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Summer 2017 Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Coal plant on campus is here to stay

UNCs coal-free plans have doing it first, not last, said John
Bruno, UNC biology professor.
plant on campus, its never really
going to get to the point that renew-
100 percent renewable-based energy
for the whole campus.
been postponed to 2050 The plant, which heats and pow-
ers 175 buildings, including UNC
able energy is going to replace the
electricity produced by the plant,
He said if coal use doesnt stop in
the next 10 to 15 years, there will be
The Cameron Avenue Coal Plant
has been around since 1941.
at the earliest. Hospitals, has 75 to 80 employees because its very cheap and very a global 2 degree Celsius tempera- Heres some recent history:
and has been around since 1940. It efficient in producing it, she said. ture increase.
By Sofia Wilhelm provided electricity for both Chapel However, this doesnt mean that we Bruno is part of the Carolina The plant transitioned to cogen-
Staff Writer Hill and Carrboro until 1976, when should stop bringing more renew- Climate Change Scientist, a group of eration in 1991, meaning that it
it was sold to Duke Energy. Since able energy projects on campus. UNC faculty that conducts interdis- generates electricity and heat at
UNC is the only college in the then, the plant has just served UNC. But not everyone believes that ciplinary climate change research. the same time.
state that has a coal plant on cam- In 2016, 72 percent of the plants UNC should have a coal plant. He said the group has found that
pus. emissions were from coal, while the Bruno said the plant is terrible. a number of universities and busi- Then-Chancellor Thorp made
In 2010, former Chancellor rest were from natural gas and oil. In general, the whole country, nesses have vowed to meet the Paris the 2020 pledge in 2010. It was
Holden Thorp announced that UNC Gloria Liu, co-chair of the UNC the whole world, should be moving agreement regardless of what the quietly abandoned in 2012 for a
would be coal-free by 2020. Now, Renewable Energy Special Projects away from coal and other forms of federal government does. Chancellor
wait and see approach.
that goal has been postponed by 30 Committee, said the school hasnt petroleum-based energy, he said. Carol Folt is not among them, and
years. found a substitute that is as efficient As a leader within the state and the group is writing a petition that Chancellor Folts Three Zeros
The whole country has to as coal. across the country, I think its really asks her to follow the Paris climate Initiative was announced in 2016.
become zero emissions by 2050 We sort of also know that important that UNC do away with Theres no set date to meet these
not just UNC and we should be because we have this (cogeneration) our coal plant and really move to a SEE COAL, PAGE 5
goals, which do not involve coal.

Beekeepers share knowledge Lobbyists

Carrboro and push pro-
Chapel Hill
are breaking
out in hives
for a cause.
A cancer society worker
By Natalie Short said the NC industry is
Senior writer
addicted to its profits.
Want to know whats the buzz
about beekeeping? Wondering why By Rebecca Ayers
we need to #savethebees? Local bee- Breaking Editor
keepers in Chapel Hill and Carrboro
are happy to share their knowledge Tobacco companies dont nec-
with seasoned pros or interested new- essarily have the same influence
comers. in North Carolina that they did
One great resource is John decades ago, but they still have
Rintoul, president of the Orange an important voice in legisla-
County Beekeepers Association, who tion. They contribute hundreds
maintains two beehives on display of thousands of dollars to politi-
at Carrboro High School. Stefan cal campaigns, aiding politi-
Klakovich, an AP environmental sci- cians into office and continuing
ence teacher at the school, takes his their cycle of influence in public
classes out to observe the bees when health policy.
they study agricultural systems. The cash crops influence on
One of the things people really NC can be seen in the nicknames
dont have an appreciation for is our DTH/GABRIELLE PALACIO of its cities and neighborhoods,
agricultural system, he said. Its Carrboro High School houses two beehives located close to the main office and are both maintained by John Rintoul. from places like American
more complicated than just growing Tobacco Campus in Durham to
vegetables and selling them. Its a Anybody that is interested, we will beekeeper. Cabell said one of the hives in the Camel City in Winston-Salem.
global sort of thing and one piece of do a demonstration for. Cabell has been a hobbyist bee- community garden is maintained But its also seen in the health-
that are honey bees. Klakovich started a beekeeping keeper for about 10 years. When she by the Carolina Beekeeping Club, a care costs of residents.
Rintoul said the hives were moved club and his students helped plant a heard about the community garden, newly established student group. Tobacco costs NC $3.81
from a muddy field with no parking pollinator garden near the beehive she offered her personal hives to All three beekeepers said it is billion in health care dollars
to the school in hopes that the hives site. He said he, another teacher and help pollinate the plants. She gives important to educate the communi- every year. According to Cancer
would be more accessible to the pub- a student are now keeping beehives tours to community and school ty about bees and their importance Action Network government
lic. at their homes as well. groups. to the environment. Klakovich said relations director Christine
The demonstration hives are At UNC, the Carolina Campus Honey bees pollinate one-third the beehives are part of an effort to Weason, $931.4 million of those
there so that we can provide dem- Community Garden, which grows of the worlds food directly, she said. create a more environmentally con- are Medicaid dollars spent on
onstrations on beekeeping and any fruits and vegetables for UNCs Indirectly, they actually pollinate scious campus. medical treatment as a result of
aspect of beekeeping that people lower-wage workers, also hosts a about three-fourths of the worlds Schools should be places where tobacco products.
are interested in to community few beehives. Two of them are main- food, because theyre pollinating So certainly this is one area
groups and student groups, he said. tained by Anne Cabell, a volunteer things that other pollinators need. SEE BEES, PAGE 5 that needs to be addressed,
Weason said. The challenge is
that we have that rich history of

Q&A with astronaut, alum Zena Cardman

tobacco. We are a tobacco state.
Higher taxes incentivize peo-
ple to lower their tobacco intake.
However, NC has some of the
lowest taxes in the country on
Cardman beat out more than 18,300 and at that point I thought, Well, there goes that
chance. I guess Ill try again next time. They open
tobacco products, Weason said.
NC politicians get sizable dona-
applicants to get the NASA position. these applications up roughly every four years. tions by tobacco companies. In
In early September 2016, I got a call out of the his career, Sen. Richard Burr has
Zena Cardman, a 2010 alumna who also got a blue on a Friday morning from Houston and they received more than $190,000
masters degree in marine science at UNC, is one of said, Wed like you to come down to Houston for an in campaign contributions from
12 people in NASAs 2017 Astronaut Class. Features interview. The first round of the interview process is Reynolds American, an NC-based
editor Brinley Lowe asked Cardman about her just three days. You go to Houston for everything tobacco company. In 2014, former
career and time at UNC. from a formal sit-down interview with the selection U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan received
board to medical testing and physical testing and a $78,806 from Lorillard Tobacco
The Daily Tar Heel: How did UNC prepare you to lot of psychological exams. Company, also based in NC.
be an astronaut? The best part was getting to meet the other appli- Burr and Hagan voted against
Zena Cardman: Between courses at UNC and cants. They brought us down in groups of 10. It was the Family Smoking Prevention
opportunities to do field research outside of my everyone from military tech pilots to engineers and and Tobacco Control Act, passed
coursework, I wound up with a lot of experience in medical doctors and me, the microbiologist. Just get- in 2009, which allows the Food
remote places like Antarctica and the Arctic. I think ting to meet these people who I would never inter- and Drug Administration to
that doing science far away from home in an opera- sect with in my normal career was really fun. regulate the tobacco industry.
tional environment really helped. Then you wait another couple of months. In Hagan was the only Democrat in
December, I got another phone call inviting me the Senate to vote against the bill.
DTH: When did you know you wanted to be an down for a finalist interview. That one wasnt until
astronaut? The top 20 tobacco industry
April of 2017. In the second round, there are 50 peo- campaign donors contrib-
ZC: I actually wrote about it on my application ple left and its a week-long process. Its sort of like uted over $5 million in the last
essay to UNC and deleted it because I didnt have a the first round but more intense ... we all knew we election cycle, said Rebecca
tangible reason why. But during college, it became were getting a call with a yes or a no on May 25. Im Williams, a researcher at the
more of a goal and not just a fantasy dream. After my really lucky and overjoyed that mine was a yes. UNC Lineberger Comprehensive
junior year, I started working with a NASA project Cancer Center. In the 2016
called Pavilion Lake and with that project, I got to
DTH: Given the odds, can you believe you got it? PHOTO COURTESY OF ZENA CARDMAN election cycle, Reynolds gave
work with astronauts. It became obvious that these ZC: I think any of the people that I met in the Zena Cardman graduated from UNC with a degree $482,737 to Republicans and
are real people and that was a real career that people finalist and semifinalist rounds would have been in biology and a masters degree in marine science. $32,310 to Democrats.
actually have. excellent. I had serious impostor syndrome look- Last year, the FDA started
ing at their careers versus me, the grad student. learning the Russian language. Its going to be like to assert authority over cigars
DTH: Tell me about how you got the position. being back in school.
DTH: What will you be doing at NASA? and e-cigarettes through the
ZC: The application opened in December 2015. DTH: Do you see this as your lifelong career? Family Smoking Prevention and
The basic requirements are pretty simple: you need a ZC: The first two years are a training period. Tobacco Control Act, said Gregg
college degree in a STEM field and then three years Whether were test pilots or biologists or doctors ZC: Yeah, I think this is it. I know what Im going Haifley, the director of federal
of experience after that ... after I turned in my appli- or engineers, we go through the same training. Its to be when I grow up now.
cation, I saw that 18,000 other people had applied everything from learning how to fly P-38 jets to

If we get blown up, whatevers left of me is kicking your butt.

2 Wednesday, July 12, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Allen Artis case dismissed

The Daily Tar Heel
Due to a reporting error,
the original version of
our online story, Protest
Established 1893 against Wendys raises
124 years of editorial freedom awareness for farmworker
RACHEL JONES abuses, spelled Scott
SUMMER EDITOR Myers and Lupe Gonzalos
last names incorrectly. The
interaction with Myers
BRINLEY LOWE was incorrectly reported
FEATURES EDITOR and updated.
REBECCA AYERS Due to a reporting error,
BREAKING EDITOR the original version of
LEAH ASMELASH our online story, Board
DIGITAL EDITOR of Governors discusses
JENNI CIESIELSKI changes to funding model,
OPINION EDITOR misspelled Dwayne
OPINION@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Pinkneys last name and
BROOKLYNN COOPER misrepresented his title.
The corrections have been
DESIGN EDITOR updated online.
The Daily Tar Heel reports any
inaccurate information pub-
lished as soon as the error is
COPY CHIEF Editorial corrections will be
COPY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM printed on this page. Errors
committed on the Opinion
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Page have corrections printed
Rachel Jones, Summer Editor, 962-4086 on that page. Corrections also
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 are noted in the online ver-
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 sions of our stories.
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additional copies may be purchased
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Everything you need to

Everything you DTH/REBECCA AYERS
know delivered right to Allen Artis stands next to a photo of Delaney Robinson at his press conference on June 29.
need to know
UNC every morning! Artis held a press charged with a misdemeanor
assault on a female and sexual
Delaney has suffered immeasurably and hoped
news delivered conference by the Old battery, had his case dismissed that todays resolution could begin her healing.
right to your News Aler
ts Well on June 29.
on June 29. He was reinstated
Denise Branch
to the team on July 6 after

n g B r e a
inbox. meeting with Athletic Director Delaney Robinsons lawyer

t uri
Now fea
By Rebecca Ayers and Rachel Bubba Cunningham and foot-
Jones ball coach Larry Fedora. press conference in which she The parties worked dili-
Senior Writers said she was sexually assault-
This will mark the conclu- gently at mediation to resolve
ed by Artis on Valentines Day this matter to their mutual
sion of a legal battle which
UNC football player Allen began in September of 2016,and that investigators had satisfaction resulting in a dis-
Artis, who was suspended from when then-sophomore mishandled her case. Artis missal of the charges, Branch
the football team after he was Delaney Robinson held a was found not responsible said in a statement. The reso-
through UNCs Title IX office lution is confidential. Delaney
in an original ruling and an has suffered immeasurably
2007 TOYOTA CAMRY appeal by Robinson. His trial
was set for July 18.
and hoped that todays resolu-
tion could begin her healing.
and a National Championship edition
Go to
Orange County District Sutton said she was suspi-
of The Daily Tar Heel Attorney Jim Woodall said cious of photo manipulation
and click on email the decision to dismiss
Artis case was agreed upon
with a photo of Robinsons
neck that had circulated
edition to sign up today. Walk to campus, affordable, mutually by both Artis and
Robinsons legal teams.
around the media. She said it
was a possibility she might take
new in downtown! I hope that they are able
to move past this, these cases
legal action against Branch.
Lindsay said Artis aca-
are very difficult, but theyre demic performance declined
Rent Includes:
3 and 4 Bedroom Units Available both young and theyve got
bright futures and I hope
because of the trial.
Certainly we can also say
Rent Includes:
4 private bedrooms (and 4 full that they fulfill those bright too, it has had an impact
All bathrooms in each unit!).
Utilities (Electricity, Heat/AC, Water), futures, Woodall said. as far as being able to be a
Artis held a press confer- student, maintain the grades
Full Parking Spotspacious cabinets
kitchen with ence with his attorney Kerry that he has historically done,
Washer bedrooms
and dryerandin-unit
bathrooms in each unit Sutton and her law partner hes a wonderful student but
5-speed, automatic transmission, Full kitchen with
Dishwasher spacious
and garbagecabinets
Stephen Lindsay at the Old his grades have suffered,
Well to discuss the dismissal. Lindsay said. Hes had to
FWD 4-Cyl, 2.4 Liter engine Washer and dryer
Refrigerator in-unit
with ice maker Artis said that he was postpone a graduation date
Dual front airbags and Dishwasher
Microwaves and garbage disposal going spend more time with later than he had anticipated,
Refrigerator with ice maker and microwaves his family and friends and so it has changed the future
front-side airbags Complimentary recreation room (TV, focus on moving forward with for him in a lot of ways.
Power steering, locks, Complimentary
Pool Table &recreation
Wi-Fi) room (TV, pool his life and getting a job. Several former and current
table & wi-fi) Im just thankful that this UNC football players took to
windows, cruise control Parking spot in garage process is finally over, Artis social media to express their
Parking spot in garage
140,500 miles Security entries at elevator & stairs. said. Its been a long time, satisfaction with the dismissal
Security entries at elevator & stairs and its a bit overwhelming prior to Artis reinstatement.
Sold as-is right now. Im glad everyones realizing
Call or emailFortoMore Information,
see this amazing property! Denise Branch, Robinsons what we already knew, defen-
Call 919-962-0520 or 919-968-7226
919-968-7226 lawyer, said both parties came sive tackle Aaron Crawford
to the conclusion to dismiss LEADERS
tweeted. Love you fam.
email Visit: the charges.
lea ll fo
sin r cu
g s rre
pe nt
ls possible.
The Crest
NeWly reNovated aPartMeNt HoMeS!
Air Conditioned Large Closets Private Patio or Balcony*
Ceiling Fan
Window Coverings
Track Lighting*
Washer and Dryer
Reco very
very possible

very worthwhile
Disposal Wood Burning Fireplace* Hookup*
Energy Efficient NEW Kitchens and Washer and Dryer
Appliances Bathrooms*
*In Select Homes very inspiring.
The Carolina Recovery Program provides an
200 N Carolina Highway 54 West
Located on UNC
On-Site Laundry
accepting, nurturing environment where students in
Carrboro, NC 27510
Sports Court
Public Grills
recovery can thrive personally, shine academically and
develop enduring resiliency for continued success.
Billiards Room Playground The Carolina Recovery Program provides an accepting, nurturing
environment where students in recovery can thrive personally, shine
Clubhouse Recreation Room academically and develop enduring resiliency for continued success.

Fitness Center Indoor Pool

200 N Carolina Highway 54 West
Carrboro, NC 27510 855.330.0730
The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, July 12, 2017 3

Morehead has historical, state impact

and NC
alike have
By Alexandra Blazevich
Senior Writer

For almost 70 years, the

Morehead Planetarium has
been the place for everything
from astronaut training to
class field trips to romantic

John Motley Morehead III,
class of 1891, gave UNC the
money to build the iconic bell
tower in 1931 but still wanted
to continue giving back to
the school that gave him his
Before he knew what he
wanted to build for his school,
Morehead consulted with
Harvard scholars, such as
Harlow Shapley, who told
him that North Carolina was
in need of a cosmic awaken- DTH/GABRIELLE PALACIO
ing. The Morehead Planetarium Sundial is an iconic landmark of UNC. It is located at the front of the building and can be seen from Franklin Street.
And thus, in 1949,
Morehead Planetarium Since then, the planetarium grams have grown into over April, called #TakeUpSpace. For two weeks each April, sci- from guiding tours to nar-
was built as a gift to the has not gone through many 800 events across all 100 NC Aside from a general renova- ence lovers can learn, create rating planetarium shows to
University. construction changes, but in counties. tion of the building, other new and join others in a variety of greeting the 250,000 young
It was the sixth planetari- recent years, innovation has The Science Center is exhibits include an area about events like robot competitions students who visit the plan-
um to be built in the United brought new programs and working to add exhibits that UNC science research and the and nature walks. etarium annually.
States, and the first built on a exhibits to life. showcase its history and the history of science research. We send educators all When the children come
college campus. future of science. One exhibit Its one of the few areas on across North Carolina to through, they see young
Morehead is, in many Outreach in particular will include campus where it really does educate and expose the whole Carolina students wearing
ways, literally the front door information about astronauts. serve a research education population of the state to name badges from, in many
of this University and to In 2002, under the direc- Throughout the Space function for the University, the fun of science, technol- cases, towns like where
the whole state, said James tion of eventual Chancellor Race, NASA sent all of its but it also has a significant ogy, engineering and math, theyre coming from, Moeser
Moeser, a planetarium advi- Holden Thorp, Morehead astronauts to Morehead statewide function, said Molpus said. said. They see that con-
sory board member and for- Planetarium evolved into the Planetarium. They were Nicholas Graham, University nection in the students who
mer UNC chancellor. Morehead Planetarium and trained in celestial navigation, archivist. Making Connections helped them on this guided
In 1972, the original build- Science Center, where stu- which helped them find their To continue its outreach tour through the science edu-
ing was expanded to include dents could further their edu- way through space based on efforts, the planetarium Moeser said about 200 cation center. So that itself
the observatory, a banquet cation in science, technology, where they were in relation to established the North UNC students work at the sends a strong message that,
hall and eight guest bedrooms engineering and math. Molly the stars. Carolina Science Festival in planetarium, making it sec- I too could be a student at
where esteemed guests of Molpus, communications This exhibit will be part of 2010, which celebrates sci- ond to only the library in this University.
the University can stay when manager for the planetarium, the $5.2 million renovation of ence through different events employing students. Student @alexablazeDTH
theyre visiting the school. said these education pro- the planetarium that began in held annually across the state. employees do everything

Some students change their minds about pre-medicine

Upperclassman of classes, it was really that I
didnt enjoy the material at
Though some may not
decide to go to medical
sport science who may not
have even heard of it.
students who overlook the
resources that are there to help
want to be a physician, but
only because that is a really
biology majors all, Cole said. I was really
interested in helping others
school, there are still other
options for them to pursue,
Director of University
Career Services Gary Miller
them cope with the stresses
that come with rigorous sci-
visible profession and are
maybe drawn to it for a stable
increased in spring. and accessing medicine, but as natural sciences and math- also echoed said that some ence courses, McNeil said. She career path or whatever, but
I wasnt really interested in ematics academic advisor pre-med students who think emphasized resources such as they decide along the way that
By Tallman Boyd the actual material that goes Kathleen McNeil said. they want to become doctors peer tutoring, CHEMpossible it might not exist for them.
Staff Writer behind being a doctor. One thing that has really realize that being a doctor and the Math Help Center. Cole said believes she made
While the perception is that changed is it used to be that isnt what it is cut out to be. Students can pursue STEM the right decision in leaving
To be a doctor or not to be many STEM majors feel the a lot of students would start Most students come in majors and careers in science pre-med. She said she is thank-
a doctor? Its a question that same way as Cole, the statistics in STEM in general and they and think that med school is even if they give up their ful for what both advising and
some pre-med majors ask prove otherwise. Enrollment were more likely to change the right path and they might original goal of being a doctor. University career services did
themselves after their first statistics from the registrars into non-STEM majors prior have a couple of different One thing that I think that to help move her toward her
year of classes. office for juniors and seniors in to graduation at various differ- experiences that heads them a lot students, not just who current field of study.
Bethany Cole, who was pre- 2016-2017 showed that 1,248 ent key points, McNeil said. off to a different path, Miller are pre-med or considering I know a couple of people
med but is now an economics students were biology majors Now, we just recently got said. They might start taking pre-med, struggle with is that who were originally pre-med
and public policy major, felt and 664 were chemistry majors some data back showing that classes they dont like or they there are so many career path and now they are computer
after taking Chemistry 101 and in the Fall 2016 semester. The students do tend to persist if maybe take a job shadowing options that nobody really can science or statistics and they
102 that the science of medi- following semester saw a slight they start out in STEM being experience and feel that it really know everything, Miller feel (their new majors) are as
cine wasnt worth the cost of increase for biology majors and STEM majors. There is lot of may not be the right environ- said. One of the challenges challenging as pre-med, but
being a doctor. chemistry majors 1,398 and people discovering psychology, ment for me. that students have that may not as stressful, Cole said.
For me, it was not the rigor 682, respectively. neurobiology or exercise and But there are pre-med come in thinking that may

SURFs up for various undergraduate researchers

By Emma Boggess humanities, social sciences Booker said that the expe-
Staff Writer and natural sciences, he said. rience has been phenom-
This year, two-thirds of the enal.
When spring exams are grant recipients are pursuing I am treated like a gradu-
over, some students skip research related to a scientific ate student here and given
straight from thoughts of field, including psychology, plenty of independence to
beach vacations and Netflix to biology, chemistry, biomedi- work on my own project and
pursuing study abroad oppor- cal engineering and environ- help with others, he said.
tunities, summer classes and mental studies. Booker corresponds with
undergraduate research. To decide which research his faculty advisor Mitch
The Summer Undergraduate proposals receive a SURF Prinstein, the director of clin-
Research Fellowship has been grant, 12 faculty members ical psychology at UNC, via
providing students with the form four committees that Skype. As Bookers adviser,
money to complete special- rank the proposals. There is Prinstein suggests readings,
ized research projects all one arts committee and one goes over hypotheses and
over the world since 2001. social sciences committee, but helps analyze the data.
Every summer, the Office two natural sciences commit- Aysenil Belger, the director
of Undergraduate Research tees because there are so many of psychiatry neuroimaging
awards a $3,000 stipend to applications from these majors. research at UNC Hospitals, is
approximately 70 undergradu- Blackburn said that around advising a SURF project for
ates to execute a research 60 to 80 projects get the grant psychology major Adelaide
project of their own design. each year, depending on the Zhao, whose project centers
SURF students are required amount of money available. around using EEG recordings
to complete a minimum of 20 We typically spend around to understand the effects of
hours of work per week for $200,000 each year, he said. stress on brain functions in
nine weeks from May through William Booker, a senior adolescents.
August. psychology and Spanish Were brainstorming and
Students from any field of literature major, is cur- coming up with different ideas
study can apply for a SURF rently researching at Tilburg together, so its a more novel PHOTO COURTESY OF WILLIAM BOOKER
award. Approximately 200 University in the Netherlands. and innovative approach to William Booker is researching the contagion of depression in LGBTQ teens at Tillburg University.
applications are received The project is titled completing research, she said.
each year, a majority of which Depression Contagion among Belger said the project is I think that sometimes we Prinstein agreed to sign as a behavior, he said. (The
pertain to the natural sci- Adolescents: Implications for unique because shes helping forget that there is interpreta- onto Bookers research LGBTQ population) is an
ences. Troy Blackburn, associ- LGBTQ Teens. her student develop a new tion at the end of data analysis, because he wanted to learn extremely important group
ate dean for undergraduate My focus is to understand way to analyze data instead but its really important for the more about depression in for further study, since those
research, said this doesnt the development of non- of following a pre-existing students to understand why adolescents, especially those who have same-sex attrac-
mean that only natural sci- suicidal self-injury during method. She prefers to pair they are collecting and ana- in the LGBTQ community. tions are at a much greater
ences projects get the grant. adolescence in response to the research with guided read- lyzing the data and how this I think its really impor- risk for stigmas, discrimina-
We try to balance the per- peer victimization, while still ings of related articles to help data will contribute to greater tant for us to know a little bit tion and other minority stress
centage of projects that we learning about contagion on students better understand knowledge or the generation of more about the contagion of that could lead to suicide.
fund across the fine arts and the side, he said. the influence of their research. new information, she said. depression and self-injury
4 Wednesday, July 12, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

UNC sophomore runs local corporation

By Chantal Shine iGokulam, and one game
Staff Writer called Flappy Yeet. Pavan, a
sophomore computer science
While most students feel and business major, began
accomplished to get a sum- the journey of making peo-
mer internship or make an A ples ideas for apps, websites
in a class, one of their peers and software when he was a
has been running a company junior at Enloe High School.
since he was 16 years old. Evan Gallagher, Linker
Linker Logic Technologies Logics 19-year-old project
Inc., founded by CEO Ritwik manager and sophomore
Pavan when he was a high at Syracuse University, said
school junior, designs apps Pavan is a great leader.
for businesses. He leads not only by
The price to get an app example but exemplifies
made by the Chapel Hill- someone as a role model,
based company, which has Gallagher said. If Im feeling
worked on 38 apps and has like I dont really want to do
14 ongoing projects, ranges this today, I know hes going
from $25,000 to more than to be here with coffee in hand
$100,000. ready to go even if everybody
One of the business cus- else isnt.
tomers is Quentin Jackson, Pavan said that Linker
who had an idea for an Logic has experienced some
app that connects college difficulties, such as team-
coaches with high school work, but there is one major
athletes who want an ath- obstacle still blocking the
letic scholarship. Jackson companys way forward.
said that Linker Logic was Were right in the center
instrumental to his com- of being a startup and being a
panys success. full on company, Pavan said.
Weve gone from a com- Thats the biggest struggle
pany valued at $0 to a com- right now because the transi-
pany that will potentially sell tion is difficult.
for $30 to $50 million dollars Age doesnt seem to
within the next two years, be a problem for Pavans
Jackson said. team or his clients either.
Herman Hill, a sports One employee, 18-year-old
official at the high school Leesville Road High School PHOTO COURTESY OF RITWIK PAVAN
and collegiate level, wanted senior Mason Robertson, said Ritwik Pavan is the CEO of Linker Logic Technologies and a sophomore computer science and business major at UNC.
to develop an app to help his lack of experience wasnt a
referees. He said the app is problem for Pavan. If youre a motivated person the work that weve done, age Hill reiterated the senti- companies making advance-
in the works at Linker Logic. I see him as a mentor, of high character I believe you is not a barrier. ment. ments in artificial intelli-
They make you want to Robertson said. He knew (I can make anything that you Jackson said he doesnt see Theres an old soul in gence, autonomous vehicles,
work with them, Hill said. wasnt) the complete best, but want to happen, happen. the teams age as a barrier. these young guys, Hill said. internet of things and vir-
You give them a concept, he was aiming to build a com- Even though Pavan is now As an older man, you It surprises me that you tual reality and expand to an
they take it from a small munity of a common age and a full-time student at UNC, would be hesitant to deal have a group of creative international clientele.
(idea), then turn it into a mindset. said he still notices the reac- with high school-aged people that have this much I made that commitment
huge concept. Pavan said he looks beyond tion his clients get when kids, Jackson said. But knowledge about app devel- to myself where I said that
Linker Logic began as just age when adding people to they discover the teams the unique thing that they opment at such a young age if theres something I want
a guy with an idea, or rather the team. ages. brought to the table was and theyre still able to see to do, Im going to make it
a teenager who had already More than your skill and Usually the look on their their ability to listen, under- the big picture. happen, Pavan said.
developed two apps: one for talent, I look a lot at character face is priceless, Pavan said. stand and implement what I Pavan said he wants @chantal_shine
his religious organization, and motivation, Pavan said. As soon as weve shown up was trying to do. Linker Logic to reach out to

Former Chancellor Hardin leaves behind legacy of integrity

By Rebecca Ayers ing to a UNC news release. fundraising effort. of the School of Law. In 2007, helped name the undergradu- beneath the surface of Paul
Breaking Editor He was in office dur- His other accomplishments south campus dormitory ate admissions office Jackson Hardin, you will find exactly
ing UNCs Bicentennial include the establishment Hardin Hall was named after Hall in honor of black faculty what you find on the surface,
UNCs seventh chancellor, Observance, launching a of the Employee Forum, the him. members Blyden and Roberta for this man is solid oak from
Paul Hardin III, died on July fundraising campaign that naming of Jackson Hall after Chancellor Carol Folt said Jackson. top to bottom, Richardson
1 from ALS at his home in brought in $440 million in black UNC employees and in a statement that Hardin Dick Richardson, a retired said.
Chapel Hill. He was 86 years private gifts, $120 million the completion of the Sonja was a visionary leader and UNC provost and a chair on Hardin is survived by
old. over the original goal. He also Haynes Stone Center for will be remembered for his the Bicentennial Observance his wife, Barbara Russell
Hardin served as chancel- granted former President Bill Black Culture and History. life-changing impacts in board, said Hardin was an Hardin, three children, nine
lor from 1988 to 1995. During Clinton an honorary degree After stepping down from the higher education. authentic person and was grandchildren and one great-
his tenure, he helped double at Kenan Stadium, celebrat- position of chancellor in 1995, Hardin was a civil rights comfortable with himself. grandchild.
the faculty diversity, accord- ing the yearlong bicentennial he served as a faculty member advocate in the 1960s, and If you scratch deeply

DTH office is open TODAY from is

DTH office 9am-5pm DTH9:00am-5:00pm
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Announcements For Rent For Rent Help Wanted
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CUSTOMERS fordable 3, or 4BR w/ 4BA. Rent in- Hill. Best for graduate students and hours a week. Flexible work schedule.
Deadlines are NOON one business day cludes all utilities, parking in garage, retirees. Rent covers everything: Elec- Great for students. $12/hr. 919-933-
prior to publication for classified ads. WiFi, W/D, huge kitchen, rec room, tricity, gas and water. $1,330/mo. 7533, 919-260-5645.
We publish bi-weekly on Wednesdays security entrance with elevator. Call Non-smoking. Sorry, no pets. Refer-
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ject, edit, or reclassify any ad. Please HOME offering spacious Kitchen with NICE, QUIET GARAGE APARTMENT. assistant. Must possess excellent Discipline with health goals produces bigger-than-
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we are only responsible for errors on ing areas; 1st floor Bedroom with full trance. Kitchen. Carpeting. Separate ness environment, flexible hours with summer lead to surging personal income. Winter
the first day of the ad. Acceptance of bath; 2 spacious Bedrooms on 2nd living room, bedroom, bathroom. competitive wages. Please email in-
ad copy or prepayment does not imply Many windows. Partly furnished. quiries, resume to a076080@Allstate. brings slower cash flow before flowering shared
agreement to publish an ad. You may floor; private patio; 10 minute drive $725/mo. includes utilities, cable, in- com income. Strategize for family thriving. Fill your house
stop your ad at any time, but NO RE- to UNC; easy access to I-40, 540, Hwy ternet. 919-929-6072. with love.
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with federal law, can state a prefer- bath, full kitchen, W/D. Located on BUY FOR LESS THAN RENT: customer service background with
ence based on sex, race, creed, color, Martin Luther King Blvd half-mile to 3+2 newer detached home, all updat- excellent verbal & written com- Aries (March 21-April 19)
religion, national origin, handicap, campus. $980 Monthly. 919-491-0703 ed + 2-car garage. $283,888 Breeze munication skills with prior experi- Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
marital status. Realty Network 919-796-3470 Breeze- ence of MS Office. Saturdays only, Today is a 6 -- Take quiet time to Today is a 7 -- Pay extra care to 7am-1pm. OR 1pm-7pm. $12ph. think things over. Review priorities, health and fitness today and tomor-
PERFECT STUDIO: Apartment (ap-
Child Care Services proximately 500 square feet) within NOT a seasonal position. To Apply
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and focus on keeping old commit-
ments over the next few days. Rest
row. Maintain exercise routines.
Keep to your plan. Especially if work
walking distance of UNC. Covered
DRIVER/SITTER Seeking student for
up to 20hrs per wk. Flexible days/hrs.
carport, high ceilings, full kitchen Help Wanted and recharge. seems intense, nurture your body.
and bath, W/D and beautiful Italian
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all utilities and wireless. Sorry, no nastics is seeking a friendly front desk Today is an 8 -- Group activities, Today is an 8 -- Express your heart.
919-381-2041 pets. Move in August 1. Email for projects, grant applications, manu- social events and meetings go well Let another know how much they
scripts. Must have Social Science MS, person to work flexible morning, after-
appointment: noon, or evening shifts approximately today and tomorrow. Take extra mean to you. Share intimate con-
919-933-9458 ABD, PhD. Must be very organized time for bonding and fun. Get out
Child Care Wanted and detail oriented with strong writ- 25 hrs/wk. Permanent position; not fidences and secret details. Relax
ing skills. PT/FT (20-40 hrs.) per week, seasonal! Strong communication, and enjoy the company. together and enjoy the company.
SUMMER CHILD CARE NEEDED For an MERCIA RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES: flexible schedule, benefits, wages math, and computer skills required.
Autistic 13-year old girl. We are look- Now showing and leasing proper- based on experience, friendly work en- Please send resume to ryan@chapel- Gemini (May 21-June 20) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
ing for energetic and compassionate ties for 2017/18 school year. Walk vironment. TeleSage, Inc. is 300 feet Today is a 7 -- Fix up your place Today is a 7 -- Get creative with
candidates with an interest in special to campus, 1BR-6BR available. from UNC main campus. Send cover OFFICE AND LANDSCAPING Full or today is an 8 -- Take on more your home. Nurture your garden
education and autism. Experience pre- Contact via or letter and resume to BB@TeleSage. part time. No prior experience neces- responsibility today and tomorrow and add new details. Make repairs
ferred but not required. Email Tricia at 919-933-8143. com. Start this summer. sary. Must have own transportation, for a rise in influence. Accept and upgrades. Clean closets and for details. English mandatory, position located greater leadership. Study for the drawers; reduce clutter. Paint works
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with excellent references, clean driv- borhood, 9-12mo, $310, includes utili- Carolina Livery, a local passenger Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
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casional driving of older kids to ac- details. Competitive salary, hospitality next few days. Explore a subject of or music. Get your message out.
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month old, and very light help around blocks to Franklin with Hdwd floors, your fascination.
lative GPA 3.2
house (picking up baby toys, putting w&d, $875/mo. No utilities included. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
away her laundry, etc). Call Robyn For more info contact Fran Holland
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CARE NEEDED for Infant in North weeks of the camp, July 31-Aug 18, $5,125, firm: 5-speed, automatic to help. Focus on urgent priorities, expenses. Enjoy simple luxuries like
Durham: MWF 18-27hrs/wk. Start DO YOU LIKE YOUR OWN PRIVACY? Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-1 pm. transmission, FWD 4-Cyl, 2.4 Liter en-
7/24. Non-smoker, clean background Perfect studio apartment (approxi- and divvy up tasks. Manage the hot water and good food.
As a literacy tutor you will follow a gine. Dual front airbags and front-side paperwork.
check, CPR/FirstAid cert, must have mately 500 square feet) within walk- structured lesson plan and work with 5 airbags. Power steering, locks, win-
own transportation. Email april.bob- ing distance of UNC. Covered carport, students each day for 45 mins-1 hour dows, cruise control. 140,500 miles. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) high ceilings, full kitchen and bath, each. Please contact Laura Brown at Sold as-is (some dings, no significant Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 9 -- Take charge of your
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sitter for 4 girls, ages 8-13. Looking for
someone who is fun, outgoing, active.
pionship newspaper, magazine and
poster for the new owner.
to UNC, charm Roosevelt neighbor- Potential for full-time through end of
hood, private entry, 9-12mo, $650,
ONLINE! includes utilities, except cable/inter-
summer, and then after-school during
school year. Respond to learn more. LOST & FOUND ADS RUN
net, verifiable state year and major. Must have transportation and be safe driver. 919-928-6558 FREE IN DTH CLASSIFIEDS! (c) 2016 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.
The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, July 12, 2017 5
BEES something that actually sup-
ports the environment.
lesson for the indiscriminate
use of pesticides, he said.
start with the least harmful
pesticides before working up
populations, too. She said on
her tours, many people do not
need to be protected are native
species of bees that do not live
FROM PAGE 1 Rintoul said last year, many There are ways that you can to the more powerful ones. know much about honey bees. in hives like honey bees do. He
we experiment, where stu- of the bees in one of the hives use pesticides that dont harm He suggested spraying They pretty much know said native bees are the bees
dents are empowered to try at Carrboro High School were honey bees. early in the morning or late that they make honey and that people are talking about when
new things and take chances, killed by pesticides. Rintoul Rintoul said integrated at night and refraining from they sting you, she said. I they say, Save the bees.
he said. So one of the big, found a 2-inch deep pile of pest management, or IPM, is spraying on windy days or on think they are sort of shocked Native bees, since theyre
over-arching projects that dead bees at the hive as a one way to prevent harm to flowering plants. to find out how important they out there all by themselves,
were working on, of which result of harmful chemicals honey bees. IPM is a strat- Cabell said supporting farm- are to our food system and also mankind cant do anything to
the bees are a part, is to try being sprayed within a 5-mile egy of monitoring the pests ers markets that arent using to learn that honey bees are not help them other than to not
to transform the landscape radius of the hives. before deciding if pesticides chemicals and planting pol- aggressive by nature. kill them, he said.
around the campus into Thats a very important are needed. Then, one should linator gardens help the bee Rintoul said the bees that

COAL what we have here in North

Carolina are quite high,
Sophomore Delancy Allred
said from a school like UNC, TOBACCO market must be found appro-
priate for public health. The
companies aggressively try to
thwart public health efforts at
FROM PAGE 1 Barner said. Its a daunting you expect there to be pro- FROM PAGE 1 bill was introduced by a con- the state and local levels too.
agreement. task to try to get something gressive change for a method relations for the American gressperson two weeks later. Weason said NC minors
Liu said the plant can sup- that does reduce our carbon thats less harmful to the envi- Cancer Society Cancer Action Reynolds American endorsed have increased their e-ciga-
ply the school with up to one- footprint as well as provide a ronment. Network. Altrias lobbying. rette usage by 888 percent in
third of its electricity. better reasonable cost. Its hard to make the And so thats one major I think its a shame that between 2011 and 2015 and
You cant stop losing elec- Liu said the plant is one of change but if other universi- area where the FDA just got our regulators are receiv- the tobacco industry spends
tricity all at once, so the goal the most efficiently run in the ties are doing it, we should the authority for the first ing such sizable campaign almost $380 million dollars
is not to find material that country and comes from mines study more of the ways they time in the history of the contributions from tobacco on marketing annually in NC.
will immediately substitute that dont practice mountain- did it and see how they did it United States back in 2009, companies that it may unduly Haifley said the influence
coal, but instead find material top removal. She said many financially, she said. and already the industry is influence their regulatory of tobacco companies isnt
that will continuously lessen other campuses dont have Bruno said UNC should maneuvering to undercut the support and voting decisions, going away anytime soon.
the amount of it, Liu said. power plants and that UNC give up its energy indepen- FDAs authority, Haifley said. that it may actually influence Its an industry that is
Phil Barner, director of has an advantage because the dence and use renewable or The New York Times report- the outcome of health policy addicted to its profits and
energy services, said UNC has plant makes electricity cheaper. nuclear energy. ed in 2016 that it received doc- legislation, Williams said. As those are tied to their product
been looking for alternate fuels The steam that the gen- We should be the leader uments showing that Altria, a a scientist, I feel strongly that and behavior addicting the
since 2007 and has been burn- eration plant produce really as the biggest most important Virginia tobacco company, gave regulators should be influ- public and causing disease
ing natural gases for 45 years. help UNC hospitals and labs educational and research insti- congresspeople a draft of a enced by science and fact, not and death throughout the
The energy demands of a and they save campus a lot of tution of the state, he said. law removing the requirement by campaign contributions. nation, he said.
tier-one research campus like money, she said. that e-cigarettes already on the Haifley said that tobacco

Did You Know: People with Dementia with Lewy Bodies and
Parkinsons Disease Dementia Frequently Exhibit
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder?
Individuals with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) or
Parkinsons disease dementia (PDD) frequently exhibit
REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) a serious condition
where a person physically and/or vocally acts out their dreams

NOW ENROLLING: a clinical study evaluating an investigational medication

as a potential treatment for RBD in people with DLB or PDD
Study participants must*:
Be at least 50 years of age
Have a diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) or Parkinsons disease dementia (PDD)
Experience REM sleep behavior disorder (symptoms include abnormal sleep behaviors such as acting out
or vocalizing dreams)
Be willing to take part in overnight sleep lab studies
Study-related medical care is provided at no cost. To learn more about local study participation, please call: (800) 501-0684
*Additional eligibility criteria apply

Closest Chiropractor to Campus! 919-929-3552

For Lease Voted BEST in the Triangle!
Dr. Chas Gaertner, DC
NC Chiropractic

304 W. Weaver St.
Questions aboutKeeping
auto accidents?
UNC Give me a call! Students,
Athletes, Keeping
&UNC Athletes,
Staff wellStudents & Staff well adjusted
Now in Carrboro!
I Bee-lieve

Locals are abuzz with bee
preservation efforts, with
high school hives and college
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved. clubs. See pg. 1 for story.
Spacing Out
35' 1 1/16"

33' 8"












Morehead Planetarium




27' 9"









Complete the grid








looks to the stars in its past












TRGTMS8419 TRGTMS8419 36









so each row, column

21' 6 3/8"





and future endeavors. See









and 3-by-3 box (in




pg. 3 for story.



















bold borders) contains








every digit 1 to 9.

PSMP6612 PSMP6612 PSMP6612 PSMP6612

19' 9 1/8"

Solution to

TB4216 TB4216 TB3016 TB4216 TB4216

North Carolina




last puzzle

BE 26'

politicians are smoking

4' 1



the campaign donation




OFFICE numbers. See pg. 1 for story.


Doctor? No

More than a Bond vil-

Renovation Plan lain, its a tough decision for
Scale: 1/8" = 1'-0" many pre-meds. See pg. 3
for story.

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

(C)2012 Tribune Media
Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Across 54 Terrestrial newt 15 Stubborn 44 Pledge, e.g.

1 Angry Orchard product 55 Hammer at an angle 20 Breakfast cookware 45 Gotten with
6 Bony part of the roof of 59 Sun shade 23 Dont forget our considerable effort
the mouth 60 Destructive storm date 47 Identity-concealing
12 1988 Schwarzenegger 62 Agenda opener 25 Arabian Nights garb, perhaps
cop film 64 Administer an oath to character 52 Lowly workers
14 Put an end to 65 Made do 27 Hockey immortal 55 Completes a street
16 Clears a stoppage 66 Contacts option 28 Guy 56 Purpose
from 67 Punishing work 30 Breeze through 57 Tilted type: Abbr.
17 Entertainer 33 Author Ferber 58 Not That Kind of
nicknamed The Down 36 Better Call Saul Girl memoirist
Schnoz 1 Official rebuke network Dunham
18 Be Prepared org. 2 Security issues? 37 Wander 61 Indian bread
19 Party hearty 3 FedEx alternative 38 Real estate, gold, 63 Shakespeares fairy
21 Monterrey Mrs. 4 Anti-discrimination silver, etc. queen
22 Outlying area, briefly org. 39 Pheasant kin
24 Whitman of TVs 5 Musical style of 40 Yellow ribbon holder
5,245 sq. ft. on first floor of a Class B office building Parenthood Anoushka Shankars of song
25 Slightly 2015 album Home 43 Almost finished!
14 daytime parking spaces, 23 more nighttime spaces 26 Earth along the Elbe
27 Lyric tribute
6 City near Venice
7 Mistreats
29 French course 8 Traditional accounts
Seven private offices 31 Score silence
32 Guideline
9 Chef s phrase
10 Sheriff s badge
34 Spot for wheels? 11 CHiPs actor
Conference room with projector and smart board 35 Gritty ... and a
description of this
12 Hockey puck material
13 Original Dungeons &
puzzle, which is also a Dragons co.
Kitchen and break room hint to
24-hour keypad access eight answers
38 ... __ lovely as
... : Kilmer
On-site property management 41 European
42 Seis doubled
$18.90/sq. ft + operating expenses 46 Beat the bushes
48 Note site
49 Exploring
Griffith Park,
Call 919-962-0520 or say
50 Sushi bar drink
email 51 __-Locka,
53 Not een once
6 Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

EDITORIAL CARTOON By Jenni Ciesielski,

Claude Wilson Liam Bradford

Opinion Writer Music Production and Pitfalls
Sophomore undecided major from Chapel Hill, First-year undecided major from Graham,
North Carolina North Carolina
Email: Email:

Know the Music needs

local history a political
of eugenics message
longside the benefits of our ould Bernie Sanders had been
understanding of genetics over more successful if hed played
the years, theres been the dark Rage Against the Machine at
shadow of its pseudoscience.
More than just an unfortunate chap-
EDITORIAL his rallies?
Possibly. In times of political turmoil,

Let our inner scientists out

ter of history confined to Nazi Germany, music can turn political as well. And
eugenics has long had a foot in American oftentimes, theres no better way to
politics. North Carolina provides a per- express how pissed off you are about the
fect example of the wretched history of world than music.
eugenics in the United States. Creating Scientists women, minorities, first-gen-
eration students and transfer
to weed out the crowds of
first-years who say they want
But the strongest examples rarely
reach the mainstream population.
The focal point of the Old North
States relationship with eugenics over will be great for UNC students. to go to medical school. Music that seeks to address the
injustices of the world is powerful and
Finishing all of the classes Many non-STEM majors
the years was the Eugenics Board of
North Carolina, a state board formed in if its accessible in a Bachelor of Science take the science courses they thought-provoking but often unpopular,

1933. It forcibly sterilized citizens, many resigning it to the label of underground.
heres a little bit of Bill degree is difficult to do in need to fulfill their general
of whom were black and impoverished. The world is frequently overwhelm-
Nye in all of us. four years, particularly for education requirements, and ing, and many people like to use music
The stated targets of sterilization of Thats why we fully those who have to work one then never go near the sub-
the Eugenics Board were the so-called as a tool to escape the world rather
support UNCs newest five- or more jobs to pay for their ject again, but not because of than one to address it. Its a lot easier
feeble-minded, which was bad enough,
year initiative, Creating education. Its even more dif- a disinterest in science if to listen to a song about partying until
but they also sterilizes the blind and
deaf, expanding to the sterilization of any Scientists: Learning by ficult for transfer students youre not pursuing a career the sun rises than a cop murdering a
welfare recipients social workers chose Connecting, Doing and to do when theyre only here in the medical field or scien- child in cold blood. However, there are
to single out. Over the course of over 40 Making. for two or three years. So tific research, whatever joy exceptions, such as Marvin Gaye, Rage
years, about 7,500 people were sterilized The program is part of Creating Scientists can be you may get from taking a Against the Machine and Kendrick
by the state until 1977, when the Eugenics the Universitys Quality students way of receiving general science class isnt usu- Lamar, who have succeeded in being
Board was formally abolished. However, Enhancement Plan and will education in the STEM field ally worth the C youll most both mainstream and true to their politi-
laws allowing involuntary sterilization take scientific subjects such cal messages.
without committing to those likely get on your transcript.
remained in place until as late as 2003. I had a heated argument with a friend
as biology, chemistry and majors. This is unfortunate because about the band Rage Against the Machine.
The driving force behind the forced physics and implement them For much of the student science is a field that affects
sterilizations authorized by the Eugenics I argued that their borderline-anarchist
into other disciplines in the body though, these courses everybody. Given the recent political message alone made them a
Board after World War II was the so-
humanities, like music and art. will have to be different from influx in climate change great band. She argued that their popular-
called Human Betterment League, an
organization made up of Winston-Salems
The goal is to get more people most UNC science ones in deniers, a general knowledge ity invalidated their radical left political
wealthy elite for the purpose of furthering involved in the sciences and order for them to carve out of the scientific field is more position. She was convinced that because
the cause of eugenics in North Carolina. dispel the notion that science parts of their schedule for it. important than ever. they crossed over into mainstream cul-
Founded in 1947, the efforts of the League is just 200-person lectures and Science courses particu- Creating Scientists has ture, their beliefs became irrelevant. She
led to an 80% increase in forced steriliza- three-hour long exams that are larly ones in the chemistry or the opportunity to change argued that to be considered genuine in
tions in the state and continued to pro- graded on a bell curve. physics departments have a students views on college sci- their conviction then, an artist has to be
mote forced sterilizations until the early Creating Scientists wasnt reputation of being unneces- ence courses. But to do that, unpopular. They have to be playing shows
1970s, eventually disbanding in 1988. in local clubs to crowds of only a hundred
just chosen to reflect the stu- sarily difficult. But this reputa- it will have to let go of some
Beyond thousands of forced steriliza- or so. Crowds whose beliefs are already
dent bodys increased interest tion isnt based on the material of our science courses harsh aligned with the artists. They cant sound
tions administered under the authority in STEM majors. We respect being too difficult, but on how grading tactics and create an
of the Eugenics Board, countless more polished, and they cant be liked by anyone
the programs goals to take on the projects, exams and bell environment where students outside of the small circle of people shar-
were carried out by local clinics in the
the underrepresentation of curve grading system is meant arent afraid to fail. ing identical beliefs.
state. While a bill passed in 2013 provid-
ed compensation to victims of involun- But I vehemently disagreed. How
tary sterilization by the Eugenics Board, many songs from underground, more
no compensation has been instituted for LETTERS TO THE EDITOR radically left artists are concerned with
victims of these clinics. changing the whole world not just
Care about and oppose Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP lion metric tons of plastic end for their music scene for the better in
North Carolina is only one of many is evidence of Barbaras invest- up in the ocean. According to
states that has sanctioned forced steriliza- the GOP Healthcare their music? How many of these bands
ment in our community. It is, thats about albums were created out of a desire to
tion. Beyond the already horrible history TO THE EDITOR: time we invest in her. five grocery bags full of plastic
of American eugenics, the American see real political change? I think many of
The Senate plan is not a As a born and raised for every foot of coastline in the them, or even all of them, do. If an artist
model of eugenics and forced sterilization health care bill. It is a massive Carrboro resident, I have world, and its easily avoidable.
would provide a direct model for similar with views similar to this were to become
transfer of wealth from working watched the Board of Aldermen In November 2016, California popular, it should be considered a cause
programs implemented in Nazi Germany. people to Wall Street. Twenty- assist Carrboro in transform- voted to ban plastic bags for large
Harry Laughlin, one of the lead- for hope or a breath of fresh air, not sell-
two million Americans would ing from a sleepy small town retailers. Customers bring their ing out. It means theyre striking a chord
ing American eugenicists of the 1930s, lose their insurance under the to a thriving, forward-thinking own reusable shopping bags or
would brag to colleagues about how Nazi with their message, reaching outside
Senate bill. The Senate bill and inclusive community. The pay a ten cent charge for paper those who already believed in what they
Germany was adapting his compulsory taxes working peoples health current Carrboro Board of bags. Many other cities have
sterilization law models, amd in 1936 had to say. Wouldnt that mean that at
benefits while cutting taxes for Aldermen have led Carrboro in adopted bans as well, includ- least a portion of our mainstream of our
was awarded an honorary degree by millionaires and insurance com- a manner in which we can all be ing Washington, D.C., Boulder,
Heidelberg University for his contribu- culture was beginning to accept change in
panies. Thats just wrong. The proud. Barbaras proven record Chicago, and even the Outer the world? Changes that would better the
tions to the science of racial cleansing. Senate bill effectively destroys of leadership and her passion Banks. Though not all bans are as
Despite the repeated debunking of lives of people in our country, whether its
Medicaid stripping health for engaging with the citizens of strict, they are certainly effective. African Americans or women or those in
eugenics by respectable academics and care from children, seniors and our community will provide a San Jose, California found an 89
researchers, Social Darwinist think- poverty or immigrants.
low-income Americans. powerful presence to this Board. percent reduction of plastic litter Maybe, for the more politically invest-
ing and support for eugenicist thought Fuller Caton To quote Barbara, If you in the storm drain system after
remains far more prevalent than it ed of us, its the part of us that loves the
Henderson, NC really want to be a part of instituting their 2011 plastic bag thrill of being part of the counterculture.
should. The most prominent example is change, you have to have a seat ban.
Charles Murrays 1994 The Bell Curve, a Or maybe its the part of us too nihilistic
perniciously ignorant, poorly researched,
Save a Seat for Barbara at the table where the changes In cities that ban plastic bags, to believe that the world will change
Foushee on the BOA are being made. Lets save her or at least take steps to reduce and instead brand those artists who do
and deliberately misleading book which a seat. plastic usage, pollution decreases
claims human intelligence is linked to breakthrough without changing their
TO THE EDITOR: Hathaway S. Pendergrass and customers are far more likely beliefs to the the pop culture zeitgeist as
race. The book was published without Save a Seat for Foushee. I Class of 06 to carry their own reusable bags.
any peer review, based itself on flawed sellouts or as irrelevant and signifying
am proud to endorse Barbara In Thurston County, Washington, little. When will we stop patting our-
statistical methods and faulty assump- Foushee to serve Carrboro on
tions and has been torn to shreds by a
North Carolina should the plastic bag ban reduced sin- selves on the back for refusing to take
the Board of Aldermen. get rid of plastic bags gle-use bag usage from 63 percent part in the changing of the world we
number of prominent scholars. Through my work with to 3 percent in only six months,
But Charles Murrays pseudo-research claim to hope for so much? We should
the Carrboro Planning Board TO THE EDITOR: and a majority of shop-owners at least try to make a world where car-
is still taken seriously in certain circles. and with Barbaras husband, Its time to take plastic bags out supported the ban. Chapel Hill
The majority of Murrays research came ing about the lives of the people around
Braxton Foushee, I have had of supermarkets. Numerous cities could benefit greatly from taking us, the autonomy of human beings and
from the Pioneer Fund, a non-profit foun- the privilege of getting to know across the United States and even this small step to reduce waste
dation that has funded prominent white everyones right to the same things is
Barbara professionally and per- the entire state of California have and protect the environment. more important than being countercul-
supremacists, such as Roger Pearson and sonally. Her work with OWASA, voted to ban plastic bags in local Erin Danford
Jared Taylor. Among the founding mem- ture.
the Carrboro Human Services stores, and North Carolina should Junior
bers of the Fund was Harry Laughlin. Advisory Board and the local follow suit. Every year, 8 mil- Environmental Science
The original eugenicists saw them- EDITORIAL STAFF
selves as philanthropists who were help- News: Rachel Jones, Photo: Gabi Palacio
ing the world, and future neo-eugeni- Sophia Wilhelm, Opinion: Jenni
cists will probably view themselves that QUOTE OF THE DAY FEATURED ONLINE READER COMMENT Rebecca Ayers,
Natalie Short,
Ciesielski, Claude
Wilson, Liam
way as well. This is why it is important Alexandra Blazevich,
Chantal Shine,
Adviser: Erica Perel
we dispel the pseudoscientific, white They pretty much know that This is a literal nothingburger. Ta l l m a n B o y d , B r i n l e y
Lowe, Emma Boggess
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Web Printing Co.
supremacist myths that are perpetuated
by people like Charles Murray and orga- they make honey and that they Tardo Henrik, on the protests against Wendys for raising awareness
Copy: Karen Stahl
Design: Brooklynn
Distribution: Stacy
Wynn, Nick and
nizations like the Pioneer Fund. sting you. about farmworker abuses.
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