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June, 2015


Benefits of resistance training

Benefits of Resistance

tRaining to Distance Running


elastic Resistance tRaining


con tents 01 Weight Training Versus Resistance Training 04 Benefits of Resistance Training To Distance Running
con tents 01 Weight Training Versus Resistance Training 04 Benefits of Resistance Training To Distance Running
con tents 01 Weight Training Versus Resistance Training 04 Benefits of Resistance Training To Distance Running
con tents 01 Weight Training Versus Resistance Training 04 Benefits of Resistance Training To Distance Running
  • 01 Weight Training Versus Resistance Training

  • 04 Benefits of Resistance Training To Distance Running Athletes

  • 07 Benefits of resistance training

  • 10 Elastic Resistance Training

  • 13 Facial Resistance Training and the Benefits

  • 16 How Seniors in Society Can Benefit From Resistance Training

  • 19 How to Add Mass on Your Arms Using Resistance Training

  • 22 Myths about Abdominal Muscles That You Should Never Believe In

  • 24 Tips To Consider When Choosing Re- sistance Tube Exercises

  • 26 Basic Components That an Ideal Re- sistance Training Program Should Have

Weight training Versus resistance training


Weight training is a common type of strength training that involves use of weight and force of gravity to oppose the force that the body generates leading to contraction. In this training, you will equipment such as dumbbells and weighted bars to perform the exercise. On the other hand, resistance training uses resistance to create contrac- tion with the body muscles. The mostly used equipment in resis- tance training is the elastic band. Both weight training and resistance

training are important as they offer many benefits though in different




Both weight training and resistance training helps in strengthening of the muscles. In resistance training, you exercise by use of elastic band while in weight training it involves weight lifting. For beginners it is advisable to strengthen muscles using the different resistance train- ing exercises, as weight training is a bit complex.


Both weight and resistance train- ing increases the muscle mass. In weight training, this is possible when the muscles contracts while in resistance, it is possible through resistance as the name suggests. Weight training uses equipment such as weighted bars while re- sistance training uses tied elastic band on a post for this purpose.


Although using different equip- ment and methods, both weight and resistance training helps re- duce the fat that accumulates in the abdominal lining. These exer- cises contribute to faster burning of calories that leads to reduction


of fats. Research has it that for every one calorie that the body burns, it loses two pounds of fat.




When you are aging, the body tends to lose some muscle tissues. These two trainings can restore the tis- sues by a great percentage thus reducing the aging pro- cess. Through these exercis- es, you will look young and they will restore your vital- ity. If you are already feeling weak, it is advisable to train with resistance training equipment then advance to weight training at the guid- ance of the gym instructor.


It is advisable to take part in these trainings as they help reduce diseases such as blood pres- sure, heart diseases, type II of diabetes, blood

pressure, and triglycerides. If you are suffering

from any of these diseases, it is advisable to seek

guidance from your doctor before you start car- rying out these exercises. They will guide you on the basic component of these programs and in- struct you when you need to continue or stop the exercise.

Many people claim that these two exercises are the best when you need to build body muscles. It is upon you to decide if you will use the resistance

or the weight training. When making this decision, ensure that you involve a gym instructor and your physician. Although these two kinds of training of-

fer almost the same benefits, it is advisable to start

with the simple exercises before proceeding to the complex ones. Both men and women can use these two kinds of training so women should not limit themselves to resistance training.


Benefits Distance of resistance training to running
Benefits Distance
of resistance
training to


Running is a great exercise as it builds muscles and makes bones strong. Many people tend to be-

lieve that runners do not need to take part in resistance training. However, you should not follow this great misconception because distance runners need to take part in resistance training as much as everybody does. You can attain

several benefits from resistance

training if you are a distance run-

ner. These benefits are as follows:


Long distance running entails run- ning for many miles. You need to

be strong and physically fit for you

to engage in this sporting activity. Resistance training is important as it helps in strengthening the legs and the joints .This enables the body to run for mileages without getting tired or losing strength.


When you are running, it is pos-

sible for the body to have imbal-

ances due to unequal knee flexion

and left leg to the right leg differ- ences, extension strength and the imbalances in the overall muscu- lar strength. Resistance training helps solve this by ensuring that the connective tissues of the legs are strong. It also gives strength to the leg muscles and bones en-

suring that even though such im- balances occurs, the legs can still withhold the pressure.



As a runner, the beginning of a race is always easy but miles down the line, you tend to grow weary and tired. This leads to decrease in running speed and may even lead to passing out if all energy is drained. Long distance run- ners who take part in the resistance training do not go through this as this train- ing enables your body to be strong and able to withstand pressure. You can go a long way without getting tired if you keep exercising.


To attain the best results, ensure that you train regularly, for instance three times in a week. This will give you ample time to rest before hitting the tracks again. When exercising focus on all parts of the body as each part is important when you are running. However, give much attention to the chest

muscles, shoulders, back and pelvic muscles. It also very important to train the foot and leg muscles as these help reduce the risk of injury and increases

the push off strength.


If you are a beginner, focus on simple exercises such as sit-ups and crunches then advance gradu- ally. Start with few repetitions and increase them as you continue. The time and number of sets should also increase as you continue to progress. Ensure that you practice various exercises includ- ing weight lifting.

It is very important for distance runners to take

part in resistance training because the benefits

are many and can help you achieve much. Many people say that if runners take part in resistance training, they will end being bulky and it will in- convenience them. This is just biased informa- tion and it is important to liaise with a physician who can guild you on this. It is very unfortunate

that some coaches warn runners to avoid this ex- ercise.


Benefits of resistance training 7

Benefits of resistance training


Before taking part in resistance

training, the first question that runs in your mind is the benefits

that you will get from the exer- cises. It has to match the purpose that you intend to accomplish. It

has to leave your body better than it was before. Resistance training focuses on causing muscular con-

traction of the different muscles of

the body. This training is very im-

portant to you in several ways.


Taking part in resistance training is an amazing way of ensuring that

your lungs and heart stay fit. You

achieve this by taking part in aero- bic exercises. They are very effec- tive in controlling the heartbeat, that is, the number of counts that it should beat for a normal person. Some resistance training exercises are easy and you can perform them at home without having to hit the gym.




It hurts to carry much fat and yet remain weak. Taking part in resis- tance training ensures that there is a balance between the muscle and the fats in the body. As you gain muscles, the body tends to burn more fat. Hence, this will be a dou- ble win for you. Exercises such as sit-ups will help you lose the body fat especially at the abdominal lin- ing of the body.

Before taking part in resistance training, the first question that runs in your mind is the


Sometimes when walking,

jogging or running you find

yourself falling and a visit to

the doctor will confirm that

your joints and bones are not strong enough to withstand much pressure. Resistance training involves exercises that will strengthen the joints and the bones. This will make it possible for you to enjoy sports such as jogging and running without the fear of falling due to lack of strength.



How does it feel to be strong? Having a body that is balanced

and has a good tone can be a rea- son enough to boost your self-es-

teem and confidence, as we tend to lose most confidence when

we do not believe in our own bodies. You will attract people’s attention, as most do not get to see people with well-structured bodies everywhere they go. For you to attain such body, you have to work hard and ensure that you stick to the components of resis-

tance training.


When you spend hours working out, the muscles tend to con- tract and relax. After the work- out, the muscles are at a relaxed state and this makes you sleep well because most of the times. Note that insomnia is usually as a result of being tired. Resistance training will relax your muscles and ensure that you have better nights.

If you have been wondering

about the benefits of resistance

training, now you know. Before starting, ensure that you discuss

with the gym instructor what you want to achieve so that you do not end up doing the wrong exer- cises. More importantly, ensure that you adhere to the instruc- tions given by the instructor to avoid injuries and derive maxi-

mum health benefits from the




Have you ever gone to the gym and saw people standing on an elastic band and wondered if they were actually exercising? This is a method of training where you are required to use elastic bands to provide tension against the muscles. You can stand on it, tie it around a pole, or just hold it down with a bench. Many people prefer this kind of training as compared to other resistance training meth- ods as you can use in both horizon- tal and vertical plane. You can use elastic bands in various exercises such as bicep curls, rows, and lat- eral raises.


Before you start exercising, you should factor the kind of exercise you need to do. This will help de- termine the kind of elastic band to use, as there are many types and qualities of these bands. Though you can use same band for differ- ent exercises, ensure that you go for a band that suits the exercise you are doing.


You can perform this exercise if you need to work out your chest. For this exercise, all that you will require is a bench that you can be able to lift and an elastic band. Tie the band under the leg that is nearest to your head then press up. You perform this exercise in the same way that you do barbell bench press.


As the name suggests, the exercise is useful when you need to work out your shoulder. When performing this exercise, you need to stand on the band. Ensure that your band can stretch long enough so that you do not end up straining. Hold the handle palms forward with the bottom side on the backside of your hand. Press upwards same way you do the dumbbell press.



Sit-ups are a great method of build- ing and developing your abdominal muscles that many know as the “abs” .Fix the elastic band on a station-

ary post, lie on the floor facing away

from the post. Hold your hands by your head, and move the body up- wards and downwards.





You can use elastic bands to perform

different kinds of exercises and in

multiple levels. Whether you are a starter or you are an expert, the elas- tic bands used are the same. You can even adjust the resistance bands to suit the exercise that you intend to do.

They save on storage space and you can actually travel with them, as they do not occupy much space.

They provide an effective work- out as they help you tone mus- cles; build muscles and helps in


They are versatile in the sense that you can use them to per- form workout for all body mus- cles.

Some may argue that the price of elastic bands is what makes elastic resistance training popular but you

will agree that this is a very effective

method of training. It focuses on all your muscles and you can perform it at home if you do not have time to go to the gym. It is advisable to use them well because even though they cause minor injuries, an injury is still an injury.

SIT-UPS Sit-ups are a great method of build- ing and developing your abdominal muscles that many




Facial resistance training is a technique

in which you exercise the facial mus-

cles through specific movements. This

technique has been around since 1979 when Deborah Crowley who was a com- petitive body builder introduced it to the rest of the world.


A complete routine involves the eyes, lips, neck, and the cheeks. For you to perform the exercises you do not need any equipment or hit the gym, you can do them from anywhere. Exercising the

various parts involves:


To exercise the eyelids, place the index

finger above the eyebrows. Push them

upwards while trying to close the eye on

the side you are pushing the eyebrows. This will create resistance and there- fore exercise the upper eyelids. You can

also do this to the lower eyelids by plac-

ing the index finger on the cheekbone

while trying to close the eye then push it downwards to create resistance.


It is also very important to exercise your

cheeks as they occupy a large space of

your facial area. Place three fingers at

the center of each cheek while you tilt the head backwards. As you do this, try

to smile despite the resistance. It is fun to do that! You can also insert a clean

index finger on the inside of the cheek

and try to pull it outward while trying to

suck in the cheek against the resistance.


Tilt the head backwards as far as pos- sible while trying to place your lower lip above the upper lip .Push the lower lip above the upper lip as far as you can but take caution not to strain your neck. Hold the head in this for around 10 sec- onds then release.

BENEFITS OF FACIAl RESISTANCE TRAININg • The training helps tone the muscles thus giv- ing you


The training helps tone the muscles thus giv- ing you an enhanced complexion that will make you look younger. Ever seen someone who looks younger that the actual age? May- be it is because of this training.

It ensures that the facial muscles remains

firm thus reducing wrinkles and giving you a

healthy look. It strengthens the eyelids preventing you

from getting puffed eyes. It also strengthens

the cheek muscles.

It does not only enhance your look, but also gives you a natural and a healthy complexion.

By doing these exercises, facial surgery and wakeups will be not be necessary. This is based on the fact that they will give you the glow that you require.

It does not cause any side effects or harm

to your body as it is does not involve use of any external equipments.

It is very amazing to find an effective exercise that

leaves your face looking healthier and younger. It is better when this exercise is simple and cheap. The whole family can enjoy this exercise, as it is not limited to gender. However, children need supervision as they perform. For beginners, it is advisable to start with a few reps then increase gradually because as it is said, too much of any- thing is harmful to the body.


how seniors can Benefit from resistance training


You admire most old adults in the society and it is your wish to live long. You would want to see other generations rise, Right. They say

that old age is gold but when you look at some of the seniors, you do not see the gold in the years, what you see is pain. Most old adults complain of one disease after the other and it is their weakness to do a simple chore that scares you the most. Can you handle the wrinkles? Taking part in resis-

tance training can be of benefit to seniors. The benefits include:


Have you ever seen an old adult who has young facial expression that it shocked you to hear their real age? If yes, this would only

mean that you should not define

old age by wrinkles and weakness.

You can also define it in terms of strength and fitness. Persons who

take part in resistance training not only have strong muscles but also a glowing face.


As you grow old, the glucose sen-

sitivity tends to decrease. Low lev- els of glucose in the body can lead to type II of diabetes. Research carried out in the year 1994 resis- tance training increased level of glucose by 23% in seniors. This is

definitely a good reason to make

you exercise even at your old age.




Most old adults who do not take part in exercising complain of this condition. You should not associate it with old age as it possible to combat it. Taking part in resistance nourishes the joints and strengthens the

muscles around the joints to give support to the body. This prevents the risk of ar- thritis. No need to worry if

you are suffering from this

condition, as you can still take part in resistance train- ing but under supervision.


Resistance training exercises works out all muscles in your body. You will have strong and well-toned muscles. The training also strength- ens the tendons, ligaments and the bones. The strengthening of the bones will make the bones more stable and will reduce the risk of injuries. When you take part in this training, it will be easy for you to perform simple chores even at old age.


Just because you are old does not mean that you have to lose your youthful posture. This happens to most seniors who do not take part in resistance training. These exercises will help you in maintain- ing your posture even at old age as it will strengthen your joints and bones that are responsible for pos- ture.

It is possible to age gracefully. You can grow old and be able to do all household chores. For you to achieve this, you have to dedicate yourself to mak- ing your bones and muscles strong. Remember that you do not need to hit the gym to exercise; you can do that at the comfort of your home with equip- ments such as the resistance bands.

INCREASES BOdY vITAlITY Resistance training exercises works out all muscles in your body. You will have




While it is hard for some people

to lose weight, it is also hard for some people to gain weight. It is even harder if you need to gain

mass at just one specific part of

your body. Gaining weight re- quires discipline, dedication, and training. If you need to gain mass

on your arm, you have to follow a

specific exercise routine and diet


Here are some golden tips on how to add mass on your arms fast.


This is the first step that you

should take if you want to add mass on arms. It is important to

involve your doctor or physician so that they can check if you are

physically fit and healthy for the

program. They have the skills and ability to help you choose a pro- gram that best suits you.




When taking part in resistance training, your body needs more energy. Hence, it is recommend- able to take foods that are rich in calories and unsaturated fats such as avocados and nuts. These

two foods are rich in fibers that

promotes metabolism, that is, the rate at which the body converts stored fat into energy.


This exercise is very ben-

eficial as it builds muscles

and increases the mass on your arms. If you have it on your routine, you are on the right path to gaining mass on

your arms. The benefit about

squats is that it not only works for your arms but it will also build the abdominal muscles, increases blood circulations, and strengthens joints.



This important exercise will help you gain mass on your arms. For you to attain this mass, you need to focus on areas such as the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Resistance training exercises will help build and develop the mus- cles around your arms. This will in turn lead to increase of mass on your arms especially with the bicep and triceps exercises.


Research suggests that muscles tend to develop more when they are at rest. If you need to add mass on your arms, ensure that you rest your muscles often. Do not use your arms for exercises such as triceps and biceps work- outs. It is also advisable not to use your arms to do strenuous work.

When you decide to increase mass on your arms, it is impor- tant to note that it is not as easy as it sounds. This is because it in- volves a lot of training and for you to achieve it you need to watch what you eat. As mentioned ear- lier, take healthy foods that are high in calories so you will need to change your diet. At the gym, ensure that you do the best that you can especially in weight lift- ing. One of the sure ways of mo- tivating yourself as you workout is by taking pictures after every training session. Compare the pictures after two weeks to no-

tice the difference on your arms.

WEIgHT TRAININg This important exercise will help you gain mass on your arms. For you to


Abdominal muscles are some of the most im- portant groups of muscles in the body. You need to ensure that they are in good shape to live a long and productive lifestyle. In your quest to build abdominal muscles, you will come across numerous facts about these mus- cles. Unfortunately, not everything that you will be told is true. In this article, we will look at some of the common myths that have been misleading people for ages now. To tone your abdominal muscles, you need to seek expert advice from professional trainers.

Myths about abdominal

Muscles that You

should never

Believe in


Here is a list of the most com- mon myths.


You should not believe in this one big lie. You cannot achieve a six-pack overnight. It requires a lot of determination, eating the right foods and doing the right exercises. In case you had this mindset, drop it and get your zeal back to working out right.


It is important to train to build the abdominal muscles but you should understand that these

muscles are not different from

other muscles in your body. They need to rest and recov- er from the twisting and the movements during exercising. The maximum you should exer- cise in a week ought to be three times.


Many believe that one needs to use gym equipments to do vari- ous physical exercises that help build your abdominal muscles. This is a mere lie. Exercises such as crunches can help you achieve that alongside other exercises.


Most people tend to believe that in order to achieve the

desired abs, one has to have a low carbohydrate intake to the

body. This may be of benefit as

it reduces hunger pangs and helps in water retention but it does not guarantee that you

Here is a list of the most com- mon myths. YOU CAN gET SIx PACk ABS

will achieve the desired results. The secret is eating a proper diet.


This is a common believe by many which is very biased. If you are slender, many will tell you that you cannot get a six-pack. Have you ever seen a kid with six packs? The answer might be yes. The strength of the abdomi- nal muscle does not determine if you will have six packs or not. Eat the right foods, exercise correct- ly, and you will surely succeed in toning your abdominal muscles.

Here is a list of the most com- mon myths. YOU CAN gET SIx PACk ABS




It is true that cardio training helps in burning calories and can help speed metabolic rates but you should not regard it as the ultimate exercise for abdominal muscles. You should do other exercises and treat the abdomi- nal muscles just like other body muscles.

When you see the models on magazine covers or some adver- tisement on the television, one thing that excites you is to see someone with great abdominal muscles. It makes you want to be like that person. All you need is to be realistic, separate your- self from myths and follow the right guidelines so that you can achieve the desired abdominal muscles, and maintain them.


tips to consider When choosing






Do you like resistance tube exer- cises? This is the very first ques- tion that you should ask yourself before setting out to do an exer-

cise. If you do not, discuss with the gym instructor the reasons why. They will be in position to help you .If resistance tube exercises are the kind of exercises that you would like to try, ensure that you research about these exercises to

find out if they match your needs

and preferences. There are also factors to consider before choos- ing a resistance tube exercise.

These factors include:


This is the main reason why you take part in exercises. Before

choosing an exercise, it is advis- able to carry out a research on the

exercise to know the benefits that

it will offer your body. It is of no

use to spend hours working out in an exercise that will not ben-

efit you. It is also important that

you carry out the exercises that

suit your fitness level and current

health status.


This is a very important factor to consider before you choose a re- sistance tube exercise. A routine involves the number of times and hours that you will spend working out. Ensure that the routine works right for you so that you do not end up inconveniencing other activi- ties. If you have a health problem, ensure that both the instructor and the doctor get to know about it so that they can advise you ac- cordingly.



This is also a very important factor .You need to consider matters regarding cost before you choose a resistance tube exercise. Most of the exercis-

es are cost effective so make

sure that you do not end pay- ing much for an exercise that should have cost you less. Go for an exercise that serves more than one purpose to your body. This will help you save time and money that you would have spent doing mul-

tiple exercises.



This refers to the basic guide- lines that will guide you when carrying out the exercises. They include sets, repetitions, equipment, exercises, and the recovery period. It is very im- portant to go factor in each of these components to know if it will work for you.

Basic co M ponents t hat an

iDeal resistance training prograM

s ho U l D h aV e


When you decide to do resistance training, you expect to have stron- ger muscles, increase of the mus- cle density and heavy weight as the end results. Anything less than this will be a clear sign that you missed something in your training. For you to take part in this training, it requires hard work, determina- tion and patience hence you have to consider all the basic compo- nents of this program so that you do not end up disappointed.







Resistance training program is composed of all the exercises that you plan to undertake. These exer- cises include aerobic training, bal- ance exercises, strength training, and flexibility training. It is impor-

tant to allocate each exercise some hours to ensure that you develop all the muscles since the exercises

focuses on different muscles.


This focuses on the equipments that you will need for your exer-

cises. These include the different

weights and other equipments that you need for resistance train-

ing such as the elastic bands. The

weights include the fixed weight,

hand weight and the body weight. It is important to ensure that you have all the equipment that you require before starting your exer- cise to reduce wastage of time.



This is a very important com- ponent as it determines what muscles you need to build. If you want to train to build shoul- der muscles, ensure that you go for an exercise that suits the purpose. It would be frustrating to spend hours in the gym train- ing on an exercise that will not serve the intended purpose.


This refers to the number of times that you will need to re- peat the exercise before resting or trying out another. Ensure that you incorporate the gym trainer in this decision because you may end up doing very few reps or more than the recom- mended reps.


It is very important to take rest between the sets of each exer- cise. The period you take to rest varies with exercises. If it is a challenging exercise such as lift- ing weights, you will need to rest for more hours than someone doing squats.


This involves switching around your workout routine to intro- duce new exercises that will chal- lenge the muscles and enable them to adapt. While looking out for the various types of exercises, it is also important to remember that the body needs to recover. In your program, ensure that you allocate the body some hours for recovery. Most gym instruc- tors recommend 48hours before working on the same muscle group again.

It is only fair for you to achieve the benefits of resistance train- ing after spending hours working

out. If the benefits do not seem

forthcoming, it is advisable to check on the components of the

resistance training program to determine what you are deny- ing the body. Once you set out to exercise, ensure that you do your best and do not limit yourself

to specific exercises unless the

gym instructor advises so. Follow these guidelines and you shall not be disappointed.