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Agile Methods in Solutions Development

Collaboration, openness, dynamic response to Topics

change, value-driven development, and team I. Understanding the Agile Mindset
empowerment are recurring themes in agile a) Agile Manifesto
solutions development. The course aims to equip b) Appreciating Agile Values
business analysts, project managers, developers c) Agile Principles
II. Scrum Roles
and test professionals with the mindset and skills
a) The Chicken and the Pig
necessary to apply agile methods in solutions
b) Scrum Master
development and testing. Owing to its
c) Product Owner
widespread use and proven effectiveness, the d) Scrum Team
framework for discussing Agile Methods shall be III. Scrum Techniques
the SCRUM methodology. This course also covers a) Scrum Ceremonies
the concepts, practices and implementation of b) Defining Requirements with User Stories
agile software testing. After knowing the c) Creating Acceptance Criteria and Tests
standard artifacts needed in testing software IV.Agile Testing Strategies
projects, participants will learn how to strategize, a) The Goals of Testing in an Agile Environment
plan, design and execute tests in short b) Testers as Part of the Project Team
development iterations. c) Benefits of Maintaining Continuous Quality
d) Iterative Test Development Across Iterations
V. Testing during Feature Development
Training Objectives a) Participation in Design Reviews
At the end of the course, the participants will be b) Sequencing of Implementation Tasks
able to: c) Developers Testing Versus User Testing
1. Apply the concepts of agile development. d) Communication of Code Changes
2. Use agile test techniques. e) Feature Unit Testing
3. Describe the agile life cycle. VI.Exploratory Testing
4. Describe the agile development practices. a) Dealing with Incomplete Specifications
5. Strategize testing in an agile environment. b) Exploratory Test Objectives: Definition and
c) Exploratory Test Session
Duration 2 day(s) d) Exploratory Test Reporting
e) Complementing Exploratory Testing with
Scripted Testing