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Employability Skills-Intro. HCS

1. What example would BEST lead to finding a win-win solution? (1 point)

Flipping a coin


Letting the person with the most power in the relationship make the decision

Discussion that leads to a mutual decision

2. What is the MOST important key to resolving a conflict? (1 point)
Ask others for information about the people involved in the conflict

Give the other person the benefit of the doubt


3. Peggy is a dental hygienist. Does she have a right to wear a generous (large) amount of perfume at work? (1 point)
No. The strong odor could violate her patients rights.

No. Healthcare workers should never wear perfume, after shave, or anything similar.

Yes. Perfume creates a pleasant smell for patients.

Yes. She has the right to wear whatever she wants.

4. A loud, complaining patient asks the dental assistant, Am a being a baby? The assistant replies Oh no. Some people
have very sensitive teeth. This response is an example of: (1 point)



5. Marie likes to choose her conflicts wisely. Which conflict below should Maria choose to do something about? (1 point)
She sees another student take something out of a friends purse.

She hears other students complaining about her favorite teacher.

The person in front of her in the lunch line takes the last slice of chocolate cake.

Her teacher says Maria, stop daydreaming and she was not daydreaming.
6. When dressed in a white clinical uniform, it is acceptable to wear: (1 point)
Red underwear.

Open-toed shoes.

Blue and gray running shoes.

White socks and shoes.

7. Barbara is a medical assistant who is always doing little things to keep all areas of the medical practice neat and clean.
What personal trait does her behavior represent? (1 point)

Willingness to learn

8. Mallory and Ashli are best friends and both want to run for president of their HOSA chapter. After sharing their feelings
with each other, Mallory decides that Ashli would make a better president and she would be just as happy working with a
committee, so they decide that Ashli will run for president and Mallory will be her campaign manager. This is an example
of a: (1 point)



9. An effective group facilitator should: (1 point)
Try to persuade the group to make the decision that he/she wants.

Involve all members of the group in the decision-making process.

Use an autocratic leadership style.

Do most of the work for the group to achieve their goals.

10. The team member who contributes the MOST to team effectiveness is one who: (1 point)
Does not do exactly what is expected of him/her.

Treats others with cool courtesy.

Is open-minded and willing to compromise.

Is not focused on his/her assignments and what others are doing.

11. Belle is a pharmacy assistant. What does Belle have the right to do? (1 point)
Take her scheduled break for personal reasons.

Refuse to perform tasks she does not like to perform.

Take a coffee break whenever she is checking out a customer.

Have social conversations with her friends while she is working.

12. Assertive communication requires respecting the rights of others, but also (1 point)
speaking in a loud voice.

standing up for your beliefs.

keeping arms crossed.

avoiding eye contact.

13. What statement by an athletic trainer would be an empathetic response to an injured athlete who says I am killing my
team by sitting here! (1 point)
No, you are not.

Dont worry. They understand why you cant play.

It must be frustrating to not be able to help your team.

You need to understand that you would not be much help to them with an injury.
14. Staff meetings provide an opportunity to (1 point)
share ideas and contribute to the process.

air out differences while all co-workers are present to observe.

discuss personal problems.

stay silent and listen attentively to your manager.

15. In order to communicate effectively about differences of opinions with a co-worker, the health care professional should
(1 point)
consult his/her superior on the right course of action.
consult a co-worker not involved in the situation.

arrange a suitable time and place to discuss the issue with co-worker.

attack the person so that they will agree with you.

16. Developing good interpersonal relations involves: (1 point)
working for agreement on decisions.

discouraging feedback on your own performance.

being critical of others.

not being understanding of others differences.

17. Carlos likes to make all the decisions for his team and do most of the work himself. His leadership style is described as:
(1 point)



18. When you ________, you settle differences by agreeing that each party will give up something that they want. (1 point)



19. Beth is a basketball player who is constantly criticizing and insulting other team members. When her teammates bring
this to her attention, Beth responds I have the right to say how I feel. Does she? (1 point)
Yes. Beth is being open and honest with her teammates.

Yes. Freedom of speech means that Beth can say whatever she wants.

No. Beths behavior violates the rights of her teammates to a positive athletic environment.

No. Nobody has the right to complain all the time.

20. Leolas best friend, Angel, is late to work and begs Leola not to say anything to their supervisor. Later, the supervisor
specifically asks Leola what time Angel arrived. If Leola tells the truth, she is: (1 point)
Acting with integrity.

Observing the chain of command.

Going beyond the minimum

Promoting a positive energy.