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B. Create an announcement about a lost or found thing.

Contoh jawaban:

Attention, please.
Our teacher, Ms. Leny, has lost her mobile phone. The mobile phone is black. It has a 3- megapixel
camera. It has a radio and Bluetooth connectivity. It can also be used to watch television. For anyone
who finds it, please contact Ms. Leny. Thank you.

Attention, please.
Weve found some keys in the hall. If you have lost them, please meet Mr. Bambang at the teacher room
during the break. Thank you.

The text above is an announcement. It is used to give information about something in a public place.
An announcement can be spoken or written.

C. Tell your friends an announcement based on each situation.

1. One of your teachers is absent. However, he gives you an assignment. Tell the class about his/her
absence and what the assignment is.

2. Suppose you are a teacher in your school. Because there have been many students who come late,
make an announcement about the thing the late comers should do.

Contoh jawaban:

1. Attention, please.Mr. Anwar cannot come today. However, he has given us an assignment to do.
Please write down a recount text about your childhood experience. Then, submit it to the teacher
on duty. Thank you.

2. Attention for all students.

Many students have been late recently. Therefore, from now on students who come late must make
a composition for about two pages. They should submit it exactly on the day they come late after
the second break. Thank you.


Deliver some announcements based on the situations.

1. Suppose you have found a purse in the school library. Make an announcement about it.
2. Suppose you are a teacher in your school. Make an announcement that there will be a school bazaar Next
month. State the exact date/day and what the students should prepare.

Contoh jawaban:
1. Attention, please. I have found a purse in the school library. It is red, small and contains some money.
For the student who has lost it, please contact me: Lucia, Class VIIIA.

2. Attention for all,

To celebrate our school anniversary, we will conduct a school bazaar next month, starting from October
5 to October 10. I hope all classes can participate. You can sell many kinds of things, such as food, books
or products you create yourselves. If you are interested, you can meet me to get the requirement and
registration forms during the break. Thank you