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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region III Central Luzon
School Division of Tarlac Province

Semi - Detailed Lesson Plan in Philosophy


By Roque J Ferriols, S.J.


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I. Objectives

A. Familiarize the act of philosophizing through insight

B. Realize that philosophizing is at the heart of our common experiences and activities.
C. Write a reflection that utilizes metaphor or conceptual analysis

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Insight by Roque J. Ferriols S.J.

Reference: Philosophy of Man by Manuel B. Dy, Jr.,Ph.D. pp. 3-6
Materials: Video Clip, Laptop and Rubrics

III. Procedure

A. Motivation
1. Watch the video clip entitled Kindness Boomerang
2. Observe the presentation of the video clip
3. Give an opinion base on the presentation.

B. Presentation
1. Philosophizing
a. The experience of having an insight
b. What I do with the insight?
- Metaphor
- Conceptual Analysis

C. Activity

1. The teacher will flash some pictures and ask the students to give their
insights about the pictures.

D. Generalization:

The examples that we had discussed show that having an insight is

part of our day to day experience, something that happens in our
ordinary life, from the most trivial to the most serious or even tragic event
of our life. And insight has to do with seeing deeply with our mind into
the deeper aspects of reality, of things that are presented in our senses,
in our experience. The point is that we could see something more if we
just learn to think, try to think over our experience, and not simply
experience. As the fox would say to the Little Prince, "what is essential is
invisible to the eye."
IV. Evaluation:

1. Write a reflection that utilizes metaphor or conceptual analysis.

2. The teacher will grade the reflection paper based on the rubrics.

V. Assignment:

1. On a one whole sheet of paper, write a research about the other ways of
sharpening insight aside from metaphor and conceptual analysis.
2. Read the Philosophical Act about The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry
By Robert O. Johann S.J. pp.7-16
Rubrics for the Evaluation