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Rubric for Multimedia Presentation

Task Description: Students are to design their WWII presentations with the following rubric in mind.
Research, Organization, Content, Graphic Design, Mechanics, and Team Work are scores
in the presentation. There isnt a defined length the rubric just needs to be complete.


Criteria Exemplary Admirable Acceptable Attempted

Use of three or more Use of two sources, Use of one Internet Use of only one
sources, including at including, including at source source
least two Internet and least one Internet Some errors in Numerous errors in
one print source; use source; use of one information information

of two search engines search engine Topic somewhat Topic too general
h of

20 Variety of domain Most information can broad

% name suffix (.com, be confirmed
.edu, .net) Topic could be more
Factual narrowly focused
information is
Narrow focus of topic
Logical sequencing Somewhat logical Sequencing is poorly Sequencing is
n (Outline or

for Planning)

Menus and paths are sequencing planned confusing

clear Menus and paths are Menus and paths are Menus and paths are
15 Original; inventive; mostly clear sometimes confusing confusing
% creative Original Little originality Inconsistent
Rehash of other
peoples ideas

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Covers topic Covers topic Barely covers topic Does not adequately
completely and in Content is mostly Content is somewhat cover topic
Conten depth understandable understandable Content is confusing
Content is readily Media used mostly Media used Media used does not
understandable contributes to somewhat contributes contributing to
Media used understanding of topic to understanding of understanding of
contributes to topic topic
understanding of
Effective combination Good combination of Some use of 0-1 media used
of multimedia and multimedia and multimedia and Buttons and
persuasive design design elements design elements navigational tools are
elements Adequate navigational Some buttons and absent or confusing

Excellent use of tools and buttons navigational tools Use of visuals and
navigational tools and Visuals and images work properly images is confusing or

buttons are attractive; Use of visuals and absent; message is
Graphics effectively adequately conveys images is limited; confusing
entice audience; message message is conveyed
accurately convey
Correct grammar, Few grammar, usage, Several grammar, Obvious grammar,

usage, mechanics, mechanics, or spelling usage, mechanics, or usage, mechanics, or

10 and spelling errors spelling errors spelling errors

% All sources are Most sources are Some sources are Sources are not cited
correctly cited correctly cited incorrectly cited

Work load is divided Some members Few members One or two people do
and shared equally contribute contribute all of the work


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Assignment Score ______________ + Beyonder/Bonus ______________ = Final Score

Copyright Texas Education Agency, 2006. All rights reserved.