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Waterloo Region, ON. H: (519) 699-5755 C: (519) 497-5368


Empowering people to achieve their career and life goals.
15+ years career development facilitation and employment counselling experience
3+ years post-secondary instruction providing engaging real-world learning experiences
95% exceeds expectations rating for workshops & excellent student assessments for teaching
M. Ed. In Education Adult Education & Training (High Honours)
CTDP Certified Training and Development Professional Designation
MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and PD (Personality Dimensions) certified
Enhanced the knowledge and skill of 500+ students through interactive and applied learning
experiences in teaching Interpersonal Communications Skills, Organizational Behaviour, Career
Options, Training and Development
Taught career exploration and management skills to Technology Foundations and Business
Foundations students to facilitate effective career decisions and action plans
Utilized diverse teaching techniques to incorporate various learning styles and preferences
Evaluated students and learning experiences against learning objectives and course outcomes

Workshop Facilitation & Training

Facilitated over 500 workshops assisting over 7000 participants to achieve career and life goals.
Set up over 200 workshops and courses with training providers to enhance participant marketability
Conducted needs assessments and developed training programs to meet learning objectives, promote
learning transfer, and enhance return on investment
Planned and facilitated training related to career exploration, goal setting, occupational decision
making, labour market research, networking & self-marketing, successful job interviewing, stress
management & resiliency, presentation skills, building self-esteem & confidence, keeping your brain
sharp, and thriving with 21st century employability skills

Career Development & Employment Counselling

Successfully assessed, counselled, developed return to work action plans, and met the needs of a
broad range of clients within a very busy employment centre servicing 2000 clients per month
Facilitated in-depth group training to explore career interests, decide on career goals, and implement
strategies to achieve them through the following workshops: Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Career
Exploration, Personality Dimensions for Career Development, Exploring Your Employable Self,
Reviewing Your Options, Occupational Decision Making, and Stress and Priority Management
Empowered thousands to achieve their career goals including those who are unemployed,
underemployed, in career transition, Ontario Works recipients, internationally trained, youth, older
workers, and others with diverse barriers and needs
Demonstrated expertise in assessment, labour market knowledge, research skills, adult education
knowledge, understanding of cognitive and learning disabilities, and mental health awareness

Recruitment & Job Development

3 years of employee recruitment & 6 years of job development (meeting and exceeding targets)
Generated marketing materials and recruited participants through dynamic speaking engagements
Met and exceeded job development targets by 5% in year one and 30% in year two with the New
Horizons Older Worker Program
Secured more than 70 new employer participants on a part time 18 month term resulting in job
opportunities and placements for program participants
Placed and monitored participants with diverse needs and challenges in work placements
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Adult Learning and Career Facilitation Experience
Instructor / School of Liberal Studies 2016-2017
Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Kitchener, Cambridge, ON
Taught students how to explore and select career options by assessing interests, values, skills
personality, and abilities
Utilized extensive career development experience to effectively assist students in making career
decisions and action plans
Provided classroom and lab experiences that enabled students to research market trends,
conduct company and occupational research, identify and develop essential skills, how to
effectively network, conduct informational interviews, and develop an employment skills portfolio

Instructor / School of Business 2014-2017

Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Kitchener, ON
Utilized extensive experience and adult learning principles to successfully teach Interpersonal
Communications Skills, Organizational Behaviour, and Training and Development to 500+
students in Business Administration and Human Resources Management
Researched, planned, and developed lesson plans that would provide rich learning experiences
and active participation including role plays, case studies, discussion, debates, reflection logs,
group problem solving, group projects, presentations, and training workshops
Received excellent student assessment of teaching ratings and positive student testimonials

Employer Liaison 2012-2014

Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Guelph, ON
Utilized marketing and relationship building skills to partner with employers in order to recruit
and place qualified candidates for suitable career opportunities
Facilitated individual coaching and career workshops for candidates over age 50 to assist them
in gaining the knowledge and skills to be effective in marketing their skills through the following
workshops: Personality Dimensions for Career Success, Stress Management & Resiliency,
Interview Skills, and Networking Your Way to Work
Career Facilitator 2008-2010
Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Kitchener, Waterloo, ON
Facilitated career workshops to assist learners to better understand their skills, values, needs
and how to successfully obtain and maintain career opportunities. Workshops included:
Exploring Your Employable Self, Occupational Decision Making, Interview Skills, Personality
Dimensions and Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Career Decision Making, Reviewing Your
Options, and Stress Management.
Career Development Facilitator 2002-2008
Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Kitchener, ON
Utilized strong career counselling and coaching skills to assist people in identifying and
achieving career goals.
Conducted career assessments and intake sessions, assisted people in developing career
action plans to overcome career barriers
Processed training applications, referred clients to appropriate programs, services, training,
and employers

Career Marketing, Conestoga College, 2015

Career Ethics & Career Theories, Mohawk College, 2015
Master of Education / Adult Training & Education, (High Honors) Colorado State University (2011-2013)
Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, University of Windsor
Teacher of Adults Certificate, (High Honours) Centennial College