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This is in reference to your Audit Observation Memorandum

(AOM) No. 2017-02 for which subject is the Zip Line that installed in Commented [m1]: Delete this

Municipal Terminal to Katunggan Resto Park.

Basically, this project was undertaken during the previous
administration. However, blame should not be lodged on my
predecessor as it is the contractor who might have been Commented [m2]: This phrase suggests uncertainty

miscalculated the slope of the cable that traversed through a

seawater passage which extremely sags in the area that
eventually pose danger to the riding public that passes through it
especially to those constituents living in coastal barangays.
Moreover, undersigned is cognizant on the importance of this
project and believed that this project will foster tourists and Commented [m3]: Delete this

eventually draw economic advantage to the LGU and to the

community as well should this project be put operational. From the
outset since my administration unfolds, it is in my intention to Commented [m4]: Delete this

convert this Zip Line into Sky Bicycle. The concept is that, we will
elevate the landing end of the cable at the Katunggan Resto
Park, thus eliminating the problem on extreme sag of the cable to
the seawater. We will construct a base on the landing end of the
sky bicycle line in Katunggan Resto Park that would raise the
cable parallel to the line in the Municipal Terminal. We will align
the cable on a vertical pattern just enough to harness the top and
bottom of the sky bicycle. The rider will pedal the bike and will not
need gravity to make the bike move forward while enjoying the
beautiful scenic view of Katunggan. This time, rest assured that
we will engage the services of an expert in order to eliminate
untoward technical problem in the implementation and
operational phase of this project.
Another option is to transfer the landing area of the zip line to Commented [m5]: The other

the other side of the river. The cable will no longer pass across the
river. We will make an iconic bridge across the river going to
Katunggan Resto Park. And this will hopefully attract more tourist. Commented [m6]: to Katunggan Resto Park, eventually
attracting more tourists.
Undersigned appreciates your effort in ensuring that our Commented [m7]: The undersigned
infrastructure projects will benefit our constituents and that our
resources will be utilized according to its purpose. It is my utmost
dream to uplift the living condition of my constituents especially to
those unprivileged one, and I am thankful that I can count on your
office as my partner in extending exemplary services to our
people. Thank you and more power.

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