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1 Complete the sentences with a, an, the or 0 (no article).

1 Can you turn television on? X-Factor is on in five minutes.

2 Jans got new baby. Shes beautiful!
3 Do you enjoy studying English?
4 Id like to be engineer when Im older.
5 Come in! My dads in kitchen. Hes cooking.

2 Write complete sentences. Use the present simple or the present continuous.

1 you/know/my friend Susie?

2 Jack/not work/on his computer/right now
3 we/study/present tenses/this week
4 Im afraid /I/not understand/this homework
5 your grandmother/stay/with you/at the moment?

3 Complete the sentences with the correct present simple or present continuous form of these verbs.

go have stay study work

1 Our family dinner together every evening. I think its important.

2 I at my best friends house in the countryside this weekend.
3 At the moment, my cousin at a college in England. Hes having a great time.
4 We on holiday to Spain twice a year. We love hot countries!
5 My dad in a bank in the city centre. He drives in every day.

4 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences.

1 I really like my brother-in-law/stepbrother. Im happy that my sister married him.
2 My mum married again and my new husband/stepfather is very nice.
3 Helen is a single/an only child and she doesnt like it.
4 Brett and Beth arent very happy together. I think theyre going to get single/divorced soon.
5 My uncle has two children who are the same age as me they're my sons/cousins.

5 Complete the sentences with the correct noun form of the verbs given.

1 We asked the teacher for (inform) about the new drama club.
2 We guarantee an (improve) in your English.
3 My grandmother isnt enjoying her (retire). She says shes bored.
4 Can you give me a (describe) of your bag? What does it look like?
5 You need a lot of (confident) to be an actor and perform in front of crowds of people.

6 Complete the sentences with words related to the stages of a persons life.

baby middle-aged senior citizen teenager young adult

1 My grandfathers 70. Hes a . Hes retired and lives with his wife in Spain.
2 My aunt is 48. Shes a woman. Shes a teacher in a secondary school.
3 My cousin Mary is 25. Shes a . She wants to get married next year.
4 My sisters 17. Shes a . She lives with my mum and stepfather.
5 My little brothers one. Hes a . He doesnt sleep much at night!

1 Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

1 you/do/What/last night/did?

2 go/did/on holiday/Where/last year/you?


3 yesterday/you/Who/at the club/meet/did?


4 you/on Friday night/did/go to bed/late/Why?


5 get/you/to school/did/How/on Monday?


2 Complete the answers to the questions from Exercise 1 with the correct past simple form of the verbs given.

1 I (watch) a new film on TV.

2 We (not go) anywhere.
3 I (meet) James.
4 We (have) a party for my mum.
5 I (go) in the car with my dad.

3 Complete the sentences with the correct past simple or past continuous form of the verbs given.

1 When I (switch on) the TV, they (talk) about a robbery.

2 When I (get) home, I (make) a sandwich.
3 As I (pass) your house, I (see) someone in your back garden.
4 I (do) my homework when I (hear) the news.
5 While they (play), it (start) to rain.

4 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the text.

There isnt a lot of serious crime in my town. (1) Vandals/Vandalism is probably the biggest problem and a lot of it is graffiti. I
suppose (2) thieves/theft is also a problem theres a lot of (3) shoplifters/shoplifting in the supermarket. Sometimes (4)
thieves/theft also steal cars. We dont have many other problems, although someone was arrested for breaking into a house.
The (5) burglar/burglary was caught when he was leaving through the window.

5 Choose the best answer (A, B or C) to complete the text.

When the police (1) a case, they normally look for evidence. If theres no evidence, they cant
(2) anyone of the crime. They analyse the evidence carefully and when they are ready, they question the (3)
. They only (4) that person when they think they can (5) the case.

1 A suspect B accuse C investigate

2 A charge B accuse C collect
3 A boss B detective C suspect
4 A charge B analyse C collect
5 A investigate B question C prove

6 Complete the sentences with these prepositions. There are two extra options.

across down for in into out up

1 I was cleaning my room yesterday and I came an old diary.

2 Detectives are looking two men in a black car.
3 Can you find when the exam starts?
4 The police are looking the theft of a computer from the school.
5 The stolen jewellery turned in New York three years later.

1 Are the underlined words countable (C) or uncountable (U)?

1 My brothers very strange. He doesnt like chocolate! C/U

2 High school can be a very difficult time for many teenagers. C/U
3 I learned an interesting piece of information from a TV game show yesterday. C/U
4 I like Ritas new furniture. I think it suits the flat perfectly. C/U
5 If youre going to the shop, can you get me a carton of milk? C/U

2 Complete the sentences with relative pronouns. Write 0 if it is possible to leave out the pronoun.

1 Thats a mistake people often make!

2 The Return of the King is a film ..... won a lot of awards.
3 Miss Franks is the teacher first taught me English.
4 The film is about a couple young son can speak four languages.
5 There are now houses in the fields we played when we were children.

3 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the conversation.

A: Hello. Id like to ask you (1) any/some questions about learning a language.
B: Yes, of course.
A: Great so how (2) much/many languages can you speak?
B: I can speak Italian and (3) a few/a little Spanish. Im also learning English at school.
A: How often do you study English?
B: Three times a week.
A: And does the teacher give you (4) some/any homework?
B: Sometimes but we dont get (5) much/many.
A: Thank you for your time.

4 Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.

1 People from Egypt are .

2 People in Thailand speak .
3 People in Poland speak .
4 People from Switzerland are .
5 People from Japan are .

5 Add the prefixes un-, in-, il-, ir- and im- to these words to make negative adjectives. Complete the sentences with the adjectives.
There are two extra words.

correct formal happy legal possible regular visible

1 Designers have invented clothes that can make you . If you wear them, no one can see you!
2 I must memorise my list of verbs for tomorrows test.
3 Lots of people download films but they forget that its . You can get into trouble with the police.
4 He says he can speak 25 languages but I dont believe him. Thats !
5 I was a little with my marks in the exam because I know I can do better.

6 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the advice about studying.

How to learn new words

If you dont understand a word, use a dictionary to (1) translate/practise it into your own language.
Its important to (2) memorise/translate new words. Write new words on cards or download a special app to help you
remember them. (3) Do/Make exercises in your school books to help you (4) practise/revise using new words. Dont worry if
you (5) do/make a mistake we learn through our mistakes!
1 Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs given.

A: Hi, Petra! What (1) (do) here?

B: I (2) (wait) for Pete.
A: Oh. I (3) (see) him five minutes ago. He (4) (stand) in the entrance of
the cinema.
B: Well, I (5) (not understand) it. He arranged to meet me here.

2 Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

1 Last night we heard a noise in our garage it was a burglar. When he saw my dad, he was running away!

2 Thats the actress which nearly won an Oscar last year.


3 I really enjoyed the book who you lent me last week. Thanks!

4 Sally is teacher she works at the local school.


5 I remember the day where you lost your laptop. We were walking home through the park.

3 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the text.

My brothers got (1) a/an amazing collection of comics. He has hundreds and (2) much/many of them are about detectives. A
(3) little/few of them are valuable. Every year he goes to (4) a/the conference in London where he meets other collectors. This
year Im going to London with him, but I dont think Ill go to (5) a/the conference. Comics dont interest me.

4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of these words.

burgle correct protect retire vandal

1 I failed the test because most of my answers were .

2 When you cycle, you must wear a helmet for .
3 There were five in our road last month. Were going to get an alarm.
4 My grandmother is having a party on Saturday after 40 years of work.
5 The police are very worried that in this area is increasing.

5 Complete the text with the correct form of these verbs.

come find look take work

I (1) across some old family photos the other day. I (2) out who some of the people were but not all
of them. I showed them to my mum and she was able to help me as well. However, there was one person she didnt recognise,
so I decided to (3) into it. I spoke to different people in our family and I
(4) out that it was my great-great grandfather when he was young. His father (my great-great-great grandfather)
(5) the photo in 1915.

6 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences.

1 Some people dont like being a(n) only/single child because they miss not having a brother or sister to play with.
2 My aunt is still single/divorced at 60. She never married because she says she never met the right man.
3 A mugger/mugging hit the old man outside the shop and took all his money.
4 How do you revise/translate this word into English? Ive got no idea.
5 He was a senior citizen/middle-aged man. I think he was between 40 and 50 years old.
7 Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use no more than
three words.

You need to revise if youve got an exam tomorrow.

You need to revision if youve got an exam tomorrow.
2 Jenny is at the shops right now.
Jenny right now.
3 There werent very many people at the concert.
There were at the concert.
4 There were some things that were incorrect in his homework.
He mistakes in his homework.

5 I had a bath from 8.30 to 9.30 last night.

I was at 9.15 last night.
6 Sophie didnt stay for a long time at my house.
Sophie only spent minutes at my house.
7 As time passes, my head is hurting less.
My headache better as time passes.
8 That man went to school with my mum.
Hes went to school with my mum.