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the official magazine of the All India Chess Federation

Volume : 10 Issue : 12 Price Rs. 25 June 2016

Asian Continental Chess Championships, Tashkent

WGM Bhakti Kulkarni GM S.P. Sethuraman

Women Champion Open Champion

Worlds youngest IM Asian Junior Champion 2016

R. Praggnanandhaa GM Aravindh Chithamabaram

AICF CHRONICLE June 2016 From the Editors desk
Room No. 70, It was twin triumph at Tashkent as GM
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, S.P.Sethuraman and WGM Bakthi
Chennai - 600 003.
Ph : 044-65144966 /Telefax : 044-25382121 Kulkarni emerged Asian Continental
E-mail : Champions in the Open and Women
Publisher: V. Hariharan sections. Young Grandmaster
Editor : C.G.S. Narayanan
Arvindh Chithambaram added one
Price: Monthly Rs.25 Annual Rs.300
more feather to his cap winning
cover photo : Chessbase India Asian Junior Open title in New Delhi.
Inside. Chennai churns out champions galore and the latest
9th KIIT International Chess Festival 2016,Bubhanewar. is the child prodigy Praggnanandhaa who is all set to
GM Grachev Boris emerges Elite champion become worlds youngest IM at the age of 10 years and
by Debashis Barua IA, Chief Arbiter 1
9 months completing his third norm at the KIIT Chess
Hatsun Idhayam 2nd SCS Fide Rated
Saravana Krishnan emerges champion festival, Bubaneshwar recently.AICF congratulates this
by IA Prof.R. Anantharam, Chief Arbiter 7 talented boy on this stupendous achievement.
The Heritage Schools Rating Tmt, Kolkata
Mitraba Guha emerges champion
by Debasish Barua, IA, Chief Arbiter 9 In the KIIT Chess Festival held in Bubaneshwar 13
Kalrav FIDE Rating Below 1600 Tmt
Grandmasters and 15 IMs took part in the Elite category
Chourasia Hemant is champion
by Pruthviraj Leuva,Chief Arbiter 11 which was won by GM Grachev Boris.The three
Aditya Birla Mem.6th Jharkhand State categories-Elite, Platinum and Premium drew nearly 670
Fide Rated Championship
Swaraj Palit wins . entries. Reports and final standings on this event along
by Asit Baran Choudhury, IA, Chief Arbiter 13 with other FIDE Rated tournaments held in May 2016 are
Sameer Kathmale wins at Sangli
featured in this issue.
by IA Nitin Shenvi, Chief Arbiter 15
Brilliant Trophy 1st Decade All India Fide Rated Open
Tournament, Gulbarga Eminent chess writer Leonard Barden rated Grandmaster
Vinay Kumar is the Winner
by Promodraj Moree FA, Chief Arbiter 17 Viktor Korchnoi who passed away recently as the greatest
2nd Don Bosco Fide Rated Open Tmt, Irinjilakuda player never to have been world champion. Korchnoi
Syed Anwar Shazuli wins title
was four-time Soviet Champion, a candidate for World
by Peter joseph M ,Chief Arbiter 19
CAK 1st Fide Rating Tmt below 1500 Championships ten times and also won a whopping 21
Komal Srivatsav Sajja is the winner medals representing USSR. He played top class chess
by M. Ephrame IA, Chief Arbiter 21
12th Late Sou Meenatai Shirgaonkar Mem. through his life and his world ranking of 85 at the age of 75
FIDE Rating Women'sTmt Sangli was incredible. With his demise, an epoch of fighting chess
Rucha Pujari wins title
has ended. AICF dips its flag in honour of this veritable
by IA Nitin Shenvi, Chief Arbiter 27
Mineral Open FIDE Rating Tmt Grandmaster.
Himanshu Sharma is champion
by A.C.Joshi IA,Chief Arbiter 30
2nd Pavna All India Fide Rated Tmt,Aligarh C.G.S.Narayanan
Himanshu Sharma retains title
by IA Dharmendra Kumar, Chief Arbiter 32
Selected games from Asian Junior Championships, New
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Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron 34
the regular features in the AICF Chronicle and
Tactics from master games by S.Krishnan 42 are also invited to send interesting articles,
Test your endgame by C.G.S.Narayanan 43 annotated games and chess anecdotes to the
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AICF Calendar 48
9th KIIT International Chess Festival 2016,Bubhanewar.
GM Grachev Boris emerges Elite champion
by Debashis Barua IA, Chief Arbiter

he much awaited KIIT International field of 201 players. Those aspiring for
Chess Festival 2016 was organized GM and IM norms were'nt disappointed
once again in all its grandeur by All as they got enough opportunity to face
Odisha Chess Association. Over the years Grandmasters and hope for the coveted
this event, which was sponsored by KIIT, GM norms.
has become an important event in both
the Indian and International calendars, In the 4th round, FM Praggnanandhaa
where some of the top Grandmasters from R, National under 11 champion had an
India as well as other countries partici- unpset victory over GM GrigoryanKareh H
pate. of Armenia. He shared the lead with five
players at the end of this round. In the 5th
The opening ceremony got underway at round, FM Praggnanandhaa had a credit-
the KIIT Auditorium on May 23, 2016 at able draw with GM SandipanChanda. After
11a.m. where Dr.Achuta Samanta , found- the 5th round, GM Grachev Boris and GM
er KIIT and KISS declared the meet open GleizerovEvgeny were the joint leaders. In
as a chief guest on the occasion. Senior the 6th round, GM Grachev Boris beat GM
IAS R.Srinivasan was the Guest of Honour. GleizerovEvgeny and was the sole leader
Also present on the dias were IM Sekhar with 6points. Praggnanandhaa had yet
Sahoo , President of AOCA and Vice-Pres- another creditable draw, this time with
ident of AICF, K.K.Sharma, secretary of GM Popov Ivan, by which he had good
AOCA. At the colorful opening ceremony, chance of achieving grandmaster norm.
DrAchuta Samanta who had extended all At the end of the 7th round, GM Grachev
help and hospitality in bringing this In- Boris maintained his lead with securing
ternational event to Odisha, welcomed all a draw. In the 8th round he had a draw
participants and expressed hope that they again with GM SandipanChanda and in the
would have a memorable stay in Bhubane- penultimate round he beat FM Raghunan-
swar.The tournament was divided into 3 dan K S and became the sole leader with
groups- Elite Category for players above 8 points.In the second place there were
Elo 2000, Platinum Category for players 6 players with 7points.
with Elo1999 and below and Premium for
players with Elo 1550 and below. In the final round, GM Grachev Boris had a
draw with GM Mozharov Mikhail of Russia
Elite Category :- and confirmed his place as the champion
In the Elite category 13 Grandmasters , 2 of the tournament with 8.5points.He was
Women Grandmasters , 15 International richer by Rs. 2,00,000/- and received the
Masters , 3 Women International Masters glittering champions trophy.
from 8 Federations and 16 states from
India participated making it a very strong CM Rathanvel VS had a draw with GM

JUNE 2016
Popov Ivan and CM Rathanvel VS secured money of Rs. 30,000/- and a trophy. All
the IM norm. Both had 7.5points. with the three were from Odisha.
the better tie, GM Popov Ivan gets the Premium Category:-
second position, with the prize money of The event took place from 27th May to
Rs. 1,00,00/- and the trophy, while CM 30th May,2016. There was a total of 288
Rathanvel VS secures the third position players in this category. The game was in
with Rs. 80,000/- with a trophy.FM Pragg- 9 rounds according to the Swiss League
nanandhaa had a draw with GM Debasish system. Harsh Srivastav of Gujrat(1547)
Das and got the IM norm and FM Pragg- top seeded the tournament. In the 9th
nanandhaa thus became the youngest IM round, HimanshuRanjan of Bihar and De-
in the world at 10years and 10 months. bata Sarthak of Odisha had a draw. Both
FM Raghunandan K S who drew with Ravi completed with 8points. In the better tie,
Teja S also got an IM norm. Himanshu Ranjan stood first with the prize
Platinum Category:- money of Rs. 50,000/- and a trophy. De-
The tournament was held from May 23 bata Sarthak of Odissha stood second with
to May 26, 2016 in 9 rounds with 188 a cash prize of Rs. 40,000/- and a trophy.
players.WFM Divya Deshmukh of Maha- Aditya Ranjan Samal with 7.5points came
rashtra top seed in this tournament. Af- third with Rs. 30,000/- and a trophy.
ter the 5th round, Dasharati Sahoo and
Sanjeeban Nayak lead with 5 points. In The Prize distribution ceremony was held
the 6th round, Sanjeeban Nayak beat on May 30, 2016 at 6.00 p.m. where
Dasharati Sahoo and emerge as the sole DrAchuta Samanta , founder KIIT and
leader with 6points. In the 7th round, KISS was the Chief Guest while IAS
Nayak had a draw with Subhasish Barik R.Srinivasan was the Guest of Honour.
of Odisha and maintained his lead with Also present were IM SekharSahoo ,
6.5points. in the 8th round, Nayak had President of AOCA and Vice-President
a draw with Ambarish Sharma of West of AICF, K.K.Sharma, secretary of AOCA
Bengal and Pranab Kumar Patra of Odisha and G.C. Mahapatra, Treasurer of AOCA.
beat SmarakiMohanty. Sanjeeban Nayak Dr.Achuta Samanta , founder KIIT and
and Pranab Kumar Patra become the joint KISS and the visionary behind this mega
leaders with 7points. In the second place, event lauded the efforts of AOCA and it's
Ambarish Sharma and Subhasish Barik team led by IM Sekhar Sahoo . And Mr.
stand with 6.5points. at the 9th round, K.K.Sharma proposed the vote of thanks.
Pranab Kumar Patra had a draw with San- The players and the guardians were all
jeeban Nayak and Subhasish Barik beat pleased for the excellent boarding and A/c
Ambarish Sharma. Sanjeeban Nayak,Sub- lodging arrangements provided by KIIT.
hasish Barik, Pranab Kumar Patra stand The tournament was held in two A/c halls
at 7.5points. in the better tie, Sanjeeban where tea and drinking water were made
Nayak secured the first position with Rs. available to all.
50,000/- with a trophy,while Subhasish Final ranking:Elite category
Barik secured the second position with Rk Name Club Pts
Rs.40,000/- with a trophy, and Pranab 1 GM Grachev Boris RUS 8
Kumar Patra finished third with a prize 2 GM Popov Ivan RUS 7

Cond. on p.5
JUNE 2016
2nd Pavna All India FIDE Rated Chess Tournament, Aligarh

Brigadier Dr. P.S.Shiwas , Vice- Chancellor , Mangalayatan University , lighting the lamp during
inauguration in presence of (from left) Anand Sadani, Chairman, Sadani Group of Industries , Pallavi
Upadhyay, Principal , D.P.S. , Aligarh , Chandra Mohan Sadani , Hony. Sectretary , DSCA

Standing from left: Vinay Agrawal, Vijay K Pachisiya, IA Dharmendra Kumar, Guest of honour A.K.Raizada,
Hony. Secretary,UPCSA, Navratn Aggrwal,Director, Bikanerwala food, Chief Guest Vijay Bajaj,
MD,Lockmaster India Pvt.Ltd., IM Himanshu Sharma ( Champion) , Ram kumar Sadani , Director ,
Sadani Steel Pvt. Ltd, and Chandra Mohan Sadani, Hony Secreatry, DCSA .
16th Jharkand State Senior FIDE Rating Championship 2016

Prize winners with officials

Mineral Open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament 2016,Vadodara

Prize winners with officials

Cond. from p.2
3 CM Rathanvel V S TN 7 46 Snehal Bhosale MAH 6
4 IM Ghosh Diptayan WB 7 47 IM Rajesh V A V TN 6
5 GM Rahman Ziaur BAN 7 48 Saravana Krishnan P. TN 6
6 GM Mozharov Mikhail RUS 7 49 Thanki Hemal Karsanji GUJ 6
7 GM Amonatov Farrukh TJK 7 50 Deshpande Aniruddha MAH 6
8 GM Gagare Shardul MAH 7 51 Akash Pc Iyer TN 6
9 Sidhant Mohapatra ODI 7 52 CM Aronyak Ghosh WB 6
10 GM Gleizerov Evgeny RUS 7 53 Soham Datar MAH 6
11 FM Raghunandan K S KAR 7 54 FM Ahmed Sk. Nasir BAN 6
12 FM Praggnanandhaa R TN 7 55 Hirthickkesh Pr TN 6
13 GM Laxman R.R. ICF 7 56 Adhithya S TN 6
14 Gusain Himal CHD 7 57 AGM Sa Kannan TN 6
15 GM Grigoryan Karen H. ARM 7 58 Rakesh Kumar Nayak ODI 6
16 IM Ravi Teja S. RLY 7 59 Samal Ansuman ODI 6
17 IM Sharma Dinesh K. UP 7 60 Ritam Nag WB 6
18 IM Swayams Mishra AI 7 61 Iniyan P TN 5
19 IM Krishna Teja N AP 7 62 Muthaiah Al TN 5
20 CM Erigaisi Arjun TEL 7 63 Sahu Rajendra Kumar ODI 5
21 D Bala Chandra Prasad AP 7 64 Srijit Paul WB 5
22 Arjun Kalyan TN 7 65 Pruthu Deshpande MAH 5
23 IM Kulkarni Vikramaditya RLYs 7 66 Aradhya Garg DEL 5
24 GM Sandipan Chanda WB 6 67 Gandhi Anish MAH 5
25 Harsha Bharathakoti TELN 6 68 FM Harshal Shahi DEL 5
26 GM Debashis Das ODI 6 69 Audi Ameya GOA 5
27 IM Shyaamnikhil P TN 6 70 Kunal M. TN 5
28 FM Rajdeep Sarkar WB 6 71 Shelke Sankarsha MAH 5
29 IM Girish A. Koushik KAR 6 72 Neelash Saha WB 5
30 IM Ramnath Bhuvanesh.R TN 6 73 FM Islam Kh. Aminul BAN 5
31 Sahoo Utkal Ranjan ODI 6 74 Bhatt Jalpan GUJ 5
32 Dhananjay CHHT 6 75 IM Das Sayantan WB 5
33 IM Sangma Rahul RLYs 6 76 Debarshi Mukherjee WB 5
34 Lokesh N. TN 6 77 WGM Swati Ghate MAH 5
35 Shailesh Dravid MAH 6 78 Vignesh B TN 5
36 Harikrishnan.A.Ra TN 6 79 Koustav Chatterjee WB 5
37 Sai Vishwesh.C TN 6 80 CM Sadhwani Raunak MAH 5
38 GM Ziatdinov Raset USA 6 81 Surendran N TN 5
39 Kulkarni Vinayak MAH 6 82 Yogit S TN 5
40 S Jaykumar Shete MAH 6 83 Sankalp Gupta MAH 5
41 Barath Kalyan M TN 6 84 Singh Nishit MAH 5
42 Prajesh R TN 6 85 Senthil Maran K TN 5
43 Sekar B TN 6 86 Wagh Suyog MAH 5
44 GM Ulybin Mikhail RUS 6 87 Jayakumaar S TN 5
45 FM Hamdani Rudin INA 6 88 Patil Pratik MAH 5

JUNE 2016
89 WCM Salonika Saina ODI 5 30 Nayak Sajan Kumar KISS 6
90 IM Murali Krishnan B T RLYs 5
91 FM Matta Vinay Kumar AP 5 Final ranking :Premium below 1550
92 Subhayan Kundu WB 5
93 FM Srinath Rao S.V. MAH 5 1 Himanshu Ranjan BIH 8
94 Ajay Krishna S TN 5 2 Debata Sarthak ODI 8
95 Shah Rishab MAH 5 3 Samal Aditya Ranjan ODI 7
96 CM Gukesh D TN 5 4 Narasimha Raveendra G AP 7
97 Anustoop Biswas WB 5 5 Saketh B AP 7
98 IM Mohota Nisha WB 5 6 Pattnaik Bishal ODI 7
99 FM Purushothaman T AP 5 7 Shriman K TN 7
100 Saurabh Anand BIH 5 8 Garima Gaurav BIH 7
9 Ranjith Kaliyarasan PON 7
Final standings KIIT Platinum 10 Sathya Naarayanan S TN 7
1 Nayak Sanjeeban ODI 7 11 Mohanty Binikesh ODI 7
2 Subhasis Barik ODI 7 12 Routray Priyanka ODI 7
3 Pranab Kumar Patra ODI 7
4 Rakshitta Ravi TN 7
5 Arya Bhakta WB 7 Puzzle of the month
by C.G.S.Narayanan
6 Swain Diptanshu Ranjan ODI 7
7 Ambarish Sharma WB 6 Determine the pieces!
8 Smaraki Mohanty KIIT 6 Andrey Frolkin
9 Mayank Pal DEL 6 Super Problem 9.1.2016
10 Rahul Bharadwaj B TN 6
11 Jishitha D AP 6
12 Koshtu Varaha Prem Sai AP 6
13 Pattnayak Nilsu ODI 6
14 Sudhir Kumar Behera ODI 6
15 M Tulasi Ram Kumar AP 6
16 Sonkalan Bharati WB 6
17 Mishra Srinibas ODI 6
18 Binayak Rath ODI 6
19 Rohan Nag Chowdhury WB 6
20 Subhra Banerjee WB 6
21 Akshit Kumar J AP 6
22 Banerjee Ashutosh CHHT6
23 Vatsal Singhania JHAR 6 Pieces of a particular type are designated
24 Sourath Biswas WB 6 by the same letter. Lower-case letters stand
25 Souradip Deb TRIP 6 for pieces of one side; upper-case letters,
26 Balachandar E TN 6 for pieces of the other side. Determine the
27 Sahoo Ankush ODI 6 position.
28 Bodhisatya Pal WB 6 (solution on page 29)
29 Zia Tahsin Tajwar BAN 6

JUNE 2016
Hatsun Idhayam 2nd SCS Fide Rated Chess Tournament
Saravana Krishnan emerges champion
IA Prof.R. Anantharam, Chief Arbiter

he Hatsun Idhayam 2nd SCS Fide Indian Posts, Ram S Krishnan of BSNL were
Rated chess tournament, organised by closely behind him. At the end of the eighth
Sivakasi Chess Sparklers received 527 round, Saravana managed to cling on to the
entries, a record for Open rated tournaments lead with a draw against BT Murali Krishnan
in the recent past. The tournament offering and the second board game between Ram
a total prize of Rs.4,50,000/- (Rs. four lakh and Maheswaran also ended without any
fifty thousand only) attracted grandmaster decisive result. GM RR Laxman, Manu David
RR Laxman of ICF and five international mas- Suthandram and N Lokesh, both from Tamil
ters. The nine round Swiss tournament had Nadu joined the players on second spot with
a time control of 90 minutes to each player, wins over IM RamnathBhuvanesh and B Se-
with an increment of 30 minutes. Players kar respectively.
hailed mainly from Tamil Nadu, apart from all
South Indian states Karnataka, Kerala, A.P., At the advent of ninth round, seven players
Pudhucherry and Telangana. on top four boards had chances to win the
title. Ram S Krishnan shocked RR Laxman
Earlier rounds did not produce any hiccups, and Saravana Krishnan drew with Lokesh to
except the draw between former World Un- tie for the first place with 8 points each. When
der 16 Olympiad gold medallist GiremanJa of tiebreaks were applied, Saravana Krishnan
Coimbatore and Kamalanathan of Tamil Nadu had a better score to clinch the title in his fa-
in the third round. IM VAV Rajesh of Chennai vour and Ram secured second place. IM Nitin
had to split the point with his city mate Pras- and five others scored 7.5 points and Nitin
anth N Nayagam in the fourth round. Former was declared third, followed by international
state champion Navalgund Niranjan was also arbiter S Ganesh Babu of Madurai. Saravana
subdued by young LR Sri Hari in this round. Krishnan bagged a cash prize of Rs.70,000/-
International arbiter S. Ganesh Babu of Ma- and Ram received Rs.50,000. More than 200
durai held the top seed GM Laxman in fifth prizes were distributed in the form of cash
round, paving way for nine players, including prizes and trophies.
four international masters and a fide master
to share the lead with five points each. Sri.C. Yogendran, President of SIPT Poly-
technic inaugurated the tournament in the
Of the top six boards, only P. Saravana presence of Sri. Balasubramanian, former
Krishnan of Karur Vysya Bank defeated Correspondent of the college. On the final
IM R. Balasubramanian of ICF to emerge day, Sri. VR Muthu, CEO of Idhayam group
sole leader with six points and nine players of companies delivered an inspiring speech,
trailed the leader by half a point. Saravana before distributing the prizes. Mr. T.D. Rajen-
continued his winning spree with a win over dran, main sponsor of the Polytechnic, who
IM M Nitin of Southern Railways to make it recently won five gold medals and a silver
seven wins in a row. IM BT Muralikrishnan medal in an international athletic meet for
of Southern Railways, FM P. Maheswaran of veterans in Singapore was felicitated.

JUNE 2016
Attractive features of the tournament were 31 Raahul V S 6
that parents were entertained with fun 32 Vijay Shreeram P 6
games, a practice chess tournament etc. 33 Abhinessh S 6
Sumptuous food at a nominal cost was pro- 34 Harshavardhan G B 6
vided to players and parents. The organ- 35 Sai Balaji E 6
isers, Sivakasi Chess Sparklers have to be 36 Prajesh R 6
appreciated for their non=profit approach 37 Alan Diviya Raj 6
and involvement for the success of the tour- 38 Manigandan S S 6
nament. Three players who predicted the 39 Shyam Sundar M 6
correct champion, before the beginning of 40 Umashankar A 6
final round were awarded with books. 41 Sriram B 6
Final ranking 42 Arivu Selvan A S 6
Rk Name Pts 43 Godson Merlin E 6
1 Saravana Krishnan P. 8 44 Barath Kalyan M 6
2 Ram S. Krishnan 8 45 Aswin Kumar B S 6
3 IM Nitin S. 7 46 Arunachalam Shivaa T V 6
4 Ganesh Babu S 7 47 Dileep Kumar R 6
5 Manu David Suthandram 7 48 Peter Anand A 6
6 FM Maheswaran P. 7 49 Sibi Visal R 6
7 IM Murali Krishnan B T 7 50 IM R. Balasubramaniam 6
8 Lokesh N. 7 51 Uma Maheswaran P 6
9 Paramasivam M. 7 52 Thanga Manickam M 6
10 Vignesh Kasi PL 7 53 Dhanasekar K. 6
11 Kumar S. 7 54 Krishna K R 6
12 IM Ramnath Bhuvanesh.R 7 55 Kishore Kumar
13 GM Laxman R.R. 7 Jaganathan 6
14 Gireman Ja 7 56 Siddharth Sabharishankar 6
15 Prasannaa.S 7 57 Gokul S 6
16 Yuvan Bharathi K S 7 58 Unnikrishnan M A 6
17 Navalgund Niranjan 7 59 Ruban Sanjay M 6
18 Sekar B 7 60 Amith A 6
19 Badrinath S. 7 61 Santhosh Kumar G 6
20 Senthil Kumaran T.H. 7 62 Merithraj M 6
21 Anilkumar O.T. 7 63 Suriya S V 6
22 Prakashram R 7 64 Shriman K 6
23 Vaisnav M 7 65 Nayanikaa Muralidharan 6
24 Prathish A 7 66 Sheik Saleem D 6
25 Chandar Raju 7 67 Yutesh P 6
26 Surendran N 7 68 Sathya Giri V 6
27 IM Rajesh V A V 7 69 Srihari L R 6
28 Shakthi Vishal J 7 70 Dhanush Ragav 6
29 Mohamed Anees M 6 71 Prasath K R 6
30 Ram Kumar G M 6 72 Subash Mathivanan 6

JUNE 2016
The Heritage Schools Rating Chess Tournament2016, Kolkata
Mitraba Guha emerges champion
by Debasish Barua, IA, Chief Arbiter

he Heritage Schools Fide Rating Chess IM Atanu Lahiri, Secretary, Bengal Chess
Tournament 2016 organised by The Association proposed the vote of thanks.
Heritage School in association with
Bengal Chess Association has been held Final ranking
at The Heritage School, Kolkata from 14th Rk Name Pts
to 18th May 2016. Total 276 participants 1 Mitrabha Guha 8
where 155 were Fide Rated have come from
2 Srijit Paul 7
different schools in India. In the inaugu-
3 Soham Das 7
ral ceremony IM Atanu Lahiri, Beni Gopal
4 Aditya Basu 7
Mundhra, Tournament Secretary , Amar Roy,
5 Ghosh Samriddhaa 7
Org. Secretary were present.
6 Ambarish Sharma 7
7 Aronyak Ghosh 7
The Tournament was played under 9 rounds
8 Kaustuv Kundu 7
swiss league system. The venue was air con-
9 Suvradeepta Das 7
ditioned and well decorated with sufficient
10 Shrutarshi Ray 7
toilet facilities. The organizer were provided
11 Sayan Banik 7
foods to all participants with free of cost.
12 Koustav Chatterjee 6
Even they provide transport facilities to all the
13 Neelash Saha 6
players/officials from nearest bus stoppage
to venue. In the last round Mitrabha beat 14 Gukesh D 6
Neelash Saha on the 2nd Board where Srijit 15 Utsab Chatterjee 6
Paul drew with Aditya Basu on 1st board. 16 Avijaan Roy Choudhury 6
17 Sonkalan Bharati 6
At the end of final round games Mitrabha 18 Shuban Saha 6
Guha(8) of South Point School bagged the 19 Anustoop Biswas 6
Championship Trophy and richer by Rs. 20 Sonal Mandhana 6
25000/- . Srijit Paul (7.5) of DPS, North 21 Sambarta Banerjee 6
Kolakta and Soham Das (7.5) of Oxford High 22 Arijit Mukherjee 6
School placed second and & third respectively 23 Rounak Pathak 6
by better tie-break score and richer by Rs. 24 Sanket Chakravarty 6
20000/- & Rs. 15000/-. All the Deputy Arbi- 25 Adrian Sajjan 6
ters worked very well to ensure no dispute 26 Aneek Das 6
arose during the whole tournament. FA Norm 27 Sayantan Mukherjee 6
Certificate was given to Santanu Lahiri. 28 Arpita Mukherjee 6
29 Soumma Chakraborty 6
In the prize distribution ceremony GM Surya 30 Souhardo Basak 6
Sekhar Ganguly, WGM Padmini Rout gave 31 Sourath Biswas 6
away the prizes to all prize winners. Finally 32 Bristy Mukherjee 6

JUNE 2016
33 Dipanjan Chowdhury 6 76 Basu Utkarsh 5
34 Ayush Jha 6 77 Tejash Jain 5
35 Shuvam Roy 6 78 Mayank Chandak 5
36 Rupam Mukherjee 6 79 Ruchir Sengupta 5
37 Soumyajit Das 6 80 Ariya Roy 5
38 Soumyajit Das (jr) 6 81 Aakash Poddar 5
39 Aviroop Bhattacharya 6 82 Atri Chattopadhyay 5
40 Sahoo Ankita 6 83 Ankan Saha 5
41 Saikat Saha 6 84 Shreyan Chakraborty 5
42 Debarghya Samanta 6 85 Bihan Chowdhuri 5
43 Aritra Ganguly 6 86 Dhritabrata Kundu 5
44 Soham Pal 6 87 Pranjal Sarkar 5
45 Swapnil Sen 6 88 Abhirup Das 5
46 Debargha Basu 6 89 Nishant Mohapatra 5
47 Arkish Chakraborty 6 90 Rupankar Kundu 5
48 Soham Dey 6 91 Sandipan Paul 5
49 Bipra Nath 6 92 Pran Govinda Parashar 5
50 Rajarshi Dutta 5 93 Aritrya Pal 5
51 Pratyay Chowdhury 5 94 Aayush Bhattacherjee 5
52 Sudipa Haldar 5 95 Aditya Chatterjee 5
53 Subhadip Seth 5 96 Sayanton Mazumder 5
54 Arghadeep Das 5 97 Das Annika 5
55 Asmita Das 5 98 Sneha Baidya 5
56 Ritwick Pal 5 99 Harshavardhan Roy 5
57 Aniruddh Chatterjee 5 100 Saanvi Khanna 5
58 Aadrito Datta 5 101 Saurya Sircar 5
59 Subhabrata Roy 5 102 Aryan Bandyopadhyay 5
60 Tuhin Saha 5 103 Sayan Sarkar 5
61 Ananya Bothra 5 104 Sharma Harsh 5
62 Agrawal Rishab 5 105 Pramit Chanda 5
63 Aarohon Bharadwaj 5 106 Srijeet Mullick 5
64 Arunava Bhattacharjee 5
65 Arindam Mitra 5 Combinations have always been the most
66 Raghuraj Pratap Singh 5 intriguing aspect of Chess. The masters
67 Romok Bhattacharjee 5 look for them, the public applauds them,
68 Akshath Sinha 5 the criticspraise them. It is because com-
69 Ayan Pal 5 binations are possible that Chess is more
70 Bhagat Kush 5 than a lifeless mathematical exercise.
71 Syamantak Porel 5 They are the poetry of the game; they
72 Aditya Bikram Paul 5
are to Chess what melody is to music.
73 Tanish Poddar 5
They represent the triumph of mind over
74 Shubham Chandak 5
- Reuben Fine
75 Sanika Sengupta 5

JUNE 2016
Kalrav FIDE Rating Below 1600 Chess Tournament - 2016
Chourasia Hemant is champion
by Pruthviraj Leuva,Chief Arbiter

he Kalrav FIDE Rating Below 1600 shPatel,(Hon.Secretary-GSCA), Pruthivira
Chess Tournament - 2016 is being held jLeuva Anil Pandya(Kalrav Group) and his
from 5thto 8th May at Hotel Surya, team for their dedicated efforts. The Kalrav
Station Road , Vadodara, Gujarat by Gujarat group and Mineral chess Academy has done
State Chess Association Kalrav Group and a wonderful work to fulfill all requirement
Mineral Chess Academy.The tournament by providing a fully Air-conditioned Tour-
attracted total number of 222 entries all nament hall and a Free A/c Dormitory
over state of India, major part of entries Accommodation. The Lunch and Dinner
by Gujarat, followed by Maharashtra and during Tournament was also arranged at
Tamilnadu,in. The total number of fide Rat- subsidized rates for all in the same hotel.
ed players of the event is 152 players which The Team of Arbiters were always on their
compiles of33 female participants. feet to take care of the technical problems.
Not a single dispute arose during the tour-
The event is been conducted by 9 Rounds nament.
Swiss league system, with the time control
of 60 min plus 30 sec increment from move Final standings:
No.1, everyday 3 rounds.( Except 1 in first Rk Name Pts
& 2 in Last Day)The Total prize money 1 Chourasiya Hemant 8
of the event is Rs.4,00,000/-(FourLakhs 2 Gohil Vishal 8
) with First Prize of Rs.40,000/-(Rupees 3 Kamdar Umang 7
Forty Thousand ) for the winner of the 4 Kushal Kaushik Karelia 7
event.The talented young players from all 5 Dhanesha Jignesh 7
over India participated to snatch the total 6 Bhuta Hriday 7
prize money of Rs.4,00,000/- .Hard fought 7 Trivedi Jindal 7
victories and some interesting draws were 8 Patil Harshal 7
witnessed in the tournament. At the end 9 Amar Jyoti Kakoty 7
of the ninth round Mr. Chourasiya Hemant 10 Borse Vaibhav 7
became the champion of this tournament 11 Mhatre Rahat Rahul 7
with cash prize of Rs.40,000/- and the 12 Chudasama Ankit 6
Runner Up of the event is Mr. Gohil Vishal 13 Krishna Prabhakar 6
of Mineral chess Academywith the cash 14 Jha Kishor 6
prize of Rs.30,000/-.given by Chief Guest- 15 Vishal Vala 6
Shri A.C.JOSHI, President-Sunil Manohar& 16 Lakhotiya Om 6
CEO-Pruthviraj. 17 Gouravkumar N 6
18 Sadhu Bhagyesh 6
This is the 6th Tournament in a row by the
19 Zakir Hussain Janab 6
Mineral Chess Academy. Kudos to Bhave-
20 Yajnik Pranav 6

JUNE 2016
21 Jadav Jayesh 6 64 Jinal Yagnik 5
22 Raval Dilipkumar T 6 65 Deshpande Omkar 5
23 Sarvaliya Niraj 6 66 Sairaj Dilip Vernekar 5
24 Meet Puri 6 67 Kapadia Harshad 5
25 Totlani Varun 6 68 Madhani Shilpee 5
26 Joshi Deep 6 69 Desai Hreeday 5
27 Dabhi Geet H 6 70 Rathod Harish Kumar 5
28 Krishna Malay 6 71 Laheri Nitya 5
29 Vikram Mishra 6 72 Dabhi Sangeet H 5
30 Pandya Vandan Y 6 73 Sharma Sachin 5
31 Ananmay Sharma 6 74 Parikh Pratham 5
32 Sachin Kumar 6 75 Parekh Vishrut 5
33 Pandya Anilkumar M 6 76 Sangoi Hriday 5
34 Jain Adi 6 77 Priyanka Bhatt 5
35 Aditya P Melani 6 78 Bhatt Mit H 5
36 Gohel Samarth Paras 6 79 Panwar Krish N 5
37 Tiwari Gaurav 6 80 Sharma Harsh Yogesh 5
38 Panchal Parth 5 81 Trivedi Pranshu Harit 5
39 Sarthak Singh Parihar 5 82 Bagul Ravindra 5
40 Rajendra Gohil 5 83 Dhruvin Sajnani 5
41 Sanghavi Niraj 5 84 Surana Aayush 5
42 Dharamvir Ram 5 85 Patil Aditi G 5
43 Rohan Nayan Shah 5 86 Sesha Giri Rao S.R. 5
44 Parmar Jay 5 87 Wadia Kiran 5
45 Varshil Yagnik 5 88 Ridikesh Dilip V 5
46 Savitha Shri B 5 89 Harsh Trivedi 5
47 Raval Mayur 5 90 Devesh Anand Naik 5
48 Yatharth Joshi 5 91 Patel Maurya K 5
49 Parikh Vivek Tarak 5 92 Dhruv G Kulkarni 4
50 Panarwala Abdul K 5 93 Gupta Eshaan 4
51 Nanal Arnav 5 94 Choksi Ashish 4
52 Goswami Sagargiri 5 95 Trivedi Chintan Digant 4
53 Suryavanshi Brijesh M 5 96 Ravi K Purohit 4
54 Aghera Nayan 5 97 Kiyarra Sunil Khaturia 4
55 Shah Deep Ashokbhai 5 98 Cyrus Chhikara 4
56 Dr. Amitkumar Patel 5 99 Yogi Anurag Upadhyay 4
57 Damani Malay 5 100 Gala H D 4
58 Pandya Jayesh M 5 101 Thakkar Vishal 4
59 Bokade Chinmay 5 102 Karan Shah 4
60 Chandrani Shlok 5 103 Makwana Devam 4
61 Rawal Ketankumar 5 104 Mehta Rutvij 4
62 Modi Bhavesh J 5 105 Gupta Anshurup 4
63 Mahi Amit Doshi 5

JUNE 2016
Aditya Birla Memorial 16th Jharkhand State Fide Rated Chess Championship
Swaraj Palit wins
Asit Baran Choudhury, IA, Chief Arbiter

ditya Birla Memorial 16th Jharkhand 3 Vatsal Singhania 7
State Fide Rated Chess Champion- 4 Saikat Dutta 7
ship 2016 held at Sarala Birla School 5 Sandil Nirmal Chandra 7
Auditorium, Mahilong, Ranchi, Jharkhand 6 Sudhakar Prem Dutt 7
from 15th to 18th May 2016 organized by 7 Anshul Nigam 6
All Jharkhand Chess Association. Total Par- 8 Priyanka Kumari 6
ticipant was 109 including 58 players rat- 9 Saurabh Mandal 6
ed. They have come from different remote 10 Aayush Agarwal 6
districts of Jharkhand. The tournament was 11 Kumar Utkarsh 6
inaugurated by President of AJCA Pradip Ku- 12 Manish Sharma 6
mar Varma and welcome to all participants. 13 Kamal Kishore Debnath 6
14 Manideep Mukhi 6
The Tournament Hall was Full Air-condi- 15 Raja Bose 6
tioned, spacious and sufficient toilet facilities. 16 Atul Bihari Sharan 6
The Organiser provided breakfast, lunch, & 17 Ishant Kumar 6
dinner to all participants at very minimum 18 Kundu Uttam 6
cost.It may be mentioned here that one 19 Biranchi Kumar Sinha 6
player Advay Kumar excluded from the tour- 20 Bhupesh Balmuchu 6
nament in the first round as he suppressed 21 Kumar Aswini 6
his fide id. which he got from USA (USCF) in 22 Alka Das 5
2014. During enquiry his mother confessed 23 Lokesh Kumar 5
and the matter was brought to AICF notice 24 Ishan Gupta 5
through mail.
25 Basant Khandelwal 5
26 Deepak Lal Saha 5
At the end of final round games Swaraj Palit
27 Sharma Prahlad 5
of Ranchi District scored 7.5 bagged the
28 Prem Kumar 5
Championship Title with Cash Rs. 10000/-
29 Mukherjee Sanchit 5
with better tie break . Pritam Singh(7.5 pts)
30 Bidisha Roy 5
and Vatsal Singhania(7 pts) secured second
31 Ankit Kumar Singh 5
& third place and got Rs. 8000/- & Rs. 6000/-
32 Pracheta Agarwal 5
respectively. All the Asstt. Arbiters did their
33 Vatsal Nagelia 5
job very well till last round games. No single
34 Manisha Masi 5
dispute occurred during the game in the
35 Vikash Kumar Mehta 5
tournament .
36 Hritik Verma 5
Final ranking
37 Umesh Sona Tanty 5
Rk Name Pts
38 Binod Kumar Saw 5
1 Swaraj Palit 7
39 Biplab Chandra Dalal 5
2 Singh Pritam 7

JUNE 2016
40 Milan Kumar 5 83 Sneha Verma 3
41 Sunil Kumar Singh 5 84 Vishal Kumar Minz 3
42 Mukherjee Archit 5 85 Arpit Khirwal 3
43 Deobrat Singh 5 86 Sayam Chakraborty 3
44 Dash Anannya 5 87 Harsh Raj Pandey 3
45 Ankush Kumar Singh 5 88 Shashank Raj 3
46 Ajay Kumar 5 89 Soren Nikhil 3
47 Ram Krishna 5 90 Aryaman V Verma 3
48 Sahu Aniruddha Kumar 5 91 Riddhi Jain 3
49 Akankhya Dash 4 92 Aarav Sinha 3
50 Aman Choubey 4 93 Chelsea Mittal 3
51 Shaswata Paul 4 94 Pranav Kumar Pandey 3
52 Kumar Amit 4 95 Pragati Pandey 3
53 Purushottam Saraff 4 96 Roshan Linda 3
54 Shreya 4 97 Gajadhar Singh 2
55 Manmohan Jha 4 98 Aditya Jhunjhunwala 2
56 Kanhaiya Pandey 4 99 Prerna Pandey 2
57 Agarwal Priyashi 4 100 Rupa Rani 2
58 Bhavesh Kumar Gupta 4 101 Armaan Sinha 2
59 Arvind Kumar Verma 4 102 Aayush Raj 2
60 Suyash Patel 4 103 Soren Palton 2
61 Mrityunjay Choudhary 4 104 Tushar Singh 2
62 Prabhat Ranjan Kumar 4 105 Tirth Shresth 1
63 Prasad Babu Lal 4 106 Satish Kumar 1
64 Samarjit Pramanik 4 107 Pranjal Kumar 1
65 Suraj Das 4 108 Advay Kumar 0
66 Simran 4 109 Rajiv Ranjan Srivastava 0
67 Krishna Kumar Saw 4
68 Rahul Mukhi (jhar) 4
69 Kunal Choudhary 4 In order to improve your game, you must
70 Sudarshan Tiwari 4
study the endgame before everything
71 Aastha Rani Bhuyan 4
else, for whereas the endings can be
studied and mastered by themselves, the
72 Om Narayan Bhuyan 4
middle game and the opening must be
73 Chakraborty Sucharita 4
studied in relation to the endgame
74 Hembrom Baby 4
- Jose Raul Capablanca
75 Bacchu Singh 4
76 Priyesh Gupta 4
77 Shubham Singh 4 It is the aim of the modern school, not
78 Archit Mittal 4 to treat every position according to one
79 Abhishek Kumar 4 general law, but according to the princi-
80 Sandeep Singh 3 ple inherent in the position
81 Rishav Kumar 3 - Richard Reti
82 Barnwal Dhriti 3

JUNE 2016
49th Late Shri Babukaka Shirgaokar Mem. Open FIDE Rating Tournament,Sangli
Sameer Kathmale wins at Sangli
by IA Nitin Shenvi, Chief Arbiter

utan Buddhibal Mandal, Sangli con- war & Mahesh Zanwar. Some of the important
ducted the 49th Late Shri Babukaka players namely IM Sameer Kathmale & FM
Shirgaokar Memorial Open FIDE Rat- Sauravh Khherdekar of Railway, WFM Rucha
ing Chess Tournament at Bapat Bal Shikshan Pujari of Mah, WCM Chopdekar Gunjal of
Mandir, Sangli, Maharashtra, which is one Goa, Jyoti Prakash Sharma & Prasad Govind
of the oldest organizer in India from 1941 of Rajsthan etc. took part in this event. In
conducting 49th FIDE rating event in the this event 180 players out of which 127 were
chess festival in Month of May. This event rated having rating average of rated play-
was organized by prominent chess players, ers 1419, with players coming from nearly
key personalities (businessmen and indus- all parts of India (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka,
trialist) in Sangli, Maharashtra namely Mr. Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat,
Rajabhau Shirgaokar President NBM, Mr. Er. Rajsthan, Madhya Pradesh, Dadar & Daman
Chidambar Kotibhaskar Vice President NBM, etc.). The championship was being led by an
Mr. Ar. Pramod Chougule Vice President NBM, IM, one each FM, WFM & WCM including 14
Mr. Dr. Ulhas Mali Working President NBM, players above 1800 rating. IM Sameer Kath-
Mr. Chintamani Limaye Secretary NBM, Mrs. male of Sangli, with a rating of 2345 was the
Smita Kelkar Treasurer NBM, Mrs. Seema top seed in this event.
Kathmale, Mr. Girish Chitale, accompanied
by other chess players and chess lovers like At the end of fifth round IM Sameer Kathmale
Mr. Vijay Apte, Mr. Kumar Mane, Mr. Deepak of Railway and Shubham Kumthekar of Mum-
Vaychal, Mrs. Madhuri Apte, etc. The event baiSub scored 5 points defeating their rivals
was organized and played from 6th to 11th and became joint leader of this event. They
May, 2016 and conducted in the Swiss League were closely followed by a margin of points
format, comprising 09 rounds, with two by seven players. In 6th round, on 1st board
rounds only on three days else single round. Sameer scored six points won against fort-
The time control for the game was 90 min- night joint leader Shubham Kumthekar and
utes to each player with an increment of 30 became sole leader. He was nearly followed
seconds per move from first move. by Soham Datar scored 5 points.

Shri Mahesh Zanwar one of the progressive At the end of seventh round Sameer won
Businessmen was the Chief Guest of this against Soham increased his overall lead by
event. Along with him, Shri Satyanarayan one point scored 7 points. He is followed by
Zanwar, Mrs. Uma Zanwar, Shri Chidambar five players namely Sauravh Khherdekar, Ru-
Kotibhaskar, Chintamani Limaye, Shri Ulhas cha Pujari, Omkar Kadav, Shubham Kumthek-
Mali, Mrs. Smita Kelkar, Shri Vijay Apte, & ar & Ranveer Mohite scored six points each.
Shri Kumar Mane were the dignitaries on dais In the penultimate round Sameer scored 7
of the inaugural function. The event was inau- points drew with Sauravh with 6 points.
gurated by Mahesh Zanwar. The ceremonial Omkar scored 7 points played marvelous
chess match was played between Uma Zan- game on 2nd board and forced Rucha to ac-

JUNE 2016
cept defeat after lengthy game. 14 Aryan Abhijeet Shah 6
15 Dixit Nikhil 6
In final round Sameer scored 8 points drew 16 Bhosale Shruti 6
with Omkar with 7 points. Rucha escaped 17 Mahajan Snehal 6
with draw against Suyog Wagh resulting in 18 Aakash S Dalvi 6
four plauers having 7 points namely, Rucha 19 Balwan Tejas 6
Pujari, Sameer Kathmale, Soham Datar and 20 Shantharam K 6
Barath M. Tie breaker decided the champion 21 Pendsey Muktanand 6
of this event.The champion Sameer Kathmale 22 Mahindrakar Indrajeet 6
received Rs. Fifty thousand and the runner 23 Utkarsh Lomate 6
up Omkar Kadav Rs. Twenty six thousand. 24 Nikam Ravindra 6
25 Pogul Yuvraj 6
In this event out of 53 unrated participants, 26 Giri Abhishek 6
35 participants became rated players.The 27 Pagay Shail 6
tournament was completed in peaceful man- 28 WCM Chopdekar Gunjal 6
ner and no appeal arose. The championship 29 Walvekar Praveen 6
was a real bonus for many players, as many 30 Aditya S Hariharan 6
of them gained considerable ELO rating of 70 31 Bhagwat Heramb 6
or above. Special mention has to be made 32 Pradeep Pandya 6
of Neha, Vinayak Mulye of Ratnagiri, Said 33 Malpani Ashish 6
Mahesh, Kher Siddharth, Anchal Rastogi and 34 Bhosale Shriraj 5
Pagay Shail of Nagpur increased their rating 35 Mulla Nihalahamad 5
by 86, 77, 76, 75, 74 & 71 respectively.
36 Tanvi V Hadkonkar 5
37 Nargundkar Ravindra 5
The prize distribution function was chaired
38 Siddhant Gunwant D 5
by Dr. Santosh Kakade, Dr. Prasad Kelkar, Dr.
39 Kher Akshay 5
Kathmale along with Mrs. Kelkar, Mrs. Kath-
40 C Bhalchandra 5
male, Mr. Apte, Mr. Limaye, & Dr. Mali along
41 Omkar Paldhe 5
with Chief Arbiter IA Nitin Shenvi.
42 Mithil Anande P 5
Final Ranking List
43 Patil Pranav Prafulla 5
1 IM Kathmale Sameer 8
44 Rane Parnavi 5
2 FM Sauravh Khherdekar 7
45 Bhagyashree Patil 5
3 Kadav Omkar 7
46 Soni Deepak R 5
4 Mohite Ranveer 7
47 Apte Dhaivat 5
5 WFM Pujari Rucha 7
48 Nirgun Keval 5
6 Patil Jitendra 7
49 Naik B S 5
7 Anchal Rastogi 7
50 Narvekar Pruthviraj 5
8 Mulay Pratik 6
9 Kumthekar Shubham 6
10 Gadhiya Hrithvik 6 Thats what Chess is all about. One day
11 Shreyash A Kulkarni 6 you give your opponent a lesson, the
12 Sahasrabudhe Uday 6
next day he gives you one
13 Soham Datar 6
- Bobby Fischer

JUNE 2016
Brilliant Trophy 1st Decade All India Fide Rated Open Tournament 2016, Gulbarga
Vinay Kumar is the Winner
Promodraj Moree FA, Chief Arbiter

his was first tournament after the for- Ramanachary, IAS Advisor - Culture, Tour-
mation of the Telangana State Chess ism, Endowments, Youth and Media affairs
Association. The tournament was or- Government of Telangana with Prize win-
ganized in for 6 days with 10 rounds, with ners. President of the function Sri Kasireddy
one round on 1st and final day and other Narayana Reddy, MLC, Guests of Honor Dr.
days 2 rounds each. This was 3rd rating Ganta Jalandhar Reddy - President Telangana
chess tournament organized by Brilliant Basha Samskriti Mandali; Sri. Ch. Raghuram
chess Academy at Brilliant Grammar School, Retd. Joint Secretary. distributed the prizes
Dilsukh Nagar, Gulbarga. The event attract- to the winners.
ed 225 Players from all over India Including Final standings:
major states like Telangana, Maharashtra, Rk Name Pts
Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and An- 1 Matta Vinay Kumar FM 8
drapradesh and Goa 125 Fide rated players 2 Srinath Rao S.V. FM 8
participated in this tournament, with 6 titled 3 Varun V 8
players, Including an Arena GM. Top seed 4 Rao J. Malleswara 8
of the event was Mr Varun V of Telengana. 5 Ramakrishna J. FM 7
The event was inaugurated on 8th May by 6 Balkishan A. 7
Shri Kasir eddy Narayana reddy, MLC, Sri 7 Karthik K Pradeep CM 7
A. Narasimha Reddy, Vice-president All In- 8 Ankitha Goud Palle 7
dia Chess Federation & President, Telangana 9 Prateek Srivastava 7
State Chess Association. 10 Aditya S S V 7
11 Ranadheer B J S K 7
More than 35 players are getting partial or 12 Karthik J C 7
completing their rating performance in this 13 Bharat Kumar Reddy P 7
event. Three players completed their rating 14 Satyanarayana P. 7
by playing 9 and 10 rated players each in this 15 Sri Sai Baswanth P 7
tournament itself. 16 Akshit Kumar J 7
17 Rajendra G 7
FIDE Master M. Vinay Kumar of Andhra Bank
18 Srivastava Pratyush 7
and Srinath Rao S.V of Maharastra tied for
19 Kandi Ravi 7
first place with 8.5 points out of 10 rounds, in
20 Shashwat Chakraborty 7
tie-break FM M Vinay kumar won the event,
21 Jishitha D 7
Srinath Rao got second place; V. Varun & J
22 Kanishk S K 7
Malleswara rao got third and fourth place with
23 Harisurya Bharadwaj G 7
8 points each.
24 Shanmukha Teja P 7
In the prize distribution ceremony which
25 Sai Kiran Y 7
took place on 13th May 2016 the following
26 Rama Mohan Rao N 7
dignitaries were present. Chief Guest Dr.K.V

JUNE 2016
27 Tarun Kanyamarala 6 70 Rajesh Ramachandran R 6
28 Cholleti Sahajasri 6 71 Udaybhaskar Shastri K 6
29 Nikhil M 6 72 Adupa Sneha Shree 6
30 Thirumurugan R 6 73 Sibi S Einstein Reddy 5
31 Deepak Kumar R 6 74 Sharan R S 5
32 Bipin Raj S 6 75 Chetana D 5
33 Murali Mohan Y 6 76 A Aashish Reddy 5
34 Aravind P V S 6 77 Prasad J R C 5
35 M Tulasi Ram Kumar 6 78 G Sravan Kumar AIM 5
36 Srinivas Bangarapu 6 79 Manaswini M 5
37 Sarath Chandra K 6 80 Meghanshram B V 5
38 Khan S 6 81 Bolisetty Lochana 5
39 Sahithya G 6 82 Sangam Siddharth 5
40 Srujan Keerthan Solletti 6 83 Bharadwaja T 5
41 Prateek Atluri 6 84 Sri Ram T 5
42 P Audietya Aazadh 6 85 Rohith Yadav B R 5
43 Vasistha Ramana RaoK V 6 86 Sevitha Viju M 5
44 Jayanth R 6 87 Sai Nithin Allenki 5
45 Kalur Nikhil 6 88 Aaromal R S 5
46 Sreekar J S S 6 89 Krishnasanketh Reddi K 5
47 Nitheesh Pothireddy 6 90 Suryaprakash Reddy A 5
48 Anurag Kuruvada 6 91 Shiva Sai Boddu 5
49 Abdul Azeez S.K. 6 92 Farmana Raza 5
50 Krishna Balaji 6 93 Saikrishna Acthutuni 5
51 Trisha Kanyamarala 6 94 Aditya Varun Gampa 5
52 Velpula Sarayu 6 95 Geereddy Saketh Reddy 5
53 Sishir B 6 96 Lanka Sri Karthikeya D 5
54 Neeraj Anirudh K 6 97 Rithvik Raja M 5
55 Subbarao T V 6 98 Lalit Vishnu Vardhan R 5
56 Chilukuri Sai Varshith 6 99 Nikhil A Talagadadeevi 5
57 Pavan Kumar Posa 6 100 Sai Mahati A 5
58 Chinthakayala Nagaraju 6 101 Ramachandra Reddy T 5
59 Goguloth Malsur 6 102 Kapil Surya P 5
60 Saypuri Srithan 6 103 Bhuvanchand Chowdary 5
61 Vyahruth A S R P 6 104 Raja Sree Virinchi Vadali 5
62 Pati Spandan 6 105 B Kishan 5
63 Mihir Chandra, Loke 6 106 Karyasheel P 5
64 R Venkata Raghunandan 6 107 Vadlakonda Rahul 5
65 Vysetty Sahithi 6 108 Kheerthi Ganta 5
66 Karthikeya Kasyap ACM 6 109 Rithesh Kusuma 5
67 A Sowmyanatha Reddy 6 110 Srivatsa Ananth K 5
68 Kamleshwar Rao N 6 111 Pranav Mahaadev 5
69 Sri Chandana G 6 112 Suraj Patnasetty 5

JUNE 2016
2nd Don Bosco Fide Rated Open Chess Tournament 2016, Irinjilakuda
Syed Anwar Shazuli wins title
by Peter joseph M ,Chief Arbiter

he second edition of Don Bosco Fide respectively. All players are participated in
Rated Open Chess Tournament was this 6 day event in a great manner and the
inaugurated by Fr. Varghese Edathi- true spirit of chess.
chira, Principal, Don Bosco ICSE Institutions
here at Irinjalakuda. The tournament were AICF Joint Secretary. Sri P Venugopal, Fr,
conducted jointly by Thrissur Chess Academy Martin, Prof. Arunan, and many diginitaries
and Don Bosco Youth Centre. Sri. T J Suresh- were visited the tournament hall in various
kumar, Treasurer, Chess Association Kerala, days. Rev. Fr. Thomas poovelikkal, Rector,
Sri TMS Namboothiripad, Patron, Chess Asso- Don bosco Institutions, Sri. T J Sureshku-
ciation Thrissur, Sri Jayamohan.M, President, mar, Treasurer, Chess Association Kerala, Fr.
Thrissur Chess Academy, Sri. Radhakrishnan, Varghese Edathichira, Principal, ICSE school,
Secretary, Thrissur Chess Academy, Sri. Peter Sri. Jayamohan.M., President, Thrissur chess
Joseph,Secretary, Chess Association Thrissur Academy, Sri. Peter Joseph, Secretary, Chess
were attended the inaugural ceremony. Fr. Association Thrissur were presented in the
Francis Ponnath welcomed the players and prize distribution function. I extending my
guests and Sri. Alex Suresh delvered the thanks to almighty for the success of the
word of thanks. tournament. I take this opportunity to thank
All India Chess Federation,Chess association
Inter National Master Sri. Praveenkumar of of Kerala and Chess Association Thrissur for
ICF 2254 was the top seed and 175 players the unconditional support, I remember the
were participated in the six day event. The advices of Sri. Hariharan, Secretary,AICF,
rain in second day evening heals the heat Sri. Rajesh, Secretary CAK, and Sri. T J
in summer and bring a cool atmosphere. As Sureshkumar, Treasurer, Chess Association
usual many upsets happens through out the Kerala, for the success of the tournament.
event. In the penultimate round four players My special thanks to the Don Bosco Youth
lead with 7.5 points and equally strong for centre director Fr. Francis Ponnath, Bro.
the title. Jithin, volunteer captian master Alex Suresh,
and other members of youth centre made
In the final round Syed Anwar Shazuli from excellent arrangements.
ICF chennai beat top seed and his fellow ICF Final standings:
player IM Praveen Kumar C to lift the title Rk Name Pts
with 30,000/- ruppees and trophy. Phoobalan 1 Syed Anwar Shazuli 8
from ICF ,M B Muraleedharan from Kerala 2 Phoobalan P. 8
And Sri. Gavi Siddayah from Banglore were 3 Muralidharan M.B FM 8
the second,third and fourth places respec- 4 Gavi Siddayya 8
tively. Master Goutham Sakthivel TN and 5 Praveen Kumar C IM 7
Master Vivek P Thomas from Kerala are won 6 Augustin A 7
the below 1500 and below 1300 category 7 Joy Antony 7

JUNE 2016
8 Sooraj M R 7 51 Safar Hussain 6
9 Joy Lazar M.A. 7 52 Antony Simethy 6
10 Xavier P P 7 53 Adwait Meethal 6
11 Nithin Babu 7 54 Rockson S parayil 6
12 Shreyas M 7 55 Prem Krishna N 6
13 Martin Samuel 7 56 Anfas Muhammed 6
14 Vivek P Thomas 7 57 Pathrose C.T 6
15 Gowtham Sakthivel 7 58 Avin T Sabu 6
16 Vinay Thomas Abraham 7 59 Unnikrishnan T 6
17 Sushrutha Reddy AIM 7 60 Mukhesh C 5
18 Ajeesh Antony 7 61 Varun Agrawal 5
19 Rajashree Rajeev 7 62 John Paul P J 5
20 Benjamin Varghees Issac 7 63 Sajeev Pattath 5
21 Sai Prasath A S 7 64 Abhinav Bhatt 5
22 Abdulkhader A. 6 65 Thankachan K M 5
23 Harilal.P.P 6 66 Raju O A 5
24 Unas K.A. 6 67 Ashish Thomas Alex 5
25 Nijai Giri 6 68 Deepak K S 5
26 Aswin.P.G 6 69 Prabhu R V 5
27 Karan J P 6 70 Francis N. P. 5
28 Alex C Joy 6 71 Jaseel Badar 5
29 Satheesh A S 6 72 Gopal N Dinesh 5
30 Raghavendra G 6 73 Priyesh M J 5
31 Ananthapadmanabh D V 6 74 Ranjith P B 5
32 Rejith Babu C 6 75 Kutty T P C 5
33 Amal Roozi 6 76 Pratyush R 5
34 Hari Suresh 6 77 Raghuraj V.N. 5
35 Bright Lee M Sunilkumar 6 78 Sreyas Payyappat 5
36 Sumesh Kabeer 6 79 Ethan V Johnson 5
37 Madhavan G 6 80 Sirdhiraj M 5
38 Jinan Jomon 6 81 Arjun Manoj R 5
39 Radhakrishnan.K.S 6 82 Abel Saju Chazhoor 5
40 Abhishek S 6 83 Manuel M S 5
41 Mohammed Salih Pk 6 84 Rachana 5
42 Rahul J Akkara 6 85 Nandakumar Menon 5
43 Hari K Mohanan 6 86 Sreevatsa 5
44 Santhosh P.V. 6 87 Naveen Giri 5
45 Jos Paul Davis 6 88 Ambareesh R 5
46 Mansoor C M 6 89 Adithya Narayanan 5
47 Sudharsan Gurukrishnan 6 90 Rajath Rajesh 5
48 Adarsh Narayanan 6 91 Lakshmanan K A 5
49 Vinod K Kuttappan 6 92 Anton Rajeev 5
50 Anirudh B S 6 93 Jolly V P 5

JUNE 2016
Chess Association Kottayam 1st Fide Rating Tournament below 1500
Komal Srivatsav Sajja is the winner
by M. Ephrame IA, Chief Arbiter

hess Association Kottayam organized vi. 11 years old boy Komal Srivatsav Sajja
its 1st Fide Rating Chess Tournament from Karnataka collected 8.5 points from 9
below 1500 at Benjamin Baily hall, rounds and won the title. He lifted the win-
Kottayam, a spacious and beautiful hall at the ner's trophy and also received Rs.30000/- as
heart of the city. The tournament attracted a cash prize.
record number of entries of 522, out of which
367 players are FIDE rated chess players. Three players scored 8 points, Wanehswar
The tournament was held from 6th May Rao from Telungana, Shashank Butt from
2016 to 8th May 2016, offering a prize mon- Karnataka and Gopinath Parthasarathy from
ey of Rs,2,00,000/-. Sai Balaji from Tamil- Tamilnadu tied for the second prize but
nadu was the top seeded. Due to derailment better tiebreak helped Waneshwar Rao
of Chennai train many players from Chennai became the runner up and Waneshwar Rao
didnot turn up. However the experienced received Rs.20000/-.
organizer, Mr. R. Rajesh did wonderful effort
and started the tournament on time. Dr. Roy Sam Daniel Principal of CMS col-
lege & Shri. A N Kunhi Moideen President
Earlier the tournament was inaugurated by of Chess Association Kerala gave the prizes
former world under 18 Girls Chess Champi- to the winners and WGM Arthi Ramaswamy
on, WGM Arthi Ramaswamy from Chennai. felicitated as the guest of honour. The Chess
She attracted the crowed in her inaugural association Kerala General Secretary, Mr. R.
speech by giving her experiences. Rajesh presided over the meeting.
Final ranking
The top seeded Sai Balaji went down to K C Rk Name Pts
Devanand of Kerala in round 2 was the major 1 Komal Srivatsav Sajja 8
upset. Gopinath Parthasarathy from Tamil- 2 Vaneshwar Rao K.V. 8
nadu, Komal Srivatsav Sajja from Karnataka 3 Shashank Bhat G S 8
and Sanghavi Manaoj from Gujarat are the 4 Gopinath Parthasarathy 8
three leaders with 6 points at the end of 5 Arputha Jasmine B A 7
round 6. on round 7 Gopinath and Komal en- 6 Aswin P R 7
counter ended in a draw where as Sanghavi 7 Mubeen Yaseen Khan 7
lost in the hands of second seeded Aswin P 8 Jyothir R 7
R from Tamilnadu. Aswin, Jyothir from Kerala 9 Sanghavi Manoj 7
and Arputha Jasmine from Tamilnadu joined 10 Srivatsan Sekar 7
with Gopinath and Komal with 6.5points. 11 Sudheer M K 7
Aswin, Komal and Gopinath won their games 12 Naushad Vavachan 7
in round 8 and lead the tournament with 7.5 13 Rahul Krishna V 7
points at the end of the penultimate round. 14 Senguttuvan K P 7
In the final round Aswin lost to Komal, where 15 Shane V Jose 7
as Gopinath drew his game against Sanga-

JUNE 2016
16 Benny Thomas 7 59 Mischel Capriatie B 6
17 Aishwarya Natarajan 7 60 Mahendar B 6
18 Amal Roozi 7 61 Alwin Biby 6
19 Roshan Hari 7 62 Arun S 6
20 Mugunth R B 7 63 Genita Gladys A 6
21 Nawin J J 7 64 Sudheesh M A 6
22 Vengatesan B 7 65 Mohammed Sudheer P P 6
23 Vishal Raja 7 66 Muthukumar Thangapandian 6
24 Lakshmi Raja Perumal K 7 67 Gobi Krishnaan S 6
25 Chirag Mudraje 7 68 Sathiraj S 6
26 Habibur Rahman 7 69 Ebin Benny 6
27 Suresh Kumar M C 6 70 Kumar T V 6
28 Nithish Muthukumaran 6 71 Seth Sitaram 6
29 Sachjith M 6 72 Gowri Karthikeyan 6
30 Manojan Ravi 6 73 Sathya Naarayanan S 6
31 Avinash Hari 6 74 Sathwika N 6
32 Rakshith Ashok Kumar 6 75 Harikrishnan S B 6
33 Hariharan S 6 76 Sundararajan D S 6
34 Varun Suresh Roshan 6 77 R Venkatasubramani 6
35 Abdul Basheer K M 6 78 Srijan J 6
36 Harish Babu K S 6 79 Bolla Deepak 6
37 Colaco Reuben 6 80 Harish B Menon 6
38 Sudeep S 6 81 Krishnadev S Nair 6
39 Darsan T I 6 82 Thanga Manickam M 6
40 Aravind Suresh 6 83 Gopinath P 6
41 Sai Balaji E 6 84 Senthil Kumar K 6
42 Sasikumar.S 6 85 Shashank S L 6
43 Geetha Krishnan S 6 86 Andrew Veda W Solomon 6
44 Tarun Thiyagarajan 6 87 Alex C Joy 6
45 Adithya E S 6 88 Shreyas P Vijay 6
46 Harsh Suresh 6 89 Pavithra M 6
47 Krishnamurthy T D 6 90 Tamizhanban N 6
48 Surya Prakash J 6 91 Abel Saju Chazhoor 6
49 Suresh Kumar Saravanan 6 92 Raghavendra G 6
50 Aji Kumar A 6 93 Karthikeyan G 6
51 Vel Murugan B 6 94 Vivian Akshay J 6
52 Svatejas Shivakumar 6
53 Shiva Chethan Halamane 6 Half the variations which are calculated in
54 Syam Hari H V 6 a tournament game turn out to be com-
55 Varun Sudarshan 6 pletely superfluous. Unfortunately, no one
56 Praveen B L 6 knows in advance which half
57 Dharshan Venkatachalam 6 - Jan Tinman
58 Prakash C K 6

JUNE 2016
Viktor Korchnoi Passes Away
by Arvind Aaron
Viktor Korchnoi, known more as a
Soviet defector who played in two World
Championship matches of 1978 and 1981
has passed away aged 85.

Born March 23, 1931 at St Petersburg

(then known as Leningrad) in Russia died
on June 6, 2016 at Wohlen, Switzerland.
He is survived by his wife and son Igor.
Korchnoi was one of the strongest
chess players who never won the world
chess title. The 1974 Candidates Finals
against Karpov became a title match as
Fischer refused to play the 1975 match. Korchnoi defected from the Soviet Union in 1976 while
playing in a tournament in the Netherlands.

When he faced Anatoly Karpov, age was against him. He was 20 years older and lost the
three matches by narrow margins. The 1981 margin (6-2 for Karpov) at Merano in Switzerland
was the biggest Karpov could achieve. To come through the Candidates Cycle more than three
times is already a big achievement.
In the next cycle, Korchnoi beat Kasparov in the very first game with black pieces in the
Candidates Semifinals at London 1983 but lost the match overall and his opponent went on to
unseat Karpov.

Korchnoi played two training matches against friend David Bronstein in 1970 that was re-
vealed in the book Secret Notes of Bronstein in 2007. Korchnoi also was close with Karpov and
played such a match in 1971.

Here are the individual decisive career scores of Korchnoi (draws not counting) against world
champions:Korchnoi beat Mikhail Tal 13-4;Korchnoi beat Tigran Petrosian 12-10;Korchnoi beat
Magnus Carlsen 1-0;Korchnoi drew Mikhail Botvinnik 1-1;Korchnoi drew Robert James Fischer
2-2;Korchnoi lost to Anand 0-8;Korchnoi lost to Kramnik 0-6;Korchnoi lost to Kasparov 1-16;Ko-
rchnoi lost to Vassily Smyslov 3-5;Korchnoi lost to Anatoly Karpov 14-31

Korchnoi was active even playing a veteran match against Uhlmann two years ago from a
wheel chair. His peak rating was 2695. During early years of his defection, Soviet players avoided
events in which he played. Korchnois high rating was at risk and FIDE under its morally right
President Max Euwe brought special laws to protect it. Under this, Korchnoi would not lose
rating if he won a tournament clearly.
One of the worlds most interesting player is gone. Korchnoi was outspoken. He suffered
the most from the USSR Chess Federation post defection. When he defected, they did not let
his wife and son to join him. When he found another partner in Petra, then they let them go!

Korchnoi won six team gold medals in the Chess Olympiad for the USSR in 1960, 1966, 1968,
1970, 1972 and 1974. He also won individual gold medals twice and individual bronze medals
thrice. Later, he also played the Chess Olympiad for Switzerland.Korchnoi had been the World
Senior Champion of 2006. He has played in the Goodricke Open, Kolkata in 2000.Korchnoi won
the very tough Soviet Championship five times in 1960, 1962, 1964, 1965 and 1970. He has
won almost every tournament in the West. The chess world has lost a great competitor.

Asian Continental Chess Championships,Tashkent..

Sethuraman, Bhakti win Asian Championships
By Arvind Aaron

India won the two titles on stake in the Asian Individual

Chess Championships that concluded in Tashkent on June 3,
2016. Both S.P. Sethuraman of Chennai and Bhakti Kulkarni of
Goa scored identical 7/9 scores to win by a half point margin.
Sethuraman, 23, lost to top seed Le Quang Liem (Vie),
drew Aravindh, Gao Rui and beat the rest of the six players.
His victims included third seed Wei Yi. Importantly, he won
the last three rounds in a row. The top finishers will qualify
for the World Chess Cup in 2017 at Batumi in Georgia. Se-
thuraman gains around 13.60 Elo and should be in the World Top 100 ratings in July.

Fifteenth seed Bhakti Kulkarni, 24, remained undefeated and won the womens event. Bhakti
gains 50.20 Elo from this single event. She was the lowest rated of the five Indians but sur-
prised everyone by winning. In the fourth round, she recorded a win over top seed IM Sarasadat
Khademalsharieh (Iran). The top finishers will qualify for the World Womens championship.

Players from 19 nations in men and 15 in women took part in this event that was organised
by the Uzbekistan Chess Federation.
Final placings (top and Indians): 1 GM S.P. Sethuraman (Ind) 7/9; 2-9. GM Le Quang Liem
(Vie), GM Wei Yi (Chn), GM Murtas Kazhgaleyev (Kaz), GM Deep Sengupta (Ind), GM Lu Shanglei
(Chn), GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (Vie), GM Surya S Ganguly (Ind), GM Batchuluun Tsegmed
(Mgl) 6.5 each; 11 GM B Adhiban 6; 15 GM Karthikeyan Murali 5.5; 17 GM Vidit Gujrathi 5.5;
18 GM Aravindh Chithambaram 5.5; 23 GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Uzb) 5.5; 29 GM M.R. Lalith
Babu 5; 30 GM Abhijeet Gupta 591 players.

Final placings (top and Indians): 1 WGM Bhakti Kulkarni (Ind) 7/9; 2-3. WGM Dinara Sadu-
akassova (Kaz) WGM Soumya Swaminathan (Ind) 6.5 each; 4-6. WGM Nguyen Thi Mai Hung
(Vie), WGM Hoang Thi Bao Tram (Vie), WIM Vo Thi Kim Phung (Vie) 6 each; 10 WIM B Pratyusha
5; 15 IM Padmini Rout 5; 17 WGM Mary Ann Gomes 4.5; 20 WIM R Vaishali 4.535 players.

Asian Junior Open and Girls Championship,New Delhi.
Aravindh and Uurtsaikh are Asian Junior Champs
By Gopakumar
Asian Junior Open & Girls Chess Cham-
pionships-2016 got off to a rousing start
here at Hotel Park Plaza on Tuesday. 103
players from 12 different countries are par-
ticipating in this nine day long prestigious
championship, which have three formats of
Rapid, Standard and Blitz events. In the girls
Rapid event, Tamilnadu youngster R Vaishali
won the yellow metal with a perfect score
of 9 points while Iranian International Mas-
ter Masoud Mosadeghpur finished first with
8 points. Indian Grandmasters Aravindh
Chithamabaram and S L Narayanan finished as first runner up and second runner up respec-
tively in open section while Uuriintuya Uurtasaikh of Mongolia won Silver and Bala Kannamma
of India finished third in girls category.

Earlier in a befitting opening ceremony, Asian Chess Federation Deputy President Shri. Bharat
Singh inaugurated the championship by lighting the lamp and making the customary first move
in presence of Shri. Jaidev Dutta, General Manager host Hotel Park Plaza and Shri. AK Verma,
Secretary Delhi Chess Association.

In a colourful closing ceremony, Shri. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Government
of Delhi gave away the prizes in presence of Shri. Hisham Al Taher, General Secretary Asian
Chess Federation; Shri. Bharat Singh, Deputy President Asian Chess Federation; Group Captain
J Rajendra, Deputy Judge Advocate General Indian Air Force; Shri. Luxman Wijesuriya, General
Secretary Chess Federation of Sri Lanka; Shri. Narayan Das Gamal, Vice President Nepal Chess
Association and Shri. AK Verma, Secretary Delhi Chess Association.

Grandmaster Aravindh Chithambaram of India and Uurinntuya Uurtsaikh of Mongolia became

Champions in the Asian Junior Open and Girls Championship which concluded at Park Plaza in
New Delhi.

In a pulsating final round, overnight sole leader Grandmaster S L Narayanan drew with Inter-
national Master Mousavi Seyed Khalil and this result helped Aravindh to catch up with Narayanan
after defeating Nima Javanbakht of Iran. Both players tied at seven points but direct encounter
tie break helped Aravindh to clinch the title while Naryanan satisfied with runner-up position.
Harsha Bharathakoti completed the all Indian podium finish after defeating International Master
Mosadeghpour Masoud of Iran in final round.

Meanwhile the girls section had more dramas as Mongolian girl Uurinntuya Uurtsaikh pro-
duced an emphatic victory over top seed Vaishali to lift the winners trophy while Nandhidhaa
V finished as runner up after defeating overnight joint leader K Priyanka. R Vaishali not found
a place in the podium as Ivana Maria Furtado won the bronze medal by securing final round
victory over Bala Kannamma P.

In the Asian Junior Blitz Championship, S L Naryanan won the gold medal while Arjun Kalyan
and Aravindh Chithambaram secured Silver and Bronze medals respectively. R Vaishali secured
the yellow metal in girls category while Varshini finished second and Bala Kannamma won the
Bronze medal.

In a colourful closing ceremony, Shri. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Government
of Delhi gave away the prizes in presence of Shri. Hisham Al Taher, General Secretary Asian
Chess Federation; Shri. Bharat Singh, Deputy President Asian Chess Federation; Group Captain
J Rajendra, Deputy Judge Advocate General Indian Air Force; Shri. Luxman Wijesuriya, General
Secretary Chess Federation of Sri Lanka; Shri. Narayan Das Gamal, Vice President Nepal Chess
Association and Shri. AK Verma, Secretary Delhi Chess Association.
Praggnanandhaa set to become worlds youngest IM!
W, besides his share of youth medals, is in the
process of rewriting history books.Praggnanandhaa
equalled his sister Vaishalis gold medals by winning
the World under 8 boys in 2013 and the under 10
boys in 2015. By February 2016, at the age of ten
years and seven months, he was already rated 2301.
Then began a fairytale period as he reeled off norm
performances one after another. He made a trip to the
French city of Cannes in late February to play his first
grandmaster open outside India. Praggnanandhaa
played excellent chess in the tournament, made his
maiden IM norm despite losing the last round.

In the strong open tournament in Moscow Aeroflot B Open after three rounds, Praggu's
score read just 0.5/3 but he just came back stronger, picking pace to score 3.5 points in the
next four rounds, including a win against GM Levon Babujian (2491) of Armenia and Karachenko
Boris in the last round to clinch his second IM-norm. And he did just that after his opponent,
Karachenko Boris erroneously picked the c5 pawn with his knight.

The ten year-old from Chennai completed his third and final IM norm after beating a Grand-
master and drawing with two others at the KIIT international Chess Festival in Bubaneshwar.In
comparison Judit Polgar was the youngest IM till date did it only at 11-plus. Praggnanandhaa
at 10 years and 10 months has thus become the youngest IM in the history of chess.

12th Late Sou Meenatai Shirgaonkar Memorial International FIDE Rating
Women's Chess Tournament Sangli, May 2016
Rucha Pujari wins title
by IA Nitin Shenvi, Chief Arbiter

he 12th Late Sou Meenatai Shirgaon- with an increment of 30 seconds per move
kar Memorial International FIDE Rating from first move.
Women's Chess Tournament was suc-
cessively organized by Nutan Buddhibal Man- Mrs. Jayashreetai Madanrao Patil was the
dal, Sangli. This event is special, because it Chief Guest of inaugural function and by
encourages Women players by giving entries profession architect. Along with her Mr. Chin-
without entry fee as well as free accommoda- tamani Limaye Sec, NBM, Mrs. Smita Kelkar
tion provided. This event is unique in India. Madam, Treasurer NBM Dr. Ulhas Mali and
The event took place at Bapat Bal Shikshan Shri Pramod Chougule Vice President NBM
Mandir, Sangli, Maharashtra. The path shown were the dignitaries on dais of the inaugural
function. The event was inaugurated by Ms
by Late Shri Bhausaheb Padsalgikar to moti-
Jayashreetai Patil with lightening of devotion-
vate parents and female players is now taken
al lamp and ceremonial match between Ms
over by present members and office bearers. Jayashreetai Patil and Ms Smita Kelkar was
He had aimed to give full one month chess played. Introduction of the Chief Guest was
events in Sangli, and it is still continued. One done by Dr. Ulhas Mali. The aim and motto
way we can surely say that for Chess Sangli of this event was explained by Chintamani
is a Pandhari. Limaye to gathering.

Ms. Patil talked about the history of NBM and

The driving force behind new changes in
the way NBM is taking effort to encourage
conducting chess tournament is the effort Women in chess of field at the same time
taken by Shri Rajabhau Shirgaonkar, Presi- given best wishes to participants and parents
dent NBM. The other key personalities behind for participating in this event. Some of the
this event were Mr. Chintamani Limaye, Mr. important players who took part were-WFM
Girish Chitale, Mr. Pramod Chougule, Mr. Rucha Pujari Kolhapur, WCM Gunjal Chop-
dekar of Goa, WCM Sanskruti Wankhade of
Chidambar Kotibhaskar, Dr. Ulhas Mali, Mrs.
Mumbai, Ms Rutuja Bakshi of Aurangabad,
Smita Kelkar, Mrs. Seema Kathmale, Mr. Vijay
Ms Vrushali Deodhar of Mumbai suburban,
Apte, Mr. Kumar Mane, Mrs. Madhuri Apte, Ms. Khushi Surana of Solapur, Ms Riya Lahoti
Mr. Deepak Vaychal, etc. The event was or- of Satara, Meenakshi Bhoite of Pune, Bhag-
ganized and played from 1st to 5th May, 2016 yashree Patil of Jalgaon, Krishnaa Jahagirdar
and conducted in the Swiss League format, Sudhakar of TN, Ms. Gayatri Rajput of Sangli,
comprising 09 rounds, with one round on Ms. Narayani Adane of Nagpur, Ms. Alaina
Vincent of Mumbai, etc. In this event 63
last day else double rounds. The time control
players out of 137 were rated having rating
for the game was 90 minutes to each player
average of rated players 1251, with players

JUNE 2016
coming from nearly all parts of Maharashtra In final round top two boards drew. Rucha
(Mubai suburban, Buldhana, Aurangabad, drew with Vrushali while Rutuja drew with
Solapur Nagpur, Jalgaon, Thane, Palghar, Khushi. The champion Rucha Pujari received
Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune), Karnataka, Rs. Seventeen thousand and the runner up
Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Telangana, Rutuja Bakshi Rs. twelve thousand. The
Gujrat. The championship was being led by rated players who got more than 100 ELO
one WFM and two WCM including 5 players rating points namely Samruddhi Kulkarni of
above 1600 ELO rating. WFM Rucha Pujari of Kolhapur with 123 ELO points & Isha Koli of
Kolhapur, with a rating of 2152 was the top Satara with 115 ELO points.
seed in this event.
In this event out of 72 unrated participants,
At the end of fifth round Rucha Pujari and only some of them managed to cross 1000
Rutuja Bakshi became joint leader of this ELO points line. The tournament was com-
event won against their opponents and pleted in peaceful manner and no appeal
scored 5 points each followed by them Gunjal arose.
Chopdekar, Isha Koli, and Sanskruti Mahajan
scored 4 points each. The prize distribution function chaired by Mrs.
Chandana Shekhar Gaikwad wife Collector
In 6th round, on 1st board Rucha Pujari Mr. Shekhar Gaikwad of Sangli, Mother of
won against joint leader Rutuja Bakshi and Architect Shri Pramod Chougule Mrs. He-
became sole leader of this event. Followed matai, Mrs. Laxmitai Shirgaokar Daughter
by her there are nine participants scored by in Law of Shri Rajabhau Shirgaonkar Presi-
5 points. dent NBM and Treasurer, Saraswat Bramhan
Mahila Mandal Kolhapur as well as Director
At the end of seventh round unrated Raul SB Resellers Kolhapur and sponsorer for
Devika of Mumbai drew with rated Krishnaa National Women Premier in Diwali 2014,
Jahagirdar Sudhakar of TN. Lower rated Mrs. Shraddha Shirgaokar expert in many
Kapadia Hrishita of Mumbai Suburban won arts and skills, Mrs. Kanchan Pagay wife of
against Gouri Karamarkar of Sangli. Rucha Shri Dilip Pagay Hon. Secretary, MCA, Mrs.
Pujari scoring 7 points convincingly won Smita Kelkar, Treasurer NBM, Mr. Chintam-
against Bhagyashree Patil of Jalgaon and ani Limaye Secretary, NBM, Mr. Chidambar
difference between top and others increased. Kotibhaskar, Vice President, NBM, Dr. Ulhas
She is followed by four players namely Shruti Mali Working President, NBM and Shri Nitin
Bhosale of Kolhapur, Bakshi Rutuja, Narayani Shenvi Chief Arbiter were on dais.
Adane & Vrushali Deodhar scored 6 points
each. Final Ranking List
Rk Name Pts
In the penultimate round top seed Rucha 1 Pujari Rucha 8
Pujari, Rutuja Bakshi and Vrushali Deodhar 2 Bakshi Rutuja 7
managed to win their respective games and 3 Deodhar Vrushali Umesh 7
now Rucha lead with8 points closely followed 4 Bhagyashree Patil 7
by Rutuja Bakshi and Vrushali Deodhar with 5 Adane Narayani 7
7 points. 6 Vincent Alaina 7

JUNE 2016
7 Surana Khushi Shailendra 7 50 Sharanya Vinayak Adane 5
8 Mahajan Sanskruti 6 51 Bondage Mayuri 5
9 Chandratreya Prachiti 6 52 Riya Narendra Marathe 5
10 Ghadge Mrunalini 6 53 Naik Sayuri 5
11 Lahoti Riya 6 54 Chougule Samiksha 5
12 Chopdekar Gunjal 6 55 Choudki Khushi 5
13 Bhosale Shruti 6 56 Palakodeti Bhanumati 5
14 Naik Snehal 6 57 Nikam Akansha 5
15 Koli Esha 6 58 Ghosarwadkar Vaishnavi 5
16 Wankhade Sanskruti 6 59 Patki Varudhini Sadananda 4
17 Tanvi Vasudev Hadkonkar 6 60 Mahajan Mokshada D 4
18 Kulkarni Samruddhi 6 61 Bedwal Dhanashree 4
19 Krishnaa Jahagirdar Sudhakar 6 62 Patil Vaishnavi 4
20 Neha Vinayak Mulye 6 63 Vaval Aaditi 4
21 Rajput Gayatri 6 64 Prabhu Trupti 4
22 Kamarkar Gouri 6 65 Joshi Chaitali 4
23 Kunnekar Vanshri 6 66 Salunkhe Samruddha 4
24 Kruti G 6 67 Birajdar Anjali 4
25 Upase Riddhi 5 68 Dhrithi Murgod 4
26 Pardeshi Gayatri 5 69 Patil Aarohee Bhaksar 4
27 Adhawade Tanvi 5 70 Rekha Gudsoorkar 4
28 Khushi M Hombal 5 71 Dakshayani Tushar Chavan 4
29 Upalavikar Pornima 5 72 Kulkarni Diksha 4
30 Dicholkar Diti 5 73 Vaibhavi Murali 4
31 Dhuri Khushi 5 74 Ranka Srushti 4
32 Tanuja Sudhakar Babu 5 75 Patil Anushka 4
33 Keerthi Bandlamudi 5
34 Gotmare Mrinmayi 5
Solution to Puzzle of the month
35 Bhoite Meenakshi 5
on p 4
36 Kapadia Hrishita 5
37 Khandagale Yashkirti 5
38 Joshi Siya 5
39 Deshmukh Gargi 5
40 Patil Sanskruti 5
41 Hetvi Pethad 5
42 Bondage Vaishnavi 5
43 Abhyankar Aishwarya 5
44 Patil Shreya C 5
45 Mohitha V 5
46 Rawal Madhura 5
47 Shraddha Somanath 5
48 Raul Devika 5
49 Naroji Sanskriti 5

JUNE 2016
Mineral Open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament - 2016
Himanshu Sharma is champion
by A.C.Joshi IA,Chief Arbiter

n the Sanskar city Vadodara, the Miner- The Kalrav group and Mineral chess Acade-
al Open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament my has done a wonderful work to fulfill all
- 2016 was held from 1st to 5th May requirement by providing a fully Air-con-
atHotel Surya, Station Road , Vadodara, Gu- ditioned Tournament hall and a Free A/c
jarat by Gujarat State Chess Association and Dormitory Accommodation. The Lunch and
Mineral Chess Academy . Dinner during Tournament was also arranged
at subsidised with a very discounted rate for
The tournament attracted total number of all in the same hotel. The team of Arbiters
152 entries all over state of India, major part headed by A.C.Joshi was efficient and took
of entries by Gujarat, followed by Mahar- care of the technical problems. Thanks to all
ashtra and Tamilnadu,in. The total number players for raising not even a single protest.
of International fide Rated players of the
event is 136 players which compiles of 1 Final rankings:
GM, 3 IM .1 CM and25 female participants. Rk Name Pts
1 Himanshu Sharma IM 8
The event is been conducted by 9 Rounds 2 Dahale Atul 7
Swiss league system, with the time control 3 Ravi Teja S. IM 7
of 90 min plus 30 sec increment from move 4 Laxman R.R GM 7
No.1, everyday 2 rounds.( Except Last Day) 5 Sinha Santosh Kumar 6
6 Pradeep Kumar R A 6
The total prize money of the event was 7 Audi Ameya 6
Rs.5,00,000/-(Five Lakhs ) with First Prize 8 Jay Kundaliya 6
of Rs.50,000/-(Rupees Fifty Thousand ) 9 Pruthu Deshpande 6
for the winner of the event. Many talented 10 Doshi Moksh Amitbhai 6
young players from all over the country 11 Mraduhas Tripathi 6
participated to win the coveted prizes 12 Kulkarni Vikramaditya IM 6
.Hard fought victories and some draws 13 Gukesh D CM 6
were witnessed duing the tournament. 14 Maulik Raval 6
At the end of the final round the ultimate 15 Vijay Anand M. 6
winner was Mr. HimansuShema of Railways 16 Dave Kantilal 6
winning the cash prize of Rs.50,000/- and 17 Jeet Jain 6
the Runner Up of the event was Mr. Atul
18 Kamdar Udit 6
Dahade of Maharashtra with the cash prize
19 Vakil Akhtara 6
of Rs.40,000/-.
20 Joshi Abhijeet 6
This is the sixth tournament in a row by the
21 Ashutosh Kumar 6
Mineral Chess Academy. Kudos to Bhavesh
22 Panesar Vedant 6
Patel (Hon.Secretary-GSCA), PruthivirajLeu-
23 Sanjeet Manohar 6
va and his team for their dedicated efforts.

JUNE 2016
24 Varun Bhatt 6 67 Patel Vivek 4
25 Bhatt Jalpan 6 68 Nitul Khare 4
26 Manish Anto Cristiano F 6 69 Samdani Sahil Sagar 4
27 Phadke Sohan 6 70 Dhyana Patel 4
28 Saranya Y 6 71 Kavisha S Shah 4
29 Avdhoot Lendhe 5 72 Chandan Palash N 4
30 Rawal Shailesh 5 73 Anadkat Kartavya 4
31 Bhogal Rupesh 5 74 Sachin Kumar 4
32 Aditya Guhagarkar 5 75 Bandekar Aditya 4
33 Chauhan Ashvinkumar 5 76 Ghelani Dhairya 4
34 Dhruvik Shah 5 77 Kumtakar Deepak AFM 4
35 Joy Pankaj Shah 5 78 Jaisingh Anugraha 4
36 Shah Rishab 5 79 Audi Saiesh 4
37 Deepak Kumar R 5 80 Menon Padmanand 4
38 Sparsh Khandelwal 5 81 Aditya P Melani 4
39 Mehta Naitik R 5 82 Bokade Chinmay 4
40 Polakhare Aryan 5 83 Krishna Malay 4
41 Kamdar Aparva 5 84 Ananmay Sharma 4
42 Dere Pushkar 5 85 Neel Thomas 4
43 Madhavan G 5 86 Lasani H Kothari 4
44 Chandrajeet Singh Rajawat 5 87 Doshi Krut Devang Kumar 4
45 Dhanesha Jignesh 5 88 Kushal Kaushik Karelia 4
46 Vikram Mukhija 5 89 Totlani Varun 4
47 Parikh Kairav 5 90 Raninga Aditya Himanshu 4
48 Abid Ali Mujawar 5 91 Raj D Vyas 4
49 Vedant P Kumbakonam 5 92 Anmol Sharma 4
50 Samant Aditya S 5 93 S Brijesh Mohan 4
51 Trivedi Rushang 5 94 Gupta Shllok 4
52 Ansh M Shah 5 95 Dhruv G Kulkarni 4
53 Shah Rutvi 5 96 Bhuta Hriday 4
54 Samir Dilipkumar Desai 5 97 Narendran Gouthaman 4
55 Srivastav Harsh 5 98 Shah Nihar 4
56 Shourya Jain 5 99 Priyanshu Baid 4
57 Mumukshu Mittal 5 100 Panchal Tisha N 4
58 Prajapati Ketan 5 101 Doshi Aakash 4
59 Vrandesh Parekh 5 102 Sanjit Dutta 4
60 Chavda Suresh 5 103 Ajinkya Pingale 3
61 Kulkarni Saurabh P 5 104 Karthik Jagannath 3
62 Mhatre Rahat Rahul 5 105 Thrish Karthik 3
63 Raval Niraj 4 106 Kadakia Veer 3
64 Mayank Pal 4 107 Bhatt Palak K 3
65 Dave Sneh 4 108 Subodh Kumar Singh 3
66 Kanishk S K 4 109 Priyanka Bhatt 3

JUNE 2016
2nd Pavna All India Fide Rated Chess Tournament,Aligarh
Himanshu Sharma retains title
IA Dharmendra Kumar, Chief Arbiter

nd edition of Pavna Fide Rating Chess round . He drew 2 and won 7 game in his
Tournament was formally inaugurated way to retain title. Joydeep Dutta of West
by Brigadier Dr. P.S.Shiwas , Vice- Bengal finished 2nd place while 3rd place
Chancellor , Mangalayatan University .Other went to Gajendra Singh of UP.
dignitaries present on the function were Rajiv
Agrwal, well known industrialist of the city as In a coulorful prize distribution function ,
well as country , Anand Sadani , Chairman, chief guest Vijay Bajaj , MD, LockMaster India
Sadani Group of Industries , Pallavi Upadhyay, Pvt. Ltd. has gave away the prizes amongst
Principal, D.P.S. , Aligarh , Chandra Mohan the prize winners in the gracious presence
Sadani , Hony. Sectretary , DSCA , Vijay Kumar of Ram kumar Sadani , Director , Sadani
Pachisia , Treasurer, DCSA and IA Dharmendra Steel Pvt. Ltd ,Navratn Aggrawal ,Director,
Kumar, Chief Arbiter .All the dignitaries lit Bikanerwala food Pvt. Ltd., Shri A.K.Raizada,
the traditional lamp and delivered their good Hony. Secretary, UPCSA and Chandra Mohan
wishes to all the participants . Chief guest Sadani, Hony Secreatry, DCSA.Munesh Jain
cut the ribbon and declared the event open. , Vice-president of DCSA , Aligarh welcomed
the guest , Chief Arbiter Dharmendra Kumar
This year 155 players from various state in- delivered the tournament report and Vijay
cluding 86 fide rated players has participat- Kumar Pachisia , Treasurer , DCSA delivered
ed in 2nd Pavna All India Fide Rated Chess the vote of thanks.
Tournament held Aligarh from 17 to 22 May ,
2016. Tournament was organized by District Final ranking
Chess Sports Association , Aligarh in associ- Rk Name Pts
ation with D.P.S. , Aligarh . Tournament was 1 IM Himanshu Sharma 8
supported by Pavna Group of Industries and 2 FM Dutta Joydeep 7
some other business houses and individuals 3 Gajendra Singh 7
of city. Organizing committee was lead by 4 Deepak Katiyar 7
Chandra Mohan Sadani , Hony. Secreatry , 5 Dubey Sanchay 7
D.S.C.A. 6 Jaspreet Singh 7
7 IM Sharma Dinesh K. 7
Month of May is usually hot but since 8 Katiyar Prashant 7
tournament hall was airconditioned it was 9 Anuj Shrivatri 6
comfortable to all the participants . All the 10 Lawaniya Eshan 6
players were staying in the same premises 11 Aditya S Hariharan 6
of Mangalayatan , just in front of tournament 12 Deepak
hall. Everyone was happy to be there as part Kumar R 6
of this organization. 2nd edition of Pavna 13 Deepak Rai 6
rating tournament was won by IM Himnashu 14 Aaryan Varshney 6
Sharma who scored 8 point out of possible 9 15 Diwan Rajesh 6

JUNE 2016
16 Tarun Kanyamarala 6 59 Arun Kumar Saxena 5
17 Himanshu Agarwal 6 60 Kartikey Sharma 5
18 Nakul Chaudhary 6 61 Choubey Saurabh 5
19 Tiwari O P 6 62 Bhawesh Pandiyar 5
20 Yogi Anurag Upadhyay 6 63 Monika Sahu 5
21 Devansh Singh 6 64 Shamim Ahmad 5
22 Medha Chauhan 6 65 Chechani Devansh 5
23 Rajesh Kumar Sharma 6 66 Ruchin Yadav 5
24 Asif Md Tayyeb 6 67 Ayush Lodha 5
25 Raghav H S 6 68 Chhabra Kunal 5
26 Rishi Kumar Pandey 6 69 Priyanka Bhatt 5
27 Sahithya G 6 70 Aswin Biju 5
28 Sushant Manuja 6 71 Munna Das Bairagi 5
29 Sawyan Baran De 6 72 Mishra Jayesh 4
30 Kanishk S K 6 73 Gupta Tanish 4
31 Rajesh Kumar Nath 5 74 Saxena Anshul 4
32 Trisha Kanyamarala 5 75 Akhil Chaudhury 4
33 Ashvani Saini 5 76 Asthana B.S. 4
34 Om Chauhan 5 77 Syed M Hussain Jafry 4
35 Deota Snehil S 5 78 Prashant Salunke 4
36 Dhruv Dak 5 79 Yashraj Singh Sandhu 4
37 Kapil Dadhich 5 80 Shrivatri Animesh 4
38 Shweta Priyadarshini 5 81 Parul Rathore 4
39 Hamendra Singh M 5 82 Chinmay Jain 4
40 Bharadia Madhav 5 83 Kaustubh Shukla 4
41 Vicky Jha 5 84 Uddin Imran 4
42 Himanshu Prakash 5 85 Tushar Chaudhary 4
43 Garv Rai 5 86 Ajay Kumartripathi 4
44 Adithya Vishveshwaran 5 87 Mayank Jain 4
45 Thirumurugan R 5 88 Kranti Kumar Gupta 4
46 Paras Vats 5 89 Deepak Atnere 4
47 Arbaz Khan. 5 90 Akshanshu Sharma 4
48 Gautam Kataria 5 91 Mohd Faisal Azeem 4
49 Saini Ashutosh 5 92 Ramesh Kumar Sonker 4
50 Abhishek K Mishra 5 93 Dipika Sahu 4
51 Rishabh Nishad 5 94 Aman Kumar 4
52 Rajat Pratap Singh 5 95 Lakshya Paurush 4
53 Varshney Roopak 5 96 Ishika Garg 4
54 Awasthi Balgovind 5 97 Maheshwari Pallavi 4
55 Arpit Rastogi 5 98 Sharma Aarav 4
56 Bharadia Yash 5 99 Maulik Gupta 4
57 Chauhan Narayan 5 100 Himanshu Jha 4
58 Arunesh Narain Gaur 5

JUNE 2016
Selected games from Asian Junior [If 22.Bxd3 Rxb3! 23.Qxb3 exd3 24.f4
Qc5 25.f5 e4 26.Re1 Qe5 27.Rg2 Rb8
New Delhi 28.Qa3]22...a4 23.Nc1 Ne1 [White's forc-
es are getting into a muddle.]24.Rd1 Nf3
Annnotated by IM Manuel Aaron 25.Rh3 Nxh4 26.Rdh1?
Hamedi Nia,Vesal (Iran) Nandhidhaa,Pv

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bg5 Be7

5.e3 h6 6.Bh4 00 7.Nf3 Ne4 8.Bxe7
Qxe7 9.Nxe4 dxe4 10.Nd2 e5 11.d5
Bf5 12.Be2 Qg5 13.g4 [This is new
and permanently gives up his possibil-
ity of castling on the king-side. A 1991
game between Alan Wortham and Nikki
Kitaura played in the Japan Ch, in Tokyo
went: 13.g3 Na6 14.00 Nc5 15.Rc1 Nd3
16.Bxd3 exd3 17.e4 Bh3 18.Re1 f5 19.Nf3 This needlessly takes the rook away
Qf6 20.Nd2 f4 21.f3 fxg3 22.hxg3 10 from the only open file on the board to
33]13...Bh7 14.h4 Qe7 15.Qc2 Na6 the edge of the board. The natural move
16.000 [The chances are equal.] here was to move the king out of the
16...c6 [The natural way to direct her at- potential attack down the b-file and the
tack against White's castled position.]17. a1h7 diagonal with: 26.Ka1]26...Nf3
dxc6 bxc6 18.Kb1 Rab8 19.Nb3 27.Ka1 Rfd8 28.Rd1 Qe6?! [Also to
be considered was: 28...Rxd1 29.Bxd1
Qd7 30.Bxa4 Qxg4 31.Rh1 Qg2 32.Rd1
Qxf2 33.Bxc6 Bf5]29.Rg3 [If 29.Rxd8+
Rxd8 30.Qa5 Rb8 31.Qa7 Rf8 32.Qxa4
Qxg4 33.Rg3 Qh4 Black has a winning
a d va n t a g e . ] 2 9 . . . R x d 1 3 0 . B x d 1 a 3 !
31.bxa3 [31.Qxa3 Qxc4 32.Qc3 Qf1
33.Bxf3 e x f 3 3 4 . g 5 h 5 3 5 . Q d 2 B e 4
36.b3 Rb5! Black is threatening 37...
R d 5 3 8 Qb2 Rd1 winning.]31...Qd6
32.Bc2 Qf6 [The black queen is going
to invade white's king-side.]33.Nb3
[The best attempt at getting counter Qh4 34.Bb1 Qh1 35.Qc2 Bg6 36.a4
play is: 19.g5 h5 (dangerous would be Qf1 37.a5 Nd4! [Diagram #]38.Nxd4
19...hxg5? 20.hxg5 Rfd8 21.Rh4) [After 38.Qb2 Nxb3+ (Black could lose
20.Nb3= (20.Bxh5 Not 20...Nb4 21.Qc3 a lot of her advantage by: 38...Ne2?!
Nd3 threatening both b2 and f2.) 39.Nd2! Rxb2 40.Nxf1 Rb4 41.Rh3 Rxc4
20...Nb4 21.Qc3 Nd3 22.Rhf1=]19... 42.Rh1 Ra4) 39.axb3 Qe1! the a5 pawn
Nb4 20.Qc3 Nd3 21.Rh2 a5 22.Rd2 is lost.

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
Again black must try to complete her devel-
opment with: 14...Bd7 denying white a clear
advantage. This was black's last chance
to develop her bishop. Black's misery
and cause of d e f e a t i n t h i s g a m e i s
this passive bishop.]15.Bxf4! Rxf4
16.Bxc6! bxc6 17.Nb4 Bb7 [Worse
was: 17...Bd7 18.Ne5 Qe8 19.f3 Ng5
20.Qd2+]18.Ne5 Qg5!

(Position after 37.Nd4)

38...exd4+ [The Bb1 is fatally pinned while
her rook is hopelessly out of play on g3.]39.
a6 d3 40.a7 [If 40.Qb3 Rxb3 41.axb3 d2
42.a7 d1Q 43.a8Q+ Kh7 44.Qa2 Qfe1 45.Qb2
Qd8! mates.]40...dxc2! 41.axb8Q+ Kh7
42.Qb2 c1Q! 01

Uuriintuya,Uurtsaikh (Mgl)
Priyanka,Nutakki [C04] White is not anxious to trade her strong
knight for t he dummy bis hop and a
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 Nc6 4.Ngf3 Nf6 doubled c-pawn. Just the threat of
5.e5 Nd7 6.Be2 f6 7.exf6 Qxf6 8.Nf1 Bd6 capturing the c6 pawn is much strong-
9.Ne3 00 10.00 Qf7 11.c4 Nf6 12.c5 er than actually winning it.][Black is
Bf4 13.Bb5 [Nunn (2600) vs Landenbergue looking for some tactical counter-play.
(2385) Nuremberg Rapid,1990, went: 13.g3 Best in the circumstances was to
Bh6 14.a3 Bd7 15.b4 a6 16.Qb3 Be8 17.Ng2 echange off queens and seek salvation
Bxc1 18.Raxc1 Ne4 19.Qe3 Qf5 20.Nfh4 Qf6 in the endgame with 18...Qxd1 19.Raxd1
21.f3 Nxg3 10 41] Nxc5 20.g3 Re4 21.Nbxc6 Bxc6 22.Nxc6
13...Ne4 [13...Bd7 might have been a little Nb7]19.Nbd3! [Diagram #
better.]14.Nc2 Qh5 White is not anxious to trade her strong
knight for the dummy bishop and a dou-
bled c-pawn. Just the threat of capturing
the c6 pawn is much stronger than actual-
ly winning it.]19...Rf5 20.Qc1 Qh4 [Black
threatens 21....Ba6!]21.f3 Ng5 22.Qe3
Qh6 [The attempt to challenge the strong
Ne5 fails: 22...Nf7 23.Nxf7 Rxf7 24.Rf2
Raf8 25.Re1 Rf6 26.Ne5+ Black is totally

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
Arjun,Kalyan Aravindh,
Chithambaram Vr [B90]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6

5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 Ng4 [Dzindzichashvili
(2500) vs Rashkovksy (2430) USSR Ch,
Baku, 1972 went: 6...e5 7.Nb3 Be7 8.Qd2
Be6 9.f3 00 10.000 Nbd7 11.g4 b5
12.a3 Nb6 13.g5 Nh5 14.Nd5 Bxd5 15.exd5
Rc8 16.Na5 Nxd5 17.Qxd5 Qxa5 18.Bd3 g6
19.Kb1 Qc7 20.Be4 and 10 47]7.Bc1 Nf6
8.Be3 [a draw
(Position after 19,Nbd3) with a grandmaster is ok for white. But black
23.Rae1 Re8 [We all love pawns! Black's wants more!]8...e5 9.Nb3 Be7 10.f3 Be6
best was to activate her defending bishop by 11.Qd2 Nbd7 12.g4 00 13.000= [The
sacrificing her doubled c-pawn with: 23... game is equal but with both players having
Ba6 24.Nxc6 Rf6 25.Nce5 Qh4 26.g3 Qh5 castled on opposite sides, an exciting mid-
though white is still on top.]24.Ng4 Qh5 dle-game is in the offing.]13...b5 14.Rg1?
25.Nf4 Qf7 26.Ne5 Qf8 27.Nfd3! [The [The cause of white's downfall is this move.
threat is to drive away the Rf5 by g2g4 While other useful moves were available, it
and capture the knight.]27...h6 28.h4! was premature to place the rook on g1. It is
Nf7? [As the black forces are huddled to- not clear now whether this rook was best on
gether on the top right hand corner of the g1 or left alone on h1. As played, this unfor-
board black's end is imminent. It was better tunate placement of the rook is the basis of
to lose the exchange as shown here than to black's combination on move 21. Better was
get her queen mated as in the game! 28... either 14.Kb1 or launch his attack immedi-
Nh7 29.g4 Rf6 30.Nd7+] ately with 14 g5.]14...b4 15.Nd5= [15.Na4
29.Ng6 Qb8 16.g5 Nh5=]
15...Bxd5 16.exd5 Nb6 17.Na5 [There is
some similarity between this game and the
1972 USSR Chp game quoted above.]21...

[Diagram # The queen is mated!]

29...Bc8 10

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
22.Bd3 [The game becomes explosive and
has a short life after white captures d6:
22.Qxd6 Nc8 23.Qc6 (23.Qxe5 Qxg1+)
23...Qe3+! 24.Kb1 Na7! and the Rg1 is
lost.]22...d5! 23.g5 Rfc8 [Combining
defence with attack. It also vacates the f8
square for his knight in the event he has to
defend h7 against white's queen and rook
battery on the h-file.]24.Qh4 g6 25.Rg3
Nd7 26.Re1 [If 26.Rh3 Nf8 27.Re1 Re8
28.c3 Rab8 Black has the upperhand as he
has brought white's assault on the king-
side to nought and is himself massing his 34...Ra8! 35.Be2 [The only move to avoid
forces on white's castled position.]26...Nc5 mate in one by 35.. .Ra1.]35...Ra1+ 36.Kd2
27.Bf1 [You will soon see that 27.f4 and Rxe1 37.Kxe1 Kf8! [Excellent judgment!
27 Be2 were better options.]27...Nb3+!! Black perceives that white's only counter-play
will be his queen-side pawns. So he hurries
his king there leaving alone white's g5 which
could be consumed whenever he wanted!]
38.c4 Ke7! 39.c5 Kd7 40.Bb5+ Kd8
[White could have been a bit more generous
and allowed black some hopes and harmless
fun with: 40...Kc7 41.Be8 Rxb2! 42.Bxf7 Kc6
43.Bg8 Rxb3 44.Bxh7 Rxf3 45.Bxg6 Rg3+]
41.Be2 Kc7 01

Divya,Lakshmi R
Sanskriti,Goyal [C11]
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.f4
28.Kd1 [If 28.axb3 Qf2! 29.Re2 Qxf1+ c5 6.Nf3 Nc6 7.Be3 cxd4 8.Nxd4 Bc5
30.Kd2 Rxc2+ 31.Kxc2 Qxe2+ 32.Kb1 9.Qd2 00 10.000 Nxd4 11.Bxd4 a6
Rb8 33.Ka2 Qc2 34.Qa4 Qxh2!+]28... 12.g4 b5 [Brendan Purcell (1836) vs Peter
Qf2 29.Be2 [29.cxb3?? Qc2#]29...Rc4!! Sherwood (1711) San Francisco, 2005 went:
30.Rg4 [The only move. If 30.Bxc4?? 12...Bxd4 13.Qxd4 f6 14.Nxd5 fxe5 15.fxe5
Qd2#]30...Qxh4! 31.Rxh4 Rxh4 32.axb3 Qg5+ 16.Qe3 Qxe3+ 17.Nxe3 Nxe5 18.Bg2
Rxh2 33.Bd3 Re8 34.Bxa6 [Diagram #] Rf2 19.Rhf1 Rxf1 20.Rxf1 Rb8 21.h3 Bd7
[Already an exchange and a pawn down, 22.Rd1 Kf8 and 10 49]13.f5 b4 14.Ne2
white desperately needs to complicate Qc7 15.Bxc5 Qxc5 16.f6?! [Diagram #
the game and recover some of the looted White gambits a pawn for a dubious attack.
material. However, he should go about it She didnt like 16 Qf4 as black would reply
with patience taking his king to b1 avoid- 16...f6!]16...Nxe5 17.fxg7 Kxg7 18.Qg5+
ing invasion along the a-file. He may try: Ng6 19.Ng3 Qe7 [Best was: 19...f6
34.Kc1] 20.Nh5+ Kh8 21.Qh6 (21.Nxf6? Qe7+)

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
21...Rf7 22.Bd3 Qf8] 31.Qxe6 Nxe6 32.a3 bxa3 33.bxa3=]31.Qe4
Rc8 32.Rd2 Qc4 33.Ng3 b3? [Diagram

(Position after 16.f6)

20.Nh5+ Kh8 21.Qh6 Rg8 22.Bd3= e5 [This is based on a miscalculation. She
23.Rhf1 Be6 24.Bf5 [Black has sufficient could still enjoy an advantage with: 33...a5
resources to resist the attack after: 24.Nf6 34.Rd1 Qe6 35.Ne2 Nxe2 36.Qxe2 Qxf6]34.
Rg7 25.Bxg6 fxg6 26.Nxd5 Qb7 27.Ne3]24... axb3 Nxb3 35.Rd7! [White does not have
Rac8 [With both players attacking and coun- to capture the black queen. Of course, if
ter-attacking, the game has been level.] 35.Qxc4 Nxd2+ 36.Kc1 Nxc4]35...Qe6
25.Kb1 Rc6 26.Rf3 Bxf5 27.gxf5 Nh4? [White gets a clear advantage after: 35...Nd4
36.Re7 h6 37.Rxe5]36.Qb7 Rf8 37.Qb4!
Re8 [If 37...Rg8 38.Rd6! and the Nb3 is
lost.]38.Rd6! Qg4 [The game ended in this
blunder after a tense battle. But black was
anyway lost, for if: 38...Qh3 39.Qxb3 Rf8
40.Qxf7!!+] 10
Rajdeep,Sarkar Mosadeghpour,
Masoud (Iran) [D02]

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Nbd2 d5 4.e3 Bg7

5.b4 00 6.c4 a5 7.b5 dxc4 [Tejas Bakre
(2484) vs Ruslan Yandarbiev (2404) in Aer-
[So far black has defended against white's at- oflot Op, Moscow 2004 went: 7...c5 8.Bb2
tack skilfully. Now she allows white excellent Nbd7 9.Be2 a4 10.Rc1 cxd4 11.Bxd4 Re8
play. She could be on the winning road with: 12.cxd5 Nxd5 13.Nc4 N7f6 14.00 Bd7
27...Qc5! (threatening mate, supporting her and 34 drawn.]8.Bxc4 a4 9.Ba3 Nbd7
Rc6 rook and unpinning her Ng6) 28.Qd2 Ne7 10.00 Nb6 11.Bd3 Bd7 12.Qc2 [White
29.f6 e4 30.Rf4 Ng6 31.Rf5 Rd8] has been developing his pieces logically,
28.Qxc6 Nxf3 29.Qxd5 [With the capture without any turbulance. He controls great-
of this key central pawn, black's heart has er board space.]12...Nfd5 13.Rfc1 Rc8
been wounded and her advantage almost 14.Qb2! [As a matter of abundant caution,
gone.]29...Nd4 30.f6 Qc7 [If 30...Qe6 white moves his queen away from the c-file

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
where black has just posted his rook.]14... After winning a pawn and exchanging off
c6 15.Rc5 cxb5 16.Bxb5 Bxb5 17.Qxb5 queens, white does not go easy on his op-
Rxc5 18.Bxc5 ponent. Now the pressure is on the a4
pawn.]24...Ra8 25.Nc4 Nc7 26.Nb6 Rb8
27.a3! e6 28.Nxa4 Ra8 [Thus, black gets
back one of his two pawns, but it leads
to other advantages for white.]29.Nc5
[This gives back the second pawn with-
out a fight. But it is stronger than 29.g4
Nd5 30.Rc4 Bf8 31.g5 Kg7 and black is
ready to capture a3.]29...Rxa3 30.Rb8+
Bf8 31.g3 Ra8 32.Rb7! [White is aware
that an extra pawn in an ending is not
always a winning advantage and plays
for more complications and an easier win.
White threatens 19 e4 undermining the He has f7 as a potential target.]32...
Nb6.]18...Qe8 19.Rb1! [The pressure that Rc8 [32...Na6 would lead to a much
white brings along the b-file, especially on worse game: 33.Ne4! Bg7 34.Nfg5 f5
the knight on b6 and the b7pawn below it, 35.Nxe6 Bxd4 36.N4g5!+ Black's po-
is turning the game in white's favour.]19... sition is in ruins.]33.Ne5 Bxc5 34.dxc5
Nd7 20.Qc4! [White cannot win a pawn with: Nd5 35.e4 [35.c6 also wins: 35...f6
20.Qxb7? Nc3 21.Rb4 Nxc5 22.dxc5 36.Nd7 Rxc6 37.e4 Ne7 38.Nxf6+ Kg7
Nxa2 23.Rc4 Qa8 24.c6 Nc3]20...Nxc5 39.Nxh7!+]35...Nc3 36.c6 Nxe4 37.c7
21.Qxd5! Ne6 22.Qxb7+ Qc8? [Having lost Nd6 38.Rb6! Nf5 39.Rb8 Ne7 [39...
a pawn and still in a hopeless position, black Nd6?? 40.Nc4!+]
boldly tosses a second pawn in the hope 40.Nc6! Kg7 [Black escapes the pin
of getting some counter-play!]23.Qxc8?! along the first rank by sacrificing his
[White declines the second pawn as he looks knight.]41.Nxe7 Rxc7 42.Nc8 Kf6?!
for a safe, tension free victory. He could cap- [Diagram # Black has a pawn for white's
ture the second pawn without giving black knight. His strategy to draw would be to
any counter-play: 23.Qxe7! Qc2 24.a3 Rc8 exchange off his four pawns for white's
25.Rb7 black has nothing to show for being three pawns so that the resultant R+N
two pawns down.]23...Rxc8 24.Rb4! versus R endgame is drawn. One idea
would be to leave the king on g7 in the
middle of his pawns, keep his rook along
the 2nd rank guarding f7 and maybe move
only one pawn, his g pawn to g5 and wait
for the white pawns' assault. Here, the
Iranian plays 'actively' and makes white's
task easier. White's winning strategy would
be to chip away at the black position with
mating threats whenever possible and col-
lecting pawns.]

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
61.Ne6+ [61.Rg8 e3 62.Rf8+ Ke5 63.Re8+
Kf4 64.Ne6+ Kf3 65.Rf8+ Ke4 66.Kg3 e2
67.Ng5+ Kd3 68.Nf3+]61...Ke5 62.Nf8
Kd4 63.Ng6 e3 64.Rg4+! Kc3 65.Re4
[Remember that a rook always belongs be-
hind the passed pawn.]65...Kd3 66.Re8 Rf2
67.Kg3 Rf1 68.Ne5+ Ke2 69.Ng4 Rg1+
70.Kf4 Rf1+ 71.Kg5 [White's h pawn is
ready to role. He plans to sacrifice his knight
for the e3 pawn.]10

Selected game from National Women Team

43.Nd6! Ke5? [43...Ke7 or ...Ra7 would not Championships, Bubaneshwar
lose so quickly.]44.Ne8! [An excellent move Annotated by IN Manuel Aaron
preventing the black king from getting back Aparajita,Gochhikar (1769)
into g7. Now he threatens 45 Rb5+ driving Srija,Seshadri (2145) [A00]
the king further into the middle of the
board.]44...Rc5? [This natural move to
guard against Rc5+ is unsound and loses
a pawn. Best was to keep his rook along
the second rank, guarding his f7 pawn.
44...Ra7]45.f4+ Ke4? [A more stubborn
move which would also lose is: 45...Kd4
46.Nf6 h6 47.Rd8+ (White could also
win with 47.Rb7 and 47 Rb4+. Check
this out yourself and be personally ben-
efited!) 47...Ke3 48.Ng4+ Ke4 (if 48...
Kf3 49.Ne5+ Ke3 50.Nxf7 Rc1+ 51.Kg2
Rc2+ 52.Kh3) 49.Nxh6 Kf3 50.Rd3+ Ke2 ( Position after 27..... Bb8)
51.Rb3+]46.Nf6+ Kf5 47.Nxh7 Kg4 28.Bb3? [White misses the winning var-
48.Nf6+ Kf5 [After 48...Kf3 49.Rb3+ iation: 28.Be4! Be5 29.Bxb7 Nc5 (29...
Ke2 50.Kg2 white's win is certain.]49. Bxc3 30.Bf3! and black cannot stop b6-b7-
Nd7 Rd5 50.Ne5 g5! [Black is doing his b8=Q.) 30.Bc6 Nxd7 31.b7 Kf8 32.Rxd7
best to complicate the gameand survive.] Rxd7 33.Bxd7 Ke7 34.Bc6 Kd8 35.Bd5
[If 50...f6 51.Nf3 Ke4 52.Kf2 Ra5 53.g4!? Kc7 36.c4 Though there are opposite
(a concealed, natural trap!) 53...Ra2+ colour bishop endings on the board, the
(53...Kxf4?? 54.Rb4#) 54.Kg3 and white black king is tied to the defence of the b8
should win easily.]51.Nxf7 gxf4 5f4 Kxf4 square while the white king can move up
53.Rb4+! Kf3 54.Rb3+ Kf4 55.Rg3 and attack the black pawns. at will.] 28...
e5 56.Ng5 Rd1+ [If 56...e4 57.Nh3+ Kg7 29.Rd5 Rc8 30.c4 Re8 [Now black
Ke5 58.Rg5+ Kd4 59.Rxd5+ Kxd5 and is threatening 31....Nc5 and mate by 32
white wins comfortably.]57.Kg2 Rd2+ Re1# If 30...Rd8 31.Bd1 Rc8 32.Kf1+- The
58.Kh3 e4 59.Ne6+ Ke5 60.Nc5 Kf4 ;black rook must stay on the first rank,

JUNE 2016
Annotated by IM Manuel Aaron
guarding his jailed bishoip.] 31.Kf1 f3 39.a5 [White is concerned about ...Rb2,
[Black's biggest problem is that her bishop eating the bishop alive. So she provides
is confined to b8 and cannot move to any an escape square for her bishop at a4. If
square without being captured. If 31...g4 39.Rd4 h5 40.c5 Rb2 41.Bd1 Rb1 42.h3
32.Bd1! g3 33.h4! Rc8 (33...Nf8 34.Nc5 Kf6 43.hxg4 hxg4 44.Kg1 Ke5 45.Rd2]
Be5 35.Bf3 Bc3 36.Ne4 Bb4 37.fxg3 39...Rb2 40.Ba4 Ra2 41.Bb3?
fxg3 38.Nxg3 Re6 39.Rb5 Nd7 40.Bg4!
Re1+ 41.Kf2 Ne5 42.Bf5 Nxc4 43.Rxb4!)
34.Be2 Nd8 35.Rxa5 Bd6 36.Ra7 Bb4
37.a5 Nc6 38.a6?! Nxa7 (38...bxa6
39.Rc7!) 39.bxa7 bxa6 40.Nb6+] 32.g3
g4 33.Nxb8? [With this hasty move, white
converts her position from a winning one
to an advantageous one. White inexplica-
bly trades her dominating knight for the
caged bishop to enable black to heave
many sighs of relief. Better was: 33.Bc2
Rc8 34.Bd3 Ng5 35.Rd4 Rd8 36.Bf5 h5
37.Rd5 Ne6 38.h3 with a near winning
advantage.] 33...Rxb8 34.Rxa5 Nd4 # [This is too, too passive and loses. Better
White has won a pawn. But the black rook was to try to shatter black's pawn phalanx
no longer has to support a pickled bishop on which is keeping her king a prisoner on
b8 and her knight is skipping around with a the first rank with: 41.Bd7 Nd3! (41...
song in its heart. One can sense the tide is h5 42.Bf5! Rxa5 43.Be4 and the ending
turning. 35.Ba2? [35.Bd1 Rc8 36.Ke1 Rc6 is well balanced.) 42.Bxg4 Rxf2+ (42...
(36...Rxc4 37.Ra7 Ne6 38.Rxb7) 37.Rd5 Nxf2 43.Rd4 Nxg4 44.Rxg4+) 43.Kg1
Rxc4 38.Rd7 Nc2+ 39.Kd2 Rd4+ 40.Rxd4 Rg2+ 44.Kf1 Rf2+ perpetual check
Nxd4] 35...Re8! 36.Rd5 Nc2 37.Rd1 draw.] 41...Ra3 42.Rb1 Rxa5 Thus
Nb4 38.Bb3? [This gives opportunities for black has got back her lost pawn and
black to survive and even seize the advan- is keeping the upper hand in this end-
tage. A complicated and instructive varia- ing. 43.Bd1 Nc6 44.Rb5? [This makes
tion leading to a draw would be: 38.Bb1 h5 black's task easier. Stronger resistance,
39.Rd7 Re2! 40.Rxb7 (40.a5 Rb2 41.Be4 though futile, was offered by: 44.h3 f5
Na6! 42.Rxb7 Ra2 43.Ke1 Re2+ 44.Kd1 45.Ke1 Ne5 46.hxg4 fxg4 47.Bb3 Nd3+
Rxe4 45.Ra7 Nc5 46.b7 Rd4+ 47.Ke1 Rd8 48.Kf1 Nc5 49.Bc2 Ra2 50.Bf5 h5 51.Ke1
48.a6 Nd3+ 49.Kd2 Nxf2+ 50.Kc2 Ne4 Kf6 52.Rb5 (52.Bh7 Ra4 53.Bg8 Ne4
51.Ra8 Rd2+ 52.Kb3 f2! 53.b8Q (Not 54.Bd5 Nc3 55.Rc1 Nxd5 56.cxd5 Ke5
53.Rg8+? Kf6 54.b8Q f1Q+) 53...Nc5+ 57.Rc7 Ra1+ 58.Kd2 h4!+) 52...Kxf5
54.Ka3 Rd3+ 55.Ka2 Rd2+ 56.Ka3 Rd3+ 53.Rxc5+ Ke4 54.Rxh5 Re2+ 55.Kd1
draw by repetition.) 40...Rb2 41.Bf5 (55.Kf1 Rb2+) 55...Rxf2 56.Rh7 Rf1+
Kf6! 42.Bh7 Kg7! draw by repetition. 57.Kd2 Rg1!+] 44...Ra1 45.Ke1 Rc1
For if 43.Be4 Ra2 44.Ke1 Re2+ 45.Kd1 46.c5 Nd4 47.Kd2?? [If 47.Ra5 Ne6]
Rxe4 46.Rd7 Rxc4 47.b7 Na6=] 38...Re2 47...Rxd1+ 01

JUNE 2016
Tactics from master games
by S.Krishnan

1 2
White to play and win White to play and win

3 4
White to play and win White to play and win

5 6
Black to play and win Black to play and win

(solutions on p. 47 )

JUNE 2016
Test your endgame
by C.G.S.Narayanan

Gurgenidze& Neidze 1973 Bondarenko&Kuznecov1973

1. 2.

Dr.Jindrich Fritz 1973 C.M.Bent 1973

3. 4.

Gurgenidze 1971 Neidze 1973

5. 6.

White to play and win in all the six endings above

(Solution on page )
(Solutions on page 47)

JUNE 2016
Masters of the past-65 Hermann Pilnik

Hermann Pilnik (8 January 1914, Stuttgart, Germany 12

November 1981, Caracas, Venezuela) was a German Argen-
tine chess Grandmaster. In 1929, he won the championship
of Stuttgart. Pilnik emigrated from Germany to Argentina in
1930. He first drew attention when he came in third (behind
Alekhine and Najdorf) in a speed tournament in Buenos
Aires in 1939. And, in the intervening years he improved
greatly so that by the mid-1950s he was one of the ranking
players in the world as evidenced by his qualifying for the
Candidates Tournament in 1956.

He won the Argentine Championships in 1942, 1945 and 1958. Pilnik began his inter-
national career in 1942, when he tied for 10-11th in New York, and tied for 2nd-3rd
in Mar del Plata. In 1944, he tied for 1st with Miguel Najdorf in Mar del Plata. In July/
August 1945, he took 3rd at the Hollywood Pan-American Tournament in Los Angeles.
The event was won by Samuel Reshevsky. In 1951, he won in Beverwijk. In 1951/52,
he won in Vienna. In 1952, he won in Belgrade. In 1954, he won in Stuttgart.

He played for Argentina in five Chess Olympiads. In 1950, he won individual gold medal
playing at first reserve board (+6 1 =3) and team silver medal at the 9th Chess Ol-
ympiad in Dubrovnik. In 1952, he won team silver medal playing at fourth board (+6
1 =7) at the 10th Chess Olympiad in Helsinki. In 1954, he won team silver medal
playing at fourth board (+3 2 =2) at the 11th Chess Olympiad in Amsterdam. In
1956, he played at fourth board (+7 3 =3) at the 12th Chess Olympiad in Moscow.
In 1958, he won team bronze medal playing at first board (+5 2 =8) at the 13th
Chess Olympiad in Munich.

He was awarded the IM title in 1950 and the GM title in 1952.

Pilnik finished 10th (last place) at the Candidates Tournament at Amsterdam 1956 where
he scored +1 -9 =8. His lone win was against Szabo who tied for third and he scored
a draw and a loss against all the other players. The tournament was won by Smyslov.

Chessmetrics assigned him his highest rating of 2670 in 1945. After FIDE ratings began
to be published, Pilnik's rating hovered around the mid-2400s which put him about a
hundred points below the world's best in those days.
Pilnik eventually moved to Venezuela where he taught chess at the Caracas Military
Academy. He passed away on November 12, 1981 at the age of 67 in Caracas.
Herman Pilnik - Miguel Najdorf [B15]
Mar del Plata Mar del Plata (13), 1942
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Nf6 5.Nxf6+ exf6 6.c3 Bd6 7.Bd3 00 8.Qh5 g6
9.Qh4 c5 10.Ne2 Nc6 11.Bh6 f5 12.Bg5 Qb6 13.00 cxd4 14.cxd4 Re8 15.Bc4 h5
16.Rae1 Re4 17.Nf4 Qxd4 18.Rxe4 fxe4 19.Nxh5 gxh5 20.Bf6 Qc5 21.Rd1 Kf8 22.b4
Nxb4 23.Qg3 Bg4 24.Rxd6 Nd3 25.Bxd3 Qc1+ 26.Bf1 Rc8 27.h3 Qxf1+ 28.Kh2 Qc1
29.hxg4 hxg4 30.Qxg4 Qh6+ 31.Kg3 Rc3+ 32.f3 10
Courtesy: Wikipedia

JUNE 2016
Brilliant Trophy 1st Decade All India Fide Rated Open Tournament, Gulbarga

Rapid event
Brilliant Trophy 1st Decade All India FIDE
Rated Rapid Chess Tournament was
conducted from14th May-15th May 2016 at
Brilliant Grammar high school, Dilsukhnagar,

Open event
The event was inaugurated by Sri Kasireddy
Narayana Reddy, MLC & Correspondent - Brilliant
Grammar high schools. Sri A. Narasimha
Reddy, Vice-President All India Chess Federation
& President Telangana State Chess Association
presided over the function. Dr. K Kanna reddy,
secretary Hyderabad district chess association
also sen in the picture.

Closing cermony: Chief Guest Dr.K V

Ramanachari, IAS - Advisor - Culture,
Edowments, Tourism, Youth and Media
affairs - Telangana State Government gave
away the prizes, Sri Kasireddy Narayana
reddy, MLC & Correspondent - Brilliant
Grammar high schools presided over the
function. Dr. K Kanna reddy, secretary
Hyderabad district chess association also
sen in the picture. Matta Vinay kumar of
Andhra Bank (in the center) won the event,
S.V Srinatha rao of Maharastra (Left side)
got second place and V Varun of Hyderabad
(Right side) got third place.

12th Late Sou Meenatai Shirgaonkar Memorial International FIDE Rating Women's
Chess Tournament, Sangli

In photograph from Left to right: Mrs. Seema Kathmale, Mrs. Kanchan Pagay, Mrs. Laxmitai Shirgaokar, Mrs.
Hematai Chougule, Mrs. Shraddha Shirgaokar, Mrs. Smita Kelkar, Ms. Rucha Pujari (Champion receiving prize), Mr.
Chintamani Limaye, Mr. Chidambar Kotibhaskar and Shri Nitin Shenvi.

49th Late Shri Babukaka Shirgaokar Mem. FIDE Rating Tmt,Sangli

Champion Sameer Kathmale received trophy by the hands of Dr. Santosh Kakade, Dr. Prasad Kelkar, Dr. Kathmale.
From Left to Right: Mrs. Kathmale, Mr. Nitin Shenvi, Dr. Kathmale, Dr. Prasad Kelkar, Dr. Santosh Kakade, Dr. Ulhas
Mali, Mr. Chintamani Limaye and Mrs. Kelkar.
Black to play 30...Nf3+! [Also winning is
Solutions to Tactics from master games on 30...Rh1+ 31.Nxh1 Nf3+ 32.gxf3 (32.Kf1
p. 42 Rxh1+ 33.Ke2 Rxe1+ 34.Kd3 Ne5+ 35.Kc2
1.Paveto,K-Lagar,Valentin Alejo Nxc6+) 32...Qh2+ 33.Kf1 gxf3 34.Ng3
Mar del Plata ARG Mar del Plata ARG Qh1+ 35.Nxh1 Rxh1#] 31.gxf3 [31.Kf1 Rh1+
White to play. 16.Bb5+! axb5 [16...Bc6 32.Nxh1 (32.Ke2 Rxe1+ 33.Kd3 Rxe3++)
17.Bxc6+ Qxc6 18.exf6 fxe6 (18...cxb2+ 32...Rxh1++] 31...Rh1+ [31...Rh1+
19.Kb1+-) 19.Qxe6+ Kd8 20.fxg7+-; 16... 32.Nxh1 (32.Kg2 R8h2#) 32...Qh2++] 01
Qxb5 17.Nc7++-] 17.exf6 cxb2+ [17... 6.Umarov,Rakhman - Kazhgaleyev,M
Rxa2 18.Nc5+ Be7 19.Qd7+ Kf8 20.fxe7+ 10th Agzamov Mem 2016 Tashkent
Kg8 21.e8Q+ Wins; 17...Bc8 18.Nxf8+ Kxf8 Black to play. 39...Rxf5! 40.exf5 [40.Qb3+
19.fxg7+ Kxg7 20.Qxc3+ Kh7 (20...Kg8 c4! 41.Qxc4+ (41.Qa4 Rf6 42.Qxa7+ Ke6+)
21.Re8+) 21.Qf6 Ra7 22.Rxd6+-] 18.Kb1 fxe6 41...Ne6++] 40...Rxh3 [%csl Rg3][40...
19.Qxe6+ [19.Qxe6+ Kd8 20.fxg7+-] 10 Rxh3 41.Qg1 (41.Qxg5 Rh1+ 42.Kf2 Nh3+
+) 41...Rxa3 Black threatens 42... Ra1+.The
2.Movsesian,S-Saltaev,M queen has no safe place to hide. 42.Kf2 (42.
Bundesliga 201516 Muelheim GER Qf2 Ra1++) 42...Nh3++] 01
(14.7), 23.04.2016
White to play. 19.Rb8+! [19.Rb8+ Rxb8 Solutions to Test your endgame on p.43
(19...Kd7 20.Qb7#) 20.Qxb8+ Bxb8 (20... 1.Guegenidze and Neidze 1973
Kd7 21.Qb7+ Ke8 22.Qc8#) 21.Rd8#] 10 1.Nc1+ Kc4 2.Na3+ Kc3 3.Rxa2 Ra4,Rd1
4.Rxa1 Kb2 5.Rb1+, Ra2+ KxN 6.Rb3, Rc2
3.Jorgensen,D-Andersen,So wins
Copenhagen CC 2016 Ballerup DEN
2.Bondarenko and Kuznecov 1972
White to play. 25.Rxd6! [25.Bxf7 Qxf7 (25...
1.Nb7 g1Q 2.Kxg1 Kg3 3.d8N h2+ 4.Kh1
Bf8 26.Bxe8 Bxh6 27.f7+ Bg7 28.Bxg7+ Kxg7
Kg4 5.g6 Kh3 6.g7 h4 7.g8B wins
29.Rd7 Qxd7 30.fxg8Q+ Kxg8 31.Bxd7+-)
26.Rxd6+- Also wins] 25...Qxd6 26.Qg7+ 3.Dr.Jindrich Fritz 1973
Rxg7 27.fxg7+ [27.fxg7+ Kg8 28.Bxf7#] 1.Kd4 Nd2 2.Rd1 Nf3+ 3.Ke3 Kxg6 4.Bc2+
10 Kh5 5.Be4 Kg4 6.BxN BxB 7.Rg1+ wins
4.C.M.Bent 1973
4.Piorun,K-Boensch,U 1.Bf5 Bd8 2.Nd5+ Kf3 3.Nd4+ Kg3 4.Nc6
Bundesliga 201516 Dresden GER Nf7 5.Be6 Ng5 6.Bg8 wins
White to play. 27.Bxb6! Rxb6 [27...Qb7 5.Gurgenidze 1973
28.Na5! Qxb6 29.Bd5+ Be6 30.Bxe6+ Rxe6 1.Kf7 h2 2.g7 h1Q 3.g8N+ Kh5 4.Nf6+
31.Qf7+ Kh7 32.Rf3 g5 33.Qxe6 g4 34.Rf5 Kh4 5.Be1+ Kh3 6.Nf4+ Kh2 7.Ng4+ Kg1
g6 35.Rf7+ Kh6 36.Qxg4+-; 27...Qxb6 8.Bf2 mate
28.Bd5+ Be6 29.Bxe6+ Rxe6 30.Qf7+ Kh7
31.Rf3+-] 28.Bd5+ Be6 29.Bxe6+ Rxe6 6. Neidze 1973
30.Qxf8+ Kh7 31.Rf7 10 1.Qf2+ Ke6 2.Qxg2 Qe5+ 3.Kd3 Qxc5
4.Qg6+ Ke5 5.Qg5+ Kd6 6.Qf6# (4Ke7
5.Maiwald,JU-Mista,A 5.Qg7+ Ke6 6.Bd7+ Kd6 7.Qf8+ Kd5 8.Qf5
Bundesliga 201516 Dresden GER Kd6 9.Qe6#

JUNE 2016
AICF Calendar June 2016
National Women Challenger Chennai Jun-17 to Jun-25
Kasinadhuni Rajya Laxmi MemorialTmt Hyderabad Jun-18 to Jun-22
Late Rameshchandra Kotwal mem.Open Rapid Gondia Jun-25 to Jun-26
Pune District U 19 Open FIDE Rating Selection , Pune Jun-25 to Jun-29
30th National U-11 Championship (Boys & Girls) Raipur Jun-28 to Jul-06
PCA FIDE Rating open Nagpur Jun-28 to Jul-03
PCA Blitz FIDE Rating Nagpur Jul-01 to Jul-02
Robert Fischer Memorial 2016 Trivandrum Jul-02 to Jul-06
All India below 1600 chess tmt ,Telangana Hyderabad Jul-02 to Jul-04
Karnataka Sttate Amateur FIDE rating Bangalore Jul-02 to Jul-06
Sivam childrens Hospital FIDE Rated Rapid, Sivakasi Jul-02 to Jul-03
3rd Arvind Durga Open FIDE Rating Tambaram Jul-06 to Jul-10
KalaJyothi FIDE Rating Open, Dharmavaram Jul-07 to Jul-10
National Challenger 2016, Noida Jul-08 to Jul-19
1st Sivasagar Chess Academy FIDE Rating Tmt Joysagar Jul-08 to Jul-13
Asian Schools Chess Championships 2016 Iran Jul-09 to Jul-18
6th St.Josephs FIDE Rating Chennai Jul-13 to Jul-18
Late Bhanadasjiwarjam mem. Rapid FIDE Rated Hosur Jul-16 to Jul-17
World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2016 Slovakia Jul-21 to Jul-30
The BRC Schools Chess Championship Kolkata Jul-21 to Jul-21
30th National Under-13 Boys &Girls Ahmedabad Jul-22 to Jul-30
Cheerothi Kochuvareed mem. FIDE rated below 1600 Thrissur Jul-23 to Jul-25
TN State Junior Chess Championship Open Rajapalayam, Jul-23 to Jul-27
9th Modern FIDE Rating tmt for school children Chennai Jul-29 to Aug-03
World Junior and Girls U20 Championship Aug-07 to Aug-21
2nd KCA FIDE Rating Chess tmt Kanchipuram Aug-10 to Aug-15
DCA Open FIDE rated 2016 Delhi Aug-11 to Aug-15
2nd Thali Yuva Sangh Open FIDE Rating Ahmedabad Aug-12 to Aug-17
KCAs 12th FIDE Rated below 1500 Cochin Aug-13 to Aug-15

Tariff for advertisement : Monthly (in Rs.) Annual (in Rs.)

Back Cover (Colour) 15,000 1,20,000
Inside Cover (Colour) 15,000 1,00,000
Full Page Inside (Colour) 7,000 60,000
Full Page Inside (Black & White) 5,000 45,000
Half Page Inside (Black & White) 3,000 30,000

JUNE 2016
9th KIIT International Chess Festival 2016,Bubhanewar.

Prize winners-Premium group

Hatsun Idhayam 2nd SCS Fide Rated Chess Tournament,Sivakasi

Champion Saravana Krishnan: P Saravana Krishnan receives the winner's purse and trophy from Sri. VR Muthu,
CEO, Idhayam Group of Companies.
(L-R) IA V. VIjayaraghavan, Jt. Secretary, TNSCA, IA R. Anantharam, Chief Arbiter, C. Yogendran, President, SIPT
Polytechnic, A.Balasubramanian, former Correspondent, SIPT Polytechnic, TD Rajendran winner of five gold
medals in recent Asian Masters Athletic Championships in Singapore, IA M. Ephrame, Joint Secretary, TNSCA,
SMK Kumar, Secretary, SIvakasi Chess Sparklers, SR Rajan, President, VDCA and ACG Ganesh, Joint Secretary, SCS.

9th KIIT International Chess Festival 2016,Bubhanewar.

Prize winners-Elite Group

L-R(Popov Ivan(Rus)_2nd,Grachev Boris(Rus)_Champion,Rathanvel V S(TN)_3rd, Achyuta
Samanta,_KIIT President

Prize winners-Platinum group

(L-R) Subasis Barik(3rd), Sanjeeban Nayak(champion), Pranab Patra(2nd), Back Sekhar
Chandra Sahoo, President AOCA, Dr. Achyut Samanta, Founder KIIT & KiiS