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stands for Light Armed Surveillance Aircraft.

LASA Engineering Ltd. delivers upgrades to reconnaissance
and surveillance platforms with military modifications
to their combat configuration extend.

Reconnaissance. Patrol.
Counter Insurgency (
y (COIN).
LASA offers solutions
for triple-F missions

National defense organizations around the globe are facing a difficult

challenge to maintain operational readiness while supporting on-going
contingency operations with legacy equipment and at the same time to
develop capabilities for the future with limited resources.
LASA is specialized in providing practical triple-F solutions (find-fix-
finish) to your complex mission requirements on a global scale focusing
on conflict hot spots in critical regions.

(Targeting and Reconnaissance Pod)
The TR-Pod, besides ISR capabilities, inclu-
des all the equipment required for rapid
execution of the complete targeting cycle.

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EO/IR gimbal The pod constitutes an easy ISR and Targeting upgrade
Integrated Sighting System for your aircraft. It needs no airframe modifications and
Precision Weapon Capabilities can be mounted on any aircraft equipped with NATO or
HD up-/downlink Warshaw Pact hard points.
Moving Map and Mission Computer
Augmented Reality System
Built tough just like the work you do

204 (5,2 m)
The T-Bird is a perfect combination of endu-
rance, ISR sensors, data links and kinematic

It is able to loiter in an area of interest and

has the time and sensors to identify and
develop a target picture as well as has the
33.9 ft (10,3 m)
ability to then apply kinematic effects to
finish identified hostile targets.

ISR equipment and Airborne LINX package are

provided by Airborne Technologies GmbH.
Front Cockpit

Rear Cockpit

The T-Bird aircraft has been conceived as a rugged, The datalinks (long range 200km, short range tactical
long endurance ISR platform that allows operations 20km) allows complete situational awareness and high
from unimproved runways. Thanks to the fully resolution identification by ground based targeting ele-
armored cockpit, aggressive deployment and ments in confusing counter insurgency scenarios.
operation in hostile environments is possible.
Furthermore, the NVG compatible cockpit enables Simple, affordable, accurate and ITARs free weapon
full day/night operations, which provides the ability systems provide the pragmatic use of kinematic force,
to operate unobserved and untargeted by optically appropriate to the hostile targets identified in counter
guided surface to air weapons at night. insurgency and border patrol missions.

In one package the T-Bird delivers a full find-fix-finish solution.

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Head office:
LASA Engineering Ltd.
Office 10, Fl. 7
Office Center Jessica
229 Botevgradsko shosse Blvd. Production:
1517 Sofia, Bulgaria 108 Airfield
Tel.: +359 2 948 70 60 Kazanlak Airfield
Fax: +359 2 948 70 66 6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria