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About the Technology
3D Printing also known as Active Manufacturing is an advanced
process of creating solid , physical models from a digital le . 3D
printing has transformed into one of the hottest technologies of the
decade . The process of 3D Printing is simple yet creative : adding
desired materials layer-by-layer to form three dimensional physical
objects. This decade has seen 3D Printing expand its scope to a
multitude of domains all over the globe : ranging from the use of 3D
Printers by surgeons in Super Specialities to Rapid Prototyping in
Aeronautics and Automation , their use by Fashion Designers as well
as capabilities to 'print chocolate in Bakeries' .

About 3D Maker
3D Maker is the leading EduTech company in the Indian
subcontinent providing Experiential Learning processes at the
grass root level through 3D Printing Technology . Our agship
product is a curriculum in 3D Printing in sync with the CBSE ,
ICSE and IB boards that imparts 3D Printing and Designing skills
with proper classroom integration of the Academics being taught
to them .
3D Maker's vision is to harness innovation in young minds and
establish Mini Factories in Educational Institutions where
students follow the Design Thinking approach to Visualise-
Design-Create. 3D Maker Design Technology Labs are set up in
schools and run by company certied specialist trainers.
Students complete more than 70 projects in a week, publish
research papers and complete case studies every month. An
Online 3D Maker Portal is a centralised platform for students to
access learning resources and share their inventions with others
while trainers provide digital Quaterly Assessments to every
The future schools are now adapting to a more progressive of teaching where
experimential learning plays a major role. 3D Maker brings in 3D Printing as a tool to
integrate and enhance Subject Learning and also add on a skill of the future which will
lead the next Teachnologincal Revolution. 3D Maker has integrated this with leading
school boards such as CBSE , ICSE and IB and has developed a progressive
Curriculum for classes 3rd to 12th .

MAKER Elementary
5th Class

Elementary 4th Class -Designing in correct dimensions

3rd Class -Processing of physical object
-Personality Development -Platform for innovation
-Growth of motor skills through 3D -Easy Abstraction of Complex
-Building Blocks Sketching concepts like solid geometry
-Enhancing creativity through hands -Study of Entomology
on learning activities -Social awareness (Braille) through
-Development of problem solving Project

-Air Pens -Assembly of 3D Printed Parts

-Customisation on software
Elementary Class-9,10,11,12

Elementary 8th Class -Implementing Research Papers

and Thesis
Elementary 7th Class -Editing and Repairing Printing Files
-Career specic Product Design -Internships in 3D Maker's
6th Class -Academic Enhancement
-Understanding Design Thinking
R&D Department

-Problem Solving Through Case

-Experiential Learning through -Computer Aided Designing
-Industrial Visits
real life objects Softwares
-Child Proling -Enhancing Visualization Skills
-Quaterly mechanical projects -Major Projects : Integrating
-Subject Assistance -Electronics In 3D Printing
-Child Proling and
Quaterly Assesment

-Hands-on 3D Scanners -3D Designing

-Hands on 3D Printing Machines -3D Printer Operation softwares -Industrial Grade CAD Softwares
-Internet of Things (IoT) -Introduction to interfacing of
-3D Maker Online Portal (Cura)
-Assembly of 3D Printing Kits sensors
-Advanced -Robotics -Basics of Arduino and
-Specialisation Programming
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Creativity Skill of Future Visualisations

Value to Students

Through focused software sessions and 3D Maker adds 3D printing and

3D Maker curriculum helps reinforce
quarterly projects, students will be given Designing as a skill in young minds
students visualisation power inline with
an opportunity to exploit their creativity through its curriculum which has huge
the design thinking concept.
and make anything they can imagine. industrial applications.

Academic Enhancement Proling & Reports Problem Solving

3D Maker curriculum tends to enhance The quarterly projects act as an Students are exposed
the regular academics by creating an assessment process for the students to open ended session and challenges
experiential learning environment using where they are avaluated on various which improvises their creative skills.
3D Printed objects and activities. parameters through our online portal.
Unrestricted Prototype Reliable And Robust Machines Unique Content

Our Industrial grade 3D Printers are Our FDM 3D Printers produce outputs We enable Universities to partner
the perfect tool for Engineering. of the highest resolution. High quality with us in offering a Diploma in 3D
Fashion and Architecture students 3D Scanners clubbed with efcient Designing and Rapid Prototyping to
to try out multiple versions of their scanning softwares enable Reverse students, which is a rst of its kind
designs and reiterate their physical Engineering or products. curriculum across India.
prototypes to satisfaction. The content is a complete hands-on
curriculum in Mechanics, Electronics
and 3D Printing Material Sciences.

Employment Complete Tech Support

With the Additive Manufacturing

market expected to be sized at $30 3D Maker's dedicated technical
billion by 2022 and more than 120 specialists are online 24x7 to
industries already adopting this provide assistance of any sort.
technology in their production units,
an expertise in 3D Printing will boost
a student's employability scenario
Institutional Package Inclusions Institutional Package ( Design Tech Lab)

The boom in 3D Printing Technology has 3D Printing has gone above and beyond
been described as the Next Industrial what any of us could have ever
Revolution. Having penetrated the elds imagined and has already begun to
of health, medicine, manufacturing and make quite a dent in localised
construction, there is no denying that 3D manufacturing . Explore the numerous
Printing has a tremendous impact on how applications of 3D Printing in
production is done. Learn more about this Automobile, Fashion and Various other
disruptive technology and its applications sectors with our 3D Printing Design
with out diploma course. Technology Lab.

-45 Hour Diploma in Rapid -10 Hour Trainings on Machine

-3 Industrial Grade Printers -Operations
-25Kgs of Filament Spool -3 Industrial Grade Printers
-Technical Assistance -10Kgs of Filament Spool
-Hand Held White Light Scanner -Technical Assistance
-3 Industrial Grade Printers -Hand Held White Light Scanner
-Technical Assistance -1 Year Maintenance
-1 Year Maintenance


Head Office: 521, East Wing, Aurora Towers, 1 MG Road, Pune -411001 | Tel: 020-30583777 / 8208182665