good, who can really feel
yourself salivating, I want you guys to come on up here and have a seat.
Lets have some fun.
How many of you salivated? Raise your hands if you salivated. All right.
Good. Weve got a bunch of you that salivated. You salivaters come on up
here. You see? I want you salivaters. You bring them on up because you
know youve got yourself some very good subjects.
Even though youve got your good subjects up here the salivaters you
still may have some people up here that wont go any further than that, and
youll have to send them off the stage. No big deal. Make it a part of your
show. Dont be stressed out about it.
What I want you to do is, go ahead and pick somebody you have not
worked with yet please. Ill give you like three minutes to run through that
and then the other person, do it to the other one. Lets run through that.
Remember, youre doing a simple visualization thats very simple that
anybody can do.
Alternative Instant Inductions
Is everybody paying attention? She had a question here, and I want to
address that. Her question for me was she was wondering she said, I
dont know that I feel comfortable if Im out there in the real world having a
guy come down on my happy place.
Thats a good question because in different cultures, for example, over in
Saudi Arabia. You do not touch the ladies. You do not touch their head. You
keep your distance. How do you do hypnosis that way?
Here, the thing is well, can we do this without its like, I dont want a guy
down there. I dont want that impression. Simple. You can do something like
this. Just close your eyes and just sleep. So just do that and just keep them
off of that part like that. Does that make sense? Or you can do the same
thing. You can be next them and say, just close your eyes, just sleep. Just
keep their head you can control the environment at all times.
Does that make sense to you guys? All right. Do you guys know how to do
that? Are you comfortable with that? Okay, good.
I feel comfortable in here. Im just thinking out in the world.
The other thing you can do if youre working with somebody of the opposite
sex, its the same thing. You can simply just have him sit down and do
nothing else. Have him sit down and just say, take a deep breath, and just
close your eyes and just sleep. So you can do the same thing without
having to get them close.
There are always ways around that. Open your eyes come all the way back.
You guys know how to do that, correct? Youre comfortable with hypnotizing
people just sitting there. Its the same thing or standing up without having all
those touchy things. Are you good?
All right. Thank you. Okay, good.
Now, do you feel like youve learned something cool in this last session that
you can take out there into the real world?
Everything is building on top of one another.
All right. Who is the youngest person in here? Im looking at this guy right
here, and Im kind of curious. How old are you?
I turned 16 on June 3rd.
He turned 16 on June 3rd.
Why are you here? I want to know this for myself.
He wants to get into bars.
His dad made him come. Oh, I see. This is his dad right here. Why are you
I think hypnosis is a powerful skill. As Igor said at the beginning, its a skill
you can have for the rest of your life. You can also use it to help other
people, and I might use it to go into the field of medicine. I might now, but
either way, Ill always have something I can use to help other people and
help yourself.
Very cool. All right, good.
I wanted to know that because the first time I ever did hypnosis, I was 12
years old. So what sparked my imagination was when I was 12 years old, I
had a girlfriend and she taught me how to hypnotize her. Her father was in
the Navy and it just was like playing Simon Says when I was 12, right? I
never forget that experience, and it just stayed with me forever. Here I am.
Now that Im 22, Im still doing it.
Hey, what are you laughing about? Come on.
Benjamin Button.
Benjamin Button. Im curious, arent I? And youre going to be curious about
just how young I am. I think with that, I think weve got about another minute
left. You guys got some good skills. I would encourage you during dinner to
eat dinner because weve got more stuff coming at you.
Were going to take everything that weve learned today, were going to
wrap it up all into one package and see how it all works together so that we
can all do it as a group, going from A to Z with everything weve learned
today because tomorrow weve got a huge day coming at you too. Yes, we
have 10 seconds.
Is it appropriate in stage hypnosis to do the one where you fall back? Do
you know what I mean?
The sway test? Good question. Hes talking about the sway test. Lets take
dinner, after dinner Ill take a few minutes and show you how to do the
backward sway test. Its very cool.
DVD 6 Instant Street Hypnosis Training &
Group Dynamics You Need to Know
The Sway Test
The sway test. We left that off, so were going to do the sway test right now,
right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I need somebody I dont know and that
Ive never hypnotized. Come on up here, your arm was up there quick.
Brian, do I know you?
This is the sway test. There again, Im going to show you how this works,
and then you can do this and you can turn this as a test into an induction.
There are two different ways that you can do this. I want you to be very
careful of the person youre working with because, if they fall over on top of
you, you can both go down to the ground and you dont want that to
Let me move the chairs out of the way. Its kind of like if you do a rapid
induction and you say, sleep. If youre a little guy or a big guy, youve
always got this leg planted behind you, right? Leverage. Its the same thing
with the sway test.
For example, if I take him this way and you can go frontwards or
backwards, but Ill go like this. Just close your eyes down. Now, Ive seen
this done a number of ways. There is not a right way to do it; theres not a
wrong way, some people are just a little goofier than others. Be whatever
you want to be. A lot of this stuff I just find kind of goofy to begin with and I
dont even know why I do this.
Some of the things that people do, theyll kind of put your feet together,
please. I want you feet together because you have more of an off-balance,
right? Its easier to get somebody off balance that way. You want to make
sure that you hold onto them because they could fall over, so you want to
be careful.
Eyes closed. All right, heres what Im going to do. In a moment Im
going to take my hands off your back. When I do, youre going to
Watch what Im doing. Im not doing anything, but because Im holding him
like this and hes already kind of off balance when I release my hands,
automatically hes going to start coming backwards. So the psychology here
is this, youre a magic person.
In just a moment, I will take my hands off your back and you will feel
a force coming from behind your back. Its like a magnet, drawing
you backwards. Drawing you and pulling you backwards. You cannot
stop it. Just feel it and come backwards. Let yourself go. I will catch
you. You will not fall over.
Leg planted. Youre ready for this, right? Lets see what happens. Ive had
big guys fall on me its not a pleasant experience. Okay, get ready. Feel
Get ready now. When I release my hands, I want you to feel yourself
falling backwards. When you do, just let yourself go, all the way
back; going back, back, back, back. Okay, now.
Did you hear that thud? Oh, I felt it. Whoa. Did we get that? Okay, good.
Thats a simple sway test backwards. Now how do you turn that into an
induction? Simple, same way.
When I take my hands off of your back, you will feel yourself going
backwards. When you do, let yourself go. I will catch you. Get ready
now. Youre beginning to come backwards now. The magnet is
drawing you backwards. Youre coming all the way back, coming
back, coming back all the way back. And sleep! Go all the way down.
Loosely, limp and relaxed.
Did you see how that works? At the same time, youre bracing yourself.
Wide awake.
Thank you. You could also do it going forwards. So if I have you this way. In
a moment, you can all practice this its so much fun. You little gals, be
careful. Ill have you little gals work with little gals. Seriously, if youve got a
big guy coming down on you, it can hurt.
It doesnt have to hurt though. Anyway, see thats the power of innuendos.
Its not what you say, its what they interpret. Kind of like no, dont even go
there. Everything you use as part of your show just let it slide.
Close your eyes, down all the way. In a moment, Im going to take
my arms off of your shoulders. When I do, youre going to feel
yourself coming forward. Im going to kind of give a little tug and
youre coming forward all the way, all the way, all the way. There.
Open your eyes for a second. I want to explain this. You will have some
people, when youre doing the sway test, for example kind of catch
yourself because youre like, what the hecks happening.
Okay, close your eyes. Youre coming forward, coming forward,
coming forward. Listen to me. Dont fall. Be resistant. Trip around a
little bit, okay? Youre coming forward because I am great at what I
Okay, wait a minute. If you get somebody like this, heres whats happening.
Theyre not ready. Theyre just not ready. Its not a big deal, but for you, the
trained competent, confident, professional stage hypnotist, this is not a
problem. You move right through it. Its no big deal. Its just a situation to be
handled. Thats all it is. Nothing fazes you, because you are professionals.
You are the cream of the crop. Nothing, nobody is better than you.
Feet together.
You like that? That was pretty darn good, I have to say so. Okay, so if
theyre resisting, its no big deal.
Listen very carefully. Just let yourself fall forward. Im going to catch
you. Everythings going to be fine. Just let yourself go. No big deal.
Everythings going to be just fine. Close your eyes, and just feel
yourself now coming forward, coming forward, all the way forward.
And sleep!
You can do the same thing, you see? Thats what the sway test is. Theres
nothing more to it then that. Now, lets say that you have, for example,
come on up here. Youll see this happen a lot of times in shows. Why
people do it, I dont know but they seem to have fun doing it.
This is how sometimes youll pick out some good subjects. Youll say who
wants to be hypnotized come on up. Im going to break you guys up
because I want you guys to do the sway test so that we can move forward.
So what I was saying is that sometimes youll see a presentation, and you
may even want to incorporate this into your show. I dont know. I present
these to you so you have options, and thats all.
Its also something you can use on the street, doing a street demonstration,
its fun, powerful and very effective. No big deal. So thats what I wanted
you guys to do. Thank you very much. Give them a round of applause and
make them feel good.
Are you guys feeling comfortable that you are ready to give this a good go?
When doing the sway test, is there anything that lets say what are the
limits you should place on the size differential between you and the people
youre working with. Like lets say you get some guy thats 350 pounds, hes
6 8 and youre 5 6.
That would be a little ridiculous to begin with. At some point, we have to
think this doesnt make sense and then just follow your instincts and go, this
doesnt make sense.
But, I mean in your performance, have you ever come across that situation
where you felt I couldnt do it on this guy? Have you seen that happen?
Im a little cagey though. There are times when I probably shouldnt do a lot
of things that I do, hows that? Does that make sense? I mean if someones
really big, I probably am not going to risk that, but I dont do the sway test in
my shows. I show it to you for options.
If somebodys really big and I think that I might get hurt, Im going to just
say sit down and do something with him seated because I dont want to get
hurt. I dont want them to get hurt and I dont want something that I do to
look bad and the audience is going, what are you, a fool?
Well take these two questions and then well move through.
Yeah, the sway test was pretty good, but I have seen you do things I dont
know what this is. Ive seen people walk past you and you snap your fingers
and they hit the floor and you didnt catch them they just fell. So, I mean
youre talking about having to catch people and Ive seen you drop them
like a sack of potatoes.
Ive also seen you, which they recommend we dont, is put a person across
two chairs.
The human bridge? Yeah, Ill get into that and talk about that later.
I dont know whether thats going to be something that wed want to do as
hypnotists or is that something only you can do or what?
I will talk about that tomorrow. Ill talk about the human bridge the ins and
outs and the dos and donts.
As far as somebody just dropping down like a sack of potatoes, I told you
Im a little cagey. I go the extra distance, but I do it because I know the
person is not going to get hurt. That comes with experience. Listen, its like
this. If youre in a car accident and youre all tensed up, youre going to get
hurt more than somebody whos totally relaxed.
So if a persons walking by me and I say sleep and theyre going down on
the floor, number one, Im right there next to them watching where theyre
going to fall and Ive already predetermined, prejudged and Ive already run
the whole scenario in my mind exactly how theyre going to fall. Thats how
my mind goes ahead of this thing, its like playing chess.
I look at the stage show, with me its like playing a game of chess. Im
always 10 moves ahead of everybody else. I know where theyre going to
land. So if I think theyre going to land inappropriately, Im going to be there
to catch them or Ill have an assistant there. Ill say, get ready. Boom! And
take them down. Does that help?
Women with high heels, do you have to make them take their shoes off, I
mean for the sway test, do the shoes impede that?
You know what probably not, but could you? Thats a personal call on your
own. Really it is. Listen, I cant even count how many shows Ive done, and
Ive never had a problem with a woman wearing high heels. But there
again, Im saying I dont do the sway test. Would I take her shoes off,
maybe I would just because of the spikey little things that she may have on.
It could break her ankle and I wouldnt want to take that risk.
It goes back to always watch the person. Take care of your participants.
Their welfare is number one.
How come you dont do the sway test?
I dont know. I have things that I do for my own that I really enjoy doing.
There are others that really enjoy doing the sway test. I think what youll
discover as you continue to learn more about stage hypnosis and begin to
practice it, is youll find routines that you like to do for yourself, which are
the ones that youll want to do, the ones that youre comfortable with. Thats
Ive tried all of it to see if I liked it. It didnt really fit with my personality, the
way that I want to present a show, but other people do it, they do it very well
and I think it looks pretty cool. Its just not my deal.
With that said, everybody stand up. Move all those chairs to the side again
and lets get these lines going. That way, I can see what youre doing and
see if theres something going down that I need to take care of, let me be
able to do that.
Okay folks, whos feeling a little lethargic after that long day and the meal
and everything else? Heres what Im going to do. Number one, remember,
this is the last hour or so of training tonight. This is the time where you
really make it or break it as a hypnotist. This is the time to really push for it.
Its only an hour and youll have a lot of time. Two people here with groups
behind. Two over here with groups behind and two over here, so we have
six rows in total just like before.
Row A turn your backs to Row B.
Everyone face this way. There you go.
Row B, you get to do the sway test with the person now.
Off you go
You all had an opportunity to do that, correct?
Do you all feel good about that?
You have a new little tool, a little toy that you can play with tonight, right?
With that said get your chairs and put them back.
Actually, no chairs because were about to do street hypnosis.
Oh man, stay right where you are. Now its going to get ugly.
The Power of Street Hypnosis
Who here as heard the term I know its crazy street hypnosis? I know its
nuts, isnt it? Who here would like to do some street hypnosis, maybe
tonight even? Walk up to a random stranger, put them in trance and do
some cool things with them. Feel fantastic, walk off and theyre thinking,
who the hell was that person?Wouldnt that be something?
Can I tell a story?
Please. Do you want to come up here so the camera can actually see you
as well?
First off, Id like to apologize for showing up late to class. Sorry. Secondly,
we were at dinner tonight and Steve where are you? Steve, Im going to
brag on you, only because youre a hypno hog. You stole my thunder man,
but thats okay.
The person that showed us to a table broke his tooth, so his tooth was
broken just maybe 45 minutes ago. We were talking to him and he goes,
Im in pain. Im terrible. He goes, I apologize what do you guys do? I said
well, were hypnotherapists. We here learning to do street hypnosis and
actually do stage performance. He goes, you guys are hypnotists? Boom!
Yeah, he wanted it.
So we were sitting down and hes like, Ive got this toothache. Then Steve
comes over, grabs his hand and goes, Im going to make the pain go away
for you. He uses the scale pain. Has anyone ever seen this done, where
they take it and they scale the pain up and down.
He took the guys pain not completely away but took it to the level
where he could actually tolerate it. He was talking differently. He was
actually feeling good. He came back. Four waitresses were coming up to us
and then they thought we were what? Psychics. Then they thought we were
psychics. No, were hypnotists.
So there are about six or seven people coming from the hotel staff up here
that are coming down here to the Sunday show. Theyre bringing their
guests and everything else like that so, kudos to you, Steve.
Very good.
Two-Minute Street Hypnosis
Now folks, just so you realize there is nothing that these guys are doing that
you cant do already. This is after one day of training. Id like to prove that to
you would that be fair? Yes?
I want you to just mill around like this is a public gathering. Id like you to
just find for the moment, just one person and just go up to them like you did
this morning and say very congruently, hi, Im a hypnotist.
Then I want you to say something nice like, you look like youre having
fun here just as a way of a little chit-chat. Can I show you something
cool? Yeah? Put your hands out like this. Where am I going?
Suggestion test.
You know these things already. These are easy, arent they? Can you walk
up to a person, a pretend stranger in this room and say hi, Im a hypnotist?
Is that hard? Can you say something like a vaguely pleasant, sort of chatty
thing, which is maybe a throwaway line to allow you to say something, like
let me show you something cool. Is that easy to do?
In fact, if you want to go hardcore, you dont even do the chit-chat. You go
hi, Im a hypnotist, can I show you something cool? Put your hands out like
this. Its crazy, I know, isnt it? It gets better.
I want you to do is go around the room, introduce yourself as a hypnotist
and ask if you might show them something. You can phrase it anyway you
want can I show you something cool? Heres a cool trick on the power of
the mind. Would you like to use your mind in a better way? Whatever way
you going to phrase it, I really dont care. Experiment, other people will
experiment with you and youll find phrasing that works for you.
All you do is:
1. Suggestion test.
2. Take that straight into a conversion to an instant induction.
3. Once theyre there, fractionate it once or twice.
4. Do a little stiff arm thing on top of that.
So youve done a whole little mini-skit and youre done. This should be a no
brainer for you guys by this stage. Its just everything youve been doing
today put together into one little two-minute package. This does not take
more than two minutes. If youre here 15 minutes later going and now the
arm is getting stiff and thats really the wrong kind of hypnosis.
Im not saying theres anything wrong with that style of hypnosis. It has its
place, but its not on the street. Does that make sense?
You should be able to do the whole routine, fractionation, a quick demo I
call them street demos just because its not a test and that way people cant
fail them. Do the street demo, fractionation and one extra little thing to wow
them away. Its very easy to do. Two minutes, bam-bam youre through.
Come back and then if youre good, well show you something really cool.
Would you like that?
Off you go. Lets see some energy.
Five-Step Street Hypnosis
Are you all enjoying this?
What were going to do now is were going to start building this into a full
blown street hypnosis routine. Why? Because why not? How many of you
are planning to go out tonight and maybe trying this stuff out? Get together
and you know what, even if you dont want to do it, just hang out with these
guys and watch them just because its fun and you never know, you may get
inspired and have a go as well.
I strongly recommend you go out and just put that extra mile in, even if its
just an extra hour or so just to do it. Isnt it inspiring, isnt it fun for those of
you who have done it already? This will show you that the difference
between here and out there is small to none. In fact, usually out there you
get better responses because people are just blown away by it, they dont
even know whats going on.
What Id like to do now is prepare you for that moment a little bit more in
terms of what youre looking for and in terms of looking at the dynamic. I
know youve done a lot of stuff with Spencer about the dynamic of stage
and of whats going on inside peoples minds and so on. We want to apply
that to a street hypnosis session would that be useful?
The very first thing you do is, were going to just look at the mechanics of a
session, and then were going to look at the dynamics separately.
The first thing youre looking for and one and two really are the same
thing is youve got to test their attitude. If you go up to a group of people
and go hi guys and they go, what do you want? Is that a good group to be
doing streets demos with? You go, actually nothing.
Why work so hard? I remember when I first started doing it years ago it was
really a lot of awful stuff, nothing like you are capable of right now. I was
terrified and I thought I had to make it work with everyone. Now its like, you
know what I dont want it do it with you, dont worry about it Ill go with these
guys here.
So find people that you might think are fun. If they look like theyre having
fun, just go up and say hey guys, you look like youre having fun Im a
hypnotist. Can I show you something cool? What weve just done here is
very important. Its a little throwaway line.
We start to feed their attitude by giving them a reason to take part. You look
like youre fun. You look like youre smart. What is the implication here, that
what were about to do is going to be fun or what were going to be doing
here is for smart people? Is that going to create a cooperation frame
between you and them or a competition, like Ill show you Mr. Hypnotist
Man that you dont have power over me? Which is it?
So the one thing you do not want to do is create this thing like hey, Im
Hypno-Man, yeah! Try and resist me now and I will hypnotize you to do
stupid things and you cant stop me! You can try that out tonight if you want.
You wont get a refund if you do all right. The attitude that they present to
you when you start the whole interaction off, that is the key. It tells you
whether, or not you even want to continue in the first place.
Part of the attitude then comes with compliance. Will they do what you ask?
Can you stand over here a second, just stand over there. You want to play
with the whole group. Let me re-emphasize this. One of the biggest
mistakes you can make is switch to one person ignoring the rest of the
group, because the group dynamic is not in your favor. You want the group
with you, even if youre not working with the whole group. Does that make
You want everyone being fascinated. Just say, just move around here.
Dont worry, if youre scared thats fine, just watch youll enjoy this. You,
youre going to be good. So youre involving people so that they dont start
messing with the dynamic of whats going on there. Does that make sense?
How do we do it? We test for compliance. Even people who arent
necessarily volunteering for your demos, youll still get them to comply by
saying you just stand over here and over there. Give them a little bit of
space, theyll be fine. If theyre not compliant, what do you do? You say you
know what guys, its okay well go somewhere else and do something
different. At least you can talk about it or something like that, but you dont
want to start any kind of demo if the dynamic is not in your favor. Does that
make sense to everyone?
This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people do. Usually this happens at
parties. Someone says go on then, hypnotize me, and people go, all right.
Youre already going to lose at that point, arent you? It doesnt mean you
cant do it, but if you know about these two things, then youre going to look
for the attitude to be in place before you actually begin anything that is more
You could actually say okay, I just want to see if you can actually
concentrate properly first. So you put a challenge on saying can you keep
up rather than, can you fight me? Then you do the whole compliance thing,
like move them around, move them up a little bit. You can do a classic
suggestion demo at that point a street demo, but now its a test of
concentration, rather than a test of can I make the Hypnotist Man fail. Do
you see how we doing this so far?
Next, were looking for attention and focus. Were looking for the people
who are most attentive and most focused on whom?
No, me. Exactly! You are the hypnotist. That means you are the center of
attention for that demo. It doesnt mean that you have to be the worlds
biggest egotist. You can be if you want to, but you dont have to be, but
whilst youre doing the demo, all the energy, all the attention is flowing
through you. Youre the channel that everythings going through. Does that
make sense?
If youre not again, you risk things slipping off one way or another. So youre
looking for attention. This is where the demos are perfect. These street
demos weve been playing with the hands, the sway, the finger vice, the
finger lock, all that sort of stuff are perfect because it allows you to test for
peoples focus.
Youll see some people there and theyre going, whoa. Youve seen this
happen once or twice today, right? Youll see some people going like this.
Which of the two are you going to select?
The first one.
Exactly. So these demos are called suggestibility tests, not to see whether,
or not someone will be hypnotizable or pass or fail. Its just for you to know
who the heck youre going to work with. Thats it! So the two things youre
looking for are:
1. Speed of response.
How quickly are they responding? If you say in a moment, youll feel
magnets pull those hands together, boom, thats probably a good person to
work with. The other thing youre looking for is, Ill use the words
2. Emersion of experience.
They get absorbed by the experience. Its not just focus. Focus in part of it,
but this is a bigger thing with the whole reality. You can see it kind of
happening, where nothing else exists except for those hands, and theyre
so there. Does that make sense?
Youre looking for these two things, in terms of who youre going to select.
Finally, once youve dont the demo and youve had a successful result with
at least once person in that group, and youve seen elements of speed and
emersion in terms of their response, well, as far as Im concerned, youre
home free. You can do anything at that point, really, within ethical limits.
Dont come crying to me if you get arrested for, I dont know, making
someone into a pygmy monkey for the rest of his life. Who knows? Just
keep it fun, keep it lighthearted and well show you some cool things to do
with that. But really, at that point, you can do whatever you want instant
inductions, fractionations or more demos. You can do all the class things
sticking people around the place, thats always a fun favorite for people.
Even the whole routines, everything well be doing tomorrow. All those
things will be possible at that point because youve just opened the door
with all this. Does that kind of make sense?
There is one last thing Id like you to keep in mind which is what do you do if
things go wrong, if they dont work out any ideas?
Run! You bring them out and tell them its the same as an abreaction,
Okay, I actually dont mean an abreaction. I mean like you say, you cant
bend your arm and they go like this, that sort of thing.
Okay, well, in that case, you would just go to something else and keep
trying different tests.
Heres the simple rule. If it doesnt work, do an instant induction, deepen,
fractionate and do it again. I have actually done this, we did this, remember
the guy in Missoula? Even this thing here just wasnt working too well. It
was like, oh bugger.
So what happens? You put him in and you do it again and again, and you
fractionate it and fractionate it. After about 10 minutes, hes like this. I say
your arm is stiff and hes going, I dont care about my arm. I dont even
know who I am anymore.
So just fractionate, fractionate, fractionate and eventually, youll get it. It
may not even hold for that long if the person at that point is not
concentrating properly or whatever it is. Its not a big deal. It will hold long
enough to be impressive and then you do what you suggested; run!
Really, you cant go wrong because arent instant inductions easy? So just
think in the back of your mind, wash, rise, repeat. If it hasnt worked out,
dont panic. Instant induction thats the wash; the rinsing bit is deepening;
repeat is you try it again. Simple, isnt it?
That gives you a little package for street hypnosis, which is easy, its
simple, its robust and it will pretty much work anywhere you go. Seem
Important Group Dynamics
Igor: What I want you to do now is get into groups of three or four people. Were
going to give you a little bit longer because each ones going to have a go
at this. Can I actually borrow four people up here on stage just so I can
show you? Just come on up.
Now the group or whoever youre working with, I want you to pretend like
these guys are at a bar, theyre just chatting to know each other. All youre
going to do is go in and just say hey guys, whats up? My name is Igor. Im
a hypnotist. You guys look like youre having a great time. Can I just show
you something really cool about the power of the mind. Would that be cool?
Just put your hands out like this.
Where am I? Weve just done exactly all weve been looking at here. All Im
doing now is working with a slightly larger group, so it feels like a little bit
more trepidation. Its like oh, theyre having a conversation and what if I
Look at them. Theyre still there. Now you can relax. But youre doing the
same things. Hi, introduce yourself, Im a hypnotist, so they know why
youre there. Let me show you something cool. You may even get ask their
permission. Would it be okay if I show you something cool about the power
of the mind, yes? Okay, put your hands like this. Thank you and just relax.
Is that easy? So were going to do exactly the same thing you just did a
moment ago, only this time were going to work the group dynamic and
youre going to be looking at those five steps.
In other words, whose got the best attitude whilst youre doing the
suggestion thing or whatever, who is really responding most dramatically.
You just watch. If youre not sure, you know what you do? Do another one,
If youre not sure lets say youre doing this one and theyre all kind of
responding okay. So youre not sure who youre going to choose, so you
say okay, this time put your hands out like this. Now there are magnets
coming closer, closer, closer. One goes like this and ones still like this a
half an hour later. So if youre not sure, you just do something else. Does
that make sense to you all?
I want you all to get a chance to experience what it feels like to walk in on a
group of people with a big smile on your face saying hey guys, Im a
hypnotist. Can I show you something cool? Simple as that. Then go straight
into your routine. Choose one person from the group. You can choose
several, but for now just choose one person in the group. Youll do exactly
what you did, only this time lets say we choose Jimmy over here this
time we off of the group.
And sleep. All the way, deeper, deeper. Thats right, all the way.
There you go.
Now youre going to play up to the group.
On balance, on your own feet thats it, nice and deep.
Now you can play it up to the group.
Watch this, guys. Do you want to see something cool? Just stand
back a second because this might hurt you. Youll be nice and strong
with this. Make it strong. Stiff and rigid, stiff and rigid, like an iron bar,
stiff and rigid, no matter how hard you try to move it, you cannot
bend it. No one can bend it. Try to bend that arm and notice how stiff
and rigid it is.
Go ahead and touch it. Thats pretty intense, isnt it? Thats a hypnoarm
there. And relax. All the way down. All the way down. See, I
have special hypno-powers and deeper still. Okay, wide awake.
Eyes open. Good job.Well done, you. How do you feel about that?
So do you see how were playing it up for the group a little bit as well, maybe
even have a little bit of fun with it? So youre still involving them, youve just
chosen the one person to have a little bit of fun interaction with. Easy? Give
these guys a round of applause. Thanks, folks.
Find a group and have a play.
Powerful Street Hypnosis Gifts
How are you all doing? Good? Oh, come on, its the last 20 minutes. How
are you doing?
Now I feel you. Did you enjoy that exercise?
Can you see yourself using it in real life? I mean pretty much every piece is
there. Heres a hint. When youre doing this and you want to get a good
result, like to warm the group up, you do something like the finger vice. Its
pretty much a no brainer, most people will pass it and do well.
Then, if you want to actually select someone, do something like this or the
hand clasp or something like that. Why? Because youre now looking for
people who could be more hyper-responsive so you can do more advanced
and crazy stuff with them. Does thatmake sense?
Just play the range between you. You have plenty of tools, plenty of demos
you can do. Just mix it up and have fun with it. You can bounce from table
to table, from venue to venue and have a lot of fun with this, would that be
fair to say?
Now, wouldnt it be good if we were doing all these things to have a good
kick ass thing you can do at the end. I apologize for my language. Its
French. Im European. I cant help it. But wouldnt it be good to have a
slightly bleeped out thing that you can finish off as a great big finale, rather
than just saying, there you go that was the demo, well done, yay. Wouldnt
that be nice to have?
Heres what were going to do. Were going to have a little piece, which is
simple. In fact, can I have a volunteer please, someone who wants to feel
great. Come on up. May I borrow your glasses theyll be safe?
You wont be able to see through them.
Thats all right. I have my own. Theyre like mine now, arent they? Are you
ready for this?
And sleep, all the way, deeper, deeper, deeper thats right. Now find
your own balance. Thats it, going deeper and deeper still as you find
your own balance, on your own legs, very good. Excellent! This hand
now is stiff and rigid. Just as before, make a fist, stiff and rigid, stiff
and rigid. Make a fist with that hand. Make a fist. Make it strong,
stronger and stronger.
The stronger it gets, the better you feel. The strongest this gets, the
better you feel. The stronger this gets, the better you feel. Thats
right. Stiff and rigid so that you cant bend it and no one can bend
this. As that happens, try to bend it. Try to bend it now. And relax it.
Keep it stiff and rigid for now.
As the arm relaxes, the fist will get tense because inside the fist, I
want you to put a memory, a memory of something wonderful and
charming from your past. Something you may have forgotten about.
Something you may not have thought of in years. Feel that memory
inside that fist, traveling up the arm into your shoulder, into your body
and re-experience that now. Remember how good it felt. Can you do
that now?
Thats right. Feel that memory growing stronger and stronger. Every
time you squeeze that fist, that memory becomes stronger. Squeeze
that fist and it becomes stronger. Squeeze that fist and it becomes
stronger until you are positively glowing with a light. That face of
yours will start lighting up. You might have a smile on your face.
Youll have this feel-good feeling inside of you, thats right.
Remember just how good it felt to have that charming memory.
Now I want you to have something important happen. Find your own
balance. Thats right. Find your own balance. Good. Relax the arm
and relax the wrist. Relax the fist and that memory will fade, but the
cool thing is as soon as you squeeze that fist, those good feelings
come flooding back, and you might not even remember the memory
fully. Perhaps you will. Lets find out, shall we?
Squeeze your fist and watch those feelings come back. Isnt that
amazing? This is something you can take with you for the rest of
your life, anytime you need it, that fist and your will to make it so.
You think of that fist, you think of that memory, you squeeze that fist
and you will feel this good. Do you want to try that out now? Okay,
relax the fist 1-2, wide awake. Open your arms. How you doing? Are
you doing good?
Thats pretty cool, isnt it? Thats what hypnosis can do for you. Thank you
for sharing.
Thank you.
And goodnight.
Isnt that a charming way to leave people? So, after doing all the skits and
the power of hypnosis, youre actually leaving them with something that
shows them, hey, this stuff can actually do good things. Its a genuine force
of good.
I like to do little things like that as a little crescendo to it. You might too. The
very simple thing is go on a one-to-one basis now. Find one partner and
just have one go each, because were coming to the end of the night. I want
you to select one of your little demos, whether its this, the hand clasp or the
arm lock. I dont care what it is. Once they succeed in it, Id like you to
attach something very positive.
The easiest way to do this is to get them to come up with some random
positive memory, some fun experience or happy experience from the past.
Then bring it back to life so they can really enjoy it in the now. Simple? Add
some fuel to the actual test working or whatever it is. I mean, sometimes
youll have the energy inside their hands and thats the energy of someone
they truly love, and they can feel that love all over again.
You can get as creative as you want, but the essence of it is really what we
did today. Its this, isnt it? You just associate one thing to the other. Does
that make sense to you? Youre only as constrained as your imagination is
limited. So you may as well go beyond what you thought you could do and
actually have fun with this.
Are there any questions? All right, take two minutes apiece. Do that quickly.
Come back in a positive happy glow and well wrap up for the night. Off you
End of Day Benediction
How are you guys doing?
Are you excited?
Has today been a good day?
Did you enjoy it?
Have you learned something?
Above all else, are you going to use it?
Why not? Ive got to say, you all have been fantastic. I know todays been
an intense day and it has been, hasnt it.
But its meant to be. We want to really push your limits and push your
energy levels. You should feel bushed right now. Some of you are probably
thinking, its time to go to sleep, and thats fine. But I recommend that even
if you are going to go to sleep, just take a half an hour and go somewhere.
Where are you going tonight is it the MGM or something? Is that right?
Hands up again those of you who are going out tonight to do a little bit of
street hypnosis. Even if youre not actually doing it put your hands up so
people can see tag along with these guys. Make sure you grab them
outside in the corridor. If nothing else, youre going to have blast watching
them to stuff, right?
Who knows, maybe youll get inspired to do something yourself. Theres no
pressure. Its just whatever you feel inspired to do. So you know you have
been working hard, right? Theyve been working hard, havent they?
I think theyve been working very hard.
And thats a good thing.
Its the best thing ever.
Because when you work hard
You get good at what you do.
And you are good at what you do know, arent you?
And youre getting better.
And the better you feel about your skills
The deeper you take people into trance.
And trance is a funny thing, isnt it?
Because its about exciting the imagination.
And you get excited all the way down.
And thats where you want to go.
In a calm place.
Inside your mind now.
It can be great excitement.
When everything just lets go for a moment.
And you really dont have to think.
And why would you want to
In order to feel this good?
So go ahead and have the moment
Let go.
You really are
Even much better
In a position
And wondering how you got there
To really learn
To really take it in
Make changes
Everything youve learned today.
And its so natural to you.
Stimulating your brain.
And you can take it with you.
So natural
That youll take it to others
Its a part of you
At night when you dream.
The dream can be vivid.
All about you.
Its always been about you.
And these skills youre learning
Will expand in your dreams
Testing, playing
Having fun.
More fun than youve ever had.
Interesting dreams.
Those dreams that play in your mind
Of experimentation
With yourself and others.
A natural flow.
It becomes so much a part of you.
Thats right.
All the way.
Each time you dream
All the way
The dreams become more vivid.
All the way now.
More colorful
And enjoy that dream
Every night
And the dream that comes after
Because when the dreams happen.
Something interesting occurs.
It becomes you
And you can develop this in anyplace.
The dreams that you have
Are real.
And when you have the dreams
Then your reality
Becomes real.
Everything you dreamed about
Becomes exactly what you want.
So dream a good dream
A powerful dream.
Stage hypnosis.
Youre on top.
Street hypnosis
Of the world.
Powerful demos.
Nice dreams.
Everybodys watching.
Youre on top.
Street demos.
They look at you.
Youre good at what you do.
You are powerful.
Look at you now.
How did you do that?
How did that happen?
Show me again.
Lets do it.
Its all waiting to happen.
Your eyes are sparkling.
Your blood is pulsating through your veins.
It all began.
In your feet.
In a dream.
In your head.
All the way through.
In your eyes.
To reality.
In your voice.
And how can you resist your dreams?
You cant resist.
And how can you resist that inner feeling?
You cant resist.
That just saysoh maybe, just maybe
Maybe it is.
Ill have a go at this now.
There I am.
And there are your skills.
And thats why youre here.
As natural as walking.
And thats why youre there.
Waiting for you.
Why stop
Just that opportunity
When you can run
To show you
Everything you need
What youre capable of
And you are capable.
Just an opportunity.
An opportunity that never stops.
Like a child, just waiting.
A huge candy store.
Please, can I have a go?
Just let me.
Its yours.
Just one.
Its yours.
And all you have to do is give yourself
The dream.
The opportunity.
The dream.
The reality.
The possibility.
The experience.
And forever.
Thats right.
Take it with you.
Because, you know, you have been working hard and they have worked
hard today, havent they?
Theyve worked harder than Ive seen anybody work in a long time.
And far be it for us to suggest that they might take anything of this and
dream about it or do anything with it, because I think theyve worked hard
enough, really havent they.
I think so I think its time to just play.
I think its time you just go out there and let the world just take you in
whatever way it wants to, and you just follow your instincts. Wouldnt that be
fair to say? Rather than us telling you what to do, you may as well just go
out and just let your instincts guide you, right.
Bring back stories.
And video footage. I have a camera Ill give that to you. Hold the camera
up. Okay, not you. Well have someone more alive. Hes like Im in trance I
dont know what Im doing. Look after the camera whilst hes holding it,
would you? Just take some footage of you guys having fun, thats all its
really about.
Whos going to go with us in our group?
Its more like a fun thing to do, guys. Enjoy yourselves. Just go out there.
You know the principles and really this is just principles in action, right.
Wouldnt that be fair to say? So have a great time with it, folks. Give
yourself a nice round of applause because you deserve it.
Now go home. Tomorrow morning well start at 9:00 on the dot, so please
be ready to come in a little bit beforehand so that we can start getting
everything rolled in.
Thank you very much.
DVD 7 How to Start a Stage Hypnosis Show the Right
Fun With Street Hypnosis
All right, heres what were going to do today, were going to have a good
day. How many of you went out last night and did something crazy? Wow!
Briefly Id like to hear what happened. Who would like to share real quick?
Actually, a couple of us who went out, we had a crew. We went out like a
pack of wolves. It was very interesting. We went in there and Ed was the
shiner of the night. Where is he? He was the shiner. He was getting all
kinds of people.
I found this group of guys from England though, and they were all sitting at
the table. So I was like okay, theres my group Im going to get them. So I
went in there and got them. This one guy, I got him to do a finger lock. I did
the suggestibility test and we got the finger lock. He couldnt unlock his
fingers. I tried to take it into an instant induction, but he was so focused on
his fingers, that he would not go to sleep.
So I just ran with it, I was like, okay, were just going to flow with it, thats
cool right? He did that and I broke off for a little bit, then I came back and
got the other guy and just did the handshake induction. I gave him a bunch
of energy and confidence and all of that.
After that, it kind of went downhill. I tried to get this other group of girls, but
it was cool. I was remembering what you guys were saying, like we dont
fail; they fail because were the hypnotists. So theyre just not suggestible
its not my fault. Thats how I was playing it off. I had a whole group of girls.
We did the finger lock and they were supposed to
What were you trying to do with the group of women?
Well, I was just trying to see who was more suggestible so I could get
Get them ready?
Yeah and go from there, right? So I was just practicing, getting in the habit
of just messing with people basically, and decided Im just going in there
and attack a group.
After all of their hands popped open, I played it off like, you guys just
messed up my show. None of you are suggestible I cant use any of you. I
just played it off and they were all cracking up and everything. So I invited
them to the show on Sunday.
Long story short, I was two out of three. Hypnotized two, failed on three, but
theres never really any failures. It felt good. I was happy. I was just having
Awesome! Does anybody else have something they want to share? Give
him a round of applause he did good.
Well, it was mixed revues last night actually. Bill, right out of the shoot,
down at the bus shuttle, hypnotized a lady like boom! It was amazing. Ive
got it on my little video camera. I, on the other hand, didnt do quite as well.
It was a learning experience. So I think the first clue should have been the
stack of empty beers that were stacked on their table.
Two of the guys seemed to be having a good time. So I went up and said
hey, you look like youre having a good time. Im a hypnotist. Can I show
you something kind of fun and whacky? And theyre like, no!
Laughter and Applause
We had a big group and this brave one broke the ice. Oh, you have a
picture? We went to the bar at The Wynn and there were seven of us.
I was in Vegas many years ago and didnt like the whole bar pit manager.
There was a gentleman standing all by himself who looked like a pit
manager at the bar, so that would be the last person Id go up to.
So he goes up to him first and says, can I show you and he did the
suggestibility test. He comes back with a $20 bill. Hes like, I like this. His
beer was free. Then Kristin and I went up to three men at a table and said,
can we show you something fun?Were hypnotists. They were like, no!
They were gay.
If two women came up to me and said, do you want to have some fun
They said no!
I wouldnt tell them Im a hypnotist, though.
We figured they either thought we were hookers or we were out to get their
money. So I decided, okay, I will not be beat. I went and looked for a table
of women and there were three young waitress girls. I have daughters, so I
knew I could get there.
So I went up and two of them were like, we dont want you to read our
minds. I said Im not a psychic; Im a hypnotist. People dont know. Then
they said were not paying you. I said we dont want any money. Not even a
tip. We dont want any money. That was what I think the essence of what
maybe those men thought too. So we did a suggestibility test and the one
that was the best at it was scared to death to be hypnotized.
And she was what, the best one?
The most suggestible.
Did you hear that? Youre going to run into this often. Youre going to find
that the person who has the greatest fear is usually the person whos the
mostly highly responsive.
Because they know.
So for you, when you hear that, you should be going ping! A light goes on
and youre going, all right this is going to be a good one.
I think we pretty much figured all three of them would. The second one was
like, Ill do it. So I asked her what she would like to improve in your life. She
said relationships.
I went and sat next to her and I did the just fell on my shoulder, I brought
her up, fell on my shoulder. I looked up and all seven people were crowded
around the table. My group, my homies were all there. So I did an in-andout
several times and then stiff arm and her friends were taking pictures.
They couldnt believe it.
Then I gave her the suggestions of relationship in the pit of her stomach,
and she can get good guys now, get rid of the bad guys and all kinds of
stuff. I pulled all kinds of stuff out of the air. Then the guys took over and
Good. Did you guys hear what she just said?
I pulled a lot of stuff out of the air.
Out of the air. Yeah. The stage hypnotist, the professional stage hypnotist
pulls things out of the air. They are the master of improv. They take a
situation and they make it work. Go ahead.
Then, he came in and grabbed the one girl who was like, oh no, I cant. She
was a little crazy and he had her drinking fake drinks. Who else? Yeah, he
took the one that was scared to death and he ended up putting her under
so all three of the girls, we just had fun, and then the guy that he started
with asked us not to do this anymore and to please stop, so the night ended
with that.
Very cool. Good for you. Pass that back behind you, please.
Hi. First, I just wanted to thank you and Igor because when I got home
yesterday, I wanted to go with the guys, but my wife, whos over in the hotel
phoned me up and said, you need to get back, Ive got some news for you.
Before I came over, I went to my local Miners Club Coal Miners Club,
and said Im a hypnotist and Im looking for work. They confirmed last night,
and Ive got my first job as soon as I return in two weeks.
Right on.
Thats the first confirmed one. The second one is not confirmed until I get
my proof that Im working in Vegas at the moment.
And Im going to get a couple of old service buddies back home its the
first job Im going to have had in five years since my accident. Ive been
unable to work, I lost my job with the Army through this accident, so Im
going to be entertaining the guys before they go over to Afghanistan as well
in a months time on production of the video, of course.
Then last night we went to dinner myself and the wife. The drinks waitress
came over at the Mirage and she looked really miserable. I said you look
awful. I still had the badge on and she asked, what do you do? Im a
hypnotist. Oh. I said can I do something for you? I said you look really
awful. Well yeah, I suppose it wasnt the usual what I was expecting, no,
have a nice day.
She looked really miserable. I did the suggestibility test, stuck her hands
together and I told her it was funny and getting funnier and funnier. The
more she tried to release it the funnier it would get. I said that feeling youve
got right now, thats going to stay with you for the rest of the evening. And
for the rest of the evening, she had this big grin on her face. She just
couldnt stop grinning. It was fantastic.
Far out. Thank you so much.
The Preshow
When youre doing a show, professional stage hypnotists, you always have
a crew to help out. Whats your job, hypnotist? Your job is to do your job.
Theres a whole business to show business besides just doing your show,
but you need to focus on what youre doing in your show.
So you have people that help you to move things around to make your
show possible. The hypnotist always makes sure the chairs are together, at
least I do. I never use chairs that have arms in them, that way people wont
be able to fall on top of each other. You want them to fall on top of each
other because it looks good.
Let me run you through briefly what its like to do a show. This is kind of like
a preshow routine that happens. Lets just imagine for a second that youre
the audience. Youve come here. Youve paid the big bucks to see the
show. Youve paid $100 a ticket to come to see my show, which you should
enjoy doing, right.
Oh yeah. Yes.
Good. No discounts for those of you who arent speaking up. Anyway,
weve got our DJ. I want to run through this real quickly to show you what
its like and then were going to break up and do this in little groups. Then
Im going to show you how I do it with a large group and then were going to
break up into small groups and youre going to have the opportunity to do
that with yourselves.
If I could have number three please.
You can use a microphone, a headset or a lapel mic, my preference is to
use a headset. That way my hands are free, but a microphone looks cool in
your hand, so I always have another microphone over here because I can
take it from here and when Im talking to my subjects up here, I can still
speak without having to go back and forth.
With the intro there are different parts to the show. In the preshow, you
have the audience that comes in, the music is that people entering hear,
theyre sitting down and waiting for the show to begin.
So when youre doing a show, youre always getting ready. Before the show
begins, you go half a day early and you run through the entire routine. You
make sure everything is tight. You work with your DJ to make sure your
sound is working. You make sure everything is happening.
You go through every single routine in your mind, and you do it with the DJ
to make sure that you guys are both on the same page. Its very important
because you want the show to be flawless. Even during a show, you may
have something that comes off incorrectly, and you just make that part of
your show. Its kind of like yeah, bring that music down just a little bit that
would be cool.
Then you just go on with your show and just make it a part of it because no
matter how good you are or your DJ, there will be times when things just
happen, just manage it and just make it a part of your show.
So the audience is coming into the show. Theyve seen all the promotions,
theyve seen your website and theyve seen the posters. Theyve seen
everything happening. They paid the money and theyre sitting in here. You,
the professional stage hypnotist, are off stage in the back room, which is
usually called The Green Room in a professional theater. If its in a
professional bar its called The Bathroom.
Or The Kitchen if its in a restaurant. All venues are different. I prefer
venues that have a Green Room, one of those little places where you go
and they have a nice big room back there with a sofa. Theyve got a wet
bar. Theyve got an ironing board so you can take your clothes in there and
make sure theyre all nicely pressed before you do your show.
Theyve got these big mirrors there with lights on them so you can look at
yourself. And ladies, you can do your face up; and guys, you can do your
hair and your face or whatever it is that you need to do. Make sure your
clothes look good and youre ready. You can brush your teeth, spray and
everything so you dont go out there and talk to people with bad breath and
stink and things are out of order.
This is all stuff that happens in the preshow for you guys, as a professional
hypnotist. Now whether its in a big theater or whether its at the Elks
Lodge. It doesnt really matter. Its the same thing because all eyes are
going to be on you.
So, the audience is there and were gathered to see the hypnotist come.
Now in a big theater, you want to be off stage. You dont want to be seen
before the show. You just dont want to be. Its not what you do. You want
to be mysterious. You want to magically appear when they call out your
Now, if youre at the Elks Lodge, the Moose Lodge, the Lions Club or your
local bar or something like that, no big deal youre probably going to be
sitting there having a cocktail with somebody anyway.
Then when its time for you to do your show, you just get up there and do it
and everybodys half looped anyway, so it doesnt really matter. Youre just
there to have a good time. However, when you get on the big stage,
everything changes. Youve got to be the guy that is not seen until the show
So here we are in Las Vegas. Im going to go down here to The Green
Room for just a second. Good Green Rooms always have a TV monitor,
which is cool because you can watch people coming into the theater, you
can see where theyre sitting and get a look at their eyes and their face.
Its kind of fun to see people coming in and bee-bopping around. Youve got
music playing in the background because youre setting a stage. So in my
shows, what I do is I always set the stage. Ill let people in about 30 minutes
early, and Ill have music that Ive put together playing. Its music that Ive
created myself. You can use music that you enjoy whatever you want to
Ive created my own music for my own show thats kind of mysterious and
fun and funky. I have this eclectic blend of stuff and people are going, what
the hell is that? Because what I want to do is put people in a different stage
of consciousness. I dont want to give them anything thats too familiar.
I like to give people something thats different because it takes them out of
their world of reality and they have to think wow, where are we going with
this? What is this? This is different. So Im already creating this trance state
with people right away with my music thats part of the preshow. Does that
make sense?
You can use whatever you want. If its in a country bar, Ill play Garth
Brooks or something because everybody can relate to that. Theres a
difference between working in a bar situation and working in a theater
where its a show that youve promote or have been hired to do, and theyre
paying you $10,000 or $20,000 or $50,000 to go do. Whole different level,
but do them all because theyre all fun to do.
My preference now is working large theaters, but Ill tell you what Ill go to a
bar any day of the week, if Im paid to go and if they charge people at the
door. If you accept a job and well talk more about this in the business
where they just hire you to come into a nightclub just to perform, chances
are youre going to have a poor show. Why? Because youre not a
Your show better be a destination. If you want the best volunteers, the best
subjects, the best show and the best audience participation, you need to be
a destination. You dont need to be the sideshow, where people are coming
in well, were going to go get drunk anyway. Lets go where they have a
hypnotist. Lets go and check it out. No big deal. Were still going to party.
Youre not the main attraction.
So, when you get into the professional realm, no matter where you perform,
make sure that its paid, that people pay to come to see you and youll
greater success then anything.
Now, back to the preshow we talked about that and thats part of the
preshow too youve got your posters up and so youre back here in your
Green Room. Then you have the announcer and he goes, ladies and
gentlemen, please do me a favor and youre back there going oh shit,
there it goes. Maybe you have some butterflies going. Youve got to go to
the bathroom one last time. Take a drink of water. Get ready for this, if
youre the nervous type.
Or, you can anchor yourself to a very exciting state. This is what I do. I
simply, as soon as I get up on stage, I have the microphone. Or as soon as
I get up on stage if I dont have a mic, if I just have the hand held. As soon
as I walk out there, I go into a whole different persona. Its the stage
hypnotist persona.
If I have this, I just anchor to a state where I become just the entertainer,
nothing else matters, nothing else exists but this. Its just about what I can
do for these people. Does that make sense?
Thats what I want you to do. In your preshow, when you get ready, you
become the hypnotist. Youre nothing else. Youre no longer who you are.
You become that. You become that person, that individual, that persona,
that psyche. You become the entertainer.
When you get off stage, youre just the same old guy that you were before
you went out to the stage or the same lady. But, when youre on stage
people are looking, so you have that buzz.
So I anchor myself to the state. You can find any kind of positive stage, and
Ill show you how to do that here in a little bit. How to anchor yourself to a
very positive, upbeat, powerful state so that when you get up there on
stage, youre there, youre ready and youre not going to have butterflies.
Step 1: Your Introduction
So anyway, you have the announcement. They say ladies and gentlemen,
please do me a favor and give Spencer a powerful round of applause and
the audience claps.
All right, how are you guys doing out there? Are you guys having a good
time so far?
Are you guys ready to be hypnotized?
All right. Let me ask, before I even begin, how many people in here have
been hypnotized before? Raise your hands. Oh, this is going to be a good
night for sure. Let me ask you, if you have not been hypnotized, raise your
hands. Wow! One person has not been hypnotized. Wow. Okay, very cool.
Well, before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about what hypnosis is so that
when you get ready to come up here and enjoy yourself, youre going to
already know whats happening.
Listen to the words that Im using. Im telling people what to expect. Part of
what Im doing is building this mental expectancy with people so that when
they come up here, my job is already done out here in the audience. My job
is done. Ive done it. Im ready. Were ready to rock and roll.
How many of you have been hypnotized? And you raise your hands. What
am I doing right away?
Getting compliance.
I am getting compliance. Im getting those yeses. I want to know if youve
been hypnotized, raise your hands. If you have not been hypnotized, raise
your hands. Im getting everybody to follow along with these waking
suggestions left and right. Nobodys going to escape from the hypnotist.
I want everybody out there there is no wrong way to do it and there is no
wrong answer. Im going to get the hands going up one way or another. If
Im in a place where I see somebody whos not doing anything and just kind
of looking at me youll have that. People looking at you like, whats your
deal, buddy?
For example, youre like, whats the matter man didnt you have a good
night last night? Did your wife kick you out of the house? Youre not here to
have fun? Whats happening with you? So you can throw little one-liners in
there and just have fun with people. They may look at you and you go wow,
youre one thats pretty cool.Well, were still going to have a good time.
Youll run into this every once in awhile, not very often, but theres always
somebody out there that wants to one-up you, the hypnotist, on the stage;
not always, but it can happen. So I bring this out to you in the preshow
because it can happen. Just notice and observe people because what you
want to do is get people coming your way.
We talked a little bit about that yesterday. You want them in the palm of
your hand. I want everybody right here so that I can mold them. I want them
right there so I can squeeze them a little bit. I want to take their little brains,
and squish them together. I want them to do what I want them to do. It
doesnt always work, but we give it our best shot.
So at this point, you understand where Im going so far, right?
All right. From there, Im going well, Ill tell you what. Let me tell you a little
bit about hypnosis before we even begin, because I know that some of you
out there think that you havent been hypnotized, so let me tell you what its
like. Have you driven in a car and youve gone from your house to the store
or to work. Yes?
Everybodys done that. How many times have you been driving and you just
kind of like got there? You just happened to get there and its like, how did I
get here? Or you passed your house and youre going, oh shoot. How many
of you have done that? Yeah. Everybodys done that thats called highway
hypnosis, somehow you just got there.
Ill tell you, I do that every time I get on a plane and fly overseas. You get on
a flight and it takes you 12 or 20 hours and its a long flight, how did you get
there? Its a plane trance its weird, especially when you go over 10 or 12
time zones. Its crazy.
All the sudden, your whole world is upside down. But let me tell you another
time when youve been hypnotized. How about when you watch a movie?
How many of you have been to a big movie theater? Raise your hands.
Very cool.
You know, youre sitting there, youre watching the big screen and you see
the characters. You laugh and you cry, you become amused, amazed,
whatever, but you become involved in the characters. Thats what the
movie is for. The actors are up there to create a sense inside of you, a
feeling so when you identify with that feeling, you have been hypnotized.
Thats based on suggestion.
Let me tell you another time. How about when you read a book? How many
times have you read a book and you said Im going to sit down and read
this book for a few minutes and then all the sudden, you became so
engrossed in it that hours passed? The book was over. Its like, wow! How
many of you have done that? Thats a hypnotic state ofmind.
Now for those of you who havent raised your hands because you cant
identify, let me ask you this. How many times have you said to yourself, I
am so tired I just need five minutes? Then you go find a chair. You say Im
just going to take five minutes. Im going to close my eyes and after five
minutes, Ill open my eyes and Im going to feel great. I just need these five
So you sit down, you take that five minutes and then all the sudden
magically, for some reason, five minutes pass, you open your eyes and you
feel wonderful. How many of you have done that? You have hypnotized
yourself. You have given yourself a self hypnotic suggestion.
So everybody has been hypnotized. Everybody has been and everybody
will be tonight. I want you to enjoy what were going to do for you.
Step 2: Get Volunteers
So heres what Im going to do. Lets do a group thing, everybody sit back in
your chairs. Put your feet flat on the floor. Take your hands give me a
volunteer up here. Come on up here. Youre a good volunteer. How do you
pronounce your name?
Okay, everybody do what Yuichi does. Take your hands and put
them above your head. Palms together and interlock your fingers.
Arms up high. Squeeze your hands together as tightly as you can.
Now watch what Im doing. Im making sure those arms are up there stiff
and rigid, right? I am the confident, competent, professional stage hypnotist.
I dont care who I pick out of the audience. I dont care who wants to
volunteer. There is a risk in this for you, but you can do this.
Squeeze your hands together as tightly as you can. Close your eyes
down all the way. I want you to close your eyes down all the way,
and I want you to imagine that your hands are locked. They are
glued and they will not come apart. Squeeze them together tighter
and tighter, and make sure those hands are locked. They are glued.
Your fingers are stuck against the back of your hands. Your palms
stick tighter and tighter.
Your arms are stiff and rigid and powerful. They will not bend. Your
hands are locked together. They will not pull apart. You can try to
pull them apart, but they stick tighter and tighter. Try hard to pull your
hands apart. Theyre stuck tight. They will not come apart. Try hard,
but they stick tighter and tighter.
Very good, open your eyes and just look around. Okay, now if youre
hands are stuck together, and if you are good person and want to
have a lot of fun, I invite you right now to come to the stage and lets
get going with the show. I need all these chairs filled up man-womanman-
woman. You can relax. I think Ill keep you. Go ahead and have
a seat right there.
Do you see how Im doing this Im now calling for volunteers? What Ive
done is Ive just very quickly gone out there and talked to the audience, and
what I want to do is create a sense of rapport. Does everybody in here
understand what rapport is? Is there anybody here that does not know what
rapport is? If you do not, raise your hands.
Im going to go over it quickly. Rapport is that you want to be able to identify
with the audience, and you know that people relate on three levels.
1. By what they see
2. By what they feel, and
3. By what they hear
So you want to do is communicate in a language that allows individuals to
see things visually. The presentation is very visual. I speak loudly because I
want them to hear what Im doing, so I talk in words that they can listen to
because I want them to hear what Im doing.
Then it goes into the feeling. I want you to have this feeling, this sense of
what were going. Put your hands together. Lets get a little tactile. I want
people to really relate to all this.
Then I pull up my volunteer here. Now its very simple. I have one, two,
three, four seats up here that are empty. I need four more people up here.
Id like to have two men and two ladies come up here right now. The two
best looking men and the two best looking ladies stand up right now and
come forward.
Come forward. Give this powerful guy right here a round of applause and
make him feel good.
Give this good looking guy a round of applause.
Give this lovely lady a wonderful round of applause too.
Very cool. Stand right here for a minute if you would, please. Stand up. Let
me take you right here. Hang on for just one moment, please. Ill take you,
stand up right here. Im going to put you right there. Actually, Im going to
take you right here instead. Im going to take you, and Im going to put you
over here and Im going to put you right here. Thats no problem come on
over here. Im going to put you right there, very cool. Have a seat sit back in
your chairs.
What am I doing to these people? I am doing compliance because I want
them to follow along with what Im doing, but I also want to have manwoman-
man-woman. The reason for me is because I want to make sure
theres a guy on the end because in the hypnosis show, a person can fall
over. So if somebody is going to fall over, I dont want it to be a lady I want
it to be a guy.
Ive seen it happen. It doesnt happen very often. Were going to talk about
safety later because we want to make sure that everybody is safe, but Ive
got these guys where I want them.
Now something also, when youre working in a show lets say that you have
a lady that has a dress on. You want to make sure the dress covers
everything because you dont want people down there being peeping Toms.
You want to make sure that theyre comfortable because if they feel
uncomfortable, they are not going to be a good subject.
That goes back to respecting your volunteers. Have respect and dignity
because theyre human beings also. Youre going to have some fun, but do
it in a way thats very respectful as much as possible.
Wow! Good looking people. How are you guys doing? Nice. And your name
Hey Roy. How are you doing?
Good, Spencer.
And your name is?
Kristen. Very good.
So anyway, I like to find out who these people are so Ill meet them a little
bit here. Brian, how are you doing?
Fine. Thank you.
And you?
So weve got our volunteers up here. What are we going to do next? What
Id like to do is another test. Ive already done a test out here, right?
Now what I want you to do is sit back in your chairs. Put your arms
directly in front of you. Squeeze your hands together just like this.
Put our arms up right there. I want you to stare at your thumbs, right
there, just stare at your thumbs. Squeeze your hands together one
more time. Squeeze them together as tightly as you can. Make sure
that your hands are locked and they are glued and they will not come
Squeeze your hands together as tightly as you can. Make sure
youre staring directly at your thumbs, directly at your thumbs,
squeezing your hands together as tightly as you can. Make sure
those hands are glued and they are glued and they will not come
apart. Make sure that they are stuck tight, stuck tight, and they will
not come apart.
Try to pull them apart, they lock tighter and tighter. Try as hard as
you can to pull them apart, but they are stuck tight. They will not
come apart.
You guys can keep playing with that. This is the second test and I do this in
every show because you know what? You may have a person that goes like
this. If thats the case, Im going to simply just direct them off the stage. Im
going to say listen, I think youre going to have more fun out here.
Its not a big deal. You just matter-of-factly take control of your stage. Are
you messing with me back there? Oh, you guys want to take your hands
Look right here. When my hand comes down, release your hands
and put your palms down on your lap. Close your eyes down all the
way. Close your eyes down all the way, very good. Continue to allow
your eyes to remain closed until I ask you to open them.
I do not intend on doing that, yet. Im also telling them what to do. Ill want
them to be compliant. I want them to go along with what were doing. This is
a show. Its a performance and you are the conductor.
Im constantly talking here to my volunteers, and Im constantly turning
around and talking to the audience because you have to perform for two
sets of people. Youve got to make sure youre with these guys, and then
Step 3: Suggestion Demo
youve got to come out here and make sure that the people out here are
following you.
You want to see a lot of smiles. Also, you want to hear a lot of whoa. When
youre doing your job right, youll get people out there going whoa, whoa
whats happening? Have fun with it. Youll know once you begin to do it how
much fun its going to be.
So Ive got my people up here hands and palms down. From here, you can
go into any kind of induction you want to. Youre going to have a couple of
different kinds of shows that youll be doing and different audiences, and
theyre all going to respond differently.
You can walk into a high school and youve got a bunch of kids. Man, you
can just drop them on the floor like flies. Its real easy. College is the same
When you get into a corporate crowd you have older people and theyve got
their co-workers out there so its a whole different kind of presentation that
youre doing, because theyve got to save face for tomorrow and for some
of the things that you do, they may go oh, I dont know so theyre going to
have more reservations.
Step 4: The Induction
Spencer: So Ive got the people up here and Im going to go through an induction,
not going to do that now, but with the induction part, you can do like a
fractionization, which is something I like to do.
There are two parts to that. Is it necessary? Sometimes - never. I do it
usually for one reason because the people in the audience want to see
people getting hypnotized. Sometimes if you do it too quickly, people dont
get it. They think oh, maybe its set up. So what people want is to watch
people go into trance.
Theyre seeing these tests that youre doing here in the audience and the
tests that youre doing right here and theyre going wow, thats crazy.
You have to understand. This is not my music, were using royalty-free
music, so I have to re-invent what Im doing in my mind as I go along.
Thats the thing with having your own music, because I go along with my
music and Im always listening to everything thats going on and if
something comes up different, it just kind of throws me off and I go whoa,
whats that about?
A number of years ago, I did a show for playboy and I got down to LA and
they go, Mr. Spencer, heres your music. I go what? They go, heres the
music for your show. I go, no I have my own. They go, no Im sorry but we
cant use yours because of copyright laws, so here you go. Im going oh, my
gosh. I had like three hours to try to build a whole new routine for this
playboy show that we did. It was crazy, but we did it. We pulled it off. It
worked. It was great and we had a fun time.
So youve got your people up here. Youve got your volunteers up here and
weve done the tests, because I want to know whos a good subject and
whos not. The induction part of it, the fractionization can be as simple as:
Take a deep breath in and breathe out. In just a moment, I will begin
to relax you step-by-step, as I do just simply concentrate on the
sound of my voice. I want them to concentrate on the sound of my
voice, and I tell them, listen to the sound of my voice.
During your time here with me, the sound of my voice, the touch of
my hand, the music and the applause from the audience simply
helps you to relax and go deeper and deeper into hypnosis.
Everything now is about a deepening technique, so I continue deepening
the trance. Some of these guys may already be in a deep trance, but some
may be in a light trance. My job now is to make sure that I get everybody
into the same depth of trance so that theyre all excellent subjects so we
can have a lot of fun.
Youll discover as you begin to go out there in the real world and do this
with real people who arent a bunch of hypnotists in a room who are
floppers that the rules are going to change. Youre going to have to be a
little bit more delicate in what you do in your presentation because its going
to be different out there.
Thats why were going to practice over and over in here today, so you guys
really get this down.
Relax all the muscles in your head and across your face, down your
shoulders. What I want you to do is just roll your neck around a little
bit, would you? Just roll your head around on your neck. Get all the
stress and all the tension and anxiety out of there.
Just relax all those muscles. There you go. Let everything go. There
you go loosely, limply and relaxed.
And I always say to people, during your time here with me, that touching my
hand because Im going to be touching people, and I want them to know
that Im going to touch them. Why? Well, its the same thing as in clinical
work. For those of you who are familiar with doing clinical hypnotherapy,
you never touch a client unless you let them know youre going to because
you may get a big abreaction.
The same thing applies on the stage. I never touch my subjects unless I let
them know that Im going to be touching them, so I let them know up front
that Im going to be touching them tonight.
Listen, as you continue to relax with each breath that you take, you
may even notice the person next to you move and shift in their
position. As they do, simply allow those easy movements to help you
go deeper and deeper and deeper. All those movements help you to
relax and go even deeper.
Now, if they happen to put their head on your shoulder, simply enjoy that.
Enjoy that feeling of their head on your shoulder and have fun with that.
There you go, way down. There you go.
So its the same thing.
When you feel the person next to you touch you, just relax and go
even deeper to sleep.
Now there will be times when you are doing this, a person puts their head
on somebodys shoulder and theyll open their eyes and theyll wake up and
go, whats going on? You are the trained professional, confident, competent
stage hypnotist, right? What are you going to do? You have two choices.
You can either say:
1. Open your eyes. Youre bugged by these two people on your
shoulders. You can close your eyes and sleep. Way down.
2. And youre kind of bugged youre looking at them going, wow.
And so youre a good role player. Sleep. Not bad, huh? Okay,
good. I want you to really enjoy this, so why dont you go ahead
and just close your eyes down all the way. There you go.
Please close your eyes and just relax and enjoy this.
It might be something as simple as that, and it might be something thats
much more difficult, where he just isnt going to let go because hes like
going, I like this feeling. I dont know if I want to let it go.
So, Ill just continue going through the induction, and Ill let that person sit
there to hold them up and then after I get everybody else hypnotized, as I
begin my first routine, Ill take the person and say thank you very much and
get them off the stage or have my assistant do that.
Just make it part of the show. You are trained, competent, confident,
professional stage hypnotist. You are the consummate ultimate performer,
nothing fazes you. You deal with what emerges, just like in therapy, right.
Just handle it. Make it look cool. Make it be smooth. Yeah, youre going to
enjoy it out there.
Then just turn around and go back and start working with people. Trust me
people are going to be watching you, not them going off the stage. They
may notice him for a second, but you just go back into your routine and start
working with somebody else. Just enjoy what youre doing with that and you
can have a great time.
Now, these people up here are relaxing.
You can continue to relax all the muscles in your body.
Now if you folks out there would like to try hypnosis also, I invite you
to sit back in your chairs and close your eyes down all the way. Put
your hands, palms down on your lap and your feet flat on the floor.
Now open your eyes, Im not really asking you to do this Im going to
explain what Im doing. I will do this in the show this is part of the preshow.
What I do is I have the audience, as I begin doing this, theyre watching
these people and Im going, this is pretty cool.
Now if you guys would like to experience hypnosis yourself and youre
maybe a little bit antsy about coming up here to sleep with this hypnotist
I shouldnt give away my zinger, should I?
Go ahead and sit back in your chair, put your feet flat on the floor and
hands, palms down in your lap. Just a few moments of hypnotic
relaxation is equal to hours of sleep. In fact, after tonights
presentation, you can go home and party all night long and have a
great time. So go ahead close your eyes down all the way.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out. Breathe in deeply and breathe out.
Breathe in peace and relaxation. Release any stress, any tension,
any anxiety that you may have. In just a moment, I will begin to
continue to relax you step-by-step.
I do this and the people out here in the audience theyre going for it too.
Not everybody, but youll get a number of people out there. Why I do this is
because Ill get people out there in the audience who will get hypnotized. I
think thats really cool. Im doing my show up here and these guys are in
trance, and I might get two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight or
nine or ten who knows people out there who are hypnotized.
So when I get ready to do my first routine, Im going to go, before I begin
though, is there anybody out there thats sitting next to you that appears to
be in a trance? Youll know who they are because their heads either on
your shoulder or in your lap, or maybe theyre on the floor. I dont know, but
if theres somebody like that next to you, please raise your hand.
They raise their hands and Ill go this is cool. Do you know why? Because
now you get to go out there you get to mess with somebody in the
The second part to that is people dig having you, the performer, come out
there because wow, theyre next to you. They can see you. Youre there.
They can almost touch you. I know its crazy, but this is how people think of
the performer. This is the psychology there.
For example, go to sleep, right there you, young man. There you go. Thank
you. Lets pretend that he just went to sleep in the audience.
If theres somebody next to you, please raise your hand. Oh, theres
somebody next to you? Very good.
Let me just show you what this is like. Ill just go off the stage and go,
excuse me just a second Im going to go talk to this guy.
Im going to touch you right now, sleep very, very deeply. In a
moment, Im going to count to three. On number three, your butts
going to be on fire and youll very quickly run up to the stage as fast
as you can because your butts on fire. On the stage theres some
water. Get ready now 1-2-3 quickly go, quickly, quickly. And sleep.
Okay, very good.
Now do you see how we have fun with that? Thats why Ive got another
volunteer. Hey, give the volunteer a round of applause, folks. Make him feel
Come on up here. Have a seat. Do you see how that works? So, if you
have like four or five people and you can use your creative imagination to
come up with different things that you want to say to an individual. Trust
me, I pick my people very well and I have a lot of one-liners, depending on
the audience, that you can do.
Remember, youre playing to the audience and you want to be respectful of
the audience that youre with. So you want to keep your show clean, but
you can use innuendos too that are fun because were all adults. A little bit
of adult stuff is a good thing. Its a good thing because adults get it, but if
youve got little children, you want to be a little more playful, which is why I
dont do shows that little children can go to, except for my son he can go to
them now. Hes 6 , he gets it, but sometimes wonders what Im doing.
Okay, so weve got our people up here. Weve got whatever people out
there in the audience up here to be hypnotized. Now, listen there are three
kinds of people who probably will never be hypnotized. I want to educate
1. A small child cannot be hypnotized because theyre already in a
hypnotic state of mind up until about the age of 8 or 9, somewhere
along there.
Whatever you tell that child, they will do they dont have a critical factor.
Whatever you do with that child, theyre going to do. Thats why you, the
parent, are the family hypnotist. How many of you have a small child? Very
cool. Whatever you teach that child is what they are going to learn. It will be
up to you to raise that child correctly. So be a good parent, love your kids
and thats all Im going to say about the kids.
2. The second kind of person who cannot or will not be hypnotized is
somebody whos had a little too much to drink, or whos been on the
buzz there a little bit because they cant concentrate and you dont
want someone who cant concentrate because they already think
theyre hypnotized anyway.
3. The third kind of person is somebody who just has a very low IQ.
Of course, thats not you, or you wouldnt be here, so you can all be
hypnotized at different times. Lets get on with the show.
In a moment, Im going to count to three, and then I have my first routine set
up. Im not going to go into that right now. That will be in the next section
because I just want to go through this part right here, and then were going
to break into little groups, and you guys can have this experience yourself.
So Ive these people up here. They all seem to be doing pretty good. Im
going to count to 3, and on number 3, everybody open your eyes. 1-2-3,
wide awake guys.
Give them a round of applause. Make them feel good.
Now sit back in your chair one more time. Take a deep breath in.
Exhale and just sleep.Way down.
Im constantly just putting people into trance. Oh, just stop it. Stop it. Some
peoples children. When you get people like that Ill either, take them and
just drop them down real quick or Ill just take them and throw them off
stage. Im not going to worry about it.
Way down. There you go. Very cool.
Play With The Panel
Hello? How are you doing? Are you having a good time? Okay, good. Are
you hypnotized tonight? You think so?
Everybody open your eyes, wide awake. Okay, cool. Open your eyes
one more time. And your name was?
Roy, what do you do?
The best I can.
You do the best you can. Okay. Are you hypnotized tonight?
Maybe? Oh, have you ever been before?
You have been. But maybe youre not really sure right now, right?
Im awake now.
Oh, youre awake now. So what do you do in real life what kind of work do
you do?
Solar installations.
Very cool, Im glad that youre here. Sleep! You dont mind if hes on your
lap there for a minute, do you? You can move your hands. Hi, and your
Kristin, what do you do?
Im a hypnotist.
Youre a hypnotist. Really, is that what you do, no kidding. Where do you do
hypnosis at?
Wow! Okay, very cool. So if youre a hypnotist, let me ask you are you
hypnotized right now?
Yeah, I think so.
I would think so. Well, its good to have you here. Sleep!
Youre next. Hi, your name is Brian, right.What do you do?
Im a hypnotist.
Oh, youre a hypnotist too, right on. Wow, I got a bunch of hypnotists in
here. What kind of hypnotist are you?
A hypnotherapist. And where do you do hypnotherapy at?
In Denmark.
In Denmark. Let me ask you, being a hypnotherapist, why do you think
people are doing this isnt this kind of weird? Do they need therapy, do you
think? You have no bloody idea. Good to have you here anyway. Sleep!
I want to meet everybody and I want to find out a little bit about them.
Because what Im doing, in my mind, I want to know who these people are
because when I ask them who they are, it helps me to go okay, so this is
what you do. It helps me to put some things in my mind on where I want to
go with them and what I can do with them at some point.
Even though I have all my show laid out how I want it to appear, how I
want it to work theres always that little part of my mind that you know,
you have to be ready for improv. Youve got to fly by the seat of your pants
sometimes, because even though you have everything laid out, you may
not have everybody whos going to be responsive to everything that you do.
So I always have about 50 or 60 different routines that I can break into at
any given moment and then, of course, just basic improv. Im not a
comedian. I could not stand up for an hour and talk to people and make
them laugh. I think thats the hardest job in the world. But give me a whole
bunch of people up on stage and I can create mayhem.
Hi, and your name again was?
Where are you from?
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
Like right now.
Two days ago or yesterday?
I told you about those earlier, right? Where do you live right now?
What part of LA? I grew up in LA.
Near Ventura Highway.
Thousand Oaks.
Nice area. Thousand Oaks. Nice to have you here, sleep! Its some crazy
stuff, isnt it? How are you doing?
Im doing okay.
Yeah, do you want to do better?
Yeah, I thought you did. Where are you from?
Im from Portland.
Portland. I have a brother that lives in Portland, actually and I think Portland
is pretty cool. Do you go to the Rose Parade there?
Well, I just moved here two weeks ago.
Oh, well you know they have the Rose Parade there and its one of the
most beautiful things that you could ever imagine, I mean theyve got these
roses I mean theyre everywhere. Actually, it should be going on pretty
soon, right?
I think so?
Yeah, I mean this is the time of the year where the roses start coming out,
and wow, thats awesome. All those brilliant colors. Where did you come
from before you went to Portland?
Eugene, Oregon.
You made a big leap, didnt you? What is that? About two hours?
Good to have you here. Sleep!
So anyway, its the same thing. I want to meet everybody and find out a
little bit more about them because I look for experiences in my mind that I
can relate to who they are. Yeah, I know where Portland is. I know they
have roses there.
Portland is a beautiful city. Theyve got a beautiful river that runs through it.
Theyve got great fishing. Theyve got some of the best coffee shots in the
world, outside of Seattle. Its a lot of fun there, and theyve got this huge
bookstore downtown. Its like three stories. It takes up big blocks. Whats it
Powells. Thats the one. Its an incredible bookstore. Anyway, I draw so
much from my life experiences because Ive traveled all over the world. So
its fun to do and you can use that in your show.
These are the people were going to work with, do me a favor and give
them a powerful round of applause. Make them feel good.
All right. Weve just done a preshow. Now were ready to do our regular
show. Okay? Im not going to do that right now. I just wanted to take you up
to this point to show you what this looks like and how it feels. Do you guys
think you can do this?
Are you guys ready for this?
Whos not ready? I didnt hear everybody out there saying, yeah. Are we
ready to be hypnotists?
All right and we become hypnotists by doing.We do and we do and we do it
over and over and over again. I want you guys to do it here. If you do it
here, you can take it out there and you can do it out there.
Our goal by the end of these next few days is for you guys to go out there
and you already have a show coming up, so thats awesome and for you
guys to go home to your home towns, book a show next week and make
yourself $5,000. Would that be awesome?
Yeah, how about if you did two shows for $5,000 each - $10,000 next
week? Why not? Have fun with it, right? Its the most incredible profession I
can even imagine.
Im going to count to three. On number three, sit up in your chairs. All
this applause will be for you.
Now listen, what I say is that all this applause is for you. I like to do that,
and I encourage you to do that yourself. I see a lot of stage hypnotists that
are flat and it really drives me crazy. You want to get as much audience
participation as you can possibly get.
If you get the audience going, these guys are going to go more because
listen, the more noise you make, the more theyre going to act out for you.
The more they act out for you, the more noise you need to make.
Do you hear what Im saying? Im giving dual suggestions here. The more
noise that you make, the more the people up here on stage are going to act
out for you. The more they act out, the more noise you need to make. So
Im giving these dual suggestions because I want everybody involved. If I
can get everybody involved, were going to have a great time.
Do me a favor and give these guys a thunderous round of applause.
Just like that, very cool. You keep that up and were going to have a good
time. And thats it.
Im going to count to three. At the number three, sit up in your chairs.
Once again, all this applause is for you 1-2-3, wide awake
everybody, wide awake.Wake up. Come on.
All right, cool.
DVD 8 How to Practice the Start of Your Stage Hypnosis
Show So It Runs Perfectly Every Time
Troubleshooting Q&As
I have a question more related to what you were saying about how not to
take subjects that are drunk or on drugs, but in Las Vegas or in the venues
youre in, most people are already drinking. How to you differentiate
between someone whos obviously, you can tell if someone is just
stumbling drunk, but most people at a bar or in a club are going to be
already intoxicated.
Thats a presumption on your part. A lot of the people will be drinking, and
most people are drinking, but not everybody is drunk. So when I say drunk,
Im talking about the person who comes up there obviously drunk. Thats
when you say thanks man, I think youre going to have a much better time
out there. Thats how I handle that. Does that make sense?
Yeah, so does a little bit of alcohol affect hypnosis that much?
No. A little bit doesnt, but everybodys different. Everybody has a different
tolerance, so I dont know. Its just something that youre going to get a feel
for as you begin to work with people. Some people can have a few drinks,
but if theyve had too much to drink, theyre not going to concentrate and
theyre going to be kind of goofy. Youll see a lot of drunks, and theyre just
being goofy. Just get them off the stage.
There are times when Ive had somebody whos been goofy drunk like that,
and Ill just grab them and say sleep and Ill them on the floor. Just leave
them there. Theyre better off over there. Theyre not going to bug me, and
theyre not going to bug the audience. Then if you get the person whos
really drunk whos just obnoxious, then you just get a bouncer to get them
out of there. The thing is the audience isnt there to watch a crazy drunk.
They dont want them up there.
Yeah, I was just going to say Ive been bartending for 20 years and Im a
hypnotist. I pull almost all of my clients right out of my bar. Theres a big
difference between somebody who has a scotch or a beer after work and
somebody who slams a bottle of scotch after work.
Its pretty obvious, even a rooky bartender is going to be able to pick that
guy out. Youre going to see him. You will. Somebody whos got a shot and
a beer in them I mean Im hypnotizing people in my bar all the time
without them even knowing it, constantly. Thats how I get my clients, so the
alcohol thing, youll be able to tell.
So does that make sense for you then? So dont worry about it. It wont
happen that often, but I say that because if the person is really drunk,
theyre going to be a bad subject anyway.
I guess I would say my fear that might not even be the best word, but for
me, the most important part of being a stage hypnotist is the pre-talk. To
me, I think if you get the pre-talk down, everything is like a piece of cake. I
got most of what youre saying can you go over it again?
Sure. Id be happy to do that. I hear what youre saying. I want to add
something to that. Probably 99% of the time, I never do a pre-talk. I do it as
I go up and start talking to people, and I do it very quickly. After I get
volunteers up here, then I do a pre-talk with these people up here on the
Thats just the way that I do it, but theres a lot of value in what youre
saying because it will stack the odds in your favor by talking to the audience
for a little bit, and talking to them about hypnosis what its like and how
the mind works. So if you wanted to do education and entertainment, you
can certainly do that. Does that make sense?
Not necessarily education, because I realize that were entertainers and we
dont really want to educate people about what hypnosis is all about, but
getting our volunteers. I mean the fear I was talking about is calling for
volunteers and no one comes forward. Im thinking that whatever your pretalk
is sets the rapport that you need to have
Let me tell you a story that I think you can relate to. I was invited to do a
high school reunion. I think it was a 20-year reunion. They hired me and
they paid me a lot of money. This was in Utah a number of years ago. So I
went to it, and I got up there and they introduced me. It was in a ballroom
like this, which is where high school reunions are. I went in there and talked
to the group for a while. I gave a nice pre-talk, a very thorough one.
Then I said whoever would like to try this, please come on up. Nobody
wanted to get hypnotized. Nobody wanted to come up. Im sitting there
going, wow. It doesnt really matter to me because Ive already been paid,
but you guys are here and Im here. Ill tell you what, how about I give this
to you because I dont want to just leave here and take your money.
How about if I talk to you a little more about the dynamics of the human
mind would that interest you? They go, yeah, so I spent the next 15 minutes
talking about why people have fears and insecurities. I talked to them about
anxiety. I talked to them about confidence and no confidence and about
what its like to grow up as a child with all your friends.
So now, here we are 20 years later in a room, if somebody sees what Im
doing right now thats different then what I did 20 years ago or if I have had
some secrets. Then, all the sudden Im hypnotized and they see something
that happened or they hear me say something that happened, boy, thats
not going to be good. I dont want any of my secrets to come out.
This high school reunion invited me to do a show and they paid me a lot of
money. Nobody wanted to get hypnotized after a lengthy pre-talk. A very,
very good one, I did a good job. I already had maybe 2,000 shows under
my belt, so I was pretty confident in what I was doing, but nobody wanted to
come up, so I decided to talk to them about their own fears and insecurities.
After I did that, I said now you know what, you guys can continue to live in
that fear or you can take a risk right now and enjoy something really cool
that could happen for you just by coming up here and having a good time.
Who would like to do that now? The whole stage filled up. How do you
know? Even on the best night, setting up right, there are so many different
dynamics to that.
Another example I wanted to add on to that. When I was doing shows at the
Avalon Theater I did that for 6 years straight, every Saturday night I
never did a pre-talk; never. Partly was because people already knew what
to expect. They knew what to expect because they had heard about what I
do to people when they come tomy show there. I dont mess around, man.
Id have people come to the show lining up in front of the stage. Id have 30
or 40 people lined up in front of the stage. Youre shaking your head
because you were there. How many of my shows did you go to there in Salt
Quite a few. Yeah, Ill ask you to talk about that later because I think that
was pretty cool you were there, I didnt realize that. But I liked to take 20, 30
or however many people wanted to volunteer. They would come up here
and they would line up sometimes two and three bodies thick. Id have them
put their hands over their heads and theyd lock them up like this. Then Id
just take and grab them and say, sleep, and just drop them across the
stage. Thats it. That was my show. It had begun right then.
People would walk in, the lights were off, I had strobe lights going, I had
funky flashing lights going and I had smoke everywhere. It was like a rock n
roll show, it was a rock n roll show. It was a nice production. Id just drop
people. Then after they were dropped, Id say everybody on the count of
three get up here on the chairs very quickly, and I went right into my routine
just like that, just smoked it down.
Theres an entertainment aspect of it. It depends on how you want to
present yourself. Who are you talking to? I would never do that for a
corporate group. I would take time. I would dress up and give them what
they want. I would talk to them very politely in a very businesslike manner
because I would have more rapport.
But, people coming to that show, they just wanted to be messed with. They
just wanted to see whats the hypnotist going to do tonight? Whats he
going to wear this time?Whats he going to look like?Whats he going to do
thats crazy?
Does that answer that question? Does anybody else have any questions
before we break into little groups?
Yeah, I dont know how relevant it is, but like you got a room have you
pre-designated Im going to have 20 chairs up there on the stage? I guess
its a ratio maybe. You have 250 people in the audience, so you say to your
staff or whatever, I want 20 chairs. Or is it 10 or five. How do you develop
how many you want to work with?
The chairs that are sitting up here are part of the suggestion. Ive got 20
empty chairs up there. People are sitting up there going, one, two, three
theyre looking around going I wonder whos going to be doing this? People
are out there talking about it, and theyre trying to figure out whats going to
be happening? So I always have 20 chairs up there.
I normally will not do an audience under 500 people anyway. I just dont
want to. I like larger audiences, but I will. I mean if somebody hires me and
wants to pay me $5,000 to do 200 people, thats fine. I dont care. But Ill
still have the same amount of chairs up there. That gives everybody an
Whoever wants to try it they can, because even if you have 20 chairs,
maybe not everybody will get hypnotized, but Im going to give them a
chance. My job is not to educate these people. Its like lets have fun. If
youre not going to be a good subject, get off my stage.
Right. Now again, going back to I live in a real small town. Im going to do
the Elks Lodge or the Lions Club. You know four, five or six. That way, you
can kind of keep it under control.
Those are the most fun. No. Dont do five or six chairs up there. Dont. Dont
do it. Dont have less than 15 chairs up on your stage ever.
Dont have less than 15?
Dont do it. Dont do it. Do not do it. If you only have five chairs, youve only
got five people. What if they all suck? Youre going to have a bad night. I
would rather have 15 possibilities up here than five people that are not
going to be very responsive, especially in the Elks Lodge.
Ill be lucky to have 50 people at the Elks Lodge.
Say that again.
Ill be lucky to have 50 people at the Elks Lodge.
Thats interesting programming youre doing for yourself how does that
work? Do you hear what youre saying?
I dont get it. No. Oh, I see what youre saying. Okay.
I say that with all due respect because, listen, were here to program
ourselves to be powerful, confident, competent stage hypnotists, and we
have to think differently. I am not going to go into a room where Im going to
be lucky if I get 50 people. No way. Im going to make sure that I have at
least 100, 200, 500 or whatever its going to take to make my show
I see.
Thats part of the deal. We only have a few more minutes, so I want to
break up into groups. I know that were covering a lot of ground.
Yesterday we were talking about shock. I noticed you did the shock
induction and they stayed there the whole time. How does that work?
I hear what youre saying. Understand that were a room full of hypnotists.
Can I do that in a room of non-hypnotists? Yes, but theres a different level
of what were doing in this room where things take place unconsciously.
I dont want to sugar-coat it and make it sound like something different is
going on. If I do a shock induction and they stand there, why do they stand
there? Well, number one theyre hypnotized and I tell them to stand there.
The unconscious mind does what its told. If theres no other logical reason
for it to not do it, it will say okay. Thats the nature of the subconscious
The conscious mind is the intellectual mind thats always going whoa,
whats going on here? The subconscious mind is the emotional mind and it
just goes yep, whatever you want I dont care. Its the one that says yep,
feels good to me. Does that make sense?
Yeah, its just that it was very clear yesterday that you want to take
advantage of that moment, because theyll come back up.
Are you talking about like doing a street demonstration type thing?
Is it different than what you just did?
Its really no different.What did you want to say?
I would sometimes come back up, like I know that my eyes opened a
couple of times, but when I heard the sound of his voice and you guys
laughing, I remember my mind said oh, deepen. Go down, and I would go
back down to the same deep state.
Listen, the people that I have up here on stage that Im going to keep,
theyre hypnotized no matter. They can sit there and chat back and forth
and they can look at you and smile and do whatever, but I can over there
and go sleep, it doesnt really matter because theyre still going to drop.
Wide awake, do you see what Im saying? It doesnt really matter because
you are the constant performer. You take control of whats happening. So
we dont worry about those things. I know youre asking because you
havent seen it, youre not familiar with it and you havent done that so you
dont have that experience.
Thats what were doing here now. Thats why Im going over this and really
stressing it to you and trying to give it to you in a real simple manner. Its
like, this is what you can do, and youre going to know it as you get out
there and begin to do it and have the experience. One day youre going to
go, I get it. Now I get it. It just works. Youll know by doing.
Im so proud of all you who have been going out there and just doing it, I
think its awesome. You guys are blowing my mind. Im going to have to
follow some of you guys out there and see whats happening.
Don, may I interject something there.
I think one of the things that I dont know if you were in the Hypnosis
Certification Program training that we did with Igor, but one of the things
that we learned in that is that just because somebody opens their eyes or
says something does not necessarily mean that they have come out of
trance. They can still be in trance and they can actually still respond.
Does that clarify that for you?
It is important to do the deepeners. If you think back, what Ive been saying
is everything is a deepener. Ive already clarified that. Everything I do
listen, during your time up here with me, the sound of my voice helps you to
go deeper into hypnosis. So, as Im talking theyre still going deeper.
Theres a part, like she said I hear his voice and I just seem to get
So the sound of my voice, the music and everything becomes a hypnotic
suggestion; everything. Everything in the environment is part of it.
Can I just add a little something?
Add it.
Thank you. Last night I had a group of four people in front of me. It was a
husband and wife, husband and wife. I was doing a quick induction and the
gentleman with the baseball cap on was going down really quick. So I woke
everybody else up and I listened to what you said last night about bringing
the audience in.
So I had them stand all around me and I said, okay, were going to have
some fun with them. Wake up, wake up; watch, watch, watch. I said, okay
play with the ball, your energy ball in your hand. The guy was going like
this. I said, the more you play with the ball, the deeper youre going to go.
Just like Don was up there just talking about the sound of my voice, the
laughter of the crowd, the applause, that has a deepening effect. So theyre
getting fractionated when they come up and they go down. Then, I said
what Im going to do is Im going to take your baseball cap off and as soon
as I take your baseball cap off, you are going to go down.
I took it and he went out. He had his hands in front of him and I was playing
with the crowd at that point, and I said okay here we go. I just grabbed him
and jerked him and sleep. Just like Don was saying, use the words that hes
saying. Listen to him. Every time you apply something, use the sound
around you.
We were in a bar last night. You couldnt frickin hear your own voice. There
were four women up in front of us and one of them was scared to fly. I took
the music, had her dance with the music to get over the fear of flying. So
you can use anything around you to put people down.
Okay, lets move on. Weve only got a couple of minutes left, so I need to
wrap up this session anyway.
Let me ask you, are you getting a good understanding of this preshow,
before the show even begins? Is itmaking sense to you?
Is it really making sense to you?
What were going to be doing here, in two minutes were going to be taking
a break. Go outside and mingle with yourselves. Enjoy it. When we come
back, Igor is going to be taking over the next section. Hes going to do a
bunch of group things with you to help take what weve done here and build
on it so you can have some more fun with that.
Have I woken these guys up yet?
Are you guys woken up yet? A couple of you. Yes. No. Well, that will give
you something to think about, and when you think about this other thing,
remember, everybody is already in a trance. It doesnt matter. You dont
have to apply a hypnotic induction to put a person in a trance. Even a
person that says I cannot be hypnotized I go, oh cool, youre the, I cant be
hypnotized trance person.
So everybody is in a trance already. Weve just got to figure out what it is.
Once we figure out what that trance is, anybody can be hypnotized quick.
Just have fun with it, and thats all I do. If youre out there on the street
doing its the same thing I do on stage with somebody. If Im having a
problem, if I have time, I might talk to them and figure out whats going on.
Who are you? What do you need? What do you want? Ill talk to them and
get some rapport-building skills going on there.
Then when I find that moment of passivity that I know then Ill say, oh cool.
Sleep! Bam! Does that make sense? The moment of passivity when youre
doing street hypnosis, or even stage hypnosis, Im always looking at
people. Im looking at their eyes. Im looking at their demeanor. Im trying to
figure out whos who, whats what and how am I going to do it?
I look for that moment of passivity. Its this look that you see in a persons
eyes and in their face and when you know, its like yeah, theyre mine. For
those of you out there who have been doing this and hypnotizing a lot of
people, you know what I mean. The moment of passivity is that moment
when a persons conscious mind just kind of goes and the subconscious
mind opens up and you can go, sleep, now!
So go out and have a moment of passivity. Well see you back here in just a
little bit.
Practice Your Intro
Welcome back. How are you all doing?
Did you enjoy the last section?
If I understand it correctly, you spent the morning looking at the whole
preshow thing, how to get to the point where the show is actually rolling and
youre doing all your demos and that sort of stuff.
What were going to do now is get you guys to do it. Its one thing seeing it.
Its actually another thing rehearsing it and doing it yourself. In a moment,
were going to hand out a little strip of paper like this. Id like you to look for
your name and were going to get into groups of six.
Youll notice that there will be gray and white strips, and each pairing of
gray and white is one group, so there will be one group of six. In fact, I
might as well just quickly give you an announcement and read the names
out. Were going to have, I think, its 12 or 13 groups.
So if I just point to different parts of the room, if you would just move over
there. Bring chairs with you because youre going to do exactly the same
thing you saw Spence doing here. So youll have six people per group.
Some groups will be a little smaller just because of numbers. Well manage
those. Dont worry about the strips right now. Well hand them out
afterwards. Well just move into groups now. Then well start doing those
things bit by bit. Sound good?
So you all have your groups. Make yourselves comfortable. Heres what
were going to do. Give each other within your groups a number from 1-5 or
1-6. That will be the order youll be taking turns in today. It allows us to keep
things rolling as we go along.
I want number 1 to be the hypnotist first, then number 2, 3 and so on and so
forth. Make sense? Go ahead and number yourselves now and then well
start the actual training.
Hypnotists please stand up. Everyone else, please line up in front of them
as though you were sitting in these chairs here. Okay, I think were looking
good here.
Were going to start with the whole preshow step-by-step. Were going to
assume that the intro music and all that stuff weve been talking about, has
been dealt with. So you have just been announced. Youre going to now
walk onto the stage and youre going to do two things. Youre going to be
off stage in a moment and youre going to walk on like someone just
introduced you. In fact, you can have one of your group members introduce
you if you like.
Youre going to walk on with a big smile in your full performance character.
Make sure you walk on you get into that peripheral vision state we did
yesterday. When you walk on, two things youre going to do, the only things
youre going to do are:
1. Introduce yourself.
Hi, Im Igor.
2. Give them a 10- maybe 20-second intro about the show or hypnosis
in general.
Hi, Im Igor. Im your hypnotist tonight. Were going to have a great time. For
those of you who dont about hypnosis, its just the power of the mind.
Were not going to ask you to do anything today other than have fun. Im
going to ask you to do nothing I wouldnt ask my own mother to do.
It doesnt really matter how you introduce yourself. I only want to have a 10-
to 20-second self intro, plus an intro for your show in general. Does that
make sense? Its going to be very, very quick. In this next bit were going to
be zipping through a lot of things very quickly and youll have several gos
at this so I dont think about it too much. It will evolve as we go along.
Do you have a general idea of what you want to say when you introduce
yourself and your show, yes?
Hypnotists, put your hands up when you have general idea of what you
want to say. All right, put your hands down. Put your hands up if you have
any questions about this or any concerns or youre not quite sure what to
say yet. Heres your chance. You will be fine because you get to watch
them first.
[Makes comment].
Heterosexual, yeah well, thats good. Youre just going to introduce
yourself, like hi, my name is Bill. Im Bill the fastest hypnotist in the world, or
whatever and then youre going to introduce your show. Today is a good
family show. Hypnosis is just the power of the mind. Im going to show you
some amazing things.
Its just to make people feel excited about your show thats all. Remember,
what is the point of the introduction? Its to encourage people to volunteer.
When they come in, people dont know what to expect yet. Your
introduction will decide whether, or not people will want to volunteer.
If you come in and go h-h-h hi, Im going to hypnotize you now. Please
come on stage, theyll go, I dont know about this.Why dont you go? So the
whole purpose of your introduction is to let people know what character
your show will be and that theyll be safe up here whatever venue you
happen to be in.
In nightclubs you can be a little bit more outrageous; at family affairs, youll
be a little bit more conservation; at corporate shows, youll be very
conservative and on. Does that make sense? So just have that sense of
how youre going to introduce yourself. Walk on, do the intro and in 30
seconds time I will cut you off, and the next person will be on. Well be
rolling through this very quickly. Make sense?
Does everyone know what were doing? Hypnotists off stage, please. Keep
an ear out for me because Im going to be timing you and Ill be switching
around each group. Okay folks, starting now, 30 seconds, introduce
Get Volunteers
Okay, folks. Face in so you can see.Was that fun?
A little bit hectic, right? Did you feel a little bit of tingle, like the excitement
beginning to build now? This is what a show feels like. This is what youll be
doing on the final day, but right now were just getting into it step-by-step.
The second step I want you to get used to is calling for volunteers. So, now
that youve got people excited about your show, you want people to start
volunteering to come on board. Right now, youre just talking to an
audience. Do you see what Imean?
Heres what Im going to do. Were going to have in each group three
people come up and volunteer. Decide whos going to be number 1, 2, 3
and then 4 for volunteers, and numbers 5 and 6 will stay in the audience.
You have to have a split between audience and volunteers, so that you get
used to looking in both directions. Make sense?
Volunteers, when you come up please take your chairs up with you
because we dont have enough chairs to go around. When the volunteers
come up, come up individually. So well have one volunteer, the hypnotist
will have to keep talking and kind of get you excited and then were going to
get a second volunteer; keep talking, get them excited and then get a third
volunteer. Does that make sense?
You will have one minute to do the whole thing. Youll have one minute to
come in, introduce yourself, call for volunteers and keep teasing them to
make sure more volunteers come up on stage until you have your full three
seats. Does that make sense? You have only one minute for the whole lot.
Decide how youre going to present that time. Just remember, theyre not all
going to come up at once, so youre going to have extra time to keep
getting them excited and coming up. Does that make sense to everyone?
Any questions?
Could you run through it for us?
Hi guys, I am Igor. Thank you for your kind welcome. We have a great show
for you today. Its all about the power of the mind. Im going to show you the
most amazing things about how your mind works. Up here you see five
chairs. In a moment, Im going to ask you guys to come up here if you want
to experience the true power of your own mind.
Youre going to have the most fun youve experienced in a long time. Rest
assured Im not going to ask anyone here to do anything I wouldnt ask my
own mother to do. So, if you want to have fun, if you want to have a
discovery of your mind, just come on up right now and experience the
power of hypnosis in your life. Come on up right now.
Does that work? Then as people start coming up, thats right. Youre the
first one. Youre going to have such a great time. Up you come. Sit right
over here. Okay everyone else, come on up, come on up.
Sound good?
You have one minute, so please get ready. Is everybody ready to start?
Your minute starts now.
Are you starting to feel it? All right. The pressures on.
Suggestion Demo
Igor: So, weve come on, weve introduced ourselves, weve excited people
about the show and weve called for volunteers. The next step in the
sequence is to get more volunteers through the testing phase.
You can kind of mix these up a little bit. You can do the test first and then
call for volunteers or you can call for volunteers first, test everyone and
have a second run of volunteers come up after that. Thats a very nice way
of getting more volunteers. Does that make sense?
Im going to give you two minutes apiece. In those two minutes, you will
come on, you will introduce yourself, you will introduce your show, you will
call for volunteers and you will do a quick, simple suggestion demo. It could
finger vice, it could hand lock, it could be this one. I dont care which one it
is, but youre going to do this with the whole audience.
When you first call for volunteers, only one person will come up. Just like
one of those really quiet shows. Youre going to do the test with the whole
audience and maybe the person on stage if you want, its up to you. Youll
do it to the whole audience and then whoever can succeed with that, youll
invite them to come up as well.
Dont force them. They can still have a choice. Youll say you guys did
great. Come on up. Youll have a great time. Youll be surprised with how
good this is, and so on and so forth. Does that make sense?
Youre just adding one more layer to what youve done, which is test and
another call for volunteers. Easy? Ready for this? All right, number 1,
please get ready. Number 1, are you ready? All right this groups almost
ready. Okay, your two minutes start now exercise begins-.
All stop and just face the front again, please.
The Induction
Hows that? Are you guys having fun?
Yee haw.
Much better. Do you guys feel like youre starting to do some showmanship
stuff here? Youre like in a show, yes?
The next step is were going to do the whole thing again. This time youre
going to get three minutes apiece. You may actually have less time in the
actual show, but three minutes is decent time.
In the three minutes, youll do the same self intro. Youre still into your
show. Youll call for volunteers youll test and get more volunteers. Then
were going to do the full induction. The full induction is not technically
necessary to do stage hypnosis, but its part of what people expect, so you
may as well give it to them.
I want you to remember three things for the formal induction.
1. Ask the audience to be quiet for the next segment. Build up that
sense of mystery. Be quiet enough that you can actually do the
induction with the people on the stage. Help them concentrate.
So ask the audience politely to give you the space and give the people on
the stage enough space to be hypnotized and so to be quiet for a few
minutes whilst you do that.
2. Do your induction.
Literally, take no more than 30 or 40 seconds because you dont have that
much time.
3. Get whats left of your audience to give the people in trance a great
big cheer as a kind of building anticipation.
A nice way to frame it is to say, you guys on the stage here, in a moment
youre going to hear the sound of your fellow people in the audience
clapping and applauding. Every time you hear that, youll go deeper, and
youll have an even better show.
That sets the atmosphere up so these guys, when they applaud these guys,
theyll further in trance and they get a better show, so they get a sense of
like hey, Im going to hypno-applaud these people. Does that make sense?
Its just a very nice frame to build the applause from the audience.
So is that easy to do? Three minutes apiece. Ready to do this- number 1,
please get ready. All right folks, ready? Begin.
Bring your chairs back to the main group. Your time is up. Give yourself a
round of applause.
Time Control
A couple of things. Did you notice how three minutes is not a very long time
when youre doing stuff? This is important. When you do a regular stage
show, youll probably have 15 minutes to do the whole thing youve just
been doing so far; 10 minutes if you want to and thats a luxury, isnt it?
However, this Sunday, remember youre doing a 9-minute show. If you run
over, you have like 9 minutes, but then we pull you off. So if its the
middle of the show, youll get pulled off in the middle of the show;
otherwise, the next person in line wont have a chance to do their own
promo tape. Does that make sense?
This means you have to be precise in your timing. Dont worry. Youll have
another go at this. Tomorrow well be drilling you on all the timings and
drilling you on kind of a mini show as well so that you can get prepared for it
properly. However, this is a taste and something for you to start thinking
about is what can you cut out?
Some of you were done with the whole thing within two minutes. Some
went up to the three-minute mark and you only just started doing the
suggestion tests and so on. Does that make sense?
So you can do it within the time it is absolutely possible, you just have to cut
out a lot of the fat in between, all of the wording and verbiage and all that
sort of stuff. You can start adding that back in as you have more time in
your show and are making more of a meal of it so people get entertained by
it too. Does that make sense?
So you should be able to scale your show all the way down to nine minutes,
which is what youll be doing on Sunday. Thats the shortest show in the
world. If we actually had time to contact the Guinness Book of Records to
confirm it, youd probably be in the record books because this is literally the
shortest hypnosis show if the world and it will be a fun show.
Then when you do a normal show, like a 60-minute or 90-minute show, you
have 10 or 15 minutes to do the whole thing. So you can really take your
time with it. Dont take half an hour because doing half a show of just doing
an induction is not fun.
Did you enjoy that?
Thank you.
DVD 9 Discover the Exact Steps a Professional Stage
Hypnotist Uses to Warm Up His Volunteers on Stage
Play With Your Audience
Other then that lets get to work, I need some volunteers. Lets pick up
where we left off earlier. I have five chairs here, which means I need five
volunteers. I need three men and two women or I need five women. I want
the best looking women in here and the best looking guys.
If you didnt stand up right now and come forward, what does that say about
what youre saying to yourself unconsciously folks? I do say that in my
shows, because it puts a little bit of guilt and shame on people. Well, the
pressures on when youre doing a show to get people up there.
Thats my son, if anybody wants to see him. I should put a little voice in the
background that goes, sleep. Look at that picture of my son. I actually have
one of him doing that I should put that on there. I have a little video of him
doing that. Hes got on one of my jackets and a pair of shades
How are you guys doing?
Are you ready to do this? Ive got to get my paper to follow the script, unlike
what I normally do.Wow, have you guys ever been hypnotized before?
No kidding, so are you guys ready for this?
This is going to be cool, I like this. Patrick? Where are you from again?
Its good to have you here. Debra, where are you from?
Norman, Oklahoma.
Sydney, Australia.
I want to go to Australia next.
Ill come see you.
Youll come and see me.Why dont you just bring me down?
He was looking for a place to stay.
Thats the way I work, I mean if I say, why dont you just bring me down
there. Its a lot easier for both of us.
Linda, where are you from?
Dayton, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio.
Im sorry I took mine off at lunch and havent put it back on, sorry. Its a New
York thing.
You took it off at lunch. This is a clean show.
Sometimes you dont want people reading your information, I hate that.
Okay, cool. Lets get right to it. You have all been hypnotized before, youve
all done this, so this shouldnt be too difficult for you.
Debra, sleep!
Linda, how are you doing, sleep!
Michael, are you happy now?
Oh yeah, thanks very much.
Youre bringing me to Australia, right? What the hypnotist giveth, the
hypnotist can take away. Good to have you here, Michael, sleep!
I dont need to know your name. I just need to know that youre going to go
to sleep. Yeah, youre next, sleep!
Warm Up 1: Beach Trip
Spencer: Very good. We get everyone hypnotized very quickly because we want to
move through rapidly, so were going to go into the first routine. But before
we do, Im going to give you a little deepening, because theyve been kind
of sitting out there and walking around and I want to make sure that my
guys up here are very responsive.
Is there anybody else out there who would like to play with this right now? If
you do, sit back in your chair. Im serious, man. If you want to do this, Ill
take you all through it, but you can watch out there with your eyes wide
open, with your ears, wide awake, listening, watching, observing and doing.
The first routine will be number 2, in just a minute and Ill give you a cue for
When youre doing a show, after youve got people hypnotized, you always
set it up there are two things that are included in the shows that I always
1. I always have music in the background.
Once the show begins, I always have some music going in the background,
some kind of little ditty is playing. The reason I do that is because I do not
like to have a dead spot. Theres nothing worse than having silence in
between the skits. I want things to keep on groovin, things to happen.
2. I always do the same routines.
Once I get to that point, and Ive got the people up here hypnotized the way
I want to, Im ready to do my first routine. Now when I do my routines, I do a
lot of the same routines every time. The reason I do the same routines is
because still, even though youve got some great subjects, you dont know
if theyre all going to be great subjects.
Some of these people may respond to an idea and others may not. You
never know. You hope that youve got great subjects, so I do the same
routines every time because now Im going to weed out the people who I
think are really good and who I think would have more fun in the audience.
With that said, after Ive got the people up here remember, this is where
we left off last time, right with people dropped. Okay, so weve got them
dropped again. That was a hard task.
In a moment, Im going to count to three and were going to see just
how well you guys have concentrated. Im going to count to three
and were going to go to the beach. Were going to have a good time.
On the beach, were going to have a fantastic time on the beach.
Youre walking around, youve been talking to people, youve had a
little too much to drink, but youre really having a good time.
In fact, Ill count to three, youll sit up in your chairs and youve had
way too much to drink. In fact, youre just a little bit drunk. The
craziest thing youve ever felt. Right now you can even feel that
coming into your mind. Youre feeling a little woozy, youre not going
to throw up your stomach is fine.
You see, I want to make it clear theyre not going to get sick. You can tell a
person that theyre drunk, but Ive seen people chuck on stage, not a
pleasant sight. Remember, youre the hypnotist, it is a suggestion and
people do take suggestions literally. So remember your role is always to
watch out for whats happening. So even if I give them a suggestion, Im still
going to watch them and make sure that, to the best of my ability, nothing is
going to go south on me.
Before we go any further, right now Im going to count to three.
Everybody sit up in your chairs, eyes still closed, going deeper and
deeper to sleep. I want you to put a seatbelt on very quickly. Ill count
to three youll put a seatbelt on because youre a little bit drunk. You
had too much drink 1-2-3, sit up in your chairs very quickly. Sit up in
your chairs and put on a seatbelt. Do it quickly. Put on your seatbelt.
Quickly, put on your seatbelt. Put it on nice and tight, nice and tight.
Eyes all the way closed down, sleeping very, very deeply still. Still
sleeping very deeply very good. Very cool. Nice. Nice. Nice.
This time Im going to count to three, and at number three
And this is how we do the cue Im going to count to three and the music
1-2-3, okay cool. Youre just on the beach right now. Kind of beebopping
around. Youve had a lot to drink. Put your hand out there
for a second. Let me give you something to drink. There you go.
Have a glass. There you go. Have a drink right there. Have a drink.
Take a drink. Really enjoy that.
Oh yeah, take it down. This is a double shot of the best Tequila
youve ever had. Oh yeah, this is really getting good now this is
some of the best stuff youve ever had. Im telling you this is
awesome. This is good. Go ahead. Take another drink. Its going to
make you laugh. Take another drink its going to make you laugh. Its
so good.
You guys out there, make a lot of noise because the more noise you make
the more they act out. The more they act out, the more noise you need to
Keep on drinking. Hey, I just found this really cool bud on the beach,
man who wants to try this? Who wants to try this? Oh, you do down
there? Lets go for it. Here, take a hit off of that. Take a big hit off it.
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Take that. Pass it down. Pass it over, man. Pass
it over. Give her a hit of that. Oh, you want to keep it. Dont bogart
that joint, my friend. Pass it over.
Take a big hit off of that. Oh man, if that doesnt make your eyes go
backwards, nothings going to. Whew. Oh yeah. Okay, Michael, take
a big hit off that, man. Blow the smoke out. Oh yeah, blow some
smoke rings, buddy. Oh yeah. Oh man, that feels so good. That is
some of the best bud Ive ever had.
Yeah, keep on smoking that baby. Oh yeah. That feels so good. Oh
yeah, right on. Oh yeah. Wow, Michael, what do you think about that,
Its good.
Yeah, what kind is it?
Hydrohead, man thats some good stuff.
Hey Debra, how are you feeling?
Yeah, youre getting pretty wasted, arent you?
Do you want another hit off of that?
Give Debra another hit off of that, Michael. Come on. Take another
hit off of that, man. Oh yeah. Wow. Whew. Pass it down. Pass it on
down. Pass it back down to Linda she hasnt had any. Linda, reach
out. Come on, Linda. Give that to Linda. She hasnt had any. Go
ahead and take a hit off of that.
Ill tell you what, lets get off the beach. Lets get in the car, man.
Lets get on a little dune buggy. Youve got your seatbelts on, right?
Were in a dune buggy were driving down the sand right now. There
you go. Everything is cool, but look out here comes some big sand
Look out for the sand dunes and POP! Oh boy, look out. Youre
going to go over that hill again, and POP! There you go. Go ahead
and turn to your left. Turn to your left and watch out for the sand.
Then turn to your right. Look out! Dont fall out of the dune buggy.
Look at the police. There are some cops coming down. Here comes
the beach patrol. Here comes the beach patrol. Throw your joint out
the window. Throw it out the window. What are you going to do with
your drink? What are you going to do with it?
Applause and laughter
All right. You guys are doing good. Heres what Im going to have
you do. Go ahead and take another big drink of that and this time
when you do youre going to pass out. Take another and youre just
going to pass out this time. And just sleep! Way down.
Give them a round of applause. Make them feel good.
Lets talk about what this is about. I want to find out whos a good subject,
so we give them the idea theyve been drinking on the beach. So theyre
drinking on the beach theyre having some cocktails. You can see theyre
really getting into this, too, right? Theyre like going this is some good stuff,
man. This is like free drinking.
So when you go out and do some street hypnosis tonight, you can say
listen, I can save you a lot of money tonight. Dont give $50 to the bartender
just give me $20, and Ill give you a better night with absolutely no
hangover, exactly.
So with these people here sleep! There you go. Loosely, limply,
relaxed very good, stuck to your chair? Stuck to your chair?
You notice how I put a safety belt on everybody, a seatbelt when they went
through that ride. Thats a safety thing that you can do to make sure that
they dont fall out of their chairs. Does that mean they wont fall out of their
chairs? No. But youre trying to do the best you can with what youve got.
So if you add on these safety features, it will help you to do your best to
take care of your subjects at all times.
So we started with the drink, and I thought well okay, most people like to
have a hit once in a while. Not me, I dont do it. No, I really dont. You can
laugh, but I dont. I just dont.
Anyway, moving along, then we moved onto the next routine, where
everybodys drunk and then they get a little bit stoned, which is pretty cool.
Its fun because the audience wants to see these people acting out. Thats
what makes it fun and makes it an audience participation show, because
you guys get to see what theyre doing and youre going wow, I can relate
to that.
So when Im picking out routines as a hypnotist, Im always thinking, first, of
things that I can relate to. Oh-oh, busted. Wait a minute Igor gave this to
me, okay?
He gave that to me. Thats not mine really.
If you can relate to it, then you can present it. So, when youre working on
developing skits on your own not today, weve got skits for you, but when
you go out into the real world look around the world in your own life. If you
can relate to it, then you can convey that to the people on stage, and you
can convey it to the audience.
If youre trying to emulate somebody else because you think its kind of fun
or kind of goofy but you dont really feel it, you just think that it would work it
probably isnt going to come off as well because you cant feel it.
Remember, I said that this is an art. Its a craft to me. Its your soul, so put
your soul into it.
If it can move you, then you can move others, but its got to get you going
first. If it gets you going, then you can convey that, thats what makes it fun.
Thats what gives you the energy as a performer. If youve got it in you, you
can give it out to them and everybodys going to have a good time. Yep. Ive
been on one of these rides before, but I was very young and foolish.
Everybody up here is sleeping very, very deeply.
How do we go onto the next routine, because right now we have
background music playing?
Okay, so after I say sleep, then this music comes back up its about 50%
down. Its just some little ditty in the background, thats a transition between
routines. There again, find something that you like.
Im going to get into more of the mechanics of working with the DJ because
you have all this stuff and its coordinated. As soon as one things done,
youre blending into the next routine. It all becomes automatic and it all
becomes very natural so youre just flowing.
Is anybody in here a DJ or ever DJd? Okay, cool so you know what its like.
Do the scratching thing. If youve got a Mac, go get a DJ program. Its very
easy to use iTunes and if youre a PC person, get a Mac!
I should have stock in that company for all the times I talk about a Mac.
So we have this music going in the background between routines and I get
the audience reaction. Give them a powerful round of applause. You give
them a round of applause and say cool, this is a lot of fun.
Warm Up 2: Big Band
In a moment, Im going to count to three. On number three, you guys
are going to be in a band. Youre going to be playing instruments.
When the music begins, pick your favorite instrument, and youre
going to be playing in the band.
And that will be number five. You can just hold up your hand when youre
ready to make that transition because I like to do everything smoothly.
Even when Im working with a DJ, Im always watching them to make sure
that were on cue.
On number three, sit up in your chairs. You guys are in a band
playing your favorite instrument 1-2-3, play that instrument right now.
Play that instrument.
Give it up for them, you guys. Come on.
Come on, play that instrument. Come on. Thats right. Play that
guitar. Oh yeah, play that trombone. Play that trombone. There you
go. Give it up. Play that guitar. Come on get on the drums, man.
Youve got to play the drums. Get the drums going. Come on, make
those drums really go. Make those drums happen. There you go. Let
it happen, guys. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Stand up and really go for it.
Get down baby. Whew. Oh yeah. Play that trombone, baby. Come
on, play your instrument. Come on play. Get up there and play with
everybody. Show us how you play those drums, man. Come on, play
those drums. There you go
And freeze!
Okay, you can add a little flare in there. You can just say freeze and
everybodys like mannequins and theyre frozen. Its a nice touch in the
show when you do something like that.
Then, of course, you say freeze and you turn around like whoa, whats
going on? Its like you dont have any idea whats happening youre just as
amazed as the audience is, like, whats going on? This is crazy.
The individual Im touching right now wake up. Hey, what are you
Playing bass guitar.
Okay, cool. That was kind of weird. Sit down Im trying to do a show.
Hey, my dear, wake up, wake up.What do you have in your mouth?
Uh, a trombone.
It looks like very nice one. Okay. Have a seat.
Give her a round of applause, too.
Notice I said earlier that I am not a comedian, but you can look at people
and you can throw things in there, little one-liners that are fun. People can
read into whatever they want from their own life experience. Thats what
makes it kind of goofy, so have fun with it.
Hey Linda, wide awake hey, what are you doing? Are you having a
good time?
You really are, arent you? Yeah, come here. Sleep! There you go.
Individual Routines
Now listen, in just one minute, Im going to count to three. On
number three, open your eyes, feeling fantastic in every way. But
right now, you cant open your eyes. Whenever I ask you your name,
you wont remember your name. Youve lost your mind. Youve lost
your name. It doesnt come out of your head. Youve lost your name.
Youve absolutely forgotten your name. You dont know what it is.
In fact, if you try to say your name, your mind just goes blank, your
throat locks up and you forget your name. Its just that simple. On the
count of three, open your eyes, feeling fantastic 1-2-3, wide awake.
Hey, do you know what? I need to set you down over here because
you keep wobbling around. Can you have a seat over here? Very
cool, thank you. Okay, good.
What am I doing? Im trying to set the stage for later. Do I have to ask her
anything now? No, because Im just setting some things up that I want to
present later in the demonstration.
Have a seat, my friend. Thank you. What are you doing up there?
I dont know.
You dont know? Very good.
Wide awake Patrick, wake up. How are you doing?
Are you okay?
What are you doing whats in your hand?
I dont know.
You dont know? It looks like a joint, so here have a seat.
Hes still holding onto that thats kind of crazy. Oh boy. He even looks like
hes a little out of it.
Oh you know what your name tags missing, I forgot, what was your
name? I forgot your name? Lets try something easier. Where do you
Yeah? Where are you at now?
Las Vegas.
Nice. Okay, whats 5 + 5?
Well, then she knows. And your name was
Isnt that crazy? And sleep! Okay.
Its fun to throw in some little zingers like that, and you can use it right now
or you can do other things. You can send it out into the audience, and then
you can play with them later. Its always fun to have these little things
happening at all times to get all this different interaction because people are
fascinated. Its like, what? She cant remember her name, really?
Its like the people shes with are going, that cant be so. She never acts like
that. Thats crazy. This stuff must be real. They would never do that, but
why are they doing that?
Stage hypnotists, listen to me. You have a lot of power on stage, but dont
be fooled by it. When Im done here, Im going to Montana and being a dad.
This is my alter ego. When youre a stage hypnotist youve got a lot of
power and you have a lot of fun. Have an alter ego and have fun with it.
But remember when youre done with the stage to go home and be a real
human being again, because thats more important than coming up here
and doing all of this. This just pays for me to have fun being a single dad.
Thats all it does. Thats whats most important to me as a stage hypnotist at
this point inmy life.
Hey Michael, sleep! Way down deeper and deeper. Listen very
carefully as you go deeper and deeper to sleep, for the rest of the
day, whenever I ask you your name youre going to forget your
name, but youre going to have a different one. Its going to be the
Linda: [ ]
name of a different female. Whenever I ask you your name, its the
name of a different lady. Its always a different name.
Michael is no longer your name. Whenever I ask you your name, its
the name of a different female. Its the craziest thing Ive ever seen,
but every time I ask you your name, its a different name of a
different lady, wide awake.
Okay, how are you doing?
Debra, right?
Very good. Are you having a good time?
Good. Nice to have you here, sleep! Now listen, Im going to send
you back out into the audience because you keep flopping over and I
need a little bit more room up here. So Im going to send you back
out here to the audience, sleep! Wake up. Im going to send you
back out to the audience.
Now listen very carefully. When I do, whenever you hear me say the
word hypnosis, whenever you hear me say the word hypnosis, youre
going to jump up and youre going to call me a fake because you
think that theres nothing real about hypnosis.
Whenever you hear me say the word hypnosis, youre going to get
up and call me a fake. You think that hypnosis is nothing but
fraudulence, and that Im nothing more than a fraud. Thats it. Im just
a fraud.
Sit up, wide awake. Debra, hey wake up. Listen dear, Im trying to do
a show here and you keep falling over and going to sleep and I cant
have that. There are other people out there that will probably make
better use of the chair here, so Im going to send you back out to the
audience. Is that okay?
Uh huh.
All right. Give her a round of applause. Make her feel good.
Thank you. Did you see how I grabbed her head and helped her off the
stage? It will either be me doing that or an assistant because when they
leave the stage area, we want to take care of their safety. We want to make
sure they get back down to wherever theyre going. Depending on what
routine youre doing, you may send them back to where they were or you
may put them in a specific chair, depending on how youre framing the
whole situation.
Are you still doing good over there, Patrick?
Right on. Are you having a good time?
And your name was
Melissa. Cool. I like that name, Melissa. Wait a minute. What was
your name?
Michelle. Okay, I like that.
Laughter and applause
Wide awake. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Im trying to do a show.
Stop that. What was your name again?
And your name was And you are
Samantha. Well, Ill tell you, the things that happen when you do
hypnosis, folks.
Excuse me? Debra, right?
Werent you just up here with me?
Okay. Friends, right?
Okay, chill. Im just up here trying to do some hypnosis, okay? So
anyway, as we do some more hypnosis
Debra, sit down. Im trying to do a show up here. What is your
Miranda, okay.
So, do you see where Im going with this? When youre doing stage shows,
weve got our first guest down, I am already looking for people that I can
use individually for separate routines. You do group routines, then you do
individual routines and thats what makes it a lot of fun for the audience.
Thats why they come to see you the extremely powerful, confident,
competent stage hypnotist and pay you big money.
All right. My only goal here is to make you rich. All right, youre welcome.
Good man.
I will send you an email with my tithing amount.
And you are
Forget about it go to sleep. Listen very carefully Im going to tell you
who you are. The next time I ask you who you are, you still dont
know your name, but you speak only in an alien language. You
speak only in an alien language. You no longer speak the English
language, but you speak an alien language, which is a series of
bleeps, blurps, blups, whatever they are, but you only speak in an
alien language.
Wide awake my dear. So anyway, as we were talking about
Debra, Im trying to do something up here. Can you just sit down and
chill? Pretty soon Im going to send Samantha, Miranda, Melissa or
whatever her name is down there and shes going to have a word
with you. Wow! Thats the craziest thing Ive ever seen.
Hey Patrick, sleep! Listen very carefully. I know youve got one good
arm and thats all you need to be a Sheriff, okay? Thats all you need
to be a Sheriff is that one good arm, buddy. Its the best arm ever. I
mean that arm is not just an arm, it is a gun. I mean its a big gun.
Youre a big gunned armed guy and you can do anything you want
with this big gun.
Were talking just about your arm. Thats the big gun. So right now,
sleep. Sleep very deeply and youre going to be the big gunned onearmed
Sheriff. Wide awake. Okay, good.
So what Im doing now is Im framing for a new skit. I keep setting up these
frames. I like to play with my audience and my subjects. I like to get close
up and personal because its a lot of fun to do that. Thats why I like
Debra, Ive had enough of you, sleep!
And thats how you take care of people like that.
It looks really good, but you interject all these sayings when youre doing
these skits. You just interject them so that you set the pace for what the rest
of the show is going to be like and there are so many different things that
were going to get into later.
Oh boy, I dont know why she keeps falling asleep.
Up. Linda, come up here for a minute would you please? Can you do
me a favor? She keeps falling down and going to sleep and its just
bothering me. A minute ago we were on the beach having a good
time and here she is falling asleep. Can you tell her to wake up?
Beep- beep.
What? Can you tell her to wake up?
Beep- beep!
Are you okay?
And what is your name?
Still cant remember your name, sleep.
Listen very carefully. In a moment, Im going to count to three. Open
your eyes. Debra, open your eyes. Everybody open your eyes, wide
awake. Im going to have you come back up here to the stage, and
were going to move onto the next routine. Ill count to three, wide
awake 1-2-3, wide awake everybody. Come on wide awake. Is
everything back to normal? Have a seat.
And your name again was
Linda Johnson.
Okay, very good. Give her a round of applause. Make her feel good.
And you are
What are you laughing at?
Excuse me.
Have we got a problem here?
Whats your problem?
Linda: [ ]
Do you know what I think we need here I think we need a Sheriff. We need
a Sheriff to take control of these people up here. Do we have a Sheriff out
here anywhere? Is there a Sheriff out here anywhere? Yes?
Laughter and Applause
Whats everyone laughing at?
Hello, Sheriff.
How are you doing?
You know Im having some problems up here with some of these
people. What do have there?
My big gun.
That is your big gun, isnt it? What are you going to do with it?
I might have to shoot somebody.
Ill tell you what, the next time one of these people get out of line, I
want you to go ahead and just shoot them with it and you watch what
happens. Theyre going to go to sleep as soon as you shoot them
with that arm, that gun, that one-armed long gun of yours theyre
going to go to sleep do you know that? Do you want to see how it
Id like to take out that woman there first, that Linda woman. How do
like that?
Laughter and Applause
How do you like that? Is that cool or what? Pretty nice to have that
one big old gun, isnt it?What do you think about that?
Its great.
It is great. Do you want to do it again? Letme find out.
What was your name again?
Melissa? Thats goofy. Get rid of Melissa. Take Melissa out.
Give him a round of applause. Make him feel good.
Laughter and Applause
Okay, so you know what where did you get that gun?
Someone gave me it.
Oh, somebody gave it to you? Nice. Yeah, it had to be a pretty cool
person, right? I would think so. Yeah, whoever gave that to you, you
better remember who that was because they were very cool.
Yeah, very cool.
Your name?
All right, have a seat there by Debra, if you would please. Give the
Sheriff a round of applause. Make him feel good.
Okay. What are we doing here? I want you to really understand that. Is
everybody getting what Im doing here? Is it making sense?
Is it adding a new level to what were doing here in this class?
Is it helping to bring it all together for you now?
So now you realize that yesterday was worth all the exhaustion, right?
Good, were building on things here. Lets go to the next routine.
Everybody sit back in your chairs take a deep breath and sleep! Way
down. There you go.
I always put people to sleep before I do the next routine. Of course, we
have music in the background between routines our little ditty By the time
we get to your show on Sunday, guys, its going to be tight.
Warm Up 3: Horse Race
In a moment, Im going to count to three. At number three, youre
going to sit in your chairs and were going to go to the races. You
guys are all going to be on a horse. Were going to have a good time.
Before you get on that horse, though, what I want you to do is just go
ahead and grab onto the reins if you would, please. Hold onto the
reins. Grab the reins. There you go.
Now, watch what Im doing. Im saying, right now reach out and grab the
reins. I want to make sure Ive got some really good responsive people up
there. If theyre not grabbing the reins they may not be the best subjects. So
Im watching at all times.
Grab the reins. Get ready. On number three, were going to go ride.
Were going to go for that race. Get ready now. Im going to give you
a number number one, number two, number three, number r and
number 5.
Get ready on number three. When the music begins, I want you to
ride that pony. Ride that pony as hard as you can. Make sure your
stuck in your chair. That pony will not leave the stage. Get ready
now. 1-2-3, ride that horse! Keep on riding that horse. Come on, let it
go. Come on, ride that horse. There you go.
Come on number two. Go number two. Go on number one faster and
faster number one. Go number one. Go number three. Go, go, go.
Here comes number four riding that horse. There you go. Come on
number five. Hurry. There you go.
Keep on going number three faster and faster. Come on, reach down
there and give that horse a hug. Give your horse a hug. Its working
hard for you. There you go. Slap it on the butt. Slap it on the butt. Oh
there you go. Nice. Give it a little kiss. Its working hard for you. Give
it a kiss. There you go. Yeah, ride that horse. Sit back on your horse
now. Come on, get it going.
The race is on. The race is on. Here comes number one, number
two, number three. Number three is coming down faster and faster.
Number two to the side. Number two, keep over. Oh watch out,
number two. Number two get number three out of the way. Push him
over just a little bit. Push him over.
Come on number four. Get number three out of the way. Push
number three over. Come on. Come on. Get her out of the way.
Come on. Get some reaction. There you go.
Come on. Get him out of the way. Come on. You know you want to
get that prize because the prize is out there in front of you. The race
is out there. There you are. There you are.
Youre getting to the finish. Youre getting to the finish. The first one
to the finish is going to win $1 million. You want to get it. Reach out
there. Reach out there. Get your horses head out there. Come on.
Youre going to win by a nose. There you go. Here you go. And
sleep! Way down.
Give them a round of applause. Make them feel good.
So, another little example of the fun that we can have. Youre limited only
by your own creative imagination. In a little bit, you too will be doing this for
people riding a horse. Even you will be on a horse yourself. Who wants to
go for a horse ride? Wanna ride the pony? Okay, very good its the same
After youve done your preshow and you begin your routines, this is what
were going to do for the rest of the evening. Were going to go from one
routine to another. Between each routine, youve got music playing in the
background so theres no dead space.
As youre doing your set-up here, youre picking out people that you want to
use one-on-one. So youre giving them a pre-hypnotic suggestion. Youre
either working on them here, or youll take a couple people and youll put
them out here in the audience so you can play with them out there because
everybody likes to see somebody coming out next to them.
Are you okay, Patrick? Do you know everybody? Relax. Let yourself
relax down. Just sleep. Go inside and become nice and peaceful
inside. There you go. Relax comfortably. There you go everything
nice, loose and relaxed, very comfortable inside and breathing easy.
There you go.
I noticed he was breathing a little bit funny. Im going to always watch out
for my volunteers. You guys need to do that also because you never know
where a persons coming from. It was probably no big deal, but still, theres
always something in your mind going, are you breathing right? Is there
something going on?
Always- always- always take care of your subjects no matter what you do,
because sometimes you can do some routines that were very fast and highpaced
and might be over the energy level for some people. So you always
have to be cautious about that. Also when youre picking subjects to do
specific routines, youve got to be very careful about that.
In a moment, Im going to count to three. I dont know if you guys can
be any more hypnotized than this, but listen very carefully. For the
rest of the day, youre going to enjoy telling everyone what a
fantastic time you had coming up here and getting hypnotized.
Youre going to have a fantastic time going out there into the world
and telling everybody what a fantastic time you had learning stage
hypnosis and youre going to tell them who taught you, and youre
going to enjoy telling everybody to visit our websites.
Okay, Im going to count to three. Open your eyes, wide awake. All
this applause is for you 1-2-3, wide awake everybody.
Thank you for coming up here. Give Patrick a round of applause. Make him
feel good
Give Debra a round of applause. Make her feel good.
Give Robby a round of applause. Make him feel good.
Give Linda, a round of applause. Make her feel good.
Sleep! No, Im just kidding. Wide awake- wide awake. Im just messing with
you, buddy. Give Michael a round of applause.
Q&A Session
All right, so weve gone through some routines here and weve played with
them a little bit. What Id like to do is open it up for the next few minutes for
some questions. Im sure that some of you have some questions on what
on Earth Im doing? Theres one guy right there, please stand up.
I have a question around safety. Basically, you thought this fellow was
breathing abnormally.
Would you actually get the person out of trance first before making sure the
person is okay or do you still keep them in trance?
No, Id rather have the person in trance and give him a direct suggestion to
be calm, cool and relaxed because youre talking to the unconscious mind,
much more effective. The hypnotist is perfect for emergencies because
youre dealing with the unconscious mind.
One time I came upon an accident. Ive told this story before. I had one of
my sons with me. This has been years ago. We came upon an accident. It
was in the wintertime. This little Volkswagen Bug had run into the back of
this truck, this flatbed, and it went into the back window of the truck and
smashed through. This woman who was driving it, it cut her open and her
top lip was just hanging down. Her teeth were all jutted back and blood was
just dripping everywhere.
My son said dad, are you going to stop and help her. I said, no. The
paramedics will be here. He goes, dad, no, youve got to stop and help her,
so I said okay. We stopped and we were the first ones on the scene, so I
got out of the car and she was obviously in shock.
I just said, look at me. Listen very carefully. Because I know shes already
in a hypnotic state of mind. Blood stop flowing! You are calm and
comfortable. Everything inside is becoming calm and comfortable right now.
The blood is stopping. Everything is easy and soft.
The blood stopped and all the sudden she went from screaming like crazy
to ahhh. Okay? You guys have some amazing gifts. Being a stage
hypnotist, youre going to learn things that nobody else will learn. You can
be a hypnotist a clinical hypnotist but youre going to learn more things
by doing stage work than you could ever imagine possible. Trust me on
Its so amazing the things that youll be able to do to help people because
your confidence will all the sudden really begin to skyrocket with the skills
that youre learning through what youre doing over these four days. You
can take and transfer these out there on the street in real life emergencies if
you need to, realizing that youre not a medical doctor and that Im not
offering treating, diagnosing or curing. But the things you can do, you can
be very, very helpful.
Any other questions? Yes, right there?
Another question about a safety issue. When it comes to making people
imagine that theyre smoking dope, what about if someone has had, say,
atenolol, and that could trigger and asthma attack on stage?
If they had what?
What if that could trigger an asthma attack on stage?
Anything is possible, and thats why I say, whether youre a stage performer
or whatever, I mean anything is possible, and thats why I always stress
listen, always pay attention to your subjects and watch them. I mean we
cant predict whats going to happen ever. Even in a class like this or any
kind of training, we can never predict. All we can do is just watch and notice
and do our best to offer support to another human being.
Would that be something that we could use in our pre-talk to the audience,
so people who have an illness or people who are pregnant not to get up as
You can use that in the pre-talk. If I see somebody that comes up here and
theyre a small child or theyre pregnant, Im going to say, well, I think that
youve already had a good time, so Im going to send you back to the
Okay. Thank you. Thanks.
Because I dont want a pregnant woman up here. I really dont. So there are
things that youll learn that you can be very tactful about. She wants to be
up there. Say, I really congratulate you for wanting to come up here, but
youre going to feel much safer out here. Okay?
Before you release everybody, is it ever necessary to cancel any of the
Is it necessary to cancel any of the suggestions? No. Yes. Yes. No. Well,
here, listen, people always ask, man if you hypnotize somebody, is it going
to stick forever? Obviously not, but it could but not the way that you think.
Usually what happens is that after youre done with the show, pretty soon
people will go whew and come back to their senses because this is just like
a big dream up here anyway.
I always at the end of the show we havent even got to that part yet Ill
always end the show with:
In a moment, Im going to count from 1-5. I will say wake up and then
youre going to feel fantastic in every way. All suggestions are now
removed, except for just a couple. One of those suggestions Im
going to leave you with is that you can tell all your friends what a
fantastic time you had coming out to the hypnosis show, and youre
going to invite them to come back over and over again and to visit
my website.
All right. These are things that I do. The second suggestion is I always give
my subjects up here positive motivation because they put it all out here by
coming up here. So I give them a gift and that gift that is the other
suggestion that I will let them keep if they choose to. So its a positive
suggestion. Maybe they want to stop smoking or lose weight or have more
confidence, more success. So I try to instill something valuable for them for
coming up there and volunteering.
Okay and your next question would be
My question is, when you put these people to sleep, in terms of their
physical gesture, if its an uncomfortable one, its very easy to let them go
out of hypnosis because its uncomfortable.
Do your question is if I have people up here and theyre laying across each
other and if theyre uncomfortable, will that cause them to come out of
hypnosis? Is that the question?
Yes, they can. Not always, but they can. There again, Im watching them.
So Im going to notice. If I think a person is uncomfortable yes you were a
little bit yesterday.
This morning.
This morning. The days are all running together. But when youre doing a
show, youre going to watch all this. When youre doing a show, youre
going to notice that probably everybody is just there. Theyre just all on top
of each other having a good time, so youll watch them its the same thing.
You watch out for their comfort level because it can. Ive heard people say
well, I was doing really good until that person touched me. Then I kind of
popped out of it. Then they dont go back into trance. I just invite them off
the stage.
You let them off, or do you try to resolve the issue by readjusting and stuff?
It depends on what Im noticing at the moment. I mean thats kind of a
judgment call that youre going to have to make, that I make every time. If
its something simple, I may just readjust people and just say sleep and put
them back so they dont feel uncomfortable. Or, if I think by looking at them
that its going to be a problem. Then I might say, you know what, I think
youll have more fun out in the audience. Thank you very much for coming
up here.
Okay. Can I have a quick second question, just out of my own curiosity?
When you asked Michael to come up with all these female names, a lot of
them come with an M to start. Does that anything to do with the fact his
name is Michael?
Does it have anything to do with it? I dont have a clue, actually.
Right here, yes? Do you have a microphone?
I was wondering, I forget what his name is, the guy that didnt have a name
tag. He didnt seem like he was responsive and animated as the other
participants. Would that be kind of the person youd want to maybe ease off
stage and back into the audience.
And Im so glad that you asked, and Im so glad that you noticed that. Who
else noticed that? Yeah. Most of you noticed that. And did you notice I
didnt really do much with him? I just played around it because sometimes
its better just to keep somebody up there and work around him, instead of
just dismissing him in the middle of what youre doing.
Im glad you guys noticed that, and thats an excellent question. Good
Yeah, my question has to do with the arrangement of the skits. I was just
wondering whether or not do you start with easier skits because it
seemed like, by going up youre going to have like amnesia, when you did
your thing, it started like hot and cold or do you just go and start anywhere?
Make an easy one, kind of like build their hypnotic trance up until you get it
right. Like you dont know your name or
Experience will be your best teacher. I mean thats the best answer I have
for you. I mean youre going to have some groups of people where you can
do absolutely anything with, and it doesnt matter what the order is.
That said, what I do in my shows is I always do two or three things as a
group first. I usually always do two or three things as a group because
when you get the group going together, this group dynamic, it makes it
easier for people to now be individually sought out and utilized.
So I will always do a group thing because that way the pressures on. Were
all doing this, and they all feel good about it. Then, of course, the more a
person responds to a suggestion or an idea, what happens?
They turn into a star?
They turn into a star, yeah. But each time that you give a person an idea
and they act upon it, it makes it easier for them to accept successive
suggestions. Every time you give a person a suggestion in hypnosis and
they respond, they just go even deeper into trance.
So the order is not that important. There again, that will come with
experience. For example, if youre doing a high school graduation night.
High school kids, easy. You can do whatever you want with them. You can
go, sleep! Theyll drop like butterflies.
So there are a lot of variations. Corporate crowds, its going to be a little bit
different. There again, experience. So the more people that youve got, the
easier its going to be for you to determine what youre going to do.
I have a routine that I follow. I have my skits that I do in every show. Thats
what I do. Ive done it for years. I love it, and it just works. Im not going to
reinvent my own wheel, but I reinvent a lot of my presentation because
times are changing. A lot of the stuff is the same thing. It works for me. Its a
natural flow. I can do it in my sleep. And within the routines that I have, I
have a lot of different variations that I can go off into.
So if Im doing something and Im thinking, oops, this is getting the kind of
response I want, then I just simply switch and do something else. If I cant
go in the front door, Im going to go into the back door. If the back door
doesnt work, Im going to go into the side door. However I can get them.
Is it possible that a person may not be able to act out or experience
something youre suggestion. Lets say if somebody has never been drunk.
Lets say somebodys never done pot. Lets say whatever. What will
happen? Will that person maybe come out of the trance? Will they just sit
there and go, duh!
One of two things will happen.
Everybody has seen somebody drunk or stoned. Thats kind of a no brainer.
Even if youve never had the experience, most of us have seen somebody
on TV. You cant get away from it in the United States of America. Foreign
countries, you can. But here, you can do whatever you want so people have
had that experience, so they know what it looks like and they can emulate
Now there will be different cultures that you go to or different streams of
society where its not appropriate. For example, I was doing a show and
everybody was following along really good with everything that I did. This
one lady was fantastic and I thought, oh, Im going to use her because
shes cool. I was doing this routine and everybodys going to get a drink.
There you go. Have a drink. She goes, Im sorry, but its against my religion.
Shes a good Mormon woman, but it was against her religion. Now other
Mormons may have been a little naughtier than her, but for her, she was
sticking to her vows and covenants, which is awesome. So that was cool. I
said, okay. Have a soda instead.
There again, improvise, improvise, improvise. Any other questions on what
weve been doing? Yes?
Just as a standard, you talked about a $5,000 show, or a $10,000 show.
How long is your show, and how many
As quick as possible to get the most amount of money as I can.
Just as a parameter. I mean youve got to give them at least an hour or an
hour and a half, I guess. Also how many skits might you go through in a
standard show?
It depends. I have about 50 routines that I have. I go through maybe about
16 or 17.
In how much time?
I give myself anywhere between 60 and 75 minutes max. No more than
that. Why dont you want to do it longer then that? Because people dont
have an attention span for something longer then that. If you get up there
and do a show, sizzle it, make it look hot and then get off the stage, man,
and just let them drip for me. That was great! Come back for more.
If you draw it out too long, it just can become boring. I had a conflict when I
was doing a show at the theater because this guy, man, he just really
irritated me, but he wanted me to do half the show, and then he wanted to
take an Intermission for like 20 minutes so he could sell popcorn and
concessions right, and then do the other half of the show.
I did it. It didnt matter. I didnt care. Everybody was on stage and at
Intermission time, I just said, and sleep! I made sure they were all laid out
on the floor. So they were all just laying on the floor sleeping for about 10 or
15 minutes.
I went to the back room and had a drink and some popcorn and stuff like
that. Everybody had their thing. Then Id go back and change my clothes.
Id come back on stage and I just framed it so it was nice. So when
Intermission was over, Im back up there. The lights come back on and we
had this music playing.
Then I say, are you guys ready to get back on with the show? Were going
to have a great time. In just a moment, I am going to count to three. At
number 3, the music will begin. Everybody on the floor get up off the floor
and you will begin to respond to whatever the suggestion was at that point.
You can do it. I dont recommend it, but when you do a show for 6 solid
years, every Saturday night, you learn a lot of skills and a lot of things you
can do that really makes things different for what youre doing the
dynamics of doing a show for groups.
You mentioned before that often you cant see out into the audience
because of the lights. So how are you picking people based on
suggestibility tests? I mean how does that work if you cant see whats
going on in the audience?
Well, I dont need to see whats going on in the audience. I mean I just have
them put their hands up. I say, if youre hands are stuck and if you want to
have fun, come up to the stage.
Then again, if you take that a little bit further, when I have everybody up
here, theyre sleeping and Im doing the induction and people are out there
in the audience, some may be going to sleep. Ill say if theres anybody out
there if its a lighting issue that appears to be in hypnosis next to you,
please raise your hand.
Then I have this coordinated with the lighting director, and they bring the
house lights up about halfway, so I can look out and see whats happening.
Then when the show goes back on, the lights come down and we just want
the lights right here on the stage. All the focus is right here on the stage, on
you and on your subjects.
Applause Thank you.
Naughty Routines
Spencer: Let me talk about one girl here that you havent met yet. Her name is
Bonnie, and she is my blow-up doll. People ask about a little bit more risqu
things. So let me address that because people want to know about it. Im
not here to teach a risqu show, but whenever you get to do a show, if you
want to be a little bit more risqu, you can do that.
Let me give you, from my experience over the last 20 odd years of doing
stage hypnosis shows around the world and doing entertainment, if you do
a show that attracts all audiences, youll have more fun and youll make
more money.
That said, I do have Bonnie, shes a blow-up doll. I dress her in clothes, its
kind of fun routine. It doesnt have to be a naughty routine, but its kind of
fine because people will see the blow-up doll, and immediately their mind
gets naughty because of the blow-up doll, and her names Bonnie. She
wears a mini skirt, and shes kind of cute.
So anyway, Ill bring her up on stage and Ill say,
Listen, in a moment, Im going to count to the three. Ive got this
beautiful woman up here. Open your eyes. Its like the person Im
touching right now, you want to dance with her so bad, and shes like
the cutest thing ever. You really want to be with her. Shes hot.
Then Ill say 1-2-3 and the music will play, and Ill be sitting here talking to
this blow-up doll, and theyre all back there watching me. Pretty soon this
guy comes up there and hes like, hey, hey, hey. I want to talk to her. So I
can use a blow-up doll in that kind of routine in any kind of setting and keep
it clean and fun.
If I see somebody starting to overboard, then Ill just say, whoa, hands off,
sleep! Just change the mood very quickly so that I dont offend people. But
you can go to a certain level of non-offensiveness with just about anything
and have fun and keep it clean at the same time.
The most successful people are the ones who keep their shows clean. So I
really want to emphasize that. If you do that, youre going to have a good
time. There are people out there who are the XXX hypnotists and stuff like
that. Some people like that. Pick your battles wisely. If you want to be rich
and successful and make more money than anybody else in this business,
keep it clean. Have a good time. The most successful person here in Las
Vegas, not a hypnotist, was always a clean act. Just a little heads up for
you on that.
If youre doing a gig for a corporate environment, I mean I wouldnt talk
about smoking weed or something like that in there. So Im sure you have a
list of skits that you would do besides the ones that you did tonight?
Oh yeah, we have more skits that were going to go into. Yeah, definitely.
There again, what I said earlier was when somebody books me, they send
me an email and say, I want to hire you buddy boy. You look like the guy for
us. I say, cool. Then I talk to them on the phone and well get into the
business aspect tomorrow on how to book gigs and how to talk to your
My question is like, okay, well, what kind of a show do you want? This is
your show. Its your money. I give them options G, PG, PG17, R you tell
me. I let them tell me. Then I do that kind of show because theyre paying
the money.
Yes, Jay?
Yeah, so you actually my mind moving a little bit more with regards to the
blow-up doll.
What other props would you suggest that we use?
Well, I think Bonnies enough for you.
Dont tell my wife.
Im going to tell your wife. Ill probably sit by her on an airplane again. I use
a lot of different props. A lot of props I use depending on the routine. Maybe
Ill have a couple of guys dancing together, and get some of those feather
boas and put them on them and make them foo foo kind of guys, and just
have fun like that.
Maybe Ill put a wig on somebody and turn them into some kind of other
character. Maybe Ill give them a plastic air guitar to play or drumsticks or
whatever. There again, youre only limited by your own creative
I can tell you everything I can do, or you might learn better just by using
your own creative imagination and thinking, what could I do if I could? If I
could do anything I wanted to do, what would I do? If I could be anything I
wanted to be on stage, who would I be? Get crazy with it. Have fun. Maybe
you want to be I am Jake with Bonnie the Blow-up Doll as my sidekick.
She will hypnotize you. Look into her eyes, and only her eyes.
So there are a lot of things that you can frame in a way thats fun and still
safe for people. Any other questions? No, wow! Have you guys learned
everything you needed to learn in this segment?
Then you havent asked enough questions.
I misunderstood you. This is great!
Oh, theres more to learn, we are not done by a long shot. We just keep
building and building and building and building and building, and it will not
collapse. It will just continue to expand.
I wanted to ask what would be the best route to take as far as like putting
your own skit together. I know your imagination is the best way to go, but
what would be a good way theme wise to start or even help us with that
also. Like okay, can we sit down? Do we have exercises on putting our own
thing together?
What we have is we have some specific exercises that we want you to go
through because its going to be easier for you guys to get this if we have
things already put together and I demonstrate. Youre going to see that
what I demonstrated, you guys will get out there and do this also. I want you
to be comfortable watching what I do and apply it to yourselves. Because
youve seen it its like okay, I can do that.
Then from there, man, let your imagination go crazy.
Okay. Thats all I wanted to know.
So you could go to YouTube. Go to hypnotist shows. Do whatever you want
to, to see what other people are doing and see what makes sense to you.
Myself, I just used to watch comedy shows all the time and watch
comedians. They were always kind of goofy. Their minds work goofy. So I
hung around with a lot of comics.
In the early days, Id always work with comics. They would be an opening
act for me, and then Id be the headliner. Well talk more about that in the
business aspect of it. You know, when you go out there and you want to
book yourself because youre never an opening act hypnotist.
The hypnotist is not an opening act. You are the headliner. Youre the
headliner; you aint opening act. You aint no 20-minute skididdle out there.
Youre the big honcho when you get out there.
How do you decide who does what?
How do I decide who does what?
Im the conductor. This is my orchestra, and its up to me to determine who
plays the drums and who plays what. For example, in the band, I just said,
youre in a band and youre all playing an instrument. You pick the
instrument you wanted. You had the trombone thing going. You wanted the
big trombone.
But for the other, like the individual skits, was there did you just pick, or
were you looking for certain things to decide who was going to do which
individual little bit?
Well, I always look for that person who I think is going to be a lot of fun and
be very animated. So Im always looking for the number one because you
may have a group of people up here, and may have some people who are
good and some who are maybe not as good. So Im going to be looking for
the very best subjects to do all the different skits with. So thats what Im
looking for.
Other than that, theres no rhyme or reason for it. It depends on the routine.
If the routine calls for two women, or a woman and a man, or a man, or two
men or whatever, Ill pick according to whatever my skit is at the moment.
Other than that, its a free for all. It is a free for all in the mind.
Any other questions are we done? We have 30 seconds? Oh, were done.
Youve got five seconds.
Do you keep a cheat sheet up there?
Huh? How offended am I by that? Of course I do. No I dont. No. No. I do
have them memorized. I do have a sheet up there by my sound technician.
Theyll have one, but they dont even use that. They just use my computer. I
just take my computer and everythings on there. So they use the whole
thing. But Ive got everything in my mind.
Ive memorized it. So you memorize your own thing too because theres
nothing that looks worse than this. So be professional and work out the
routines. I mean really, take the time to do it. Well go into that because
even before I do a show, when Im in the room with the DJ setting up, I go
through the entire show in my mind with him, live, music playing, everything
to make sure that hes on cue with me, and that were on the same page.
Youre going to get to a point where you will begin to have dreams of being
a stage hypnotist. Im wondering just by a raise of hands and then you
can get out of here for a break how many people had dreams last night
about being a stage hypnotist? Very cool.
Heres what one of my martial arts teachers told me. He said, when you
begin to dream it, you become it. When you begin to dream it, its becoming
absorbed inside of your body. It becomes a part of you.
So with that said, I am going to give you guys a boot for a few minutes.
When you come back, well have some more fun.
DVD 10 The 7 Critical Fazes Every Stage Hypnosis Show
Must Go Through To Be a Sensational Success
Practice Warm Ups
Welcome back, guys. How are you guys doing?
Im not so convinced. How are you guys doing?
Excellent. Did you enjoy the last session?
Did you learn a lot from it?
Would you like to do it?
Yes, No, Maybe. What is this? Do you want to do the same thing?
What I want to do in this session here is to go step-by-step through the
same thing you saw. Why? Because youve got the current experience for
the field work to go with it. It does not mean that you have to be stuck with
the same routines and just do that for the rest of your life.
These are just training wheels to get used to the process of selecting things
and going things and so on. Then what well do from there, were start
building into it so you can start finding your own routines. You can still have
other routines and you can just mix and match, depending on the venue,
the people youre with and just what you feeling like doing as well.
My aim is that by the end of today, you can pick up any book of stage
hypnosis, any DVD on stage hypnosis, watch it and just go, I can do that,
no problem. I can do it even better than that. Or better still, youll watch a
TV show or a comedian like Spence does. You watch something and it
inspires you and you go, you know what, you could have a fun dynamic
going on here.
Maybe you see two kids fighting on a bus and you go, that would be
awesome to recreate on a stage because its hysterical. So now life starts
inspiring you. But before you can get there, you need to have some
experience of actually doing this stuff, which is what right now is all about.
Are you guys good with that?
Thank you. Whew. So go ahead and break back up into your groups the
13 groups from before. As soon as youre sitting down, face the front again,
which tells me that were ready to start beginning the whole cycle. Off you
So heres what were going to do. Were going to be, basically, recreating
the same experience you had up here a moment ago, but were going to be
doing a dry run just to get the feel for doing the skits and so on. To make
life easy, were going to pretend youve done the whole intro stuff, the stuff
you did earlier today.
So now youve basically, done the induction and youre ready to roll. So
Step 1, this is going to be the Warm-up Phase. I want you to set a scene.
What is the scene that Spencer set? A beach, right? How can you set a
scene, given the fact that youre going to have about one minute to do this
whole thing, including a skit?
Heres a simple way. Were going to take a trip to the beach. Are you
ready? Is that setting the scene? It doesnt take very long, does it? You
dont need to add, the cool waves washing away and the sun is shining.
Thats a different context. If you want to do that, you do that during the
induction, but you dont do this now.
1. Set the scene
We want a beach. What was the second thing Spencer did? Any ideas?
Anyone remember?
2. Seatbelts
Did you see how Spencer built the safety parameters into the skit? Were
going to the beach so youll get in the car, you better buckle up. Now you
can just add a safety suggestion saying, every time you sit in that chair,
youll be safely strapped in. You dont leave the chair unless asked to move.
So youre making it as a side comment in the scene setting. The audience
wont really know whats going on, but of course, your panel, your
volunteers will be responding to that and you create a bit of safety, while
still creating the atmosphere that you want for the scene.
What was the third thing he did?
We smoked dope.
You smoked dope. Okay folks, were going to have a great time now. Oh
Give them a choice.
3. You give them a choice.
In the skit that youre going to do, you can give them a choice between
getting drunk and getting stoned, just give them the whole experience.
Youre on a beach, theres a fire being lit, people are having a great time.
Hey, have a drink and look theres a joint; do you want to have a joint? Just
take a toke. Enjoy it. So youre going to spend one minute getting them
drunk or stoned, and thats it.
Now to be a little bit more hypnotic about the whole thing, you have a group
of five people, apart from you guys. Actually, we might be Debbie in with
you guys just so you have six as well, and you can play it that way.
So, you have a group of five people that are going to be your volunteers,
just like Spencer had here. So I want you to do an instant induction on each
one of them. That should hopefully take 10 seconds for the whole lot.
Whack them in. Then, as soon as you put them into an induction, set the
scene, set the safety parameters, get them drunk or stoned and start
playing up the whole effect so theyll start acting it out.
You only have one minute to do the whole thing, so you better get your
skates on and really get these guys into what youre doing. Theres only
one thing Ill add to this.
If theres a volunteer whos not responding as fully as youd like them to, tap
them on the shoulder, wake them up and put them back in trance. Do it
again, so youre fractionating two or three times, and then reset exactly the
same scene again if you have time to do that in that one minute segment.
So now were walking pretty quickly, arent we? Rest assured you dont
have to do the whole fractionation, thats just extra if you feel like it. This is
the only thing we want to do. Is that easy?
All right, folks. Wheres my watch? Here it is. Get yourself ready hypnotists.
Oh, actually, do you know what? Seeing as weve just moved groups
around a little bit, please redo numbers. Whoever just joined the group as
the last number in the sequence, just make sure that everyone knows what
numbers you guys are, just tell each other your number.
Just to make this absolutely clear, well pretend that we have, for the
moment, no audience. Theyre going to be behind you somewhere. So the
people in your group are now the volunteers for your show. Does that make
Youre not going to go through any selection process or anything like that
thats all done now. Youve even done the induction or you might do a quick
induction now just to set the scene. Youre going straight into where we left
off the last time you and I were working together. Does that make sense
So were going to have no audience, just the panel and thats the only
people youre working with. Youll have 60 seconds to get this whole thing
done. Hypnotist No. 1, please be ready. Everyone else please be seated.
Your time starts now, off you go.
Give yourself a round of applause, folks.
You can do better than that. Come on.
Stay in your groups. How do you feel?
Im the worlds most wasted hypnotist. Sleep!
Okay, settle down. Theres a question here.
Quick Exercise Demo
We seem to be a little bit confused. Were we supposed to do an induction
first and then go to the beach or just assuming that the inductions already
been done?
Youre going to do the instant induction youre not going to do a full two- or
three-minute induction. Just do everyone an instant 1-2-3-4-5, if I can
demonstrate for a moment.
Hi, how are you doing? Sleep! All the way down deeper, deeper.
Relax. Thats right.
Sleep! All the way. Deeper and deeper.
Sleep! All the way. Deeper and deeper.
Hi. Sleep! All the way. Thats right. Good.
How are you doing? Sleep! All the way. Deeper and deeper. Good.
You, step aside. Sleep! All the way.
How are you doing? Ready? Sleep! All the way. Deeper and deeper.
Now I have them pretty much there. All Im going to do now is tell them
were ready to go to the beach.
While were going to the beach, put your belts on. Thats right,
seatbelts on. Were going to have a nice little trip to the beach.
Ready for this- 1-2-3- wide awake.
Ha ha. No more beach. It doesnt take very long.
How To Make Transitions
Are you all good with this?
Were going to do the same thing again. This time, well start with the same
process instant induction. Have everyone lying in their chair. It will take you
probably about 10 seconds to do the whole row. So youll have another 50
seconds to do a bit of a skit with these guys.
What were going to do now is do two skits back to back, so you get the feel
for transitioning between warm-up routines. The two skits were going to
use, again, youve seen them up here already are:
1. The Big Bandstand where theyre all playing instruments.
2. The Horse Races and you can encourage them to whip their horses,
kiss their horses, hug them, go faster and make a race out it. So a
day at the races.
We will be playing the music for you. Well switch the music for you. When
the music switches, you switch scenes. Does that make sense? Does
everyone understand what theyre doing? Go ahead?
Spencer had them stand up with their instruments. Do you want us to do
No, keep them in their seats for now, just so you get used to this whole
process. Well do standing skits afterwards so you get used to maneuvering
people when theyre standing separately. It just keeps life a lot easier for
you at this point where you just want to make it nice and easy, and then
well build up from there.
Arthur has a question first. Go ahead, Arthur.
Does the music have to be so loud its hard to hear the hypnotist?
To some extent, we have to turn it up; otherwise, everyone in the room
wont hear it. Its part of what you have to deal with in a stage show. The
bonus of a stage show is that youll have a microphone. Here, youll have to
just get in close and just project, so make sure that you get in close.
If someones not responding, just get in closer and make sure that they
hear you, so youre playing with the group. It will happen for real as well.
Youll have people over here, youll say something and people will miss it.
So youll have to come back up and say, thats right, you are Superman.
Stand up now and be loud and proud, or whatever.
This just gets you used to the stage a little more. Theres one promise Ill
make you guys. Theres one promise I can absolutely make you guys. If
you decide to do any kind of show, which of course, on Sunday you will, I
can guarantee you if something can go wrong, it will. At least something will
go wrong, so you may as well just accept it and learn how to roll with it,
rather than trying to have the perfect show where nothing will go wrong.
Its better to learn how to roll with it than to try to eliminate it. You eliminate
it as best you can, and then you roll with the rest. All good?
Can we put them in a circle?
Thats fine. You can get in a circle. Its all good. I mean youll play with it
and youll come up with ideas. Remember, youre the hypnotist. Its your
stage. If its not working for you, change it. All right everyone good?
Please lets have Hypnotist No. 1 up and ready. Hypnotist No. 1 begin.
The Main Routines
Give yourself a round of applause, folks.
How much fun are you guys having?
A lot!
Just think of this, guys Come back to me. Come back to me. Just think of
this, folks. Very soon, youll be getting paid to enjoy yourself like this? Isnt
that something? Who here wants to get paid to have this much fun? Its
possible. Thats all this stage hypnosis thing is about, right?
Okay, lets take a deep breath. Calm down, calm down, calm down. Would
it be fair to say that youve got a good handle on how to do an Introduction
for the stage? Like your Introduction and the induction and all that sort of
stuff, right, straightforward?
Would it be fair to say you have a good handle on how to warm people up
to be responsive as subjects, like youve just been doing now? Would that
be fair to say? Yes or no? I dont know.
So now what I want to do is get to the main meat of your show, the main
routines. Can you remember some of the main or the bigger routines, that
one-on-one sort of stuff that Spencer was doing? What kind of things did he
begin with?
Forget your name.
Forget your name. What else?
Send someone back to the audience.
Send someone back with an anchor, with a personal suggestion. What
Alien language.
Alien language and changing names.
What were going to do now is play with the first three things that he was
doing, which work quite nice as a routine on their own. We have three
1. Forget your name.
2. Change your name every time you say it. Usually changed to the
name of someone of the opposite sex.
3. Speak in an alien language.
You can say speak Chinese and, of course, if there are some Chinese
people in the room at that point, they probably will. So choose another
language, like German or something that theyre unlikely to know. At that
point, youre going to get more of the comics and sounds out of it, or Alien
of course.
The key thing here is, if youre going to give them something like the Alien
language and you say, youre going to speak Alien, most people have no
idea what that means. Notice the way Spencer introduced it was to give
them an idea of what it means youll bleep, blurp and make all kinds of
sounds that are alien or foreign to you.
So you give them some idea of what it is. If youre particularly good with
weird sounds, make a few weird sounds to kind of encourage them along
the way while youre presenting the suggestion.
So this is what were going to do now. Were going to practice the transition
from the warm-up routine youve just been doing into a full blown one-onone
type skit routine, which these three things are about. This is really what
the meat of the show is about.
Did you guys enjoy the Bandstand? It was kind of a fun one to do. So, what
well do is well start the same way, instant induction with everyone. Well go
into the Bandstand for maybe about 30 or 40 seconds. Then when the
Bandstand music stops there will be no music for these skits here when
the Bandstand music stops, I want you to put them back in trance.
1. Weve got the warm-up.
2. Then youll put them back in trance as theyre transitioning.
3. Then you deepen it a little bit as well if you want, as a transitioning
between Bandstand and some of the other stuff.
Now whilst youre doing the Bandstand and theyre all playing drums and
the music and all the rest of it, you choose who you think is going to be fun
to work with for the next section. If you choose wrong, it doesnt matter. You
can always change it halfway through. After all, this is your show.
So just choose someone who you want to get to forget their name. You
have a couple of choices here. You can choose three people: one to forget
their name; one to change their name; one to speak Alien.
Or you can have one person forget their name first, and then follow it up by
saying, oh, now you can have someone elses name. In other words, you
change your name every time. For a guy, it will be a girls name; or for a
girl, it will be a guys name.
Its entirely up to you what you do. Youre going to use three people or just
two, and escalate the actual suggestions. Whichever way you want to play
it is fine with me. The only thing youre going to do is:
1. Induction
2. Bandstand trance
3. Skits or routines in silence
Is that easy to do? Yes?
Do you want a quick demo of this?
All right. Can I have five volunteers up on the stage? Or actually just three
will do. Three volunteers on the stage, please quickly. One more. Thank
you very much. Have a seat here, here and here. Have a seat. Can I
borrow your glasses? There you go. Very good.
Okay, everyone just look at me.
And sleep! All the way. Thats it.
And sleep! All the way. Thats right. All the way.
And sleep! All the way. Deeper and deeper and deeper. Very good.
Everyone, were going to go and watch a great show, the Bandstand.
In fact, you are the show. Youre going to enjoy yourselves so much.
Youre going to show off all your talent, your favorite friends, your
favorite movie stars and the audience. The better you play and the
louder you play, the more they will love you.
Are you ready? Pick up your instrument. And play away. Okay, make
sure that you are the star performer here. The louder you play and
the better you play, the more they will watch you, the more they will
love you.
Everyone else, clap along.
This is for you. Stand up and really go for it. This is your applause.
Thats it. Go for it. There you go.
Go crazy, guys. The louder you clap, the more theyll go.
And stop.
Everyone sit back down. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, all the way. Very
good. So, speaking to you right now, in a moment, when I touch your
shoulder, in a moment Im going to wake you guys up and youre
going to find the strangest thing.
Whenever I ask your name, you simply wont know. You will
remember everything else about your life. You will remember
everything else about the show. Its just simply when I ask your
name its escaped your mind. You dont know what it is. Its the
strangest thing. It will be kind of funny to you in some ways.
Im going to touch you on the shoulder right now. Every time you
speak, youll speak in an Alien tongue. You can understand me just
fine, but youll be speaking in an Alien voice. There will be all kinds of
bleeps and blurps and all kinds of strange sounds that no one else
can understand but make perfect sense to you, nod your head if you
understand very good 1-2-3 wide awake.
So how are you guys doing?
Say again?
Biddle beep.
Interesting. Whats your name?
Okay. Have you met Hi?
Scott: [ ]
You havent met Hi yet? Hi, would you say hello to him.
Biddle beep.
What your name?
Its Scott?
Sleep! Deeper, deeper, deeper still, thats right. Very good.
And can I have your name? Sleep! Deeper, deeper, deeper still.
Okay, every time that I ask your name, youll have a girls name.
Each time I ask you though, the girls name will change. It will be
different each time that you do this. Nod your head if you
understand. Very good. One two three wide awake.
Hi, whats your name?
Sandra? Okay. Were you always called Sandra?
No? What did you start with?
Have you met Doug yet?
Yes? You may as well introduce yourself again just in case in he
forgot who you are.
Biddle beep.
Is that easy?
Everyone, sleep! Sleep! Sleep! All suggestions are removed now.
Youll have a fantastic time, especially when you go out there and be
a hypnotist. Youre going to have such a great time.
In fact, youll have a better time than your subjects, which means
theyll be infected by your sense of humor, by your life and what
youre doing. You might even find yourself inventing skits on the fly
just because theyre fun.
Nod your head if you understand. Okay, all other suggestions, apart
from the fact that you are going to have the best time ever as you do
the show. 1-2-3, wide awake ready to rejoin the audience.
Give them a round of applause.
Thank you very much.
Practice Your Routines
Okay, folks. Is that easy? Youll have two minutes. The first minute will be
the Intro stuff and the Big Band. Then when the music cuts, youll get to
play with the audience a little bit with three skits, in any way you want to.
Then well come back and well just switch around until everyones done
that. Any questions?
Number 1, please get ready. Two minutes each, so it will be roughly just
under a minute for the first Bandstand, and then youll have about a minute
or so for the second bit.
Hypnotists, when you finish your show, when youve had time to switch
hypnotists, make sure you put your volunteers to sleep first. Then bring
them back with a clear suggestion. So you always have that routine of
putting them in trance, clearing suggestion and finishing up.
Does that make sense to everyone?
So when you finish your skits, at the end, you put them to sleep, clear the
suggestion and then hand off to the next hypnotist. Okay, folks. Are we
ready? Okay, number three begin.
Invent A Routine
All right, folks. Can you guys just come around so you can see this? You
can leave your chairs there because youre coming back to them. Just bring
yourselves over here to see this. Bring your partners out of trance, folks.
This is not hypnotherapy. Just 1-2-3, wide awake, will do. 1-2-3, wide
awake, will do. There you go. Just bring them back. Were not doing
hypnotherapy here, folks. This is a show. It doesnt take very long.
All right, first, how much fun are you guys having?
Who here is starting to feel like a genuine stage hypnotist? Are you feeling
it? Good.
So I thought it would be fun before the break to do one more cycle like this,
but it starts with answering one of the questions asked earlier on. Just start
spurring your creativity. What I want you to do is to surprise yourself. Heres
what Imean.
Youre going to be the hypnotist. Youre going to start with Bandstand
again, just because youre used to it. Were going to do that only for 30
seconds, just to kind of give you a little bit of thinking time, observation time,
just feel-good time.
As soon as the music switches, I want you to invent a routine. Just start
with anything. Its not as tough as it sounds. You can choose something you
already saw someone do, something youve seen Spencer do up here or
something youve always wanted to try. I dont care what it is. It can even
be a repeat of what we just did now.
What I want to give you an opportunity of doing is watching people doing
one of their group routines and saying, you know that person, yeah, that
persons digging it. I feel like Im going to do something like this with them.
Does that make sense to you guys?
Youre only going to have a minute and half, so 30 seconds for the warmup,
and like a minute or so to start playing with the routine. Whether it works
or it doesnt, I dont really care. It doesnt really matter. What matters is that
you start looking for the opportunities, rather than trying to script it out hard
Does that make sense to everyone? Any questions? This time, make sure
youre really observing all your subjects, just to see which one you want to
play with, what comes to mind that fits that person as you see them
performing. There will always be one of them; maybe there will be two.
Make sense? Easy. One question over here
Can you repeat what were supposed to do?
Okay, just to repeat what were supposed to do. Youre going to do exactly
what you did then.
1. Instant inductions. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.
2. The Big Band 30 seconds.
3. When the music changes, you get to invent, make up a new routine.
It can be something youve seen, something youve heard about, something
you always wanted to try or something that no one has seen on this planet
before you came along. I really dont care what it is.
If youre stuck, do you know what to do? One of these things. So, youre
never stuck. The point is youll always have something to pull out of your
back pocket when you need it.
Does that make sense to everyone? Yes? Excellent! All right. Get back in
your groups. Number 1, please get ready. Okay, number 1, begin.
Run A Smooth Show
Are all the groups complete, more or less? For some of the people, like half
their brains shut off, but thats all right. How are you guys keeping up?
So were on one of the last two sessions, so just keep going, guys. This is a
boot camp. Dig deep. Dig deep now. Come on, deeper and deeper.
Notice how youre starting to perform like a stage hypnotist. Its a lot of fun
once you get into it, right? Youll learn as you start doing it that more of the
energy comes from your volunteers than from you because otherwise youd
burn out after an hours show. That will come with time, so dont concern
yourself about that element too much just yet.
What I want to cover a little bit are the dynamics in terms of how I would
tend to sequence things, just to make it a little easier. Now remember, as
Spencer said, if you have the right context, the right subjects and the right
situation, you can pretty much do anything straight off the bat. Its no big
What were trying to do here is create a solid foundation, so you have
everything lined up in such a way that you get the best possible outcome,
no matter what group you have in front of you. Does that make sense?
If thats your starting point, then everything after that is just a variation of it.
You can drop something or move some things, but youre doing it on
purpose and you know how to fix it if things dont quite go right. Does that
make sense, everyone?
We normally start with:
1. The self-intro.
2. The intro to your show.
3. Calling up volunteers.
4. Doing a little suggestion test with the volunteers.
5. More volunteers.
6. A little induction to have the whole ritual.
7. Plug in exactly what you did a moment ago.
Do you see how the whole thing becomes a nice, rich show-type
environment? Heres something that Id like you to keep in mind. In terms of
how you select your routines, when youre warming people up, the first
thing youre going to look for, is physical routines, group routines and
physical group routines.
Any ideas why? Why would you want to have physical group routines?
Physical suggestions are easy and get group compliance.
Thats part of the reason, but not the main one.
You want people to move because thats what your shows all about.
Exactly. So hes saying you want people to move because thats what your
show is all about. Essentially, what youre looking for is your warm-up
routines first, get people moving so that they realize this is a demonstration.
They can have the best experience inside their head, but if no one sees it
I mean who here would like to see a show where for 19 minutes you see
I might be having a great time in here, but youre going, what the hell is
this? Is this like modern art or something? So youre looking for the most
responsive subject, and they may not necessarily be the best subject or the
deepest subject or anything like that. Youre looking for the most responsive
subjects because this is a show.
You can also encourage people to get more emotion in because the more
they get physically involved, the more they kind of lose themselves in the
experience as well.
Of course, the other thing youre looking for is youre already starting to
choose which people do I want to use next when I start doing the one-onone
stuff? Youre beginning to notice this guy here is a little bit into it. This
other guys is really into it. Which one do you use? You want physical group
routines, which gives you a chance to check out who youre going to be
using next.
The next thing youre looking for are mental routines. They can be
emotional routines changing their emotions or having experiences like
forgetting a name or something like that, or amnesia or some mental
What youre doing here is, again, all the simple things youre doing with
like name change or forgetting name or forgetting a number youre taking
a low level risk to again find out which ones are responding well so you can,
for example, choose someone to send into the audience later on to do
crazy stuff.
For example, you may have noticed when Steve was up here, he didnt
forget his name. So you have two choices. You can do what I did, which
was just put him in trance and work with someone else. No big deal.
Everyone will forget that by the end of the show. Or you fractionate him.
You put him in, put him out, put him in, put him out and try again.
Depending on how much time you have and, honestly, how much effort you
want to put into it.
Would I then choose someone like Scott straightaway to go in for a posthypnotic
suggestion and go into the audience to do something? Not at that
point. Now I might after I fractionated him and got success with a simple
mental routine, like name amnesia, number amnesia, changing name or
something like that.
Im looking to see if hes not only responding physically, but also does he
have the mental experience as well because now I have the material to do
a good show, dont I? See how that works?
Once youve chosen your physically responsive subjects, once you have
chosen your mentally responsive subjects, pretty much youre open to
anything. I mean you saw the heckler routine and the Sheriff. You can build
that up. Ive seen things like the Sheriff build up into a 20-minute routine,
which was hysterical just because they really milked it.
That only works if youve been watching out for the ones that are, physically
responsive and going to have their own experience as well. So theres this
little, I guess, escalation of hypnotic things, experiences.
By the way, Im not saying that someone whos got a mental experience is
deeper in trance than someone whos got a physical experience. Im not.
These are purely to do with shows. These are just useful things to do in a
show. Thats all. Are we good?
Your 7-Step Show
So now we want to put everything together so you have an experience of
doing that. I want to take five minutes and I want you back in your groups
again. Youre going to have five minutes from start to finish. Were going to
be sequencing to the music for all of you. I want you to really make an effort
to stick to the music, stick to your timings, because when the five minutes
are up, I want you to have gone through the whole segment of what youre
So what is it youre going to be doing?
1. Youre going to start with an Intro.
Youre going to be in The Green Room, and as soon as the general
background music starts, youre going to be doing your Intro. That will last
for a few, shall we say, for like 10 seconds or so. Then the volume will go
up on that normal Intro kind of music, that sort of background music, which
is, basically, your calling for volunteers.
2. Call for volunteers.
Youll be given about 30 seconds of that, so youre now coming close to the
minute mark. At that point, the music will go back down again to a lower
3. Do your tests and calling for more volunteers.
This time, just to keep it easy. When you do your first call for volunteers,
maybe one or two people will come up. No more than that. When you do
your tests with the three people that are left over, then of course the rest will
come up, and youll again work with five subjects, just to kind of play with
the dynamic a little bit.
It doesnt mean you have to use all five subjects on your stage, but youll be
playing with all five subjects, and youll pretend theres an audience behind
you. The rest of the room is your audience.
Does all this make sense so far? Its what you did earlier today. So lets just
get the timings on this. Youll have a minute for this and a minute for that.
Were now into minute 2.
4. Do an induction.
Now were going to do an induction. I want you to do a group induction. You
can do the whole sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Thats fine. Theres no
problem with that, but I want you to add maybe 30 seconds or 40 seconds
of maybe taking them on a beach trip or just progressive relaxation,
whatever you want to do.
The point is the audience has come here to see you do this magical,
mystical experience. Unless you specifically structure your show so there is
no induction which some people have done as a gimmick most people
expect to see it. Its just part of the mystery of the show. So you may as well
give them that mystery.
So were now at 2 to 3 minutes. Actually, you know what? Well give you
30 seconds for this because youll need more time for the actual show
Let me emphasize why Im pushing you with these timings. Tomorrow, well
be going into this in much more detail, and well actually start constructing
your shows. On Sunday, you will be doing a 9-minute show. Right now,
youll be doing a dry run of a set piece of a 5-minute show, but already see
how close those timings get.
If you let the timing slip in here, well, on your show, you may not have a
chance to complete all the big dramatic stuff, which means your promo tape
wont be anywhere near as exciting as youd like it to be. So Im pushing
you just so that you can actually a great 9-minute show with all the bells
and whistles in place.
The irony is, come Sunday, it will be easier. Any guesses why? Well,
because youve practiced and its easy, but the big reason is the fact that
here youve got to work with whoever is in your group. On Sunday, youll
have a whole audience, and you get to select who the heck you want. You
can have anyone you want. So at that point, youll actually have to work a
lot less because theyll be doing most of the work for you.
So is everyone good for the first 2 minutes? All right. Were going to cycle
through these very quickly. Were going to do two warm-up routines: the
drunk/stoned one for about 30 seconds and then well move straight into the
Big Band for about 30 seconds again.
So again, youre just really ripping people through these experiences as
quickly as possible.
On Sunday, you get to choose whether you want to do one warm-up, two
warm-ups or three warm-ups. You get to choose. You get to choose
however you want to use your time up. Thats entirely your choice. For now,
were pushing you through these things so youre familiar with every
segment of a show.
Make sense? Yes?
Did you have a question? Can I have a microphone over here, please?
With the testing volunteers and the induction, thats a group induction, and
after you have the volunteer up there, you do the test with them
demonstrating to the rest of the audience what to do, and you bring up
more volunteers
Actually youll do the test with the audience. This test here is primarily for
the audience so you can get more people from the audience to come up on
And you use the volunteer to demonstrate to the audience what theyre
going to do?
No. Lets say youre my audience. Can I just borrow you? Youll be up here
as one of my volunteers, just to set the dynamic. So my first call for
volunteers gets me one solitary person. Im going, oh man, this better be a
good subject or Im really screwed on this show.
So now what Im going to do is, okay, I need more volunteers. Everyone,
please stand up with your hands out like this. Now you can join along or you
might even make a show of it. Say, do what Arthur does. Okay?
Sit down. Thank you. Give him a round of applause for that.
So the point here, the test folks, lets have your attention. This is a good
question. The point of the test here is youre doing it with the audience
because whoever passes the test in the audience, youll say and Spencer
actually gave you the line for this if your hands are stuck together and you
want to have some fun, come on up and join the show, or something like
And so you wouldnt use that suggestibility test as an induction, or could
You can. Absolutely. You can do anything you want.
So you just tell them to relax, or you could do a very rapid
For the induction here just do something simple, like what you Spencer
doing. Just do the beach induction. It will fit into the other thing. Just give
them soothing sounds, soothing imagery, soothing visualizations. Just
make a soothing experience for them.
Why? Because its a show as much for them watching as it is for these
people experiencing it. As far as youre concerned, all you have to do is go,
sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, and youre really into it at that point, but
they dont know that. So you can actually do that. You can actually have
your volunteers up, put them all in trance sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep
and theyll all go, oh thats crazy!
Remember, if you need an induction, youll first turn to your audience and
say okay folks, were about to do something really important here. Im going
to ask you to be quiet for the next few moments so I can put these people in
trance and make sure that they give you a great show. As soon as this is
done, you can clap, stomp your feet and applaud as much as you want. For
right now, lets give them a chance to actually get into the experience fully.
So it makes it even more mysterious for the audience because now they
have to do something. Like, oh, be very quiet.
Does that answer your question?
Yes. Thank you.
Very good. So are we all good until the first warm-up routine? Yes?
Then well just go right back. So up until this point, weve been doing the
physical routines.
Now were going to do our first mental routines, which could be:
1. Forget something.
2. Name change.
3. Alien language.
That will be another minute. So now were onto 4 minutes. Your last 30
seconds is the end of the show. It gives you a little bit of slush time, so if
youre running a little long on some of these things you can catch up a little
bit at the end there. But essentially, I want you to make sure that at the end
of the show, you put them all back in trance, you clear all suggestions and
then wake them back up, give them a big thank you and send them back
out to the audience. Does that make sense?
So now youre walking through an entire show in a small format. Then well
start talking about more routines you can use so that you can have some
more choices on the actual day. Does that work for you?
Are you happy with this?
Any questions? Then well come on down here as well.
Igor, my question is how will we know that our show is about to finish? That
was a problem last time.
On Sunday or now?
No, now.Will you give us a, 15 seconds left?
All this happens with music. So at this stage, youll have the general horse
race music. At it will be at a low level. When the level goes up, in other
words it becomes louder, that will be your call for volunteers.
As soon as the level drops again, it gives you enough quiet to do the test
with the audience. When the music switches and Ill talk about this in a
minute with Matt to be sure weve got the right music the music will switch
to the induction music. So when the music switches, you should be in the
induction phase.
When the music switches again, youll be in the drunk/stoned phase. When
it switches again, youll be in the Bandstand phase. When it goes back to
the regular background music, youre in this phase here. Yeah, well switch
it again. Ill find a track for you guys.
So when the music switches a final time and its completely different music
that you wont have heard until this point that will be your cue that you
better start wrapping things up.
Does that make sense? Yes? So do listen to the music. Do not skip ahead.
I know you guys have a group of five. Please stay to these times as well.
Its in your interest because otherwise, youll have half a show on the day,
and Im guess you dont want that, right?
Theres a question here first, and then well pass it over here.
It was the same question. Musical cues.
Okay, fine. So lets give Scott a go.
For point number 6, are we doing one mental routine or more than one?
As many as you want. More importantly, as many as you can fit in and if
you can do all three, by all means, do so. If you can only do one, then milk
it. Its entirely up to you. This is where you get to start taking control of a
little bit of the session.
Is this clear as a process? One last question over here.
I just wanted to clarify if that Intro is also the Introduction of hypnosis as
Exactly, the whole thing. So you are now pretending that youre off stage.
Someone just said, the amazing hypnotist is ready. Youre going to come
on stage and go, hi. So youre starting the whole show from scratch. You
say hi, my name is This is hypnosis. This is my show come on up, etc.
So why dont we take a minute to organize yourselves back in groups. So
you guys go over here, and get Number 1 ready to start rolling. Im going to
cue up the music for you guys.
All the hypnotists into the Green Room, please. Youre off stage. Audience,
please sit down. Oh, I see what you mean, audience stay standing up.
Are you ready with the music in the back there? Hypnotist Number 1,
please give me a thumbs up if youre ready to go. All right, lets begin.
How are you doing?
Was that fun?
All right, let me try that again. Folks, was that fun?
Give yourself a round of applause. You deserve it.
Do you want to do more of this?
Yes maybe? No? All right, were having a break right now. So I think weve
run five minutes over on this little session, but it was worth doing just for the
fun of it. So lets be back here its now 4:50. Lets be back here by 5:00,
and well be starting at 5:05 on the dot. All right?
So just take care of whatever natural breaks you need to. So be back here
at 5:00. Were starting at 5:05 on the dot. So off you go.
Skit Music
So the second white piece of paper, the one you actually have on your chair
is this. Its entitled, Music for Skits. What were going to be doing is, you
may have noticed weve been playing some music here whilst youre doing
here little mini shows today, right?
We have that music available for you, and each room that we go into on
Sunday for the shows will have an iPod and these 24 tracks on it. So you
should recognize a lot of these skits or routines, because youve seen them,
done them or talked about them with Spencer.
Tomorrow, well talk more about this stuff. Tomorrow, youre going to
actually start choosing the skits youll want to use for your own show, and
you can choose anything on these things if you want music. If you dont
care about music, you can choose anything at all as well. Does that make
sense? Its just this is the music youll be able to use on the actual show
and unfortunately, nothing else. Ill explain why in a moment.
Could you tell us now please?
Okay, sure. The main reason has to do with copyrights. In order to be able
to use music and a formal DVD and put that onto your promo tape, you
have to pay an exorbitant fees on copyrights and so on, and youll have to
pay a fee every time it gets reprinted and stuff like that. Its just a nightmare.
So weve got royalty-free music for that. That just takes the nightmare
totally away.
In terms of doing your shows, each country is a little different, so you have
to check into the rules. As a rule, each country has a copyrights or a
musical rights association, where people who want to play music pay
money, and they split it up with some complex formula so the actual artists
get the money for whatever is being played and used.
Now as a rule, technically, as a hypnotist, when youre using this music, it
should be licensed by this organization to be using the various tracks and
so on. In practice, no hypnotist I know of ever does that. The few that have
actually approached these musical rights associations have just been told
to go away. This is so insignificant for us its not worth our time. Just go
away and use it anyway.
So theres not going to be any trouble, but legally speaking, I cant tell you
to do that because its, at least in the U.S. and a lot of other countries, thats
not the case. You technically have to pay some licensing fees. The best
thing to do is check with whatever in the U.K. its the PRS, the Performing
Rights Society. The U.S. will have an equivalent. Just check with them, and
as soon as they tell you to go away and jump in the lake, then you can go,
great. Ive done what I can, and they ignored me. Make sense?
For the purpose of the show here, weve got royalty-free music, so you
dont have to even consider that at all. That headaches been taken care of
for you.
Do have a look at these skits tonight. See which ones appeal to you. The
only one we will not be doing is Number 21. Everyone looks at me and
goes, all right. For obvious reasons, its kind of on there just so you know
that if thats the kind of show you want to have, well, Im sure it will keep
you company tonight?
The key thing here is and I know Spencer has already talked to you about
this a little bit, if you do want to go for more of the X-rated type shows, or
the adult type shows, by all means, do so. Just remember two things:
1. Nothing will stigmatize you more quickly than that.
In other words, once you start doing those kinds of shows and thats what
youre known for. Thats pretty much what youre stuck with. Its going to be
very difficult to get out of that mold. Versus if you have a general show, you
have the flexibility to go into any kind of environment. So thats one
consideration to take into account.
2. Only ever do an adult show if its advertised as an adult show.
That way, the audience becomes self-selecting. Otherwise, youre going to
have an absolute nightmare up on stage when you start suggesting the
wrong kinds of things to people and they werent prepared or expecting it.
Youll have the nightmare on stage or off stage afterwards, and its not fair
to your audience either. So if youre going to go down that road, thats the
only way to do it. Make sure everyone actually understands ahead of time
what theyre letting themselves into.
Honestly, personally, I dont see the point. If you want to do that, its a
personal choice. I cant stop you. Im just warning you about the
consequences and, personally, I dont see the point of it. Its up to you what
you do.
So were all cool with the white piece of paper? Do check through it and
start thinking about what you might find interesting. Think about how you
might phrase it because tomorrow well start putting it all together. You dont
have to design your show tonight. Thats not what Im suggesting. Just kind
of get inspired by some of these things, and imagine how you might do this.
Did you say that we could hear this music somewhere? Do you have it?
Unfortunately, we cant give you all a copy yet, just because we havent got
enough. We thought wed bring the CDs, but then everyone hasnt got a CD
player, so theres no way we can get you to hear it. What we will do,
though, if you like is tomorrow at lunch break it will take about hour to play
through all these songs because theres quite a few of them and theyre like
three minutes apiece.
What we can do is at some point during the lunch break tomorrow, we can
play the 24 songs in order and give you like a minute sample, so in like a
half an hour or 20 minutes, youll get a sense of what they all sound like,
and that will give you a taste of it. Would you guys like to do that?
That would be great. Thank you.
So it means your lunch break will be a bit shorter tomorrow, so be prepared
for that. If you want to listen in, make sure you pick up a sandwich or
something from the sandwich store, but tomorrow we can arrange that for
you guys to have a listen. All right.
So is everyone cool with the white sheet?
The Law
Do you have any questions on this? Otherwise, Ill just leave this and well
just get onto the other stuff.
Yeah, one of the things that you said, me coming from Scotland and Great
Britain, we have such a thing as the Hypnotism Act of 1952. Now Ive just
learned before I came out here that before I make a booking to get myself
on stage, Im going to have to jump through some loopholes.
Yes, you do.
One of them being I cannot advertise myself as a hypnotist or that Im going
to hypnotize someone on stage
Not necessarily.
It must be self-hypnosis.
Not necessarily. It depends on what youre doing. Stage hypnosis is legal n
the U.K. The Hypnotism Act, basically, means you have to be certified by
the local authority in which you want to be performing a show. They have to
say yes, youre approved for doing a show in this area.
So there are two ways theres a cheat way around it. What some people
do is they dont actually do a stage hypnosis show. They do a lecture on
stage hypnosis or they do research on hypnosis, and as long as people fill
out a form, its technically covered. I wouldnt go down that road. Its not a
very safe road to go.
The simpler thing to do is call up your local authority, tell them youre a
stage hypnotist, youve been trained in Las Vegas and you have your
promo and stuff like that, so you can show them that youre good at this
work. If they need to they can come to us for references and that you now
want to start working in the U.K. and that you want to work in such and such
a venue, that youre professionally trained and that youve done all these
bits and pieces.
Tell them that youve done a show on the Strip in Vegas because you will
have done that. Then, ask what the process is that you need to go through
to get approved or marked for approval to be allowed to do a stage show
Some authorities are more hard lined, and some authorities are easier, but
most of them youll get through if you can demonstrate competence. Lets
face it, with a promo tape, its very easy. Just send it to them and say,
watch me.
Ive been told as well that as long as a sect is private clubs, especially
Glasgow because Glasgow has a ban on public displays. I mean you cant
even do the street hypnosis. If you get caught doing street hypnosis in the
street, you go to jail. Theres no public display of hypnosis.
I cant comment on that. As I say, its been a long time since Ive needed a
lawyer and that didnt do Scottish law.
Thats why Im hoping to move over here.
Well, actually, this is very true. As a stage hypnotist, youre open to work
anywhere. You can go to some of the Islands, for example, where theres
no regulation. You just go. You can work on a cruise ship. Again, theres no
regulation there. You just have to get into that sort of scene. You could
even be booked in America and be paid to fly over and do some shows and
have fun at the same time. So youre not stuck within the U.K. arena.
Although if you do want to work in the U.K. arena, I recommend that you get
yourself licensed by the local authority youll be performing in. Then if you
become a traveling hypnotist, its a lot easier. Once youve got one license,
it gets easier and easier to get a license in other places too.
DVD 11 Advanced Stage Hypnosis Routines &
How to Invent New Routines
Create Your Own Routines
Hes handing on by a thread. Ill bet. Hes losing it. Thats probably a pretty
good term there.
Well, were going to lose it a little bit more, but not too much. Were going to
slow it down a little bit because I want to talk about some other things.
Before I do, how did you guys like doing that? Yeah! So are you guys
starting to get the groove of it, man? Are you starting to feel like youre a
real professional competent, confident and extreme powerful stage
You guys are. Im telling you right now. Im looking at you, and I can see
this confidence just oozing out of you. This is good. I know youre also
drained and exhausted, so I recognize both aspects going on, but thats
good because when you get to this point, youve got to go further. Youve
got to go a little bit further.
I can tell you that from my career that sometimes I get exhausted being on
the road and sometimes youre just wiped out and youve just got one more
show to do and Im just going, oh no, I cant do it. Ill be laying in the room
going I really just dont even want to get up. I just want to stay in bed. I just
want to watch some stupid thing on TV or Ill turn on my light and sound
machine instead and just zone out. I use that every single day.
I know that Ive got to do one more show. Ive just got to do it. Ive got to be
ready for it. I anchor myself, like I talked about before. I go there, get on
stage and do that last thing and give it everything Ive got, and then I drop
for a week or two.
So when youre done with this, you can go home and drop for a week or
two, after you book your first show. Then you can drop because youve got
a show coming up, a big show.
Let me ask you how many of you plan on doing your first big comedy
hypnosis show within the next 30 days? Raise your hands. I like that, a
whole bunch of you.
So lets do this. Lets go down this list here. You guys have done all these
really incredibly cool techniques. Now I have a few more techniques here
two more skits. Instead of breaking down into groups and getting
yourselves all bottled again, lets just talk about it, and Im going to open it
up. Im going to throw out a routine, and you guys just tell me what you
would do with, and Ill tell you what I might do with it. How does that sound?
That will give your mind a little bit of a break.
Im starting to see people out there dropping. How many of you people here
are married? Raise your hand if youre married. How many of you are in a
relationship? Let me ask you this, lets narrow it down. How many of you
are married or in a relationship and planning on taking this as a serious fulltime
career? Quite a few of you, okay. Awesome!
Youre going to need a very supportive partner. Youve got that? Thats right
on. So youre going to need a very supportive partner, because its a very
unique profession and oftentimes, it will take you to places that you dont
take a spouse or a buddy with. Sometimes you just have to go on your own.
Im letting you know this ahead of time to work on your relationships and
keep them solid because you need to put as much energy into your
relationship as you do into your job. You dont want to lose that because of
your passion for what youre going to be doing because it is something that
can easily overtake you and it can become your mistress or your mister.
I know I had to give you the down side to it. Theres always a downside, but
a supportive partner, man. Bring your partner into your work. Let them know
what it is that youre doing. Share your life with them. Share your work.
Invite them to go with you everywhere that you do. Make them a part of it.
Maybe they can be that part that takes the phone calls for you.
They could be your manager. They could do all your bookings. They can
take care of the paperwork. Include them in what youre doing. Make them
feel important in it. Thats all Im going to say. So you guys work that out,
and youre going to be good with it.
With that said, Ive got a lot of things to say though. Ill say more about that
tomorrow when we get to the business aspect of it. Right now, get ready for
a microphone, and when you do get a microphone, youre going to stand up
and youre going to speak into the microphone. You guys are good at this.
Lets just say the individual Im touching right now, this is your luckiest day
in the world. This is your luckiest day in the world. What would you do with
that routine? Im looking for some feedback. Heres a guy right who knows
right now, this is your luckiest day in the world. What are you going to do?
I would say this is your luckiest day in the world. You have won a lotto
ticket, but you cant find it. Its somewhere in your pockets or on your body,
but you cant find it. Youre checking everywhere for it, but you cant find it.
No matter how hard you try, you wont take off your clothes, but you cant
find that ticket and its getting frustrating.
You are one mean guy. I like it. I like that. Thats very awesome. Yeah,
youre the luckiest person, you won the lottery ticket, its somewhere on
your body and you cant find it. Youre looking everywhere. Clothes stay on,
but youre looking everywhere and you cant find it. Very good.
Does anybody else have an idea on that, the luckiest day in the world, right
Okay, its the luckiest day in the world for you. Youve just won the Nobel
Peace Prize and everyone here is waiting for your speech.
Cool. So this is the luckiest day in the world for you. Youve just won the
Nobel Peace Prize. Im going to count to three, and on three youre eyes
will open. Im going to give you the microphone and you can give us your
acceptance speech, because you are the luckiest guy in the world on the
luckiest day. Heres themicrophone. 1-2-3, and the guy grabs it. Very cool.
Anybody else? Just when you thought it was all over, were going to pick
your brains some more. Were going to bring out the juices.
All right, youre the luckiest person in the world. You just won $1 million. I
want you to express to the audience how excited you are and give shout
outs to your family and friends and go as wild as you want. Let him do a
little speech to the family.
All right. I like that, and you can even do that as a group. This is your
luckiest day in the world. On the count of three, open your arms. Were
going to find out just what happened to you guys. Boom, boom, boom. Then
you can rip them down.
Go ahead, my dear.
This is the luckiest day in your life. Youve won $10 million and you cant tell
anyone, but every time someone says to you, how come you look so happy,
if you tell them that you won $10 million, you wont get the check.
I like that. Very cool. I can kind of relate to that. I cant tell you exactly where
that came from, but you know I got one.
Its recording your every move.
Its recording my every move? It means nothing because we dont know
exactly where it came from, and thats all I have to promise.
This is the luckiest day of the world for you. You just won the lottery, and
youre going to be doing your lucky dance that helped you win that lottery.
So get going.
Oh, so in a moment, Im going to count to three, the music begins and
youre going to give us your lucky dance.
Thats right. And anyone who joins in gets to share the lottery with you.
Good. There you go. Now you got everybody involved with it. I like it.
The only problem is their share of the lottery comes out of your pocket.
Oh no, wow. There you go. You bring them up and then tear them down.
Yes, sir?
Today is the luckiest day of your life. You just won $10 million, but do you
see those people sitting next to you. One of them is going to steal it
tomorrow and youve got figure out which one it is.
Very cool. And how can you build on that?
What you do is you walk behind them, and youll notice that they either,
have wallets or pocketbooks. Look at their butts. As you look at their butts,
youll notice one of them just has that, look at the butt and youll know by
looking at it which one it is, and when you find it I dont know what you
can do thats PG13. When you find that butt, identify that person and ask
them why theyre going to steal your money. Confront them with it and
make a deal with them that maybe they wont steal it and maybe you can do
something together nice with it.
Cool. I like it. Good. Does anybody else want to do this? Theres someone
right there, so you dont have to walk so far.
Todays the luckiest day in your life. The girl that youve been pursuing (or
man) forever, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, it doesnt matter who it is, has
called you and asked you on a date. The problem is you havent had a
shower in three days because youve been camping. Youve only got three
minutes to primp yourself before they pick you up in the limo.
On the count of three, open your eyes. Get your primped proper for this
meeting. Then you can have a little bag of makeup over here to the side. So
you can build on that. Over here, Im going to give you this little bag of
makeup. You have to have more of your props.
Ive got this great big bag full of props for every occasion, so Im always
thinking what can I do? Whats in my bag? So Ill take out some makeup. I
have this little makeup kit. Its got mascara, its got lipstick and I even have
panties and bra and all that kind of stuff. Really make yourself look hot.
Very cool. Get themselves all clowned up. Thats pretty goofy. Its a lot of
fun. Yes, dear?
Today is your luckiest day in your life because you find the source that from
now on all your questions will be answered.
Youve found the source? Now with that, do you know what I think I would
do? You found the source. The individual Im touching right now, in a
moment Im going to count to three, your eyes open, you are the source.
You are the source with all the answers because the luckiest person here in
the world has questions for you. Count of three your eyes open, 1-2-3. And
so why are you so lucky? Oh because I found the source. The source?
Where is the source? Oh, Im the source.
So youve got another thing going on there. See how you can just fall into
these things? Youve got to be quick on your toes.
Do you have a microphone? Please stand up.
This is the luckiest day because you just saved 10% on car insurance. I
would recommend canceling your other insurance after the big accident.
Yeah, why not just make him a little lizard.
And youre now the Geico lizard.
There you go.
Its the luckiest day in your life because you just won the Academy Awards
that youve been trying to get for 20 years 1-2-3, acceptance speech.
Thats fine. They get up there and then you have music in the background
for the acceptance speech. So you have to have all this stuff set up. Its
already in your mind, its in the frame. On the count of three, open your
eyes and give the acceptance speech. 1-2-3, eyes open up. Oh wow, this is
so cool. You won, man. Come on up here. Heres a microphone. Tell us
what its like when the music begins automatically. Then the music starts
and he gives his little speech.
So you have all these things set up in your mind so when youre doing
these routines, you already have this going in your mind whats going to
happen. Youre five steps ahead all the time. Its like playing chess. Youre
ahead of everybody at all times. Its on that mental programming. Listen to
it. Youll get it.
One more and then were going to move on to the next one.
Youre the luckiest person in the world because I have here in my pocket a
check for $1 million for the first person to show me their belly button. Then I
put them all out and tell them they havent got a belly button.
Okay, so Ive got a check in my pocket for $1 million for the first person that
does what now?
To show me their belly button, but Ive put them all out and tell them they
havent got one. When they look for it, they cant find.
Oh, they can look for it, but they cant find it. Okay, thats kind of funny. I like
that because its like, show me your belly button and you can have this
money. Then they go and they cant find their belly button.Wheres my belly
button? Thats cool.
And then you can do, is it an innie or is it an outie? Its a little kid thing right.
Have you got an innie or an outie? How many people here have an inny?
Raise your hand. How many have an outie? Im just kind of curious. Im
telling you, this is how my mind works. Im just kind of curious about whos
got an innie and whos got an outie.
All right, lets go on to the next one. All right, heres a good one. How about
the individual Im touching right now, you are the worlds sexiest spy.
Actually, this will follow up, you get the guy up and you tell him hes the
worlds sexiest spy. Then you have two different ladies, and you tell them
that they are his co-spies, and theyre both in love with him, but he has to
choose which one hes going to take on the next mission. So theyre
arguing over him, but they cant hit each other. Hes in the middle and hes
got to decide, and the world is about to explode.
The plot thickens. I like that, yeah. You have these women in a cat fight.
Now you want to frame that very carefully. When youre giving this
information on that kind of skit, its a lot of fun.
In a moment, Ill count to three, the person Im touching you are the worlds
sexiest spy. Youve got these two beautiful women assistants, theyre
fighting over you and theyre going to fight over you. Boy, Ill tell you what,
theyre going to fight like Ive never seen anybody fight. However, listen
very carefully, you two ladies, you assistants, you will not touch each other.
You will say whatever you want to each other. You will get just as nasty as
you want, but you will not hit anybody at all, but you verbally say whatever
you want.
No spitting. No whizzing on somebody. I was doing this nightclub show and
I gave this suggestion, and this guy was out there. I said, you can say
whatever you want. I said something like, ladies and gentlemen, you get
very angry. You want to start a fight with me. I love doing it. I said, but you
cant get on my stage and you cant throw anything at me.
So this guy is back there, and he gets on a chair and he starts taking the
chair and getting it closer and getting it closer. Then he gets up there and
just throws it at me, and Im going, oh this is not good. So always be a little
bit careful because you dont want the audience people to get hurt either.
Yes, go ahead, sir?
Youre the worlds sexiest spy, and its your mission to romance one of the
other contestants on the stage. What you dont realize is that you have the
worlds worst body odor.
Oh, good. I like that. Okay, so go on and build on that. But you have the
worst body odor. How would you complete that? But you have the worst
body odor. Youve got to put your people up here.
What I would be looking for is what the person who is supposed to be
seduced is going to be doing.
Okay, and
And you, the person whos being seduced, realize that this is a spy and you
have to put up with him, but youre trying to escape while hes making his
Okay. Anybody else?
Hello? Youre the worlds sexiest spy and youre in the Presidents office.
Hes about to tell him the secret code word, but you have the worst case of
stuttering and you just cant get that word out to tell the President, and the
President is just sitting there waiting for you with the code word.
I like that. I had this guy in Dubai and made him really hate my guts bad.
Hes out in the audience and hes just yelling at me every time I said this
trigger word. Hes out there cussing at me. I mean hes using words that
you dont use in Dubai. You cant use naughty words there, and you cant
drink alcohol in public. There are some very strict things going on there.
So I had this big list of dos and donts from the management at the theater
that I couldnt do. But you know me. Its hard to keep me down. So I had
figure out a way around it. So, its like, Im not going to give a suggestion,
but Ill let him say whatever he wants to. So he starts using language thats
really bad and Im judging the audience because I wanted to hear how the
audience would react.
If I hear them going oh no, then Im going to calm it down very quickly, but
theyre out there going whoa, yeah. Get him, get him. I knew the
management was going to be after me later that evening too. So hes out
there bantering at me and I said look at you, you keep talking, but your
tongue is falling out. As youre talking me, your tongue is falling out of your
So hes sitting there cussing at me, mumbling. You know what Im saying,
right? I said, dont tell me. Turn around and tell the audience. So hes
mumbling. You can turn these things around in so many different varieties,
and I think I have that on YouTube somewhere if you want to go look it up,
under sleep now.
What I would do is use the worlds sexiest spy, but what I would do is
reverse the roles. I would make it a female spy and she has the worst case
of halitosis. The individual shes trying to seduce, this guy, he has the
secret information. Shes trying to seduce him, but he keeps running. He
keeps moving over or running around the chairs. Theyre staying on stage
and theyre not doing anything violent. Shes just trying to woo him. Id
make sure she looked really good.
Youd do that hypnotically, right?
I just think it would be funny to watch a beautiful woman chase a guy
around with stink breath.
Thats cool. Well, how about you take it a step further. The person Im
touching right now, youre the worlds most beautiful female spy, but its
really a guy. Im not saying a transvestite, but you know the way the mind
works. So its kind of fun to add that dimension. The person Im touching
right now, youre the worlds sexiest spy. You are a female, and you are so
hot. Its incredible. Youve got halitosis, but this person over here wants you
bad and wants your information.
Its another guy, and this guys trying to get close. So theres another
dimension, or something you might add to give it a little bit more comedy,
this woo factor. Its like all the sudden, theres two guys going after each
other. Thats insane.
Okay, cool. One more on the sexiest guy, okay.
Youre the worlds sexiest spy, but youve got a bad case of crabs, so you
cant stop itching yourself.
Okay. I know what kind of shows youre going to be doing. Lets go onto the
next routine. Sounds like high school? You havent worked in the bars Ive
been in.
All right, lets go onto another one. This time lets do it this way. The person
Im touching right now, you are a country rock star. Youre a country rock
star. Whos going to do something out there? Lets have some new blood
out there. Raise your hands new blood. Come on, man. Stretch your brains.
Youve got to stretch your brain, a country-rock star.
All right, theres new blood right over there. Look at Matt. He hasnt said a
word. You know who Matt is, dont you? Hes that good-looking guy in the
Thank you. Thank you very much.
We havent got to Elvis yet.
Id have them sing me a song about his ex-wife and his horse.
Id just let him take his imagination and go from there.
Very good. I like that. Thats good. Yeah, so youre a country rock star. Im
going to count to three, open your eyes, youre a country rock star, and
youre going to sing a song about your ex-wife and your horse. Thats good.
Now remember, when youre doing these, most people have a very creative
imagination that are really in trance. So on something like that, I might save
for working in a nightclub where youre going to have bunch of yahoos in
there. Im not saying that in a negative way, but we typecast people.
Go ahead, Brian, and then Ill get to you.
Yeah, youre a country rock star, and you dont have any voice. Only fifth
word you say will be out loud.
Okay, youre a country rock star and every fifth word that you say will be out
loud. Very cool. Okay. I like that, yeah. Its amazing what people will do. I
think you had your hand up next.
Youre a country rock star, but you only perform with your horse on stage.
Part of your act is that you do quite a lot of moving around and dancing, and
it happens that your horse has diarrhea on this particular night.
Okay. Yuk. Okay, lets go onto the next one. Your horse has diarrhea. You
know what? Personally, I would stay away from crabs and diarrhea in my
show. This is about you becoming yourself and doing your shows, so have
fun with it.
Yes? Stand up.
Youre a country rock star and youve just found out that Taylor Swift stole
your song and the lyrics that you wrote, and shes claiming that she wrote
them. Youre having an interview with People Magazine about Americans
sweetheart and what you have to say about that.
Very cool. Theres a good one, kids. Weve got time for one more.
Youre a country rock star, and lets say youre a guy, youd be Garth
Brooks or somebody like that, but when you start to sing, youre going to
sing as a female. Or if youre a female, then you would be singing as a
man, so opposite singing.
Okay, very cool. Lets just do one more with some new blood. New blood
and we have just run out of time. Thank you all so much. Time is up and we
are going to be taking a break right now for lunch. Enjoy your lunch, and we
will see you back here at 7:30 p.m. One hour from now.
Advanced Routine Demos
All right, folks. Heres what Im thinking of doing. Lets have a look at the
time. Were at 8:00, so were going to have a nice easy evening. What I
want to do is take you through some more demonstration. Before the break
Spencer talked to you about different skits you can do different routines and
so on.
So what I thought wed do now is again bring them back to life a little bit so
you can actually watch them in action and see a true master at work.
Maybe you can think in the back of your mind, this is what Ill be doing so
once I become a successful stage hypnotist. So you actually see the feel of
the performance, as well as just the idea of the routine. Do you see the
So unless anyone has any other question, Im just going to hand you over
to Spence, and let him carry on with what hes really good at. Any
questions? In that case, give Spence a big round of applause.
All right. Well, what do you want to do? Learn? Burn? Burn the learning into
your brain. Okay, where did we end up last time? With a bunch of people up
here sleeping, right? Do you want to see some more routines? Ill just move
through them real quick.
Okay, I need some volunteers, someone who hasnt been up here before,
new blood. If you have not been up here before, come on up here. How are
you doing?
I havent met you yet, have I.
How are you doing?
Ill put you right over there. Here we go. All right. How many of you are
really exhausted at this point, awfully tired? You look awfully tired. If I can
show you a way to have fun in just about 30 minutes, youd like that, right?
Then Id turn you loose early, and youd really dig that, right? We dont have
to do this.
On with the show.
And because were going to do this, Im going to throw a little wrench into it.
Please come on up here. Im going to have a little fun with this. Okay, come
on up here, big guy. Over here, you are going to be my assistant hypnotist
How do you like that? Thats the good thing about being the hypnotist. You
can do whatever you want. You can pull anybody from out of the crowd and
say, youre going to be my assistant. Ive been watching you and I think
youre pretty cool.
Thank you, sir.
Youre welcome. You didnt have to say that, but thank you. All right, so
heres what were going to do. Weve got some skits in here. Lets pull up
some new skits. Do we have different music on these other skits? I dont
want to go through the same ones. Or should I just do it off the top of my
Yeah, top of your mind.
All right. We dont care about the music, but we want music because were
used to music.
Were going to do this together. Im going to do one and then you do one.
All right? What I want you to do is first lets get these guys hypnotized. So
lets do this. You stand over on this side. Everybody sit back in your chairs.
Now remember what we did earlier.
Somewhat? Okay, I want you to get serious, and lets go through it. I want
these guys all hypnotized, and I need it done just like that. Time is wasting.
How are you doing, sir?
Thats good. Sleep!
There you go.
Very good.
Very good.
Sleep! Sleep!
Are you trying to take her ring? I saw that. I got that. Come on over here.
Whos out there clicking? A bunch of clickers. When I was doing my show
the other day, I was doing that all the time. Every time Id click, youd hear
like 500 people all clicking at the same time.
Get your head off of there. Okay.
In just a moment, Im going to count to 3, and were going to have a
good time.
Remember how we do this? Get over here. Pick one. Oh, you like that one,
dont you? All right. Im going to let you pick the routines.
World's Sexiest Spy
In just a moment, Im going to count to 3. Everybody sit up in your
chairs and open your eyes, feeling fantastic in every way. The
individual Im touching right now, sleep very deeply. Youre going to
sit up in your chair, and you are the worlds sexiest spy. You are the
worlds sexiest spy.
Do you have the number on that? Give him the number. Number six.
The individual Im touching right now, sit up and you will be the
worlds sexist spy. Now listen very carefully. The people that are
sitting around you, theyre like bad guys from around the world. Its
your job to find out who they are, but they dont know who you are.
Youre just a sexy spy, and youre going to go around and youre
going to talk to them and get into every one of these peoples heads
and figure out who they are.
Now listen all you guys Im touching right now, there is spy in here.
You dont know who it is. Youre going to be very curious about who
its going to be. Im going to count to 3, open your eyes, and were
going to see where this takes us 1-2-3, wide awake. Sit up in your
And lets have that spy music please. Very cool.
How are you guys doing up here? All right. So you guys look like
youre pretty cool. What are you up to, man?
Oh, I dont know.
Come on up here for a second. Tell me something. How are you
Yeah, you are arent you? Tell me, what is it that you do?
Im a spy. Shh.
Wow. No, Im not going to say anything to nobody. So mum is the
word. Yes it is. So as the worlds sexiest spy, whats your job? What
do you do? What do you spy on?
Bad people.
Oh really? So whats a really bad person?
He looks bad.
He looks bad. So what is it about him thats bad?
He looks naughty.
Hes naughty? What is he doing thats naughty?
Hes looking away.
Hes looking away. Okay. So whats he doing? What do you think
hes doing by looking away?
Hes trying to not let me find out who he is.
Oh really?
Now I want to point out something. I had the microphone. She took it into
her hand, right? Never let your subject take the microphone away from you.
Always take it back, unless its something that youre doing. There are two
reasons for that.
1. You always want to control your stage.
2. If youve got a microphone thats expensive and theyre hypnotized,
they might drop it on the floor and you may lose like $800 for a
So I always guard these with my life. If I give them a microphone, I always
give them one of those cheap Radio Shack type ones that you can pick up
for like $29.95. All right. So just keep that in mind.
Wow. So who else is up here? Oh yeah, so tell me about this guy.
I think he has a secret.
Really? What do you think that secret is? I know that you were
taught to read minds.
He has weapons of mass destruction.
I bet hes sitting on them, too, right? So tell me about these weapons
of mass destruction.What do you think hes got down there?
Hes just kind of dangerous.
Really? How dangerous do you think he is?
He could be a spy.
He could be a spy? Wow. What if theyre all spies, do you think
maybe these guys are all spies?
Just me.
Just you? Do you know what? I was reading your rsum and I hear
that you can actually read peoples minds.
Yeah, thats true.
This is awesome, and you can really know what people are thinking.
I mean you can look at a person, and you know whats on their mind.
You do, dont you?
I do.
Whats on my mind?
Its dirty.
Laughter and Applause
Shes right. Lets get some other responses out of her.
Im going to point to a few people, and you kind of give me an idea
whats on their mind. Okay? Because youre really good at this, and I
really like a spy that knows everything. For example, whats this guy
all about?
Oh, he likes lollypops.
Okay, wow. So he likes lollypops. Yeah, thats nice.
He likes green lollypops.
Green lollypops, right on. Well, thats pretty good. You are very good
at this. Tell me, how did you learn this?
Um, I went to spy school.
Oh, you went to spy school. Well, this is very, very cool.
Ill tell you what, as a professional competent, confident stage hypnotist,
you have your moments.
How about this guy down here in the black shirt? Look at that.
Whats that weird thing on his chest?
Its a suck. So I think he likes to do sucking.
Oh wow. Okay. Wow. We want to stay away from that one, right? He
just sucks secrets out of your mind, right? Yeah, youre a good spy.
How about this guy over here in the black jacket and the dark hair?
Oh, he knows martial arts.
Whoa. You are good. What kind of martial arts does he know?
Like Tae Bo.
Tae Bo. You do that very, very well. I like the way you do that. You
really are a nice spy. I like that. So tell me, if I want to be a spy like
you, what do I need to do?
You have to wear really sexy clothes, and then you have to go to spy
Oh really? Do you think I have a chance of that?
Hmmm. Maybe.
Okay, maybe. Very well. Go ahead and have a seat back over there.
Everyone, give her a round of applause. Make her feel good.
Sexy, sexy spy. Sleep! Way down.
Hot Disco Dancer
Okay, so you can take a routine now. Pick out another one.
Number 8, please.
And that would be? Number 8, the Hottest Disco Dancer. Sleep! And your
name was, sir?
Joe, sleep! Way down, Joe.
In a moment, Im going to count to 3. Music will begin and the
individual Im touching right now, the person Im touching right now,
you are a hot disco dancer. Youre going to get up and dance like
youve never danced before. Ill count to 3, the music will begin, and
the person Im touching and the guy Im touching right here, youre
going to get up and dance like youve never danced before.
And you will go out center stage, and you will really rip up the stage
with your presence because youre the hottest disco dancer of them
all. You will be back here. Youre the cheering section. Youre a
cheering section also. Ill count to 3, the music will begin, you the
ones Im touching right now, you will get up and youre the hottest
disco dancers ever. You two are fans. Here we go.
1-2-3, disco dancers come on. Lets go dancing. Lets get you up
Come on. Wow! Look at them go, man. Look at them go. Come on.
Get up. Come on disco guys. Oh yeah, go on and grab some people,
man. Get them up off the floor. Come on, grab some people. Get
them up dancing with you.
Come up. Get somebody up dancing with you. Come on, keep going
wide awake. Freeze! Hey, hey, hey. What are you guys doing?
Whats happening up here?What are you doing?
Well, I was dancing until you stopped me.
What are you doing?
Wow.What are you doing, my dear?
Dancing? Well, you know Im trying to do a show. Would the rest of
you guys get out of here, please?
Lets give them a round of applause. Have a seat over here. Have a seat.
Sit down.
True Romance
Sleep very deeply. Lets just burn it up a little bit. The guy Im
touching right now is sleeping very, very deeply. The person Im
touching right now, sleep very, very deeply. There you go.
In a moment, Im going to count to three, the music will begin. Youre
going to stand up and youre going to look across and see the most
beautiful woman youve ever seen standing up looking for you. This
is the best thing thats ever happened to you in your entire life. Im
going to count to three, and youre going to stand up, and the most
beautiful woman youve ever seen is going to stand looking directly
at you.
You know who she is because she will be standing up looking
directly at you. You want a little bit of the action. Youre going to have
so much fun. Youre going to want to dance with her because she is
hot. She has got the most sandals on her feet. Love the T-shirt.
Youre going to dance. Youre going to come together like youve
never danced before. When the music begins, when I count to 3,
youre on.
The individual Im touching right now, sleep very, very deeply. Ive
got a treat for you because I know youre here alone and you want
something bad. So Ive got a special date for you. On the count of 3,
the music will begin, you will stand up, you will look to your left and
youll see the most beautiful woman standing up. She is hot,
beautiful, the nicest thing in the room. You just want a little bit of that
action. You will dance with her like youve never danced before.
Youre going to be a little shy, maybe a little coy coming together,
checking each other out, wondering whats going to happen. But
then you come together and you will embrace, and you will dance
the dance of love and passion. Get ready. On 3, getting up and
looking at the woman on the right getting up, looking at the woman to
the left getting up, and you will get together, dancing like youve
never danced before and you dig it.
Here we go. 1-2-3. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. There she is. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Laughter and Applause
Lets see you move it. Move and groove it babies, come on. Let him
have it. Oh yeah. You embrace, closer and closer. Do a slow dance
for us. Twirl around, easily. Come on, whisper sweet nothings in
each others ears. I know you love it.
On the count of 3, open your eyes, you are stuck together and your
hands are stuck to the other person. 1-2-3, eyes wide open, and
youre stuck to that person, wide awake. Hey, whats going on here?
Um, she wasnt what I thought shed be.
Oh, she wasnt? What did you think she was going to be?
I was hoping shed be a lot taller.
A lot taller, but youre not too disappointed, right? Here, turn around
here for a second so I can talk to you a little bit better. Youre not
really disappointed, are you?
Well, it depends on what I wanted.
How about you? You look like youre having a good time.
I dont really think so, but well go with it anyway. Is this something
you normally do in public?
How about you? Wide awake, youre with a guy. Hey, guys. What
are you doing? Whats happening here?What are you doing with this
I dont know. I dont think he likes me
You dont think he likes you. What are you up to here?
What are you doing to me?
Im not doing anything. Youre the one whos dancing over here with
this guy.
Youre not dancing with him?
Not right now.
But you were.
Were we?
Were you?Was he dancing with this guy?
Oh man, you were dancing, man. You were doing the dirty thing.
Once again?
Was it good for you?
Hes not the worlds best dancer.
Hes not the worlds best dancer.
Give them a round of applause. Make them feel good. Have a seat,
Sleep.Way down.
Spencer: Pick a number, any number, my friend. So do you see whats happening
here is that you get the people and you have a little dynamic going on. You
may have a routine in your mind on something you want to perform, but
within each routine there is a lot of leeway to improvise.
I never know what Im going to do. I just kind of look at the people and I play
with them, and then I kind of go, what are they going to say? Then I can
respond to something that they say, whether its them or the worlds sexiest
spy. So there are all these things you can come up with within your mind
that you can throw in a one-liner or something like that and you can play off
Now something I like to do in the shows that you saw me here earlier with
the little heckler, is I like to have somebody out in the audience who gets
really antagonistic towards me. The reason I do that is because Ive been
up here messing with them, and the audience likes to see people finally get
even with the hypnotist. So I do this because Im just that kind of a guy.
Sleep very, very deeply here Doug.
Im going to pick him because hes a big honcho.
Now listen very carefully, Doug. Im going to send you back out into
the audience because I need more room up here. But for now sleep
very deeply. Im going to put you out there, but whenever you hear
me say the words , whenever you hear me say
the words , you jump up and you tell me to shut
up in no uncertain terms.
You just dont like the way that I say . Every time
I say the words , it just irritates you. You just
dont like it at all. In fact, you dont like me. You have no idea why I
am up here. Whenever I say the words , it
irritates you, and you tell me to shut up in no uncertain terms.
Listen carefully, each time I say it, you get madder and madder. You
will yell at me. You will say whatever you want to me. You will not
throw anything at me.
Remember, I told you earlier about that safety feature?
You will not throw anything at me. You will not spit on me. You will
not pee on me. You will not shake your thing. You will leave
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
everything in place. You can only verbally say and abuse me
however you want to.
If youre in an auditorium and there are children, youll say, please watch
your language. So be respectful of the audience that youre in at all times.
Im going to count to 3, Im going to send you back out into the
audience. Whenever you hear me say the words
, it makes you very upset and you tell me to shut up in no
uncertain terms.
Finally, if you want to come up here to the stage and you want to
pick a fight with me. You want to pick a fight with this hypnotist
because youre tired of it. Youve had it, and you want to come up
here and have a piece of me.
This guys big. Im taking a risk.
If you try to get up on my stage, youre going to lose your favorite
body part. Be very careful. If you try to get up on my stage, you may
lose your favorite body part.
Ive had people that dont care. Thats when it gets scary.
On the count of 3, open your eyes, wide awake. Was it Doug or
Douglas, what do you prefer?
Having a good time so far?
Yeah, its fun.
Yeah, its great, huh? Man this is awesome. I like you a lot. Youre a
good guy, but you keep falling asleep and I need a little bit more
space up here, so Im going to have you go back out into the
audience. Is that cool with you?
Maybe Ill use you later. Maybe you can come back up here, but I
think youll have more fun, okay?
Thanks a lot, man.
Las Vegas,
Hey, give Doug a powerful round of applause. Make him feel good.
Remember what I said earlier, everything is a deepener. Do you remember
what we did in the preshow? Everything you hear around you makes you go
deeper into hypnosis. So, during the entire show, no matter where were at,
everything is still happening, its still occurring. It doesnt matter if youre in
Timbuktu. It doesnt matter if youre in Dubai; LA; Chicago; New York or
Toronto, Canada. It doesnt even matter if youre right here in Las Vegas,
Be careful how you say that!
Pardon me?
Be careful how you say that.
Doug? Is that you? Be careful about what? Is there something
Oh, be careful.
Okay, thats cool. No big deal. Anyway, were going to go on and were
going to do some more stuff here. Give me another number. And 23 is
ADHD kids.
Pseudo Regression
ADHD kids.
In a moment, Im going to count to three. At number three, everybody
up here, sit up in your chairs. Youre all little kids, youre 6 years old.
Youre only about 6 years old. Happy times only. On the count of
three, open your eyes, and youre just little children, and youre
having a lot of fun. You guys are all very, very hyper. You cant sit in
your chairs very well. Youre moving and fidgeting all over the place.
Your mind is spinning, and let me tell you something, do not let me
catch you making faces at me behind my back when Im talking to
the audience right here because we will be on TV. You be on your
very best behavior. If I catch you making faces at me behind my
back I know you want to youre going to be in big, big trouble.
On the count of three, open your eyes; youre children, 6 years old
here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Im trying.
Excuse me?
Fuck you.
Im watching. Ive got some kids up here.
Youre shady!
And dont use that kind of language. I dont approve of that.
Okay, Im going to keep an eye on you because I dont trust you.
You dont trust me?
On the count of three, open your eyes youre little kids 1-2-3, wide
awake. Hello kids, how are you doing children? Hi. Hi, kids. How are
you doing? How are you doing? Wave to the audience. Yeah, wave
to them. Make them feel good. How are you doing, kids? Hi. Whats
your name?
And how old are you?
Youre five? Hey, whats the funnest thing about being five?
That I can play.
That you can play? What do you like to play?
Um, like jacks.
You like to play jacks? Right on. Good. Hi, kids how are you doing?
Hi. Hey, whats your name, little guy?
Hi, Joey. How are you?
How old are you, Joey?
Right on, six. Hey, whats the one thing that your mommy and daddy
told you to never caught doing in public?
Eating sugar.
Eating sugar. Thats right. You dont want any sugar. Not in Las
Vegas, Nevada anyway.
Wait a second. Wait a second.Why are you bringing kids into this?
What? Excuse me?
Why are you bringing kids into this?
What do you mean bringing kids in? Im up here doing a childrens
show? What is it? Are we having a problem? Are you guys back here
doing something behind my back?
Are you? Go sit down, Doug. Thank you. Quit interrupting me. Hi,
whats your name, little girl?
Hi Helen, how are you?
How old are you?
You look kind of grumpy whats wrong?
Im bored.
Why are you bored?
Because its boring here.
What would you like to do?
I dont know, finger paint.
I want to finger paint.
Oh, you want to finger paint. Well, thats pretty cool. Maybe we can
do some finger painting here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its a great
place to do finger painting. Las Vegas, Nevada has all sorts of cool
things. Especially
Finger painting in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Yeah, why not? I think finger painting in Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada?
Yeah, in Las Vegas, Nevada
What? Hey, you. Hey, little girl, what are you doing?
Thats not fair.
You guys quit fighting with each other. Hey, little girl. Whats your
Debra, how old are you?
5 .
Whats the funnest thing about being 5 in
Hey! See, theyre little kids and theyve already got you figured out.
What do you mean theyve got me figured out?
Just tossing shoes at you? Theyre scowling at you. They know you.
Well, its still my show, and Id appreciate it if youd go sit down.
People here are trying to watch whats happening, and you keep
Are you watching this?
Because theyre having a good time in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Theyre having a good time in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Who threw that shoe at me? Did you?
He did it.
Did you throw that at me? You guys are going to get in big trouble in
just a minute.
I bet they have to call out the cops every time youre here.
They always call the cops on me in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas,
Nevada is the place where the cops look for me every single time.
Yeah, I bet they find you too.
Yeah, they might find me. Go sit down. Im trying to do a show. Get
out of here.
I think Ill sit over here and just keep an eye on you.
Las Vegas, Nevada?
Why dont you go sit over there?
Laughter and applause
Good thing its a dark color, right? Ill send you the dry cleaning bill.
No big deal. Sleep! Hey, what are you doing over here? Hey, hey,
hey, what are you guys fighting about?
Shes hitting me.
Well you shouldnt be so stinky?
Im not stinky.
Oh really? Is she? Why is she?
Because shes hitting me and shes saying its me.
Will you guys quit fighting? Here, let me move you. Let me separate
you guys. Why dont you come over here, little girl. Ill put you right
there. There you go. Is that better?
No, yes!
Very good. Sleep! Now listen very carefully. The next time I say Las
Vegas, Nevada, you get a thousand times madder. Each time I say
it, you get a thousand times more upset until you literally want to
come up here and kick my butt. You are done with me, wide awake
there, Doug.
Hey, what are you guys doing? Hey, hey, hey get up here. Im trying
to do this. What are you girls doing back there? Get up here. Get up
here right now, children. Get up here. What is wrong with you? Sit
down here. I need you to watch my back. I need you to watch my
back.What are you doing down there?
Im just hiding.
What are you hiding from?
Me? Why are you hiding from me?
Because that man says youre bad.
Dont listen to that man. Hes not right. Get up here. Hes not right at
all. Theres something wrong with him.
Sit beside me.
I can protect you. Come on up here. Dont listen to Doug. Hes not in
his right mind.
I wont hit you anymore.
Yeah, dont hit her anymore and Ill protect you from this guy in Las
Vegas, Nevada.
No you wont!
Oh yes, I will. In Las Vegas, Nevada, I am in control of the situation.
Hey, kids. You saw what a rotten guy he is didnt you?
Hes not rotten.
Go get him.
Dont listen to him.
Oh the tide is turning on me. Not in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas,
Nevada is the place. Las Vegas, Nevada, nobody hides from me in
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Everybody hides from me. They hear youre coming to town and they
all go
This is where its all happening. Sleep!
Why dont we just leave him here, hes not so tough now, is he?
There are a lot of different things that Ill just leave him down there.
Im going to count to three, open your eyes right here, Doug. Youre
just a little kid. Youre 6 years old. Youre going to come up here and
have fun with all the other little kids. The problem is, Doug, that when
you sit down, youre going to have the worst smell coming from the
people next to you.
When I stomp my foot on the ground, everything is going to smell like
roses. 1-2-3, come on up here. Hi, come on up here. How are you
doing there, little guy?
Hey. Its fun.
Do you want to have some fun with us?
All the people.
Oh, theyre just people here watching. Its our TV audience. Were
doing a TV show. Are you having fun?
Were on TV?
Yeah, were on TV. Hi, how old are you?
Six, I think.
Six. Wow! Good for you.
So Ill explain to you what Im doing. When youre doing a hypnosis show,
you can go from one routine to another routine very quickly. Did you see
how that works?
Hey, what are you guys doing?
Shes pinching me and pulling my hair?
Are you pinching her and pulling her hair?
She did it.
She did it?
She did it.
Shes lying.
Who did it?
She did it.
She did it.
Both of you put your hands on your lap.
Spencer meets resistance.
Your hands are on your legs. They cant come off your legs. Theyre
stuck to your legs. Your hands are stuck to your butt. Theyre stuck
to your knees. You cant take them off of there.
I get I can.
I bet you cant. Theyre stuck. Try to. You cant. Theyre stuck.
I bet I can.
I bet you cant.
I bet I can.
Bet you cant.
But Im not going to.
Hey kids, check this out. Look at this movie. Its the funniest movie
youve ever seen. Look at that. Look at that. Oh, thats going to make
you laugh. Its the funniest thing youve ever seen. Look at that, little
girl. Its the funniest thing youve ever seen. It makes you laugh. Look
at the movie. Its so funny. Look at it. Its the funniest thing youve
ever seen. Oh this is the funniest thing ever.
How are we doing?
Okay, good. Its the funniest thing youve ever seen. Oh boy look,
theres Barney. Who likes Barney? Nobody? Its a good thing. He
just got run over by a train.
Laughter and Applause
Oh, Barney just got run over by a train.
Whos Barney?
Barneys that little obnoxious purple dinosaur.
Hes big.
Hes what?
Hes big. Hes not little.
Oh, very good. Thanks. Go back to your chairs, kids. Sit back in your
chairs. You guys have been a lot of fun. Take a deep breath and
sleep! Way down. Very cool.
Hypnotic Gifts
In a moment, what Im going to do is Im going to count to 5. On
number 5, I will say wide awake. At that time, you will be wide
awake, feeling fantastic in every way. All the suggestions will now be
So what Im going to do now is just formal transformation to show you what
thats like. Okay? Here we go.
Im going to count from 1-5. On number 5, you will be wide awake
and feeling fantastic in every single way. Before I do though, I want
you to go inside your body and I want you to find one thing that youd
want to change in your lives more than anything. Maybe you want
more confidence, more success whatever that is, find that right now.
When you have that in your mind, nod your head. Do it quickly. Very
I want you to take that thought, and I want you to breathe into it. Give
it energy, give it life, send it into the future and attach a powerful
emotion to it.
Were anchoring into a beautiful state now. All right. I like to do that at the
end of the show. I want them to feel good about it, feel that with you.
In a moment, Im going to count from 1-5. On number 5, open your
eyes, feeling fantastic in every way, accepting one more powerful
round of applause from the audience because you guys were the
stars of the show. When you hear this round of applause, it will
cement in your mind this idea that you want for yourself. Get ready
now. On number 5, open your eyes, feeling fantastic in every single
You will keep that one suggestion I gave you however. Here we go.
1-2-3-4-5, wide awake, you guys.
All right. Thank you. Liking me now? Correct age. Correct age, wide
awake? Correct age. Okay.
Youre not asking that, right?
No, Im not. Im telling you your correct age. Im not asking that? I saw you
pull her hair. Come on over here, my friend. Thank you for coming up here.
Give them all a round of applause.
Give her a round of applause. Make her feel good.
Thank you, my dear. Thank you.
Q&A Session
Okay, so do you guys have a general idea of how that works, right? So now
youve got something going on in your mind. Do you have a question? You
better stand up. Take this. And what is it very quickly. Were running out of
I noticed when you say sleep, and everyone is in a trance, they really kind
of fall down and really slouch, instead of just going and sitting like that. If
they do kind of just fall around and you kind of position them so theyre lying
down, is that so the audience thinks that theyre really kind of asleep, or so
that they are asleep, or is it better to have them in a really sleeping,
slouching position than just kind of sitting like this?
It doesnt really matter. Its your show. All it is for me is just about
showmanship, and it looks fun. I could take people and drop them over like
this or I can put them this way, or I can put them upside down on their head,
or I can throw them on the floor. It just depends on what the feel of your
show is at the moment. That was just something Im doing here, playing
Maybe during the real show, Ill just keep everybody in their chairs. So
much is dependent upon your subjects. You may walk into a room to do a
show, have everything in your mind exactly how you want it, but youre
going to have subjects that are going to test and try everything you know
about stage hypnosis. You may have to shift everything youre doing on a
When the girls started fighting or kicking around, maybe it got out of control,
what would you do to calm that down?
Oh I dont know. I just let it go on for a while. The reason I do that is
because the audience, tell me, did you guys think that was pretty cool to
watch them just get goofy.
Because Im trying to do a show so it looks like theyre out of control. Listen,
they think theyre 6 years old, so let them play like little kids. Ive got a 6-
year-old. He gets goofy sometimes. I dont care. Just be goofy.
Yeah, but what it started getting a little too physical, pulling hair
Oh, Ive had that happen.
Oh yeah, yeah. They can get real ugly.
You just let them go?
No, I dont let them go. Imight just go, sleep!
Yeah, stop it.
Then Ill say, now listen very carefully. No pulling hair.
Wide awake, children. So you just handle the situation that way because
you dont want anybody to get hurt, the volunteers, theyre back there
having a cat fight. Any other questions?
You guys are ready for an early night, arent you?
Okay. Well, this has been a good day. You have a lot of information to think
about. Were going to send you off here soon. But I want you to think of
everything that youve learned today with what weve presented to you, and
let that roll around in your mind. As it rolls around in your mind, its going to
be very powerful. Youll have the dreams again, and if you havent had
them, theyre going to happen.
And when you close your eyes and think about it, how good it feels
Once again
To finally end the day.
And everything continues to flow.
Just calm.
And just pause with your eyes closed.
All the way.
And drift deeper.
Thats right. Enjoy that feeling. Thats right. Enjoy that feeling.
Thats right.
Deeper. Thats good.
The more you drift
The more you let go.
The better you feel.
Thats right.
The better you feel
Letting go
The more you learn.
Drifting down.
In a good place.
Feeling great.
Because youve experienced so much today.
Powerful hypnotists.
And yet
Theres so much more waiting.
And you can take all the things youve seen
And everything youre going to notice
And put them inside
And move them outside
So that the hypnotist you saw on the stage earlier today
Everything you need
Is you. Wow! All those
And now youre beginning to realize
How do you do that now
With your eyes closed.
Trusting. Thats right. Youre unconscious
With your eyes open.
Hearing the applause, the laughter.
Between your left and right
A natural part.
In your brain
Of the trance process.
In your eyes.
Makes you
In your body.
A powerful hypnotist.
You can feel the surge.
A great performer.
Its all been about you.
Its all you.
Since the day you were born, you had a dream.
Its all you.
A powerful, powerful dream.
A great performer.
And now here you are
Getting ready.
Youve had the dream
For a great performance.
And its going to be fantastic.
Dreaming of success.
Just like an acorn
Dreaming of the stage.
Becomes a mighty tree.
The seed in your mind.
Of being a stage hypnotist
Gets bigger
And bigger.
Feeling better. Reaching for the sun.
The lights.
The camera
A force for good in the world.
An amazing show.
Its inside of you.
Your show.
You are the one.
You can do this.
The one theyve been waiting for.
Its all about you.
It always has been.
Its always you.
And here you are
And you can trust.
In Las Vegas.
That sense inside
Taking the information.
You are a show man.
With you.
A true performer.
Always inside of you.
Understanding the simple mechanics.
Every cell of your body
And bringing your natural humor
Taking this information.
Your natural sense of fun.
Becoming a part of your DNA.
Your natural curiosity.
Its finally arrived.
Onto the stage.
And isnt that wonderful?
Into your skits.
What will you discover tomorrow
Who are you?
That didnt have today?
Thats more than that.
Or did it happen?
And beyond that.
And did you forget what you thought you knew?
What lies inside?
Dont worry about it.
That you.
It comes out.
Only more so
At the right time.
Just that.
Youre ready.
And this.
And you can relax.
For being back on the outside.
And as you breathe
So that the breathing
In and out
Takes you back
To a wonderful space.
Into a room. It is your capacity for performance.
People there.
It becomes truly exceptional.
Looking at you.
Youre ready.
Sundays coming.
Breathe into it.
And youre ready.
Breathe deeply into it.
Take it in.
Know it.
Take it in.
Dream it.
Take it in.
Live it.
Take it in.
Be it.
Take it in.
Find it.
Take it in.
Do it.
Take it in.
Do it.
Take it in.
Enjoy it.
Take it all in. Its you.
Its all you.
You own it now.
Its easy now.
You really own it.
Theres nothing more.
Just for you.
Just from you.
It expands.
And so much more.
All the opportunities
And you realize
Continue to expand
Thats right.
Oh yeah.
Thats right.
Its unbelievable, isnt it?
So whenever youre ready to accept these ideas, to become a firm deeplasting
impression on your subconscious mind, then your eyes will open up,
and theyll open up at that moment when youve accepted these ideas and
you know that they have been instilled deep inside of yourself. At that
moment, you can come all the way back.
Whew. Is it me, or is it hot in here? Are all the eyes almost open? So how
are you guys doing? Want to try that again? How are you guys doing?
All right, guys I think you deserve a slightly early break today. Have a great
night. Those of you who want to go and do some street hypnosis well, you
can let us know about it tomorrow. Off you go.
DVD 12 The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own
Start Of Day
Do you all feel like youre hypnotists now? Its a progressive thing you know,
you go from point A to point Z, and I dont know what you all did this morning
but when I walked in it looked like you all were doing some stage hypnosis
work. Is that correct?
So, at this point Im curious, how many of you feel like you could walk out of
here and do a stage show? Right on, I like it.
Can we have time to go find cute outfits?
Ill tell you what, there are some really awesome outfits around here, Ive
been walking around looking at a lot of these stores and they have some
nice clothes for the guys, ladies whoa! Theyre open late.
Are they open late?
No, Victoria Secret isnt the place to get clothes for the stage, thats where
you get your undies. But they have some great clothes and if you want some
really cool clothes for the stage, figure youll put out around $2000 to $5000.
You can do less then that, but for some really funky stuff you can do it for
about a grand, or $500.
A lot of things I do is, go to old thrift stores to find old funky jackets and stuff,
because I can get those for under $100, like $30-$40. Ive got some of the
coolest coats just from thrift stores. Especially if you live in L.A., I mean go
down to Melrose. They have places there in Santa Monica, some funky
stores down there, but any city will have them.
I live in this little place called Kalispell, Montana and I found a jacket down in
Missoula, which is about 2 hrs south of there. They have this store there with
this cool old velvet jackets and stuff, so I picked up a couple because I
thought they were cool. I dont know if Ill ever use them, but I like them.
Before I take any questions I want to go a little further, because what were
going to focus on here for the next while in this segment is this. Were going
to go over the anatomy of what its like to set up a show. You already know
how to do a show, youre already there.
What goes on in the background? Weve got music laid out here for you. We
have music running and you all just do your thing, but what do I do when I
have to find a DJ? For years I had a sound guy. In fact, Ive had many
different sound technicians. The last guy that worked with me was Dave, who
was with me for 6 years. He traveled all over the world with me, he was a
good guy.
Whenever I had a gig Id just call him on the phone and say hey Dave man,
were going to the Caribbean do you want to go? Hed say yeah. I go do you
think your wife will mind? I dont care, Im there with you bro. Its cool to have
somebody to work with that knows your routine and is free to travel with you.
So if you dont have a sound technician that works with you all the time that
can run your sound, lighting, etc. then option number two is, when you go to
a different city is to hire a local DJ. Hire somebody to work for you. Most
good DJs, you can spend a half hour with them, go over your show with
them and they have it down tight. A good DJ is worth $100 to $300, whatever
they charge, but I dont think youll pay more than $300.
Although, I think when I was in Dubai, these guys charged a lot of money. I
think they were charging like 1000 dirham per night, so I was paying them
about $360 per night, not too bad. Then I had assistants, models that worked
in the show as well, which is a nice touch, but its worth it to put on a good
For Wall A Show
Were not going to get into that part yet, lets get into the part where we just
go into a theater or into the Elks Lodge, high school or whatever it is. Or, for
those of you who are more, high spirited, you go to a place in whatever town
youre in and promote your own show. You rent a hall and set up everything
yourself. You take all the risk. Everything is you.
Its called for-walling, which is when you go into a location, rent a room, pay
for all the advertising, do all the promotion, do all the ticketing sales, etc. its
all on you. Of course, when you do for-walling you get people to go out there
and work for you. You network it and delegate responsibilities to people. You
build a crew around you to help you to reach your goals and you compensate
everybody accordingly, because thats what you need to do.
Lets go like this for a second. Lets pretend Im a hypnotist and Im going all
right, I need $5000 next week because Im going to have some teeth pulled.
Everybody has something happening, like I want to buy a new dog or maybe
I want to buy a motorcycle or, if Im a lady maybe I want to buy some new
clothes, new shoes.
So you think like this, this is how I think, I need this much money $5000 in
the next week, how am I going to produce that? Then I look around, you
know I live in Kalispell, so lets just say Im not on the road traveling around
the world doing what I want to do so I want to get a local gig in Kalispell, for
example, because thats close.
I do shows there about twice a year because I live there and people love it. I
love working in smaller venues. I like working with a close audience. Heres
what I do. First, I contact the venue. The venue I happen to use there is the
Elks Lodge. Why do I use that? Its the only decent venue in town. It reminds
me of an old dive bar. Everything is red velvet, but they have a nice stage
with a nice backdrop, so it all works out good.
Ill get 300-400 people coming to the show, all paying $15 apiece, which isnt
a bad night. I dont have to do much to promote it because everybody there
knows who I am, its a small community and word spreads like wildfire. If you
do the math thats $6000 and of that Ill probably spend $500 on advertising,
which brings it down to $5500. Thats not too bad.
But, once I get there to do the show then I have my back room sales where I
usually pick up an extra $500 or $1000 there. Not a bad way to go right?
Could you do that once a week yourself?
Students: Yes!
Heres what I do in that regards.
Ill find the venue, call them up and make a date. Now, a lot of times, what
really frustrates me is that they want to charge me for a room. I dont want to
have to pay for a room. I want to get it for free, I dont want to pay anywhere
from $200 to $1000.Wouldnt that be cool to be able to walk into a place and
get a room free?
The alternative to that is to go somewhere and have someone hire you,
which can also happen. Im a risk taker though, for the most part. The bigger
the risk the bigger the profit, thats just the way it is. So Ive got the room and
I talk to them.
I say Lori, hey its Spencer and Im thinking about doing another show there.
We did a great job last time and I know I brought in so many people that you
all probably sold out $5000 or $6000 in booze in the back room. Im thinking
about coming back again, do you think we can have that room for nothing
this time? Of course, so they give me the room for nothing, thats how I
approach it.
If you go to hotels its the same thing. A lot of times hotels will say well, were
going to charge you $300 for the room, $400 for the room for the evening
and I always go you know what though, and I make sure if its a hotel that
they have a bar there. I want it catered, because youre going to have adults
and theyll want a drink.
So Ill say listen, Im bringing 400-500 people to my show and theyre all
going to be drinking, so why dont we have a cash bar in the back of the
room. This is how it normally works out. If you have a cash bar in the back of
the room, people buy booze and what happens then is you have to match
the cost of the room with the sale of the booze and youll be covered,
wherein they usually wont ask you for a dime. Does that make sense?
Thats one of the easiest ways to approach hotels and properties. If you
approach one that doesnt want to work with you then go somewhere else.
Or, if you cant find one then you dont pay the $300. You have to do the
math and calculate it for yourself.
So Ive got my room at the Elks. Now I have to find somebody to run my
sound. If I dont know anybody I go on the Internet first and look around for
local DJs. I want to see their websites, who they are and what theyre doing.
You have to use the Internet folks, thats a major resource and the one you
I put ads on Craigs List. Hey, need a DJ for a comedy hypnosis show
coming up in two months. Go to my website and send me an email. So I
receive emails with references and I take it from there to determine who I
want to hire. We negotiate a price and thats it. I ask them, what do you want
to charge? Oh, $300 which is insane. Do you know where we are? This is
Kalispell and nobody gets $300 for doing this, but Ill give you $150 and they
say okay.
Its all about negotiation. No matter what we do its always about negotiation.
Since youre the one doing the job and the hiring, you have the greater
negotiating skills right? So its all about business and you keep it that way.
Its nothing personal. Everybody wants to make a buck.
Then, Ill put another ad on Craigs List. You need to use this its a great way
to promote yourself. Ill put something on there under events in this city.
Coming to this city, comedy hypnosis show with Spencer, the worlds fastest
hypnotist, tickets now available online. Then Ill go look for a street team that
sells tickets. Contact me. Compensation zero. What will you get for it? If you
bring people to my show Ill give you $2 to $5 for everyone you bring to the
Then I print out coupons and send it to them online, a little piece of paper
with a code on them. They print them and hand them out and they take the
risk just like I do. It costs me nothing except a few minutes of my time to
develop the little coupons.
Say again where youre getting the crew to do that work is that on Craigs
Yes, thats where I go. In any major city that I go to, whether its Salt Lake,
L.A., New York, Chicago or Atlanta, it doesnt matter.
Whats the listing you run?
I list it under events, crew or gigs. Its easy that way, because anymore
people go to the Internet and savvy people use Craigs List and I want
people who are savvy that use the Internet. Because people on the Internet
are on social media and they work it hard.
If you have these people out and theyre selling tickets, are they collecting
the money and how do you get the money from them?
Theyre not collecting a dime, Im no fool. All theyre doing is passing out
discount coupons to people. Then the people bring the coupons and pay at
the door or they can go to my website and buy them from there. No, dont
ever give another person the power to take your money, thats a big huge
You said a line crew. How would you advertise for a street crew? What was
the name you associated with them, the ones that sell the tickets?
I just say Im looking for a street team to help promote a comedy hypnosis
There are all kinds of people out there that are, just as happy as bugs to do
it. Women who want part-time income, work from your home, you dont have
to go anywhere. All you have to do is be a social butterfly and women are
just that.
What does the street team actually do?
They promote the show by handing out flyers and posters. They put them
everywhere, every street corner, caf, beauty shop, every story, on every
windshield, etc. they plaster the town that Ill be appearing in. Because when
I go into that town I want to see my face everywhere. When I drive down the
street, I want to look in that store window and see my face. If I walk into a
barber shop I want to see my face.
So you make up these coupons, give them to the street crew, who passes
them out to generally anybody and everybody, as many as they can and you
say theres a code on that coupon, so you know it came from them obviously
and you pay them for each coupon that came from them.
What about the people that are walking in the front door and paying $12, as
opposed to the people who got in for the discounted $6?
I make an extra $2 right. It doesnt matter to me. Nobody cares. Its the same
thing here in Vegas some people have discount coupons and some people
pay full price.
How To Hire A DJ
Lets get back to the business of the DJ. How do you work with a DJ and how
do you find a DJ? You find a DJ by going to the yellow pages or the Internet.
You call them up and say hey, Mr. DJ. My name is Spencer, Im a hypnotist
and Im coming to your town to do a comedy hypnosis show.
My first question is have you ever worked with a hypnotist? No. Have you
ever seen a hypnosis show? Oh yeah, Ive seen them on YouTube theyre
pretty cool, or yeah when I was in high school I saw one and it was a blast.
I say great, then you have an idea of what a hypnosis show is like, I can work
with that. My second question is this. What kind of a sound system do you
have? Most DJs love a decent sound system, so I want to make sure they
have at least two 15 speakers to go out on the side, powered through an
amplifier instead of self powered.
I want to make sure they have two monitors that come up on the stage,
because when youre working with people you want monitors on the stage
facing the subjects so the subjects can hear what youre saying. If you have
your speakers out here pointing towards the audience, the audience can
hear what youre saying, but it sometimes becomes muffled for the guys up
here trying to listen to you.
So, if you have monitors on the stage pointing towards your subjects, theyll
be able to hear clearly what youre saying and they need to hear clearly. If
they cant clearly hear what youre saying, you may lose them, they may
come out of trance and youll have less people up here on your stage which
will affect your show and your presentation.
So my questions to Mr. DJ are what kind of sound system do you have? I
want to make sure were on the same page. Also, I carry my own mics
because I like my own. I have a wireless headset, a handheld wireless and
another one thats hardwired that has a line on it which goes directly to the
mixing board.
The reason I had that one hardwired is because sometimes you may run into
an area where you get a lot of scrambled signals, so if thats the case then
your headset or wireless mic may not work efficiently. I use that as a backup,
just in case I need to have something hardwired. It wont happen often, but
could happen, so thats something to keep in mind when youre doing a
So, I got Mr. DJ and Im happy. My next question is do you know how to use
a computer. Trust me, some people still dont. Are you familiar with Macs? Ill
tell you why I ask.
When I go do a show and I have my DJ that Ive hired, I say because youre
going to be running the show. I say I dont need your equipment, everything
runs from my laptop. Everything I need to run my hypnosis show is in here.
All the music is here with a line that goes to my mixing board and everything
goes through there.
Back in the old days I used to use CD players. That no longer works and
they have other things people used to use, but Ive found for me, my Mac is
the easiest way to run your show is on a laptop. I use iTunes. I also use
another program called DJ. Its a cool program for Mac. But, if youre a
Windows person, they have software available that you can use too that will
work for you and is just as cool as what we have for the Macs.
Im not a PC guy so I dont know what they are, but I know PC guys have
them. The guys I work with do have PCs with iTunes, so I give them my
playlist to put on their computers and we run the show. However, my first
preference in finding a DJ for me is that they need to have a Mac, because if
they have a Mac then I know we are brothers. If youre a Mac person you
know what Im talking about, were a cult.
So Ive got my DJ and have this going on, lets do this.
Whats a good one where you dont get a lot of interference?
Shop around there are different ones out there. Audiotechnica makes a good
one; there are a few different kinds available. For a good mic youll spend
$600 for a decent one, because you want to make sure it projects, especially
if youre in a large auditorium that seats a couple thousand, that it projects
But, on the other hand, if you go into a large theater like that, they will usually
have all the equipment that you could possibly need. I just have backups for
everything. I have two complete sound systems, because I used to work in a
huge theater. Ive got a garage full of big speakers, amplifiers, everything you
could think of needing.
Shop around, fit your budget just dont go to Radio Shack. Im not saying
thats a bad thing but you want somebody a little more high-end for what
youre doing, because you have to come across nice, crisp and clear.
I have a suggestion. I run sound equipment for my shows now and I use a
program called Sound Plant and they just came out with a Mac version. It
makes your entire keyboard a macro, which means if I tell somebody to
press #1 and my music will come on, when they press 1 the music comes
on. If they press it again the music crescendos out and its over with, fading
itself out.
This is a program for PCs and they just came out with one for Mac.Write that
down, research it and see how it works for you.
The other thing thats nice about it, the old version I already have the new
version since I had the old version but its just been put out recently to
purchase. The new version will actually have the words of the songs on your
keys on the screen and the keyboard on your screen will be the full size of
your screen, which makes it super easy for anyone to work it from high
school to senior, because itll all be right there on your screen.
Very good, thanks.
Real quick, how about remote. Would you recommend that, where you
control it?
My recommendation for that is no. Some people use it. I think if you want to
be a professional then be professional and hire somebody to run it. It looks
better that way and youre not bogged down with having to fool with it, etc.
Ive seen some people who have this little thing up on stage, they press a
button and want to do the whole thing to save some money, but save
yourself the headaches and get someone to do it for you. It makes more
sense and looks better.
Would it make sense to have your own DJ or does that not make sense costwise,
to have your own DJ so he knows your music and travels around with
If you can afford it, by all means, do. If you have someone whos available to
travel with you all the time heck yeah, why not? I had a guy with me like I
said for 6 years. He started as a friend. He went to the Army, got out of the
Army, he took a liking to me, he attended my shows and one day when one
of the guys working for me couldnt make it, he asked if he could try and I
gave him a chance.
He did a good job and we got along well, so he stuck with me and wherever I
went he went too. He liked doing it.
Is it expense?
Well, its not really expensive. It doesnt cost you anything, for example, if
youre going to another location, getting hired to do a show then you put that
into the cost. I need an extra plane ticket or hotel room, its the way it is and
they pay for it. You just add that into your expenses.
If Im paying for it, I want to make sure Ill make enough money to cover my
butt on him. I even have someone who can keep other people away from me
when doing a show. Because when youre a performer doing entertainment
everybody wants a piece of you.
Its nice to have someone and Dave is a big Ex-Marine, kind of intimidating
looking and would always keep people away. Plus, he was big and strong, so
he could lift all the equipment. He would set everything up and then all I had
to do was my show. Thats what you need to do is be able to walk into a
room and just do your show.
Have a good sound person. Let them set up everything and tear it down,
your job is to perform, do your show and be the stage hypnotist. You dont
really want to have to involve yourself with all the other things. But, you are
going to learn all those things because if you dont know that then you cant
teach it to somebody else.
So, were finding our DJ. Lets do this. I need somebody who wants to play
with me.
Not like that. You guys, I cant say anything.
Train Your DJ
Lets just imagine that hes a DJ.
Hes a DJ and lets just pretend Im talking to you. So youre a DJ right?
Cool. What have you done in the past?
Lots of shows.
Cool, have you ever worked with a hypnotist?
So you kind of have an idea of how that goes.
I love Macs.
I dig it. Thats going to work very well for me. Heres what I want to do. Im
going to go through my show with you very quickly. Lets run through it so
you get it in your mind. Im going to show you how that works.
Lets just imagine that were in a theater or something. Im going to pull out
my Mac and I usually like were at a table, so lets bring the table up here
and make this look just as real as we can. This is all preshow stuff. Were
getting setup, weve gone to the Elks Lodge to get everything ready and Im
pulling up my Mac. Were going to open up my iTunes because thats where
I keep everything, and I have another program called DJ, which is an
awesome program and the one I like to work with.
I click on my comedy hypnosis show and everything is right here. What I
like to do is go through all my routines with the guy running my show. Let
me give you an idea of what thats like when I have somebody fresh out of
nowhere, because I want them to know what its like.
So, we have our opening stuff that we do here. This is our opening show, so
when the show begins Ill be bringing people in and theyll be listening to
this stuff here, so were doing this. This is where people are coming in and
sitting down, they just want their minds tweaked.
When we begin and after I get people hypnotized well use this one here,
which is the opening mix. Then, about 11 minutes into the show the music
Eleven minutes?
Just let this music place, because youll introduce me, Im going to come up
at this point and you can just let this music play. You can see where it shifts
at nine minutes and 20 seconds, so you dont have to do anything because
Im up there and will be talking to the audience, like this.
During this first part go back to the beginning of the audio please
Nine, twenty.
During this part right here, Ill be out here talking to the people doing what I
call a preshow thing where Ill be talking about hypnosis. Ill be saying okay
everybody puts your hands above your head, squeeze your hands together
as tightly as you can to help me get some good subjects.
Once I get my subjects Im going to bring them up on stage. You dont have
to do anything with this music, because once theyre up on stage Ive got it
set where the music is going to make a transition naturally, so you dont
even have to deal with it. That makes it easy for you its like a no-brainer.
So it just goes on and then when we get to this point here, the music slows
down and during this point, after I get people on stage, Im going to
hypnotize them by doing a little induction, telling them to relax, breathe in
and out and all this kind of stuff. Youve seen a show so you know what Im
talking about.
So when I have everyone just where I want them, theyre hypnotized and
Im ready to go to the next level, then were going to go to the next one. Let
me show you how this works, because this is how I do it. Im going to say
okay cool, it looks like weve got some good subjects. In a moment Im
going to count to three and on number three, everybody sit up in your chair,
open your eyes and were going to go on a little car rid.
On three sit in your chair, were going to go for a car ride. So you can see
here Ive got this queued up where it says car ride. Its pretty easy, its going
to go like this. Im going to go Im going to count to three, everybody sit up
in your chair. When I begin to count one, I want you to make that transition
so its already going.
Lets imagine them doing that. Im going to count to three, sit up in your
chairs lets go for a car ride. One, make the transition please. Scroll down
you can do it.
Let that go. So theyre doing that and Im going to run through this routine
with people. Then when Im done with the routine Im just going to say
sleep.When I say sleep this stops.
You dont want to do it.
Ive got another program I dont have up here right now, its not a big deal,
but I have a background tune. Just put it on this one, add it to the left please
and Ill have that set for you later, but thats something in the background.
This goes between every skit that I do, so thats how that works.
Now I need to get ready for the next one, so what I want you to do is go
down here.
Band play.
Yes, lets do that one. So in a moment, at the count of three, everybody sit
up in your chairs, youre going to be in a band. Youve got drum sticks in
your hands, I want to see you now put the drum sticks in your hands and
roam around a little bit, crack your knuckles and get ready for this because
you can win a million bucks if you have what it takes.
Ill count to three, sit up in your chairs, play the drums, here we go 1-2-3
and youre already there see how that works? Were just going to make
those transitions like that very fast. Now, during this bit right here Im going
to do one thing. During this bit right here theyll be drumming and stuff and
Im going to say freeze and when I do just hit the space bar.
Then Ill talk to people for a second and theyre going to freeze, theyll be
really animated and in all these weird positions. Then Im going to give them
another suggestion and then say now play, so when I say play again then
hit it. And now play and then were going to go through this and let this
When Im done with this routine Im going to say and wide awake and all
this applause is for you, which takes you back to the regular music. You just
have to have that prepared and there again, Ill have that on a separate
track so everything flows naturally.
It always goes back to that?
Yes. In a moment Im going to count to three, everybody sit up in your
chairs, were going to go for a little horse ride. Get ready on three. Make
sure you have your leathers and boots on. On three, lets go for that horse
ride, its an old dusty trail 1-2-3. Easy.
Lets go to what is important, because I think youve got this down really
well and what I want to do now is go to where it is an important part of it and
thats really, just the end of it. To me, whats important in the show is the
beginning and ending of the show. I want to leave something happening at
the end, because its very important how this transitions.
At the end of it you see where it says wake up, if you could scroll down
there. There you go, hang onto that. At the end of the show something
happens here. Im going to say, because everybodys been with me for a
long time, theyve been hypnotized, youve been doing all these routines but
now the show is coming to an end, so this is what I want to do.
You have to pay attention. In just a moment Im going to count from one to
five and then I will say wide awake. When I say that to you Im going to look
at you and Im going to look at you every time I do a routine, because I want
to make sure were on the same page.
For example, when I say in a moment Im going to count to three and youre
in a car, Ill be looking at you and when youre ready youre going to
gobecause then I know I can proceed with the routine. I dont want you
looking around, because when I say three I want those people doing what I
tell them to do and everything has to coordinate exactly.
Does this make sense to everyone?
Are you finding this helpful?
Okay, because when you step into a room and youre working with a DJ,
youve got to have everything setup perfectly. When I do a show Im a
perfectionist, man I want things tight. I want things to happen the way I want
them to happen.
So, at the end of the show when Im done with everything, heres whats
going to happen. People are going to be sitting there and Im going to give
everybody a gift. Im going to tell everybody, sit back in your chair, put your
arm above your head and make a tight fist. Im going to say I want you to go
inside right now and find one thing you want to change in your life.
Maybe you want more confidence, more motivation or more success,
whatever that is find it right now. When you have that in your mind breathe
into it deeply. Theyll be breathing in you can see it and Ill say very cool.
In just a moment Im going to count from one to five and then I will say wake
up. Play it. When I point to you Ill say wake up. Very cool. Then Ill say
wake up at that time and everybody will be wide awake feeling fantastic in
every way, all the suggestions will now be removed.
Thats how that goes. Pretty simple. Then Im going to keep talking to the
people, this song keeps playing its a very powerful song which leads to a
crescendo and then I dismiss everybody. Then when thats done I have
music that plays after that and you have nothing else you have to do,
except sit back and drink a beer.
Too easy.
All right man it works, nice.
This is how I approach it every time. Sometimes it may take me 20 minutes
or sometimes even a couple of hours.
For example, when I was in Dubai, I was in a different level of this. This is
like if Im working in a local club or something like that, I can do it very
quickly with a good smart DJ. In Dubai it was different because I was
working with people from different countries with different languages and I
had a sound person who was running the sound. I had a lighting director
who was running all the lights, because we had these beautiful overhead
Gels and then everything thats coming down on the stage; Ill set a curtain
person because we had a large curtain in the back that had to go up at a
specific time, because in my show I have a big drop down screen with a
large video presentation that starts before the show even begins.
Then, when people come into the theater Ive got this huge screen (movie
theater screen) that comes down and I have this video presentation that I
developed, where if people come in there they get mesmerized for about 20
minutes. It puts them into a hypnotic state of mind or into my kind of
weirdness. Its a very weird video, but its a lot of fun, so they watch that.
So, I have that and then I also have a stage assistant whos a lovely lady.
The purpose of the assistant is for eye candy and somebody you can play
off of. She does a couple different things or if youre a lady, you may want a
guy to be your assistant, which can look good too.
The purpose of the assistant is to keep everybody under control up here on
the stage. If anybody falls off, you get them back on their chairs. And, of
course, I do some routines with my assistant that, of course, excites the
imaginations of my audience in different ways.
So I have all these people I need to coordinate and work with. What I do is
go down on the stage and Ive got my crew up in the sound booth and I go
over the entire show from the very beginning of it until the very end,
because I want to make sure all the sound is tight.
When youre in a big room like that and you dont have a DJ whos close to
you, hes at the other end of the theater, then you want to make sure you
can see him, they can see you and the show is tight, because youre
coordinating it with a lot of different people. So its a different arena then just
working by yourself into a smaller venue when youre getting into a bigger
theater like that. Its a lot of fun.
So, I will spend an hour maybe two, going over the entire production and Ill
go over it several times until I feel like everybodys on the same page as I
am. When youre doing a performance like that, you want it to be really
smooth, because people are coming there and paying $60 a ticket. Thats a
lot of money, so you want to make sure you have it down tight.
Show Q&As
Are there any questions to what weve covered up to this point? If so please
raise your hands.
Do you have any recommendations for lighting, if youre working in those
Lighting will depend on the venue that youre in. If youre in a large theater,
when I do shows, talking about lighting I always want all the lighting down in
the room, except on the stage. I just want lighting up on the stage area and
thats it.
Because I dont want people looking around at each other. I want all the
folks to be up here. This is where people need to be paying attention right
here on the stage, on you the performer, and your subjects. This is where
its all happening, so I darken the entire room and keep lights on only on the
stage area.
Now you know if youre in a hotel ballroom like this or if youre in a local
club, you may not be able to do that. The way around that is to bring in your
own lights. You can have some lights on stands that are placed in various
locations, all pointing to the stage. You can have some little cans and gels
with different colors on there. My colors are blue, red and yellow, depending
on what I want to create.
It depends on how high tech you want to get with your show. You can do it
anywhere from, just coming into a place like that with all the lights on, have
a bunch of chairs up here, do a show and have a great time, still making a
ton of money. It doesnt matter how you do it.
If you want to take it to a higher, more professional level and be like a
hypno-God, then you want to do it right. Then you have a crew, a huge
theater, its opulent and looks great. Youre dressed to the maxwhen I do
my shows on those kinds of stages I have this wonderful velvet jacket I
wear with leather pants. It looks good and its a lot of fun.
Its a whole different level of showmanship. If I go into a local club or
something like that, I wear a pair of Levis and a shirt but I still look good,
because you dont want to look bad. The rule of thumb in any kind of
presentation is, always look better than your audience. Anybody can hire a
plain Jane person to go into a performance.
Igor went over how to use copyright free music, but if we want to use
copyrighted music how do we start going about doing that for the show?
Listen, when I first started doing this I had that conflict so what I did was to
call and ask specifically. I told them I was a stage hypnotist, Im doing
shows and they asked me what I did. I told them I used various parts of a
song in my routine and they said dont worry about it its not a problem.
Thats what they told me. Yourself, you may want to check on that yourself.
I have been in clubs, this has happened, even in a nightclub, if a band is in
there playing a cover song of some rock n roll group but they dont have a
license, they can get sued. Technically and legally, they have to have a
license in every nightclub to play music, even if its on a juke box. It can get
pretty nasty that way.
However, Ive never had a problem with that and I did call and check on that
for myself, because I didnt want to have a problem with that. Theres a few
of them out there that have the rights for different artists, just cover yourself.
I doubt that youll ever have a problem with it, but its certainly worth
checking into.
Again, I think I mentioned yesterday, when I did a show for Playboy that
they threw away all my music and said here, youll be using this music
because we use it to televise around the world.
Before you were talking about for walls, renting your own hall, etc. The
question I want to ask, I dont know if it means Im getting ahead of myself
or if anybody thought about that. How do you integrate dances, eye candy
and the sexy girls dancing, before the show goes on and all this happening
before you even walk out on stage, to get the audience pumped up before
you get into your show?
To keep it simple right now, if you want to go into all of that then I really
recommend getting the mentoring program where we could really go into
depth on that and I can help you create your own specific persona. What I
would do at this point before you get there is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple).
You dont need to do all that. Its as simple as, if I just want to do the Elks in
Kalispell, Montana. So there its not a big deal; its just an Elks Lodge,
population grizzly bears. What Ill do there is get everything setup, Ill get a
DJ, Ive got a gal up there and three people that have worked for me in the
They all do a fantastic job and theyll go in there to get everything setup, I
dont have to do anything, theyll just go in and play whatever funky music
they want to and then about 20 minutes before the show I have my own
music that I want them to play. Because I want to put everybody into my
mindset and it helps me to immensely prepare for what Im going to do.
Thats all I do and when the last one of my songs comes on they announce
then we go on from there.
The eye candy stuff is something different. Could I have an assistant there?
Sure I could, so for example, if I had somebody working with me in that
capacity. For example, youll see I have a video of the show I did in Dubai,
its on my site at, from beginning to end. Youll see what my
assistant does there.
After my video presentation goes away, the screen goes up, I come out this
way from behind the chairs and theres an opening and she comes from this
side stage right, takes a chair and puts it back in so all the chairs are lined
up together. Her job is to stay in the background over here all the time, until
I ask her to do something specifically.
What I do with her during the show, when people are sitting in the chairsI
always say during the show,
She looks pretty hot and is dressed appropriately for the show, so shes
always going back to touch them on the shoulder and saying relax. She
smells good, who wouldnt want to be touched by that. Relax and people
just kind ofmelt since it feels good. Does that help?
Thats the capacity I use her in, its a lot of fun and she also brings me
props when I need them. When I need the handheld mic she brings it to me
so I dont have to do anything. When Im done with it Ill be talking to the
audience, Ill make a motion and shell come and take it from me, making it
look like a natural part of what Im doing. Of course, everybody wants to
look at her again anyway, so its all good.
In reference to the music, I noticed you play Axle F while making a
suggestion, is that like an anchor for the subjects as well, to know the
suggestion is coming up?
Its just the background music. You can use any kind of music you want.
But you play the same music every time?
Yes. I have four different background things, I dont even use that one
anymore, but as a demonstration I have something else I created. I have
my own music I use for my show. I use that as something that flows through
the entire show, so when Im done with a skit then that music plays and
people all know it.
ladies and gentleman, welcome to the hypnosis show here in Kalispell,
Montana. Do me a favor and give him a powerful round of applause, make
him feel good
during your time with me here, at the sound of
my voice and touch of my hand, the music simply helps you to go deeper
and deeper into sleep. Whenever my assistant touches you on your
shoulders and tells you to relax, just let go even more
So yes, its like an anchor so it becomes an anchor, because its like yeah,
we know whats going to happen next.
Do any of the venues that you go to require that you have insurance? Do
you carry insurance? Is that something we should consider as well for
Thats a very important question let me answer that for you. Yes, you
should carry insurance.
Where do we get that?
There are a few places available. One place to go to is Clowns of the USA.
Theres another one, but I cant think of who they are, because they had this
big insurance fight about six months ago. They carry specialty insurance for
stage hypnotists its a $2 million policy and will cost you about $200 a year.
Its not that big a deal, if something happens you want your ass covered.
Protect yourself and the people and truthfully, a lot of places wont let you
perform unless you have that. You can go into a bar and they probably
wont ask you for it, Elks Lodges and places like that, but if you go to
colleges theyll ask for the writer. If you go to big theaters they too will ask
for the writer. If you go to Dubai, you aint working there without a writer or
somebody who sponsors you into the country anyway.
If you go to most foreign countries, you aint working there unless you have
a sponsor. Its not going to happen, because they have very strict laws
about foreigners coming to their country and working. So you have to have
people there who sponsor you. Its a lot of red tape. Im just so lucky they do
all the red tape for me. They call me, they put it all together and I just show
The insurances you mentioned, are they international? I know in the UK it
costs around 1000 and covers just the UK?
Youll have to check, you can ask them. I know the Clowns of the USA only
do coverage in the continental U.S. and in Canada and Hawaii. Outside of
that I dont believe they do thats why when I worked out of the country, I
leave all of that to my sponsors, they take care of all that.
Oftentimes, the venues that hire you there will take care of all that, its
written into the contract and is part of the fees that are paid. For example,
this gig I just did it cost $40,000 just to put it together. Thats before we
even made a dime, so you can see that sometimes some gigs cost a lot of
money just to put together.
Were going to learn how to do it here for next to nothing. We can do it for
under $500. You dont need to spend $40,000 unless you want to go
overseas and have a sponsor and everything else.
Where do you find the royalty free music?
On the Internet. Jus Google royalty free music and there will be a bunch of
sites that come up there where you can buy whatever you want. Truly, if
you have a song you like, you may want to write directly to the artist and
see if you can have rights to it. A lot of artists are very generous and will
give you the rights to use their music for a small amount.
They dont care. It gets them out there all the time they just want to be paid
something. Dont be shy or afraid to ask somebody, just go on the Internet
and listen to music. If theres something out there that floats your boat that
you think you can use in a routine, contact the artist and say wow, I dig your
thing, I think I can use this, would that be okay? What would you charge me
for the rights to your song?
People are very generous, so dont be afraid to approach somebody. They
want to help you and they want to get their stuff out there. is a good place to get royalty free music. Have you ever
used hypnotic music in your presentation and would you recommend
something like that, because it might take the whole audience into more
All you need to do is come to one of my shows and youll hear hypnotic
music created by me. I create my own music. I have fun with it because my
brain sometimes just does not go to sleep. So some of my best creativity
comes with a bottle of wine, late at night when I have nothing else to do Ill
sit with my trusty Mac and use tons of different programs on there that I
create music with.
I play with stuff, pull out my guitar and play with something or Ill get a beat
in my head and Ill start putting different loops and tracks and things
together until its like yeah, in the groove, etc.
So, in regards to insurance again, if you have a therapy business Ive been
told if youre insured by that and they find out youre doing stage shows
theyll drop you. Ive been told to not tell the insurance company you have
for your therapy business that youre doing stage shows. What are your
thoughts on that?
I think thats true, there are some insurance companies when youre doing
hypnotherapy that dont want you doing stage work. They have issues.
They need therapy themselves. They think theres something wrong with it,
but thats my personal opinion about it. Look into it, if they dont want you to
and would get rid of your coverage because of that, then you may want to
find a provider that will cover you on both ends.
Are you still insured with your therapy business or is it all for your stage
Mine is all stage stuff. I really dont do much therapy at all its just not where
I am.
When I work with people its the kind of stuff that I would do after a show or
something, or I do mentoring and stuff like that, but mentoring isnt therapy.
When I do coaching its not therapy. Its not what you do its what you say
you do. So for those of you out there saying well, they wont let me do
hypnosis in Scotland, then dont say youre doing hypnosis, call it something
I was in Saudi Arabia a few years ago for a month. There was a guy who
was doing hypnotizing type of stuff there and got his head cut off for doing
it. That was a bummer. I heard about it and thought I should be careful and I
was doing a lecture there one night to a group of people, and there was
another gentleman there doing a lecture that same week who had a very
similar type crowd.
He was doing exactly what I do, but he called it science of the mind.
Semantics is everything when youre dealing with some of these items.
As far as the music goes, generally, youll have it on as the people are
coming in, sitting down and 20 minutes before your show. Is there any point
in time when you just lose the music obviously, or when you have a moment
when you freeze and shut the music off? Or, do you have something going
all the time?
I have something going all the time. I dont like dead spots, I like something
always happening because it keeps the mind involved because what
happens, if you have so much stuff going on and all of a sudden it just
becomes dead, then its like people wake up and go what the hell
Its like a trance breaker, in a way, so for me I always have something going
in the background, because it sounds professional, it looks good, its a great
segue and what you want is something to come across just like that. Make
everything flow. Its like youre tripping out and watching these waves of
energy, music and performance happening.
To me its like a big orchestra that I see in my mind just happening so I want
this to continuethats how I see it during a performance.
How much do you ask as a beginner stage hypnotist? Do you ask the same
price for every show or the bigger the audience the more you ask?
As much as you can possibly get. Never short change yourself! If youre
doing a show in your hometown, obviously you can do it for a little less than
if you had to drive for two hours and spend 4 hours on the road, buy gas
and maybe youre so tired when youre done doing a show that youll want
to spend the night.
Listen, when you start doing a show and you really put a lot of energy into it,
its a lot of work and draining. When I get done with a show, because when I
do a show I put a lot of energy into it, when Im done Im spent. Its done,
Im over with. Im happy to do one show a week and thats about it. I dont
like to do more.
When I was in Dubai and had to do four, I thought oh my goodness, but
then I thought okay, I can do it for a little bit. You put a lot of energy into it.
Years ago they wanted me to come to Vegas to do a show and I had a
show at the new Frontier. I negotiated that deal for a few months, they had
the big marquee out there with my name on it for three months and they
had this big poster of me that was taller then this room.
The negotiations continued between my attorney and theirs, we had a real
frustrating time.We had ads in all the local papers and magazines, booklets
plus up and down the strip, on taxis and everything, but we had some
negotiation problems, something I couldnt overlook.
The night I was supposed to show up for the first show I decided to go fly
fishing. I stayed away from Vegas for a while. There were some things in
the contract that I couldnt live with and they werent willing to change them;
they kept saying the thing is when you negotiate a contract you have to
play hardball. If theres something in a contract that you just cant live with
then you just cant live with it.
To take a contract and have somebody try to control my life saying, if
theres anything we dont like about you, what you say, what you do, how
you smell, anything about that then were going to kick you out within 24
hours. I said listen dude, I cant do that. He said were not going to do that. I
said then take it out of the contract.
We worked on this for about three months, rewriting the contract, so he kept
saying were not going to do that. I said then you need to change the
contract. So the night of the show that was sold out I didnt show up. I lost
about $12 million bucks a year, but so be it, I can live with myself. Why work
under conditions that you cant live with.
And some things you can negotiate and live with, but sometimes you have
to make a choice and mine was to go fly fishing.
When you see somebody like at the Improv or a comedy show, what is the
normal financial arrangement there? Are they paying a fee to bring the
hypnotist in or is there a share of the door, etc.?
Thats going to depend upon the venue and upon you as the performer.
Your reputation will go out in front of you. Obviously, the more experience
you have, the more you can demand and thats the way it is.
When I work in a comedy club, which I wont do very often, the main reason
is that they just dont pay enough. Heres what happens when you go to a
comedy club. Theyll usually have one or two opening acts that will get up
there and banter for 10-15 minutes. Then they have whats called the
In most places, the opening act will get between $150 and $300. The
headliner gets whatever they can get $500, $700, $1000, $2000, $5000,
whatever they can demand, which again comes with your level of
experience and your ability to BS.
When I started studying hypnotherapy years ago, I had a wise instructor
who said
. Theres another one people always ask me, well Ive never done
this how am I going to make the money or get these gigs? You know what,
fake it till you make it. Thats all you have to do.
They dont know who you are. But you know who you are, and if you walk
up there with an err of confidence anybody will give you an opportunity. Say
listen, let me come do a show, it wont cost you anything. I dont even want
you to pay me, just let me come in and do a show.
You help me promote it and take all the money from the booths and youll
get lots of drinks from that. Ill just take the door or Ill split the door with you,
anything to get inside of a room you can do, but you need to get out there
and get the experience, whatever it takes, fake it till you make it.
What does, Ill just take the door mean?
Ticket sales. Listen, most places dont care about ticket sales because
theyre going to make so much money on the booze, thats all they care
If you cant dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with
Here in Vegas, they dont care about the showroom. They limit most shows
to about an hour because they want people out on the floor gambling. All
you are is a lost leader item. Its like going to the grocery store, they have
these lost leader items on the end of the aisles, but the big thing comes
down the aisle but its no big deal.
I know you said you dont do small venues or small shows like under a few
hundred people
I will. As a rule I do not, but I like to and I will because I really enjoy working
with smaller more intimate crowds; theyre a lot of fun. as a beginner, for people starting out, we cant expect to have an
expectation of getting 500 on a first show. What do you think is the
minimum amount of people that someone should perform with?
Personally, I wouldnt do a show with under 100 people. I have done it and
theyve been some of the most fun Ive ever done, but Ive been doing it for
a long time. If youre new at this, then I wouldnt do it for less than 100
people. The reason for that is the more people you have, the more
opportunity you have to get good subjects.
The hypnosis show is like this, its like a moth being drawn to the flame.
When you put it out there (hypnosis), you get this somnambulist out there
who goes yeahI want to be hypnotized. A somnambulist is a person who
walks or talks in their sleep, theyre natural trance people.
We wall do that on some level, anyway. So the hypnosis show draws a real
element of people who are fascinated with the show and the more people
we have the easier it is to get people who really want to come out and get
hypnotized and have a good time, so stack it in your favor and have at least
100 people in there.
Like I said Ive done it in smaller venues and have had a fantastic show, so
you never know. I did this show once and 40 people showed up to it and I
thought this is stupid I cant even pay for the venue Im not going to do this.
I said listen everybody, thanks for coming out but Im not going to do it
because theres not enough people here. Im going to give you all your
money back and even buy you a drink Im going to take a loss on this.
They go oh, no please stay and do it. I said no, Im not going to do it. They
said please we all want to get hypnotized. I said well if you all get
hypnotized there wont be anybody out there and they said we dont care.
So I said okay and it was one of the funniest nights Ive ever had. I lost
money, not as much because I kept all the money since they stayed, but
that was a long time ago.
Ive never heard that description of a somnambulist before as someone that
walks or talks in their sleep. Ive heard other descriptions for it that were
more scientific like clinical, but would that be a good question to ask the
audience, like how many people here talk in their sleep or have sleep
walked before, as a way to filter out good subjects?
I wouldnt worry about that. You could do that, but I dont worry about that.
My thing islisten, Im glad you guys are here whos ready to have a good
All right, who wants to be hypnotized?
Wow, so I guess the rest of you are here to watch those guys get messed
with right. Okay cool, thats what its all about, because if youre not going to
do it we can watch them and youre still going to have a good time no
matter what you do. So, those of you who do want to have a good time,
come on up and lets party. Thats how I approach it.
Some people get into the technical kind of stuff, but my feelings are is that
when Im doing a show that most people arent there for education, theyre
there for entertainment. So what I try to do is give them an entertainment
value for their dollar. If they want to do education, in the back of the room
go pick up that flyer because Ill be doing a seminar in two days, invite all
your friends for $50 each. All I need is 200 people, have a good night.
Thats part of the backroom sales and I try to keep that to a minimum.
You mentioned earlier that you recorded the Dubai shows and its running
on your website. It makes me wonder, at what point does it become your
right to record it or the venues right to record it. Can they control what you
record in any way, how you use it, sell it or display it?
No, it has nothing to do with them. Its my show. Do you know how much I
had to pay for that venue? The room alone was $6000 a night, so its mine.
So does it depend on whose paid, because had you negotiated the kind of
deal where the host is paying for everything, would that then be that they
say the material is ours?
No, you negotiate all that in the contract. In my contracts everything belongs
to me, everything. Nobody has the right to videotape record it in any way
without the permission of Sleep Now Productions, Inc. Anybody who does
that will be sued and will be held liable.
Even at seminars like this we dont allow anybody else to do recording of
any kind, because were putting a lot of effort into what were doing. This is
our business. Its a business its not just a performance so we have to treat
it that way. So, anybody kind of performer whether its the stage hypnotist or
Madonna whoever, they own the rights to their performance no matter
where they go.
A venue may say we want to split that with you and some venues will do
that. They go listen, anything you do in the back room we want 20% of all
the sales you do. Its standard in many of the larger theaters. It is what it is.
Cool, Ill split it with you take your 20% thats fine, no big deal because
thats still 28% of something you didnt have to begin with. Thats how I look
at it.
Super quicksince Im brand new and have never done a show before, I
dont have a contract. Where could I get a boilerplate that I could at least
hand to an attorney so he wouldnt charge me for every single word that he
ever saw?
I wont charge you that much.
For yours?
Drop me an email and Ill send you a copy, no big deal.
Thank you.
If you want a copy of a simple contract that you can use in anything, go to
my website, drop me an email and Ill be happy to send you one.
Its a little off the technical as far as dollars and cents, but my thought is,
just a couple of skit ideas between a high school, college and a corporation.
Lets hold onto that because were going to cover that in the next section.
Spencer, of course, has done this for a while so he has an idea of what to
look for in a contract. Im telling you, you dont want to get screwed out of a
couple things so find a local attorney who can help you, but like Spencer
said hell shoot you a contract. Itll probably be pretty solid, but for anybody
else you can find them online, just make sure youre not getting jogged
because you didnt look at the certain things that are in there.
Exactly. When youre out there doing your own thing, every time somebody
contacts me and wants to do a gig, I fill out a contract and send it to them.
They sign it, send me a deposit and everything happens. Its pretty
straightforward; whenever I book a gig I want 50% down and I want the
balance paid 30 days before I perform.
Or, if its within a 60 day period, I get paid everything in advance before I
even show up. I have expenses Ive got to cover and Im not going to take it
out of my own pocket for somebody else. Because theres nothing worse
then getting to a place and having somebody say theyre going to pay you
and you dont get paid. That can happen, so you want to cover your ass at
all times.
Its nothing personal its just business, its not a big deal when somebody
hires you like that. But what happens if youre doing a show and somebody
has some kind of an abreaction and freaks out? I want to cover that for a
second and then when we come back after lunch Ill go into it a little more
in-depth, because we only have about five minutes left and thats it.
I need somebody who wants to role play with me. Who wants to be messed
up? All right Edward. Anyway, lets say Im doing a show and Edward is
sitting up on stage as one of the subjects and hes having some type of
abreaction and I need to stop whatever Im doing to work with this guy. Its
happened to me before and it can happen to you, its just the nature of the
business of the beast.
And you, the professionally trained analytical and highly competent
hypnotherapist, besides being a confident, competent stage hypnotist
professional right, theres another layer to thisyou know how to handle
anything that comes in front of you, you deal with what emerges.
So, for example, lets say something is happening with him and hes having
some kind of melt down, he doesnt know whats happening and hes
freaking out. Can you freak out for me? I may just watch him for a moment
and let him get filmed.
Dude where am I?
Are you okay?
I dont like this. Dont touch me.
Are you all right?
Dont touchme where am I?
Are you sure?
I dont know whats going on.
Hey cool, stop for a second. Look right here.
Take a deep breath in and sleep. Now, what Im going to do is help a
person to get out of that completely, very quickly. Sometimes you may want
to do something like that and it does not work, you dont know and thats
what happens is that you never know whats going to happen.
First, what I would do if Ive got somebody like that I might tell them to sleep
and say listen, Im going to count to three, open your eyes and have you
come off the stage. My assistant is going to help you, shell take you back
stage and talk to you for a little bit.
So my first rule is that Im going to have my assistant take them off the
stage and Im going to go wow, what was that all about? Hell be back in a
few moments, but until he gets back lets go on with the show. Ill make it
part of the show first and foremost, because you are the consummate
performer, the entertainer, so the show must go on.
That said; Im also not a mean person. Im a really nice guy and if
something happens and I have been known to stop a show because
somebody is having difficulty and I will work with them. Trust me on this, the
audience is very generous and they think its cool that you would take out
that time to help another human being.
Dont ever be afraid to stop and help somebody who needs help, because
you never know whats going to happen. There may be a time when you
need help with something and youll be glad that somebody stopped to help
So anyway, hes wigging out, going nutty and fruity and stuff like that, so I
make him sit down and say audience excuse me for just a moment I need
to help this guy for a second.
Edward, open your eyes and be nice and calm with me. How are you
doing buddy? What seems to be going on?
I dont know where I am.
Okay, good. Close your eyes again. Listen, Im going to count to
three, youre going to open your eyes and wake up all the way 1-2-3,
all the way awake. How are you doing?
Lets take it to a different dimension. Lets say the guy is really freaking out
and having a bad time. I might do a mini session with him. Ill say close your
eyes for just a second, you know, youre shaking a little bit because
something is going on.
I have a very straight line approach like, whats going on in your
body, where do you feel that, whats happening?
In my shoulders.
In your shoulders okay, go in your shoulders very quickly, go in your
shoulders, you got that? Go to that feeling; lets go back very quickly
to an earlier time when you had that same feeling. Where that takes
you is it daytime or nighttime?
Inside or outside?
Alone or is somebody with you?
Somebodys with me.
Good. How old do you seem to be?
Right on, good.Whats happening?
Im in my office.
Okay, lets do this very quickly. Before we do anything, lets take that
information and whats happening in your office and lets move
through it very quickly. I want you to take yourself out of that
moment, just breathe into it and then relax. Lets move to before that
moment happened and be nice and calm.
Lets take that moment that happened there and lets just take it out
of your brain for a second. For example, just lift it up and move it
over to the side so its not even there, can you do that? Now, lets go
into your life some time where you had something really cool happen
to you, got it?
Lets put that back in that spot so you have something really cool
happening, got it? Now lets bring it all together, merge it all together,
on the count of three open your eyes and bring everything back
feeling great 1-2-3. Good, how do you feel?
Good. Is everything good?
Students: [ ]
Are you ready to go on with the show? All right, good. Thank you
audience, give him a round of applause and make him feel good.
Thats one way to approach it on something simple. You may have
something thats more intense then that, but hypnotherapy doesnt have to
be very difficult or long. I can take a hypnotherapy session and turn it to
something that only takes a couple minutes to do instead of hours to work
The nice thing about being a performer is that you learn all these really cool
techniques that you can get through things very quickly.
Thanks Edward.
Id like to role play this a little, so when we come back from lunch I want to
talk more about this, because its a serious thing that can happen and our
job is to take care of everyone and make them feel good. Well talk about
doing a mini hypnotherapy session and Ill show you a couple other
techniques that will be valuable for you to use.Would you like that?
Yes. Applause
So far have you gotten some good information this morning?
After lunch weve got a list of things that will have to do with how to book
shows with everything from cruise lines to theaters and how to work the
whole gamut of business, so when you are done your day you can go on
the phone tonight and book a show, right?
All right.
DVD 13 Secrets to a Successful Stage Hypnosis Business
How to Promote Your Show Anytime, Anywhere to Anyone
The Stage
Lets find out how to make some money. Whos here to make money?
Joes making money he just booked a show.
You just booked a show?
Hes going to Italy three days after he gets back.
Where is it?
At home in southern California.
What part?
Orange County.
All right, the big OC. What part of Orange County?
I used to go to Irvine Park when I was a little whipper-snapper. I grew up in
Woodier. Its not the same as it was back then. Hey Joe, where you going
with that trance in your hand? How much you getting paid buddy?
Twenty five hundred dollars.
Twenty five hundred dollars, give Joe a round of applause.
Where did you book it? Stand up Joe, because Joe just booked a show in
Orange County for $2500 after only two and a half days in the boot camp
stage hypnosis course here in wonderful Las Vegas, Nevada. Joe, please
take the floor.
Itll be on a Tuesday, two weeks from now at the UC Irvine Bren Center. It
seats a few thousand, Im hoping for at least a few hundred. Im working with
some of the students on campus. I have several friends that work there too,
so Im getting the venue for free and Im working on getting as many students
there as possible.
Right on, that is going to be fun. If that doesnt inspire you all nothing will.
What do you do right now Joe, do you work or are you retired?
Sort of.
Cool. Well, you know what, even if youre not sort of retired, $2500 for a
couple hours of work isnt bad wages is it?
Not bad at all.
Thats awesome! I like to hear stories like that. The cool thing about that too,
working at the college, youll get a lot of gigs. Orange County is a good place
and they should have somebody doing a full-time show there. The thing that
Orange County and L.A. County competes with is Las Vegas, because its so
cheap to come to Vegas.
But they have some venues down thereI was there a few years ago looking
around and thoughtthere are some great places here if somebody would
just build a show there, they could do it weekly and bank, making as much as
the guys in Vegas or more.
Its a huge market. You could probably do three or four shows a week in one
venue, thats just the way it is there its a huge market. You can draw
everybody from Orange County, from L.A. County, San Diego County, all
over down there and thats basically, all of southern California. Youre on your
way. When I come to your show can I get free passes? Of coursethe
professional stage hypnotist notices all ambiance of people. All nuances are
there, we keep our eyes open.
I want to digress for a moment. Your stage is like this, you have your stage
area and you have your two speakers out here going out towards the
audience and then you have your two monitors going here to the people on
stage. I wanted to give you a diagram of what that looked like so youd have
that clear in your mind, because I know I do a lot of pointing like that and I
know some people are diagram kind of people, so here is your diagram.
Equipment Set Up
Then, on this side I drew you another diagram. I dont do a lot of artwork
because I am not an artist. I draw stick people. Here you go, theres your
setup. Dont be messing with me now, I worked hard on this. Can anybody
tell me what Ive done here?
Boxes and switches, mind mapping
There you go. Here you are sitting right here, heres your sound guy. Here
you have your table and where theyre using their laptop or whatever medium
you used, maybe theyre doing spinning discs, however they have that set up.
This is so, for example, if youre working in a nightclub, the Elks Lodge or
something, youre new at this and youre not real comfortable with your
person being way back in the back of the room, maybe you have them sitting
over here at a table and theyre set up that way.
Then, if during the show you need to walk over there, make it part of the
show and check it out. You come back and the audience doesnt notice it too
much but you can play that as part of the show. So anyway, from your laptop
to run the sound, the sound goes out to this thing called a mixing board. You
can get a mixing board at Radio Shack, they come in all sizes and shapes
right now and for what your needs are you probably wont need one with
more than four channels on it.
Itll run you around $400 to $700 and will do the job for you perfectly. Youll
need a mixing board if youre running your own sound, and I recommend that
at some point you get your own equipment. Its so much cooler to have your
own equipment then to use somebody elses. I dont know how many times
Ive walked into a venue and thought, what have I done?
Now from the mixer where you mix all your sound in here and have all these
little buttons and stuff. It looks really cool with little things that slide up and
down. Then from the mixer you have wires that go down here into this little
thing here called an amplifier, which is a little gadget that powers the
speakers. You cannot power the speakers without it.
So for your sound, you have your main line coming from your laptop that
goes into a little control knob, thats the mixer. If you dont know what a mixer
is look in the back. If you see the machine with all the knobs on the far end of
the table, thats it.
Well basically, they go down to an amp and from the amp you have wires that
go out to power the speakers. You can see the lines hanging from the
speakers here and thats how your basic setup is, that goes out to your side
ones on the stage and then her are the two monitors that are coming back
onto your stage.
Thats your basic setup for as far as sound goes. When you get to larger
theaters, like if youre working at a college that has sound or if you go to a
high school with a nice auditorium that has a cool stage, which a lot of them
have now that are very elegant with a good sound room.
All you do is patch into their system. That just meansI take my laptop and
plug right into their mixer. Its very simple to do. Does that make sense?
Whats your monitor?
A monitor is, basically, a speaker thats sitting in front of you pointing towards
the subjects on stage. Its just something that you, as a performer, can hear
yourself talking and that the people up on stage can hear you. Otherwise, if
the speakers are just going outwards, the sound is oftentimes muffled and the
people on stage dont get a clear audio of what youre saying.
Does everybody understand that?
I just want you to understand the elements of that if youre doing your own
show, so that if you want to go that route you can buy your own equipment. If
you buy your own equipment youre probably going to spendfor the mixer
probably $300, amplifier youll pay around $800, for good speakers at least
15 and youre saying you like the self powered ones I dont like them. They
may be good now theyve changed but I havent really looked at them I use
self power and use the amplifier. For good speakers youll pay around $700
to $1500 each.
I have some in my garage in Kalispell if anyone wants to come buy them,
because I no longer use them. For the smaller monitors youll spend $500 to
$1000 on them.
What size are the monitors?
The monitors are about the same size, like 15. They can be a bit smaller but
I like to have at least 15 and these can be 17, depending on the size of the
room. Down on the floor here youll see what they call sub-woofers, which
gives it base and tonality. Without those down there the speakers up here
would sound a bit higher pitched, so that gives it more base and soul.
At the theater I had I took the big sub-woofers and put them under the stage,
so when I had my music playing the people on stage would feel it because
the base would be humping through the floor. I did it on purpose.
When we watched you in Las Vegas you had that video thing going on before
you came out, how did you make that? Did you just do that on your Mac with
the eyes looking the wrong ways and all that crazy hypno stuff, all the stuff in
your head that nobody really wants to know about?
Thats true. Yes, I made that on the Mac.
And with different software programs, I just threw it all together.
What hes referring to, if you werent in Vegas, at the show we had a big
screen on the side and I projected a preshow video on the screen to entertain
the audience before the show began. I do that because its a lot of fun and
sometimes Ill put clips of my shows on the monitor so people get an idea of
what Im going to do.
Theyll think, so thats what hes going to do to us huh, wow! It excites the
imagination at the same time. So, if you want to use a big screen behind you
with a projector, create some type of video montage or whatever, you can do
that. Ive got four or five different video montages. A lot of them are various
clips from my shows over the years with me standing on people, etc.
The Human Bridge
I want to talk about that for a second before we move forward. How many of
you want to know about standing on top of a person, the human bridge? Ive
been instructed not to show you but to tell you how it works. Ive seen too
many hypnotists do this and have seen too many people hurt, so if youre
going to do this then you better damn well get it right. Ill show you how to do
it right, so no one gets hurt. Because you can hurt somebody with the human
bridge, so you have to be very careful.
When I was in Salt Lake I did that every week. It was like the finale of my
show and it looked very cool. Wheres the guy thats been to my show? Im
interested, stand up and take a mic. Id like to hear about this. He was telling
me the other day that he used to go to my show in Salt Lake City, the one I
did at the Avalon Theater for 6 years, so I was intrigued about this story
and I havent heard it yet. Just take a moment and share with everyone and
me too...
It all depends, like the routines you were doing?
No, I mean the show. What was it like to go to the show that I did at the
It was pretty magical like.
When you went, what was the experience? Was there a lot of people there?
How many times did you go?
Ive been quite a few times. Its been about 12-13 years ago.
Wow! Has it been that long?
Im 25, so that was a while ago.
Im 35
The routines, some of them I can remember pretty well, like you were having
people drive the car and you caught a speed bump.
Let me ask you this. When you walked into the theater and the show began,
what was it like at the beginning of the show, do you remember that?
It was like a magic show almost, except it was hypnotic. (thank you)
Okay well, you enjoyed the show though didnt you, lets just go with that?
Yeah. In fact, it drove a lot of the people I knew over there. My neighbor was
a weekly
I have a question, because something is coming to my brain right now and if
Im not mistaken, did you come up on stage before?
Im starting to remember something. Did you come up there and you thought
you were Elvis Presley?
Yes sir. I had the name tag and everything.
I remember that. At one point I remember I told you to stay off the stage didnt
I dont remember that.
I do remember that.
I dont mean that in a bad way, but I did a show there every week and I would
get hundreds of people that would come to the show and people would want
to come up all the time to get hypnotized over and over again, but I always
wanted to get some new people. I remember you came up and I had this
Elvis thing going on and you came up a lot. I remember now.
Thats me.
Tell them, what was it like when I always stood on top of somebody?
You were really fragile when you did it, very cautious. You would stand up on
the chair, of course, you had those metal folding chairs right?
No, I had some nice beautiful supports on the side.
I mean the chairs where people sat.
Yes, those were metal. I had everybody sitting on the stage.
Then you had the black and yellow sawhorses.
Come up here.
Thats good enough for now, I just wanted to get your feedback, but you went
to the show numerous times, you took a lot of people there and had a great
time right?
You got your bang for the buck.
Yes, I mean it was like $3-$4 a night?
Hell no man, it was $6 back then and I finally got the got at the theater to
raise it to $8. I said no, I want to charge $10 and then I wanted him to raise it
to $12 and he said no. I said bye.
He was a negotiable guy.
I left at that time and took my show to another venue after 6 years I got
tired of him. No big deal. It was time to move up and make more money but
he didnt want to, so I did.
With this human bridge, when you have subjects up there and youre doing
your show. Im always looking to keep in my mind who Im going to use for
that routine. I notice people and decide whos a good subject. I always pick
the smallest person on stage.
Lets say for example, youre sitting in a chair hypnotized and so I simply go,
how would you like to be the most powerful person in this room tonight?
Awesome! Have you ever had a back or neck problem?
Perfect. I want to cover myself on tape. I record every one of my
presentations. Have you ever had a neck or back problem? If she says yes,
then Im going to go okay cool and then Ill pick somebody else, because
when you do the human bridge somebody can get hurt because youre
making their body stiff and rigid as a steel bar and youre going to put them
across two supports and then stand on top of them.
Its really pretty cool. So, for example, I dont have the kind of supports I want
but Im going to give you an idea of what I would do. Ill get another volunteer
up here to help me and to show you how to perform this without performing it.
I just want to give you the mechanics of it, so if you decide you want to go off
and do it at some point youre on your own.
Lets say were going to use two chairs like this, for example. Then Ill have
another assistant, I need a strong guy.
I have a judo black belt.
Okay, but are you strong?
What do you want me to do?
When I do this, Im not going to demonstrate this, but I want to show you the
mechanics. When I do this I always have an assistant whos going to help me
lift the person and put them between two supports. Were not going to do
anything I just need you to stand there. With a human bridge what Im going
to do is take this individual and the way I approach it.
Look right here, take a deep breath and make your body stiff and rigid.
Make everything stiff and rigid and powerful. Put your arms behind your
back and lock your fingers just like that. Make every muscle stiff and
rigid. Close your eyes, stand and sleep. Make everything stiff and rigid
and powerful. Im going to go down here and make sure everything is
stiff, rigid and powerful, because I want their body to be stiff and rigid.
Put your head back please. Make everything stiff and rigid and powerful.
Now, Ive got this person like this and their body is stiff and rigid. I put their
hands back to make sure everything is nice, stiff and rigid.
Im going to do this, Im going to say open your eyes and relax
everything, good take another deep breath. When I said sleep make
your body stiff and rigid. Stiff and rigid and powerful. Stiff and rigid and
powerful and Im going to go through thisstiff and rigid and powerful
Im going to go through it two or three times, because I want their body to be
stiff and rigid. I want to make sure they are in total compliance of what I have
to say.
Bring your feet together. Your body is stiff and rigid and powerful.
At this point, when Im sure theyre where I want them to be, I simply say
In a moment Im going to bring you backwards and I do it while your
body remains stiff and rigid and powerful at all times. Stiff and rigid and
When I do that Im going to bring her back. Youll lift up her feetstiff and
rigid and powerful, lift them up. You can see the rigidity of the body. Put her
down now. Standing up. Relax. At this point, Im not going to do this but, what
you want to do when you have the supports is to put the body with the legs
right here, this part on the calves over one part of the support. So if we have
it like this, the calves would be here and the mistake I see some hypnotists
make is they will take a person and put their foot on there and put their head
on the other part.
Ive seen a hypnotist do that and then they go to stand on somebody and
they collapse. You can hurt somebody really bad. I always put a support
between here and right here across the broad of the back. Then on the
supports I use I have them nicely padded so the person doesnt get hurt,
because when I stand on them I stand on them all the way.
For example, if shes there and you can hallucinate this, then finally I stand
on top of her and I put one foot when shes there right here. Then I place the
other foot right smack in her gut. Then its like boom.
That would be impressive.
It is. If you want to see a demonstration, go to YouTube or my website.
Why are you always worried youre going to hurt someone, especially if its in
a venue where its strangers coming up?
No, I am not ever. Thats why I always ask the questions. If I feel like
somebody could get hurt I will not do it its that simple. Ive done shows where
I cant find a small gal, so Ill find the smallest guy I can find. Now, keep in
mind, if youre like a 250 pound hunk of man and you want to stand on a little
lady like this, I would think twice and be very careful.
If I was considering doing this routine, I would take a man like him and a lady
like her and then have him stand on top of her.
Very good. You can do that but you would want to manage every aspect of it,
right. For example, when Im doing this, and you know if you have a stage like
this perhaps you could have two stands right there. Lets say this is a person
and you have them down there lower, you can walk right off the stage and on
top of somebody just like that, if you have the two supports on the floor.
If youre back here and you have somebody up here thats high, then of
course, youll have something back here that you can stand on. Youll have
the assistant come over here and help you stand on top of the person. They
guide you so you dont fall off. While Im up there I have them release my
hand and do my thing for however long I want to stand there for the audience
to get the wow factor.
Then I take their hand and get down and Ill simply sit down, cluck her down
in my lap and rock her to sleep. Wake her up and everybodys happy. Then,
when Im done with that I take the lady and say, do you realize that you just
had me standing on top of you?
Do me a favor folks, give her a powerful round of applause while she takes a
bow andmake her feel good.
Then I go further then that and say you know what, you have an
incredibly powerful mind. Everything you ever wanted to achieve in your
life you can achieve because of what you can achieve right now, so I
want you to take this feeling in this moment with you into the rest of your
life. Give her another powerful round of applause and make her feel
I hope that settles your curiosity about that. They are good for various
reasons, which Im not going to demonstrate here.
I was just curious, if you found an insurance company that will actually let you
do that, because Ive looked around and a lot of insurance companies make
you go through a safety course and they say dont do that or youre not
Ive never had an insurance company say one thing to me. Maybe I havent
asked the right questions. Maybe they havent sent me the right forms,
because I havent seen that yet, Michael. Is that something youve run into?
Well, when you go out looking for insurance and stuff, there are a lot of
disclaimers. Now they have you take a course here in Las Vegas or from
some other person on stage hypnosis safety before you can even get your
I see they changed it because they had a big fight. Whats hes talking about
is that last year they had a big fight in the industry about insurance for the
stage hypnotist and all these different conflicting peopleto me it was one of
those political things inside the industry which I dont like at all. I dont like
politics in the industry. Im not a political guy.
I like to say here it is its free, take it, use it, if you dont want it then discard it.
I dont like the politics where one segment says you can only do this or only
do that, that doesnt set well with me. Being a free spirited person I like to do
whatever I want.
Promote Yourself
Lets talk now about your promo pack. Youre a stage hypnotist. Youve been
hypnotizing people. Youre good at what you do. Youre feeling good right?
Youre ready to go out and make some money now right?
But you dont have all the things you need in order to put it together correctly,
for most things, except for Joe over there. Hes my hustler. You can all do
Let me tell you, when you go out and begin to promote yourself, there are
some things that most venues are going to want, theyre going to want to see
this thing, especially if youre going to colleges or high schools and
universities. If you want to get on the circuit of county, state or city fairs,
anything, people want to know who you are.
Its like who are you? Its like who are you to come to me to do a show, I
mean, what are your credentials? This is what people want. Im going to write
down some ideas on how to do promotions.
1. First, theyre going to want a video or a DVD. They want to see you in
action. They want to see what you have.
Whos getting a demo from Las Vegas tomorrow?
Do you think thats going to be impressive to somebody?
Thats why were here in Las Vegas. Because you can take this demo and
say heres a demo of a show I just did recently at the Venetian Hotel in Las
Vegas, Nevada. Are you lying?
No. You have been busting your butt the last few days and you have another
afternoon of busting your butt, and all day tomorrow youll be doing more
stage hypnosis, so you have some experience. In fact, I can tell you this for
certain, Ive been in this business for over 25 years and Ive trained a lot of
people. This is one of the most intensive classes Ive ever participated in for
stage hypnosis where you are getting more then 99.9% of anybody out there
whose taking any other type of course, trust me. Your DVD has to look good.
2. Before you have your DVD you have to have your persona, who are
Hallucinate right now the possibility. On your piece of paper in front of you,
write down who you are. Who do you want to be known as? The booty priest.
The worlds fastest hypnotist.Who do you want to be? The amazing you. The
worlds sexiest spy. Who do you want to be? The worlds shortest hypnotist.
The worlds tallest hypnotist. The funniest guy or the funniest hypnotist ever.
The Jewish hypnotist. The Muslim hypnotist.
It doesnt matter who you are. A clean comedy hypnotist. The dirty hypnotist.
What do you want to be? Hallucinate, write it down. Start mind mapping it and
create some possibilities for yourself.
Let me ask you. How many people in here have already thought of some kind
of title for themselves? Cool. Im not going to ask you what that is, but Im
going to ask you to go as quickly as you can to the world wide web and make
sure theres not a domain with that name and register it now before
somebody else in the room does, because somebody else in here may get
really mad at you. The first one there wins. Thats just how it is.
If youd like to share what you think your name is Id like to hear it. Does
anybody have a name theyd like to share? You do, is it Elvis? Okay, never
mind. So, go to the Internet and get yourself a domain name.
Now, if youre not familiar with that process, find somebody who can help you
with that. If you have the skills do it yourself, just do it. You want a presence
on the Internet. People will go Ive never done this before, what do I put on
there? How do I promote myself?
Ive got this name, Im the Las Vegas tomorrow hypnotist, tomorrows Las
Vegas hypnotist, fake it till you make it. The DVD, how do you get the video?
You have the video clips from tomorrow, so thats the easy part. If you have
Mark to do the editing to put the extra titles and stuff on there to doll it up,
spend the extra money to do it.
Dont just get the pictures yourself and think you can do it yourself, unless
you have editing experience and software to do it. Dont short change
yourself have him do that for you thats what he does. Have him help you out
with that part.
Then, you take that DVD and make a bunch of copies of it. Make 100-200
copies, thatll be your calling card. Youll go to a club and say hey, Im Joe the
hypnotist. Im wondering if I can do a job here. Im looking for a place to bring
my show and hell go well, do you have a DVD, a video of yourself? You can
say yeah, as a matter of fact I do, here it is. So now you have your DVD, your
promo is done.
Youve got your name that you need to have so you can give it to Mark, so
when he edits it and puts your name on there thats done, because you want
that on there and you want your contact information on that DVD as well. So
you want to have your website put together. Thats a must in todays society.
If you dont have it youre going to die, trust me on this, because somebody
else is going to have it.
There are 100 other hypnotists out there just like you right now that want your
job. This is one reason I quit going to county fairs. I did them for a while and
then I was at this convention, here in Las Vegas. They have it every year, the
International Association of Fairs and Expos (IAFE), where if you want to
work at state and county fairs, you have to go there.
Its where all the entertainers come to sell themselves and get bought. You
rent a little booth, set it up, you look cute and you stand there for three days.
By the end of the three days youre really tired, unless you have somebody
doing it for you but you want to be there because youre selling yourself,
because you are the product.
The fair market is a tough market to get in, because there are a lot of people
out there who are new and the fairs dont have a large budget, so oftentimes,
what they do is undercut you. I just say fine undercut me. Its not going to
work Im not going to do that. If youre not going to pay me at least $2500 a
day for six days straight Im not going to do it. Plus paying for my plane and
hotel fees, plus buying my food.
Not when they have somebody else whos going to come in there and say
well, gee Ill do it for $300 a day. Forget about it. For me anyway, but if you
want the experience of going on the circuit, by all means, please do it. Im not
saying dont do it. Im saying there are pitfalls in there and there are also
reasons to do it to get the experience, because then youre on a tour and you
get to go do all these different fairs.
Youll have a lot of stiff competition out there. A lot of people who have been
doing it for years that go to the same markets year after year. My biggest
encouragement would be, in your own hometown or county, find a place
there to lock into and really work on honing your skills, get it down tight.
Thats what all comedians and performers do.
Do you think Jay Leno just gets up on stage and starts yapping away?
Seinfeld, no, they go to these little dive comedy clubs and they get out there
and they try out new material to see how it works on an audience. If it works
they use it, but if it doesnt work they go I guess it didnt work too well, so Im
not going to use that.
I do the same thing. If theres something new Im working on Ill try that first.
Ill go to a market where people have no idea who I am. Ill pick a little town in
nowhere USA. Ill develop a show and Ill try out some new material to see
how it works. If it works, great, then I can build on it. If it sinks then Ill change
it. So thats a good way for you to hone your skills is to find someplace and
do it.
3. Now, talking about the world wide web, you can also get on the
comedy circuit where youll be dealing with a lot of sleazebag hotels,
which is fun for a lot of people if you like the road.
Its a fun way to learn because you get to sleep in one-star motels. We just
dropped from hotels to motels and you get to eat road food because they will
feed you, which is greasy, non-nutritional foods, a step up from road kill and
sometimes it is road kill.
But you have a lot of fun stories that you can eventually tell to people on the
road. If I had more time I could tell you hundreds of road horror stories that
Ive had over the years.
Im going to digress and go back to the promo pack. So you have the DVD,
your name, the World Wide Web you want that, all this goes on your DVD
and in todays market thats all you need is a website because everybody has
a computer. Just plug them into that.
4. Besides theWorldWideWeb, use social media to promote yourself.
If you want to be big use social media networks like Facebook, MySpace,
Ning (you can create your own page there), Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Stumble
Upon, there are all sorts of social media. When you have your DVD done, go
to YouTube and put your promo there. It costs you nothing and then all of a
sudden people all over the world will see you. Now you have international
exposure because youre on YouTube.
The Internet has changed the way we do business and I find myself having to
constantly move and shift in proportion to what the world is giving us as far as
5. Business cards, you can have business cards
I dont use business cards anymore. People ask me for them but I dont carry
them. Maybe I should but I dont, but have them. They dont cost that much to
produce and if youre out here, like in Vegas, you can take a DVD and a
business card to every hotel in town and give them to the entertainment
director in each hotel. Theyll put them in a stock of 500 others of people just
like you doing the same thing.
Its not what you know its who you know in this business, trust me.
Its not how good you are its who you know. You can be the best hypnotist in
the world but if you dont get out there and network to meet people youre not
going to get anywhere and so much of this profession is networkingnetworking-
networking, meeting people and being a social butterfly for a
while, you just have to do it.
I dont have to do it as much as I used to, but when I first started I busted my
ass doing this. So, Im letting you know that I busted my ass doing this for
years, being out there and meeting people, which is what got me around the
world numerous times. Thats what got me to Playboy and six or seven other
countries, where you can command fees that pay you $10,000 to $40,000 a
gig and then you have international exposure.
So you have to pay the price and youll get there if you want it bad enough. If
youre hungry enough youll get there. Whos hungry in here?
All right. Be that hungry and I promise you will get there.
Before we move forward lets take your questions now.
How many languages can you do your show in?
English. Habla Espanol un poquitoenough to get me in trouble.
So you never do translations?
If Im in a foreign country and people dont understand me I just use a
The direct ones, the one that when you say when theyre here
Yes, Ill say something and then Ill have somebody next to me who repeats it
in that language, thats not a problem for me. Why not use a translator? I
dont care as long as Im getting paid.
Do you have any experience using agents or booking companies and do you
have any thoughts or advice on that?
Yes. Well get to that shortly.
Its about uploading video. If you go to a place called Tube Mogul, it has all
the major video sites on it, so you can simply plug in your video and then itll
upload to all the major sites and will then get tracking on how many hits you
get from each site.
I strongly advise you, if youre going into social media, if you dont know your
way about to get someone that does. It can be a bit expensive, but its well
worth it, because you can get huge doing that.
Do you need to have releases from the people who are in your shows if
youre going to put them out, broadcast them, like on YouTube and your
Yes, you should get releases. Good question.
How do you do that?
I ask them for them. No, I tell them before the show that this is going to be
videotaped and have them sign a release form that releases me of any
liability and says they agree to be videotaped, be on any medium and that
they release all rights to me.
Thats everyone who comes in the door?
Everyone that comes up on my stage that I use for a video.
He asked, just the people on the stage right?
Listen, I tell people before the show begins, I say listen this is being
videotaped. If you do not want to be videotaped do not come up on my stage,
because I will sell this videotape. Again, if you do not want to be on my stage
and videotaped, do not come up on stage. If you come up on my stage then
youre giving me permission to be videotaped and I say that as Im being
videotaped, so when they come up my ass is covered.
Lets move on. The other thing with promotions is this.
6. Newspaper articles
Whenever you go to do a show you want to send out a press release to every
newspaper and radio station in town. You want to send a press release to
every television station in town. You want to send a press release to every
Internet development company in the area to let them know that you are
going to be in town. You want to let them know who you are, what your show
is about, what youll be doing in your show and how to contact you for
If you want free publicity then you need to contact all the media. Ninety
percent of the time you will be turned down. If you are persistent you will be
on the phone, in the studio, in front of somebody or on TV giving an interview.
Its the coolest thing ever. Once youre on TV, you are the local celebrity.
Once youre on the radio, everybody hears you.
When I was in Dubai, I dont know how they heard about the show, but all of
a sudden Virgin Radio picked up on it and we didnt have to pay them a dime,
but they asked me to come to their studio and they did a 45 minute interview.
Their listenership was 500,000 people in the Gulf region. The highest
listenership of any radio station and it cost me nothing.
Do you know how much it would cost you to buy 45 minutes of time on radio
during drive time?
Twenty thousand a month.
More money than you make in a year for most people, I think. Its very
expensive and it was free. Same thing happened with another radio station.
They did the same thing and gave me a 30 minute spot, just because they
were fascinated with hypnosis and they thought it was great that I was the
worlds fastest hypnotist and from America. Plus, I had a very good manager
who was busting doors down to get me in.
Hes always out there beating on the doors thats his job, is to promote me
and brand me in the Middle East. If you get somebody like that and make it a
partnership, you can go a long ways. Just know who you are and what your
limitations are, then develop a group to work with and share the bounty with
Lets say you do radio and TV shows, youve sent press releases, you follow
up with phone calls and send emails. Maybe you talk to people, keep
knocking on doors, keep sending emails and get on the phone to talk with
these people. Thats how you get on the radio and TV or in the newspaper.
7. How about doing some lecture demos free?
If you want to get major exposure out there, write to the paper. Send them
something that says listen, free demonstrations with free lecture on hypnosis.
The public is invited at no charge, 1 hour free lecture. Youd be amazed at
how many people will show up.
I used to do stop smoking weight loss seminars and charge people $60-$70
apiece. I got maybe 50 to 100 people in there so I said forget about it its free.
Stop smoking no charge. All of a sudden I doubled and tripled the number of
people coming to the seminars. Fine, Id just sell in the back of the room my
programs to stop smoking and lose weight and made more money that way
then I did by charging them to come to the seminar.
Then, if you were doing a show, thats a bonus because when youre in a
town doing a show, the next night youre ready to do a stop smoking/ weight
loss seminar or stress management seminar. Do you know how many people
will come to it? Most of them.
So if youre doing a show and you have 200 people there, theyll go out and
tell people wow! I saw that hypnotist he was fantastic and by the way,
tomorrow hes going to conduct a weight loss/stop smoking and stress
management seminar; lets go. Theyre going to go out there and bring
people back. It wont cost you anything. You could probably pick up an extra
$5000 to $10,000 doing that.
Thats why I live in Montana. Ill go there and do a show and then Ill go
fishing for two or three weeks. Thats why I do this, so I can go fishing. I like
to fish and mountain bike.
How do you contact agents and deal with them? What has your experience
been, in terms of their ability to help?
It depends on the agent. Most agents arent going to deal with you unless you
can produce extraordinary amounts of money for them. If you can fill a room
with 1000 to 2000 people six nights a week, theyll go Im interested in you,
because thats more money in their pocket. There are a lot of sites out there
where they have different people promoting hypnotists, magicians and things
like that.
If you want to get on a site, there are some sites like All Time Favorites, Gig
Masters, Super Solid Something, but there are different sites where you can
put your information or DVD about you the stage hypnotist. It will cost but
people use it. Party Pop is another one, but youll get some gigs from them
and youll also be on there with about 300 to 500 other hypnotists competing
for the same person whos looking for you.
The competition is stiff buthow many people in here golf raise your hands?
You true blue golfers, when you go out and golf who do you play against?
Yourself. This is no different. Youre not in competition with any other
hypnotists. Listen to this, theres more of enough of everything for everybody.
If you want to attract shows attract abundance and you attract abundance by
knowing theres more than enough of everything for everybody.
If you get into the spirit of competition with other people, then youre going to
be competing with everybody. All you have to do is go out there and be the
best you can be for yourself and the Universe will go; what an awesome
person you are. You are there to support everybody, so support everybody
and youll be supported yourself. If you do that youll have a massive amount
of business coming to you at all times.
Caveatyou have to get out there and bust your butt right. You still have to
work. You still have to get out there and get the experience. You have to
knock on doors. Working with agents can be tricky, because a lot of agents
dont take people like us in this business, so most people in this business
become their own agents. You promote yourself and you may find somebody
that you work with that does promotions for you.
I have a guy now and thats what he does, he just does promotions for me,
which is cool I dont have to deal with it and I dont really want to I hate it. I
dont like the business part of it. I need to know the business part of it but at
some point I said okay, if he goes out there and gets me a show for $10,000
a night and he gets $2000 or $3000 grand of that thats $7000 grand I didnt
have to begin with, why not?
Theres more than enough of everything for everybody, right?
So keep that in mind. When youre working with agents, theyll take anywhere
between 10 and 30% of your chunk at the door.
When I first started with this I worked with different agents in Salt Lake City
and they actually got me a lot of work. They would charge me 20%. No big
deal, because they got me into a lot of nightclubs and got me a lot of work
because they were the entertainment bureau, so they worked with a lot of
different entertainers.
I happened to be very good at what I did, so they got me a lot of gigs. There
were some other hypnotists running around town at that time and by the time
I got done with the town I was the last man standing, because I worked very
hard at what I did. I wasnt trying to get rid of anybody, just go out and do
your thing. Be your genuine, authentic self and be good at it.
Theres not much more you can say about working with agents. When you go
into venue you can do door splits also, for example, you go into a club and
they dont have the $1500 or $2000 to pay you for a show because theyre
used to paying a band $500 to $700 a night for 5 guys and who are you, just
one person and you want $2000. They laugh at you, for what? These guys
are going to play all night, youre only going to be on for an hour, thats
insane and they dont like that.
So you can do a door split. Well charge $15 at the door, you keep half and I
take half, hows that for an hour? Thats not a bad deal for either of you. It
gets you in the door and gets you a lot of work. This is a good way to get
yourself in the door. Say Ill do nothing man, just give me the door and you
keep all the booze. If you start trying to get the booze from them, getting a
percentage of that then theyll get queasy on you.
So, youre for-walling, you buy the venue, pay for all the promotion, you take
all the risk and you take whatever you get at the door. By the end of the night
you hope you broke even. Sometimes you can do very well. I for-wall all the
time now and I wouldnt do it unless I was making money.
Where To Get Hired
How do you get booked at county fairs?
I talked about that earlier. If you want to get booked at a county fair, go to the
IAFE, because thats the only way theyre going to hire you. You may be able
to talk to your local fair board director and sell yourself, but they usually have,
because the fairs come up through June, July, August and September in the
states. But here it is March, theyve already gone in November and have
booked their acts, so most of the county fairs are already done and over with
for this year. So come this November, if you want part of the action you need
to go to the expo.
Colleges also have one called NACA. In order to get on the college circuit,
most of the timeand a lot of times I can call and talk to different fraternities
and get in there with them theyll hire youif you want to get on the college
circuit you need to go to this NACA. They hold it every year and you have to
showcase your show in front of a group of people. They will choose who they
feel is the best suited person to put on the tour for all the colleges around the
Myself, I call the different universities that I want to work at and talk to a
different fraternity or organization there. Ill say listen, Im a hypnotist. How
would you like to make some money? Theyll want to make money for their
organization, so you work out a deal with them. Its very simple to do, and
then you dont have to go to the NACA.
High schools take your promo pack, send it to the principal. After you send it
to the principal you call them up on the phone. Hello Mr. Principal, this is Joe
the hypnotist did you get that promo pack I sent you? Yes, I did. Awesome!
What did you think about that? It sucks Im not interested. Okay, great do you
know anybody who would be? Or, I dont know I havent had time to look at it.
Well, Ill tell you what, when you have a moment to look at it is it okay if I give
you a call back?
My website is on there and we have lots of additional information on there.
High schools are no different you simply approach the principal at the high
schools. Then, every high school has a grad night. Hypnotists are the favorite
at grad nights across this country. High schools love the hypnotist on grad
Grad night is when they lock all the kids in for the night and they have
entertainers come in and do things. Hypnotists are a favorite there. They
dont have big budgets, but if you do 20 grad nights in a month and you
charge them only $1000, thats not a bad month right? Thats not a bad way
to go.
A lot of people like to specialize in different markets and thats how you
approach them.
There again, whatever state you live in, go to different cities and to their high
schools or send them all a promo kit and an email. Call them up and ask who
you need to talk to. You have to do the footwork. You have to knock on doors
to make anything happen. You have to go out there and do it. You have the
skills, now you have to go do the business. This is show business.
Heres what frustrates me sometimes. People look at what I do and they go
well geez, who do you think you are, you go out there and make $10,000 a
night to do a show, $20,000 on this thing and $5000 grand on that. Its like
they get an attitude with me and you know what, Ive spent 25 years busting
my ass to do this. You dont know what goes on behind the scenes. For every
one hour show that I do it probably takes me five to six hours of preparation
before and after, so its not just about going out there and doing the one hour
Youve spent hours developing this show by doing your work with the DVDs
and your promos, updating your website and talking to the media, whoever.
You have done a lot of work beforehand to make sure your show comes off
without a hitch, that you make money, they get entertained and that you
follow up with whoever wants to talk with you afterwards.
So never feel bad for charging people a lot of money for what you do,
because youre worth it. Youve put in the work. In just these four days you
guys are busting your balls, right guys.
Q&A Session
Ill take questions right now and then well go on with more of the business.
Just on the concept of for-walling you call it, thats where you say Im going to
rent out this hall and Im going to keep some of the money of the tickets and
the venue gets the other half or whatever percentage youre giving them or
do you keep all the money?
All themoney. You also have all the risk.
So with that youre going to advertise yourself beforehand, because you said
before, never be like a sideshow, you always want to be the destination. So
youre going to make sure you advertise yourself before that?
Thats right.
You do that and sell your own tickets. For example, when I do a show like
that I do all my own ticketing. I use PayPal. Its simple and easy, Ive used it
for years its a piece of cake. When I go to do a show and do a for-wall, Ill
say buy your tickets here, they click here and go to my sales page. It asks
how many tickets you want. If they buy one ticket they pay top price, if they
buy four or five, Ill take a couple dollars off. The more tickets you buy the
less it is. It goes through PayPal and into my bank account. Ka-ching and Im
I also do something else, I put on there that everybody who goes to my
website and buys a ticket Im going to give them two free audio CDs that are
worth more than the cost of the ticket. A lot of value there, so they come there
and spend $15 and Ill give them $30 to $40 in products.
What does it cost me to do that, to give them something like that? I dont
know maybe $.50 who knows. Its digital. It took me time to create it. I had to
write out scripts, record and edit it. I had to package it and put it on the
website, upload it and do all the design work, because I do all my own design
work on my website.
I dont know about anywhere else in the country, but where I am in South
Carolina, we all have PTA associations and just to let you know, in my own
personal business, its not the principal that runs the business of the school;
his job is to run the school. Its the head PTA teacher association and theyre
always doing fundraisers, so theyre looking for new material and they will
split the funds with you that you bring into it.
They will market and advertise. Theyll send it home through their kids
throughout the entire school system and you can get your name out there.
For instance, Ill go and speak to the parents about college education and
doing different things to get better grants for schools and the PTA Association
will actually charge at the door to have people come and they want to hear it,
so theyre always looking for a fundraiser, so thats a great idea.
Let me talk a little bit more on that so we dont get too far off.
I do a lot of fundraisers, they area great way to make money. It costs you
absolutely nothing to do. In fact, I did one two months ago at this little high
school called Eureka in the north country of where I live. They had me do it
last year and I had so much bloody fun I did it again this year, they asked me
to come back.
Its not bad, I go do a fundraiser, they do all the work, I walk away with over
$2500 and they walked away raising like $4000 themselves. I dont care. Its
a community service thing for me. They do all the work and I still didnt get
paid a bad salary, I got paid very well and it was only an hour drive from
where I live. They put me up in a hotel for the night. I sold a bunch of
products at the end of it.
Thats what I was going to say then you can sell all your products at the back
Thats right at the back of the room. Its a no-brainer. Ive got the whole
fundraising thing down. If you need more information you know where to find
me, go to my website and drop me an email so we can talk more about that.
When you do a for-wall, do you arrange preliminary acts for yourself or do
you just do it all by yourself?
It depends. For example, a couple years ago I opened a non-smoking
comedy club in Kalispell and I ran it for three months, then I got divorced and
took some time off to deal with that. What I did there was a lot of fun because
I did a weekly show and I had comics come in who would doI did my show
once or twice a month, because it was always the biggest thing that
happened there.
I would have comedians come in and thered be an opening act for 20
minutes and then I would do the headliner. Same thing comics, you have an
opening act and then you have a headliner.
Did you pay the comics or do you negotiate?
I tell them what Im going to pay them. If they want to work in my club theyre
going to take what they get, its pretty simple.
Back to the equipmentare you schlepping all that from venue to venue? Do
you take all that equipment with you?
If the venue doesnt have it I take it with me.
How does that translate when you travel?
If I have to travel, it depends, if Im traveling within three hours its no big deal,
Ive got a mini van that will haul all my road gear, so I have a road van that
goes with me when I do local stuff. If I jump on a plane and go somewhere, I
just hire a local DJ, I dont worry about it and they do all this.
This is your basic setup if you have your own equipment. Even locally I hardly
take mine out of the garage anymore, because I have people I can pay to do
it all. I dont want to lift anything anymore. Im tired. Maybe when my son gets
bigger he can do it for me, but right now hes not big enough.
Types Of Venues
When youre working at high schools and colleges, the people are floppers.
Theyre easy to work with when youre doing a hypnosis show. The easiest
shows youll ever do is working the high schools and colleges, because
theyre highly responsive, theyre a lot of fun so you can walk up to them, sit
them down in the chairs and say sleep, sleep, sleep and have a lot of fun with
The induction is nothing more then just dramatic. It adds a layer of suspense
and drama to your show, so please do that also because it looks cool. People
like to see people get hypnotized, falling all over and youll see some people
dropping sooner than others. Working with them is different than working in a
nightclub or in a corporate gig where people are a little more hardwired to
who they think they are, so your job is a little more difficult, because theyre
either drinking or they have rigidity of thought because of where they are.
Military is different too. If you happen to get a gig on a military base, which is
very uncommon because they tell you to never let yourself be hypnotized.
But, if you happen to get onto a military baseand I had a lady who called
me on this a while back, because she was thinking about doing mentoring
with meshe decided she couldnt afford it so she paid me by the hour to just
talk to me and get some feedback.
I think she made a big mistake, but she was doing this military base and she
said nobody would get hypnotized, I didnt know what to do. I said well, what
did you do? She goes I couldnt do anything. I said and thats why you need a
mentor. Had you talked to me beforehand we could have eliminated that
problem right off, because theres a way you talk to people in the military that
you cant talk to the general population.
You have to go in the back door with the military, in the way that their mind
processes information. Hopefully, you have enough skills to do that. I dont
have enough time to go into detail about how to do that exactly with the
military, because its a whole different hypnotic process. But, if you think you
can go to the military and do a regular show, think twice its going to be very
difficult because theyre trained to not be receptive to people who are
hypnotists or interrogating them.
You the hypnotist are an interrogator to them, so you have to learn how to
talk to them, because theyre very rigid. Its the same thing with police
officers. Youll have the same thing with cops up on stage, so you have to
take an entirely different approach with these individuals because theyre
trained to resist people like us.
Who wants to work on a cruise ship?
Hell yeah.
Heres what you have to do. You have to get a hold of the cruise director, the
entertainment director on the cruise ship. You have to bang on doors and
sending out promo stuff. You have to go knock on the door and if I were you I
would go meet them personally. If you want to go on a cruise line go down
and meet them personally. Take a cruise. The cruise director is usually on
They already have entertainment, say hey listen Im a hypnotist. Maybe theyll
let you get up there and do something real quick, who knows? Thats how
you get on a cruise ship youve got to talk to the entertainment director
because they book all the shows.
Now, youll get a lot of entertainment directors on cruise ships and in places
like Las Vegas and in casinos around the country that will only work through
a talent agency. How do you get into a talent agency? The same way, like
this, and if you dont have all the big references under your name you fake it
till you make it.
Go meet these people personally, develop a relationship with them because if
you think youre going to pick up the phone and say hey, my names Spencer
man Im a hypnotist and Ive got nothing to back that up, can you put me on
your roster of entertainers? Theyre going to say who the hell are you?
Because they have dozens of people with big names that have worldwide
followers, so the best way to do that is to go wherever their office is, knock on
their doors and have a meeting with them.
When youre dealing with talent agents and things like that, honestly, the best
way is to network. Take the time, spend the money, go knock on their door
and take them out to lunch. Build a relationship with them and let them know
youre a real person, youre good at what you do, youre looking for some
work and would they support you in it. Does that make sense? Its not easy,
but it can be done.
Im not creating a downer for anybody here am I?
Giving you a lot of good ideas, right?
Do you want to know the business of show business? Youre going to get it
from me, here it comes.
How to book a theater? The theater is no different than any other gig. If you
go to a nice theater that seats 2000 people, a very ornate thing in your local
community, theyre going to charge you $2000 - $3000 a night to book a
show. Then theyre probably going to want to take a cut out of your profit.
But on the upside, when you work with a theater they will also do ticket sales
for you, which theyll take a percentage from. Theyll have a ticketing agency
they work with. And for the most part they also have to work with unions, so
you have to have union techs working on-site also, so theres a lot of extra
expense like security and staff that comes into play that you have to figure
into your hypnosis show if you want to work in a larger venue.
Now, thats if youre buying it and for-walling it. You may be able to sell it to
them. If you want to sell your show to a theater or to somebody else, then
youll want to find a sponsor. A sponsor is a person who pays you a lot of
money $500, $1000 or $5000. They give that to you so that they can be
associated with you and your show.
They want that, because when you do a show and they have a poster of you
out there, their name is on their, whether its Hertz or Nike, Nokia, Marlboro,
whoever it is, they get to put their name on there. Its play money to them, but
they want to make sure its branded correctly, so if youre good at what you
do, you treat people right and you have a good reputation, you might pick up
a sponsor and thats always a good thing.
When I went to Dubai I had a sponsor who paid for all my limousine services.
I had a sponsor who paid for my hotels. I had a sponsor that bought my
roundtrip first-class airfare, thats $15,000 to $16,000 just for that. I dont want
to pay for that. I could go coach for $1000, but why? Why, when you can sit in
first-class in little cubicles where your chair reclines and has a little vibrating
massager on it, you have your own private little TV and you get free drinks
and food the entire trip? Why go coach when you can go first-class?
Especially when you have a sponsor, so when you work it out right you find
sponsors to help you and you can find sponsors even at this level. When I do
shows I look for sponsors. Hell, even in Kalispell, Ill go around to people I
know and say hey, how would you like to sponsor this thing? They ask what I
mean and I say well, I have to sell tickets, etc.
Its like, you could use more help in your business so just imagine, 200-300
people out there hypnotized when I say go shopping at the Redneck check,
would that not be cool? I really have a sponsor with that name in Montana.
She has this antique store and boutique, shes a cool lady.
Do you see what Im saying? Who in your community can do that? Maybe its
the local insurance agency. Maybe its a local automotive dealer. Automotive
dealers are cool, somebody who worked for me did it, went to this automotive
dealer and said listen, we need a sponsor and this guy bought 50 tickets on
the spot to the show so that we would put his name on our posters.
Isnt that cool? What he did was he took the 50 tickets and then he put an ad
in the paper telling people that he was giving away free tickets to the comedy
hypnosis show for Spencer at How much more free publicity
did I get from that?
A lot.
You see what Im saying. Am I getting the wheels turning here? There are a
lot of ways that you can promote yourselves, just be creative. The sky is the
limit in this business.
Extra Cash
How to make extra cash? Again, the back of the room. People are going to
buy the stop smoking/weight loss/stress management/insomniathats what I
sell the most of. I dont carry anything with me anymore because thats what
people buy. They also buy my hypno-sex. They really do, when Im doing
these shows and there again, if you dont have that yet I encourage you
strongly to get that, because it has everything you need in there that people
will buy in the back of the room.
If you already have your own products, feel free to use them, if you dont,
dont rewrite the will. Get it, use it, take the products you know, copy them
and put your name on there it doesnt matter. Its already done, so make life
simple for yourself. So thats where the money is, theres a lot of money in the
back room sales.
Besides that, when youre doing your show, other extra cash is your weekend
seminars. Say you do a show on a Thursday or Friday night, Saturday night
youre doing a seminar or Saturday afternoon youre doing a seminar. Or,
youre going to spend the weekend, you do a show Saturday night...the best
nights to do a show are Wednesday through Saturday. Stay away from
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
I wouldnt do it those days unless somebody else buys you and pays you to
do it as a corporate gig. Do not try to for-wall yourself on a Sunday, Monday
or Tuesday. Wednesday is iffy, Thursday is iffy, Friday and Saturday are nobrainers,
but youre in competition for all the other local things because
weekends is the time when people party, so thats the time to do it.
Weekend seminars, also when youre doing your shows, people are going to
want hypnotherapy, be prepared to spend an extra day. If you do a show
Friday night, hey Ill be here all day tomorrow. If you need hypnotherapy Ill be
here. Its $150 a session or whatever you want to charge, have them come to
your hotel room and make sure you have a nice suite so they dont feel like
theyre in the fleabag road kill motel from hell.
Make sure youre in a nice five-star hotel suite and everything is made up so
they dont feel uncomfortable coming to your room and make sure when you
do a show that you videotape each and every show. People up here will buy
videotapes to your show. They will buy videotapes of what happened, so
videotape each and every show because youll make an extra $20-$40 for
every person that buys a videotape.
If you have 10 people up here, multiply that by 30, which gives you some
extra chunk change there also.
Maybe Im a little bit beyond this, because before you were talking about how
great your show was keeping it clean and how a clean show gets you the
greatest audience, but I see a lot of hypnotists here on the strip and big
venues like in New York or Las Vegas. They have a technique called a
handshake orgasm.
I know it sounds weird but here on the strip there are a lot of big time
hypnotists that do that. How would that fit into our venue? What were trying
to do right now in order to make the mostmoney?
Thats not weird. Im going to answer this and then Im done.
I would say this, if youre working in a nightclub and thats what people
expect, have fun with it. If you want to make the most money, stay away from
it. Thats all I can say in what youre doing.
Here in Vegas, this is sin city, people want to see nutty, fruity, crazy things so
if I walk up to somebody and its been a great show, when I shake your hand
youre going to have the most incredibly orgasm youve ever had in your
entire life, goodnight. You can do that if thats what you want to be known as
and Igor mentioned that yesterday, if you want to be known as that, you will
be labeled as that and people will always know you for that which will limit
you in what you can do.
That said, were going to break, time is up and well talk to you afterwards
Did you all learn a lot?
DVD 14 Your State Hypnosis Business Questions
Q&A Session
Wow, I didnt realize I was doing another segment. Ive got to see what
were doing. I was crunching all this stuff thinking, man, Im out of time.
Wow. I dont have anything else to say now.
What about hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy? Oh boy, you guys are so needy. Im going to have to do
some hypnotherapy, I guess. I say that in a loving way, of course. What I
want to do is give you a little bit of Q&A because if you have any more
specific questions I mean theres a lot to cover. In the business, I covered
a lot of information there, I know.
We talked about agents, colleges, high schools, clubs, military, theaters,
cruise ships and so on. So theres a lot of information. We talked about
insurance, where to get insurance and everything else. If you have more
specific questions, I want you to ask me that because, truly, I am here for
you. If theres a question you have on your mind that you did not ask me, I
am not going to be responsible for that because Im going to do my best to
give you everything that Ive got.
So if theres something specific, now is your time to please, please ask me
that question specifically. If youve got a microphone, please stand up back
there, my dear.
Hello. I just want to find out what length of time does it take to promote a gig
if youre going to for-wall it yourself?
That is an excellent question. Her question is how long does it take how
much leeway should you give yourself if youre going to do a show? Boy oh
boy oh. Thats a dandy question. There are so many answers to it. So Im
going to give you three of them.
1. I dont know.
2. As a rule of thumb, if youre doing a large venue, like in a theater,
you want to give yourself anywhere between Im talking about a
theater that seats 2,000 or 3,000 people, right. One of these nice
theaters where they do operas and things at. If youre doing a gig like
that, youre going to give yourself three to six months.
Truthfully, when youre working with those theaters, they arent going to
deal with you unless you have at least three to six months to work with,
preferably six months. Theyve got these things booked out way far out
ahead of time, and theyve got it down to a rocket science, and they want
that much time to help you promote your show so that its successful.
3. That said Ive put together a show in a week.
Would that be for a local gig?
For a local gig? Yeah, it can be for a local gig. Heres an interesting thought
on that. The thing I just did in Dubai there again, a lot of its a cultural
thing, too. When we put that together, I was approached on that is this
March? Okay, I was there in February 8, 9, 10 to the 16th and I stayed
another week. We did not start promoting that until a month before.
I was telling the guy, I said you know what? We do not have enough time. I
mean this is insane. Were spending over $40,000 to do this. Thats not
enough time. You know what? Small market, social networking, it was a
click, Im a hypnotist, Im an American, Ive got a good rsum, people went
there and saw it and said, lets go do it.
And you got full shows out of that?
You got full shows out of that?
We had nice full shows, and then we got invited to a place called Kavalis,
where they just wanted me to do a demonstration. So we went there and
they paid me to go over there just to have appearance. I didnt have to do
anything, just appear.
Thank you.
After that, they hired me to come back and do a show a week later. Then
they put me up in a nice flat for a week. So you never know when you get
going with it, but if youre doing a local gig for example, lets say youre
doing the local Lions Club in your home town, give yourself a month for
Heres why. Because when you do the promotions in your local market
and maybe six weeks might be better because you want to make sure
that you get in all the local rags, the newspapers, the throwaways and
everything, and you can get free listings in all of those. If you go to the
newspapers and on the Internet, now they have a place to submit your
event. So submit your event. Do it in advance. Give it six weeks so people
can read about it.
Then a lot of magazines are monthly magazines, all your big entertainment
magazines in a lot of your smaller municipalities, and they come out once a
month. So you want to have that time to put it in there, even if its a free
listing, or if you take out a nice quarter page or half page or full page ad,
which is going to cost you more money. You want to make sure that you
have enough time to get it into every paper that everybodys going to be
Every market will dictate where you want to spend money on promotion.
Hands down, if youre going to spend money on promotions, radio is the
best. There again, talk to your local market and find out how to do it. Its
There used to be in the day where you could go into any town and get radio
interviews. A lot of the bigger radio stations now, the ones that are owned
by larger corporations, unless you spend a lot of money for advertising, they
will not have you come in for an interview. There again, thats in the states
anymore. Some of the smaller stations that are locally owned will be happy
to have you come in for an interview. There again, you have to still do the
work. Knock, knock, knock on doors.
The thing that I like to do after Im done with interviews with the radio
people is like to send them a little gift as a thank you. If they drink, I can
send them a nice bottle of champagne or a nice bottle of vino. Or if its a
lady, Ill send them some flowers or send them a couple of tickets to a
dinner somewhere. Just treat them good. They took care of you, so take
care of them. Then theyll be happy to have you come back for another
interview the next time you come to town.
Six weeks, depending on if youre doing a fund raiser where youve got a
whole school doing all the work for you. That makes it really nice.
What kind of skits do you prefer when youre doing corporate work?
What type of skits do I prefer?
Yeah. Is there anything in particular that you go for? I mean youre not
going to be doing the strip teases and stuff like that necessarily.
Yes, I will. Ill do a strip tease, but Ill strip it down so its not so teasing. Do
you see what Im saying? You can do these same routines. I have my same
routines that Ive done for years. Its just that how I present them may
change between a nightclub, a college or a corporate clean show.
So Ill change how I structure it and the way that I use words. My
vocabulary may change, obviously, because I dont want to use curse
words that may slip out in a nightclub-type environment where they kind of
expect that.
What I do in that kind of situation is I put the onerous on the individuals. I
will give a suggestion and let them make up the bloops, the blips and the
blunders. If they do it, then its okay. I just say, whoa. If they do it, its their
fault, and if I do it, then it looks bad on me.
I know youre at the point now where you can probably sit back and people
just call you. Hey, Don, come do a show. In the beginning you had to bust
your keester. How long do you think you were just pounding it and pounding
it before they just started calling you?
You know what? I think that there are days when I still feel like Im pounding
it. No matter how long youve been in this business. Doing stage hypnosis I
think is a whole different level of entertainment than if youre a rock star or
something like that and you have millions of followers around the world
because we dont have an original song that everybodys going to be
singing. So its a different kind of structure.
So I think the way that I like to look at it is, you know what? When the
rollercoasters going, jump on and just go with the flow. If its going downhill
and youre just flying, go with it because tomorrow it may be going uphill
and it might be a little bit more of a struggle. Thats how I look at that.
Sure. To answer that a little bit more specifically, also because I busted my
butt for about five years doing a lot of nightclubs, I worked the nightclub
circuit hard. I was living in Salt Lake City, and I worked everything between
Salt Lake; Provo; Ogden; Twin Falls, Idaho; Boise, Idaho; Jackson Hole,
Wyoming; St. George, Utah; Wendover, Nevada; Sun Valley, Idaho; Park
City; Deer Valley; and every municipality and every city you could imagine
in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming because that was my region.
I worked a lot of those just going around doing nightclubs. I worked really
hard doing all those for about five years. After doing that, a lot of them knew
me and Id just call them up and say, hey, Im going to be in town next
week, can you get me on. Theyd say yeah, right on, wed love to see you
Theres a lot of follow up. So if you go and do a good show, and people are
happy and theyre making money, then theyre going to want to have you
back. But I busted my butt for a number of years, and then I think what
really helped me too is when I began working in the theater for 6 years
because I had anywhere from 300, 400 or 500 people a week coming to my
show. So then you have a whole different level because youve got all these
people, and youre consistent.
Youve drive down State Street, and youre always seeing your sign up
there Worlds Fastest Hypnotist, Every Saturday Night. When you 70,000
drive-bys a day seeing it, thats pretty good publicity. Then all of the
sudden, all the people in the Utah market starting calling me for corporate
Then I had people who would come to the show that were in Salt Lake and
had heard about me who were from outside the area. Then they would
begin calling me for corporate gigs because they had recognized me. Then
I would get people from around the world calling me. Hollywood called me
for some gigs, so I got those also doing some fun stuff.
So it will snowball?
It will snowball, but youve got to put in the work. If you put in the work, the
effort, and make yourself known, its going to happen. If you want to be a
celebrity in your local market, find yourself a place to do a show and do it
every single week. Do it. If you do it, youre going to get a following. If you
live in a small place where you dont have enough people to come every
week, sacrifice people. Sacrifice. Youre going to have to move to a bigger
Make it happen, even if you have to get on a plane and fly. Where I live,
theres nobody there. I could probably do a show once a month and get
away with it because people are just bored to death and they want
something to do.
Do you do the same show every week if youre doing it in the same place?
Guess what? Heres the nice thing about being a hypnotist. You can do the
same show in the same place every week and have a different audience,
and its always a new show. But I do have a lot of routines where I can
change it up.
Im sorry, youve mentioned a couple of times about problems with doing
military and police people. Can you give us a three-minute real short what
the problem is and a better way to approach it, just a three minute blurp?
Oh how you go in the back door? You want to know the real deep secrets?
Well, yeah. Thats why Im here.
Oh youre here for the military?
No, if theres a potential problem, Id like to run into it before I hit it.
All you have to do is go to the Middle East, and youre on their list. Yeah,
you go in the back door, its the same thing. All I do is I just become the drill
sergeant. Thats real simple. I just become the drill sergeant at that point. Ill
just play the routine. Listen, this whole thing is just an act anyway. So it
doesnt matter where Im at, Ill just fall into the role of where I think I need
to be to fit the scenario.
If Im doing a corporate gig, Im not going to be as crazy and animated as I
normally am. Ill just be a little bit more reserved, a little bit more
conventional and Ill change my movements. Ill be a little bit more elegant.
Ill be more like Igor, which is a good thing. He has a style of presentation
that he does, so I will move into this role in a corporate situation to make
sure that everybody is following along with what I have to say.
So Ill just switch my personality in order to give the experience that people
need. Military is very structured and rigid. Its kind of like, sit back in your
chairs. Now I want to tell you right now that you will not tell me any of your
secrets. I am not here to get any military secrets from you. You are here for
one reason and one reason alone, and that is to have a good time. Usually,
thats enough for me to get what I need out of them.
Does that help? Okay, sure.
You had mentioned that you sell the DVD of the show.
Yes, maam.
How do you do that because its going to take a little while to get that?
There are two ways to do that.
1. You can travel with a DVD recorder that duplicates four, five or six
CDs or DVDs at a time. You can do your show and have that all
prepared within about 15 minutes. Everythings done. Here you go.
People are going to be hanging around that long.
2. If you dont have that capacity, because that will cost you an extra
grand to get a machine that does that, you can simply just tell them
youll have it to them in a week or two. Go home, make dupes and
send it to them.
Which way is the best? Have them fill out a coupon with name, address and
all that good stuff?
Yeah, what I do is when somebody wants that for example, lets say I just
did a show and you want a copy of my tape, and I dont have any way to
reproduce it right now. So I just simply say all I need is a check and Ill have
that out to you in about a week.
Money, money, money, money money talks and bullshit walks. This is
true. Listen, check this out. Now this is about as crazy as it gets. I was
doing this show in Dubai and I told everybody up on stage, if youre up here
on stage, I invite you to come back tomorrow night, no charge, its on me
because you were on stage, and I want you to watch the show. I do that in
my shows for people who were up on stage. I invite them to come back to
the next show if Im going to be there.
So this one guy comes up and goes, Mr. Spencer, Im not going to be here
tomorrow night, so can I have one of your DVDs instead for the cost of
that? I go, of course not. He wanted a DVD on how to hypnotize in
exchange for not being there the next night. He goes, but if Im not going to
be here and you were going to give me a seat anyway, why cant I have a
DVD? I said, because you cant. Youre either here or youre not. Its not a
big deal.
When you were talking about wardrobe before, is that a tax write-off? And
your stage appearance?
Yeah. Your whole life is a write-off. I love it.
Are there any other peculiar things that we might not think of?
The cool thing about it is your life, basically, does become a write-off. If
there are any tax accountants in here, tell me Im wrong or correct me. Your
wardrobe hey, this watch, I bought it for my show. I got this jewelry for my
show. I bought these for my show. This shirt is for my show. I have to go
out to dinner to talk to somebody. Its for my show. I have to drive from here
to there, Ive got write it off. Its for my show.
Do you think Id cut my hair if it wasnt for my show? No, I would not. Youve
got to have the look. So everything actually becomes a write-off. There
again, I will instruct you to talk to your tax accountant and let them give you
legal advice on that. Personally, everything is a write-off because you are
the product. As a stage hypnotist, youre the product. So its pretty groovy.
A couple of things. Wouldnt you say, first of all, just to kind of ponder a
minute, that in a way, were getting a break in a way that hypnosis has kind
of come a long ways since 25 years ago. I imagine it was really difficult
breaking in 25 years ago. It seems to have gained some more credibility.
The second thing is when you say you do a demo after your show, whats a
I never said I do a demo, but let address the first thing you said. Hypnosis
has come a long way over the last 25 years. I give a lot of credit of that to
the stage hypnotist. Truthfully, without the stage hypnotist, most hypnosis
would go away because the stage hypnotist creates and excites the
imagination for a lot of people. It has given credibility to the field of
I started as a hypnotherapist. When I started as a hypnotherapist years
ago, we were in about the same position as 20 years before than when
chiropractors real quack-o-practors. Thats what they were. Now theyre just
a money-making machine. No offense to anybody whos a chiropractor. You
have fine tuned it like dentists have also. Theyve learned how to make a lot
of money doing their profession.
Hypnotherapists now some people have also brought that to a level where
they have streamlined it into programs that make them a lot of money at the
same time. So hypnosis has come a long way over the last 20 years. Thank
you mostly to the ongoing workings of the stage hypnotist and to those
people in the hypnotherapy profession who have worked very, very hard to
bring it to a level of excellence and professionalism that it deserves.
In truth, the professional hypnotherapist is more highly qualified to deal with
the human psyche than any psychologist or any psychiatrist that Ive ever
met. How many of you would agree with that statement? Thats right
because its a specialized field. We are masters in working with the human
We have taken the time to learn what motivates human beings to do what
they do. We learned things like hypnotherapy, hypnosis, NLP,
neurolinguistic programming, and we learned all these other mind
technologies that help us to help other people to understand why people do
what they do.Why do we make the decisions that we do?
The keen observer of human beings, being most of us in this room, we are
in a unique position to be great people-helpers on this planet, better than
anybody else. I think, for me, what I like more than anything is that I have a
unique perspective on human beings that few other people have.
Part of that comes from being a stage hypnotist too, not just being a
hypnotherapist, which is where I began. That gave me one perspective on
people, but going in to the world of stage hypnosis, you have a whole
different dimension. So when I bring that all together, Im just going, whoa.
Its kind of a nutty, fruity world we live in.
What To Charge
Regarding travel, would you suggest the radius? I know that you get paid
for your travel, but for someone whos starting out, when do you negotiate
travel? I know what local might be, but when do you start charging? I mean
Joe got $2,500, but how do you know
The easiest way to do that is just look at where youre going, and you figure
that in on the cost. Lets say, for example, that you live here in Las Vegas,
and somebody wants you to go to LA to do a show. You can jump on a
plane roundtrip for probably $150 or something like that. Or you can drive
down there in about five hours one way and about five hours back.
What I would do is I wouldnt say, well, Im going to charge you $2,000 plus
expenses. I would just say $3,000, all inclusive. They dont want to have to
deal with that. They dont want to have to deal with what do you mean
expenses? What do you mean plus lodging? No, $3,000 all-inclusive and
then you take care of all the incidentals so that they dont have to. Make it
as easy as you possibly can for them.
That said, there are two dimensions to this. Often times when people
contact me, Ill give them a choice of what kind of a show they want. My first
question when somebody calls me is, what is your budget? I want to know
what their budget is.
They go, were thinking about doing a show over here in Los Angeles, and I
know you live in Las Vegas. What do you charge? I go well, let me ask you
first, who is this for? I want to know who the show is for. Ask who its for.
Let me write this down. Maybe this will help. I will switch into my teacher
role now.
Who is the show for?
Where is the show at?
Whats it for?
Who is going to tell me how much money they have? If its a large
corporation, like IBM and theyve got like 20,000 employees, they got some
Ka-chunk change to spend. Not a big deal. So I want to know who they are.
Where its going to be is going to tell me where I have to go. If its only an
hour away its not a big deal. If its four or five hours away or cross-country,
its going to add another dimension to it. Ill ask what its for meaning is it a
private party? Is it a corporate function? What kind of an event is it for?
Whats happening? Whos going to be there and where is it going to be?

Then my next question is:
Whats your budget?
Theyll say oh, we were thinking maybe about $500. I say, well, you know
what? Wow, $500. I think I could find somebody who may be able to do that
for you. I give them two choices. I say heres how I work. I can give you a
couple of different options, and Im going to be happy to send that to you in
an email. Then Ill write it down in an email.
When is the event?
When is the next question? When are you thinking about doing this
because I have to check my calendar? Ive got to make sure that day is
even available to me. If the day is available to me, then well talk further. So
the plot, it thickens.
I want to know when. Oh man, I dont think I can do it on that date because
Im booked up. Or, you know Ive got something thats going to be over here
thats close to you, so I might be able to squeeze you in and give you a
better rate. If I cant, if I have nothing there, then here are your options:
1. Do you want a show where I just come there and give you a
performance, a comedy hypnosis show for your group of 500; or
2. Do you want a production? A production is going to cost a little bit
more, but its a whole lot more fun.
The difference in price is about $2,000. Do you want a lower-end one thats
going to cost you $2,000 or would you like one that might cost you $4,000?
Depending on the location, it could be $3,000 or it could be $6,000. Do you
see what Im saying?
And the difference in a production at a low-end is
The difference in a production is if Im going to do a production, Im going to
make sure that I have special lights, effects and different effect lighting and
everything else. So Im going to build it up and make it look like a real cool
show, like a Vegas show, more of a production. Ill charge extra because
Im going to have to pay extra for it.
My works not going to be that much more, but Im going to have to hire a
crew to do everything else, and Ill hire somebody locally to put that all
together for me.
Hey, Don.

So you then said that you would send an email that has a couple of options.
Then in the options, what do you do? Do you talk about door splits or
different rates?
This has to do with corporate. If corporate calls me. Then after I talk to them
on the phone, I tell them if I get an agreement that they want to do that,
what Im doing is Im talking to them and I already have my computer open.
Ive got my contract out in front of me, and Im already putting their name,
date, phone number, everything in on the contract. Then I say listen, Im
going to ship you over a contract right now because Im so busy right now, I
dont know if I can hold that date for you.
So its already ready for them. Now all they have to do is just sign it and
send it back, and then theyre obligated?
They have to send me a deposit within 72 hours or I cant hold it because I
dont know heres the deal. I get so many calls. If somebody calls me
tomorrow and says, I want to do a show on this date, and I say, well I dont
know. I promised it to these people, but they havent given me a deposit,
and they want to pay me right now. These guys may beg out and I may lose
both of them. I dont want that to happen.
Its like selling a house. A few years ago, I was living in Mesa, Arizona. I
had a very beautiful house on a golf course with a beautiful swimming pool
in the backyard. I had to move from there, so I sold my house. Ill be
damned, the first person I sold it to gave me $2,000, but you always put the
weasel clause in there. So he lost his $2,000 I got, because whatever fell
through for him fell through.
Then I finally sold my house about a week later, and Ill be damned if the
same day I sold it, some guy comes up to me and goes, I want to give you
an extra $50,000 cash for your house. Oh yeah. Wasnt that crazy? So what
do you do? Its the same thing. I always get the deposit up front, and then
the balance within 30 days prior to the show.
I have the contract out to them by email within five minutes. I say, all I need
you to do is sign that and send it back to me by email right now, and then
just put a deposit in the mail. Or Ill send them a link to PayPal where they
can send me a deposit. Thats why I have PayPal, automatic payment. I
may lose a little bit, 2% of fees, but you know what? Ive got it. Ive got
myself a deal. Id rather take the deal right here, right now.
More Q&As
When youre taking the bookings, are you concerned about asking them
about the setup that theyre going to have? Are you going to ask them if
they have a platform or a stage?
What happens is if corporate hires me, I tell them its in the contract I tell
them what I need. Its all spelled out in the contract. I say I need a riser. I
need my riser to be a certain dimension, which is usually about 20 x 12. I
need a backdrop, and I need microphones. Ill hire a local DJ and he can do
the rest of it. I just tell them I need a riser and that Ill hire a local DJ to do
the rest of it.
All right, I have a question from a previous experience this past year. I had
booked a gig for New Years Eve. They paid the deposit and they signed
the contract. My contract states that theyll pay me prior to performance
not 30 days out. Two weeks out she cancelled on me because she
rebooked the room to somebody else. How would you handle somebody
breaking your contract?
A lawsuit. Just sue them.
Do you feel that may hurt your reputation? Because whenever Ive posted
questions on the forum, they think it will ruin my reputation by having a
lawsuit on the books.
This is business. If somebody hires me and they back out on it and if I lose
it because I could have booked that for somebody else for maybe twice as
much, theyre stealing from me. They are stealing from me. I dont take it
personally. Just sue them. No big deal.
I had two questions.
I chose shows like Montel. How do you go about getting gigs there?
Another question is when you double up on a stage show, whats the
advantage of that?
When you double up on a stage show?
Yeah, some hypnotists here have two guys that do the routine. They work
together on stage.
Is there an advantage to that?
What is the advantage?
There is no advantage. Thats just something they wanted to do. I prefer
working by myself.
And TV gigs?
How do you get on TV appearances? How do you get on Montel and Oprah
and all those other goofy shows? Jerry Springer, thats easy. All youve got
to do is be a redneck and say, I had hypno-sex with my neighbors dog.
Thats pretty easy. And the cat was sure pissed off. I know its kind of raw.
If you want to get on those kinds of shows, honestly, every TV show has a
production director. So go on the Internet, look up the show and find out
who produces it, and send them a tape.
If you want to do better than that, go to where they are, knock on the door,
tell them who you are and give them a tape. Tell them who you are and
show them what youve got. Thats how Hollywood works. Hollywood works
best through networking. Its not what you know; its who you know. If you
want to know, youve got to get out there and bust your balls.
There are a number of agencies you can be involved with down in L.A., that
are good for socializing and networking with people. So if you want to get
involved on that level, go down to LA and sign up with a few agencies down
there. Most agencies down there you can sign up with them for nothing.
They dont care, if they get you a gig great for them. If they dont, they
havent lost anything. If they do, they get money off you. So its just another
name on their roster.
Other than that, I would go directly to the company that produces the
various shows, and just begin to research who you need to talk to. Youll
find somebody in there. A lot of those places, they are looking for people
like you. They want to have information from people like you. Then they can
make a decision after they check you out. You never know. Its a crap
shoot. Hollywood is a crap shoot. It really is because you never know.
Even when youre doing a movie, you know what? They dont always pick
the smartest, best-looking, most talented person to do the show. Theyre
looking for a certain type. So these casting agents have something in their
mind that theyre looking at when theyre typecasting people for a show.
I may think Im the perfect person for this part, but they may like the way
this guy looks. Theres something about him that makes more sense than
you; therefore, theyre going to hire him, who has absolutely no experience.
Im going to go, that sucks, but thats Hollywood. Get used to rejection. If
you want to be an actor or if you want to be a performer, get used to
If you want to be the Worlds Greatest Salesperson, get used to rejection
because if you cant handle rejection, you are not going to be able to go all
the way that you need to go to be a successful stage hypnotist or
successful in any other areas of your life. Does that make sense? You guys
all know that. So just go for it, man. Just go for it. Its a natural, normal part
of life, man.
When somebody says no to me, I go, how can I get around that? To me its
nothing more than an opportunity for me to become better, to achieve
greater things.
My personal curiosity, you say you tape every show.
I do.
Youve been doing it
Except the bad ones.
Have you ever done a bad one?
Oh, I have bad shows.
So do you have a library of like 20 years of shows.
I do. I have my very first show I ever did.
Are they tape or digital?
I have boxes full of every performance Ive ever done.
I want to see your first test.
Well, you know, Im going to have to go back and look at the first show
before I can make that commitment.
Im going to do that. Im going to do that for you guys, seriously. Thats a
good challenge for me. Im going to go back and find it. Ill have to convert it
from VHS.
From Polaroid.
Yeah, from Polaroid. It should have been a beta. Beta is better than VHS,
but it was VHS. Ill do that. Ill get it done some time in the next couple of
months. Hold me to it. Write to me and let me know.
I was just going to say what a great marketing idea. Show you now and
then say, look where I came from. I can teach you too.
Okay. Not a bad idea.
I was going to say the same thing. We had the question how long did it
take? Did you have a mentor like Don Spencer teaching you when you first
came into the business?
Well okay, thats a good question did I have a mentor? Let me answer that
for you. When I first began doing this, no, I did not have a mentor. Back in
my day this makes me sound like an old guy but back when I began
doing this, there were no mentors to speak of. There were classes you
could take on stage hypnosis.
I took a class once with Orman McGill, who became a friend of mine. I dont
know if you all know who that was or are familiar with the name, but he was
a good guy and I took a number of classes with him. I lived down in San
Diego at the time, and I first studied hypnosis at a place called The
Hypnotism Training Institute of San Diego. I studied there for a year and a
half, three or four nights a week and on weekends.
Orman was part of the staff, and he came in four or five times during the
year and a half. One of the classes he did was on stage hypnosis. I think it
was only like a three- or four-hour class where he did some hypnosis on
people and then he talked about it.
Was it extensive? No. Did they have any mentors? No. I learned the hard
way. I went around and I watched every stage hypnosis show I could
possibly see. I watched every hypnotist that was out there doing anything at
the time to see what they were doing. I said to myself, I can be better than
that. I hope that youre sitting out there right now looking at me saying, I can
be better than Spencer because I want you to.
Thats the attitude you have to have. I can be better than that guy. To me, if
I get my ego out of the way, there are a lot of guys out there that do great
shows. I think its awesome to watch people who do really good shows. So
thats how I learned. I just went out and began to watch people and I
thought, you know what, Ive got some cahonies, man. I can do that. So I
just started doing it, and I just kind of like got out there and just started
doing it.
Ill tell you what, if there were someone back then in that day that was a
mentor that could have taken me by the hand and shown me the ins and
outs, I would have hired them like that. No problem, just like I took flying
lessons. I took flying lessons to learn how to fly a plane because I didnt
want to just do it by myself.
I wanted somebody to show me how to do it. Like here, get in there, all
youve got to do is just go. Theres that control, pull that back and make
sure youve got your foot down, man, and there you go. Pull back and have
fun. I scared the hell out of my kids when I took them up.
I hope this is not a silly question, but what do you consider a good show or
a bad show? As long as it goes pretty good, what are you looking for, I
guess, is what Im getting it.
What am I looking for?
Yeah, overall.
Heres what I look for more than anything and I dont really care about the
people that are hypnotized. Theyre going to be goofy anyway. Theyre just
going to be hypnotized and theyre going to do whatever happens. I think
what makes or breaks a show, is the performer. You are the show. Thats
my point of view.
I think the performer has to have charisma. You have to have stage
presence. You have to look good. If theres something unique about your
performance where Im going to go, I kind of liked that. Thats pretty cool
how that works. One of the good things to build your performance is to
study performers. Look at performers. How can you develop some of the
style and flare that other performers have? How can you incorporate that
into yourself?
It is an act. Yes, be yourself, but be bigger than yourself. Acting is nothing
more than being bigger than yourself. Thats all it is. When youre an actor
on the stage, you just have to become bigger than what you normally are.
When youre on a stage production who does stage work?
Wheres Alex? You do stage work too and Alex does. Okay, you know that
when youre on the stage, you have to talk louder. You have to product
yourself, and you have to be a little bit more animated about what you do in
order to get that across to the audience thats out there. Is that correct?
Yeah, okay?
Its no different than doing a stage presentation. When Im not up here, Im
just the guy out there eating salad with everybody else. But when Im up
here, Im on. I try to do my best to be that thing, the hypnotist. Right now, I
am the hypnotist. So I try to project myself bigger than what I am because
Im a small guy anyway.
I have this thing that I do with myself. I do this by studying other people and
what they do in their lives. I study actors. I study comedians. I study
magicians. I study how they appear on stage and what they do. Im looking
for these nuances and how can I develop that and integrate that into what
Im doing to give the best performance possible.
What do I look for? I dont look at the people who are hypnotized I dont
care about that. When I look at other hypnotists shows, Im looking at the
person. Im looking at how they come across to me. Thats what I look at.
Yes, I was wondering what to do if you get somebody that does something
that just cracks you up so bad you just lose it. What if they just do
something that surprises you so much that you dont know what to do?
I just laugh. I mean I go with the flow. I have people that do goofy things,
and sometimes Im so amazed by what theyre doing, I lose it. I dont have a
problem with that. Im like everybody else. Im seeing this for the first time
too. So a lot of things, I know what a persons going to do because I frame it
that way, but within framing a scenario, I have no idea exactly how theyre
going to respond. So Im always amazed.
There was another guy in a show and I gave him a suggestion and asked
him who he was. I said, youre your favorite TV character, and he stands up
and says, Im Superman. I go, really? So what can you do as Superman?
He goes, I can fly. Then he runs off the side of the stage and jumps down.
He dives off like hes flying. At the theater, its a cement floor, so you hear
this thug. Im going, oh no.
The people were out there going oh, dear God, and everything just stops.
Theyre looking at me going, you are in big trouble, dude. I was just hoping
there wasnt blood everywhere. I looked down and he looks at me and I go,
are you all right? He goes, oh man that was cool!
He gets back up on the stage. He didnt get hurt. He landed just right.
Knock on wood, whoever it is. You never know.
Ill tell you another one too. I think I told this at Lowes, but for those of you
who werent there, I was doing another show. I had everybody as little
children. Youre little 6-year-old kids and youre having a good time. Were
going to go on a rollercoaster and were going to have a lot of fun. This is
going to be great. You wont get sick. You wont wet your pants or anything
like that.
So theyre sitting there, they pull down their safety bar and put on their
seatbelts. Theyre sitting there getting ready to go. Theyre all excited.
Theyve given me their tickets, and were ready to go. I look down and I can
see this one guys face turning red. Im going, not a good sign. Not a good
sign. I walked over to this guy and go, the person Im touching right now,
your head is cool, calm and your stomach is relaxed. You feel good, perfect
in every way. Take a deep breath and just relax all the way down.
You could see this guy breathing a sigh of relief. Im going, all right, man.
That was a close call. That was a close call. In just a moment, Im going to
count to three. The music will begin and were going to go for a ride. I look
over and hes freaking out. I go; calm and cool, everything is relaxed inside.
Hes sitting there breathing deeply. I turn around and I go, that was another
close call, folks. Lets see if we can get this thing going. I turned around and
all the sudden hes losing it all over the stage. He just chucks.
You know how big that stage was, right? This stage was huge, and this stuff
was I dont know where it came from. I mean there was so much of it, and
he did it like three times, three big heaves. That would be like my most
embarrassing moment.
So the audience is out there freaking out, and all these people up here that
were hypnotized that theyre little kids, they were like little kids going, ooh. It
didnt break their trances. They were all just going, ooh. He got sick. He
threw up. Im going, oh my gosh.
So I said, will somebody please go get the manager of the theater and have
him bring a mop up here? He was pretty pissed off at me, actually. He goes
Im not going to be cleaning that up. I said, Art, get up here and clean it up,
man. I cant do it because Ive got a show to run. So he came up there with
a little bucket and cleaned it all up. He was mad at me for about two months
after that, but he cleaned it up.
After he got that all cleaned up, I took the guy that threw up after he was
done, we gave him a towel and he cleaned himself off a little bit. I had one
of my assistants who was a hypnotherapist at the time I said, please take
him outside and give him some fresh air and give him some water to drink.
Give him whatever he wants. I think he had gone to Kentucky Fried Chicken
that night or something. Thats all I can think from what I saw. So if youre
thinking about going out to dinner tonight, you might think twice.
So anyway, what I did for this gentleman, and it was very nice because I
gave him free passes to the show for the next year. The audience was very
generous too because I took the time to take care of his needs. After I got
done with that, the show continued. Everybody stayed in form, and I think
there was about another 45 minutes left of the show.
How did you keep the energy going in between that?
The question was, how do I keep the energy going in between that? I didnt
need to. There was already enough energy out there. My sound guys just
put on some music and I said, excuse us for a moment. Go out and have an
Intermission. Go have some sodas and have some popcorn. Stay away
from the chicken. As soon as we get this cleaned up, well start the show
back up again.
Then my guy was down there he started playing music again, and the show
just went on. You make it part of the show in a kind of sick sort of a way.
Don, I dont know whether youve had any problems with someone actually
doing something bad to themselves, because they fell or broke something,
like theyre injured.
Ive never had a person injure themselves in my show, ever.
Okay, so maybe from experience talking to others or hearing about other
experiences, how would you cope with such a situation, not to lose face
going forward? Say that happened, what would you do?
If somebody hurt themselves?
I would stop the show and make sure their needs were taken care of.
But after the show? Because there may some rumors like, dont go and see
Spence because you can get injured or something like that.
I dont really worry about that. Listen, it could happen. Im not saying it will
never happen. The thing is, I would take care of it immediately on the spot.
For example, if this guy that flew off the stage and hit the pavement would
have gotten hurt, it would have been kind of a bummer, but I would have
just simply explained to the audience, you know what? I did my best. Thats
all you can do. All you can do is just try to take care of it in the moment.
I honestly dont know how I would take care of that. If it had gotten into the
papers, I would want to do an interview with them and explain to them what
happened and offer my apologies to them, and I would everything I could to
help that person to feel better. That is why you have insurance, right?
Thats PR work. If something like that happens, you follow through and
youre generous. I mean, I am. I want to make sure that if something has
happened wrong because of me that I can take care of it. I do. Ive had
people in my show this is true. Ive had people in my show that really
need therapy. Really bad. They get up on stage and youll get people on
your stage that have a borderline personality disorder. Not good because
you can create a psychotic experience in somebody.
This is part of the dangers of doing stage work. Thank goodness for me, I
have years of background as hypnotherapist before I ever began doing a
lot of work, so I knew how to navigate these experiences, and I learned how
to read people very well.
Part of the thing that you do will be learning how to read people. I can look
at people and I can tell you your whole lifes story in about 15 seconds or
less because Ive been doing this for a long time. How does he do that?
Yeah, I can tell you everything about what happened when you were little.
So take care of your audience, yes.
What if you have somebody thats trying to set you up in the show, like a
real heckler thats pretending to be hypnotized? How do watch out for that,
like if its a comedy show, the audience is laughing and theyre making
faces and coming out of trance? How do you watch out for that?
Well, when youve done enough shows youll notice when somebodys just
messing with you. The audience is normally very generous, and if they see
something up there, theyll say, oh that persons faking it. So you just get
them off the stage. Thats really the easiest way to do it because he
audience is usually very generous. If theres something that you dont
happen to catch yourself, theyre going to catch it.
But you, the trained professional, competent, confident stage powerful
hypnotist will notice this at all times, and do you know what youre going to
do? Youre going to get him off the stage. Thank you. Go out there and
have more fun.
Okay, so I would like to ask you because I am a hypnotherapist, and I am
here because I want to be quicker. So you work with the people after
shows. How long does it take hypnotherapy? People think that after your
show, you will put them into trance in five minutes and they will not smoke.
How long does your hypnotherapy take? Did you understand?
How long does it take my hypnotherapy?
Yeah, I have read on your pages that sometimes you help people.
Oh, like after a show? For example, if somebody comes up to me and they
go can you work with me right now to stop smoking? Is that what youre
I say, call me tomorrow because Im exhausted. But I have done that. If I
work with somebody to do that, Ill sit down with them for maybe 15 minutes
and just do something really quick because theyre already in trance by
what Ive done. So theyre usually easy to work with. So as soon as they
give me $100 or $200 or whatever I determine at that moment Ill say this
is going to cost you $100. Thank you. Sit down. Lets do this very quick.
Boom! Were done.
Does that help? If Im going to be there for a couple days afterwards, Ill
have them come see me and give them an hour of my time, but after a
show, Im exhausted and the last thing I want to do is spend time talking to
anybody. Im tired. Its like doing a class here all day. You get tired, and you
need a break every once in a while.
Since youre asking for picking your brain, I have a question. It may not be
totally applicable to others, but I find its been difficult to work with a bunch
of scientists who think all the time. Theyre just not good responders.
So your question is how do you work with a bunch of scientists?
How do you work with them? You talk about working with military people,
right? Different kinds of people have certain things that you can
Listen, heres a very simple answer to that. If Ive got a bunch of guys who
are just a bunch of scientists, I think its kind of awesome. Thing about it.
Some scientists work very uniquely. Its very beautiful. Its so awesome that
you have the mind of a scientist because you like to discover things. You
like to know how things work.
If you notice how your eyes close right now, do you see how that is? Yeah,
they close because you thought about. With your eyes closed, if you were
to think about it, you might even notice that theres a space between your
eyes and your eyelids theres a light that comes on and goes off. If you
were to think about it, theres a bunch of little dots inside going back and
forth, Mr. Scientist. Notice those? Nod your head.
I take them through this scientific process of self-discovery, and that just
drops the person into trance. Does that make sense?
So its a very non-evasive way for a person to learn how to go into a trance
without really saying youre going into a trance. So, if you have a bunch of
people up here that are being hypnotized in a stage show who are
scientists, Id probably do it that same way, because you have to judge your
crowd just like I do when Im working with people.
If Im doing street hypnosis, I dont think I can walk up to anybody and just
say, sleep, and theyre going to drop. I think that would be kind of ludicrous
to think that.
I want to talk to somebody for a little bit and find out a little bit more about
who they are. For example, come up here, sir. Can I borrow you for a
second? Ronald? For example, lets Ronald here and I dont really know
him. Ronald, what do you do?
Im a retired Clergy. I worked for RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted
Okay, cool. Have you ever done hypnosis before? Say no.
Okay, have you ever done hypnosis before?
Good. See, I want to find out more about him.
Lets say that working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I might think
that he may have a little resistance to hypnosis or trance, because coming
from that area and being clergy, might bring up another red flag for me.
Because sometimes when you deal with people in the religious sector, they
may have a preconceived idea about what hypnosis is. Its the evil
hypnotist, the mark of the Beast!
Thats one of the things we talked about earlier. Twenty years ago, I had
fights with people in the newspaper because they were saying I was from
Satan and that what I did was evil. That being a hypnotist was satanic. Its
crazy the way people approached that.
Ive got the Jesus thing. You should have seen me when my hair was long.
I got a lot of that, yeah. Anyway, lets just say that he is and he is with the
clergy and the RCMP, I might approach that differently because he might
be going, well, you know, Id kind of like to try that, but Im not really certain
about that. I think it might kind of not my deal.
I know you would never say that, but lets just say that you would say that.
So before I would even try to do street hypnosis with an individual like that,
like a scientist, I want to know more about him. Who are you? Where do
you come from? Because he wants to try it, but hes kind of a little bit afraid
of it. Instead of my saying, sleep because hes going to probably look at
me and go, I dont think so. Thats not going to happen.
Im going to talk to him a little more and get to know him. I want to find out
more about him.Whats it like being in the clergy?
Well, its like a lot of things. For me, it was wonderful. Some of my worst
friends were fellow clergy.
The interesting thing that I find about being in the clergy is that you pray a
lot, right?
I do.
Please pay attention because this is important. This is what you do. You
have got to go into somebody elses reality, no matter what you do. I want
to know what he is. Somehow Ive got to relate what I do to what it is that he
does. So in the clergy, you pray.
Pray and meditate.
And meditate. Thats interesting because what I do in hypnosis is a lot like
prayer and meditation. Its exactly the same stage of mind. For example,
when you calm yourself and you go into prayer, what youre doing is
communicating with God and youre being very, very quiet inside, right?
Thats right.
Well, hypnosis is really the same thing. What youre doing is really the
same exact state of mind because your brain is working at the same
frequency. You have different levels of awareness. Beta- when youre
awake. Then, the brainwave activity slows down when you start to pray and
to, what we call alpha. Are you familiar with that?
Okay, good. Then it drops down into theta and into delta and just continues
to slow down. So when you go into the prayer or the meditative state of
mind to communicate with God, your brainwave activity slows down so that
you dont have so much outside interference so you can have that
communion. Isnt that what its all about?
It sure is. Okay. So what Im going to do is Im going to share with you
exactly how that works, from my point of view. Were not going to talk to
God. Ill leave that between you and him, but Ill show you just how to still
your mind in the same way. Hows that?
Very cool. So do you see what Im doing right there? Im just going into his
reality and using his reality, instead of trying to impose what I think I know
on him because that would be very arrogant on my part, and I dont want to
be arrogant. Arrogance is for the inexperienced lay hypnotist that has a lot
of needs that need to be met by a qualified professional trained, competent
All right, thank you very much. Give him a round of applause. Make him feel
So like with the scientists, you just meet them on their level. You dont have
to be bigger or smarter or anything. You try to understand where theyre
coming from, and when you do that, when you take the time and spend the
time and then its kind of like, okay, I can relate to that. Cool.
So just ahead and close your eyes, and go into that same space of
communion. As you do youll find yourself relaxing down comfortably. Just
like that, and that feels good. Doesnt it?
With the scientists, you are going to do the same thing. They may wonder,
how do I quiet my mind down? Theyre very logical thinkers, and so with
them, they may spend a little bit more time. I had an individual, a friend of
mine years ago, and he was a professor. He taught at UCLA. He spoke 24
languages. He was a smart guy. In fact, he interpreted the sand scripts into
English. He was an amazing guy.
He used to teach on this boat called The University of The Pacific. It was
this college. You get on this boat and go around the seven seas in this
university, very smart guy. He had a very smart wife. I used to play tennis
with her because I couldnt talk to him because his mind was so active. It
was crazy. But he was a very brilliant guy and I loved being around him, but
I enjoyed playing tennis more.
He wanted to be hypnotized because he was doing some research on past
life regression. So he wanted to do some work with me. My approach with
him was exactly the same way as Im doing here.
Lets go into that mind of yours that knows all these languages and has all
these skills. That already knows how to get where you need to be because
you know how to study, you know how to pull things apart, and as you pull
those things apart, you know how to bring yourself to that place where you
can relax.
You can drop down into that place that you need to be in order to discover
what past lives really means. It didnt mean anything to me, but to him it did.
When youre doing your stage show and you end up kicking some people
off, could you talk about that a little bit more? What youre looking for when
you end up kicking people off of your stage?
Or, is the question, what am I looking for when I want to keep people on
I guess you can go with that too.
Its easy. What Im looking for are people on stage who are very highly
responsive to every suggestion that I give them. So if Im doing a
suggestibility test and theyre not responding, Im just going to take them
and send them off the stage. All Im looking for are people who want to
have fun. When people come to my show, I look at it like this. Party time,
man, if they cant keep up with my party, theyre not going to be up here on
my stage.
Thats the way I approach it. I want people who are going to have a good
time. If I dont think theyre having a good time up here with me, Ill send
them out there, and they can watch everybody else up here having a good
time. Does that help?
Yeah, I was just thinking about it in terms of changing color, changing
breathing and that kind of stuff.
Changing color or changing breathing?
Skin colors, skin tone, a change in breathing and those kind of signs that
Oh, youre talking about the signs of hypnosis?
Yeah, the waxy skin, eyes fluttering and all that kind of stuff. I dont pay
attention to that when Im doing a stage show because its a whole different
dynamic than if youre working with somebody doing one-on-one type
I may notice that when Im doing street hypnosis. I might look for that. When
Im doing a stage show, its a different dynamic. It really is. So I dont pay
too much attention to that. All I want to know is that if I give them a
suggestion, theyre going to respond. If they dont, then theyre off my
stage. I dont have to worry about if they have this hypnotic mask across
their face and their eyes are fluttering, and theyre drooling or whatever.
I look for people first of all that are going to comply with what I say when
they come up here. When they do the suggestibility tests and when I begin
to relax them, I want to make sure that theyre just flopped down and theyre
completely gone. Ill walk behind people or Ill notice them as I walk in front
of them. If Im doing this and theyre still sitting there relaxed, and if I go up
and go, relax and theyre like this, then Im going to go, all right, I know who
Ive got to get rid of. Its this goofball here. He wont relax.
I always want to make sure a person is completely like a rag doll. Those are
the people I want because theyre going to be very good subjects because
we want to have fun.
I saw a thing, Joe Kind, one time because I was going to go do a demo for
the Lions Club during a lunch hour, just do kind of a demo and explanation
of hypnosis and that kind of thing. He had a tip about a tip, which was when
you get there, go ahead and kind of like gain sympathy with the crowd. Like
hey, Im kind of new at this. I havent been doing this a long time, but I know
what Im doing. In other words, a way to get the crowd on your side, almost
right out of the gate what do you think of that?
What do you think of it?
Well, its not real great as it sounds, but its not a bad idea.
Try it out and see how you like it. Personally, for me, I go out there and I
want to command my audience right away. When I go up on stage, I want
to command everything. I want to control it. When I go into a room, its my
room and nobody elses. I dont want them to feel sorry. I dont want to get
sympathy. I want them to do what I say, or Im going to kick some butt, in a
good way.
I mean thats part of the presence I think and part of the fun of it. You can
go out there and you can have a lot of fun, but if you go out there and start
being too loopy-loop, youre going to lose a lot of people and youre going to
lose a lot of credibility because, after all, you are the hypnotist. People look
at you as the hypnotist, the one who can make them do anything. You are
in control of all things. You control the wind, the air, the water, the soil, fire!
Its true. They have these ideas in their minds. So I just exaggerate them
because its what you want. You want people to have fun and do this stuff.
Once you have their command and they start doing this, then I say, loosen
up and after these people are hypnotized, forget about all that other stuff.
Lets have some fun now, thats another way you can approach it, right out
of the gate; Id be a serious person.
Kind of related to what he was saying, I think what he was trying to get is
like self-deprecating humor. I saw a hypnosis show where I think the guy
was almost as much a stand-up comedian as he was a hypnotist. He kind
of set the bar high at being really funny, and just his commentary during the
show had people laughing really hard, and a lot of it was his own selfdeprecating
humor on himself. It made it funny.
Whats your opinion about being I know you said you dont do stand-up
comedy, but you have to be somewhat funny and entertaining. You cant
just give orders. That seems kind of dry. So whats your opinion on how to
interlace comedy?
Let me just ask a question. Have I been giving orders? Is there anything
funny about what Ive been doing here today?
Yeah. I use a lot of self-deprecating humor when I do a stage show. I go out
there and I command and I have a lot of fun, but I get to the point where I
let people just start screwing with me. Thats why I send people out into the
audience and they start yelling at me and screaming at me and telling me
Im no good. They say things like, oh you got hands like a woman. Look at
you. Why dont you cut your hair, you old hippie. You suck! The audience
loves it. I dont care. I like it and I think that it endears you to the audience
too because, there again, Im just a human.
I come out there and Im being the hypnotist, but at some point its like, I let
them beat the hell out of me. I like that. I get a kick out of it. If you have a
fear of people making fun of you, do not go into this business.
Enjoy it because they will. Just take it with a grain of salt. Look at me. Im a
short guy and sometimes my hair was long, now its short again some of
you think its long. You dont think its short? Well, youve seen me with long
hair. Youre the man. My hair was down to here before I cut it, guys. So Ive
cut my hair to comply with society.
I actually cut it all off almost and I was like, wow, I couldnt do it because it
wasnt me. It was not me. So, whether its your hair or your appearance,
youve got to find your own style.
So Ill talk about style for a few minutes because were almost out of time.
When youre doing your style, find a style that is uniquely you. Dont try to
be anybody else. Be yourself. Be your most unique, comfortable self. Thats
all I can say about that. Be your own unique, comfortable human being self.
It doesnt mean to look like a slob because you want to look good out there,
but be yourself.
Dress up nice. Look cool. Look nice. Look sharp. Stand out from the rest of
the people in the room. Theyre coming to see you because youre a
hypnotist, because youre an entertainer, youre a performer and youre
unique in your approach. So develop those skills. Look at other entertainers
and other performers. Look at what they do, how they dress, how they act,
how they think, how they talk, how they smell or whatever it is you need to
do, and begin to take that on.
The best way to become like somebody else is how? Oh my God. Dont we
have people in here that know NLP?
Model. Thank you. Yes. The best way to become successful is to model
somebody else whos already doing it. Find somebody whos doing what
you want to do. Check it out. Find out what theyre doing and be like them.
With that said, we will see you after the break, with Mr. Igor. Give him a
round of applause. Hes back.
DVD 15 How to Put All the Parts of Your Show Together
So Everything Runs Like Clockwork
& Conclusion of Training
1-Minute Shows
How are you doing today?
Now thats what I like to hear. Who slept well last night? A little bit tired,
You can see why we call it the boot camp, right? So whos feeling like
theyre a proper hypnotist now? Good because tomorrow youre going to
show us. Were going to do the show. Rest assured today were going to be
focusing very hard on making sure that youre ready to do that show. Youre
going to do a great job.
One of the things were going to be doing is were going to make it easy for
you to do a short show in a short amount of time so you feel like you have
all the time in the world.Wouldnt that be something?
I dont know about you guys, but who drives a car here? Remember the first
time you were on a freeway. I remember the first time I went on the
motorway, which is the equivalent in the U.K. Everything was zooming past
me 100 mph, and Im going like an old lady. I hated going on the motorway
because of that.
Then one day I decided, you know what? Im a hypnotist. I should feel the
changes. So I go on the motorway and I go straight for the fast lane, which
was a little risky for me. Dont do this at home, kids. I was just talking to
myself okay, youre cool, calm and confident.
Eventually, what happened was because youre in the fast lane anyway,
so no one really comes in and out because its just one lane. So youre kind
of climatized, right? The strangest thing happened. I was going to a course
at the time, so I was driving for like an hour and a half each day there and
Maybe it was the second or third trip, something like that, and I suddenly
realized that where I was coming off the motorway, off the freeway to the
regular roads and back to regular speeds, everyone was like crawling
It was like oh man, come on. I was like one of those really annoying drivers,
beeping at everyone, yelling get out of the way and changing lanes four
times just to ahead of one car, right? They were all going way too slow for
Thats kind of what Id like to do with you guys today if thats okay with you.
Id like to speed up your brains, so when we end up doing a five-minute
show that seems tediously slow to you, but perfectly paced to the rest of the
world.Would that be something worth doing?
What I want to do first, is just grab your chairs and put yourselves into your
12 groups, the ones we organized yesterday. Go and do that now, and then
well start.
So lets double check, has everyone got a group of three people? Yes?
Are we good? All right. Excellent! You are going to love this, and hate me of
course. Do you remember the seven-step little mini formula that we did in
terms of a show?
1. Your Intro
2. Your call for volunteers
3. A quick test
4. An induction
5. The Big Band
6. One main routine
7. Finishing up
Do you remember all that? You may want to stand up. Actually, you can sit
down if you want for this. Just get into groups of three and get nice and tight
because youre going to need it. Make sure you get nice and tight. Agree
who is going to be the hypnotist first, second and third because youre all
going to be taking turns.
Please let me know when you know whos going to be first, second and
third. One of you needs to be sitting in front because youll be the hypnotist
or standing in front.
All right, folks. Are you all ready? Lets have the first hypnotists up and
ready. Heres what were going to do. There will be no music for this and
youll see why in a moment, because it might get confusing. In your groups
of three, you now have one minute, 60 seconds, to do an entire show from
start to finish.
That means there is not a single moment to waste. No wasted words, no
wasted action. You have to get in there, do your thing and get out because
when 60 seconds are up, the next person is up and I am not waiting. Youll
be eating up their time. Does that make sense?
Are you guys ready? Dont worry about timing. You have these seven steps
to finish within 60 seconds:
1. Your Introduction
2. Your call for volunteers
3. Test for the rest of the group
4. Induction with everyone
5. Big Bandstand for a while
6. One simple main routine, an individual routine
7. Finish up. Bring them back and cancel all suggestions
So theres no music.
There will be no music because that will confuse you at this point. All right,
is everyone ready for this? Is everyone ready for this?
All right, lets go. Time starts now!
5-Minute Shows
In a minute, well do the same exercise we did yesterday, only this time you
have a bigger group. You have a proper little stage show going on here,
right? Youre going to come in, youre going to introduce yourself, youre
going to allow volunteers to come on stage, youre going to do a test and
get more volunteers and youre going to put inductions on the four people
youve got as volunteers.
Then, if you want to get rid of some people because you dont like them,
send them back. So take more people than you want. Then youll do the Big
Band, remember the playing instruments thing. Then youll do one other
simple routine forget their name, change name, alien language or
whatever else you want to do and then were going to end, all within five
Well be cueing the music. Guys, you just did a show in one minute. Come
on. This will seem like forever now. Youre doing exactly what you just did
only you have five times as much time. Its easy. And youve got the board
right here to help you. And weve got the music right there to help you. This
is a no brainer.
Are you guys ready?
All right, folks. Your time starts now!
And thats it, folks. Thats everything. Give yourselves a round of applause.
How do you guys feel?
Who feels like a real stage hypnotist now? By the way, we promise youll be
doing one show in Vegas. Actually, youre doing repeat performances you
realize that, right?
Okay you guys. Weve run over a little bit but, hopefully, it was worth it for
you guys. You had a good experience of a show. What were going to do
now is for the next part of the afternoon, its going to be relatively
straightforward. You should still have plenty of energy because we dont be
doing that much, in terms of content and in terms of performance.
Well come back and well start designing the show that you will be doing on
Sunday, tomorrow. So well come back and well show you step-by-step
how to design your show. If you want to use what you just did now as a
template, thats fine. If you want to actually go into some of the stuff, thats
fine too. Ive seen a lot of you guys starting to invent inductions, invent
suggestion tests and invent skits. Thats perfect. Thats exactly where you
need to be.
Im very proud of you all. I hope youre proud of yourselves. Lets just take a
15-minute break. Be back here in 10 minutes because theres a lot of other
content were going to cover, and we dont want to be sliding too much on
the time. All right, folks? Have a good day!
All right, folks. How are you doing?
Are we spreading further back. There seems to be a few empty chairs here.
Everyone else is like, no theres nobody hiding in the toilet. Oh my God, its
getting to crunch time. How are you guys doing?
Are you learning some stuff.
Doesnt Don really know his stuff when it comes to stage hypnosis? The
whole business and the back end? I think its important for you to realize
this, because it would be unfair of us to give you a stage hypnosis course
and promise you all these great riches are possible which by the way,
they are.
But, it would be unfair to do that without giving you a solid understanding of
just how much effort you have to do in the background to set it up in the first
place. It wont just fall in your lap. Some people will be lucky. Maybe your
area just happens to be the place that has just been waiting for it, but for
most of us, youll have to go out there and promote yourself. Youll have to
create a business out of this.
There is a lot of business stuff involved. Hopefully, you found that talking
about all the back end stuff, the safety stuff, what to do if someone freaks
out on stage stuff, the setup stuff and really just the business element of it
have all been worthwhile.
Would you say that these have been worthwhile sessions for you?
The Promo Show
Igor: What I want to do now is have a look at the anatomy of a stage show, so
you can actually start preparing your own show. Youre going to have nine
minutes to do a show. Let me warn you here, at nine minutes and one
second, the following thing is going to happen. At nine minutes and one
second, the next hypnotist thats waiting in the wings will be pushed on, and
if you havent finished yet, he will finish your show for you and start his own.
So you really need to keep track of time. The only reason Im saying this is
most of you guys were easy. I mean you did a five-minute show with no
problem at all. Some of you got your 30-second warning and what did you
do then? Okay, now lets do one