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Lesson plan

GRADE: 6 th
LEVEL: pre-intermediate
UNIT: Number 8 Girls screamed and wept
TYPE OF LESSON: Teaching grammar
METHODS: conversation, explanation, dialogue, exercise
SKILLS: listening, reading, speaking, writing
CLASSROOM INTERACTIONS: individual work, pair work
TEACHING AIDS: blackboard, worksheets, posters, coloured chalk.
AIMS: - to be capable to identify a Past Simple form
- to be capable to put verbs into their Past from
- to compose sentences with verbs in the Past Tense
- to be capable to form correct questions with the given verbs

Nr Stage of lesson Teachers activity Students activity Aids Aims

1. Checking T. greets the pupils and then he checks T. greets the pupils and then he - To check
attendance attendance Who is absent today? checks attendance Who is absent attendance
2. Warm-up T. writes on the blackboard the word Ss compose a certain word from To check the
PAST and asks the students to compose the letters of the word past and accomplishment
a word from each letter of that word , write it on the notebooks. of given
and to write it below the word past: instructions
( PAS T )
3. Checking T. checks the Ss homework and helps Ss read their homework and Notebooks To check the
homework them to correct the mistakes. correct the mistakes, if necessary accomplishment
of given

4. Announcing the T. writes on the blackboard the name Ss listen to the teacher and write Blackboard To make Ss.
name of the lesson of the lesson: Girls screamed and on their notebooks the title of the aware about the
and the objectives wept. unit. time of the verb
T. announces the pupils that they will that they will
learn the Past Simple of irregular verbs. learn.
5. Introducing the T. makes a short revision and explains Ss answer the Ts questions and Blackboard To be capable to
new lesson the children that verbs are divided into listen, carefully, to the Ts identify a Past
two:- regular verbs and irregular verbs. explanations about Past Tense Simple form
Regular verbs only receive an ed Simple.
ending for Past Tense Simple. They note on their notebook the
Irregular verbs have a special form for verbs and the advers of time,
that tense, and the Teacher writes on the written on the blackboard.
blackboard, the Past form of some of the
most usual verbs like:
Be was
Have had
Make made
Come came
Drink drank
Sit sat
Go went
Buy bought
Write wrote
Tell told
Read read
Take took
Run ran
Sing sang
Do - did

Then the T. explains the pupils that

not only the verbs change, but even the
adverbs of time change:
- Today becomes Tomorrow
- Every week, year... becomes Last
week, year
- Two hours ago
6. Aquiring T. posts on a flipchart words in order Ss go to the flipchart and Worksheet To check
performance to be arranged by the pupils, and to form arrange the words, form a correct comprehension of
a correct sentence. sentence and write it on their the new lesson
T. gives the pupils a worksheet with notebooks.
all sorts of exercises. T. asks the pupils Ss solve the exercises from the
to solve all the exercises, and he worksheet they received.
corrects them when necessary.
7. Feed-back T. asks the pupils about what they Ss. answer that they have Getting a proper
have learnt in that class. learned simple past tense. feed-back
8. Assigning the T. asks the pupils to solve exercise nr 3 Ss write the instructions on
homework page 50. their notebook.