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West Bengal Act LVI of 1950'

.. Nil

Wcst Ben. Acr XI1 or 1954.
. . West Ben. Act XXIV or 1976.
1Wcs~Bcn. Acr XXX of 1992.

At1 Act to a s)lsletn ojregisrrariorr otrd lice~z.~i~rg

ir~~roclrrce ;I!t,cspecr of
clittical c~fablisf~t~rerzrs.
W H E H E ~i~Sis expcdicnt to i n ~ d u c ca system of regisrralion and
licensing in respec1 or clinical cstablishmcnt;
I t is hereby enacted as Follows:-
1. (1) This ACImay hecalled the Wes~BengalClinicdEstablishmenrs Shon rille.
cxtcnl and
Act, 1950. commcncc-
(2) It cx~cndsto the whole of Wen Bengal.
(3) It shallcomc inlo2forceon such date as the State Govemmcntmay,
by notificaiton in the Oficial Gazerre, appoint.

2. I n this Act, unlcss hcrc is anything rcpugnanl in h e subjcct or Dcfinilions.

?(a) "clinical esmblishmen~"means any nursing homc, physical
therapy establishmcn~,clinicallaboratory,hospih1,dispensary
(with bed), mcdical camp, mcdical clinic, medical institution
of analogous cstaMishmcnt, by whalever name called;
(b) "clinical laboratory" means an es~ablishmcntwhere-
(i) biological 4[pn~hological.
] bnclcriological,radiological,
microscopic, chemical or o~herlesb. examinations or
analysis, or
(ii) Ihc preparation of cultures, vaccines, serums or dlhcr
biological or bac~eriologicalproducts,
in connection with the diagnosis or treatn~entof discascs, are
or is usually carried on;

'For Slalcrncni of O~;TCISand Kczons, sce rhc Cnlclrr~nG n i ~ n efirrunrrli~ru~,

. darcd
ihc IOrh Scprc~nbcr. 1950, Part 1V. pagc 1223; for P m d i n g s of h e West Bcngal
h ~ i s l a ~ i vAsscmSly,
c see thc Pmfcdings o f rhc mcc~ingo f the Wcsl Bengal Lcgislnivc
Asscnlhly, hcld on Ihc 29th Scprcsbcr, 1950.
'This Aci cmic inlo forcc on rhc 15th February, 1952. ride notificationNo. M d l . 6201
PHI?R-72150,daicd rhc I Ilh February. 1952, published in lhc Culc!rrfaGozrrrr. dxcd the
l-lh Fcbru,uy. 1951. PUI I. pagc439.
'Clause (a) was subsriturrd Ior lhr:original clause by s. ?(a) o r r k Wcrt Bcngal Clinical
Erlablishmcnts (Amcndn~nl)Acl. 1992 (Wcst Bcn. Acl XXX of 1982).
'This word within square bnckets was inserted by s. 2(i) of the \Vat Bcng4 Clinical
Establishmenlri (Alncndnxnl) Act, I976 (Wcsl Elcn, Act XXlV o f 1976).

The Wesr Betigal Clirrical Es!ablislrrrrctrrsAct, 1950.

[Wcsl Ben. Act

(c) "matemiry home"mems ancs!ablishmcnt where women are

usually '[received or accommodarcdor barh] far thc purpasc
ofconfinemenland mrc-nalal and post-nard carc in conncclion
withchi td-binh2[andindudes an esrabljshmcnt ivllere women
are received or accommoda~edfor rhc purposeof sterilization
or medical ~crrnino~ion or pregnancy ;]
(d) "nursing homc" mcons an cstablishn~cnt where persons
suffering from illncss, injury or infirmiiy whcrhcr of body or
mind are usually ?[receivedor accommodarcd or both] for Ihc
purpose of'l[observadon] nursing and treatment and includes
a maternity home;
5(e) "physical therapy es~ablishmcnt"mcans an cstablishmcnt
where massaging, elccuot hcrapy, hydrothcrapy, rcmcdial
gymnastics or similar work is usually carried on, for the
purposc of treatment of diseases or of infirmity or for
improvement of hcalh, or Ibr [he purpose o f relaxation or [or
any olher purposc whatsoever, whether or not analogous ro
the purposes hereinbefore mcnrioncd in [his clausc;
(f) "prescribed"means prescribedby rules made undcr this Acl;
(g) "regis~crcdmcdical pnctitioner"means amedical practi~ioner
registercd undcr thc Bengal Medical Acl, 1914; Ben. ACIV1
or 1914.
(h) "rcgislcred nurse" or "registered midwife" means a nurse or
midwifc rcgistcrcd under the Bengal Nurses Ac!, 1934. Bcn. Act X
o f 1934.
csrablish- 3. No person shall kccp or cllrry on a clinical estabIishmen! without
nicni no1 10 being regislcrcd in rcspcct thereof and except under and in accordance
k kcpr or with the terms of a license granrcd Ihcrefar.
canied on
and liccnsc.

ior rcgis- 4. ( 1 1 Evcry applicatian for registration in respec1 of any cIinical
rntion md establjshmeni and for the grant ola licensc therefor shall 6[, subject lo the
provisions of section 5A,Jbc madc to such authority (hereinafter to as the
'These words wilhin squ.ut bnckc~swcrc subrlituled Tot rhc words "rccci\.ed and
accommodatcd" by s. 2(ii)ol1hc Wcct Brngal Clinicdh~ablishmcnts Act. 1976(Wcst Bcn.
Act XXlV of 1976).
'Thrscwords within squm bnckcis wcrc inssnrdby s. 2(b)oitk West BengdCliniul
Fslablishmcnl (Amndmcnl) Act. 1997 (\ Bm. Acr XXX or 1992).
'Thcsc words within squarc bnckcts were subsliluled for the words "rcccivcd and
~ccommodatcd by s.2(ii1) or the \Vesl Bengd Clinical Es~ablishmcn~s (Amendment) Acr,
1976 (WUI Rcn. Aci XXlV of 1976).
'This word within qunre bnckcts was inscncd by s. 2(c) oilhe \Vest Bengd Clinical
Brablishmcnrs (Amendmenl) Act, 1992 (Wcst Bcn. ACI XXX of 1992).
'Clause (e) wm substilurcd For ~ h originnl
c clause by s. 1 of h c Wcst Bcngal Clinical
Btablishments (Amendrncn~)Act, I954 (West Ben. Act XI1 of 1954).
'The w o k , lieureand lcrrerwihinsquarr bnckerswereinscncd by s. 3(a)(i)of h c Wcst
Bcngd Clinical Er~dlishmcnrs(Amendment) ACI. 1992 (West Ben. Act XXX of 1992).

Tlre West Retlgal Cli~iicaiEsrablislr~~letirx

Acr, 1950.

LVE of 1950.1

prcsccibcd aurhority), shall contain such particulars and shall be

' acuompanicd by such fee I[, no1 cxceeding a sum of fif~ccnthousand
rupees pcr ycar,] 3s may be prcscribcd:
IProvidcd that h e State Govcrnmcnt may, if ir considers necessary so
to do in [he public intcresl, by ordcr exempt any clinical establishmcn[
from payrncnt of any such k c .
(2) Tl~cprescribcd authority, if satisfied that Ihc applicant and rhc
clinical caablishmenl fulfiI such conditions as may be prescribed, shall
register the applicant in respec[ of such clinical cslablishment and shall
gnnt him a licensc ~hcrcforand thc rcgistralion and the license shall bc
valid for such period as may be prescribed.
(3) Theprescribcd aulhority mayrcjcctan applicalion irhe issutisfied-
(a) that [he applicant or the clinical establishment docs not fulfil
thc condilions prescribed undcr sub-section (2);
(b) [hat thc rcal abjecr of thc applicant is ro use or allow thc
clinical cstablishnlent ID bc used for immoral purposes;
(c) in the casc afa nursing home other rhan n maternily home that
such nursing home is not or will nor be undcr [he ch3ge of a
regislered mcdjc31 pracli[ioncr resident hercin '[round the
clock] and that thc nursing of persons reccivcd and
accornmodarcd lhcrein is no[ or will not bc under the
superin~endenccoiaregis tercd nurse residen~rhcrcind[round
the clock]; or
(d) in the case of a matcrniry home [ha1 such materni~yhome is
not or will no1 bc '[under [he charge 01a regisrcrcd medical
practitioner residcni therein] 6[round the clock] and that the
ar~endancconcverywoman before, a[, orafter child-birih'[or
s~erjlizarionor rnedicaI [emination of pregnancy] or on any
child born is not or will not bc under [he supcrintendence of
a rcgistered mid wire residcnl therein a[mund thc clock];
and shall in every casc where ~ h appIicaiton
c is rcjected record rhc grounds
for rejcclion:
9Providcd that noapplicnlion shall bc rcjec~ed,unlcss the applicant has
bcen given an opporlunily or bhowing cause in suppon of his application.
'Thcse\vords within squan: bnckcts wcreinsencd by s.3(i) olrhe Wcst Bcngnl Cliniul
Esrablishmcn~(Alnendmenl) Act. 1976 (Wcsl Bcn. Act XXlV of 19761.
'This pmviso was a d d e i by s. 3(a)Gi)of rhc Wcsl Bengal clinical Eslablishrnenrs
(AyendmcnL) Act, 1991 (Wcst Ben. Acl XXX of 1992).
These words within squm bnckcts were insc~cdby s. 3(b)(i)(l) 01thc WVcct Bcngal
Clinical Establishments (Amndlneni) Act. 1992 t\Vcst Bcn, Act XXX of 1992).
'7hcse words within s q u n bnckcts we= inscncd by s. 3(b)(i)(2). ibid,
'Thesewords wirhin s q u m b m k e 6 ~ c r substituled
c f o r k words "underrhe c h ~ g c a f
;1rcglstcrtd rnidwilc" by s. 3(ii)of ~ h West
c Bengnl Cliniwl &tAlish~ncnls (Ammdment)
Acr. 1876 ( W a r Bcn. Act XXIV or 19761.
Thcsc words wilhin square bmckcrr, wcw insencd by 6, 5(b)(ii)(l)olthc W a l Bengal
Clinicd ktabliihrnmrs (A~ncndrncnt)Act, 1992 (\Vcsr Bcn, ACI XXX or 1492).
'Thcse words within quare bnckcts wen: inscncd by s. 3(b)(ii)(2),ibid.
'These words wilhin q u a hnckc~swcrc insedrd by s , 3(b)(ii)(3),hid.
'Thispro~isowxaddcd bys30P1heWcq~BcngdClinicalEs~ablishments(Amndmen~)
Acr. 1951 (Wcsr Bcn. Act XI[ OF 1954).

Tfw Wesf Bengal Clirtical Esrrrblishnret~tsACI, 1950.

[Wcst Bcn. Act

(Secrio~r4 . )

'(3AI No civil coun shall have any jurisdiction to cnrcnain any suii or
otller proceedings challenging the decision of thc prescribed aurhori ty
undcr sub-seclion (3).
(4) An appeal shall lie to such authorily as may k specified in rlljs
bchalf, againsl [he rejection of an applicarion under sub-sccrion (3) and any
order passcd on such appeal shall be final and shall not be questioned in
any Courl.
?(5) Every Iicensc panlcd undcr sub-seclion (2) shall bc subjcc~to the
following rcrms and condilions, namely:-
(a) thal the clinical establishment shall not bc used for immoral
(b) that adequ~temeasures shall bc rakcn to keep [he clinical
esrabljshment in perfectly sanitary and hygienic condi(ion;
(c) that every person kccping or carrying on a clinical eslablish-
nlent shall submil an immediale report to thc prcscribed
authori~yas soon as ir comes to his notice thnl any person who
has been adrnitizd as an outdoor or indoor patienl in thc
clinical csrablishmcnt is suiicring from or has hccn alrackcd
with tetanus, gas gangrene, small pox, '[cholera, encephalilis,
acquired immune deficiency syndronic orany orherinlecdous
or dangerous descascl spcci6cd by the State Government in
this behalf by norification published in the Oflcial Guzclle:
4 ( ~ ~ that
) cvcry pcrson kccping or carrying on a clinical
establishmcnl shall submil to the prescribcd aurhorily a
monrhly reporl aboul the number of cascs of sterilization of
malc and female; panjcul& ofcases ofrncdical terminalion
of pregnancy and particulars of Molhcr and Child Health
Care Programme, Immunisation Programme or any othcr
like p r o g m m c canicd on by or in any such est~blishmcn~;
(d) h a t for cvery clinical establishment records shall be kepl in
sucll form and rcport submitted to thc prcscribed authori ty in
such rom, in such manncr and at such intervals, 3s may bc
prcscribcd, conlaining-
(i) the name and o ~ h e rparticulars of cach pcrson who is
rcceived oraccommodated ar theclinical cslablishment
as an ouldoor or indoor patienl;
(ii) the name of any of the prescribcd discases for which
such person in keated;
'This sub-secrion w a insefltd by s. 3(c) of thc Wcsi Ben@ Clinical L r a b l i ~ h m c n i r
(Amendment) Acl. 1992 (ivesl Bun. ACI X X X 01 1992).
-Sub-src!ion (5) was substilutrd fur the original sub.scc1ion (5) by s. 3(iii) of the \V&<l
Dcngal Clinical Fs~ablishmc.n~ (Amendment) Aci. 1976 (IVcsi Ben. ACI XXlV 01 1976).
'These rvords\viihin sauur: bnckr~s werrsubs~iluled
. . . .... . .Tor . . words "cholcraor mv olhcr
. the
dangcrow discxc" by s. j(d)(i) o f lhc wcsr Bcngd Clinical ~stablishmcnu(~~ncnirncnt)
Act. 1992 (\ValBen. Acl X X X or 1992).
'This clause rv;us inbrnrd by i . 3(d)(ii). ;bid.

The Wrsr Bengal Clitrical Esroblis~rtrrerrrsAct, 1950.

LVI of 1950.1

(iii) rhc namc and olhcrpaniculars ofthe registered mcdical

pnctirioncr who attcnds him;
(iv) the amount paid by each person towards costs of-
(a) boarding and lodging, if any, and

(v) birth, dcn~hand miscaniage, if any, that takes placc in

~ h clinical
c cstablishmen~during the period to which
thtl rcport relates; and

(e) any alher rcrms and condirions which may bc prcscrikd.

5. IF at any rime aficrany person has becn registcrcd in respcct ofany CmcrlIa~ion
clinical ~~[ablishment and granted r license [herclo~,the prescribed :gi5tmron
aulhori~yis salisficd [hat t h t terms of the Iiccnse arc not being complied and Iicsnsc.
with, hc may cmccI such regislration and license:
'Provided that no canccllarion of any registration and liccnsc shall be
made unlcss such pcrson has hcen given an opporlunily of showing cause
jlwithin fificcn days from the date oIrcceiplo1 a notice in this hellnIrj as
to why such such regisualion and licensc should not be cmcclled.

"5A. Thc Slale Governmcnl may, on a consideration of rhc number ClasiT~a-

of bcds available in, and thc ameniiics like air-condirioning and similar :{:i''il I
other arnenilics and Ihc serviccs in he fom~of mcdicincs, raciliries for cslablish-
elec~orcardiogram, sonoscanning, X-rays and similar other facil itics "'""'-
pmvidcd by, clinical cs~ablishmcnts,classiFy lhcm in to such categories
and in such manncr as may be prescribed.

'5B. ThcS~att:Government may consuiu~c,in such mannei as may bc stare I C ~ C I

prescrihcd, a Slnlc Level Commiitee for the Slale of West B e n ~ a land a ~ ~ ~ c ~
Districr Level Commirrrc for each dislrict of Wcst Bengal for [he purpose cornni:rrrcs.
of advicc ro I heSlatc Governmenl on the imple~ncnta~ionof the provisions
ol'lhis Acl.

E.rplrr~~ariorr.-Forrhc purposes of this seclion, the arca oCCalcu~roas

Wesi Ben- dclined in clausc (9) of scot ion 2 OC the CaIcuiia Municipal Corporalion
1980. Aul, 1980. shall cnnstilu~ca disrricr of Wcst Bcngal.

'Thcsc. words rvi~hins q u m bnckclr werc insencd by s. 3(d)(iii) o i ~ kWcsl Bcngal

Cliniral E~rablishmcnrs (Ao~cndmcn[)Arl. I992 (\Ves~Bcn ACI XXX 0ll992).
!This proviso wasadded by s,4orthcWesr Bcn~~lCIinical
Acl. 1954 (\trtst Bm. Act XI101 l9jJ1,
'Thcsc rr40rdslvithln squ~n:b r a c k c ~srrc
~ inscrlrd by 5 . 4 of thc Wesr Bcngal Clinical
Fsrahlishn~cn~s(hrncndl~len~)Acl, 1992 (i'r'esl Bcn, ACI XXX of 1992).

Tfie \Vest Esrablisl~tnelrrsAcr, 1950.

~ e ; l ~Cli!~icr~l

[West Ben. Act

Powcr o f 6 ( I ) Subject to 2[such as rules may bc made under [his Acl,] any
inspection, oficerof I ~ SraleGovcrnmznt
C aulhorised by thc Srate Govcrnrncnt in [his
CIC. bchal f, may,-
(a) tnrer. at any time by nigh1 or by day, with or withoul noricc,
any place or cstablishment which he has reason to belicvc is
being uscd as a clinical cstablishment;
(b) makc such cxaminalion or rhc place or cstablishment and
inspect any cquipmenls, ardclcs ordocumcnu found thcrcin
and scize and take out thcrcfronl any such equipmcnts,
anicles ordocumcn~s,as he deems ncccssary for~hcpurpose
of examination. analysis, invesligntion or cvidcnce and
retain rhcm as long as he thinks il necessary ro do so for such
(c) makc such inquiries, and put such qucs~ionsto any person
hund in such placc or establjslimcnt, as he decms nccessary
in order to asccnain whettier rhe place or he cslablishmcnc
is bcing used as a clinical establishrncn~or nor;
"d) cnlcr any clinical cslablishmenr and. with thc assislance of
a police-officer not below thc rank of Sub-inspector, scizc
any documenl, equipmcnt or other materials which such
cstanblishment is not au~horisedto kccp or m a i n t a i n under
any law lor h c rime being in lorcc, in accordance wilh such
proccdurc as may bc prcscribcd.
(2) No pcrson shall ~bstructan olficer aulhoriscd under sub-scc~ion
(I) in h e exercise of any pawcr conferred by [hat sub-secBon or make any
false or rccklcss statement in answer to a qucstion put by such officer in
exercise of Ihe power conicrrcd on him undcr clause (c) orrhnt sub-section.

Oflences 7. (1) Any person-

pc~ial~ics. (a) who cunlravenes the provisions of section 3, or
(b) who contravenes the provisions of sub-seclion (2) of
scccion 6, or
(c) bcing the holdcroralicense granled under this Act in respect
of any clinical establishment, uses or allows such
establishment to be uscd Tor A[in~moralpurposcs in
conrraventian oi the ternis and condilions rcicrred to i n
clausc (a) of sub-section (5) of section 4,]

'Scciion 6 was subs[itutcd for [he original scclion 6 by s. 5 of [hc WCSIBmgd Clinicd
Eslablishmen8 (Aniendrncnr) Acr. 1954 (We51 Bcn. Acr XI1 of 1954).
'Thcsc words wirhin squm brnckca ivcm subsriruttd Tor rhc words "suchrcgularions a<
nwy kprcscribed."bys.6(ajoI1hc \VcsrBcngdCliniwl~~ablishmcn~ (Amcndmenr) ACI.
1992 ( 1 V . s ~Bcn. ACLXXX or 1992).
'This clausc wns insenrd by s, 6(b). ihid.
'These urorrls. lcltcrs, figurcs md bnckels within s q u m bnckcts s c r c substilurcd for
[he words "jmrnoml purposcs," by s. 7(I)(a),i b U

Tlze West Rengoi Clitlicul Esta bli.~I~tn~et~

ts Act, 1950.

shall be guilty o i an olfcncc and shall-

(i) on conviclion for a first oflcncc bc punishable will1
imprisonmenl for a term which may cxtcnd lo l[lhree
years or with finc which may cxlcnd lo five lhousand
rupccs] or with bob, and
(ii) on conviction for a sccond or subsequent offcncc bc
punishable with imprison men^ for a t c m which may
extend to ?[seven years or with line which may extend
to ten thousand rupees] or with b o h ,
and shall in addilion be liable lo a fine which may exlend ro '[onc hundrcd
rupees for everyday] for which [he offence continues nftcr conviclion.
(2) Where a person cammiuing an offence under [his Act is acompany
or an associalion or a body o f persons, whc~herincorporarcd or nol, every
direclor, manngcr, sccrctary orolhcro~ficcrconccrncdwihhemanagenlenl
thereof shalI, unless hc provcs lhar Ihc offcncc was commiued without his
knowlcdgc or h a t he exercised duc diligence lo prevent ils commission,
be dccmcd to bc guilty of such offence.
'(3) Subject to the provisions or sub-secrion ( I ) and sub-scc~on(2).
any person who contravenes any orrhc Icrnls and condirions referred ro in
sub-section (5) of scction 4 shnll, nolwirhsranding any canceltalion af
registration and liccnseunder sccuon 5, bc guilry olan offence, and shall-
(a) on conviction for a firs1 orfence hc punishable wilh
imprisonment Tor a tcrm which may cxtcnd to six rnanlhs or
with fine which may cxrcnd 10 five hundred rupees or with
boh, and
(b) on conviction for a second or subscquenr offence be
punishablc wilh imprisonmcnr lor a ~crmwhich may exlend
to LIVO years or with fine which may extend to two thousand
rupees or with both.
4(4) Any person who contravenes any provision or any rules made
under this Act shall be guilty ofan offencenit provided for in this Aci and
shall on conviction he punishable with inprisgnmcnt fora tcrm which may
cxtcnd to six monrhs or wilh finc which may cxtcnd co onc hausand rupees
or wilh borh.

'Thesewordswi~hinsquarc bnckerswcresubsurutcd (orthewords'bne yemorwirh finc

which may extend 10 five hundrcd rupees" by s. 7(l)(b) OF the \Vest Bcngd Clirucnl
Esmblishmcna (Arncndmcnr) ACL 1992 (War Bcn. Acl KKX 01 1992).
'Thcsc words within squm bnckcu wcrc subs~iiurcdfor lhc words "rhrpr y c m or dlh
Iinc which may cxxrnd ro onc ~housandrupees" by s. 7(l)(cl, ibid.
'Thcsc words within squwc bnckcts wcrc subsii~urcdCor lhc words 'lwcnty live mpxs
lorcvcry day" by s. 7(l)(d). ibid.
'Sub-soctions 3 and 4 wcrc inscnd by s. 712). ibid.

Tile l V e s ~Betlgul Clitrical Estublisl~lrrer~~s

Acr, 1950.

[West Ben. Act

Ptnal~ytor '7A. Any person who knowingly serves in a clinical establishment

serving-in an
unliccnsrd which is, nat duly registered and licensed under this Act or which is used
;md fnr immoral purposesshall be guilty ofanoKcnceand?[shal! be punishable
unr~gislewd with iniprisonmen~rora lerm which may exrend to six months or with fine
csrablish- which may cxrcnd to onc thousand mpces or wilh bolh.1
OTren~~s '7B. All offcnces undcr scclions7 and 7~ shall bc cognizable4[and all
scclions ofrcnccs undcr sub-sections (I), (2) and (3) of secuons 7 and 7A shall be
and 7A to br: non-bailable.]
'[and non-
Savings. 8. (1) For a period of six monlhs horn h e commencement of [his
Acl,the provisions ofsection 3, secrion 5 , section 6 and section 7 shall not
apply lo any clinical csrablishmen~in cxislence on rhc dalc of such
(2) Norhing in this Act shall apply in respect of-
(a) anyclinicales~ablishmentmain~ainedby orunderthecon~rol
of 5[thc Slntc Government or the Centrat Govcmrnen[] or
any local authority; or
(b) m y asylum cstnblishcd or liccnscd undcr Ihc Indian Lunacy
I V of 1911.
Act, 1912; or
(c) any leperasylum appointed, established or mainrained undcr
the Lepers Act, 1898; or III or 1898.
(d) any chamber or '[surgery] of a registered medical
( c ) a n y hairdrcsscr's shop or salaon whcrc scalp or
raccmassagc or manicure Ircalrncnl is adminisrcred ro
fcmalc cuslomcrs only or is administcrcd in full vicw of
all the customers resorting there; '[or]
'(I-) any haspital, '[dispensq (wilh bed)] or other medical
institution q[spccialIy cxcmpicd] in [his bchalr by thc Statc
Governmenl; or

lSrc~ions7A and 76 were inserted by s. 6 of the Wcsr Bcngd Clinicd Es~ablishmcnrs

(Arncndmcn~) hcr. 1954 {WcstBen. Acr XI1 of 1954).
Thcsc words wilhin square bnckclswcrc subsd~ulcdforlhc words "shall bc punishablc
wirh finc which may cxtcnd lo fivc hundrcd rupcc5." by s. 8 or the \Vest Bengal CIinical
E<~ablishmcnt (Amendment) Acl, 1992 (\Vest Ben. Act KXX 011992).
Thcsc words wirhin squm bnckcls wcrcinsened [in Ihz marginal ~ o I E ]by 5 . 9[a), ibid.
'Thzscwords, figures, lcrrermd bnckerswirhinsquarcbnckciswcrcinscncd by s. 9(b),
'Thcsc words within squm b n c k w wcre substituled ror rhc word "Govemmen~"by s.
Iota), ibid.
T h i s word within squm bnckc~swac subs~icuccdTor the word "cl~nic"by s. 7(3) of the
W e s ~Bennnl Clinical Esrablishmcnt (Amcndmcnl)Acl, 1956 (War Bcn. ACI XI1 or 19511.
This Word wilhin squarchnckc~~wosadded aithcend olclause(e) and aflerthat clause.
clausc (0 was added by s. 7(b), ibid.
Thcsc w r d s and bnckcts within s q u v e bnckcrs were subsrirurcd for h c word
"" by s. IO(b)(i)or rhc 1vEs1Bcngd Errablishmcnlr (Amcndmcnl) Act, 1992
(Wcsr Bcn. Act XXX of 1992).
Tbcsc words wi~hinsqum bnckek were subsri~u~cd lor thc word "recogniscd" by 5.
I O(b)(ii).ibid.

Tfle llresr Llcr~galClirlical E s ~ a b l i s h ts~ Acr,

~ ~ e1950.

LVI of 1950.1

%A. (1 ) No suil. prosccuiion or othcr lcgal procccdings wha~soever lnddnlnity.

shall lie against any pcrson in respect of anyrhing which is in good f a i h
done or inrcnded lo bc done under this ACI.
(2) No suil or olhcr lcgal proceeding shnli lie against Govcrnment for
any damagc caused or likely lo bccaused by anythingwhich is in good faith
donc or intcndcd l o be done undcr [his Act.

9. ( 1 ) Tile Slatc Govcrnmcot may makc -'rules for Ihc purposes of Power lo
make rulcs.
carrying out ~ h provisions
c o f this Acr.
(2) In particular and wirhoutprcjudicc ro r hegencralily of the foregoing
power, such rules may provide for all or any o f the following matters:-
(a) the au~horityto whom an application under sub-scc~ion( I )
OF secrion 4 shnll he n~adc,thc particulars which such
application shall conmin and rhc Icc will\ which such
applicarion shall bc nccompanied;
(b) rheconditionswhich nn applicant and aclinical es~ablishrncni
shall rulfil under sub-scc~ion(2) ofsecrion 4;
(c) [he period F{lr which rcgisrrarion and liccnsc under
sub-seclion (2)of seclion 4 shnll bc valid;
(d) rhe period of limitution for an appcal undcr sub-section (4)
of scction 4 and the procedure on such appcals;
'(e) rhe form in which records shnll be kept and tlie TOMI and
manlier in wluch and ~ h cintervals at which repons shall be
submitted to the prcscribed aulhority undcr clause (d)of sub-
sec~ion(5) of scclion 4;
'(cn) other terms and conditions which may be prcscribed under
clause (e) of sub-scction (5) of section 4;
s* * * * *
(g) any orher rnauer required to bc prescribed by rulcs.
'Cl~usc(g)w~addcdaTtercl~usc(F)by s, 7(b)of ~hr:\VestBcngalClinicill Eslablishrnenrs
(A~ilcndmenl)ACI. 19761Wcst Brn. Act XXlVoT 1976).Then i t axiomirtcd bys, lwc) or
the IVrsr Beneal Clinicd Eslablishmcnts(Arncndmcnr) Acr, 1992 (Wcst Bcn. Act XXX or
1992). -
'Section HA was ~nscncdbys. 8olthc Wcst Brngal Clinicd~tabl~sh~ncnls(Amendmmt)
Act, 1954 (Wcsr Ben. Act X1I of 1954).
'For rules m d c in cxcrcisc a i ihe powcr confcmd by this scction, Jee norificarion
No.Med1.62 IiPH-2K-7Y51, datedihe l IrhFcbruary, 1952olrhc Medical and Public Hcalth
Dep.uuncnr, published in the Cfllcrrrra!roord~r~ory, ddled the 141h February.
1952, Pan I. pagcs 385-393. as amzndrd by h r Dcpmment no!ificarion No, Mcdl. P.H.
12662R-7Y50,daredhc I4rhMmh. 1952publishcdin the CaklirraGo:cfre, darcd thc771h
hlmh. 1952, Pan 1. page 940 md o~hcrsubsquenrnorifica~ions.
'Clausrs (e)and(m) \crc~ubstitutrdiortlicorigind clnuse(e) by s. 4 oCthc \ V u t Bcngal
~ ) I976 (\Vest Ben. Act XXIV of 1976).
Cli?ical Establishmcnrs ( A ~ i x n d m n Act,
Clausc (0 w ~ subsiiiu~ed
q for thc origin~lcl~usc (f) by s. 9 orlht: West Dengd Clinicd
Establishmenrs (Amcndrncnr)Acr. 1954 (Wcs~Bcn. Acl XI1 OF 1954). Thrn it w ~ o ~ i ~ i r t e d
by s. I I o f the !VCSI Bcngd Clinical Mnblishnlcnl~(Arnendrnenr)Acr. 1992 (West Bcn.Ac1
XXX or 19921.