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1. Fill in the gaps with some / any / a /an

1. There aren't _____ children in the playground 6. Have you got _____ money?
2. There are _____ people in that room 7. They haven't got _____ computer in their room
3. He isn't wearing _____ uniform 8. There aren't _____ books in my rucksack (mochila)
4. Is there _____ fruit left? 9. Is there _____ good cinema in your town
5. There is _____ bread left 10. There aren't _____ parks near my house

2. Fill in the gaps with some, any, a or an

1. There are .......... potatoes on the table 6. He never wears .......... uniform
a) some b) any c) a d) an a) some b) any c) a d) an
7. There aren't ........ tickets for the concert
2. Are there ....... books on your desk? left
a) some b) any c) a d) an a) some b) any c) a d) an

3. Is there ........ coffee left? 8. There are ......... apples in the basket (cesta)
a) some b) any c) a d) an a) some b) any c) a d) an

4. Have you got ....... brothers or sisters? 9. She isn't wearing ........ dress
a) some b) any c) a d) an a) some b) any c) a d) an

5. He hasn't got ........ money 10. Is there ........ sugar in your tea?
a) some b) any c) a d) an a) some b) any c) a d) an

11. He hasn't got ........ girlfriend

a) some b) any c) a d) an

3. Correct the following sentences (use contractions if possible)

1. He hasn't got some friends 6. Is there some people?
2. He hasn't got a teacher English 7. He's doctor
3. There isn't some food in the fridge 8. There isn't some water in my glass
4. There aren't no bananas left 9. Is there some pens left?
5. There are some childrens in my car 10. Are there a children?

4. Fill in the gaps with : there is/there are/ There isn't / there aren't / Is there / Are there

1. __________ any sugar in the cupboard 6. ____________ any fruit? 9. ____________ any petrol ?
2. ____________ any people? 7. ____________ any tickets? 10. ____________ any books
3. ____________ some coffee 8. ____________ any tea in my cup 11. ____________ some
4. ____________ any stamps left children
5. ____________ any money in my pocket
5. Choose the correct answer 4. Hay mucha gente? 8. Hay cerveza
1. Hay nios a) Are there much people? a) There's beer
a) There is some children b) Is there much people? b) There's some beer
b) There are some children c) Are there many people? c) Is beer
c) There are children
5. No hay dinero 9. No hay dinero
2. Hay agua? a) There isn't no money a) There isn't money
a) There's water b) There aren't money b) Isn't money
b) Is there any water? c) There is no money c) There isn't any money
c) Are there some water?
6. Hay pan? 10. No hay gente
3. Hay gatos a) Is there bread? a) There isn't any people
a) There are some cats b) There is bread? b) There aren't any people
b) There are cats c) Is there any bread? c) There isn't no people
c) There is cats
7. Hay pltanos?
a) Are there any bananas?
b) Is there any bananas?
c) Are there some bananas?

6. Look for the translation on the right and match

1. No hay gente A. There's some money
2. No haba nios B. Was there any water?
3. No haba dinero C. There were some people
4. Haba nios? D. There's no water
5. Haba gente E. There weren't any children
6. No hay agua F. There aren't any people
7. Hay dinero G. Were there any children?
8. Haba agua? H. Were there any people?
9. Haba gente? I. There wasn't any water
10.No haba agua J. There wasn't any money

7. Complete the sentences with: there is/there isnt/there are/ there arent / is there /are there
1. _______________ any money 7. _______________ a thief in this town (thief= ladrn)
2. _______________ some petrol
3. _______________ no sugar in my tea 8. __________ some new flats in my street
4. _______________ any children? 9. ______________ a television in my room
5. _______________ no maps in my class 10. ___________ any beautiful girls in my class
6. _______________ any lamps in this room