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Business Law I Instructor: Gita K. Sharma, Esq.

22:835:510:10/11 Phone: 732.662.4006

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Summer Term 2017 Office hours: By Appointment Only

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TEXT: Business Law, 9th Edition
By: Henry Cheeseman

Option 1: with e-text 9780134447339

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Option 2: with e-text 9780134796772
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Business Law 1 Course Description

Provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the American legal system
including the court system, the Constitution, the Legislature and the litigation process,
and offers a detailed analysis of the fundamental principles of the common law of
contracts. All phases of the contract process, including formation, performance,
termination, and remedies are studied. In addition, the course offers a detailed review of
Articles 2 and 2A of the Uniform Commercial Code, the scope of which includes the sale
and leasing of goods and merchandise. As with the study of the common law of
contracts, all aspects of the process of contract formation, performance, termination,
breach and remedies under the U.C.C. are explored.

ADD/Drop Information: For details about add/drop periods and timing see the
following link:

1. A working knowledge of legal terms, principles and ethics, and a
demonstrated ability to apply these in an appropriate manner.

2. An understanding of how the legal system operates, with emphasis

on the courts and the legislative process.

3. An ability to analyze contemporary ethical, international, and

business related legal issues.

Cheeseman 9th (Rev.05-2017) 1

4. An understanding and appreciation of the need for objectivity,
restraint and fairness in the legal system.

5. An understanding of the principles and concepts critical to success on the

CPA Examination.

6. An appreciation of the importance of ethics in business.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: (See BlackBoard or Detailed Information)

All students are expected to complete all course work in a timely manner and must be
prepared to actively participate in online discussions. Students are expected to be up to
date on current legal issues affecting businesses in order to facilitate these discussions.
For this reason, all students must keep up to date on assigned readings.

I will make every attempt to respond to emails within 24 hours of receipt. I cannot trust
emails sent to me that do not contain class information (including Section) in the subject
line, so please include this information in the subject line of every email. Please do not
inquire about details of the course that are set forth clearly in the instructions in the
syllabus, in Blackboard postings, or in other course materials. You are expected to
READ AND UNDERSTAND this information in advance of the start of the course.

Discussion Posts 10%
Writing Assignments (on MyBLawLab) 10%
MyBLawLab Adjustments (explained below) -5 to +5 points

There is NO extra credit assignment nor will the grades be curved. Your grade is NOT
subject to negotiation. You earn your own grade based on objective criteria. If you feel I
have made an error, I will gladly review and correct it. But I will adjust grades only if I
have made an error. Please understand that I cannot and will not adjust grades based
on individual circumstances. That is simply not fair to the other students.

Examination and Grading Procedures:

The mid-term exam is scheduled as close to the halfway mark of the class as possible.
The final exam (not cumulative) will be given during the last week of the term. More
information is available under Course Content in Blackboard.

Make-up examinations for the midterm and final are a matter of discretion, not a matter
of right. They will be given only in the most compelling circumstances, only in full

Cheeseman 9th (Rev.05-2017) 2

compliance with University policy, and must be arranged in advance of the test date
where appropriate. If you miss an exam without prior notice to me, you must contact me
by email within 24 hours. No make-up exam is given for medical reasons without a
physicians note or other valid, written excuse. Failure to follow these instructions
means a failing grade (0) on the exam.

Any inquiries or reviews of exams must take place within two weeks of the
administration of the exam.

Grades will be based upon the average score of two examinations (consisting of the
mid-term and final examination), coupled with completion of (2) writing assignments,
and active/meaningful participation in discussion threads. Another course requirement is
successful completion of chapter quizzes and warm-up exercises on MyBLawLab.

Each exam, which will consist of multiple choice questions, will be worth a maximum of
100 points, and shall count for 40% of the final course grade. The remaining 20% of
your grade will be for participation in online discussion threads (10%) and two writing
assignments (10%).

Note that completion of all the MyBLawLab tasks is another course requirement.
Detailed information about this aspect of the course is found below and on Blackboard.

Please make certain that you have a reliable Internet connection when taking exams,
quizzes, and completing all online work. All work is automatically submitted if you lose
Internet connection or go beyond the allotted time. If you lose connection while in a
task, your grade will stand as submitted by the system. Also note that the final and
midterm exams require use of the Lockdown Browser, which must be downloaded
(instructions available on Blackboard).

Letter grades are assigned as follows:

90-100 = A
85-89.99 = B+
80-84.99 = B
75-79.99 = C+
70-74.99 = C
60-69.99 = D
59.99 and below = F

Pearsons MyBLawLab (Quizzes, Warm-ups, Writing Assignments):

MyBLawLab is a required component of the course. All students must purchase and use
this feature and must complete and pass all quizzes and other tasks found on the
MyLab website for this course. You must score 70 or above to be deemed to have
passed a quiz.

Cheeseman 9th (Rev.05-2017) 3

Instructions for registering for MyBLawLab are found in the course instructions on
Blackboard. Failure to complete or pass any quiz or warm-up will result in a 2-point
reduction from your final grade for EACH missed/failed quiz or warm-up. You are solely
responsible for keeping track of and meeting all deadlines.

*Please note that you can earn an extra 5 points to be added to your final grade if you
meet the following requirements: (1) complete all MyBLawLab quizzes for all relevant
chapters, in full and on time, as required for the course, AND (2) earn a score of 90% or
above on all graded quizzes. This is an all or nothing proposition if you fail to complete
and pass the assigned warm-ups and quizzes in MyBLawLab, you will lose 2 points for
each missed/failed warm-up or quiz. If you do all the work, but do not score a 90% on all
the quizzes, there is no effect on your grade as you will be deemed to have met the
minimum course requirement. If you do all the work AND earn a score of 90% or above
on each of the quizzes, you will be awarded the 5-point bonus.

**Note that there are two writing assignments (for Chapters 12 and 30), which must also
be completed on MyBLawLab.

Participation Policy:
Participation in online discussion threads is mandatory. It is expected that you will
dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week toward the completion of coursework during
the term. Be certain to log into the course website at least daily during the week to keep
abreast of announcements and other relevant postings. It is expected that all students
will comport themselves appropriately during all class interactions. Please be courteous
and professional, proofread your submissions before sending.

Academic Integrity:
I do NOT tolerate cheating. Students are responsible for understanding the RU
Academic Integrity Policy. I will strongly enforce this Policy and pursue all violations.
Students must abide by the RU Honor Pledge, which states:

On my honor, I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this
examination or assignment.

Examples of violations of University Academic Integrity Policy include, but are not
limited to: copying of any examinations, acting to facilitate copying during any
examination; collaborating before or after an exam to develop methods of exchanging
information; acquiring or distributing an examination from unauthorized sources prior or
subsequent to the examination; or having a substitute take an exam or taking an exam
for someone else.

Dont let cheating destroy your hard-earned opportunity to learn. See for more details on the University Academic Integrity



Cheeseman 9th (Rev.05-2017) 4

COURSE OUTLINE (subject to change at Instructors discretion, as necessary)

Week 1: 6/5/17 6/10/17

CHAPTER 1 Legal Heritage and the Digital Age
CHAPTER 2 Courts and Jurisdiction
CHAPTER 3 Judicial, Alternative, and E-Dispute Resolution

Week 2: 6/11/17 6/17/17

CHAPTER 4 Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce
CHAPTER 6 Product and Strict Liability
CHAPTER 7 Intellectual Property and Cyber Piracy

Week 3: 6/18/17 6/24/17

CHAPTER 9 Nature of Traditional and E-Contracts
CHAPTER 10 Agreement
CHAPTER 11 Consideration and Promissory Estoppel

* MIDTERM EXAMINATION: 6/24/17 6/25/17

(Chapters covered during Weeks 1 3)

Week 4: 6/25/17 7/1/17

CHAPTER 12 Capacity and Legality
CHAPTER 13 Genuineness of Assent and Undue Influence
CHAPTER 14 Statute of Frauds and Equitable Exceptions

** WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1 (Chapter 12 in MyBLawLab): Due 7/1/17

Week 5: 7/2/17 7/8/17

CHAPTER 15 Third-Party Rights and Discharge
CHAPTER 16 Breach of Contract and Remedies
CHAPTER 17 Digital Law and E-Commerce

Week 6: 7/9/17 7/15/17

CHAPTER 18 Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts
CHAPTER 19 Title to Goods and Risk of Loss
CHAPTER 20 Remedies for Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts

Week 7: 7/16/17 7/22/17

CHAPTER 21 Warranties
CHAPTER 29 Agency Formation and Termination
CHAPTER 30 Liabilities of Principals, Agents, and Indep. Contractors

* FINAL EXAMINATION: 7/29/17 7/30/17

(Chapters covered during Weeks 4 7)

** WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 (Chapter 30 in MyBLawLab): Due 7/30/17

Cheeseman 9th (Rev.05-2017) 5