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Company-Confidential RMG-TAG Employee Information Form: Onsite RMG-TAG-Onsite-V2

Tech Mahindra
Employee Information Form Passport Sized
(to be filled in post selection for issue of offer letter) Coloured Photo

Personal Details

Name: Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr.
Last Name/Family Name First Name/Given Name Middle Name
Place and Date of Birth:
Passport No: Place of Issue: Date of Issue:
Date of Expiry:
Countries Travelled:

Languages Known (Please specify the proficiency level under Read/Write/Speak):

Language Read Write Speak

Details of Relatives (Parents, Spouse, Children, and Siblings) Working with Tech Mahindra:
Name of the Relative Designation Relationship

Details of Residential Address in the Past 10 Years

S. No Complete Postal Address (including Country & ZIP/PIN Code) From (MMM-YYYY) To (MMM-YYYY)

I confirm that the above statements are true and correct, and understand that any misrepresentation of facts, or withheld information such as criminal
convictions will invalidate my application, and if already appointed I may face disciplinary action or my employment could be terminated.

I have not been convicted of any criminal offence, been bound over or cautioned or currently the subject of any police investigations, which might lead to
a conviction in the present or any other country.
I do not have any unresolved health problems that would affect your job.
I understand that the information I provided in the application will be recorded on computer to progress the appointment and I consent to this in
accordance with the relevant rules and acts.

Signature of Applicant Date Place

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