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Advanced Microsoft Excel Tips &

Andrea Iverson
Sales Tax Auditor
Concatenate vs. &
Both are used to consolidate multiple
cells/data items into one cell (i.e. first and last
names stored in separate cells)
Helpful when combined with vlookup to
change #N/A error into something that makes
sense. Ex: address lookup error could result in
Out of Town rather than generic #N/A
Syntax is =iferror(formula you are testing,
desired error message)
Shortcuts Ribbon
Expand/collapse Ribbon (allows 4 additional rows
to show)
Activate/Deactivate keyboard access to the
Move To Next/Previous Ribbon Control (after
activating keyboard access
Shortcuts General
Ctrl+Alt+V Shift+Space
Display Paste Special Select Table Row
Shift+F4 Ctrl+Space
Find Next Match Select Table Column
Toggle Auto-Filter
Shortcuts Navigation
Ctrl+PgDn workbook/window
Move to the next Ctrl+Shift+Tab
worksheet Move to the previous
Ctrl+PgUp workbook/window
Move to the last Shift+F11
worksheet Insert new worksheet
Move to the next
Shortcuts Navigation
Ctrl+ Ctrl+
Move to the right Move to the bottom
edge of the data edge of the data
Ctrl+ Ctrl+End
Move to the left edge Move to last cell in
of the data worksheet
Ctrl+ Ctrl+Home
Move to the top edge Move to first cell in
of the data worksheet
Shortcuts Navigation
Ctrl+Alt+ Ctrl+Alt+
Move right to non- Move down to non-
adjacent cells adjacent cells
Ctrl+Alt+ Ctrl+Backspace
Move left to non- Show active cell
adjacent cells
Move up to non-
adjacent cells
Shortcuts Selection
Ctrl+Shift+ Ctrl+Shift+
Select to the right Select to the top edge
edge of the data of the data
Ctrl+Shift+ Ctrl+Shift+
Move to the left edge Select to the bottom
of the data edge of the data
Shortcuts Select Special
Ctrl+G Ctrl+]
Display Go To dialog Select direct
box dependents
Ctrl+[ Ctrl+Shift+}
Select direct Select all dependents
Select all precedents
Shortcuts Data Entry
Ctrl+Enter (single cell Ctrl+Shift+:
selected) Enter current time
Enter data but remain (static)
in current cell Ctrl+;
Ctrl+Enter (multiple Enter current date
cells selected) (static)
Enter same data in all
selected cells
200+ excel shortcuts
Free tutorial videos on Excel
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