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Psychic Space:

In the distant future, space travel through the stars faster than light itself has
been made possible through the discovery of psychic powers. One in every eighty-
three thousand (8.3*10^4) sapient creatures is born a psychic.

Untrained, psychics have three basic powers (all of these powers have a range of
roughly 30 feet):

* The first is telekinesis, the power to move objects with their mind. Generally,
they can move about 10 pounds at a time about as fast as they can walk.
* The second is empathy, the power to see the emotions and drives of other sapient
creatures; they can see this especially clearly with other psychics.
* The third is psychimpetum, the power to disrupt the minds of those nearby; those
effected find it harder to think clearly.

Once trained, these three powers grow stronger and a fourth power is gained.

* Telekinesis is increased in power, moving more and moving it faster.

* Empathy becomes clearer and harder to block.
* Psychimpetum becomes more disruptive and can even knock people out entirely.

The new power is the ability to create a mental link with another psychic. Making
or breaking a link requires the two psychics to be within 100 feet of each other;
both psychics must want to make the link, but only one needs to break it. Two
linked psychics can hear each others thoughts instantly, regardless of distance; in
addition, they always know the exact distance and direction to each other. A
psychic can only be linked to one other psychic at a time; if a linked psychic
dies, their link breaks.

Basics of Ships:
Ships act as a means of traveling quickly through space. There are three basic
types of ships; darts, orbs and titans. Ships move too fast for conventional
weapons; therefore, the main method of attacking is to apply psychic impulses to
shut enemy ships down.

A ship needs the psychic power of teams of psychics to function. To this end, the
psychics are each linked into a system known as a Mind Web. The psychic energy in
this web powers the propulsion, sensors and weapons. Critical systems such as life
support and backup propulsion are powered by a standard power generator.

Psychics can use telekinesis to move their ship around. A ship moved in this
fashion moves at 1 lightyear per day, regardless of its power. They can move slower
than this speed, if they wish.

Trained psychics in a Mind Web can sense any ship with a functioning Mind Web
within 10 lightyears. This detection is instantaneous (i.e. there is no light speed
delay). This tells them the location and power of that ship.

To attack other ships, psychics launch a psychic impulse into the target ship's
Mind Web. If successful, all of the psychics in the target Mind Web are knocked
into what is called Psychic Shock; they are unconscious for 3 to 7 days. Larger
ships often carry a backup set of psychics to replace the main set if they are

Launching a psychic shock is draining for the Mind Web doing it. This drain doesn't
stop the ship from moving, but it does prevent them from launching another psychic
impulse for 12 hours.

Shocks don't always work. There is a base 65% chance of a shock working. This
chance is adujsted based on the power of the ships involved. Each ship has a Ship
Power; adjust the odds that far in the ships favor. Psychic impulses have a range
of 1 light year; they strike their target instantly (i.e. with no light speed

Ship Types:
Crew Breakdown Key:
Psychics In Web: the number of psychics needed to power the mind web.
Backup Psychics: the number of extra psychics normally carried.
Standing Crew: the number of crew needed to run the ship.
Extra Capacity: the number of extra people the ship can support.
Total Capacity: the total support capacity of the ship.
Cargo Capacity: the total cargo the ship can hold.

Crew Breakdown:
Psychics In Web: 5.
Backup Psychics: 0.
Standing Crew: 10.
Extra Capacity: 5.
Total Capacity: 20.
Cargo Capacity: 60 tons.
Ship Power: +0%
Darts are a small, cheap ship built mainly for trade as opposed to battle. When
used in battle, they usually escort and assist larger ships.

Crew Breakdown:
Psychics In Web: 20.
Backup Psychics: 20 (1 extra set).
Standing Crew: 40.
Extra Capacity: 40.
Total Capacity: 120.
Cargo Capacity: 300 tons.
Ship Power: +10%
Orbs are a larger ship intended for basic travel and warfare; they also serve as
high capacity trading vessels. Orbs can also carry up to two Darts aboard them as
combat support or boarding vessels.

Crew Breakdown:
Psychics In Web: 80.
Backup Psychics: 160 (2 extra sets).
Standing Crew: 160.
Extra Capacity: 200.
Total Capacity: 600.
Cargo Capacity: 1000 tons.
Ship Power: +25%
Titans are massive ships designed to act as mobile bases for combat. Titans can
carry up to 15 Darts or 3 Orbs aboard them. Titans are too large to land on a
planet, using carried Darts (and sometimes Orbs) to get to and from land.

Not all psychics are made equal. One in every eighty-three thousand (8.3*10^4)
psychics is born a Rift. Rifts are more powerful than most psychics. This has a
wide range of effects. A ship with a Rift on board is much more powerful.

The psychic powers of a Rift are roughly twice as powerful as most psychics. When
moving with telekinesis, a ship with a Rift can move 2 lightyears per day. Rifts
also increase the Ship Power of the ship they are on by 10%.

Rifts are not be knocked out by Psychic Shock; this immunity is not shared with the
rest of their Mind Web.

Grand Mind Shock:

Lastly, a trained Rift on a Titan gives that Titan the ability to unleash a Grand
Mind Shock on a planet. It takes 10 days to charge up this attack.

During these 10 days, the Titan needs to remain in orbit around the planet to be
affected. At the end of the 10 day charge period, the attack is unleashed on the
planet. The pulse causes all sapient creatures on the planet to suffer Psychic
Shock and fall unconscious for for 3 to 7 days; psychics are unaffected.

If the Titan suffers Mind Shock, the charge time for a Grand Mind Shock is not
reset as long as the Rift remains in the Mind Web. The charge time is paused until
the Mind Web is full once again. If it takes longer than 6 hours to refill the Mind
Web, the charge time is reset.