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to advance the profession. And yourself.

Looking for passionate volunteers for the

PMI India Champion Program
Dream of making your mark in the project What is the PMI India Champion
management profession? Believe that organizations
can benefit immensely by adopting effective project
management methodologies? Feel that it is a life skill This program aims at identifying and developing
which will enable you to calmly handle any passionate project management professionals who will
situation? work in tandem with PMI, and support its project
management advocacy efforts in India. These
The PMI India Champion Program provides you the
professionals are expected to support PMI in garnering
launchpad to surge ahead in the profession. It support, visibility and space for project management. As
provides you the support, resources and knowledge a first step, the Champions will act as a bridge between
base needed for you to champion the cause of project PMI India and their organization by promoting PMI
management. It provides a great channel for you to initiatives within their work place. The Champions will
advance in your profession and also help your contribute to this program in an honorary role. However,
organization derive the benefits. This honorary role their contributions as volunteers will be recognized
will give you immense recognition and respect within through tangible and intangible benefits as per the
the community. applicable rewards policy in force
The role of a Champion includes: Preferred Criteria
Being a change agent for project management Prior experience of Voluntary activities
profession within your organization. Is either a practicing Project Manager or has
Coordinating / contributing in project overall responsibility/accountability for Project
management best practices sharing sessions. Managers under him/her
Recommending and facilitating an organization Should demonstrate good communication and
to work closely with PMI to achieve presentation skills - (provide instances where
standardization and enhancement of PMI the person has delivered presentations/
standards within your organization. lectures both internal and external to his/her
Why PMI India Champion Program? Additional weightage for any instance of
PMI is committed to create awareness of project delivering lectures in seminars, white paper
management as a profession around the world. presentations in events related to Project
PMI India has embarked on an innovative initiative - Management within and outside of his/her
The PMI India Champion Program, to increase organization.
awareness among the practitioners and the industry of
project management and its benefits. We seek
For more details please visit:
volunteers who are passionate about the project
management profession. A prospective volunteer or write to us at
should satisfy the following criteria before applying
for this program:

DNA of a Champion
Should be a PMI certificate holder in good standing
Passion for project management profession
Should be an active PMI Member and local
chapter member
Should be familiar with the PMI code of ethics
Should be familiar with the PMBOK Guide and
other PMI Standards
Minimum 7 years of Professional Experience
Commitment to spend at least 25 to 30 hours of
time in a quarter excluding conference calls and in
person meetings
Should not be associated with a REP/RCP or
holding a position in the local chapter of PMI or an
independent consultant, or holdings any other
commercial engagement conflicting with the
objectives of this program
Open to travel based on requirement

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