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WinCC OA User Days 2015

Workshop Reporting
Welcome to the WinCC OA
Reporting Workshop.
Robert Weinberger
Product Management
@ETM since 2014
WinCC OA User Days Reporting Workshop Agenda

Agenda 2
WinCC OA: New Reporting Manager Feature 4
BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) 8
Simatic Information Server 24
Discussion, Questions 29
- WinCC OA Reporting Manager 3.13 -
Why introducing a new reporting feature ?

You asked for it! - We did listen!

According to your answers in surveys and feedbacks

you wanted enhanced reporting functionality. Faster reporting

Our new Reporting Manager provides: One click reports

Historical Data Reporting:

Plattform neutral
alertGetPeriod dpGetPeriod dpGetAsynch

Better usability
Live Date Reporting:

dpQuery dpGet dpNames

Web-based reports
How can I access the Reporting Manager?

Reporting Manager open for all reporting tools which can access web services

Third Party

BIRT Crystal Reports

WinCC OA UI Information
What is the Reporting Manager?

Introduced with WinCC OA version 3.13

Just add the new Reporting Manager in your console

Web Service Description Language File (WSDL)

(describes the functions, parameters and return values)

Value Archives (HDB)

+ Oracle
+ Distributed Systems
Reporting licensing WinCC OA

If you already own a reporting licence for excel

report you can upgrade to the new reporting
manager for free

If you are going to buy WinCC OA 3.13 you get

excel reports and the new reporting manager for
only a single reporting licence fee

You can try the new reporting manager without

extra costs
Showcase Reports

Example Reports included in WinCC OA

Example DPs
Example Panel (Simulation)
- Business Intelligence Reporting Tools -
What are our benefits?
What is BIRT? And why should we use it?

Open Source Excellent usability

Part of eclipse Highly flexible

Eclipse is a widely used platform for Plattform neutral

building integrated web and
application development Web-based Wide range of emitters (HTML, PDF,

CSV, Powerpoint, XLSX, )
More than 14 million downloads
Chart und report API
More than 3.5 million developers
URL configuration
Commercial parts provided by
Actuate Company Scripting (JAVA/JS)
BIRT system requirements?

All-in-one Package for MacOS/Linux/Windows with

Eclipse IDE
Designer (Creating Reports)
Jetty Webserver (Viewing Reports)
Chart and Report Engine


Runtime for J2EE Servers (Tomcat, JBoss, IBM Websphere, )

Download, extract, make sure JAVA is installed => ready to go

Where to get support for BIRT?

Excellent new WinCC OA product help section for first steps

Tutorial Videos will also be provided soon
Very active and helpful community as primary place to go
for BIRT open source support
Online BIRT product documentation

BIRT help also included in Eclipse

Commercial support is available from Actuate company

Data Sources for the data connection

Flat File Data Source (Tab, comma,

semicolon, and pipe delimited data)

JDBC Data Source Supports for

relational databases

XML Data Source supports data from

XML sources

Web Services Data Source =>

WinCC OA Reporting Manager
Data Sets for getting the data from the sources

Getting data from the Datas Sources with

Data Sets (Report backbone)

Insert Data Sets into your report (via

drag & drop)

Automatically creates a dynamic table

with header and footer information.

Table (along with other report objects)

can be invisible in final report

Number of results can be limited via

settings option

Joined Data Sets from different Data

Sources possible
Report parameters for increased flexibility

Predefined user input ranges

Can be connected to the Data Sets

Drill through (master-child report)


Necessary for URL parameter


Cascading of parameters

Joined Data Sets from different Data

How to use BIRT in WinCC OA

Reports in Panels

WebView EWO
- URL parameters
- Viewer needs to run
- Viewer port should be fixed
(if using Eclipse package)
URL parameters for automated report creation

Specifies the desired .rptdesign report file to be used

Specifies the desired output format, such as pdf, html, doc, ppt, or xls

Specifies the locale for the specific report generation

Example custom parameter

Determines if the parameter page is displayed. Valid values are true and false.

Determines if the navigation bar is shown in the frameset viewer.
Defaults to true. Valid values are true and false.

More Information on this specific topic: Birt online documentation

BIRT Different types for different requirement level

Copyright 2015 OpenText Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Differences between BIRT versions

Copyright 2015 OpenText Corp. All Rights Reserved

BIRT Limitation of F-Type Server

Actions that count toward the

daily 50MB limit

Running a report
Viewing a report
Saving a report
Downloading a report
Exporting a report to another
Scheduling a report or data
object generation job
Administrative activities (e.g.
creating a user or user

Not for OEM/SaaS, no upgrade to I-Hub, designed for small departments

Copyright 2015 OpenText Corp. All Rights Reserved

Easy web page integration JSP Example
BIRT is multilingual


Property files for multi language reports with key/value

pairs, similar to WinCC OA message catalogues

Designer and Viewer translation available

via Eclipse Language Packs
Community based translation (do not cover 100%)
Flexibility through scripting

Can be done with Javascript or JAVA

Expression Builder for easier scripting

if(dataSetRow[STATUS] == Shipped) {
} else {

if (row["CREDITLIMIT"] <= 0) {
} else {
- Simatic Information Server -
WinCC OA reporting with Simatic Information Server

Features Simatic Information Server

Cyclic activation based on demands or events

Web-based administration and provision

Transparent data access thanks to integration

in Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Automatic report distribution by email


WinCC OA data can easily be collected in

mixed Simatic system environments
WinCC OA reporting with Simatic Information Server

Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder (free) to create reports
Based on Report Definition Language files (.rdl)
XML structure with connection detail, definitions and layout(similar to Birt report files)

How to-Paper will be available soon

Examples will be available in WinCC OA
Better integration of WinCC OA for Simatic Information Server 2014 SP2
Simatic Information Server Creating a report for WinCC OA
Simatic Information Server report view
Dashboarding multiple reports
Questions & Feedback

Feedback Paper
Please take the chance to be part in shaping
the future of WinCC OA Reporting
Thank you for your time and happy reporting!

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