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West Bengal Act V I of 1947l


ADAPTED .. Thc Adap~ationof Laws Ordcr,


All Acr to nrake bet~er-provisbrJur rlrc srrppressio~~ of disurd~v-atid for

r11c rcsroratiot~ at id nmiritena~rceof prrblic or&r it1 tlrp distrrrlwd
areas it1 Wcsr Bellgal.
WHERE~S il is expedicnl lo make belter provision Tor !he suppression
of disorder and Ibr rhu rcs[ora[ion and maintenance of public ordcr in [hc
dislurbcd arcas in Wesl Bengal;
11 is hereby enaclcd as fo1lon~s:-

1. ( 1) This Act may bc called !he Wes! Bcngal D i s ~ u r h c Arcns

d Act, Shon l i ~ l c
and cslmt.
(2) 11 extends lo the wholc of Wesl Bengal.

2. In this ACL"disturbed arcs" mcans an area which is tor rhe rime Definition.
being declared by notificarion under section 3 to be a dislurbed arca.

3. Thc '[Stotc] Government may, by nolificalion in lhc Oficiul Powcr lo

Gazetre, dcclare rhal thc whole or 3dy such part of Wesl Bcngal as may be arcas 10 bc
spccificd in the norifica~ionis a dislurbed area. dislurbcd

4. Any Magistntc and any Police Officcr nDr below the rank of Powcr ro fin:
Assistanl Sub-Insp,eclor may,if in his opinion i! i s ncccssary so to do Tor pcnons
Ihc main~enanccof public ordcr, after giving such warning, i f any, as hc cnnmvcning
n ~ a yconsidcr ncccssary, fire upon or nrhcrwisc use force against any ortlcfi.
peson who is acting inconmavention orany law ororder KorIhc limc being
in force in adisturbcd area prohibitingthcasscmbly of Five ormorc pcrsons
or he carrying of weapons or of ~hingscapable of being uscd as weapons.

5. No prosecution. suit or othcr legal prnceedings shall be insti~utcrl, Prorcc~ion01

cxcepr wirh lhc prcvious sanc~ionof the '[Slalc] Governmcnl, against any
person in rcspcct of any h i ng done or purporting ro be done in cxercjse or s c c i i ~ n4.
[he powcrs confcrrcd by section 4.
- -

'For Srncmcnt or Objcccs and Rcasons.~cethe Ctilct~~to Ua:c~lr.E~irtiurdi~raq,dztcd

lhc 2 1 5 1 Novcn~bcr,1947, Pm I V , page 33 1; lor proceedings in rhr:!Vcsl BcngJ Lcgi5la1ir.c
Assembly, stelhe proceding orthc mccung of the \Vest B c n p l Lxgisla~ircAsxmbly hcld
on the 27th November, 1947.
'This word was subsrirurd Tor rhc word "Provincial" by para. 3 0 ) ofthc Adapmiion or
b w s Ordcr, 1950.

The lVesr Berrjial Distrirhcil Areas Acr, 1947.

[West Ben. Act VI of 1947.1

Coniinuancc 6. Any notifica~ionissued or any~hingdonc or any action lakrn In

of aulon
r ~ cunder
;l excrciscof the powersconfccrred by rhc Bcngal Disrurbed Arcns Ordinancc, B,,. old,
Bcnpd 1947, shall, on [he said Ordinance cussing i o be in opcmliun, be deemed V1l of lYfl.
vl[ 1947, LOllavc bccn issued, donc or taken in cxcrcisc of the powcrs conferred by
[his Acl as if [his Act had commenced on thc 51h day of August, 1947.