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II. Put the correct phrase of quantity in the following sentences

1. Non- count nouns are common in the following categories:
Abstract ideas: health, advice, help, luck, fun 1. (slice, piece, cup) Id like _________________coffee, please.
Sports and activities: tennis, swimming, golf, basketball. 2. (glass, slice, spoonful) Would you like_________________ cheese on your
Illnesses: cancer, AIDS, diabetes, dengue toast?
Natural events: rain, snow, wind, light, darkness. 3. (slice, bottle, piece) Could you buy _________________milk at the shops?
Academic subjects: English, Chemistry, art, mathematics. 4. (pieces, slices, liters) Ive just put forty_________________ petrol in the
Food: rice, milk, sugar, coffee, fat car.
2. All non-count nouns require a singular verb. 5. (piece, kilo, slice) Id like half _________________ coffee, please.
Fat isnt good for you. 6. (spoonfuls, glasses, cups) I normally take three _________________ sugar
Mathematics is my favorite subject. in my tea.

NON- COUNT NOUNS: EXPRESSING QUANTITIES III. Complete each statement with a countable quantity. (note:
more than one phrase of quantity may be possible)
1. We can make many non-count nouns countable:
Bread: a slice of bread, a loaf of bread, three piece of bread, two kinds of 1. This soup is salty. It has_________________ salt in it!
2. She must very thirsty. This is her third _________________ water
bread 3. My car has a big gas tank. It holds _________________ gas.
2. The following phrases are used with non-count nouns in order to make 4. I ate_________________ cheese and now I feel sick.
them countable: 5. A club sandwich doesnt have two ___________ _____ bread. It has three
Liquids: a glass of, two cups of, a liter of, six gallons of, a bottle of, a can of ___________ _____ bread.
Solids: a cup of, a piece of, three slices of, a kilo of, a spoonful of. 6. Id like my tea sweet. Please put in _________________ sugar.

I. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb

1. Coffee ___________ (be) my favorite beverage.

2. Rice ___________ (be) very good for you, even when you are sick.
3. Influenza ___________ (cause) pain and fever.
4. Mathematics ___________ (create) problems for many students.
5. Darkness ___________ (frighten) some people, but I dont know why.
6. Medical advice ___________ (help) people answer questions about their