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GROUP ASSIGNMENT (40 marks 5%)

1. The report should be written in the Font Arial 11/ Times New Roman 12 with 1.0
2. The cover page is in light yellow color.
3. The deadline for report submission is in the week 14.
4. The students need to present starting from week 10 to 13.

** If you have any difficulties in submitting the assignment according to the date given,
please come and discuss with me.


PO1 : Acquired knowledge of basic auditing and supporting disciplines (KNOWLEDGE)
PO5 : Perform managerial or supervisory roles and team working spirits in related industries as
well as communicate efficiently and demonstrate interpersonal skills
PO6 : Manage to solve problems critically (PROBLEM SOLVING & SCIENTIFIC SKILLS)


CO7 : Perform a financial statement audit for non-complex entities.

In this assignment, students have to form into a group of FIVE or SIX persons. You are required
to present the audit cycle topic which these topics are basically part of the syllabus. Below are
the topics for your presentation:

o Audit of Revenue Cycle (Sales & Collection) pg 415

o Audit of Purchase Cycle (Acquisition & Payment) pg 569
o Audit of Inventory Cycle pg 649
o Audit of Payroll Cycle pg 627
o Audit of Cash Cycle pg 697

The presentation should contain:

o INTRODUCTION of the selected audit cycle

o The PROCESSES involve in the audit cycle
o Explanation on INTERNAL CONTROL involves
o Other AUDIT PROCEDURES engaged (test of control, substantive test, analytical
o INHERENT LIMITATION / INHERENT RISK factors faced in audit cycle.
o Other relevant information / may refer to text book

This assignment gives opportunity for students to understand the topic by your own, build the
ability to speak out and share the knowledge with others. Hence, this assignment requires student
to present the content of the topic in front of the class about 40 minutes to 45 minutes. The
presentation also should INCLUDE THE RELEVANT EXAMPLE & 10 minutes game that
relating to the audit cycle. The presentation may be conducted in week 10 to week 13.

Report will be evaluated based on the rubric attached.

AUDIT I (AAD20103)

Mark will be allocated as per rubric below (Please attach this rubric in your report):
Report Writing Marking Rubric

Objective Need improvement

Exemplary Good Satisfactory
4 3 2

Introductory Introductory Introductory Introductory

paragraph stated the paragraph stated the paragraph is vague. paragraph is not
focus and managed focus of report but apparent.
to summarize the contents and
overall report summary are not
structure. carefully developed.

Explanation on audit Explanation on audit Explanation of audit Unable to find

cycle process is cycle process is cycle process is specified details
Quality of
interesting, detail detail and relate to remotely related to related to report
information (with
and relate to the the topic (good report topic topic (no example).
topic (excellent example provided) (common example
example provided) provided).

Reports information Reports information Reader has difficulty Reader cannot

in logical, in logical sequence following the understand the
Sequence / order interesting sequence which reader can sequence due to reports because
which reader can follow. unorganized flow of there is no sequence
follow. contents. of information.

Concluding Concluding Concluding Concluding

paragraph paragraph follows paragraph is only paragraph is not
summarizes and and summarizes remotely related to apparent.
Conclusion draws a clear, report discussion the report topic.
effective conclusion and draws a
and enhances the conclusion.
impact of the report.


/ 16

AUDIT I (AAD20103)

Presenters : __________________________________________________________________
/ 24
Presentation Marking Rubric
GROUP 1 2 3 4 Total
Sequence / Audience cannot Audience has Student presents Student presents
order understand difficulty following information in information in
presentation presentation logical sequence logical, interesting
because there is no because student which audience sequence which
sequence of jumps around. can follow. audience can
information. follow.
Subject Student does not Student is Student is at ease Student
Knowledge have grasp of uncomfortable with and answers most demonstrates full
(individual) information; information and is questions with knowledge (more
student cannot able to answer only explanations and than required) by
answer questions rudimentary some elaboration. answering all class
about subject. questions, but fails questions with
to elaborate. explanations and
Visual Aids / Student uses Student occasionally Student's visual Student's visual
games superfluous visual uses visual aids that aids relate to the aids explain and
aids or no visual rarely support the presentation. reinforce the
aids. Games presentation. Games conducted presentation.
conducted is not Games conducted is interesting. Games conducted
interesting. not really is very interesting
interesting but
Mechanics Student's Presentation has Presentation has Presentation has
presentation has three misspellings no more than two no misspellings or
four or more and/or grammatical misspellings grammatical errors.
spelling errors errors. and/or
and/or grammatical grammatical
errors. errors.
Eye Contact Student makes no Student occasionally Student maintains Student maintains
(Individual) eye contact and uses eye contact, eye contact most eye contact with
only reads from but still reads of the time but audience, seldom
notes. mostly from notes. frequently returns returning to notes.
to notes.
Verbal Student mumbles, Student's voice is Student's voice is Student uses a
Techniques incorrectly low. Student clear. Student clear voice and
(individual) pronounces terms, incorrectly pronounces most correct, precise
and speaks too pronounces terms. words correctly. pronunciation of
quietly for audience Audience members Most audience terms so that all
in the back of class have difficulty members can hear audience members
to hear. hearing presentation. can hear
presentation. presentation.
Total Points: