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Time finder clone

*TF/clone is a local replication solution available on the symmetrix

arrays. It allows users to create PIT(point in Time) copies of the source
devices on to target devices.

*The source and target devices can be either standard or BCDs,provided they
are of the emulation(FBA to FBA,CKD to CKD).

*Data can be copied from a single source device to as many as sixteen

target devices,with background copying for up 8 target devices

Unlike TF/mirror, the clone copies are immediately available on activation

of the clone session,while actual copying of data can occur in the

Create-Create relationship between STD and clone.The create action defines
the copy session requirements and sets the track protection bitmap on the
SRC device to detect which tracks are being accessed by the target host or
written to by the source host.The target device is made not ready to its
host and placed on hold status for copy session activity.

Activate-Clone is now activr and available immediately for R/W access.

Production I/O is processed against standard. The activate action makes the
clone ready to the host. It also starts one of the bg copying process. The
process copyonaccess or full copy depends on the argument used when the
clone session was created.

Recreate- clone is reattached to STD for new PIT copy

(incremental/differential).It allows you to incrementally copy all
subsequent changes made to the source device. In other words it allows you
to refresh the contents of the clone with new contents of the source since
the clone session has been activated.

Restore-restore action restores contents of the clone volume to a restore

target.incremental restore done to source device. Restore can be performed
to other devices where full restore needs to be performed.

Split-You can use the symclone split comand to split a clone device pair
that is in the restored state.

Terminate-Removes the pairing relationship between the source and target


TF/clone options with creation
Full device copy-Full copy in the bg starts after activation.Default with
SE7 and above.
Differential-Used with full copy or precopy.Full copy by default.Required
if recreate clone session is planned.required if incremental restore is
CopyonAccess(nocopy)-Only accessed tracks are copied to clone target after
activation of the clone session.
Precopy-Fullcopy in bg starts after session creation.
Copyonwrite-Changes the behaviour of copyonaccess to only copy when writes
occur to the source or the target device.The option can be enabled by
setting the parameter in options file. Once copyonwrite is activated all
reads will be handled from source device and writes to the source device ir
target device during the active cioy session will result in the data being
copied to the target device.
Recreate before copied:-No need to wait for a clone copy to be
complete,before activating a new PIT with recreate. Symclone recreate or
establist is now permitted while the session is in copyinprog mode.Recreate
is a differential copy.

Creation of clone session

Makes target not ready to its host.
Creates a dufferential clone session.
Sets up the track protection bitmap to provide user acces to data on the target as soon as
the clone pair is activated.
Puts a hold on target to prevent other control operations.
Data copy from source to target begins when the session is activated.
-precopy starts the copy immediately after the session has been created.Data is copied
from source to the target continously. Howeve the target device is R/w enabled only on
session activation.
-nocopy-creates a session with the source-target pair in a CopyonAccess state.

Creation of device group

symdg create clonedg type regular

adding source device to device group

symdg -g clonedg addall dev -range 195:196 or
symld g clonedg addall dev range 195:196 sid 0041

adding clone target device to device group

symdg -g clonedg addall dev -range 1BF:1C0 -tgt
symld g clonedg addall dev range 1BF:1C0 sid 0041 -tgt
Note the -tgt flag that designates the devices 1BF abd 1C0 are targets
for clone session.
Creating clone session that uses the tgt devices for creating the clone session
symclone -g clonedg create -differential -precopy -tgt

or use below format to create clone sessions. Refer various options(nocopy,precopy,etc) explained
symclone -g TestDg create DEV001 sym ld DEV002
symclone -g TestDg create DEV001 sym ld DEV002 -nocopy
symclone -g TestDg create DEV001 sym ld DEV002 -precopy

Activating the clone session

activate command places the target in r/w state.
Initiates data copy,as the default create options are -copy and -differential.
If the session was created with nocopy option the data copying is deferred until tracks on the
source or target is written to.
If the session was created with -precopy option then the activation will convert this to a -copy.
Data on clone targets can be immediately acccessed ,even while copying is in progress.
Major activation options
not_ready-The copy session will be activated and clone volume is placed in NR state.The clone copy
can later be R/W enabled to the host by using the syld ready command.
Symclone ..activate ... -not_ready
Consistent create a consistent image of data.The -consistent option invoke the ECA(Enginuity
consistent Assist)feature.This feature can be used to create clone copies that are consistent up to the
PIT that activation occurs.This feature suspend writes to the source devices during the
activation.When the activation completed writes are resumed and the target device contains a
consistent copy of the source device at the time of activation.
Symclone ..activate ... -consistent

symclone -g clonedg activate -consistent -tgt

or can be activated as below.
symclone -g TestDg activate DEV001 sym ld DEV002

Establish a copy session

The establish command combines create/recreate and activate into a single command.Makes
behaviour more similar to TF/Mirror.
Execute create followed by activate.
Symclone -full -establish
Execute recreate followed by activate.
Symclone establish
Activate options(-consistent,-preaction,etc.) are performed at activate time.
Can run query to check the status
symclone -g clonedg query

Device Group (DG) Name: clonedg

DG's Type : ANY
DG's Symmetrix ID : 000292601234
Source Device Target Device State
--------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------
Protected Modified Modified
Logical Sym Tracks Tracks Logical Sym Tracks CGDP SRC <=> TGT
--------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------
SRC001 1AA1 332281 0 TGT001 2BB1 0 XXX. PreCopy

Total -------- -------- --------

Track(s) 332281 0 0
MB(s) 20767.6 0.0 0.0
(C): X = The background copy setting is active for this pair.
V = The VP Snap setting is active for this pair.
. = Neither setting is active for this pair.
(G): X = The Target device is associated with this group.
. = The Target device is not associated with this group.
(D): X = The Clone session is a differential copy session.
. = The Clone session is not a differential copy session.
(P): X = The pre-copy operation has completed one cycle.
. = The pre-copy operation has not completed one cycle.