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The Goshorns Step by Step

July 2017
Family Together Again
We were so blessed this spring to have the
entire family together in Peru. Matthew and his friend
Laura were here for 6 weeks and Daniel and Audrey
were here for 10 days. The time flew by. The kids in
the programs were very happy to see them again.
When Jennifer and I drove to Lima to pick up Daniel
We were blessed to have Rocotin, a very
and Audrey we had the privilege of having Matthew
popular Christian clown join us at our Saturday
and Katherine run the programs while we were gone,
program. He saw what we were doing and got very
they did a great job.
emotional. He said that he wanted to join us every
Daniel, Matthew and I drove to the jungle for a Saturday to help and then do a big show for the
few days. This was a very productive trip and were community in August.
excited about what the future holds for us in this area.
We have also been busy preparing for
It was also great to have another adventure with the
another round of doctors for Zumilinda in Lima. Its
quite the process getting her from her village back
For some time now Ive wanted to start a in the Andes to Huancayo and then to Lima. We
program for the fathers of the kids in our programs. purchased an oxygen tank to help her with her
There is so much abuse, physical and mental. So far breathing on the trip. We are all in Lima now and
Salvador and I have visited 8 fathers in the evenings will start Monday with the doctors. Please keep
and talked to them about getting together weekly. Zumilinda and her mother in your prayers.
They all seemed interested and said they would like to
I hate to continue saying the same thing.
attend. We will talk about the problems they are
BUT, we continue needing support. As our ministry
facing and then apply scripture. This program would
grows, so do our needs. The last page of this
not have been possible 1 or 2 years ago. It took several
newsletter will explain how you can support the
years of building relationships to be able to approach
ministries. Our prayer needs are also on the same
the men in the community. This needs lots of prayers.

We humbly thank you for your continued

prayers and financial support. If you havent
yet, we ask that you would prayerfully
consider financially supporting this ministry
in Peru. Without more financial partners this
ministry can not continue to grow. We love
you all and thank you for being part of Gods
work in Peru.

Proverbs 17:27
The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint,
and whoever has understanding is even-tempered.

As I was saying on the first page. Ive been wanting to start something for the fathers in the
community for some time now. I talked with our Peruvian teammate Salvador about it and he
thought it was a great ideal. After 3 years of working with the kids in the community, I started
building trust with the adults and doors have started to open. Mental and physical abuse are huge
and these people really have no place to go. Alcohol abuse is the cause of many of these
problems. There are programs and organizations in place for this type of situation, but in this type
of community the programs are not helpful. While visiting with these dads late at night, the wives
seemed to glow with the possibility of having a program for their husbands. One dad told me he
has problems but has no ideal what to do.
One of the girls in our program showed up one day and I could tell she had been crying. I
asked her if she was OK and she said no. She said that her dad had been beating her mom. She
then said she knew I was talking with some of the dads and she asked if I could talk with her dad
and I told her I would. After going to their house 3 different nights he agreed to speak with me.
We talked for about 45 minutes and he agreed to come to the program for dads.
I want to meet and talk about their day, their work and about life and the problems they
face. Im going to then apply scripture to what they face and introduce God. I need lots of prayer. I
need prayer that the dads that said they would come, do come. I need prayer that their hearts will
be open to hear the Lord and I need prayers for patience with these men.
My plan is to start this in August after we finish with the medical needs of Zumilinda. I also
want to be able to offer food at these meetings and supply each dad with a bible and if he cant
read I want to give him an audio bible. Please be in prayer about how you might be able to join in
with one of our programs.

Ephesians 6:4
Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
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P raye r R e q u e s t s a n d P ra i s e s
Continued physical, emotional and Prayers for the Bible study/ feeding
spiritual protection. programs
Additional financial and prayer Prayers that relationships at the Romans 8:28
support, orphanage will grow. And we know that in all things
Discernment as we continue to Prayers that discipleship groups God works for the good of those
explore ministry opportunities. will grow and spread the word of who love him, who have been
God. called according to his purpose.
Travel mercies in Peru.
Prayers for prison ministries
Jennifers mom Joan as she battles
Prayers for the home visit ministry
Praises for our Peruvian team.
Prayers for parenting from a
We are thankful for the support of
distance. the body of Christ.
Prayers for Daniel, Matthew and We are thankful for our health.
Audrey while they live in the U.S.
Prayers for Zumilinda.

God has been very clear that we cannot do anything alone. First we
need Him, second we need the Body of Christ. We will never be
effective ministers of Gods word without your prayers and financial
support. Please consider partnering with us to further Gods Kingdom
in Peru.
All tax deductible donations may be made to:
TMS Global
PO Box 922637
Norcross Georgia 30010-2637 USA
Designate gifts to: Goshorn Support 5/540
Or online at: and go to give to a missionary and use
our name.
Or visit our website at:
Skype: tim.jen.goshorn
US Phone (works wherever we have internet): 859-474-2494

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