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Aveva Review

STX OSV Documentation.

This documentation is describing shortly how the Review works in the easy way. Its describing the two
options that are in the tool, online to the database or reading a separate file. If more detailed use of
the tool please looks in Avevas documentation Review 12.1.1 User Manual , its on SharePoint.

(If any comments contact

User manual for Aveva Review
The file used for Review will be uploaded as a zip file on share point every night. Location
Viewer 3D for each project.

o If its not updated contact Administrator.

There are several options to open the file to view it in 3D

o Open the zip file and double click on the Icon.

o Open the zip file and download the file on your computer. (Remember were you are
storing it) Double Click the file too start up the session.

o Double click the Icon and the program will open. Go to File and choose open,
navigate then to the place were the Review file is stored. The view on the screen will
hopefully be like this.
Adding the most important windows.

o EXPLORER; View Explorer.

o SEARCH; View Search.

If they are not placed in the left corner, move it. This can be done in several ways all after what
the user think is best.

Short description about how the explorer is built up.

o Sites
o Zones
o SFI and systems
o Drawings on Sharepoint which is useful. Hull unit and 3D Site plan, 209-001 and 101-026
or similar.

Other windows that can be useful are Clip Volumes and Clip Panes

Different menus

o File; Short explanation

o Edit; Short explanation

o View; Short explanation

o Tools; Detailed description later, about measurement etc.

o Window; Short explanation

o Addins; Short explanation

o Database; Short explanation

o Help; Short explanation

How to read in the model of the vessel (Complete vessel) Use the Explorer window.

o Explorer, Stand on top mark this:/* right Click 3D view and left Click on Add (All
that are stored on the file will appear on the screen)

o One or several Sites: Mark the sites or the units (Turning blue) right Click 3D view
and left Click on Add. The chosen ones will now appear on the screen.

How to remove the model from the screen.

o Explorer, Stand on top mark this:/* right Click 3D view and left Click on Remove
All that was showing on the screen will disappear, and new items can be loaded into the

How to Navigate:

o Use middle button on Mouse to choose the direction. W to move forward. S

to move aft. A and D to move PS and SB. R is up and F is down. This is only
moving either horizontal or vertical, not both at the same time.

o Use the same buttons as above, useful to rotate the model around a Equipment,
valve etc.

o Use the same buttons as above, this has the same funcionality as the first but this
can also go both horizontal and vertical at the same time.

o This is setting the speed for the

How to hide structure, pipes, equipments

o Mark the object you want to do something with.

o Right click on the mouse move the cursor to 3D view Choose one of the options
below Change Material.

o Change material, her its possible to change the color of the object that is chosen.

How to identify a object

o Right Click on the mouse- Move cursor to Select

o Information like this will come for a pipe.

o The information that are given here for pipelines are:

Site number according to 3D site plan /4006

System number according to drawinglist -814-001

Information about the line number according to System number. P-112-

Description of the system Fifi_System-


o Information for Equipment.

o Information for Steel Outfitting (Structure).

o Information for a Valve

Right click on the valve and choose locate in explorer

o How to use Clip volumes.

Press New clip volume (Optional to

give a name)

Make visible the Position values.

Change values. If the directions are

referring to North / East / West
etc. choose Tools-Options-
Preferences and Coordinate
System. Change to X,Y,Z and click

You can also use the mouse to

move on the four corners if the
value Enable Graphical
Modification is ticked on. Move
the cursor above the colored lines,
cursor will change to a different
arrow, press Left button and drag
the way you want.

The Clip volumes can be saved, if

they are given different names etc.
for different areas.

Use button save current status,

this will save all clip volumes,
dimensioning or comments that
are given on an own file. Location
is chosen by the user. The file that
are saved all called *.rvs

To open the file, go to FILE and

press OPEN chose the correct file
and open again.
How to use the search utility

Type in system number, all that are

connected to that system will then appear
in the search result.

To have it in the view, ctrl+a and then

right click 3D view Add.

In this way all can be searched for both

foundations, steel outfitting, pipelines,
valves etc.

Example., type in a valve number from a

system dwg. Press Search. (803.0401)

In the Search Result the valve will now

appear. Right Click onn the number, will
turn blue. 3D VIEW FOCUS ON

The same can be done for a pipe line. Find

the number on the system dwg. (803-001-
P-001) Then same as above.

The same can be done for a foundation

dwg number etc.
How to measure

To get the meaasure of a single object, radius of a flange, pipe, stiffener etc.

To get an angle of a bend, etc.

Measure from point to point.

Dimension shortest distance.

Dimension along axis.

Delete one measurement, (Tools Dimension Delet all dimenisons) Deleting all.

When this is used we are also getting the 3 axis into the measuring. This is very

How to turn on/off Obstructions or Insulations

How to reset the view: EDIT LOOK RESET

How to set the amount which is marked when an item is chosen.

o There are 2 different ways to set the graphical selection, Normal will select exactly the
part of the equipment you click on.
o Pick significant element will select the whole equipment.
How to get name/identification on pipelines / components etc.

o Open View Drawlist

Right click the tree in the explorer, on top level or the zone you want info about and choose Copy
Right click in the window below and press Paste

Highlight the number in the field above and press Edit.


Then it should be as below.

How to access Aveva Online. ( All details that are described above can also be used in the
online part.

Open database connection window.

Choose project and punch in the needed details.

Password = REVIEW