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Dr. Amit Arora (SMO), Dte of AYUSH, GNCT of Delhi

Dr. Udesh Kumar (CMO), Dte of AYUSH, GNCT of Delhi

Abstract: Warts manifest as asymptomatic small, rough and hard

growths that are similar to the colour of skin. In homoeopathy, skin ailments
they fall under the category of local maladies. As per directions of Dr.
Hahnemann in Organon, local maladies should never be treated with topical
applications. They require internal constitutional medication, based on through
case taking, in order to be cured.

Warts, verruca vulgaris, human papilloma virus, Homoeopathy

Warts are typically small, rough and hard growths that are similar to the
colour of skin. They are caused by infection with a type of Human
Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are different varieties of warts like
verruca vulgaris, verruca plana, filiform warts, palmoplanter warts or
anogenital warts.
Verruca vulgaris or common wart is single or multiple, circumscribed, firm
papules with hyperkeratotic dry, stippled surface. They are caused mainly by
HPV type 2 and 4. They generally appear on back of hands, fingers,
knees or feet hands and feet but can appear at anywhere on body.


A male patient of age 28 years consulted with warts on nape of neck since last 8
months. The warts started as single raised papule on nape of neck and gradually
multiple warts appeared on nape of neck. There is no pain or itching or any other
complaint in warts.

Past history: Nothing specific

Family history: Nothing specific.


Thermal reaction: Hot patient

Appetite: nothing specific

Thirst: 7-8 glasses per day

Desire: Sweets

Stool: once in morning, satisfactory.

Urine: 4-5 times a day.

Perspiration: normal

Other generals: Patient had desire for fresh open air. He used to feel suffocated in
close room. He used to prefer loose clothes.

Built: Thin built

Mind and behavior: Nothing specific was found in his behavior.


1st prescription: On basis of hot patient, desire for open air and suffocation in close
room Lachesis 30/ 3 doses was prescribed, followed by Sac Lac 30, thrice for 15

2nd prescription: New warts appeared. Considering it homoeopathic aggravation

prescribed Sac Lac 30, thrice for 15 days.

3rd prescription: No change. So increased the potency of same medicine, that is

Lachesis 200/ 1 dose, Sac lac 200, thrice daily for 15 days.

4th prescription: No change.

Here again the case was reviewed but nothing specific came out. But during his
visit it was observed that he was constantly pulling his fingers. On being asked, he
said that it is probably his habit, but he in general feels good by stretching his
fingers or other body joints. This symptom was noted down.
5th prescription: Now considering his symptoms of hot feeling, desire open air,
suffocation feeling in close room and likeliness for stretching the medicine was
prescribed AMYL NITROSUM 200/ 3 doses and Sac Lac 30 continued for 15
days. .

6th prescription: Patient came back after a month, with some improvement in warts.
Sac lac 30 continued.

Gradually in next two months all the warts cleared.

Basis of Prescription:

It was a keynote prescribing based on symptoms mentioned in Allen Keynotes. In

Amyl Nitrosum its written:

Craves fresh air; open clothing, removes bed covering and open windows in
coldest weather.
Collar seems too tight, must loosen it (Lach)
Constant stretching for hours.
Before treatment
Aggravation after 1st prescribing.
Improvement started after 5th prescribing
Complete resolution after treatment.


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