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In the beginning Neolithic man formed the friendly groups and he had his own settlements
These settlements first formed into villages
Location of the villages are on elevated terrain, islands and peninsulas
The villages were provided with a place of worship, a meeting place for assembly and a center
for trade.
Then the settlements became popular and urbanization began When ancient man developed the
art and town building.
For town building they selected sites nearer to the work field. That is a fertile agricultural lands
along the river valleys. That is why earliest civilization were all developed by people who lived
along river valleys.
The important river valley civilization are :
Nile valley civilization in Egypt
Indus valley civilization in India and Pakistan
Euphrates and Tigris valley civilization in Mesopotamia
Yellow river civilization in China
Nile valley civilization in Egypt
Ancient towns
The ancient towns developed in more than 5000 years ago at Kahun,UR, Harappa,
Mohenja-Daro, Thebes, Nippur, Babylon, Assur, Nineveh and Jerusalem
Not more than 25000 people inhabited each town
Houses were built with reeds, wood, or sun dry bricks
All cities have compact homes with central courtyard for light and ventilation purpose.
Harappa only had detached homes
Kahun, City of ur , Baby loan Hanging gardens Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, Nineveh,