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skills TEST 1A unitS 12

Name: _________________________________________ Score: ____________ / 25 points

1 Read the text and match the people to what they said 2 Read the texts again. Are the statements true (T)
about communication. There are two extra sentences or false (F)? (5 points)
that you do not need. (5 points)
1 Jeff and Kate both send photos to their
1 I like to read about my friends and what friends.
theyre doing. 2 Kate has been using a social networking
2 I wonder if the postman has brought site for six months.
anything. 3 Mark thinks YouTube should have more
3 I think message boards are a great way variety of videos to download.
to communicate. 4 Ruth has changed the way she finds
4 I couldnt do my job without it. information for her job.
5 I hate it when I forget to recharge the 5 People are more truthful in emails than
battery! in letters.
6 Installing new programmes can
be difficult.
7 It could help me to fulfill my ambitions.

What kind of communication cant you live without?

Read the results of our survey and find out more.

A Jeff C Mark
Icant imagine life without my mobile Ilove YouTube!! Its only been going since 2005 but about
phone! Icant stand it when the battery goes 100 million people use it every day! Im in aband and
dead or when Icant get through to afriend Iupload videos of our songs. Maybe someone will hear
or someone in my family. Ialways get the them and well become famous. Its happened to other
latest model, as soon as it comes out. Iuse people, so why not us? Ilove listening to music. You can find
my phone all the time. Its like an extension anything you want there. Ive discovered lots of new singers
of myself. Anyway, 5 billion people in the and bands that are really cool. Idownload lots of clips too.
world use mobiles, so Im not alone! D Ruth
Iprobably text about twenty times aday, but The Internet, definitely. Im one of the 1.5 billion people
Idont make that many calls because its who use it every day. Im areporter and Iuse it to find
expensive. Ilisten to music when Im bored, information. Ihate it when my computer crashes and
Itake photos to send to my friends and Iread Icant get online. Isend alot of emails too. Ifollow some
emails and post comments on my blog. forums. Theyre useful to find out what people are
B Kate thinking. Ilove the fact that Ican be sitting on atrain and
Ilive in Canada now, but Ive only been living still be connected to the Internet. When Istarted we only
here for 6 months. Iuse Facebook to keep in used pen and paper what adifference!
touch with all my friends from the UK. Isigned E Thomas
up when Iarrived in Canada. Ithink its the best Letters. Ithink theyre the best way to communicate.
social networking site well, there are over 200 Iknow theyre becoming increasingly rare these days,
million active users (400 million if you listen to because theyre not instant like email or texts. However,
some people). Its really nice to see photos of Ithink theyre more honest. Iread areport that said that
my friends and read what theyve been doing. people lie 50% more in emails than in hand-written
Ireally miss them! Ilike the fact that its instant letters. That doesnt surprise me. Ilove receiving letters
too. You just have to write something and click and opening them. Iread them over and over again
on the button and its there. Idont think thats true with emails.

54 Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate PHOTOCOPIABLE
skills TEST 1A unitS 12


1 CD Track 2 Listen to a radio programme about music 1 Complete the conversation with the phrases in the
and fashion. Choose the correct answers. (5 points) box. There are two extra phrases that you do not
need. Use capital letters where necessary. (5 points)
1 Most teenagers in Britain all wore similar
clothes until agree more am afraid I agree
a the 1940s. may be true no way sorry but think
b the 1950s. thats so true!
c the 1960s.
2 In the 1950s, many teenage boys in Britain Anna I think family is more important for
a didnt have any money to spend. young people than friends.
b laughed at people who wore Edwardian Ben I couldnt 1__. Family is the
clothes. most important thing in my opinion.
c started to develop their own fashion look. Your friends can change, but you always
3 Which of these did Teds not wear? have your family.
a narrow trousers Charlie Im 2___________ but I cant agree with
b wide belts you. I think friends are much more
c long jackets
important! Its easier to talk to your
4 Heavy metal became popular friends about your problems than your
a first in Britain, then in America. family.
b in both Britain and America at the same
Anna I 3__ Ihave to disagree. When
c in America first. Iwas younger Ialways talked to my
parents about my problems.
5 By the 1970s in Britain,
Charlie That 4___________, but Idont think its
a the Teds started to listen to country music.
b there was a new kind of music called punk the case for most young people.
rock. Everyone in my class talks to their
c people hadnt heard heavy metal music friends about their problems.
atall. Ben 5___________ up to apoint, but Istill
think family is more important.
2 CD Track 2 Listen again. Are the statements true (T)
or false (F)? (5 points)
1 Before the 1950s, the kind of clothes you
woredepended on how rich you were.
2 The Teds got their name from the places
where they used to meet.
3 There were a lot of fights between different
gangs of Teds.
4 After rock and roll started there was
a fashion for bad boys for the first time.
5 Heather doesnt think there was much
variety in fashion by the 1970s.

PHOTOCOPIABLE Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate 55