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Note: All questions should be answered in a brief manner and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Do keep
in mind that there are no wrong answers.

1. Are you willing to relocate to Bangalore?

Yes, I m comfortable to this place.

2. What's one thing you would like to do better? What's your plan for improving?
I always try to keep myself in a better routine. For this I always go through that and keep
updating myself and the workplan too.

3. How do you deal with stress in the workplace?

I try to keep calm and focus on the work while being patient.

4. Do you work best in a group or independently? Why?

I work best independently because whatever I want, it can be represented in my work. I can
express my thoughts fully and perfectly when I work individually.

5. Is it better to be perfect and late, or good and on time?

It is better to give good output on time.

6. Whats the biggest decision youve had to make in the past year? Why was it so big?
A trip to Himachal Pradesh was the biggest decision done in past December, 16. It was big for
me because I was not in condition to go but as I agreed for trip, I got to know different types of
architectural styles, cultures, religions. I met with different people of different thinking. I
attended conference and seminar in Delhi and got a chance to meet with many practicing
architects which broadened my perspective about architecture.
7. What is something you'd be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?
Id be happy if I achieve the target Ive set every single day.

8. Why do you want to work for us?

Since the objective of my academic architectural internship is to explore and expand the
knowledge of architecture. My areas of interest resemble with your working style. Hence, I
believe that working for you will be a great platform to enhance and excel my areas of interest
as well as giving the best output to your firm.

9. What was the most useful criticism you have received till date?
I was criticised on the way I worked earlier. The criticism was that I was good on time but it
would be better if it was perfect on time. Perfection on time is a mile stone for me.

10. Is there any question I haven't asked you that I should?

You havent asked for the weakness or strengths, or any behavioral questions about me.