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Tech Lead:

NBIM is one among the largest banks in Norway. At Cognizant as part of Service desk we provide
infrastructural support for Users for their day to day business. Our daily activities include
Incident / Problem Management resolution. We handle technical queries from employees of NBIM
and provide support as and when need arises. Coordinating with DSS to provide support for

Managing the IT functions and activities of the client through the development of IT Strategies,
Objectives and Policies, as well as monitoring the implementation of IT systems in order to ensure the
provision of reliable, secure, high performance, cost effective IT services. Responsible for technology
operations & data management. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the IT Support Team that
includes assigning tasks, prioritizing work, resource management & resolving staff issues. One of my
primary responsibilities also includes, managing a team of entry level associates in Service desk

Deliver cost-effective IT service & target 99.9% systems availability with agreed SLA's.
Develop & Implement IT Strategy in line with corporate strategy.
Responsible for managing all Business Applications functionality.
Responsible for managing & supporting the core IT Infrastructure Systems including Servers,
Networks & Data Center Operations
Responsible for asset management, network & desktop support operations.
Maintain the availability, reliability and functionality of IT Systems through proactive monitoring of
System Availability, Response times, Packet Loss, CPU Utilisation, Memory Utilisation, Disk
Utilisation, UNIX & Windows Service Monitoring, Event Log Rules & SNMP Traps.
Develop strategic plans & implement the objectives of the IT needs of the company to ensure the
computing capabilities are responsive to the needs of the company's growth & objectives.
Develop & maintain reporting of all kinds; including the Asset Management.
Develop & establish operating policies, ITIL practices, internal controls & best practice approaches
for computing and IT systems/services; evaluate overall operations of computing and IT functions
& recommend enhancements.
Work with the senior management by providing advice on developments. Advice to the senior
management were accepted on strategic systems conversions, integrations in support of business
goals & objectives.
Review and approve of changes, presenting myself at the CAB meetings, discussions and
providing advice to the change manager on all possible changes, both major and minor, having a
direct or in-direct impact on business from Service Desk end.
Responsible for the development, review & certification of all back-up and Disaster Recovery
Procedures & Plans. Management of all IT Backup & Business Continuity Planning (BCP).
Identify emerging technologies to be assimilated, integrated, and introduced within the company.
Resource management activities including recruitment, appraisals & work load management of IT
Responsible for being the single POC, both with the client and in house team. Manage all IT
vendor & outsourcing relationships in line with global policy, including contract / cost negotiation
and Service Level Management.
Provision of pro-active IT solutions in support of Business Process Improvements.
Management of mobile & fixed line telecoms including company-wide upgrades; Management of
all Helpdesk activities and Service improvement efforts.
Provide business & financial justification for system upgrades and enhancements.

I also held the additional responsibility of IT handling where I was actively involved &
spearheaded with performing quality audits of ticket from all towers, sending daily sheets to all
the teams, being the single POC in reduction of ticket counts (equally by maintaining the
quality). Maintaining the Service Desk IT Service Management Suite. Below were some of my
key accountabilities:

Single point of contact from Service Desk and the Helpdesk end.
End-to-End responsibility for service desk operations & projects.
Responsible for being the single point of contact between the on-shore and the off-shore service
Review & assign new incoming requests and responsibilities to new resources.
Produce daily, weekly and monthly reports on volume, SLA's and OLA's.
Perform Spot checks on incidents and Service requests for review.
Arrange meetings with Business Process Owners, Top Management & with project partners.
Attend weekly resourcing meetings and help manage and balance the workload of the team.
Act as escalation on major issues in conjunction with the IT Coordinator & Business Process
Manage hours balances in conjunction with the IT Coordinator.
Attend business support meetings with functional consultant when required.
End-to-End Project Management starting from project planning till closure, where execution takes
most of the effort hours managing IT projects.
Project Initiation (Initiate kick off meeting, identify stakeholders & procurement).
Resource Management (Resource allocation & managing resources of project team)
Planning (Developing project plan while taking TSD as scope document with timelines & risks)
Execution (Manage project delivery & execute project plan as per the schedule)
Control (Periodic review with Functional, Account & Business Process Owners on projects &
monitoring its progress accordingly)
Change Management (Plan/Schedule a change, working on approvals, attending CCRB
meeting & making sure its implemented accordingly)
Communication Management (Ensure clear communications, periodic project status reports,
scheduling meetings, sharing minutes, stakeholder management & other project
communication documents)
Project Closure (Preparing Completion Acceptance Report {CAR}, taking Business approvals
& closing the same)
Have been a part to visit the on-site client location on work permit (Oslo, Norway) for a 3 month
Have been selected as the only representative, performance based, to be a part of the on-site
visit to Oslo
Have been a part of new project implementation, representing, on-shore and off-shore service
desk team.
During the 2 month schedule, has been a part of a critical project, called SIMCORP.
My role in this project was keeping in chart the documentation, making the knowledge base,
knowledge sharing.
The project consisted of a single platform, which is completely trading based, where in,
different applications were clubbed in, thus reducing the cost and being the effected single tool
in accessing daily activities by the traders of NBIM.
Understanding the customer more closely and sharing the knowledge gained from on-site to
the off-shore
In addition to all, have been a part of the regular desk side support activities.
Responsibilities as IT Hardware Manager/Asset Manager
Maintain records and databases containing information regarding licenses, warranties, and service
agreements for the companies IT Hardware Assets.
Routes requisitions through an electronic approval process and tracks the movement of requests
through the approval process.
Recruits and develops vendors to ensure the availability of materials and services.
Proactively manages IT inventory scans and auditing reports to provide assurance of program
effectiveness and reports hardware and software metrics to management
Responsible for Full Life Cycle management of 1500 IT Hardware assets valued at $25 million.
Coordinate corporate Asset Management efforts and advice upper management on best practices
and recommend corporate policies for Asset Management across 6 regional offices.
Have been a part of the implementation team by setting up auto methods in maintaining IT assets.
Configured and implemented a project by Zoho Corp.
Have been a part of the implementation team.
This project ensures that the IT assets are managed in a much more seemingly fashioned manner.
This project not only helps with maintaining IT assets but also helps in scheduling reports.

Role2: January 2015 Present (Citrix XenDesktop Administrator)

For the past 0.7 years, worked as an Active member towards the Desktop Virtualization.
Have been a part of migration team assisting in migration of Xendesktop 3 environment to
Xendesktop 5.
Simulated Citrix XenDesktop 5 and 4 environments which provide Virtual desktops with Virtualized
applications to the user. Technologies used in the same were below:
o Citrix XenServer 5.6 (Virtualization platform)
o Citrix XenDesktop 5.0 /4.0 (Desktop Virtualization Tool)
o Provisioning Server 5.0 (Provisioning VHDs)
o Citrix XenApp 6 (Application Virtualization)
o Active Directory, DHCP and DNS are configured in Windows 2003/Windows 2008 R2.
Have also been a part of the migration team, starting from plan, design, implementation and
execution for migration from Xendesktop 5 to Xendesktop 7.
o This was a parallel migration keeping the older one in existence and usage while we have
migrated to the newer version
o Followed rollout phased strategy deploying roll out phase by phase to a PILOT set of
Simulated Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 environment which provide Virtual desktops with Virtualized
applications to the user. Technologies used in the same were below:
o Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 (Desktop Virtualization Tool)
o Provisioning Server 7.6 (Provisioning VHDs)
o Citrix XenApp 7.6 (Application Virtualization)
o Active Directory, DHCP and DNS are configured in Windows 2012 R2.
o Licensing server 7.6 (License)
Identifying pre-requisites and setting up VDI infrastructure.
Managing XenDesktop environment.
Creating vDisk from VMs running from ESX server.
Creating desktops from vDisks, month on month activity of upgrading vDisk with newly available
patches released along with application management.
Creating, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting pooled and assigned desktop groups.
Served as L2 escalation, providing assistance to L1 technical teams with complex issues.
Publishing applications, server desktop and content with service request via ticketing tool
Basic troubleshooting and daily BAU activities.

Role3: January 2015 Present (Microsoft SCCM 2007/2012 Administrator)

Administer general SCCM 2007 daily administration.
Create and administer advertisements, programs, collections, and custom reports in SCCM.
Troubleshoot failed SCCM deployments and SCCM health issues.
Administer SCCM software delivery, including various methods such as running advertised
programs, machine targeted, user targeted, Application Library, and Software Center.
Administer the SCCM tool set back end to keep the system running and healthy, including changes
to the core components and settings, backups, restores, software delivery, client heath, reporting,
boundaries, and bandwidth settings.
Manage and administer SCCM client health, including the process of getting clients healthy.
Perform general SCCM administration and troubleshooting.
Advance SCCM skill set and ability to use and administer the toolset without assistance and/or
additional training.
Experience performing SCCM Administrator responsibilities, which include software import and
deployment process.
Skilled in reading log files (system and event viewer log files).
SCCM Reporting.
Experience in supporting, troubleshooting, and administering the SCCM 2012 toolset and
Creation of packages (msi) using InstallShield tool
Developing new packages and having the packages deployed to machines in our estate using the
SCCM tool.

iGATE Global Solutions Limited, Bangalore (January 2011 - February 2013) as

Senior Systems Engineer

(The Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank or RBC Financial Group is the largest financial institution in Canada,
as measured by deposits, revenues, and market capitalization. The bank serves 18 million clients and has 80,100
employees worldwide)

Responsibilities: As an IT Support Engineer responsible for managing the internal IT Infrastructure &
day to day IT related issues. My role was more of an IT Technician. Below are some of my duties.
Installing and maintain windows 2000 Server & Windows 2003 server with Active Directory
and creating Group Polices.
Installations and Maintain of Desktop System along with different peripherals.
Troubleshoot all networking problems to ensure minimum downtime & maximum availability.
Responsible for trouble shooting of LAN problem & backup.
Managing & configuring on client side thought Web Interface & outlook express.
Assembling of new computer handling hardware and software related problem & operating
Handling LAN on switches & hubs through UTP.

Technical Proficiencies: Network & Systems Security, Backup & Restore Management, Disaster
Recovery Planning, Data Integrity / Recovery, Contingency Planning, Research & Development,
Risk Assessment.
Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux 8.0/9.0, Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1/3.0, Sun Solaris
8/9/10, HP-UX 11, Windows 2003, 2007, 2008, 2008R2 for servers, 2012, 2012 R2 for
Networking: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and Ethernet, RSA envision version 6 and 7
Platforms: RHEL 4 & 5, Red Hat Linux 8.0/9.0, Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1/3.0, Sun
Solaris 8/9, HP-UX 11, Windows 2000/ 2003/NT/XP/9x/2008, VMWare,
Hands-on Technology: SCCM 2007, XenDesktop VDI (Citrx Desktop Studio 5 and 7), Citrix
Provisioning Service (5 and 7), Citrix Directory, Load balancer, VMWare, Good for Enterprise
(admin console and end user application), File transfer tool (WinSCP), ServiceNow ticketing
tool, HP ticketing tool, Windows RDP.

Product Expertise
Servers : IBM X-Series 335,360,225 / Compaq / Sun E250, E15K
Databases : Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g
Cisco : Routers 2500/3600 series, Switches 1900/2950/6500.
Modems : Multi tech, PCMCIA, ISDN Adapter, CSU/DSU, V.35, G.703, V.90 (Aux)
Software Cisco : Cisco IOS Version 12.0
Network Protocols : TCP/IP, IPX/SPX
Routing Protocols : RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP & OSPF
Network OS : RHEL 4 & 5, Red Hat Linux 8.0/9.0, Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1/3.0,
Sun Solaris 8/9/10, HP-UX 11, Windows NT/2K, Windows 2003/2008
Client OS : Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, & 7
Virtualization Tools : Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 / 5.5 / 5.0 / 4.0 / 3.0, VMware View 5 / 4, Citrix
XenApp 6 / 5 / 4.5, Citrix Presentation server 4, Citrix Provisioning Server
7.6 / 5.6 / 5.0
Virtualization Platform : Citrix XenServer 5.6
Deployment Tools : Microsoft SCCM 2007, WSUS
Packaging Tools : MSI, IPF
Encryption Tools : McAfee Endpoint Encryption, Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Bit locker